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Henry LAWSON (1867-1922)

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Henry Lawson became a literary legend in his own lifetime and was loved by the Australian public. He was the first Australian writer granted a state funeral. Lawson wrote short stories and poems with sympathy and humour. He depicted Australian men and women and Australian rural life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

MAJOR WORKS (read ebooks of most of these titles except A Camp-fire Yarn and A Fantasy of Man)

Other titles containing Lawson's works:

* Titles listed above with an asterisk beside them are shown below with details of the contents.

Short Stories in Prose and Verse

We Called him "Ally" for Short
Bush Cats
A Narrow Escape
Johnson, Alias Crow
The Fire at Ross's Farm
The Drover's Wife
The Union Buries its Dead
A Typical Bush Yarn
The Bush Undertaker
The Legend of Cooee Gully
Macquarie's Mate
The Mystery of Dave Regan
A Derry on a Cove
Trouble on the Selection

Over The Sliprails (Short Stories)
The Shanty-Keeper's Wife
A Gentleman Sharper and Steelman Sharper
An Incident at Stiffner's
The Hero of Redclay
The Darling River
A Case for the Oracle
A Daughter of Maoriland
New Year's Night
Black Joe
They Wait on the Wharf in Black
Seeing the Last of You
Two Boys at Grinder Brothers'
The Selector's Daughter
Mitchell on the "Sex" and Other "Problems"
The Master's Mistake
The Story of the Oracle

Verses Popular and Humorous

The Ports of the Open Sea
The Three Kings
The Outside Track
The Rovers
Foreign Lands
Mary Lemaine
The Shakedown on the Floor
Reedy River
Old Stone Chimney
Song of the Old Bullock-Driver
The Lights of Cobb and Co.
How the Land was Won
The Boss Over the Board
When the Ladies Come to the Shearing Shed
The Ballad of the Rouseabout
Years After the War in Australia
The Old Jimmy Woodser
The Christ of the 'Never'
The Cattle-Dog's Death
The Song of the Darling River
Rain in the Mountains
A May Night on the Mountains
The New Chum Jackeroo
The Dons Of Spain
The Bursting of the Boom
Antony Villa
Second Class Wait Here
The Ships That Won't Go Down
The Men We Might Have Been
The Way of the World
The Battling Days
Written Afterwards
The Uncultured Rhymer To His Cultured Critics
The Writer's Dream
The Jolly Dead March
My Literary Friend
Mary Called Him 'Mister'
O'Hara, J.P.
Bill and Jim Fall Out
The Paroo
The Green-Hand Rouseabout
The Man from Waterloo
Saint Peter
The Stranger's Friend
The God-Forgotten Election
The Boss's Boots
The Captain of the Push
Billy's 'Square Affair'
A Derry on a Cove
Rise Ye! Rise Ye!
The Ballad of Mabel Clare
Constable M'Carty's Investigations
At the Tug-of-War
Here's Luck!
The Men Who Come Behind
The Days when We went Swimming
The Old Bark School
Trouble on the Selection
The Professional Wanderer
A Little Mistake
A Study in the "Nood"
A Word to Texas Jack
The Grog-An'-Grumble Steeplechase
But What's the Use

The Country I Come From

An Old Mate Of Your Father's
Settling On The Land
Stiffner And Jim (Thirdly, Bill)
The Man Who Forgot
His Country -- After All
The Union Buries Its Dead
Mitchell Doesn't Believe In The Sack
His Father's Mate
The Drover's Wife
The Bush Undertaker
Coming Across -- A Study In Steerage
The Story Of Malachi
Steelman's Pupil
"Board And Residence"
Two Dogs And A Fence
Macquarie's Mate
The Shanty-Keeper's Wife
The Hero Of Redclay
The Darling River
A Daughter Of Maoriland: A Sketch Of Poor-Class Maoris
The Story Of The Oracle
The Mystery Of Dave Regan
No Place For A Woman
Meeting Old Mates
"A Rough Shed"
Payable Gold
An Oversight Of Steelman's
How Steelman Told His Story

