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A B (Andrew Barton)
"Banjo" PATERSON (1864-1941)

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A B (Andrew Barton) "Banjo" Paterson became a literary celebrity following the publication of 'The Man from Snowy River' in 1895. He is regarded as the premier Australian poet. His most popular works include 'Waltzing Matilda' and 'The Man from Snowy River'.

When they reached the mountain's summit, even Clancy took a pull.
It well might make the boldest hold their breath;
The wild hop scrub grew thickly, and the hidden ground was full
Of wombat holes, and any slip was death.
But the man from Snowy River let the pony have his head,
And swung his stock-whip round and gave a cheer,
And raced him down the mountain like a torrent down its bed,
While the others stood and watched in very fear.
From 'The Man from Snowy River'

Waltzing Matilda appears in Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses
The Man from Snowy River appears in The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses

MAJOR WORKS (read ebooks of all of these titles except Singer of the Bush and Song of the Pen)



Short Stories:



Other titles containing Paterson's works :

A list of the complete works of A B Paterson is set out below, together with the publication in which the work first appeared. A code is provided for each work, which refers to the above list of books and in which the work may be found. All titles also appear in Singer of the Bush or Song of the Pen, however this is not available as an ebook as it is still copyright in Australia.

1885El Mahdi to the Australian TroopsThe BulletinPOE
1886The BushfireThe BulletinPOE
1886A Dream of the Melbourne CupThe BulletinSB
1886The Mylora ElopementThe BulletinSB
1887Only a JockeyThe BulletinMFSR
1887Over the RangeThe Sydney MailMFSR
1887The Deficit DemonThe BulletinPOE
1887LostThe Sydney MailMFSR
1887Our MatThe BulletinPOE
1888Uncle BillThe BulletinPOE
1888Old Pardon, the Son of ReprieveThe BulletinMFSR
1889Australia for the AustraliansGordon & GotchPRO
1889The Corner ManThe BulletinSB
1889The Sausage CandidateThe BulletinPOE
1889Who is Kater Anyhow?The BulletinPOE
1889"In re a Gentleman, One"The BulletinSB
1889Tar and FeathersThe BulletinRG
1889How M'Ginnis Went MissingThe BulletinMFSR
1889Hughey's DogThe BulletinPRO
1889Mulligan's MareThe BulletinSB
1889Song of the FutureThe BulletinRG
1889An Idyll of DandalooThe BulletinMFSR
1889The ScapegoatThe BulletinSB
1889Clancy of The OverflowThe BulletinMFSR
1890How I Shot The PolicemanThe BulletinPRO
1890Our New HorseThe BulletinMFSR
1890The Man from Snowy RiverThe BulletinMFSR
1890How Wild Horses Are Yarded?PRO
1890My Various SchoolsThe SydneianPRO
1890The HypnotistThe BulletinPOE
1890Gilhooley's EstateThe BulletinSB
1890Those NamesThe BulletinMFSR
1890The Maori Pig MarketThe BulletinPOE
1890On Kiley's RunThe BulletinMFSR
1890Conroy's GapThe BulletinMFSR
1891The Downfall of Mulligan'sThe BulletinPRO
1891Come-by-ChanceThe BulletinMFSR
1891His MasterpieceThe BulletinPRO
1891In the Droving DaysThe BulletinMFSR
1891The Flying GangThe BulletinMFSR
1891The Lost DrinkThe BulletinSB
1891An Evening in DandalooThe BulletinSB
1891The History of a Jackaroo in Five LettersThe BulletinPRO
1891Victor SecondThe BulletinPRO
1891As Long As Your Eyes Are BlueThe BulletinSB
1891Been There BeforeThe BulletinMFSR
1891The Open SteeplechaseThe BulletinMFSR
1891The Cast-Iron CanvasserThe BulletinPRO
1891A Mountain StationThe BulletinMFSR
1892The Tug-of-WarThe BulletinPRO
1892The Pannikin PoetThe BulletinSB
1892In Defence of the BushThe BulletinMFSR
1892The Ballad of G. R. DibbsThe BulletinPOE
1892An Answer to Various BardsThe BulletinSB
1892The Boss of the Admiral LynchThe BulletinMFSR
1892The Man from IronbarkThe BulletinMFSR
1892A Bushman's SongThe BulletinMFSR
1893The Duties of an Aide-de-CampThe BulletinPOE
1893Our Ambassador or Sharp Practice on th DarlingThe BulletinPRO
1893Behind the ScenesThe BulletinPOE
1893ReconstructionThe BulletinPOE
1893When Dacey Rode the MuleThe BulletinSB
1893Black SwansThe Sydney MailMFSR
1893The All Right 'UnThe BulletinMFSR
1893Tom CollinsThe BulletinPOE
1893The Great CalamityThe BulletinMFSR
1893Last WeekThe BulletinMFSR
1893A Bush ChristeningThe BulletinMFSR
