By Gustave Droz

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A ripe husband, ready to fall from the

Affection is catching

All babies are round, yielding, weak,
timid, and soft

And I shall say 'damn it,' for I shall
then be grown up

Answer "No," but with a little kiss
which means "Yes"

As regards love, intention and deed are
the same

But she thinks she is affording you

Clumsily, blew his nose, to the great
relief of his two arms

Do not seek too much

Emotion when one does not share it

First impression is based upon a number
of trifles

He Would Have Been Forty Now

Hearty laughter which men affect to
assist digestion

How many things have not people been
proud of

How rich we find ourselves when we
rummage in old drawers

Husband who loves you and eats off the
same plate is better

I would give two summers for a single

I do not accept the hypothesis of a
world made for us

I came here for that express purpose

I am not wandering through life, I am
marching on

Ignorant of everything, undesirous of
learning anything

In his future arrange laurels for a
little crown for your own

It (science) dreams, too; it supposes

It is silly to blush under certain

Learned to love others by embracing
their own children

Life is not so sweet for us to risk
ourselves in it singlehanded

Love in marriage is, as a rule, too
much at his ease

Man is but one of the links of an
immense chain

Rather do not give--make yourself
sought after

Reckon yourself happy if in your
husband you find a lover

Recollection of past dangers to
increase the present joy

Respect him so that he may respect you

Shelter himself in the arms of the weak
and recover courage

Sometimes like to deck the future in
the garments of the past

The heart requires gradual changes

The future that is rent away

The recollection of that moment lasts
for a lifetime

The future promises, it is the present
that pays

Their love requires a return

There are pious falsehoods which the
Church excuses

Ties that unite children to parents are

Ties which unite parents to children
are broken

To be able to smoke a cigar without
being sick

To love is a great deal--To know how to
love is everything

We are simple to this degree, that we
do not think we are

When time has softened your grief

Why mankind has chosen to call marriage
a man-trap

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