By Charles de Bernard

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Antipathy for her husband bordering
upon aversion

Attractions that difficulties give to

Attractive abyss of drunkenness

Consented to become a wife so as not to
remain a maiden

Despotic tone which a woman assumes
when sure of her empire

Evident that the man was above his
costume; a rare thing!

I believed it all; one is so happy to

It is a terrible step for a woman to
take, from No to Yes

Lady who requires urging, although she
is dying to sing

Let them laugh that win!

Let ultra-modesty destroy poetry

Love is a fire whose heat dies out for
want of fuel

Mania for fearing that she may be

Material in you to make one of Cooper's

Misfortunes never come single

No woman is unattainable, except when
she loves another

Obstinacy of drunkenness

Recourse to concessions is often as
fatal to women as to kings

Regards his happiness as a proof of

She said yes, so as not to say no

These are things that one admits only
to himself

Those whom they most amuse are those
who are best worth amusing

Topics that occupy people who meet for
the first time

Trying to conceal by a smile (a blush)

When one speaks of the devil he appears

Wiped his nose behind his hat, like a
well-bred orator

You are playing 'who loses wins!'

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