Camperdown Cemetery, New South Wales
Established 1849

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Transfers from Other Cemeteries to Camperdown


The information regarding transfers from Balmain Cemetery to Camperdown Cemetery was taken from a page on the Leichhardt Council web site. The page was current on 1 January 2017.

"In 1941 the Old Balmain (Leichhardt) Cemetery Act was passed which dedicated the area as a public park. Under this act Leichhardt Council was directed to appoint trustees to maintain the area as a public park 'within the true meaning of the Public Parks Act, 1912.' The Council was also directed to compile an index plan and register of the names of persons buried in the grounds. Other relevant information relating to those buried in the cemetery was also included in this register.

"Prior to the conversion and preparation of the cemetery as a park, Leichhardt Council advertised its intentions to remove the headstones and grave enclosures. Relatives of the people buried in the cemetery were given time to arrange reinterment. In total 14 headstones were removed to Camperdown Cemetery, two moved to Ebenezer Presbyterian Churchyard, and two to St Barnabas Church ground, Broadway, Sydney. Those headstones not removed were used for stone walls and the leveling of the park.

"Included among the graves in Balmain Cemetery were those of Edmund Blacket, architect, and his wife Sarah. Their headstone was moved to Camperdown Cemetery."

[There were no reinterments. Only the headstones were transferred to Camperdown, for those persons detailed below.]

Stones removed from the Balmain Cemetery to Camperdown Cemetery

Reference / Name / Date of Death

MN00001 Charles Frederick Davis, 16 October 1880
MN00002 William Graham, 10 June 1879
MN00003 Rebecca Graham, 3 January 1889
MN00004 Henry Morgan, 14 May 1878
MN00005 Ann Mary Morgan, 6 August 1883
MN00006 Henry Morgan, 1 June 1874
MN00007 Edward Martin, 3 August 1872
MN00008 Martha Porter, 22 February 1874
MN00009 Jane, wife of Samuel Thompson, 25 October 1877
MN00010 Henry Blome Palgrove, 19 June 1870
MN00011 Bridget Sloan, 1 July 1881
MN00012 Samuel Long Sloan, 22 April 1882
MN00013 William John Sloan, 27 January 1889
MN00014 Catherine Dorothy Victoria Ross, 30 March 1894
MN00015 James Sloane, 30 November 1896
MN00016 Richard Fowler, 12 April 1881
MN00017 William Charles Fowler, 30 April 1888
MN00018 John Fowler, 23 September 1888
MN00019 Enoch Fowler, 6 November 1875
MN00020 Annie Jane Fowler, 7 November 1876
MN00021 Sidney Gordon Fowler, 7 May 1885
MN00022 Mary Hall, 15 May 1882
MN00023 David Hall, 11 (?) July 1882
MN00024 James Hall, 4 February 1908
MN00025 John Leys, 11 October 1883
MN00026 Bessie Mary Breillat, 30 April 1881
MN00027 Sarah Blacket, 15 September 1869
MN00028 Edmund Thomas Blacket, 9 February 1883
MN00029 Marian Blacket, 2 March 1909
MN00030 Samuel Hopkinson Turton, 17 October 1870 — A bottle containing a scroll giving particulars of Samuel Hopkinson Turton was placed under the foundation of this monument.

Aborigines buried in the Camperdown Cemetery

A bottle containing a scroll, giving the names of the Aborigines and a copy of the inscription that was formerly on the stone relating to the Shoobert Family was placed in a prepared cavity. Details of inscription: Matilda Anne, wife of James Shoobert, 15 January, 1874.


The land for Camperdown cemetery was purchased from Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, son-in-law of Governor Bligh, and the first interment at Camperdown (strictly speaking a re-interment), was that of O'Connell, who died in 1848, shortly before the cemetery was opened. His remains were exhumed from Devonshire Street and reinterred at Camperown.

The remains of William Broughton Holt, who died on 22 September 1848, were transferred from Devonshire Street and placed in the vault of John Holt on 19 March 1849, after the vault was constructed to house Joshua John Holt's remains. Joshua John Holt died on 15 March 1849.


In 1901 the Sydney Burial Ground (Devonshire Street cemetery) was removed. The remains of a small number of people were re-interred at Camperdown Cemetery. A discussion of details of the transfers from Devonshire Street cemetery appears on the site of the Biographical Database of Australia.

The following Camperdown burial forms cover re-interments at Camperdown:

RN00004, Feb 1901
Thomas Boulton
Caroline Boulton
Elizabeth Boulton
Thomas Boulton
Thomas Boulton
Elizabeth Boulton

RN00005, Mar 1901
Henry Stredwick Green
Mary Green

RN00006, Mar 1901
John Bissland
Lilly Bissland
D Bissland
P Steer

RN00007, Apr 1901
John Kellick
Ann Matilda Kellick
Thomas Australia Kellick

RN00008, May 1901
Sarah Clissold

RN00009, May 1901
Margaret Ferrow 


RN00003, James Bull's remains were brought from "Town Hall" cemetery. The headstone was dated 1815.

This information is mentioned by T. G. Rees on page 9 of his book, Historic Camperdown:

"James Bull, died 11 January, 1815. This is a removal from the George Street Cemetery, where the Town Hall now stands. The cemetery was closed in 1819. Inscribed on the back of the stone is the name of another member of the family, Louisa Ann, daughter of William and Ann Bull, died 9 August, 1855, aged 5 years."


MN00031, "Captain John Putland, 1781-1808, A.D.C. to Governor Bligh, married Bligh's daughter, Mary. Putland's headstone, the oldest memorial stone in Camperdown cemetery, was transferred from St. Phillip's Church, when the present Church was built."

[T. G. Rees on page 10 of his book, Historic Camperdown.]


RN00010, William Ingram Roberts' remains were transferred on 28 Mar 1863, from Goulburn Cemetery. (As per Meader, page 54.)