By Hector Malot

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As ignorant as a schoolmaster

As free from prejudices as one may be,
one always retains a few

Confidence in one's self is strength,
but it is also weakness

Conscience is a bad weighing-machine

Conscience is only an affair of
environment and of education

Find it more easy to make myself feared
than loved

For the rest of his life he would be
the prisoner of his crime

Force, which is the last word of the
philosophy of life

He did not sleep, so much the better! 
He would work more

I believed in the virtue of work, and
look at me!

In his eyes everything was decided by

Intelligent persons have no remorse

It is the first crime that costs

It is only those who own something who
worry about the price

Leant--and when I did not lose my
friends I lost my money

Leisure must be had for light reading,
and even more for love

Looking for a needle in a bundle of hay

Neither so simple nor so easy as they
at first appeared

One does not judge those whom one loves

People whose principle was never to pay
a doctor

Power to work, that was never disturbed
or weakened by anything

Reason before the deed, and not after

Repeated and explained what he had
already said and explained

She could not bear contempt

The strong walk alone because they need
no one

We are so unhappy that our souls are
weak against joy

We weep, we do not complain

Will not admit that conscience is the
proper guide of our action

You love me, therefore you do not know

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