In the Days When the World Was Wide (Poetry)
To an Old Mate
In the Days When the World was Wide
Faces in the Street
The Roaring Days
The Drover's Sweetheart
Out Back
The Free-Selector's Daughter
'Sez You'
Andy's Gone With Cattle
Jack Dunn of Nevertire
Trooper Campbell
The Sliprails and the Spur
Past Carin'
The Glass on the Bar
The Shanty on the Rise
The Vagabond
Middleton's Rouseabout
The Ballad of the Drover
Taking His Chance
When the 'Army' Prays for Watty
The Wreck of the 'Derry Castle'
Ben Duggan
The Star of Australasia
The Great Grey Plain
The Song of Old Joe Swallow
Corny Bill
Cherry-Tree Inn
Up the Country
Knocked Up
The Blue Mountains
The City Bushman
Mount Bukaroo
The Fire at Ross's Farm
The Teams
Cameron's Heart
The Shame of Going Back
Since Then
Peter Anderson and Co.
When the Children Come Home
Dan, the Wreck
A Prouder Man Than You
The Song and the Sigh
The Cambaroora Star
After All
Marshall's Mate
The Poets of the Tomb
Australian Bards and Bush Reviewers
The Ghost

Joe Wilson and His Mates (Short Stories)
Prefatory Verses--
  The Author's Farewell to the Bushmen.

Part I.(Joe Wilson)

Joe Wilson's Courtship.
Brighten's Sister-In-Law.
'Water Them Geraniums'.
    I.  A Lonely Track.
   II.  'Past Carin''.
A Double Buggy at Lahey's Creek.
    I.  Spuds, and a Woman's Obstinacy.
   II.  Joe Wilson's Luck.
  III.  The Ghost of Mary's Sacrifice.
   IV.  The Buggy Comes Home.

Part II. (Joe Wilson's Mates)

The Golden Graveyard.
The Chinaman's Ghost.
The Loaded Dog.
Poisonous Jimmy Gets Left.
    I.  Dave Regan's Yarn.
   II.  Told by One of the Other Drovers.
The Ghostly Door.
A Wild Irishman.
The Babies in the Bush.
A Bush Dance.
The Buck-Jumper.
Jimmy Grimshaw's Wooing.
At Dead Dingo.
Telling Mrs Baker.
A Hero in Dingo-Scrubs.
The Little World Left Behind.

Concluding Verses --
  The Never-Never Country.

On the Track (Short Stories)
The Songs They used to Sing
A Vision of Sandy Blight
Andy Page's Rival
The Iron-Bark Chip
"Middleton's Peter"
The Mystery of Dave Regan
Mitchell on Matrimony
Mitchell on Women
No Place for a Woman
Mitchell's Jobs
Bill, the Ventriloquial Rooster
Bush Cats
Meeting Old Mates
Two Larrikins
Mr. Smellingscheck
"A Rough Shed"
Payable Gold
An Oversight of Steelman's
How Steelman told his Story

Children of the Bush (Short Stories and Poetry)

Introduction -- The Shearers
Send Round the Hat
'G. S.,' orthe Fourth Cook
That Pretty Girl in the Army
"Lord Douglas"
'Jack Cornstalk'
The Blindness of One-eyed Brogan
Two Sundowners
A Sketch of Mateship
On the Tucker Track
'The Bulletin Hotel'
A Bush Publican's Lament
'TheBallad of the Rouseabout'
The Shearer's Dream
The Lost Souls' Hotel
The Boozers' Home
The Sex Problem Again
'TheThings we Dare not Tell'
The Romance of the Swag
"Buckholts' Gate"
'Knocking Around'
The Bush-Fire
'The Bush Girl'
The House that was Never Built
"Barney, Take me Home Again"
A Droving Yarn
'Balladof the Cornstalk'
Gettin' Back on Dave Regan
"Shall We Gather at the River"
His Brother's Keeper
'From the Bush'
'Heed Not'
'As Faras Your Rifles Cover'
The Story of 'Gentleman-Once'
The Ghosts of Many Christmases
'The Men who made Australia'

While the Billy Boils (Short Stories)

An Old Mate of Your Father's
Settling on the Land
Enter Mitchell
Stiffner and Jim (Thirdly, Bill)
When the Sun Went Down
The Man who Forgot
A Camp-fire Yarn
His Country--After All
A Day on a Selection
That There Dog of Mine
Going Blind
Arvie Aspinall's Alarm Clock
The Union Buries its Dead
On the Edge of a Plain
In a Dry Season
He's Come Back
Another of Mitchell's Plans
Drifted Back
Mitchell Doesn't Believe in the Sack
Shooting the Moon
His Father's Mate
An Echo from the Old Bark School
The Shearing of the Cook's Dog
"Dossing Out" and "Camping"
Across the Straits
Some Day
Brummy Usen


