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William GOSSE (? - 1881)

Refer to Chapter 15 'The Explorers of Australia and their Life-work' by Ernest Favenc for details of Gosse's work.

Read W C Gosse's Explorations, 1873 in which Gosse notes:

"I have the honor that leaving the Alice Springs, April 21st, with a party consisting of four white men, three Affghans, and a black boy, I travelled along the telegraph line to latitude 22° 28' S., about forty miles south of Central Mount Stuart. From this point I followed the Reynolds Range about W.N.W. for forty-five miles; I was then obliged to turn S.W., passing a high bluff, piled by Major Warburton, and on to the western extremity of the MacDonnell Ranges (Giles's Mount Liebig). Here I was compelled to turn south, crossing Mr. Giles's track several times, the eastern arm of his Lake Amadeus, and on to a high hill, east of Mount Olga, which I named Ayers Rock."