[The American Churchill not the British]





Anger and revolt against a life so precarious and sordid
But when you get to a point where private affairs become a public menace
Exorbitant price for joys otherwise more reasonably to be obtained
Foreigners.  I never could see why the government lets 'em all come
Hitherto he had held rigidly to that relativity
Janet resented that pity
Love is nothing but attraction between the sexes
Mercifully, however, she had little leisure to reflect
Perhaps she feared to break the charm of that memory
She resented being prayed for
Struggled against her woman's desire to give
Tested the limits of Janet's ingenuity and powers of resistance
The seventh commandment was only relative
There had been something sorrowful in that kiss
Too much reason in the world, too little impulse and feeling


Fame sometimes comes in the line of duty
Genius is almost one hundred percent directness
In a frenzy of anticipation, garnished and swept the room
It's noble, but it don't pay
Treason to party he regarded with a deep-seated abhorrence
Battles of selfish interests ebbed and flowed
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
His strength was his imperviousness to this kind of a remark
Many a silent tear of which they knew nothing
Politicians are politicians; they have always been corrupt
Gratitude, however, is one of the noblest qualities of man
One of your persistent fallacies is, that I'm still a boy
The burden of the valley of vision
Thrice-blessed State, in which there were now three reform candidates
Years of regrets for that which might have been


Barriers were mere relics of the superstition of the past
Benumbing and desiccating effect of that old system of education
Conscience was superstition, the fear of the wrath of the gods
Conventionality was part of the price we had willingly paid
Conviction that government should remain modestly in the background
Everybody should have been satisfied, but everybody was not
I hated to lie to her,--yet I did so
I'm incapable of committing a single original act
It was not money we coveted, we Americans, but power
Knowledge was presented to us as a corpse
Marriage!  What other career is open to a woman?
Meaningless lessons which had to be learned
Opponent who praises one with a delightful irony
Righteousness a stern and terrible thing implying not joy, but punishment
Staunch advocate on the doctrine of infant damnation
That's the great thing, to keep 'em ignorant as long as possible
The saloon represented Democracy, so dear to the American public
They deplored while they coveted
We lived separate mental existences
We had learned to pursue our happiness in packs
What you wants, you gets
Your American romanticist is a sentimental spoiled child


Books she had known from her earliest infancy
But I wanted to be happy as long as I could
Curiosity as a factor has never, perhaps, been given its proper weight
Even old people may have an ideal
Every novel is, to some extent, a compound of truth and fiction
Fond of her, although she was no more than an episode in his life
Giant pines that gave many a mast to King George's navy
Had exhausted the resources of the little school
He hain't be'n eddicated a great deal
Life had made a woman of her long ago
Not that I've anything against her personally--
Pious belief in democracy, but with a firmer determination to get on top
Riddle he could not solve--one that was best left alone
Stray from the political principles laid down by our forefathers
That which is the worst cruelty of all--the cruelty of selfishness
The home is the very foundation-rock of the nation
The old soldier found dependence hard to bear
The one precious gift of life
They don't take notice of him, because he don't say much
Though his heart was breaking, his voice was steady
We know nothing of their problems or temptations


Absurd to promise to love
Acceptance of authority is not faith, it is mere credulity
Always getting glimpses of things when it is too late
Antipathy to forms
Bad music, she said, offended her
Can't believe in the doctrine of the virgin birth
Clothes of one man are binding on another
Conviction that all things were as they ought to be
Deification of beauty to the exclusion of all else
Economic slavery
Elaborate attention little men are apt to bestow upon women
Even after all these ages, the belief, the hope would not down
Faith may be likened to an egg
Foolish sacrifices are worse than useless
For ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter
Futility of the traditional words of comfort
Genius, analyzed, is often disappointing
God himself would have divorced us
Had a habit of not waiting for answers to her questions
Happiness of gratitude and wonder, too wise to exult
He was what is known as a "success"--always that magic word
Hell's here--isn't it?
How to be silent with a clamouring heart
I see no one upon whom I can rely but myself
I hate humility
I'm always searching for things to do
If Christians were logical, they should be Socialists
Immortality as orthodox Christianity depicts it
Impulse had brought him thus far
Indiscriminate, unreasoning self-sacrifice
Individualism with which the Church can have no sympathy
Intellectually lazy
Know a great deal and don't believe anything
Knowledge puts faith out of the question
Logical result of independent thinking is anarchy
Love," she added, "plays such havoc with one's opinions
Luxuries formerly unthought of seemed to become necessities
Material proof, it seems to me, is a denial of faith
Mistaking the effect for the cause
Mixture of awkwardness and straightforwardness
Not given to trite acquiescence
Olmah which Isaiah uses does not mean virgin
Only one regret as to what you said--that it is true
Pleasure?  Yes.  It makes me feel as if I were of some use
Religion, I think, should be everybody's (profession)
Rule which you so confidently apply to fit all cases
Scandalously forced through the council of Nicaea
Seeking a forgiveness out of all proportion to the trespass
St Paul, you say, put us in our proper place
Success--which was really failure
Sunday was then a day essentially different from other days
The law cannot fit all cases
The weak always sink
The hours of greatest suffering are the empty hours
Thinking isn't--believing
Vagueness generally attributed to her sex
Vividly unreal, as a toy village comes painted from the shop
We must believe, if we believe at all, without authority
We are always trying to get away from ourselves
We never can foresee how we may change
We have no control over our affections
When our brief span of usefulness is done
Who had learned the lesson of mothers,--how to wait
Whole conception of charity is a crime against civilization
You and your religion are as far apart as the poles


