By Hausset and Princess Lamballe

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"It was indigestion."

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Madame du Hausset

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Madame Pompadour

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Marie Antoinette in the Temple

A liar ought to have a good memory

Air of science calculated to deceive

the vulgar

And scarcely a woman; for your answers

are very short

Bad habit of talking very indiscreetly

before others

Beaumarchais sent arms to the Americans

Because he is fat, he is thought dull

and heavy

Can make a Duchess a beggar, but cannot

make a beggar a Duchess

Canvassing for a majority to set up


Clergy enjoyed one-third the national


Clouds--you may see what you please in


Danger of confiding the administration

to noblemen

Dared to say to me, so he writes

Dead always in fault, and cannot be put

out of sight too soon

Declaring the Duke of Orleans the

constitutional King

Do not repulse him in his fond moments

Educate his children as quietists in

matters of religion

Embonpoint of the French Princesses

Fatal error of conscious rectitude

Feel themselves injured by the favour

shown to others

Few individuals except Princesses do

with parade and publicity

Foolishly occupying themselves with

petty matters

Frailty in the ambitious, through which

the artful can act

French people do not do things by


Fresh proof of the intrigues of the


He who quits the field loses it

Honesty is to be trusted before genius

How difficult it is to do good

I dared not touch that string

Infinite astonishment at his sharing

the common destiny

It is an ill wind that blows no one any


Judge of men by the company they keep

Laughed at qualities she could not


Les culottes--what do you call them?'

'Small clothes'

Listeners never hear any good of


Madame made the Treaty of Sienna

Many an aching heart rides in a


Mind well stored against human


Money the universal lever, and you are

in want of it

More dangerous to attack the habits of

men than their religion

My little English protegee

No phrase becomes a proverb until after

a century's experience

Offering you the spectacle of my


Only retire to make room for another


Over-caution may produce evils almost

equal to carelessness

Panegyric of the great Edmund Burke

upon Marie Antoinette

Pension is granted on condition that

his poems are never printed

People in independence are only the

puppets of demagogues

Pleasure of making a great noise at

little expense

Policy, in sovereigns, is paramount to

every other

Quiet work of ruin by whispers and


Regardlessness of appearances

Revolution not as the Americans,

founded on grievances

Ridicule, than which no weapon is more

false or deadly

Salique Laws

Sending astronomers to Mexico and Peru,

to measure the earth

Sentiment is more prompt, and inspires

me with fear

She always says the right thing in the

right place

She drives quick and will certainly be

overturned on the road

Suppression of all superfluous

religious institutions

Sworn that she had thought of nothing

but you all her life

Thank Heaven, I am out of harness

The King remained as if paralysed and


These expounders--or confounders--of


To be accused was to incur instant


To despise money, is to despise

happiness, liberty...

Traducing virtues the slanderers never


Underrated what she could not imitate

We look upon you as a cat, or a dog,

and go on talking

We say "inexpressibles"

When the only security of a King rests

upon his troops

Where the knout is the logician

Who confound logic with their wishes

Wish art to eclipse nature

You tell me bad news: having packed up,

I had rather go

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