By Azel Ames

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All business without any agreement in

Anxiety to get English clothes upon
their red brethren

As 1620 did not begin until March 25

Borowed houres from their sleep

Crime--for such it was, in inception,
nature, and results

Forks there were none

Genius,--proverbially indifferent to

Lanterns--only "serving to make
darkness visible"

Malevolence rarely exercised except
toward those one has wronged

Meat was held by the napkin while being
cut with the knife

Not to be too bussie in answering
matters, before they know them

Old Style and the New Style dates

Personal inference rather than a verity

Redier to goe to dispute, then to sett

Sorie I am to hear it, yet contente to
beare it

The old adage, "second thief best

Theft of the MAY-FLOWER colony

Thinke ye best of all, and bear with
patience what is wanting

Transplantation to the "northern parts
of Virginia"

Welcome lies acquired a hold on the
public mind

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