The Drover's Wife
Steelman's Pupil
An Unfinished Love Story
Board and Residence
His Colonial Oath
A Visit of Condolence
In a Wet Season
Mitchell: A Character Sketch
The Bush Undertaker
Our Pipes
Coming Across
The Story of Malachi
Two Dogs and a Fence
Jones's Alley
Bogg of Geebung
She Wouldn't Speak
The Geological Spieler
Macquarie's Mate
Baldy Thompson
For Auld Lang Syne

The Rising of the Court (Prose and Verse)


The Rising of the Court
Roll Up at Talbragar
"Wanted by the Police"
The Bath
Instinct Gone Wrong
The Hypnotised Township
The Exciseman
Mateship in Shakespeare's Rome


One Hundred and Three
The Army of the Rear
The Friends of Fallen Fortunes
The Port o' Call
The Man Who Raised Charlestown
The Southerly Buster
'Tambaroora Jim'
Lake Eliza
In the Days When We Are Dead

The Romance of the Swag (Short Stories)

The Romance of the Swag
'Buckholt's Gate'
The Bush-fire
  Squatter and Selector
  Romeo and Juliet
  A Tramp's Match and What it Did
  The Fire at Ross's Farm
The House That Was Never Built
"Barney, Take me home Again"
A Droving Yarn
Gettin' Back on Dave Regan
"Shall We Gather at the River"
His Brother's Keeper
The Story of 'Gentleman Once'
The Ghosts of Many Christmasses

Send Round the Hat (Short Stories)

Send Round the Hat
That Pretty Girl in the Army
'Lord Douglas'
The Blindness of One-eyed Bogan
Two Sundowners
A Sketch of Mateship
On the Tucker Track
A Bush Publican's Lament
The Shearer's Dream
The Lost Souls' Hotel
The Boozers' Home
The Sex Problem Again

The Fire at Ross's Farm (Poetry)
(A NUMBER OF THESE POEMS ALSO APPEARED IN "In the Days When the World Was Wide", see above)

To an Old Mate
Says You
Andy's Return
Song of the Old Bullock-driver
I'm a Rebel Too
Song of the Darling River
The Good Samaritan
To Hannah
The Army of the Rear
New Chum Jackeroos
The Cambaroora Star
The Water-lily
Tracks that Lie by India
New Life, New Love
May Night on the Mountain
The Captains
A Voice from the City
Cameron's Heart
Knocking Around
The Bush Fire
The Drunkard's Vision
Dons of Spain
The Cattle-dog's Death
Second Class Wait Here
The Outside Track
The Storm that is to Come
Men We Might Have Been
Booth's Drum
Mount Bukaroo
Sticking to Bill
Drums of Battersea
The Wreck of the Derry Castle
To My Cultured Critics
Pigeon Toes
The Battling Days
The Fire at Ross's Farm
The Shame of Going Back
Farewell to the Bushman
Break o' Day
Cross Roads
Men Who Come Behind
Riding Round the Lines
The Christ of the Never
A Prouder Man Than You
From the Bush
The Separation
Cherry-Tree Inn
Foreign Lands
Passing of Scotty
The Three Kings
The Bush Girl
Marshall's Mate
The Old Jimmy Woodser
Waratah and Wattle
Australian Engineers
Do You Think That I do not Know
The Studio
The Ghost
The Last Review

When I was King and Other Verses (Poetry)

The Cross-Roads
When I was King
The Author's Farewell to the Bushmen
From the Bush
Heed Not
The Bush Girl
'G.S.,' or the Fourth Cook
Jack Cornstalk
The Men Who Made Australia
The Bulletin Hotel
Sacred to the Memory Of "Unknown"
The Shearers
'Knocking Around'
The Shearer's Dream
The Never-Never Country.
With Dickens
The Things We Dare Not Tell
The Drums of Battersea
As Far as Your Rifles Cover
Gipsy Too
The Wander-Light
The Tracks That Lie by India
Say Good-Bye When Your Chum is Married
The Separation
The Cliffs
The Stringy-Bark Tree
The Bush Fire
The Bill of the Ages
Waratah and Wattle
My Land and I
The Men Who Live It Down
When Your Pants Begin to Go - (from "In the Days When the World was Wide")
Robbie's Statue
The Ballad of the Elder Son
The Pride That Comes After
A Voice from the City
The Light on the Wreck
The Secret Whisky Cure
The Alleys
The Scamps
Break o' Day
The Women of the Town
The Afterglow
Written Out
New Life, New Love
The King and Queen and I
To Hannah
The Water Lily
To Jim
The Drunkard's Vision
In the Storm That is to Come
Australian Engineers
The Drovers
Those Foreign Engineers
The Firing-Line
Riding Round the Lines
When the Bear Comes Back Again
The Little Czar
The Vanguard
And the Bairns Will Come
The Heart of Australia
The Good Samaritan
Will Yer Write It Down for Me?
Andy's Return
Pigeon Toes
On the Wallaby
The Brass Well
The Last Review
As Good as New

