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Jan NERUDA (1835-1909)

E (Edith) NESBIT (1858-1924)

John Henry NEWMAN [Cardinal Newman] (1801-1890)

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  • Jacko the Broadcasting Kookaburra (1933)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI

Evelyn Louise NICHOLSON (1867-1927)

John NICOL (1755-1825)

  • The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner (1822)--HTML

Hume NISBET (1849-1923)

Frederick John NIVEN (1878-1944)

Charles NORDHOFF (1887-1947) and James Norman HALL (1887-1951)

  • The Bounty Trilogy (Wyeth Edition, 1945)
    Comprising the Three Volumes:
    * Mutiny on the Bounty (1932)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * Men Against the Sea (1933)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * Pitcairn's Island (1934)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI

Amyas NORTHCOTE (1864-1923)

Philip Francis NOWLAN (1888-1940)

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  • Armageddon 2419 AD (1928)--HTML
  • The Airlords of Han (1929)--HTML
  • The Prince of Mars Returns (1940)--HTML

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David Wright O'BRIEN (1918–1944)


Fitz-James O'BRIEN (1828-1862)

John O'BRIEN (Patrick Joseph HARTIGAN) (1879-1952)

  • Around the Boree Log and Other Verses--Text

Eugene O'NEILL (1888-1953)

  • Tomorrow (1917)--Text--HTML (O'Neill's only published short story tells of a suicide in a saloon where he lived in 1911. The character of Jimmy Tomorrow in "The Iceman Cometh"--see below--is also based on this character.)
  • The Iceman Cometh (1946)--Text--HTML
  • A Moon for the Misbegotten (1952)--Text--HTML
  • Days Without End (1934)--Text--HTML
  • All God's Chillun Got Wings (1924)--Text--HTML
  • Desire Under the Elms (1925)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Great God Brown (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Welded (1924)--Text--HTML
  • Diff'rent (1924)--Text--HTML
  • The Fountain (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Lazarus Laughed (1927)--Text--HTML
  • Strange Interlude (1928)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Mourning Becomes Electra (1931)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    A Trilogy comprising "Homecoming", "The Hunted", "The Haunted"
  • Dynamo (1929)--Text--HTML
  • Anna Christie (1921)--HTML
  • Ah, Wilderness (1933)--Text

John Boyle O'REILLY (1844-1890)

Vincent O'SULLIVAN (1868-1940)

  • When I Was Dead and other stories--Text--HTML

Margaret OLIPHANT (1828-1897)

Sibella Macarthur ONSLOW (1871-1943)

  • Some Early Records of the Macarthurs of Camden (1914)--HTML (Edited by Sibella Macarthur Onslow)

E Phillips OPPENHEIM (1866-1946)

Check out Oppenheim's biography and bibliography at Roy Glashan's Library

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  • Expiation (1887)--Text--HTML
  • Curate and Fiend (1889)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • A Lawyer's Romance (1890)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Peer and the Woman (1892)--Text--HTML
  • A Monk of Cruta [The Tragedy of Adrea] (1894)--HTML
  • The Tragedy of a Week (1894)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • To Win the Love He Sought [A Daughter Of The Marionis](1895)-- HTML
    [includes The Great Awakening, a short story Based on the novel A Sleeping Memory]
  • The New Tenant [The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown; His Father's Crime; A Woman's Blindness] (1896)--HTML
  • False Evidence (1896)--HTML
  • The Amazing Judgment (1897)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Postmaster of Market Deignton (1897)--Text--HTML
  • Mysterious Mr. Sabin (1898)--HTML
  • Mr. Marx's Secret (1899)--HTML
  • One Little Thread of Life (1899)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • A Millionaire of Yesterday (1900)--Text--HTML
  • The World's Great Snare (1900)--HTML
  • Master of Men (Enoch Strone) (1901)--Text--HTML
  • The Survivor (1901)--Text--HTML
  • A Sleeping Memory (1901)--HTML
  • The Traitors (1902)--HTML
  • A Prince Of Sinners (1903)--Text--HTML
  • The Yellow Crayon (1903)--HTML
  • Anna the Adventuress (1904)--HTML
  • The Betrayal (1904)--HTML
  • The Master Mummer (1904)--HTML
  • A Maker of History (1905)--HTML
  • The Malefactor (1906)--HTML
  • A Lost Leader (1906)--Text--HTML
  • The Man and his Kingdom (1906)--Text--HTML
  • As A Man Lives [The Yellow House] (1908)--Text--HTML
  • The Avenger (1908)--Text--HTML
  • The Ghosts of Society (a.k.a. The Distributors; The Plunderers) (1908)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Governors (1908)--HTML
  • The Great Secret [The Secret] (1908)--HTML
  • The Missioner (1908)--HTML
  • Jeanne of the Marshes (1909)--HTML
  • The Kingdom of Earth (1909)--HTML
  • A Daughter of Astrea (1909)--HTML
  • The Illustrious Prince (1910)--HTML
  • Passers-by (1910)--HTML
  •  The Lost Ambassador [The Search for the Missing Delora] (1910)-- HTML
  • Berenice (1911)--Text--HTML
  • Havoc (1911)--Text--HTML
  • The Golden Web (1911)--HTML
  • The Moving Finger [The Falling Star] (1911)--HTML
  • Master of Men (abridged version of Enoch Strone) (1912)-- HTML
  • The Lighted Way (1912)--HTML
  • The Tempting of Tavernake [The Temptation of Tavernake] (1912)-- HTML
  • The Court of St. Simon [Seeing Life] (1912)--HTML
  • The Double Life of Mr Alfred Burton (1913)--HTML
  • The Mischief-Maker (1913)--HTML
  • A People's Man (1914)--Text--HTML
  • The Vanished Messenger (1914)--HTML
  • Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo (1915)--HTML
  • The Black Box (1915)--HTML
  • The Double Traitor (1915)--HTML
  • The Hillman (1915)--HTML
  • The Way of These Women (1915)--HTML
  • Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat (1916)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Kingdom of the Blind (1916)--HTML
  • Mysteries of the Riviera (1916)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Aaron Rod, Diviner (1917)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Cinema Murder [The Other Romilly] (1917)--HTML
  • The Pawns Count (1918)--HTML
  • The Zeppelin's Passenge (1918)--HTML
  • The Curious Quest [The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss] (1919)-- Text--HTML
  • The Box with Broken Seals [The Strange Case of Mr. Jocelyn Thew] (1919)-- HTML
  • The Wicked Marquis (1919)--HTML
  • The Great Impersonation (1920)--Text--HTML
  • The Devil's Paw (1920)--HTML
  • Jacob's Ladder (1921)--HTML
  • The Profiteers (1921)--HTML
  • Nobody's Man (1921)--HTML
  • The Evil Shepherd (1922)--HTML
  • The Great Prince Shan (1922)--HTML
  • The Inevitable Millionaires (1923)--HTML
  • The Mystery Road (1923)-at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Passionate Quest (1924)--HTML
  • Sin (aka The Lesser Sin) (1924)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Wrath to Come (1924)--Text--HTML
  • The Cafe of Terror (1925)--Text--HTML
  • Gabriel Samara--Peacemaker (1925)--Text--HTML
  • Stolen Idols (1925)--HTML
  • Harvey Garrard's Crime (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Prodigals of Monte Carlo (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Golden Beast (1926)--HTML
  • The Interloper [The Ex-Duke] (1927)--HTML
  • Miss Brown of X.Y.O. (1927)--At Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Fortunate Wayfarer (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Light Beyond (1928)--HTML
  • Matorni's Vineyard (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Treasure House of Martin Hews [Master of Sinister House] (1928)-- HTML
  • Gangsters' Glory (Inspector Dickins Retires) (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Glenlitten Murder (1929)--HTML
  • The Million Pound Deposit (1929)--HTML
  • The Lion and the Lamb (1930)--HTML
  • Simple Peter Cradd (1931)--HTML
  • Up the Ladder of Gold (1931)--HTML
  • Jeremiah and the Princess (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Man from Sing Sing [a.k.a. Moran Chambers Smiled] (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Ostrekoff Jewels (1932)--Text--HTML
  • Murder at Monte Carlo (a.k.a. Wolves Amongst the Honey) (1933)-- Text--HTML
  • The Gallows of Chance (1933)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Spy Paramount (The Man who Saved the World)--(1934)--Text--HTML
  • The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent (1934)--Text--HTML
  • The Man Without Nerves(1934)--HTML
  • The Battle of Basinghall Street (1935)--Text--HTML
  • The Bird of Paradise [Floating Peril] (1936)--Text--HTML
  • The Magnificent Hoax (1936)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Envoy Extraordinary (1937)--Text--HTML
  • The Dumb Gods Speak (1937)--HTML
  • The Mayor on Horseback (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Colossus of Arcadia (1938)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Spymaster (1938)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Exit a Dictator (1939)--Text--HTML
  • Sir Adam Disappeared (1939)--HTML
  • The Strangers' Gate (1939)--Text--HTML
  • The Grassleyes Mystery (1940)--HTML
  • Last Train Out (1941)--Text--HTML
  • The Shy Plutocrat (1941)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Man who Changed his Plea (1942)--HTML
  • Mr. Mirakel (1943)--HTML

Check out many of Oppenheim's short stories in other formats at Roy Glashan's Library

  • The Long Arm of Mannister (1909)--Text--HTML (May be read as a novel)
  • The Double Four (1911)--HTML
  • Peter Ruff (1912)--HTML
  • Peter Ruff and the Double Four (1912)--HTML
  • For the Queen (1912)--HTML
  • Mr. Laxworthy's Adventures (1912)--HTML
  • Those Other Days (1913)--HTML
  • An Amiable Charlatan [The Game of Liberty] (1914)--Text--HTML
  • The Amazing Partnership (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Deliberate Detective (1914) [Never before published as a collection]-- HTML
  • The Adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Cray (1920)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Honourable Algernon Knox, Detective (1920)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Michael's Evil Deeds (1922)--HTML
  • The Seven Conundrums (1923)--HTML
  • Clowns and Criminals
    [An Omnibus: Michael's Evil Deeds; Peter Ruff; Recalled by the Double Four; Jennerton & Co.] (1923)--HTML
  • The Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe, Bart (1924)--Text--HTML
  • Madame (and Her Twelve Virgins (1925)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Little Gentleman from Okehampstead (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Mr. Billingham, the Marquis and Madelon (1927)--HTML
  • Nicholas Goade, Detective (1927)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Channay Syndicate (1927)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Exploits of Pudgy Pete and Co. (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Chronicles of Melhampton (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Andrew Tresholm - Adentures of a Reluctant Gambler (1929-30)-- HTML
  • Jennerton and Co (1929)--HTML
  • The Human Chase (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • What Happened to Forester (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Slane's Long Shots (1930)--HTML
  • Sinners Beware (1931)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Crooks in the Sunshine (1933)--HTML
  • The Ex-Detective (1933)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • General Besserley's Puzzle Box (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Ask Miss Mott (Short Story) (1935)--HTML
  • Ask Miss Mott (Short Story Collection)(1936)--Text--HTML (The HTML includes both versions of the first meeting between
    Miss Mott and Violet Joe, along with the 18 illustrations from Collier's Magazine.)
  • Advice Limited (1936)--HTML
  • Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees (1937)--HTML
  • A Pulpit in the Grill Room (1938)--HTML
  • And Still I Cheat the Gallows (1939)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • General Besserley's Second Puzzle Box (1939)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Milan Grill Room (1939)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Gleanings: Short stories not collected during E Phillips Oppenheim's Lifetime:--
    Volume 1: 1903-1909--HTML
    Volume 2: 1910-1914--HTML

SHORT STORIES (Uncollected Stories)

Peter Hames

  • In the Strongroom (What Sir Stephen Forgot)--HTML
  • The Inmperfect Crime--HTML
  • Going, Going, Gone!--HTML
  •  No Questions Asked (a.k.a. Anon, £1,000)--HTML
  • The Luckiest Young Man--HTML
  • Mademoiselle Anna Disappears--HTML
  • The Tiger on the Mountains--HTML
  • Paddy Flaps His Wings--at Roy Glashan's Library

George Angus and Pudgy Pete

Major Forester

  • The Siren of the Madrid--HTML
  • The Dancing Gentleman--HTML
  • With a Dash--HTML
  •  The Chateau of Phantasies--HTML
  • The Battling Pacifist--HTML

Nicholas Goade

  • The Coroner's Dilemma (The Adjourned Inquest)--HTML
  • The Salving of Mr. Stanley Witt--HTML
    (The above 2 stories have been found to be included in Nicholas Goade, Detective which appears above in the section 'Short Story Collections.')

