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MARC is the acronym for MAchine-Readable Cataloging. It defines a data format that emerged from an initiative led by the United States Library of Congress that began thirty years ago. It provides the mechanism by which computers exchange, use, and interpret bibliographic information, and its data elements make up the foundation of most library catalogs used today. See the MARC site ( and particularly the faq page ( for more information.

As a result of an inquiry from Susan West, cataloguer at Stonnington Library in Victoria, and with lots of help and advice from Susan, we now have a MARC file available which most libraries in Australia can load into their catalogue. This means that when users browse the catalogue, titles included in our MARC file will show up as being available, with a direct link to the actual file at Project Gutenberg of Australia.

This first MARC file includes detals of the 'Australiana' ebooks at Project Gutenberg of Australia. A future file will contain details of almost all of the other titles available from PGA.

Librarians can download a zip file containing the 'Australiana' MARC file and the text file used to create it. See


This month's postings are almost all crime and/or mystery titles, so it is appropriate to devote a few lines to those genres. Of course Arthur Coan Doyle is the doyen of crime and mystery writers. However his work will be covered in a later newsletter. This month we cover Earl Derr Biggers, R Austin Freeman and S S Van Dine.

Biggers is the creator of Charlie Chan, ( see a chinese detective based in Hawaii. There are six Charlie Chan books and we have them all at PGA (see, the final one having been added during June. A number of the books were made into movies. For myself, I love Chan's inimitable observtions, a number of which are quoted here:

* Now the truth arrives. That you once listened to a Chinaman is, after all, no lasting disgrace.

* If I may make humble suggestion, go slow. You will kick yourself angrliy over vast expanse of desert should you make blunder now.

* I am in your debt and sinking all the time.

* Ah, Miss Morrow. Again you add decoration to the scene.

* Such a tipsy-turvy puzzle rouses professional pride. I will get to the bottom of it or lose entire face.

* I see plenty glad look in your eyes this morning. May it remain, is vigorous wish from me. Remember, fortune calls at the smiling gate.

* Ah, well. He who accepts with a smile whatever the gods may send, has mastered most important lesson in life's hard school. Pardon me one moment, Kashimo. I am seeking to achieve the smile.

Another popular crime and mystery writer is R Austin Freeman, creator of Doctor Thorndyke, (see a medical doctor who turned to the bar and became one of the first "forensic scientists." This month's postings include three Thorndyke stories, giving us quite a 'Thorndyke' collection (see

Finally, we boast the complete set of Philo Vance mysteries (see by S S Van Dine. (see This lot should keep any Crime and mystery fan occupied for some time.


Tales of the Ring and Camp
Tales of Pirates and Blue Water
Tales of Twilight and the Unseen
Short Stories (an ebook compiled by Project Gutenberg of Australia from various sources)

All this, and Heaven too

As a Thief in the Night

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Jun 2007 The Cat's Eye, R Austin Freeman                   [] 1537A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Lost Girl, D H Lawrence                       [] 1536A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Coat of Arms, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1535A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Stoneware Monkey, R Austin Freeman            [] 1534A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Penrose Mystery, R Austin Freeman             [] 1533A or .zip
Jun 2007 A Diplomatic Woman (The Russian Cipher), Huan Mee [] 1532A or .zip
Jun 2007 Doctor Dolittle's Return, Hugh Lofting            [] 1531A or .zip
Jun 2007 Sanders, Edgar Wallace                            [] 1530A or .zip
Jun 2007 Charlie Chan Carries On, Earl Derr Biggers        [] 1529A or .zip

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