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'SF' at Project Gutenberg Australia

Project Gutenberg of Australia gratefully acknowledges the significant contribution of Richard Scott in initiating the concept of an 'SF' page and in submitting a large number of the ebooks provided below.

'SF', in this context can mean: Science, Speculative, Superhero, Swords, Sorcery, Spies, Supernatural and Scary Fiction.

The authors listed below have written works which fall, sometimes loosely, into the above category. The ebooks, where provided, are hosted by Project Gutenberg of Australia and by Project Gutenberg in the United States. Where works provided by Project Gutenberg in the United States are still copyright in Australia, no direct link is provided to the ebook. You should check whether the book is in the public domain in your country before downloading the ebook.

Often the ebooks are provided in several formats (e.g. text file, html file, zipped text file), however we are only linking to one format on this page--usually the text file. All books hosted by us, including the ones on this page, are available from our author listing page, so try that page if you want to see if there are other formats for the book you want to download.

The list is a comprehensive list of authors who have written works in the 'SF' category. If you wish to make suggestions for additions or changes to the list, please CONTACT Project Gutenberg Australia. Please see the list below for authors and works of interest. Please do check first that they are not already available at Project Gutenberg Australia or Project Gutenberg.

In a list this long, there are bound to be typos, etc., if you spot them, or know Birth or Death dates, pseudonyms or other relevant pieces of information that are not listed, please let us know.


The list is provided in 3 sections:

Australian Authors,
Other Authors whose work is in the Public Domain in Australia,
Authors not in the Public Domain in Australia


Afford, Malcolm R.  (1906 - 1954)
Pseudonyms: Max
AU,The Gland Men of the Island
AU, Death's Mannikins 1937
AU, Owl of Darkness 1942

Anonymous  ( - )
AU,The Monster Mine (1845)
Oo-a-deen; or The Mysteries of the Interior Unveiled (1847)

Armour, Robert Coutts (a.k.a. Coutts Brisbane, etc.) (1874 - 1954?)
See Armour's listing for some of the titles listed below
The Dominant Factor (1913) also rp as The Law of the Universe 1941
Beyond the Orbit (1914)
De Profundis (1914)
Take It As Red (1918)
Earthwise (1918)
All Briny (1918)
Under the Moons (1919)
A New Species (1921)
Where It Was Dark (1921)
Cornered (1922)
Ex Terra (Special!) (1922)
One Of Our Conquerors (1923)
Not An Earthly (1923)
The End and the Beginning (1925)

Becke, Louis  (1855 - 1913)
AU,The Shadows of the Dead
AU,Pacific Tales
AU,The Mutineer
Other stories by Louis Becke

Boldrewood, Rolf  (1826 - 1915)
Pseudonyms: Thomas Alexander Browne (real)
AU,Robbery Under Arms

Boothby, Guy  (1867 - 1905)
AU,A Bid for Fortune
AU,Dr. Nikola's Experiment
AU,Dr. Nikola Returns
AU,The Lust of Hate
AU,Farewell, Nikola
US,My Strangest Case
AU,Pharos the Egyptian
AU,A Professor of Egyptology
AU,A Strange Goldfield
The Curse of the Snake  1902
Uncle Joe's Legacy and Other Stories  1902
The Lady of the Island  1904
A Crime of the Under-Seas  1905

Clarke, Marcus  (1846 - 1881)
AU,Human Repetends
AU,The Haunted Author
AU,Australian Tales
The Mystery of Major Molineux  1874
A Modern El Dorado  1874
Cannabis Indica

Cox, Erle  (1873 - 1950)
AU,Out of the Silence
The Social Code (1909)
AU, Fool's Harvest

Dawe, Carlton  (1865 - 1935)
AU,The Golden Lake (1891)

Dugdale, H A ( - )
A_Few_Hours_in_a_Far-Off_Age (1883) [At Wikisource]

Favenc, Ernest  (1845 - 1908)
AU,Tales of the Austral Tropics
AU,The Moccasins of Silence
AU,The Secret of the Australian Desert
AU,Marooned on Australia

Ferrar, William M ( - )
Artabanzanus: An Allegorical Romance of Tasmania (1896) [At Wikisource]

Finkelstein, Millie  (1872 - 19??)
The Newest Woman: The Destined Monarch of the World (1895)

Fraser, Joseph  ( - )
Melbourne and Mars - My Mysterious Life on Two Planets (1889) [At Wikisource]

Fortune, Mary  (c1833 - c1910)
Pseudonyms: Waif Wander, W. W.,
AU,The White Maniac
AU,Traces of Crime
AU,My Lodger

Grin, Louis  (1841 - 1921)
AU,The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont

Hamilton, M. Lynn  ( - )
The Hidden Kingdom (1932)

