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Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney
Details of Person

Person ID:PN14389
Given Names:Jemima
Death Date:22 Mar 1842
Buried with, or mentioned on headstone:Unanderra Cemetery-Berkeley
Former/other name:nee Pitt? formerly Forrest
Relationships:dau/Robert and Mary (Matcham); w/Austin (Forrest) and Robert
Prime Source:J and S Reinter Reg
Johnson and Sainty page:Page 227
Other source(s):Aust. Cem. Index
Where reinterred:Unanderra, Church of England.
Details of applicant for reinterment in 1900:Miss Matilda J. Warren-Jenkins, Bianopa, Rose Bay.
Foster Epitaph Page image:fe1-235
Foster Epitaph number:622
External Link:https://www.austcemindex.com/inscription?id=15557801#images

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