By Francois Coppee

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Break in his memory, like a book with
several leaves torn out

Dreams, instead of living

Egotists and cowards always have a
reason for everything

Eternally condemned to kill each other
in order to live

Fortunate enough to keep those one

God forgive the timid and the prattler!

Good form consists, above all things,
in keeping silent

Happiness exists only by snatches and
lasts only a moment

He does not know the miseries of
ambition and vanity

He almost regretted her

How sad these old memorics are in the

Inoffensive tree which never had harmed

Intimate friend, whom he has known for
about five minutes

It was all delightfully terrible!

Learned that one leaves college almost

Mild, unpretentious men who let
everybody run over them

My good fellow, you are quite worthless
as a man of pleasure

Never travel when the heart is

Not more honest than necessary

Now his grief was his wife, and lived
with him

Paint from nature

Poor France of Jeanne d'Arc and of

Redouble their boasting after each

Society people condemned to hypocrisy
and falsehood

Take their levity for heroism

Tediousness seems to ooze out through
their bindings

The leaves fall!  the leaves fall!

The sincere age when one thinks aloud

Tired smile of those who have not long
to live

Trees are like men; there are some that
have no luck

Universal suffrage, with its accustomed

Upon my word, there are no ugly ones

Very young, and was in love with love

Voice of the heart which alone has
power to reach the heart

Were certain against all reason

When he sings, it is because he has
something to sing about

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