Hay, William Goss  ( - )
AU,The Escape of the Notorious Sir William Hearns

Heming, John Winton  (1900 - 1953)
Pseudonyms: Paul de Wreder Lots - possibly too numerous to mention and never all be known?
The Living Dead (1942)
Other Worlds (1942)
Time Marches Off (1939) as Paul de Wreder
From Earth To Mars (1943)
The Weird House (1951)
Subterranean City  1942
King of the Underseas  1942
In Aztec Hands  1944

Hennessy, J. D. (John David)  (1847 - 1945)

(See Hennessey's listing on this site for some of the titles listed below)
The Dis-Honourable (1895)
An Australian Bush Track (1896)
Wynnum (1896)
A Lost Identity (1897)
The Outlaw (1913)
A Tail of Gold (1914)
The Caves of Shend (1915)
The Cords of Vanity (1920)
The New Chum Farmer (1897)

Hogan, James Francis  (1855 - 1924)
The Lost Emperor (1890)

Hume, Fergus  (1859 - 1932)
Wikipedia: )
US,The Secret Passage
US,The Green Mummy
US,Red Money
US,Madame Midas
US,The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
AU,The Crowned Skull
AU,The Mystery Queen
US,The Silent House
AU,Hagar of the Pawn-Shop
AU,The Expedition of Captain Flick (1896)

Johnston, Harold  (1866 - 1945)
AU, The Electric Gun (1911)

Kingsley, Henry  (1830 - 1876)
AU,Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn

Kirmess, C. H.  ( - )
AU,The Australian Crisis

Lane, William  (1861 - 1917)
White or Yellow - A Story of the Race War of A.D. (1908)

Ling, Mrs. H. H.  ( - )
Pseudonyms: Mary Ann Moore-Bentley
A Woman of Mars; or Australia's Enfranchised Woman (1901)

Little, William  ( - )
A Visit to Topos and How the Science of Heredity is Practised There (1897)

Mackay, James Alexander Kenneth  (1859 - 1935)
The Yellow Wave: A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia (1895)

Mackay, K.  ( - )
The Yellow Wave - A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia (1895)

Mephistopheles the Younger  ( - )
Australia Advanced; or dialogues for the year 3072  1832

McGiver, G.  ( - )
Neuroomia - A New Continent (1894)

Montgomery, Alexander  (1847 - 1922)
AU,Five-Skull Island and other tales of the Malay Archipelago

Mullen, Samuel  ( - )
The Battle of Mordialloc or How We Lost Australia (1888)

Murphy, G. Read  ( - )
Beyond the Ice; Being a Story of the Newly Discovered Region Round the North Pole (1894)

Nisbet, Hume  (1849 - 1921)
AU,The Vampire Maid
AU,The Demon Spell
AU,The Swampers - A Romance of the Australian Goldfields
AU,The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom
The Jolly Roger  1892
Valdmer the Viking - A Romance of the Eleventh Century by sea and Land  1893
The Great Secret - A Tale of Tomorrow  1895
The Empire Builders  1900
The Haunted Station and Other Stories  1893
Stories Weird and Wonderful  1900
A Crafty Foe  1901
A Colonial King  1905
Paths of the Dead  1899
The Revenge of Valerie  1900

O'Reilly, John Boyle  (1844 - 1890)
US,The King's Men

Parker, K. Langloh  (1856 - 1940)
US,Australian Legendary Tales

Paterson, A. B.  (1864 - 1941)
AU,The Cast-Iron Canvasser

Peck, Charles William  (1875 - 1945)
AU,Australian Legends

Pedley, Ethel C.  (1849 - 1921)
AU,Dot and the Kangaroo

Potter, Robert  (1856 - 1910)
The Germ Growers (1892) [At Wikisource]

Praed, Rosa  (1851 - 1935)
AU,The Insane Root
AU,Fugitive Anne, A Romance of the Australian Bush
AU,The Bunyip
Affinities, A Romance of Today, Bentley (London), 1885 (2 vols)
The Brother of the Shadow, A Mystery of Today, Routledge (London), 1886
AU,The Soul of Countess Adrian, A Romance, Trischeler and Co. (London), 1891
As A Watch in the Night, A Drama of Waking and Dreaming in Five Acts, Chatto & Windus (London), 1901
The Body of His Desire, A Romance of the Soul, Cassell (London), 1912

Pullar, A. J.  ( - )
A Fantasy A.D. 1975 (1933)

Ranken, George  (1827 - 1895)
Pseudonyms: W. H. Walker
The Invasion (1887)

Rees, Arthur J  (1872 - 1942)
US,The Moon Rock
US,The Shrieking Pit
The Threshold of Fear, Hutchinson (London), 1925

