By Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

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A man never argues well except when his

purse is well filled

Accepted the compliment for what it was


Accomplice of the slanderer

Advantages of a great sorrow is that

nothing else seems painful

Age, that cruel and unavoidable disease

All women, dear Leah are for sale

All-powerful lever, gold

Alms given in public are sure to be

accompanied by vanity

Anger and reason do not belong to the

same family

Angry man always thinks himself right

At my age I could not be allowed to

have any opinions

Augurs could never look at each other

without laughing

Awkward or miserly, and therefore

unworthy of love

Axiom that "neglected right is lost


Beauty is the only unpardonable offence

in your eyes

Beauty without wit offers love nothing

Bed is a capital place to get an


Best plan in this world is to be

astonished at nothing

Beware of the man of one book

Calumnies are easy to utter but hard to


Cherishing my grief

Clever man deceives by telling the


Commissaries of Chastity


Contempt of life

Could tell a good story without


Criticism only grazed the skin and

never wounded deeply

Delights are in proportion to the

privations we have suffered

Desire is only kept alive by being


Desire to make a great fuss like a

great man

Despair which is not without some


Despised ignoramus becomes an enemy

Diminish the tale of your years instead

of increasing it

Distance is relative

Divinities--novelty and singularity

Do not mind people believing anything,

provided it is not true

Do their duty, and to live in peace and

sweet ignorance

Economy in pleasure is not to my taste

Emotion is infectious

Essence of freedom consists in thinking

you have it

Everything hung from an if

Exercise their reason to avoid the

misfortunes which they fear

Fanaticism, no matter of what nature,

is only the plague

Fatal desire for luxury and empty show

spoils all

Favourite passion has always been


First motive is always self-interest

Foolish enough to write the truth

For in the night, you know, all cats

are grey

For is love anything else than a kind

of curiosity?

Fortune flouts old age

Found him greater at a distance than

close at hand

Gave the Cardinal de Rohan the famous


Girl who gave nothing must take nothing

Give yourself up to whatever fate

offers to you,

Government ought never to destroy

ancient customs abruptly

Groans, and prayers, and blasphemies

Happiness is purely a creature of the


Happiness is not lasting--nor is man

Happy or unhappy from a merely cursory


Happy ignorance!

Happy age when one's inexperience is

one's sole misfortune

Hasty verses are apt to sacrifice wit

to rhyme

He won't be uneasy--he is a philosopher

Hobbes: of two evils choose the least

Honest old man will not believe in the

existence of rascals

Idle questions which are commonly

addressed to a traveller

If this and if that, and every other if

If I could live my life over again

If history did not lie

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorant, who talk about everything

right or wrong

Imagine that what they feel themselves

others must feel

It is only fools who complain

It's too much for honour and too little

for love

Jealousy leads to anger, and anger goes

a long way

Knowing that he would not be regretted

after his death

Last thing which we learn in all

languages is wit

Laugh out of season

Let not thy right hand know what thy

left hand doeth

Lie a sufficient number of times, one

ends by believing it

Light come, light go

Love always makes men selfish

Look on everything we don't possess as

a superfluity

Love fills our minds with idle visions

Love makes no conditions

Made a point of forgetting everything


Made a parade of his Atheism

Man needs so little to console him or

to soothe his grief

Marriage without enjoyment is a thorn

without roses

Marriage state, for which I felt I had

no vocation

Married a rich wife, he repented of

having married at all

Mere beauty does not go for much

Most trifling services are assessed at

the highest rates

My spirit and my desires are as young

as ever

My time was too short to write so


Mystical insinuations

Negligent attire

Never to pass an opinion on any subject

Never wearied himself with too much


Nobody read his books, but everybody

agreed he was learned

'Non' is equal to giving the lie

Now I am too old to begin curing myself

Obscenity disgusts, and never gives


Oh! wonderful power of self-delusion

One never knows enough

Owed all its merits to antithesis and


Pardonable weakness, most of us prefer

"mine" to "thine"

Passing infidelity, but not inconstancy

Passion and prejudice cannot reason

People did not want to know things as

they truly were

People want to know everything, and

they invent

Pigmies mimicking a giant

Pity to sell cheaply what would have to

be replaced dearly

Pleasures are realities, though all too


Pope, whom no Roman can believe to be



Prejudices which had the sanction of

the law

Pride is the daughter of folly

Privately indulged in every luxury that

he forbade to others

Privilege of a nursing mother

Promising everlasting constancy

Proud nation, at once so great and so



Rather be your debtor than for you to

be mine

Read when I am gone

Reading innumerable follies one finds

written in such places

Repentance for a good deed

Reproached by his wife for the money he

had expended

Rid of our vices more easily than of

our follies

Rome the holy, which thus strives to

make all men pederasts

Rumour is only good to amuse fools

Sad symptom of misery which is called a


Sadness is a disease which gives the

death-blow to affection

Scold and then forgive

Scrupulously careful not to cheat you

in small things

Seldom praised and never blamed

Selfishness, then, the universal motor

of our actions?

Shewed his contempt by saying nothing

Sin concealed is half pardoned

Sleep--the very likeness of


Snatching from poor mortal man the


Soften the hardships of the slow but

certain passage to the grave

Stupid servant is more dangerous than a

bad one

'Sublata lucerna nullum discrimen inter


Submissive gaze of a captive who

glories in his chain

Surface is always the first to interest

Talent of never appearing to be a

learned man

Taste and feeling

Tell me whether that contempt of life

renders you worthy of it

There is no cure for death

There's time enough for that

Time that is given to enjoyment is

never lost

Time that destroys marble and brass

destroys also the very memory

Time is a great teacher

Timidity is often another word for


To know ill is worse than not to know

at all

Vengeance is a divine pleasure

Verses which, like parasites, steal

into a funeral oration

Victims of their good faith

Wash their dirty linen in private

What is love?

When we can feel pity, we love no


When one is in an ill humour,

everything is fuel for the fire

Whims of the mob and the fancies of the


Wife worthy of being a mistress

Wiser if they were less witty

Wish is father to the thought

Wit cannot stand before stupidity

Woman has in her tears a weapon

Women are always as old as they look

Women would be either tyrants or slaves

Women often do the most idiotic things

out of sheer obstinacy

World of memories, without a present

and without a future

Would like to shape the laws according

to their needs

Wretch treats me so kindly that I love

him more and more

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