By Maguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre

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Catherine de' Medici

Adversity is solitary, while prosperity

dwells in a crowd

Comeliness of his person, which at all

times pleads powerfully

Envy and malice are self-deceivers

Everything in the world bore a double


From faith to action the bridge is


Hearsay liable to be influenced by

ignorance or malice

Honours and success are followed by


Hopes they (enemies) should hereafter

become our friends

I should praise you more had you

praised me less

It is the usual frailty of our sex to

be fond of flattery

Lovers are not criminal in the

estimation of one another

Mistrust is the sure forerunner of


Much is forgiven to a king

Necessity is said to be the mother of


Never approached any other man near

enough to know a difference

Not to repose too much confidence in

our friends

Parliament aided the King to expel the

Jesuits from France

Prefer truth to embellishment

Rather out of contempt, and because it

was good policy

Situated as I was betwixt fear and hope

The pretended reformed religion

The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day

The record of the war is as the smoke

of a furnace

There is too much of it for earnest,

and not enough for jest

Those who have given offence to hate

the offended party

To embellish my story I have neither

leisure nor ability

Troubles might not be lasting

Young girls seldom take much notice of


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