Other Stories


  • The Prince of Storytellers Tells his Own Story (1927)--HTML
  • Who Travels Alone (The Life and Death of Alfred Loewenstein) (1929)-- HTML
  • The Quest for Winter Sunshine (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Pool of Memory (Autobiography) (1941)--HTML

Baroness Emmuska ORCZY (also wrote as John BLAKENEY) (1865-1947)

 The Scarlet Pimpernel

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel (1905)--HTML
  • I Will Repay (1906)--HTML
  • The Elusive Pimpernel (1908)--HTML
  • Eldorado (1913)--HTML
  • The Laughing Cavalier (1914) (about an ancestor of the Scarlet Pimpernel)-- HTML
  • Lord Tony's Wife (1917)--HTML
  • The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1919) [stories]--HTML
  • The First Sir Percy (1920) (about an ancestor of the Scarlet Pimpernel)-- HTML
  • The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1922)--HTML
  • Pimpernel and Rosemary (1924) (about a relation of the Scarlet Pimpernel)-- HTML
  • Sir Percy Hits Back (1927)--HTML
  • Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel [stories] (1929)-- HTML
  • In the Rue Monge (1931)--HTML
  •  A Child of the Revolution (1932)--HTML
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel Looks at the World (1933)--HTML
  • The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1933)--HTML
  • Sir Percy Leads the Band (1936)--HTML
  • The Life and Exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1938)--HTML
  • Mam'zelle Guillotine (1940)--HTML

The Man in the Corner

  • The Case of Miss Elliott (1905)--HTML
  • The Man in the Corner [The Old Man in the Corner] (1909)--HTML
  • Unravelled Knots (1925)--HTML

Short Stories

  • The Red Carnation [short story] (1898)--HTML
  • The Traitor [short story] (1898)--HTML
  • Juliette [short story] (1899)--HTML
  • Number 187 [short story] (1899)--HTML
  • The Trappists Vow [short story] (1899)--HTML
  • The Revenge of Ur-Tasen [short story] (1900)--HTML
  • Young Muggins [short story] (1906)--HTML

Other Titles

  • The Emperor's Candlesticks (1899)--HTML
  • In Mary's Reign [The Tangled Skein] (1901)--HTML
  • A Son of the People (1906)--HTML
  • The Gates of Kamt (1907)--HTML
  • The Nest of the Sparrowhawk (1909)--HTML
  • Petticoat Government [Petticoat Rule, A Ruler of Princes] (1910)--HTML
  • Lady Molly of Scotland Yard (1910)--HTML
  • A True Woman [The Heart of a Woman] (1911)--HTML
  • Beau Brocade (1912)--HTML
  • Meadowsweet (1912)--HTML
  • Fire in Stubble [Noble Rogue] (1912)--HTML
  • Unto Caesar (1914)--HTML
  • A Bride of the Plains (1915)--HTML
  • The Bronze Eagle (1915)--HTML
  • Leatherface (1916)--HTML
  • A Sheaf of Bluebells (1917)--HTML
  • The Man in Grey (1918) HTML
  • His Majesty's Well-Beloved (1919)--HTML
  • Castles in the Air (1921)--HTML
  • Nicolette (1922)--HTML
  • The Honourable Jim (1924)--HTML
  • The Celestial City (1926)--HTML
  • Skin O' My Tooth (1928)--HTML
  • Marivosa (1931)--HTML
  • A Joyous Adventure (1932)--HTML
  • The Turbulent Duchess (1935)--HTML
  • The Uncrowned King (1935)--HTML
  • The Will-o'-the-Wisp (1947)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI

Non Fiction

  • Old Hungarian Fairy Tales (1895)--HTML
  • The Hungarian Peasant Farmer (1908)--HTML
  • The Hungarian Gentleman Farmer (1909)--HTML
  • Links in the Chain of Life (autobiography) (1947)--HTML
  • The Trial Trip of the Flying Cloud--Text-- HTML
George ORWELL (1903-1950)
Duffield OSBORNE (1858-1917)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • The Lion's Brood (1901)--HTML
John Milton OSKISON
  • The Quality of Mercy: A Story of the Indian Territory--HTML
  • Mutiny; and the Trial of Lt. Col. Johnston: An Outline of the Rum Rebellion-- HTML
    (Documents from a number of sources compiled and edited by Ned Overton)
  • Looking for Leichhardt: the 19th Century--HTML
    (Documents from a number of sources compiled and edited by Ned Overton)
  • An Eventful Year: Robert Sholl's Dispatches of 1865 and the Fate of the Camden Harbour Venture--HTML
    (Edited by Ned Overton.)
  • Journals of Expeditions to the Eastern Interior of Western Australia, 1864-66-- HTML
    (Edited by Ned Overton)
  •  Exploration of the North-West Coast of Australia in 1863-- HTML [with Joseph Beete RIDLEY]
    (Edited by Ned Overton)
  • The First Journey to the South Magnetic Pole by T W Edgeworth David-- HTML
    (Edited by Ned Overton)
  • Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales-- Text--HTML
  • +20...Remembering the Forgotten by E V Crampton. This ebook tells the stories of those who accompanied Oxley on his expeditions in 1817 and 1818. (external link)

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Frank L PACKARD (1877-1942)
  • Corporal Bob (1906)--HTML
  • On the Iron at Big Cloud (1911)--HTML
  • Greater Love Hath No Man (1913)--HTML
  • The Miracle Man (1914)--HTML
  • The Beloved Traitor (1915)--HTML
  • The Sin that was His (1917)--HTML
  • Coogan's Last Run (1918)--HTML
  • The Wire Devils (1918)--HTML
  • From Now On (1919)--HTML
  • The Night Operator (1919)--HTML
  • The White Moll (1919)--HTML
  • Never Again (1920)--HTML
  • Pawned (1921)--HTML
  • Doors of the Night (1922)--HTML
  • The Four Stragglers (1923)--HTML
  • The Red Ledger (1926)--HTML

  Jimmie Dale

  • The Adventures of Jimmie Dale (1914)--HTML
  • The Further Adventures Of Jimmie Dale (1919)--HTML
  • Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue (1922)--HTML
  • Jimmie Dale And The Blue Envelope Murder (1930)--HTML
  • Jimmie Dale and the Missing Hour (1935)--HTML
Thomas Nelson PAGE (1853-1922)
Barry Eric Odell PAIN (1864-1928)
Edward PALMER (d. 1899)
  • Early Days in North Queensland--Text--HTML
Gilbert PARKER (1862-1932)
  • The Power and the Glory (1925)--Text--HTML
  • The World For Sale--HTML
K Langloh PARKER (1856-1940)
  • Australian Legendary Tales--Text--HTML
  • More Australian Legendary Tales--HTML
  • The Euahlayi Tribe--Text--HTML
  • The Walkabouts Of Wur-Run-Nah (1918)--HTML
Alice Fox PARRY (c.1903-1951)
Edward Abbott PARRY (1863-1943) [as editor]
  • The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple (1888)-- HTML
Eliza PARSONS (1739-1811)
May Lillian PATEN
Walter Horatio PATER (1839-1894)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Marius the Epicurean Volume I--HTML
  • Marius the Epicurean Volume II--HTML
A. B. 'Banjo' PATERSON (1864-1941)
Harry and Edward PAULTON
  • Niobe, All Smiles: A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts--Text
Thomas Love PEACOCK (1785-1866)
Arthur S PEAKE
  • The Life of Sir William Hartley (1926)--Text--HTML
Edmund Lester PEARSON (1880-1937)
  • That Damned Fellow Upstairs--Text--HTML
The Shape of Fear--Text
Charles William PECK (1875-1945)
Ethel PEDLEY (c1860-1898)
Emily H PELLOE (1878-1941)
  • Wild Flowers of Western Australia (1921)--This ebook was online as at 1 December 2023, at Collections WA
  • West Australian Orchids (1930)--HTML
Max PEMBERTON (1863-1950)
Robert Franklin PENNELL (1850-1905)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  •  Ancient Rome: From the Earliest Times down to 476A.D. (1890)-- HTML
Brian PENTON (1904-1951)
Milton R PERIL (aka FRANCIS A. JONES) (1908-1952)
Francois PERON
  • A Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere--HTML
Franklin Sievewright PETERSON (1861-1914)
  • Melba's Gift Book of Australian Art and Literature (1915)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Constance Campbell PETRIE (1873-1926)
  • Tom Petrie's Reminiscences of Early Queensland (1904)--HTML
PETRONIUS -- See Titus Petronius ARBITER
  • The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay--Text-- HTML
Marjorie PICKTHALL (1883-1922)
Charles Antoine Guillaume PIGAULT-LEBRUN (1753 - 1835)
  • The Unholy Compact Abjured--Text--HTML
  • Won by Crime--Text
  • Dyke Darrel the Railroad Detective--Text
  • Early Australian Voyages--HTML
Luigi PIRANDELLO (1867-1936)
  • Henry IV (Enrico Quarto) (1922), translated by Edward STORER (1882-1944)-- Text--HTML
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author (1922), translated by Edward STORER (1882-1944)-- Text--HTML
  • The Late Mattia Pascal (1923), translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
  • One, None and a Hundred Thousand (1926), translated by Samuel Putnam (1892-1950)-- HTML
  • Shoot! (1926), translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
  • The Old and the Young (1928), translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
Catherine Louisa PIRKIS (1841-1910)
  • The Experiences of Loveday Brooke Lady Detective (1894)-- HTML
John James PITCAIRN (1860-1936) see Clifford ASHDOWN
PLATO (428/427 or 424/423 - 348/347 BC)
  • The Republic of Plato (c. 380b.c.) Translated by Benjamin Jowett-- Text--HTML
James PLATT (1861-1910)
San C PO
Edgar Allan POE (1809-1849)
  • Eureka--Text--HTML
  • Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque Vol. 1--Text--HTML
  • Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque Vol. 2--Text--HTML
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841)--Text
  • The Mystery of Marie Rogêt (1843)--Text
  • The Purloined Letter (1845)--Text
  • Thou Art the Man (1844)--Text
  • The Raven--Text
  • Falsehood in War-time: Propaganda Lies of the First World War-- Text
Gene Stratton PORTER (1863-1924)
  • The Keeper of the Bees (1925)--HTML
Melville Davisson POST (1869-1930)
  • Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries (1918)--Text--HTML
  • The Sleuth of St James Square (1920)--Text--HTML
  • The Bradmoor Murder [The Garden in Asia] (1922)
    The Bradmoor Murder--HTML
    The Blackmailer--HTML
    The Cuneiform Inscription--HTML
    The Hole in the Glass--HTML
    The Phantom Woman--HTML
    The Stolen Treasure--HTML
    The Garden in Asia--HTML
Rosa PRAED (1851-1935)
  • Australian Life, Black and White--Text--HTML
  • Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush--Text--HTML
  • The Insane Root--Text--HTML
  • Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land--Text
  • Policy and Passion--Text--HTML
  • The Romance of a Station--Text--HTML
  • The Soul of Countess Adrian: A Romance (1891)--HTML
Ambrose PRATT (1874-1944)
  • The Emperor and his Double (1898)--Text--HTML [co-authored by Frank RENAR]
  • King of The Rocks (1900)--Text--HTML
  • Franks: Duellist (1901)--Text--HTML
  • Three Years with Thunderbolt (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Counterstroke (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Remittance Man (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Veiled Man (1907)--Text--HTML [Also published in book form as "The Leather Mask" (1907)]
  • Dan Kelly Outlaw (1911)--Text--HTML
  • The Outlaws of Weddin Range (1911) [about Ben Hall and his gang]-- Text--HTML
  • A Daughter of the Bush (1912)--Text--HTML
  • Mysterious Investment (1914)--Text--HTML
  • Her Assigned Husband (1914)--Text--HTML
George R PREEDY--see Marjorie Bowen
Thomas Peckett PREST (1810-1859)
Julius M PRICE (1857-1924)
  • The Land of Gold (1896)--HTML
Weston A PRICE (died 1948)
  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (1939)--HTML
    This ebook contains many photographs and documentation about the health of Australian Aborigines and New Zealand Maoris prior to their adoption of "white man's food."
Marcel PROUST (1871-1922)
  • Swann's Way (1922) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Within a Budding Grove (1924) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Guermantes Way (1925) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Cities of the Plain (1927) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Captive (1929) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Sweet Cheat Gone (1930) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Time Regained (1931) translated by Stephen Hudson [Sydney Schiff] (1868-1944)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI

Read the above titles in the original French at Project Gutenberg

G H (George Hurdis) PURVES (1850-1889)
  • The Squatter King and Other Stories--Text--HTML
William T PYKE
  • Thirty Years Among the Blacks of Australia--Text--HTML

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Horacio QUIROGA (1878-1937)

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William Macleod RAINE
  • Bucky O'Connor--HTML
  • Dodge--HTML
  • Ridgway of Montana--HTML
  • The Hunting of Harry Tracy--HTML
Marjorie Kinnan RAWLINGS (1896-1953)
Winwood READE
  • The Martyrdom of Man--Text
  • Ten Days That Shook the World--Text
Arthur J REES
Arthur B REEVE


    For EPUB format and other titles by this author visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • The Dream Doctor--Text
  • Craig Kennedy and Film Tragedy (The Film Mystery)--Text-- HTML
  • The Master Mystery--Text
  • The Silent Bullet--Text
Thoms Mayne REID
  • The Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas-)--Text--HTML
  • Crooked Trails--HTML
Maurice RENARD (1875-1939)
  • An Overland Expedition from Port Denison to Cape York under the Command of F and A Jardine (1865)--HTML
  • Also refer to an account of this expedition by F and A Jardine
Henry Handel RICHARDSON (1870-1946)
  • The Fortunes of Richard Mahony [trilogy] (1930)--Text (2 mb)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI Comprising:
  1. Australia Felix (1917)--Text--HTML
  2. The Way Home (1925)--Text--HTML
  3. Ultima Thule (1929)--Text--HTML
  • Hardscrabble--HTML
Robert Welles RITCHIE (1879-1942)
Charlotte RIDDELL (1832-1906)
Rainer Maria RILKE (1875-1926)
  • Letters to a Young Woman (Briefe an eine junge Frau)
    [Translated by William Needham]--HTML
  • Die Sonette an Orpheus (1923) [German language]--Text--HTML
"Rita"  -- See listing for Eliza HUMPHREYS (1850-1938) (Eliza Margaret Jane Humphreys) [a.k.a "Rita"; Mrs. W. Desmond Humphreys; E. Jayne Gilbert. ]
Morgan ROBERTSON (1861-1915)
Roy ROCKWOOD ("House name" used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate)


Bomba [written by John W DUFFIELD (1859-1946)]

  • Bomba the Jungle Boy (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Giant Cataract (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy on Jaguar Island (1927)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City (1927)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy on Terror Trail (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Swamp of Death (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy Among the Slaves (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy on the Underground River (1930)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Lost Explorers (1930)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in a Strange Land (1931)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy Among the Pygmies (1931)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Cannibals (1932)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Painted Hunters (1932)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the River Demons (1933)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Hostile Chieftain (1934)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy Trapped by the Cyclone (1935)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Land of Burning Lava (1936)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Perilous Kingdom (1937)
  • Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Steaming Grotto (1938)

Dave Dashaway

Dave Fearless

  •  Dave Fearless after a Sunken Treasure (1905)
  •  Dave Fearless on a Floating Island (1906)
  •  Dave Fearless and The Cave of Mystery (1918)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  •  Dave Fearless Among the Icebergs (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless Wrecked Among the Savages (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless and His Big Raft (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless on Volcano Island (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless Captured by Apes (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless and the Mutineers (1926)
  •  Dave Fearless Under the Ocean (1926)*
  •  Dave Fearless near the South Pole (1926)*
  •  Dave Fearless Caught by the Malay Pirates (1926)*
  •  Dave Fearless in the Black Jungle (1927)*
  •  Dave Fearless on the Ship of Mystery (1927)
  •  Dave Fearless on the Lost Brig (1927)*

    * The books marked with an asterisk were written by Leslie MacFarlane (1902-1977)
    and are not in the public domain. The author of the other books in this series is not known.

The "Great Marvel"

The Speedwell Boys

John Septimus ROE (1797-1878)
  • An Expedition to the South-Eastward of Perth, Western Australia (1848)-- HTML
O. E. (Ole Edvart) RØLVAAG (ROLVAAG) (1876-1931)
  • Giants in the Earth: a saga of the prairie (translated by Lincoln COLCORD (1883-1947)-- Text--HTML
Victor ROMAN
Theodore ROOSEVELT (1858-1919)
Marcianus F. ROSSI (1870-1948)
Edmond ROSTAND (1868-1918)
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (Translated from ther French by Gladys Thomas and Mary F Guillemard)--Text
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (In English verse by Brian Hooker)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (Original French version)--at Roy Glashan's Library
Henry Ling ROTH (1855-1925) [as translator]
  • Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, etc in 1771-2 (1891)-- HTML
    Appendix III contains a brief reference to the literature of New Zealand
William ROUGHEAD (1870-1952)
Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU (1712-1778)
  • The Reveries of the Solitary Walker (1796)--HTML
Charles ROWCROFT (1798-1856)
  • Tales of the Colonies, or The Adventures of an Emigrant (1843)-- Text--HTML
  • The Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land--Text--HTML
Matthew Joseph ROYAL (1863-1900)
Anthony M. RUD (1893-1942)

Steele RUDD (1868-1935)

Damon RUNYON (1880-1946)
  • The Informal Execution of Soupbone Pew--Text--HTML
  • Damon Runyon Omnibus--HTML
  • Runyon from First to Last--HTML
Charles M RUSSELL (1864-1926)
George William RUSSELL (1867-1935) (see A.E., a pseudonym)
Henry Stuart RUSSELL (1818-1889)
  • The Genesis of Queensland (1888)--HTML
William Clark RUSSELL (1844-1911)
  •  Abandoned (1904)--Text--HTML
  • The Extraordinary Adventure of a Chief Mate--Text--HTML
  •  William Dampier (1889)--Text--HTML
Mark RUTHERFORD (1831-1913)

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Rafael SABATINI (1875-1950)

Check out the web site The Life and Works of Rafael Sabatini

     Captain Blood

  • Brethren of the Main (1921) [A Project Gutenberg Compilation]-- HTML
  • Captain Blood (a.k.a. The Odyssey of Captain Blood) (1922)-- HTML
  • The Chronicles of Captain Blood (a.k.a. Captain Blood Returns) (1931)-- Text--HTML
  • The Fortunes of Captain Blood (1936)--Text--HTML
    (Note: The Chronicles of Captain Blood and The Fortunes of Captain Blood are not sequels)


     Scaramouche, first published in the UK in 1921, was published as Sabatini originally wrote it.
     The US edition, published in the same year, was shortened and edited for the US reader.

  • Scaramouche (1921) UK edition--HTML
  • Scaramouche (1921) US edition--HTML
  • Scaramouche the Kingmaker (1931)--HTML


  • The Suitors of Yvonne [a.k.a. The Lovers of Yvonne] (1902)-- Text
  • The Tavern Knight (1904)--Text
  • The Trampling of the Lilies (1906)--Text
  • Bardelys the Magnificent (1906)--Text
  • Love-at-Arms (1907)--Text
  • The Shame of Motley (1908)--Text
  • St. Martin's Summer (1909)--Text
  • Mistress Wilding (a.k.a. Anthony Wilding) (1910)--Text
  • The Lion's Skin (1911)--Text
  • The Strolling Saint (1913)--Text
  • The Gates of Doom (1914)--HTML
  • The Sea Hawk (1915)--HTML
  • The Snare (1917)--Text
  • Fortune's Fool (1923)--Text--HTML
  • The Carolinian (1924)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Bellarion the Fortunate (Bellarion) (1926)--HTML
  • The Nuptials of Corbal (1927)--HTML
  • The Hounds of God (1928)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Romantic Prince (1929)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The King's Minion [a.k.a. The Minion] (1930)--HTML
  • The Black Swan (1932)--HTML
  • The Stalking-Horse (1933)--HTML
  • Venetian Masque (1934)--HTML
  • The Lost King (1937)--HTML
  • The Sword of Islam (1939)--Text
  • The Marquis of Carabas (a.k.a. Master-at-Arms) (1940)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Columbus (1941)--Text
  • King in Prussia [a.k.a. The Birth of Mischief] (1944)--HTML
  • The Gamester (1949)--HTML

     Short Stories and Novellas

  • Collected Stories Vol. I (a PGA compilation)--Text--HTML
  • Collected Stories Vol. II (a PGA compliation)--HTML
  • The Plague of Ghosts and Other Stories (a PGA compilation)-- Text--HTML
  • Casanova's Alibi and Other Stories (a PGA compilation)-- Text--HTML
  • The Outlaw and the Lady and Other Stories (a PGA compilation)-- HTML
  • Loaded Dice and Other Stories (a PGA compilation)--HTML
  • The Justice of the Duke (Short Stories)--HTML
  • Turbulent Tales (Short Stories)--HTML
  • Chivalry (Short Stories) (1935)--HTML
  • The Duel on the Beach--HTML
  • Forbidden Lover--HTML
  • The Nuptials of Corbigny (1927)--HTML
  • The Word of Borgia--Text--HTML
  • Dagger and Sword--Text--HTML
  • The Pretender--Text--HTML
  •  In The Shadow of the Guillotine (very similar to The Reaping)--Text--HTML
  • The Camisade (1916)--HTML
  • The Reaping (1929) (very similar to  In The Shadow of the Guillotine)--Text--HTML
  • The Open Door (1935)--HTML
  • The Gordian Knot (1940)--HTML


  • The Historical Nights' Entertainment, 1st Series--Text
  • The Historical Nights' Entertainment, 2nd Series--Text
  • The Historical Nights' Entertainment, 3rd Series--Text--HTML
  • The Life of Cesare Borgia--Text
  • The Banner of the Bull--HTML
  • Torquemada and The Spanish Inquisition--HTML


  • The Tyrant (1925)--HTML
Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY (1900-1944)
  • Le Petit Prince--HTML
SALLUST (Gaius Sallustius Crispus)
John SANDES (1863-1938) [a.k.a "Don Delaney", "Oriel"]
  • Gentleman Jack Bushranger (writing as Don Delaney) (1911)-- Text--HTML
  • Designing Fate (1912)--Text--HTML
  • A Bush Bayard: Being A Romance of the Reign of Macquarie (1913)-- Text--HTML
    (Also published as A Rebel of the Bush under the nom de plume Don Delaney in 1914)
  • The Call of the Southern Cross (1914)--Text--HTML
SAPPER (Herman Cyril McNEILE) (1888-1937)