1893Frying Pan's TheologyThe BulletinMFSR
1893The Ghost of the Murderer's HutThe BulletinPOE
1893The Geebung Polo ClubThe AntipodeanMFSR
1894A TrioletThe BulletinPOE
1894Shearing at CastlereaghThe BulletinMFSR
1894The Travelling Post OfficeThe BulletinMFSR
1894A Bunch of RosesThe BulletinMFSR
1894Ambition and ArtThe BulletinMFSR
1894How Gilbert DiedThe BulletinMFSR
1894Tommy CorriganThe BulletinSB
1894A Voice from the TownThe BulletinMFSR
1894How the Favourite Beat UsRosehill Race BookMFSR
1894The Man Who Was AwayThe BulletinMFSR
1894The Amateur RiderThe BulletinMFSR
1894Saltbush BillThe BulletinMFSR
1894The Two DevinesThe BulletinMFSR
1895Johnson's AntidoteThe BulletinMFSR
1895Concerning a Dog FightThe BulletinPRO
1895PreludeThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895The Daylight is DyingThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895Jim CarewThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895The Swagman's RestThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895The Wind's MessageThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895Under the Shadow of Kiley's HillThe Man from Snowy RiverMFSR
1895The Merino SheepThe BulletinPRO
1895Brumby's RunThe BulletinSB
1896Hay and Hell and BooligalThe BulletinRG
1896Out of SightRosehill Race CardRG
1896Mulga Bill's BicycleThe Sydney MailRG
1896With the CattleAustralasian Pastoralists' ReviewRG
1896Concerning a Steeplechase RiderThe BulletinPRO
1896Song of the Artesian WaterThe BulletinRG
1896"Shouting" for a CamelThe BulletinSB
1896White-When-He's-WantedThe BulletinPRO
1896The Story of Mongrel GreyAustralasian Pastoralists' ReviewSB
1896Rio Grande's Last RaceThe SketchRG
1896PioneersThe Town and Country JournalSB
1897Bill and Jim Nearly Get Taken DownThe BulletinPRO
1897Preparing for PremiersThe BulletinPRO
1897The Wreck of the GolferThe Sydney MailPRO
1897Review of Barcroft Boake's PoemsReview of ReviewsPRO
1897By the Grey Gulf-waterThe BulletinRG
1897The Ballad of the CalliopeThe AntipodeanRG
1897Saltbush Bill's Second Fight?RG
1898A Disqualified Jockey's StoryThe BulletinRG
1898T.Y.S.O.N.Australasian Pastoralists' ReviewSB
1898The Cycloon, Paddy Cahill and the G. R.The BulletinPRO
1898Saltbush Bill's Gamecock?RG
1899Buffalo Shooting in AustraliaThe Sydney MailPRO
1899The Matrimonial StakesThe BulletinSB
1899The Sydney CupThe BulletinPOE
1899Bush JusticeAustralasian Pastoralists' ReviewPRO
1899The Federal Bus Conductor and the Old LadyThe BulletinPOE
1899The Reverend MullineuxThe BulletinSB
1899PoloThe Australian MagazinePRO
1899Song of the PenGrand Fair & Press Bazaar Souvenir BookSB
1899A Rule of the A.J.C.The BulletinPOE
1899The First SurveyorAustralasian Pastoralists' ReviewRG
1899The Lost LeichhardtThe BulletinPOE
1899A War Office in TroubleThe BulletinPRO
1899The "Bottle-Oh" ManThe BulletinSB
1899Driver SmithThe BulletinRG
1899Father Riley's HorseThe BulletinRG
1899Investigating FloraThe BulletinPOE
1899The City of Dreadful ThirstThe BulletinRG
1899Preface to His Natural LifeHis Natural LifeHNL
1900An Outback MarriageThe Melbourne LeaderOM
1900Boer War DispatchesThe Sydney Morning HeraldCOMP
1900The ReveilleThe Sydney MailSB
1900Johnny BoerThe Sydney MailRG
1900There's Another Blessed Horse Fell DownThe BulletinRG
1900That V.C.The BulletinRG
1900Fed UpThe Sydney MailRG
1900CommandeeringThe Sydney MailPOE
1900With French to KimberleyThe Sydney Morning HeraldRG
1900Santa ClausThe Sydney MailRG
1900The Rum ParadeThe Sydney MailPOE
1900A Visit to BasutolandThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1901Song of the FederationN.S.W. bookstall souvenirRG
1901French's Cavalry and Their WorkThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1901The Maori's WoolThe BulletinSB
1901Prince Alexander of TeckThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1901Our Federal Army and Its CostThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1901Going NorthThe Sydney Morning HeraldCOMP
1901The BullockThe BulletinPRO
1901The ProtestThe BulletinSB
1901The Wargeilah HandicapThe Sydney MailRG
1902An Informal Letter from LondonThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1902A Fighting General--Lord MethuenThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1902Now Listen to Me and I'll Tell You My ViewsThe Bulletin (quoting Reynolds' News)POE