Skyline Riders and Other Verses

To My Friends
The Skyline Riders
Do They Think That I Do Not Know?
Somewhere Up in Queensland
Down the River
Billy of Queensland
The Lily and the Bee
William Street
The King of Our Republic
The Bonny Port of Sydney
"Broken Axletree"
Clinging Back
The Memories They Bring
Above Lavender Bay
He Had so Much Work to Do
The Foreign Drunk
The Imported Servant
At the Beating of a Drum
Nineteen Nine
Grace Jennings Carmichael
The Old, Old Story and the New Order
The Briny Grave
Bonnie New South Wales
Sheoaks That Sigh When the Wind is Still
The Men Who Stuck to Me
The Heart of the Swag
The Men Who Made Bad Matches
"Here Died."
The Black Bordered Letter
A Bush Girl
"Fall In, My Men, Fall In."
The Scots
The Song of a Prison
The "Soldier Birds"
Captain Von Esson of the "Sebastopol"
I'd Back Agen the World
The Horse and Cart Ferry
The Song of Australia
The Wattle
The World is Full of Kindness
As It Was in the Beginning
The Patteran
The King
Ben Boyd's Tower
Seaweed, Tussock, and Fern
The Rose
"Everyone's Friend"

Triangles of Life

Triangles of Life
I. The Reason
II. Chawlton
III. The Little Man with the Smile
Letters to Jack Cornstalk from an Australian in London
I. London
II. London
III. A Midland Village
A Long Way to Cork
The Ridiculous Family
His Mistake
A Child in the Dark, and a Foreign Father
A Romance of Three Huts
Drifting Apart
James and Maggie
The Hairy Man
The Strangers' Friend

For Australia

For Australia
The Day Before I Die
The Spirits Of Our Fathers
For All The Land To See (A Song Of The Tools)
Our Mistress And The Queen
The Gathering Of The Brown-eyed
Who'll Wear The Beaten Colours?
Macleay Street And Red Rock Lane
The Wantaritencant
The Motor Car
Freedom On The Wallaby
Give Yourself A Show (New Year's Eve)
That Great Waiting Silence
Above Crow's Nest (Sydney)
To Be Amused
Australia's Peril, The Warning
The Federal City
Cypher Seven "07"
Every Man Should Have A Rifle
What Have We All Forgotten?
Since The Cities Are The Cities
To The Victor Daley
The Bards Who Lived At Manly
The Empty Glass
The Soul Of A Poet
And What Have You To Say?
Till All The Bad Things Came Untrue
In Possum Land
The Spirits For Good
To Jack
In The Height Of Fashion
The Prime Of Life
My Father-in-law And I
Johnson's Wonder
"Bound For The Lord-knows-where"
The Rush To London
A Word From The Bards
The Stranded Ship (The "Vincennes")
The Cab Lamps, Or From The Lanes Of 'loo
The Bard Of Furthest Out
To Show What A Man Can Do
The Lily Of St. Leonards
Before We Were Married
My Wife's Second Husband
The Peace Maker
Keeping His First Wife Now
I'm An Older Man Than You
When Your Sins Come Home To Roost
The Muscovy Duck
For He Was A Jolly Good Fellow
The Separated Women
The Bush Beyond The Range
Hannah Thomburn
A Dan Yell
"Bush Hay"
When Hopes Ran High
The Little Native Rose
Take It Fightin'
The Sorrows Of A Simple Bard

My Army, O, My Army!

Dedication and Acknowledgement
My Army, O, My Army!
Song of the Dardanelles
Peddling Round the World
Grey Wolves Grey
Interlude. Callaghan's Hotel
The March of Ivan
Mostly Slavonic
An Interlude of Peace. The Fairy West
Dawgs of War
A Slight Misunderstanding at the Jasper Gate
A Mixed Battle Song
The Three Quiet Gentlemen
The Unknown God
The Captains
Interlude. A Dirge of Joy
A New John Bull
The Vanguard
Said the Kaiser to the Spy
The Old Stockman's Lament
A Fantasy of War
Interlude. A Mate Can Do No Wrong
The Lady of the Motor-Car
Young Kings and Old
Interlude. Next Door
The Route March
Fighting Hard
Booth's Drum