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     Bulldog Drummond Books:

  • Bulldog Drummond: His Four Rounds with Carl Peterson:
    * Bulldog Drummond (1920)--HTML
    * The Black Gang (1922)--HTML
    * The Third Round (1924)--HTML
    * The Final Count (1926)--HTML
  • The Female of the Species (1928)--HTML
  • Temple Tower (1929)--HTML
  • The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1932)--HTML
  • Knock Out [Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back] (1933)--HTML
  • Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1935)--HTML
  • Challenge (1937)--HTML

     Other Novels

Short Fiction

  • The Dinner Club (1923)--HTML
  • The Finger of Fate (and other stories) (1930)--HTML
  • The Human Touch (1918)--HTML
  • Jim Brent (stories) (1926)--HTML
  • John Walters (stories) (1927)--HTML
  • The Lieutenant and Others (1916)--HTML
  • The Man in Ratcatcher and Other Stories (1921)--HTML
  • Men, Women and Guns (1916)--HTML
  • Michael Cassidy, Sergeant (US Edition) (1916)--HTML
  • Out of the Blue (1925)--HTML
  • Ronald Standish (1933)--Text--HTML
  • The Saving Clause (stories) (1927)--Text--HTML
  • Sergeant Michael Cassidy, R.E. (UK Edition) (1915)--HTML
  • Shorty Bill (1926)--HTML
  • Was It Murder? (1951)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • When Carruthers Laughed and Other Stories (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Word of Honour (1926)--Text--HTML


Henry SAVERY (1791-1842)
Nat SCHACHNER -- See listing for Arthur Leo ZAGAT
Olive SCHREINER (1855-1920)
  • From Man to Man (1927)--HTML
Marcel SCHWOB (1867-1905)
Sir Ernest SCOTT (1868-1939)
  • A Short History of Australia--Text--HTML
  • Australian Discovery--by Sea and Land (1929)-- HTML ---- [A multi-part online resource. Use the files below to view normal html files]
  • Australian Discovery by Sea (1929)--HTML
  • Australian Discovery by Land (1929)--HTML
  • Laperouse--Text--HTML
  • The Life of Matthew Flinders--HTML
  • Terre Napoleon--HTML
George Firth SCOTT (c.1862-1935)
  • The Last Lemurian--Text--HTML
  • The Romance of Polar Exploration--Text
  • The Rider of Waroona--Text
  • Colonial Born--Text
Ann SCOTT MONCRIEFF (1914-1943)
  • Auntie Robbo (1941)--Text--HTML
  • The White Drake and Other Tales (1936)--HTML
  • A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison--HTML
Percival SERLE(1871-1951)
Garrett Putnam SERVISS (1851-1929)
Melvin Linwood SEVERY
  • The Darrow Enigma--Text
Ernest SHACKLETON (1874-1922)
  • The Heart of the Antarctic: The story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909
    Volume 1--HTML
    Volume 2--HTML
  • South: The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917-- HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Antarctic Book: Winter Quarters, 1907-1909--HTML
Edward Owen Giblin SHANN (1884-1935)
  • An Economic History of Australia (1930, 1948)--HTML
Edward SHANKS (1892-1953)
Lionel SHAVE (1889-1954)
  • A Sirius Cove (1948)--HTML
  • Red and Gold (1948)--HTML
  • That's Murder (1948)--HTML
  • The Resignation of Mr. Bagsworth (1948)--HTML
  • Twelve Moons Cold (1948)--HTML
George Bernard SHAW (1856-1950)
William Jenkins SHAW (18??-19??)
Joseph SHEARING see Marjorie BOWEN
Perley Poore SHEEHAN (1877-1943)
  • Where Terror Lurked (Captain Trouble)--Text-- HTML
  • The Red Road to Shamballah (Captain Trouble)--Text--HTML
  • The Green Shiver (Captain Trouble)--Text-- HTML
  • The Black Abbot (Captain Trouble)--Text-- HTML
  • The Fighting Fool--Text-- HTML
  • Spider Tong--Text-- HTML
  • Monsieur de Guise--Text-- HTML
  • Kwa and the Beast Men--Text-- HTML
  • Kwa and the Ape People--Text-- HTML
Mary SHELLEY (1797-1851)
Percy Bysshe SHELLEY (1792-1822)
M P (Matthew Phipps) SHIEL (1865-1947)


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Novels and Novellas

Short Fiction (Collected)

Short Stories (Individual Stories)

John J SHILLINGLAW (1831-1905)
  • Historical Records of Port Phillip--HTML
Robert John SHOLL (1819-1886)
  • An Eventful Year: Robert Sholl's Dispatches of 1865 and the Fate of the Camden Harbour Venture--HTML
    Edited by Ned Overton.
Joseph Henry SHORTHOUSE (1834-1903)
  • A Teacher of the Violin and Other Stories--Text--HTML
Samuel SIDNEY (1813-1883)
  • The Three Colonies of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia;
    Their Pastures, Copper Mines and Gold Fields (1853)--HTML
Henryk SIENKIEWICZ (1846-1916)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Quo Vadis: A Narrative of the Time of Nero (1896)--HTML [Translated from the Polish by Jeremiah Curtin (1835-1906)]
William Gilmore SIMMS (1806-1870)
  • Martin Faber--The Story of a Criminal--Text--HTML
Helen de Guerry SIMPSON (1897-1940)
May SINCLAIR (1863-1946)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  • Mary Olivier: A Life--Text
  • Life and Death of Harriett Frean--Text
Frederick SINNETT (1830-1866)
Eleanor SLEATH
Donald Mackenzie SMEATON
  • The Loyal Karens of Burma--Text
Oliphant SMEATON
Hester Travers SMITH (1868-1949)
  • Oscar Wilde from Purgatory (1924)--Text
John Talbot SMITH (1855-1923)
Works by John Talbot Smith at Roy Glashan's Library
Junius B SMITH (1883-1945)
  • The House of Invisible Bondage--Text--HTML
Thorne SMITH (1892-1934)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Clifford SMYTH (1866-1943)
Edward SORENSON (1869-1939)

Check out our comprehensive bibliography of Edward Sorenson's work, compiled by Colin Choat


   Novels and Serialised Stories

  • Aunt Jo: A Love Story of the Cedar Scrubs (1906)--Text--HTML
  • The Squatter's Ward (1908)--Text--HTML
  • The Squatter King (1914)--Text--HTML
  • On The Wallaby: The Diary of a Queensland Swagman (1915)-- Text--HTML
  • The Mystery of Murrawang: A Tale of Two Stations (1917)-- Text--HTML

   Short Story Collections

  • Quinton's Rouseabout and Other Stories (1908)--HTML
  • Chips and Splinters (short stories and verse) (1919)--HTML
  • Friends and Foes in the Australian Bush (1919)--HTML
  • Spotty the Bower-Bird and Other Stories (1921)--Text--HTML
  • Karaway the Cockatoo and Other Nature Stories (1922)--Text--HTML
  • Murty Brown (1925)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 1 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 2 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 3 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 4 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 5 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 6 (A PGA Production)--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories - Volume 7 (A PGA Production)--HTML


  • Collected Poetry--HTML
  • Chips and Splinters  (short stories and verse) (1919)--HTML


  • The Kookaburra (1902)--Text-- HTML
  • Life In The Australian Backblocks (1911)--Text--HTML
  • The Shepherds' Dance: With the Lamb-Markers of the Paroo (1914)-- Text--HTML
  • How Our Men Earn a Living in the Bush (1915)--Text--HTML
  • A Backblocker's Pleasure Trip (1917)--Text--HTML
  • Settlers and the Emu (1936)--HTML
  • Collected Newspaper Articles - Book One (2016)--HTML
John Philip SOUSA (1854-1932)
Daniel SOUTHWELL (1764-1797)
  • Journal and Letters of Daniel Southwell--HTML
Emma SOUTHWORTH (1819-1899)
  • The Run of the Yellow Mail--HTML
Catherine Helen SPENCE (1825-1910)
Thomas Edward SPENCER (1845-1911)
  • How McDougall Topped the Score (1906)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Surprising Adventures of Mrs. Bridget McSweeney (1906)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • That Droll Lady: Being the Further Adventures of Mrs. Bridget McSweeney (1911)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Why Doherty Died (1918)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Haunted Shanty and Other Stories (1918)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • A Spring Cleaning and Other Stories by Mrs. Bridget McSweeney (1920)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Bindawalla: An Australian Story (1920)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Henry Treat SPERRY (1903-1938)

Works available at Roy Glashan's Library

  • Hands Beyond the Grave (1934)
Harriet Prescott SPOFFORD (1835-1921)
  • The Ray of Displacement and other stories--Text--HTML
Christopher SPOTSWOOD
  • Voyage of Will Rogers to the South Pole--Text
Percy B St JOHN
Joseph STALIN (1879-1953)
  • Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.--Text
W. Olaf STAPLEDON (1886-1950)
W T (William Thomas) STEAD (1849-1912)
Chester K STEELE
  • The Diamond Cross Mystery --Text
  • The Golf Course Mystery--Text
  • The Mansion of Mystery--Text
  • Early Days of Windsor New South Wales--HTML
Gertrude STEIN (1874-1946)
  • Three Lives (1909)--Text
  • The Making of Americans, Being a History of a Family's Progress (1925)-- HTML
  • The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas (1933)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Eric STENBOCK (1860-1895)
  • The True Story of A Vampire and more stories--Text--HTML
STENDHAL (Marie Henri BEYLE) (1783-1842)
  • The Red and the Black (1831)--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Charterhouse of Parma (1839)--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
  • Armance--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
  • The Abbess of Castro, etc.--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)-- Text
Herbert STEPHEN (1857-1932)
Alfred George (A G) STEPHENS (1865-1933) [As Editor]
  • The Bulletin Story Book (1901)--Text--HTML
James STEPHENS (1882-1950)
James Brunton STEPHENS (1835-1902)
Mary Elizabeth STEUART (nee RUCK) (1842-1920)
  • Every Day Life on a Ceylon Cocoa Estate--Text
  • An Anthology of Australian Verse--Text
Francis STEVENS (1883-1948)


    For EPUB format, and other titles, visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Unseen -- Unfeared--HTML
  • Claimed!--HTML
  • Behind the Curtain--HTML
  • Elf Trap--HTML
  • Serapion--HTML
  • Nightmare!--HTML
  • The Heads of Cerberus--HTML
Henry STEVENS (1855-1930)
  • New Light on the Discovery of Australia--HTML
Robert Louis STEVENSON (1850-1894)
Frank R STOCKTON (1834-1902)


    For EPUB format, and other titles, visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Old Applejoy's Ghost--Text-- HTML
  • The Great Staircase at Landover Hall--Text--HTML
  • The Lady, or the Tiger?--Text
Lothrop STODDARD (1883-1950)
  • Into The Darkness (1940)--Text
Bram STOKER (1847-1912)
John Lort STOKES
  • Discoveries in Australia, with an Account of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed During the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the Years 1837-38-39-40-41-42-43. Also a Narrative of Captain Owen Stanley's Visits to the Islands in the Arafura Sea.)Volume 1 Volume 2