1902 (Written)Contributions to The Story of South AfricaThe Story of South AfricaCOMP
1902Thirsty IslandThe BulletinPRO
1902The Late Lieutenant MorantThe Sydney MailPRO
1902Sitting in JudgmentThe Pastoralists' ReviewPRO
1902Pearling Industry at Thursday IslandThe Sydney MailPRO
1902It's GrandThe BulletinRG
1902Voyage of the PilgrimsThe Sydney Morning HeraldCOMP
1902A Visit to Drought LandThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1902In the Cattle CountryThe Sydney MailPRO
1902The DogThe BulletinPRO
1902Gleanings of a Globe Trotter: A Day's Racing in FranceThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1902Gleanings of a Globe Trotter: The Coloured AlienThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1902The Passing of GundagaiThe Commonwealth (Annual)RG
1902Anthony ConsidineRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902Any Other TimeRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902Do They Know?Rio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902Hard LuckRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"Rio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902In the StableRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902JockRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Last ParadeRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Last TrumpRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Old Australian WaysRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Old Timer's SteeplechaseRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902On the TrekRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Pearl DiverRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902Right in Front of the ArmyRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Road to GundagaiRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Road to Old Man's TownRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The Scotch EngineerRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902What Have the Cavalry Done?Rio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902A Walgett EpisodeRio Grande's Last RaceRG
1902The CatThe BulletinPRO
1902The Dog--As a SportsmanThe BulletinPRO
1902Lord MilnerThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1903Waltzing MatildaSheet musicSB
1903Dr Morrison: A Notable AustralianThe Evening NewsPRO
1903The Ballad of Cockatoo DockThe Evening NewsPOE
1903The Ballad of that P.N.The Evening NewsPOE
1903Riders in the StandThe Evening NewsSB
1903Policeman G.The Evening NewsPOE
1903Gone DownThe Evening NewsPOE
1903The Election SeasonThe Evening NewsPRO
1903The Ballad of the Carpet BagThe Evening NewsPOE
1903Saltbush Bill on the PatriarchsThe Evening NewsSB
1903The Amateur GardenerThe Evening NewsPRO
1904MacbreathThe Evening NewsPRO
1904A Nervous Governor-GeneralThe Evening NewsPOE
1904The Oracle at the RacesThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle in the Private BarThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle in the SanctumThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Fitzroy BlacksmithThe Evening NewsPOE
1904The Oracle in the Barber's ShopThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle at the Bowling GreenThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle on Music and SingingThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle at the TheatreThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle on PoliticsThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle on War and DebtThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Oracle on the Capital SiteThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Seven Ages of WiseThe Evening NewsPOE
1904The Rhyme of the O'SullivanThe Evening NewsPOE
1904Ave CaesarThe Evening NewsPOE
1904The Premier and the SocialistThe Evening NewsPOE
1904Humours of a Horse BazaarThe Evening NewsPRO
1904The Ballad of M. T. Nutt and His DogThe Evening NewsPOE
1904The Man from Goondiwindi, Q.The Evening NewsPOE
1905The Last of Sherlock HolmesThe Evening NewsPRO
1905Lay of the Motor CarThe Evening NewsSB
1905Motoring to MelbourneThe Evening NewsPRO
1905The Dam that Keele BuiltThe Evening NewsPOE
1905The IncantationThe Evening NewsPOE
