By Octave Feuillet

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A man never should kneel unless sure of
rising a conqueror

A defensive attitude is never agreeable
to a man

Bad to fear the opinion of people one

Believing that it is for virtue's sake
alone such men love them

Camors refused, hesitated, made
objections, and consented

Confounding progress with discord,
liberty with license

Contempt for men is the beginning of

Cried out, with the blunt candor of his

Dangers of liberty outweighed its

Demanded of him imperatively--the time
of day

Determined to cultivate ability rather
than scrupulousness

Disenchantment which follows possession

Do not get angry.  Rarely laugh, and
never weep

Every one is the best judge of his own

Every road leads to Rome--and one as
surely as another

Every cause that is in antagonism with
its age commits suicide

God--or no principles!

Have not that pleasure, it is useless
to incur the penalties

He is charming, for one always feels in
danger near him

Inconstancy of heart is the special
attribute of man

Intemperance of her zeal and the
acrimony of her bigotry

Knew her danger, and, unlike most of
them, she did not love it

Man, if he will it, need not grow old:
the lion must

Never can make revolutions with gloves

Once an excellent remedy, is a
detestable regimen

One of those pious persons who always
think evil

Pleasures of an independent code of

Police regulations known as religion

Principles alone, without faith in some
higher sanction

Property of all who are strong enough
to stand it

Put herself on good terms with God, in
case He should exist

Semel insanivimus omnes.'  (every one
has his madness)

Slip forth from the common herd, my
son, think for yourself

Suspicion that he is a feeble human
creature after all!

There will be no more belief in Christ
than in Jupiter

Ties that become duties where we only
sought pleasures

Truth is easily found.  I shall read
all the newspapers

Two persons who desired neither to
remember nor to forget

Whether in this world one must be a
fanatic or nothing

Whole world of politics and religion
rushed to extremes

With the habit of thinking, had not
lost the habit of laughing

You can not make an omelette without
first breaking the eggs

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