Louis STONE(1871-1935)
Theodor STORM (1817-1888)
  • The Rider on the White Horse--Text--HTML
Herbert STRANG
  • The Cruise of the Gyro Car--Text
  • Swift and Sure (1909)--Text
  • A Thousand Miles an Hour--Text--HTML
  • Eoneguski, or, The Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. I.-- HTML
  • Eoneguski, or, The Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. II.-- HTML
Ralph STRAUS (1882-1950)
  • The Most Maddening Story in the World--Text--HTML
  • The Room on the Fourth Floor--Text--HTML
Arthur STRINGER (1874-1950)
Works available at Roy Glashan's Library
Jan STRUTHER (Joyce Maxtone Graham) (1901-1953)
John McDouall STUART
  • Explorations in Australia--HTML
Charles STURT
  • Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia-- HTML
  • Narrative of an Expedition into Central Australia--HTML
SUETONIUS (c.70-c.135 AD)
  • Lives of the Twelve Caesars--at Roy Glashan's Library
Alan SULLIVAN (1868-1947)
  • Under the Northern Lights (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Three Came to Ville Marie (1941)--Text
  • The History of Australia and New Zealand from 1606 to 1890-- Text
George SUTHERLAND (1855-1905)
  • Pioneering Days: Thrilling Incidents (1913)--Text
Edmund Grill SWAIN (1861-1938)
  • The Kirk Spook and More Stories--Text--HTML
Jonathan SWIFT
  • A Source Book of Australian History--HTML
William Samuel SYMONDS (1818-1887)
  • The Playboy of the Western World--Text
W.S. Lach SZYRMA (1841-1915)

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TACITUS (56-fl.117)
  • The Annals [Translated by Alfred J. Church & Wm. J. Broadribb]-- at Roy Glashan's Library
    [Parallel Latin-English edition]
  • The Histories [Translated by Alfred J. Church & Wm. J. Broadribb]--at Roy Glashan's Library
    [Parallel Latin-English edition]
Rabindranath TAGORE (1861-1941)
  • Broken Ties and Other Stories (1925)--Text
E M (Eva March) TAPPAN (1854-1930)
  • The Little Book of the War (1918)--HTML
Booth TARKINGTON (1861-1941)
  • The Fascinating Stranger and Other Stories (1923)--HTML
  • Claire Ambler (1928)--HTML
TASMA (1848-1897)
  • A Sydney Sovereign And Other Tales--Text--HTML
  • The Penance of Portia James--Text--HTML
  • Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill--Text--HTML
Abel Janszoon TASMAN
Watkin TENCH (1758-1833)
  • A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay (1789)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson (1793)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Emile C TEPPERMAN (1899-1951) a.k.a. Grant Stockbridge, Curtis Steele


    For EPUB format, if required, visit Roy Glashan's Library

Avenger Stories

  • The Avenger Collection--HTML

Secret Agent X Stories

  • An illustrated collection of short stories and novelettes published in
    the Secret Agent "X" magazine between September 1934 and April 1938
    --at Roy Glashan's Library

The Suicide Squad

Marty Quade

  • Married for Murder--HTML
  • A Half Interest in Hell--HTML
  • Parade of the Wooden Kimonos--HTML
  • Five-Star Frameup (1941)--HTML
  • Other Marty Quade stories are available from Roy Glashan's Library

Operator #5

Operator  #5 -- The Purple Invasion

Ed Race ("The Masked Marksman")

Sam Farrell

Miscellaneous Stories

  • In This Corner--Death--HTML
  • The Manchu Skull--HTML
  • Sleuth of the Air Waves--HTML

 The Spider (writing as Grant Stockbridge)

  • City of Dreadful Night (Nov 1936)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Reign of the Snake Men (Dec 1936)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Dictator of the Damned (Jan 1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Mill-Town Massacres (Feb 1937)
  • Satan's Workshop (Mar 1937)
  • Scourge of the Yellow Fangs (Apr 1937)
  • The Devil's Pawnbroker (May 1937)
  • Voyage of the Coffin Ship (Jun 1937)
  • The Spider and the Pain Master (Jan 1940)
    The Man From Hell (Apr 1940)
  • Dictator's Death Merchants (July 1940)
  • Master of the Night Demons (Sep 1940)
Josephine TEY (a.k.a. Gordon DAVIOT) -- pseudonyms of Elizabeth MacKINTOSH (1896-1952)


    For EPUB format, if required, visit Roy Glashan's Library

Inspector Grant

Other works



  • Richard of Bordeaux (1932)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Plays Volume III (1954)
     Barnharrow-- HTML
     Lady Charing is Cross--HTML
     Reckoning-- HTML
     Sweet Coz--HTML
     The Staff-Room--HTML
  • Leith Sands and Other Short Plays
     Leith Sands--HTML
     Rahab-- HTML
     The Mother of Masť--HTML
     Sara-- HTML
     Mrs. Fry Has a Visitor--HTML
     Three Mrs. Madderleys--HTML
     Clarion Call--HTML
     Remember Caesar--HTML
William Makepeace THACKERAY
  • The Story of Mary Ancell--Text
Brandon THOMAS (1848-1914)
  • Charley's Aunt (Stage Play)--Text
Chauncey THOMAS (1822-1898)
Dylan THOMAS (1914-1953)
  • Collected Poems, 1934-1952--Text
  • Under Milk Wood (1954)--Text--HTML
  • A Child's Christmas in Wales--Text--HTML
William H THOMES
  • The Gold Hunters Adventure--Text
  • Lark Rise to Candleford (1945) [Trilogy: Lark Rise (1939); Over to Candleford (1941); Candleford Green (1943)--Text
  • Still Glides the Stream (1948)--Text
Basil THOMSON (1861-1939)
Edward William THOMSON (1849-1924)
James THOMSON (1700-1748)
  • Poetical Works (1908)--Text
Henry David THOREAU
Katherine THURSTON
  • The Masquerader--Text
Molly THYNNE (1881-1950)
Johann Ludwig TIECK (1773-1853)
W H TIETKENS (1844-1933) [Note: The name is commonly spelled TIETKINS in the works of other explorers.]
  • Journal of the Central Australian Exploring Expedition, 1889-- HTML
John TODHUNTER (1839-1916)
  • Life of Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan (1895)--HTML (see Marjorie Bowen's Brave Employments For a story featuring Sarsfield.)
H J (Henry James) TOMPKINS (1860-1942)
  • With Swag and Billy (1910)--HTML
Charles TOMPSON (1807-1883)
  • Wild Notes: From the Lyre of a Native Minstrel (1826)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Louis TRACY (1863-1928)
  • What Would You Have Done?--Text
  • The Albert Gate Mystery--Text
  • The Stowmarket Mystery--Text
H C (Henry Duff) TRAILL (1842-1900)
  • The Life of Sir John Franklin R.N.--HTML
Arthur C TRAIN
  • Courts and Criminals--Text
  • True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney's Office-- Text
  • His Children's Children (1923)--HTML
  • The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists--Text
John TREVENA (Ernest George HENHAM) (b.1870)
Ruth Mary TRISTRAM (1886-1950)
  • Letters from Christopher: Born August 3rd. 1925. Died at sea April 1943 (1944)--HTML
  • Harry Heathcote of Gangoil--Text
James TUCKER (1808-1888)
  • Background to the publication of "Ralph Rashleigh" and biographical details of the author, who was, during all his Australian life, always a convict.
  • The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh (1929)--Substantially edited-- Text--HTML
  • Ralph Rashleigh (1952)--First authentic popular edition-- Text--HTML
James Hingston TUCKEY (1776-1816)
  • A Voyage to Establish a Colony at Port Philip in Bass's the years 1802-3-4-- Text
Ivan TURGENEV (1818-1883)
  • A Month in the Country--HTML Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett (1861-1946)
Walter J TURNER (1884-1946)
  • The Man Who Ate the Popomack (1921)--Text
  • Smaragda's Lover--Text
Mark TWAIN (Samuel CLEMENS) (1835-1910) (Visit Dr Widger's Library for other Twain eBooks)
  • Mark Twain's Autobiography (1924)--Vol 1 HTML--Vol 2 HTML
  • Mark Twain, Newspaper Correspondent: Newspaper Articles (1862-1881)-- Text--HTML
  • Following the Equator--Text
R E N TWOPENY (1857-1915)
  • Town Life in Australia--Text
Katharine TYNAN (1859-1931)

U - Get HELP about accessing ebooks

Evelyn UNDERHILL (1875-1941)
  • The Letters of Evelyn Underhill (1943)--Text
Arthur UPFIELD (1890-1964)
  • Works by this author may be borrowed from the lending library at the Internet Archive

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S S VAN DINE (1888-1939)

Philo Vance Mysteries


Charles E VAN LOAN (1876-1918)
  • Tales of the Midnight Club--Text--HTML
George VANCOUVER (1757-1798)
  • A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World [Selection from Vol. I]--HTML
James Hardy VAUX (fl. 1812)
Jules VERNE (1828-1905)
Michael VERNE (1861-1925)
  • An Express of the Future [Initially attributed to Jules VERNE]--Text---HTML
A. Hyatt VERRILL (1871-1954)
Mary Theresa VIDAL (1815-1873)
Auguste VILLIERS DE L'ISLE ADAM (1838-1889)
VIRGIL (70-19 BC)
  • The Aeneid (29-19 BC)--at Roy Glashan's Library
E Charles VIVIAN (Jack MANN) (1871-1954)


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VOLTAIRE (François-Marie AROUET)
  • Zadig Or, The Book of Fate--Text

Elizabeth von ARNIM (1866-1941)

Thea VON HARBOU (1888-1954)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Captain Franz VON RINTELEN (?-1949)

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Jonathan WADE
  • Anglo-Karen Dictionary (1883, 2nd edition 1954)--PDF (completed by Mrs J G BINNEY)
  • A Vocabulary of the Sgau Karen Language (1849)--PDF--Doc (~12mb)
  • A Dictionary of the Sgau Karen Language (1896)--PDF--Doc (~12mb)

Edward Gibbon WAKEFIELD (1796-1862)

  • A Letter from Sydney, the Principal Town of Australasia (1829)-- HTML
    by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, edited by Robert Gouger
  • Eleven Letters on the Colonies (1830-1831)--HTML
Frederick WALKER (c.1820-1866)
  • Journal of Expedition in search of Burke and Wills. This is part of Walker's journal of the expedition, and covers the period from the day he left Macintosh's Station, on the Nogoa, to that of his arrival at the Albert River, Gulf of Carpentaria, i.e. 15 Sept. to 7 Dec., 1861--Text--HTML
James Backhouse WALKER (1841-1899)
  • Abel Janszoon Tasman: His Life and Voyages--HTML
  • The Discovery of Van Diemen's Land in 1642--Text--HTML
  • Early Tasmania--HTML
William Sylvester WALKER
  • The Silver Queen (1908)--HTML
Dorothy WALL (1894-1942)
Edgar WALLACE (1875-1932)

Read Roy Glashan's definitive bibliography and filmography of Edgar Wallace at Roy Glashan's Library

Read Robert G. Curtis' reminiscences of Edgar Wallace. Curtis was Wallace's secretary for many years.