1905Saltbush Bill, J.P.The Evening NewsSB
c.1905 (Written)Dan Fitzgerald ExplainsThe Evening NewsPRO
c.1905 (Written)Done for the DoubleThe Evening NewsPRO
1905Introduction to Old Bush SongsOld Bush SongsOBS
1906A Motor CourtshipThe Evening NewsPOE
1906Maxims of HafizThe Evening NewsPOE
1906The Dauntless ThreeThe Evening NewsPOE
1906Santa Claus in the BushThe Town and Country JournalSB
1907Old SchooldaysThe SydneianPOE
1907Three Elephant PowerThe Town and Country JournalTEP
1914The Road to Hogan's GapThe Lone HandSB
1914Sunrise on the CoastThe Lone HandSB
1914Song of the WheatThe Lone HandSB
1914The Great WarThe Sydney Morning HeraldPRO
1915The Mountain SquatterThe Lone HandSB
1915We're All Australians NowCard for troopsPOE
1916Australia Today 1916?POE
1917A Ballad of DucksSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1917The Angel's KissSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1917The Gundaroo BullockSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1917Not On ItSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1917A Singer of the BushSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1917At the Melting of the SnowSaltbush Bill, J.P.SB
1918The Army MulesThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePOE
1918Swinging the LeadThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePOE
1918Moving OnThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePOE
1918The CookhouseThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePRO
1918A General InspectionThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePRO
1918In a HospitalThe Kia-Ora Coo-eePRO
1919Hawker, the Standard BearerSmith's WeeklyPOE
1919Cassidy's EpitaphSmith's WeeklyPOE
1919BootsSmith's WeeklyPOE
1919The Old Tin HatSmith's WeeklyPOE
1919The Quest EternalSmith's WeeklyPOE
1922That Half-Crown SweepThe Sydney SportsmanPOE
1922J. F. Archibald: Great Australian JournalistThe Sydney SportsmanPRO
1923Jimmy Dooley's ArmyThe Sydney SportsmanPOE
1923TypographicalThe Sydney SportsmanPOE
1923Shakespeare on the TurfThe Sydney SportsmanPRO
1923A Job for McGuinnessThe Sydney SportsmanPOE
1933The Animals Noah ForgotEndeavour PressANF
1934Happy DispatchesAngus and RobertsonHD
1936The Shearer's ColtAngus and RobertsonTSC
1940The Dry CanteenSheet musicPOE
1941The Man Who Gave 'Em What They wantedThe A.I.F. NewsPRO
Published after Paterson's Death
1967Bush Life COMP
1967On the River COMP
1967Pearl Fishing COMP
1967 & 1983Racehorses and RacingCOMP
1983Illalong ChildrenCOMP
1983Ten Little JackaroosCOMP
1983 (1895)CastlebarCOMP
1983 (1895)Here's LuckCOMP
1983 (1895)They Met in the Hall at a Charity BallCOMP
1983 (1898)Johnny Riley's CowCOMP
1983 (1900)Bandy BurkeCOMP
1983 (1900)Cape Mounted RiflesCOMP
1983 (1900)I Joined a ContingentCOMP
1983 (1900)Maxims of WarCOMP
1983 (1900)No ClassCOMP
1983 (1900)Our Own FlagCOMP
1983 (1900)Our Underpaid ArmyCOMP
1983 (1900)Queensland Mounted InfantryCOMP
1983 (1902)Campin' Round CoonambleCOMP
1983 (1902)General Drought and General RainCOMP
1983 (1902)Barney DevineCOMP
1983 (1918)A Grain of Desert SandCOMP
1983 (1918)The Ballad of Ashantie PagodaCOMP
1983 (1919)The Cook's DogCOMP
1983 (1929)To George LambertCOMP
1983Constantine the GreatCOMP
1983 (1930s)Australian Local ColourCOMP
1983 (1930s)Australia's Pilgrim FathersCOMP
1983 (1930s)BradmanCOMP
1983 (1930s)An English ViewCOMP
1983 (1930s)Floods in QueenslandCOMP
1983 (1930s)The Golden MileCOMP
1983 (1930s)Golden WaterCOMP
1983 (1930s)An InterviewCOMP
1983 (1930s)IrelandCOMP
1983 (1930s)Kipling's WorkCOMP
1983 (1930s)Men and HorsesCOMP
1983 (1930s)New Guinea GoldCOMP
1983 (1930s)NewsCOMP
1983 (1930s)Newspapers and MenCOMP
1983 (1930s)The Northern TerritoryCOMP
1983 (1930s)Old CricketersCOMP
1983 (1930s)Old LettersCOMP
1983 (1930s)Old TimesCOMP
1983 (1930s)Our Earliest InhabitantsCOMP
1983 (1930s)Pioneers and PlacesCOMP
1983 (1930s)Political GiantsCOMP
1983 (1930s)RacingCOMP
1983 (1930s)SheepCOMP
1983 (1931)Singers Among SavagesCOMP
1983 (1930s)South Coast StoriesCOMP
1983 (1930s)The Sydney GroundCOMP
1983 (1930s)Sydney in the SeventiesCOMP
1983 (1930s)TysonCOMP
1983 (1930s)WarCOMP
1983 (1930s)Wild HorsesCOMP
1983 (1940)Song of Murray's BrigadeCOMP
1983The UpliftCOMP


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