By Phillipe de Massa

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All that was illogical in our social

Ambiguity has no place, nor has

But if this is our supreme farewell, do
not tell me so!

Chain so light yesterday, so heavy to-

Every man is his own master in his
choice of liaisons

If I do not give all I give nothing

Indulgence of which they stand in need

Life goes on, and that is less gay than
the stories

Men admired her; the women sought some
point to criticise

Only a man, wavering and changeable

Ostensibly you sit at the feast without
paying the cost

Paris has become like a little country
town in its gossip

The night brings counsel

Their Christian charity did not extend
so far as that

There are mountains that we never climb
but once

You are in a conquered country, which
is still more dangerous

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