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Autobiographical Writings

  • Edgar Wallace by Himself (1926) [Also published as 'People']-- Text--HTML
  • My Hollywood Diary (1932)--HTML

Non-Fiction — Books and Collections

  • Karl Lody: Germany's Greatest Spy--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Kitchener's Army And The Territorial Forces--HTML
  • Red Pages from Tsardom--HTML
  • Reports From the Boer War (filed as a war correspondent in South Africa)-- HTML
  • The Standard History of the War Vol. 1 (1914)--HTML
  • The Standard History of the War Vol. 2 (1915)--HTML
  • The Standard History of the War Vol. 3 (1915)--HTML
  • The Standard History of the War Vol. 4 (1916)--HTML
  • This England: Studies of Today--HTML
  • Edgar Wallace--Journalist--HTML

Non-Fiction — True Crime Stories

  • The Secret of the Moat Farm--HTML
  • The Murder on Yarmouth Sands--HTML
  • Herbert Armstrong Poisoner--HTML
  • The Great Bank of England Frauds (1924)--HTML
  • The Trial of the Seddons--HTML
  • The Suburban Lothario (1928)--HTML

Non-Fiction — Articles and Essays


"Mr J G Reeder" stories
[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

  • The Mind of Mr J G Reeder (a.k.a. The Murder Book of Mr. J. G. Reeder) (1925)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Terror Keep (1927)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Red Aces: Being Three Cases of Mr Reeder (1929)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Crook in Crimson (1929)--HTML
  • Mr J G Reeder Returns (includes: The 'Treasure House' and 'The Shadow Man') (1932)-- Text(See a few lines down for HTML version)
  • The Guv'nor (1932)--Text(See a few lines down for HTML version)
  • The Man who Passed (a.k.a.The Man from Sing Sing) (1932)-- Text--HTML
  • The Guv'nor and Other Stories (a.k.a. Mr Reeder Returns) (1932)-- HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    includes"The Guv'nor", "The Man Who Passed", "The Shadow Man", "The Treasure House"

"Just Men" stories
[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

"Sanders" stories [The African Anthologies]
[See Roy Glashan's Library for other fornmats]

  • Sanders of the River (1911)--Text--HTML
  • The People of the River (1912)--Text--HTML
  • The River of Stars (1913)--HTML
  • Bosambo of the River (1914)--Text--HTML
  • Bones--Being Further Adventures in Mr Commissioner Sanders' Country (1915)-- HTML
  • The Keepers of the King's Peace (1917)--HTML
  • Lieutenant Bones (1918)--Text--HTML
  • Bones in London (1921)--Text--HTML
  • Sandi, the King Maker (1922)--Text--HTML
  • Bones of the River (1923)--Text--HTML
  • Sanders (a.k.a. Mr Commissioner Sanders) (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Again Sanders (1928)--Text--HTML

"Smithy and Nobby" Stories
[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

  • Smithy (1905) [Collection]--HTML
  • Army Reform (1906) [Short Story]--HTML
  • Smithy Abroad: Barrack-Room Sketches (1909) [Collection]-- HTML
  • Jam for the Enemy (1915) [Short Story]--HTML
  • Nobby on Getting Commissions (1915) [Short Story]--HTML
  • Smithy and the Hun (1915) [Collection]--HTML
  • Nobby (1916) [Collection]--HTML
  • Smithy, Nobby & Co (1904-1918) [Collection]--HTML

"Tam O' the Scoots" Stories
[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

  • Tam O' The Scoots (1918)--Text--HTML
  • The Man Called McGinnice (1918)--HTML
  • The Fighting Scouts (1919)--HTML
  • Day with von Tirpitz (1919)--HTML
  • Tam's Air Taxi, Edgar Wallace (1921)--HTML
  • Christmas Eve at the China Dog (1929)--HTML

"Educated Evans" Stories

"The Black Avons" Series (1925)

  • Volume I. How They Fared in the Time of the Tudors--HTML
  • Volume II. Roundhead and Cavalier--HTML
  • Volume III. From Waterloo to the Mutiny--HTML
  • Volume IV. Europe in the Melting Pot--HTML

"The Earl of Nowhere" Stories (1924)--at Roy Glashan's Library

  • The King's Messenger
  • The Hold-Up
  • The Post-Office Clerk
  • The Edgware Road Crime

"P C Lee"


  • The Admirable Carfew (1914)--HTML
  • The Man Who Killed "X" (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Gospel-Truth Mortimer (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Adventures of Heine (1919)--HTML
  • The Thief In The Night (1923)--HTML
  • Chick and Other Stories (1923)--Text--HTML
  • Elegant Edward (1924)--HTML
  • The Adventure of Airman Hay (1924)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Mixer (1927)--HTML
  • The Orator (1927)--HTML
  • The Brigand (1927)--Text--HTML
  • The Cat Burglar and Other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • For Information Received and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace (1929)-- HTML
  • Circumstantial Evidence and Other Stories (1929 edition-8 stories)-- Text--HTML
  • Circumstantial Evidence and Other Stories (1934 edition-11 stories)-- HTML
  • The Edgar Wallace Reader of Mystery and Adventure (1943)-- HTML
  • Fighting Snub Reilly and Other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • The Governor of Chi-Foo and Other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • The Iron Grip and Other Stories (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Little Green Man and Other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • The Lone House Mystery and Other Stories (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Prison-Breakers (1929)--HTML
  • The Reporter (1929)--HTML
  • The Lady of Little Hell and other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • The Ghost of Down Hill (1929) (including The Queen of Sheba's Belt)--HTML
  • The Black, or, Blackmailers I have Foiled (1929)--HTML
  • Again the Ringer (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Big Four (1929)--HTML
  • The Terror and Other Stories (1929)--HTML
  • The Stretelli Case and Other Mystery Stories (1930)--HTML
  • Killer Kay and Other Stories (1930)--HTML
  • Mrs. William Jones--and Bill (1930)--HTML
  • The Lady Called Nita and Other Stories (1930)--HTML
  • Sergeant Sir Peter (1932)--HTML
  • The Steward (1932)--HTML
  • Nig-Nog and Other Humorous Stories (1934)--HTML
  • The Last Adventure (1934)--HTML
  • The Woman from the East (1934)--HTML
  • The Undisclosed Client [A PGA/RGL compilation]--HTML
  • The Man Who Married His Cook (1976)--This title is still copyright in Australia.
    [All of the individual stories contained in this anthology appear elsewhere under Wallace's name]
  • The Death Room (1986)--Still copyright in Australia
  • Winning Colours (1991)--Still copyright in Australia

Uncollected Stories

Novels and Novelettes

[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

Plays, Screenplays and Poetry
[At Roy Glashan's Library in various formats]

  • King Kong (screenplay)
  • Writ In Barracks (poetry)
  • An African Millionaire (play)
  • The Calendar (play)
  • The Case Of The Frightened Lady (play)
  • Criminal At Large (screenplay)
  • Dolly Cutting Herself (play)
  • Double Dan (play)
  • The Forest Of Happy Dreams
  • The Manager's Dream
  • The Terror (there is also a novel with the same name)

Novelisations of Plays and Screenplays
[At Roy Glashan's Library in various formats]

  • The Green Pack (1933)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
  • The Man who Changed his Name (1935)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
  • The Mouthpiece (1935)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
  • Sanctuary Island (1936)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
  • Smoky Cell (1936)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
  • The Table (1936)--HTML [with Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936)]
Lew WALLACE (1827-1905)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Empire of Terror--HTML
  • Death Flight--HTML
  • The Sinister Dr Wong--HTML
  • Fangs of Murder--HTML
  • Tycoon of Crime--HTML
R A J WALLING (1869-1949)
  • The Man with the Squeaky Voice--Text--HTML
  • The Corpse in the Crimson Slippers--Text--HTML
Wilhelm WALLOTH (1854-1932)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Empress Octavia (1885)--HTML
Hugh Seymour WALPOLE (1884-1941)
  • Herries books:

    The Herries Chronicle:--The author describes the series as follows: "My intention is simply to record scenes from the life of an English family during two hundred years of English change and fortune, and beyond that to pay a tribute to a part of England that I dearly love." The four books in the chronicle are...
    * Rogue Herries (1930)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * Judith Paris (1931)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * The Fortress (1932)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * Vanessa (1933)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    Other Herries novels...
    * The Bright Pavillons (1940)--Text--HTML This is a prequel to the Herries Chronicles, taking place prior to the four books listed above, which were published earlier. Katherine Christian should tie them together, but was unfinished at the time the author's death (see below)
    * Katherine Christian (1944)--Text--HTML
    In his foreword to the collected volume of The Herries Chronicle(1939), Sir Hugh Walpole wrote: "In the middle of the last war, sitting in the mud in trenches near the Carpathians, I comforted my soul with visions of an English Chronicle that would stretch, without break, from the days of Elizabeth to our modern time. The half of that ambition is accomplished, and I hope, if my life is spared, to fulfil the rest of it." The Bright Pavilions (1940) went some way towards fulfilling his intention. The story of Katherine Christian then begins where The Bright Pavilions left off, and Walpole worked on it until his death. The last page of manuscript is dated 24th May, 1941, and he died suddenly on 1st June. He did not leave any notes or other indications of the conclusion of the plot. However, whilst Katherine Christian was not quite finished, it was complete enough to be published as the last novel in the Herries Chronicle.
James J WALSH (1865-1942)
  • The World's Debt to the Catholic Church--Text--HTML
J M (James Morgan) WALSH (1897-1952)
Peter Egerton WARBURTON (1813-1889)
  • Journey Across the Western Interior of Australia (1873)-- HTML
  • Major Warburton's Explorations in 1866--HTML
  • Letter From Warburton re Exploration around Lake Torrens (1858)-- HTML
  • Reports on Exploration into the North and North-western Interior of S.A.-- HTML(with Benjamin Herschel BABBAGE (1815-1878)
William WARE (1797-1852)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Samuel WARREN (1807-1877)
Price WARUNG (1855-1911)
Stanley WATERLOO (1846-1913)
Thomas WATLING (b. 1762)
  • Letters from an Exile at Botany Bay (1794)--Text--HTML
    (to his aunt in Dumfries giving a particular account of the settlement of New South Wales, with the customs and manners of the inhabitants.)
James Frederick William (Fred) WATSON (1878-1945)
  • Lachlan Macquarie--HTML
  • Official Papers Relating to the Settlement at Swan River, W.A., Dec. 1826-Jan. 1830. (1923)--HTML
Henry Brereton Marriott WATSON (1863-1921)

Other stories and formats availoable from Roy Glashan's Library

Beatrice WEBB (1858-1943)
  • My Apprenticeship (Volume 1) (1926)--Text
  • My Apprenticeship (Volume 2) (1926)--Text
Jane WEBB (Jane C. LOUDON) (1807-1858 )

 Mary WEBB

  • Gone to Earth--Text
Stanley G WEINBAUM (1902-1935)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library


  • Dawn of Flame (1936)--Text--HTML
  • The Black Flame (1939)--HTML
  • The New Adam (1939)--HTML
  • The Dark Other (1939)--HTML
  • Collected Short Fiction (2014)--HTML
  • A Martian Odyssey (1934)--Text-- HTML
  • Valley of Dreams (1934)--Text-- HTML
  • Flight on Titan (Jan 1935)--HTML
  • Parasite Planet (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • The Lotus Eaters (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • The Planet of Doubt (Oct 1935)--HTML
  • The Red Peri (Nov 1953)--HTML
  • The Mad Moon (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • Redemption Cairn (1936)--Text--HTML
  • Tidal Moon (1938)--Text-- HTML
  • The Adaptive Ultimate (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • Brink of Infinity (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • The Circle of Zero (1936)--Text-- HTML
  • Graph (Sep 1936)--HTML
  • Proteus Island (1936)--Text-- HTML
  • Pygmalion's Spectacles (1935)--Text-- HTML
  • Shifting Seas (1937)--Text--HTML
  • Smothered Seas (Jan 1936)--HTML
Sarah WEISS (1834-1904)
Edwin James WELCH (1838-1916) [a.k.a Alwyn ALVERSTOKE, E.J.W., and Edwin HALSTEAD]
Carolyn WELLS (1862-1942)  (a.k.a. Roland Wright)

Crime and Mystery Fiction

Tony Barron

Kenneth Carlisle

Alan Ford

Lorimer Lane

Gray Norris

Owen Prall

Fleming Stone: (book numbers from Fantastic Fiction)