A bold front is half the battle
A man ought never to be frightened by appearances
Affections warm despite absence, and years, and interest
Ever been my nature to turn forward instead of back
Genius honored but never encouraged
God bless their backs, which is the only part I ever care to see
He was our macaroni of Annapolis
Human multitude with its infinity of despairs and joys
It is sorrow which lifts us nearest to heaven
No real prosperity comes out of double-dealing
Shaped his politics according to the company he was in
Sight of happiness is often a pleasure for those who are sad
Sir, I have not yet begun to fight
The worse the disease, the more remarkable the cure
Their lines belonged rather to the landscape (cottages)
Thy politics are not over politic
Tis no so bad it micht-na be waur
Within every man's province to make himself what he will
Ya maun ken th' incentive's the maist o' the battle
Youth is in truth a mystery


Best way is to leave 'em alone.  Don't dandle 'em (babies)
Blessed are the ugly, for they shall not be tempted
Comparisons, as Shakespeare said, are odorous
Constitutionally honest
Conversation was a mockery
Every one, man or woman, has the right to happiness
Fact should be written like fiction, and fiction like fact
Fetters of love
Happy the people whose annals are blank in history's book
He has always been too honest to make a great deal of money
Her words of comfort were as few as her silent deeds were many
How can you talk of things other people have and not want them
Immutable love in a changing, heedless, selfish world
Intense longing is always followed by disappointment
Little better than a gambling place (Stock Exchange)
No reason why we should suffer all our lives for a mistake
Often in real danger at the moment when they feel most secure
Providence is accepted by his beneficiaries as a matter of fact
Regarding favourable impressions with profound suspicion
Resented the implication of possession
Rocks to which one might cling, successful or failing
Self-torture is human
She had never known the necessity of making friends
Sleep!  A despised waste of time in childhood
So glad to have what other people haven't
Sought to remove comparisons
Taking him like daily bread, to be eaten and not thought about
That magic word Change
The greatest wonders are not at the ends of the earth, but near
The days of useless martyrdom are past
Thinking that because you have no ideals, other people haven't
Those who walk on ice will slide against their wills
Time, the unbribeable
Weak coffee and the Protestant religion seemed inseparable
Why should I desire what I cannot have


A man's character often give the lie to his tongue
A lie has short legs
Appearance of a professional pallbearer
Architects should be driven and not followed
Consequential or inconsequential irrespective of their size
Deal with a fool according to his folly
Impervious to hints, and would not take no for an answer
Old enough to know better, and too old to be taught
That abominable word "like"


Behind that door was the future: so he opened it fearfully
Being caught was the unpardonable crime
Believe in others having a hard time
Freedom  meant only the liberty to earn their own living
Humiliation and not conscience which makes the sting
Most dangerous of gifts, the seeing of two sides of a quarrel
Naturally she took preoccupation for indifference
Principle in law not to volunteer information
Read a patent medicine circular and shudder with seven diseases
She could pass over, but never forgive what her aunt had said
Silence--goad to indiscretion
Simple men who command by force of character
So much for Democracy when it becomes a catchword
They have to print something
To be great is to be misunderstood


Economic freedom, without which political freedom is a farce
Flaming flag of a false martyrdom
It's money that makes you free
Often times principles is nothing but pride
We can't take Christianity too literally


American religion as set forth by William James
Be useful!
Privilege of making blunders
Rising every time you fall (Confucius on greatness)
Sentimentalism, ignorance, close-mindedness, and cant
The English do not advertise their sorrows

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