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Louis (George Lewis) BECKE (1855-1913)

By Reef and Palm, a collection of short stories, established Becke's literary reputation. In all he published over 30 books including short stories, novels, biography and reminiscences.

In the introduction to By Reef and Palm (included in the ebook) the Earl of Pembroke wrote of Becke, "born at Port Macquarrie in Australia, where his father was clerk of petty sessions, he was seized at the age of fourteen with an intense longing to go to sea." Pembroke went on to say that "every one who has a taste for good stories will feel, I believe, the force of these. Every one who knows the South Seas, and, I believe, many who do not, will feel that they have the unmistakable stamp of truth."

The introduction to By Reef and Palm provides a brief biography of Becke's life and an outline of the stories.

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Updated 4 May 2008