  • 1. The Clue (1909)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 2. The Gold Bag (1911)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 3. A Chain of Evidence (1912)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 4. The Maxwell Mystery (1913)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 5. Anybody but Anne (1914)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 6. The White Alley (1915)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 7. The Curved Blades (1915)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 8. The Mark of Cain (1917)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 9. Vicky Van (1918)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 10. The Diamond Pin (1919)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 11. Raspberry Jam (1920)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 12. The Mystery of the Sycamore (1921)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 13. The Mystery Girl (1922)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 14. Feathers Left Around (1923)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 15. Spooky Hollow (1923)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 16. The Furthest Fury (1924)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 17. Prillilgirl (1924)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 18. Anything but the Truth (1925)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 19. The Daughter of the House (1925)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 20. The Bronze Hand (1926)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 21. The Red-Haired Girl (1926)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 22. All at Sea (1927)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 23. Where's Emily? (1927)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 24. The Crime in the Crypt (1928)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 25. The Tannahill Tangle (1928)--not available
  • 26. The Tapestry Room Murder (1928)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 27. Triple Murder (1929)--not available
  • 28. The Doomed Five (1930)--not available
  • 29. The Ghosts' High Noon (1930)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 30. Horror House (1931)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 31. The Umbrella Murder (1931)--not available
  • 32. Fuller's Earth (1932)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 33. The Roll-Top Desk Mystery (1932)--not available
  • 34. The Broken O [a.k.a. The Honeymoon Murder] (1933)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 35. The Clue of the Eyelash (1933)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 36. The Master Murderer (1933)--not available
  • 37. Eyes in the Wall (1934)--not available
  • 38. The Visiting Villain (1934)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 39. The Beautiful Derelict (1935)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 40. For Goodness' Sake (1935)--not available
  • 41. The Wooden Indian (1935)--not available
  • 42. The Huddle (1936)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 43. In the Tiger's Cage (1936)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 44. Money Musk (1936)--not available
  • 45. Murder in the Bookshop (1936)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 46. The Mystery of the Tarn (1937)--not available
  • 47. The Radio Studio Murder (1937)--not available
  • 48. Gilt Edged Guilt (1938)--not available
  • 49. The Killer (1938)--not available
  • 50. The Missing Link (1938)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 51. Calling All Suspects (1939)
  • 52. Crime Tears On (1939)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 53. The Importance of Being Murdered (1939)--not available
  • 54. Crime Incarnate (1940)--not available
  • 55. Devil's Work (1940)--not available
  • 56. Murder On Parade (1940)--not available
  • 57. Murder Plus (1940)--not available
  • 58. The Black Night Murders (1941)--not available
  • 59. Murder at the Casino (1941)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 60. Murder Will In (1942)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • 61. Who Killed Caldwell (1942)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Omnibus Fleming Stone (1923)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    Includes 9. Vicky Van, 15. Spooky Hollow, 12. The Mystery of the Sycamore, 7. The Curved Blades

Pennington Wise

Other Crime and Mystery Titles

  • The Disappearance of Kimball Webb (1920) [Writing as Roland Wright]--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Vanity Case (1925)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Sixth Commandment (1927)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Bobbed Hair (1925)--Consists of 20 continuous chapters each written by a different famous author.
    Wells wrote the first chapter. This book is still copyright in Australia.

Historical Fiction

Other Fiction

For Children

Short Stories:

  • Collected Short Stories (a PGA publication)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    Fate's Assistant
    Harcourt's Literature
    Who Held the Phone
    A Spangle of Existence
    A Morning Call
    Mrs. Merriwether's Luncheon
    The Stolen Gems
    The Adventure of the Lost Baby
    The Adventure of the Mona Lisa
    The Adventure of the Clothes-Line
    Christabel's Crystal
    A Point of Testimony

Non Fiction

  • The Technique of the Mystery Story [non fiction] (1913)-- Text--HTML
H G WELLS (1866-1946)

(See Roy Glashan's comprehensive bibliography of H G Wells works at Roy Glashan's Library


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library


Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • The Chronic Argonauts (1888)--Text-- HTML
  • The Time Machine (1895)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Wonderful Visit (1895)--HTML
  • The Time Machine - Abridged Version (1941)--HTML
  • The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896)--HTML
  • The Invisible Man (1897)--HTML
  • The War of the Worlds (1898)--Text-- HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • When the Sleeper Wakes (1899)--HTML
  • The First Men in the Moon (1901)--HTML
  • The Sea Lady (1901)--HTML
  • The Food of the Gods (1904)--HTML
  • A Modern Utopia (1905)--HTML
  • In the Days of the Comet (1906)--HTML
  • The War in the Air (1908)--HTML
  • Tono-Bungay (1909)--Text--HTML
  • The Sleeper Awakes (1910)--HTML
  • The World Set Free (1914)--HTML
  • Men Like Gods (1923)--Text--HTML
  • The Dream (1924)--HTML
  • The Bulpington of Blup (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Shape of Things to Come(1933)--Text--HTML
  • The Camford Visitation (1937)--HTML
  • Star-begotten (1937)--Text--HTML
  • The Holy Terror (1939)--HTML

Other Genres

  • The Wheels of Chance (1896)--HTML
  • Love and Mr Lewisham (1899)--HTML
  • Kipps (1905)--Text--HTML
  • Ann Veronica: A Modern Love Story (1909)--HTML
  • The History of Mr Polly (1910)--HTML
  • The New Machiavelli (1910)--HTML
  • Marriage (1912)--HTML
  • The Passionate Friends (1913)--HTML
  • The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman (1914)--HTML
  • Boon (1915)--HTML
  • Bealby: A Holiday (1915)--HTML
  • The Research Magnificent (1915)--HTML
  • Mr Britling Sees it Through (1916)--HTML
  • The Soul of a Bishop (1917)--HTML
  • Joan and Peter (1918)--HTML
  • The Undying Fire (1919)--HTML
  • The Secret Places of the Heart (1922)--HTML
  • Christina Albert's Father (1925)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The World of William Clissold (1926)--HTML
  • Meanwhile (1927)--HTML
  • Mr Blettsworthy on Rumpole Island (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The King Who was a King (1929)--HTML
  • The Autocracy of Mr. Parkham (1930)--Text--HTML
  • The Croquet Player (1936)--Text--HTML
  • Brynhild, or The Show of Things (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Apropos of Dolores (1938)at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Brothers (1938)--HTML
  • All Aboard for Ararat (1940)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Babes in the Darkling Woods (1940)--HTML
  • You Can't Be Too Careful (1941)--HTML


  • Floor Games (1911)--HTML
  • Little Wars (1913)--HTML
  • The Adventures of Tommy (1929)--Text--HTML (Written and illustrated by H G Wells)
    [A version containing facimile images of the pages of the 1st edition is available at Roy Glashan's Library ]


NON-FICTION (History, Politics, etc.)

  • Certain Personal Matters (1897)-HTML
  • Anticipations (1902)--HTML
  • The Discovery of the Future (1902)--HTML
  • Mankind in the Making (1903)--HTML
  • This Misery of Boots (1905)--HTML
  • The Future in America (1906)--HTML
  • Socialism and the Family (1906)--HTML
  • First and Last Things (1908)--HTML
  • New Worlds for Old (1908)--HTML
  • An Englishman Looks at the World (1914)--HTML
  • The War That Will End War (1914)--HTML
  • Scientific War (1915)--HTML
  • The Elements of Reconstruction (1916)--HTML
  • What is Coming? A Forecast of Things After the War (1916)-- HTML
  • God the Invisible King (1917)--HTML
  • War and the Future (1917)--HTML
  • In the Fourth Year (1918)--HTML
  • The Idea of a League of Nations (1919)--HTML
  • Russia in the Shadows (1920)--Text-- HTML
  • The Salvaging of Civilization (1921)--HTML
  • Washington and the Hope of Peace (1922)--HTML
  • The Story of a Great Schoolmaster (1924)--Text--HTML
  • A Year of Prophesying (1924)--HTML
  • Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline of History" (1926)-- Text--HTML
  • What Are We to Do With Our lives? (1931)--Text--HTML
  • The Open Conspiracy (1933)--HTML
  • Experiment in Autobiography (1934)-HTML
  •  The Anatomy of Frustration (1936)--HTML
  • Marxism vs. Liberalism (1937)--HTML
  • World Brain (1938)-- HTML
  • The Fate of Man [a.k.a. The Fate of Homo Sapiens] (1939)-- HTML
  • Utopias (1939)--HTML
  • The New World Order (1940)--Text--HTML
  • The Common Sense of War and Peace (1940)--HTML
  • Crux Ansata (1943)--HTML
  • Mind at the End of It's Tether(1945)--at Roy Glashan's Library
Thomas E WELLS (1782-1833)
  • Michael Howe--The Last and Worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dieman's Land-- Text--HTML
William Charles WENTWORTH
  • Statistical, Historical and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales-- HTML
John WEST (1809-1873)
  • The History of Tasmania - Vol 1--HTML
  • The History of Tasmania - Vol 2--HTML
Keith WEST (pseudonym of Kenneth Westmacott Lane) (1893-1954)
  • Hanging Waters (1933)--Text
Nathanael WEST (1903-1940)
  • The Dream Life of Balso Snell (1931)--Text
  • Miss Lonelyhearts (1933)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • A Cool Million (1934)--Text
  • The Day of the Locust (1939)--Text
Atha WESTBURY (1838-1901)
Edward WESTERMARCK (1862-1939)
  • Ethical Relativity (1932)--Text--HTML
  • Christianity and Morals (1939)--Text--HTML
  • Personal Recollections of Early Melbourne & Victoria-- Text--EPUB--MOBI
Edith WHARTON (1862-1937)
  • Certain People (1930) Comprising the following stories...
  1. A Bottle of Perrier--Text--HTML
  2. After Holbein--Text--HTML
  3. Atrophy--Text--HTML
  4. Dieu D'Amour--Text--HTML
  5. The Refugees--Text--HTML
  6. Mr. Jones--Text--HTML
  • Old New York (1924) Comprising the following novellas...
  1. False Dawn (The 'Forties)--Text--HTML
  2. The Old Maid (The 'Fifties)--Text
  3. The Spark (The 'Sixties)--Text
  4. New Year'S Day (The 'Seventies)--Text
W J L WHARTON (1843-1905) See entry for James Cook
Charles WHITE (1845-1922)
  • History of Australian Bushranging Volume 1--Text--HTML
  • History of Australian Bushranging Volume 2--Text--HTML
  • Early Australian History. Convict Life in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, Parts I & II--Text--HTML
  • The Story of the Blacks: the Aborigines of Australia--Text--HTML
Edward Lucas WHITE (1866-1934)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Ethel Lina WHITE (1887-1944)


    For EPUB format and other titles visit Roy Glashan's Library


  •  Put Out the Light (1931)--HTML
  • Fear Stalks the Village (1932)--HTML
  • The Spiral Staircase [Some Must Watch] (1933)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The First Time He died (1935)--HTML
  • Wax (1935)--HTML
  • The Wheel Spins [The Lady Vanishes] (1936)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • The Elephant Never Forgets (1937)--HTML
  • The Third Eye (1937)--HTML
  • Step in the Dark (1938)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • While She Sleeps (1940)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • She Faded into Air (1941)--Text--HTML
  • The Man Who Loved Lions (1943)--HTML
  • They See in Darkness (1944)--HTML
  • Midnight House (U.S. title: Her Heart in Her Throat) (1942). Filmed in 1945 as The Unseen--HTML

Short Stories

Fred M (Merrick) WHITE (1859-1935)

(See Roy Glashan's definitive biography and bibliography of Fred M White at Roy Glashan's Library


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library


SHORT STORIES (EPUB format available at Roy Glashan's Library)


  • The Doom of London (1903)
    The complete series is available as one HTML or EPUB file at Roy Glashan's Library
    The Four Days' Night--Text-- HTML
    The Dust of Death--Text-- HTML
    The Four White Days--Text-- HTML
    The Invisible Force--Text-- HTML
    The River of Death--Text-- HTML
    A Bubble Burst--Text-- HTML

  • The Romance of the Secret Service Fund (1900)
    The complete series is available as one HTML or EPUB file at Roy Glashan's Library
    By Woman's Wit--HTML
    The Mazaroff Rifle--Text--HTML
    In the Express--HTML
    The Almedi Concession--HTML
    The Other Side of the Chess-Board--HTML
    Three of Them--HTML

  • The Master Criminal (1897-98)
    The complete series is available as one HTML or EPUB file at Roy Glashan's Library
    The Head Of The Caesars--HTML
    At Windsor--HTML
    The Silverpool Cup--HTML
    The "Morrison Raid" Indemnity--HTML
    Cleopatra's Robe--HTML
    The Rosy Cross--HTML
    The Death Of The President--HTML
    The Cradlestone Oil Mills--HTML
    Redburn Castle--HTML
    "Crysoline Limited"--HTML
    The Loss Of The "Eastern Empress"--HTML
    General Marcos--HTML

  • Real Dramas (1909)
    The complete series is available in one HTML or EPUB file at Roy Glashan's Library
    His Second Self--Text--HTML
    An Extra Turn--Text--HTML
    "Not in the Bill"--Text--HTML
    The Plagiarist--Text--HTML
    The Man in Possession--Text--HTML
    A Pair of Handcuffs--Text--HTML

  • The Dragon Fly (1909)
    How Horace Daimler Got His Name--Text--HTML
    The Three Red Hats
    A Cloud of Butterflies
    The Three Alarm Clocks
    A Reconstructed Crime
    The Mirror Over the Fireplace

  • The Adventures of Drenton Denn, Special Commissioner
    The Red Speck--HTML
    The Yellow Moth--HTML
    Dust-- HTML
    The Fire Bugs--HTML
    The Great White Moth--HTML

  • "Gipsy" Tales
    The complete series is available in one HTML or EPUB file at Roy Glashan's Library
    A Matter of Kindness (1903)--HTML
    A Liberal Education (1903)--HTML
    A Stranger in Bohemia (1915)--HTML
    Drops of Water (1915)--HTML
    The Unpremeditated Curtain (1915)--HTML
    Mere Details (1915)--HTML
    Out of Season (1916)--HTML

  • "The Last of the Borgias" (1898)
    (EPUB format available at Roy Glashan's Library)
    The Scrip Of Death
    The Crimson Streak
    The Holy Rose --HTML
    The Saving of Serena
    The Varteg Necklace
    The Three Carnations

  • The "Gentle Buccaneer" Stories (1919)
    Beauty in Distress--Text--HTML
    The Grey Raider--Text--HTML
    The Shifting Sand--Text--HTML

  • "The Sage of Tyburn" Stories
     at Roy Glashan's Library
    The Chronicle of the Yellow Girl
    The Chronicle of the Blue-Eyed Syndicate
    The Chronicle of the Inconsequent Princess
    The Chronicle Of The Elderly Adonis
    The Chronicle Of The Libelled Velasquez
    The Chronicle Of The Compleat Letter-Writer

Other Short Stories:

* An alphabetical list of Fred M White's short stories is available at Roy Glashan's Library

* The following 20 Volume set of Fred M Whites Collected Short Stories is a special illustrated
publication by Project Gutenberg Australia and Roy Glashan's Library. The stories are set out in the order in which they were published, together with 3 supplemental volumes, 18, 19 and 20, which were discoved after publication of the initial 17 volumes. A few other miscellaneous stories, not in the collection, are also listed below.

* All individual stories contained in the set, numbering about 200, are available from our Fred M White page.

* The collection, in other formats, is also available at Roy Glashan's Library).

  • Collected Short Stories Vol. I--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. II--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. III--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. IV--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. V--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. VI--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. VII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. VIII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. IX--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. X--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XI--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XIII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XIV--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XV--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XVI--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XVII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XVIII--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XIX--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories Vol. XX--HTML

Miscellaneous stories

  • Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales--Text--HTML
Stewart Edward WHITE (1873-1946)

Psychic Books

  • The Betty Book (1937)--Text
  • Across the Unknown (1939)--Text(with Harwood WHITE)
  • The Unobstructed Universe (1940)--Text
  • The Road I Know(1942)--Text
  • The Stars Are Still There (1946)--Text
  • With Folded Wings (1947)--Text

The Saga of Andy Burnett (1947)

  • The Long Rifle (1930)--HTML
  • Ranchero (1933)--HTML
  • Folded Hills (1932)--HTML
  • Stampede (1942)--HTML
    [Ranchero is set before Folded Hills, although the publishing date of Ranchero is later than Folded Hills.]

Other Titles

  • The Grampus and the Weasel (1935)--HTML
Victor L WHITECHURCH (1868-1933)
  • Thrilling Stories of the Railway [a.k.a. Stories of the Railway] (1912)--HTML
    More than half of the stories feature Thorpe Hazell, the railway detective]
  • Selected Short Stories--HTML
  • A Warning In Red--Text
  • The Affair of the Corridor Express--Text--HTML
  • Murder at the Pageant--HTML
J M WHITFIELD (Jessie Mary WHITFIELD) (b.1862)
  • The Spirit of the Bush Fire and Other Australian Fairy Tales (1917)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
John Greenleaf WHITTIER (1807-1892)
George John WHYTE-MELVILLE (1821-1878)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

  • Contraband or A Losing Hazard--HTML
  • General Bounce or The Lady and the Locusts--HTML
  • Kate Coventry - An Autobiography--HTML
  • Katerfelto - A Story of Exmoor--HTML
  • M or N — Similia Similibus Curantur--HTML
  • Riding Recollections--HTML
  • Sarchedon - A Legend of the Great Queen--HTML
  • The Gladiators - A Tale of Rome and Judea--HTML
  • The Interpreter - A Tale of the War--HTML
Beatrice WILCKEN
Mary Eleanor WILKINS
  • The Shadows on the Wall--Text
John WILLARD (1885-1942)
  • The Cat and the Canary--Text
Ben Ames WILLIAMS (1889-1953)
  • A Voice from the Fog--HTML
  • What Doth It Profit--HTML
  • The Sixth Thing--HTML
  • The Noble Lord--HTML
Charles WILLIAMS (1886-1945)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Valentine WILLIAMS (1883-1946) a.k.a. Douglas VALENTINE

ebooks by this author, covering many characters, are available at Roy Glashan's Library:
Clubfoot, The Secret Service, Inspector Mandaton, Trevor Deene, Horace B Treadgold, and Other Stories

William John WILLS
  • Successful Exploration through the Interior of Australia-- HTML
John Mackay WILSON (1804-1835)
Thomas Briadwood WILSON (1792-1843)
  • Narrative of a Voyage Round the World (1835)--HTML
Woodrow WILSON
  • The Road Away from Revolution--Text
William James WINTLE (1861-1920)
  • Ghost Gleams (1921)
William WISE
  • Pictorial History of the Second World War Volumes 1 to 5-- HTML Volume 6-- HTML
William Bramwell WITHERS (1823-1913)
  • The History of Ballarat (1887)--HTML
  • The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia (1901)-- Text--HTML
George WITTON (1874-1942)
  • Scapegoats of the Empire: The True Story of Breaker Morant's Bushveldt Carbineers-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
Thomas WOLFE (1900-1938)
Ellen WOOD (Mrs Henry WOOD) (1814-1887)


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library

Eric WOOD (1885-1940)
George Arnold WOOD (1865-1928)
  • The Discovery of Australia (1922)--HTML
  • The Voyage of the Endeavour (1926)--HTML
H Freeman WOOD
  • The Passenger from Scotland Yard--Text
Virginia WOOLF (1882-1941)
George B WORGAN (1757-1838)
  • Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon--Text
P C (Percival Christopher) WREN (1885-1941)
  • Beau Geste (1926)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Beau Sabreur (1926)--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Beau Ideal (1928)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • Stories of the Foreign Legion--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
    * Stepsons of France (1917)
    * Good Gestes: Stories of Beau Geste, His Brothers, and Certain of Their Comrades in the French Foreign Legion (1929)
    * Flawed Blades: Tales from the Foreign Legion (1933)
    * Port o' Missing Men: Strange Tale of the Stranger Regiment (1943)
Dudley WRIGHT (1868-1949)
  • The Epworth Phenomena (1917)--Text
Farnsworth WRIGHT (1888-1940)
Walter N WYETH
  • The Wades: Jonathan Wade, Deborah B L Wade; a memorial-- Text--HTML

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William Butler YEATS (1865-1939)
  • Michael Robartes and The Dancer (1921)--Text
  • The Tower (1928)--Text
  • The Wild Swans at Coole (1919)--Text
Leroy YERXA (1915-1946)
Egerton Ryerson YOUNG
  • By Canoe and Dog-Train--HTML
  • Duck Lake; or Tales of the Canadian Backwoods--HTML
Arthur Leo ZAGAT (1895-1949) 


    For EPUB format visit Roy Glashan's Library


The "Tomorrow" Series

Other Novels & Novelettes

  • The Land Where Time Stood Still (1936)--HTML
  • The Lanson Screen (1936)--HTML
  • Flight of the Silver Eagle (1937)--HTML
  •  Lost in Time (1937)--HTML
  • The Cavern of the Shining Pool (1937)--HTML
  • The Green Ray (Aug 1938)--HTML
  • Seven Out of Time (1939)--HTML
  • The Two Moons of Tranquillia (1943)--HTML
  • The Spoor of the Bat (1934)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Slaves of the Lamp (1946)--at Roy Glashan's Library

Stories Co-Authored with Nat SCHACHNER

Other Stories

  • The Great Dome on Mercury (1932)--HTML
  • When the Sleepers Woke (1932)--HTML


The "Doc. Turner" Series 

The "Red Finger" Series

  • Caged Horror (1935)--HTML
  • Death Rides the Sound (1934)--HTML
  • Death's Red Finger (1935)--HTML
  • Death's Toy Shop (1937)--HTML
  • Envoy of Doom (1937)--HTML
  • Locked in with Death (1936)--HTML
  • Red Finger Death Dealer (1934)--HTML
  • Red Finger Meets His Match (1936)--HTML
  • Red Finger's Murder Messenger (1938)--HTML
  • Red Finger--Spy Poison (1936)--HTML
  • Second-Hand Death (1934)--HTML
  • The Spy Who Sold Death (1937)--HTML

Stories from "Terror Tales" Magazine

  • House of Living Death (1934)--HTML
  • Thirst of the Living Dead (1934)--HTML
  • The Man Who Would Not Die (1934)--HTML
  • When Love Went Mad (1935)--HTML
  • Riverfront Horror (1935)--HTML
  • Crawling Madness (1935)--HTML
  • Chains of the Living Dead (1935)--HTML
  • Satan's Scalpel (1935)--HTML
  • Thirst of the Damned (1935)--HTML
  • Priestess of Murder (1936)--HTML
  • Death's Cold Arms (1936)--HTML
  • Death Lives in Our House (1936)--HTML
  • Lair of the Snake Girl (1937)--HTML
  • Revels for the Lusting Dead (1937)--HTML

Stories from "Dime Mystery Magazine"

  • Midnight Fangs (1934)--HTML
  • The Corpse Factory (1934)--HTML
  • One Night of Terror (1934)--HTML
  • Death's Mistress (1934)--HTML
  • Satan's Handmaiden (1934)--HTML
  • Madman's Bride (1935)--HTML
  • Monster at Play (1935)--HTML
  • The Hound of Hell (1935)--HTML
  • They Dine in Darkness (1935)--HTML
  • Girl of the Goat-God (1935)--HTML
  • Death Lands a Cargo (1935)--HTML
  • Satan's Bedchamber (1936)--HTML
  • Terror Beneath the Streets (1936)--HTML
  • Bride of the Winged Terror (1936)--HTML
  • The Little Walking Corpses (1937)--HTML
  • Soft Blows the Breeze from Hell (1937)--HTML
  • Death Dance of the Broken Dolls (1947)--HTML

Other Crime and Horror Stories

Yevgeniy ZAMYATIN (1884-1937)
Works available at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Big Bow Mystery--Text
  • Cheating the Gallows--Text--HTML
Emile ZOLA (1840-1902)
  • The Ladies' Paradise (1886)--Text--HTML

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