Rittenberg, Max  (1880 - Unkn)
US,Swirling Water
Axes to Grind, (ss) The Grand Magazine Feb 1912
The Disappearance of Mr. Holsworthy, (ss) Blue Book Jan 1915
His Own Funeral, (ss) The Strand May 1912
Maisie Asks for Advice, (ss) Snappy Stories Aug 1914
The Man Who Lived Again [Xavier Wycherley], (ss) The London Magazine Feb 1911
The Prodigal?s Brother, (ss) The Club Room Nov 1913
Queen of My Heart, (ss) Blue Book Sep 1943
The Smile of the Black Virgin, (ss) Blue Book Apr 1943; [a ?Twice Told Tale from Blue Book?].
The Strange Cases of Dr Xavier Wycherley: No.4. The ?Sending? [Xavier Wycherley], (ss) The London Magazine May 1911
The Strange Cases of Dr. Wycherley: No. VI.?The Sorcerer of Arjuzanx, (ss) Blue Book Nov 1911

Rowcroft, Charles  (1798 - 1856)
AU,Tales of the Colonies
AU,The Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land
The Triumph of Woman - A christmas Story (1848)

Roydhouse, Thomas  ( - )
Pseudonyms: Rata
The Coloured Conquest (1894)

Scott, G. Firth  (c.1862-1935)
AU,The Last Lemurian

Sherry, J. Filmore  ( - )
Phosphor - an Ischian Mystery (1888) [At Wikisource]

Simpson, Helen de Guerry  (1897 - 1940)
The Woman on the Beast  1933

Spence, Catherine Helen  (1825 - 1910)
AU,A Week In the Future

Spotswood, Christopher  ( - )
AU, The Voyage of Will Rogers to the South Pole

Sutherland, George  (1855 - 1905)
The Capture of Adelaide (1893)

Vogel, Sir Julius  ( - )
Anno Domini 2000; Or Women's Destiny (1889)

Wall, Dorothy  (1894 - 1942)
AU,Blinky Bill
AU,Blinky Bill and Nutsy
AU,Blinky Bills Grows Up
AU,The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill

Warung, Price  (1855 - 1911)
Pseudonyms: William Astley (real)
AU,Tales of the Early Days

Walsh, James Morgan  (1897 - 1952)
Pseudonyms: H. Haverstock Hill, Jack Carew
AU,Vandals of the Void
US,The Lost Valley
The Vanguard to Neptune (1932)
The Belt (1950)
The Struggle for Pallas  1931
The Secret of the Crater  1939
The Terror out of Space  1934
After 1000000 Years 1931 Wonder Stories
When the Earth Tilted  1932 Wonder Stories
Tap-Tap Island  1922
Overdue  1925
The Brethren of the Compass  1925
The League of Missing Men 1927
The Man Behind the Curtain  1927
The Crimes of Cleopatra's Needle  1928
The Tempania Mystery  1929
The Black Ghost  1931
The Purple Stain  1931
A Girl of the Islands  1932
Mystery House  193?
The Images of Hahn  193?
The White Mask  193?
King's Messenger  1933
The Bandits of the Night  1933
Spies In Pursuit  1934
The Company of Shadows  1934
Spies are Abroad 1935
Spies Vendetta  1936
Island of Spies  1937
Dial 1999 1938
Spies in Spain  1939
Spies From the Skies  1941
Bullets For Breakfast  194?
Death At His Elbow  194?
Island Alert  1942?
The Hairpin Mystery  194?
The Mystery of the Green Caterpillars  194?
Black Dragon  1942
Danger Zone  1942
King's Enemies  1942
Face Value  1944
Whispers in the Dark  1945
Express Delivery  1946
Time To Kill  1949
King of Tiger Bay  1952
Anne of Flying Gap  1926
Spil of the Desert  1927
The Golden Isle  1928
Golden Harvest  1929
The Secret of the Crater  1930

Watson, Henry Brereton Marriott  (1863 - 1921)
Pseudonyms: Family member writes to say Marriott-Watson is incorrect, Martiott is a common hereditary middle name for this family.
AU,The Stone Chamber
AU,The Devil of the Marsh
Marahuna  1888
Diogenes of London and Other Fantasies  1893
The Heart of Miranda and Other Stories - Being Mostly Winter Tales  1899
Aftermath - A Garner of Tales  1919
The Princess xenia  1899
Alise of Astra  1910

Watson, Henry Crocker Marriott  (1835 - Unkn)
Erchomenon; or the Republic of Materialism (1879): A free love utopia.
The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, or, The witch's cavern. (1890)

Wilshire, W. H.  ( - )
A Thrilling Tale of Real Life in the Wilds of Australia (1895)


Abbott, Edwin  (1838 - 1926)
US,Flatland - a romance of many dimensions

Abdullah, Achmed  (1881 - 1945)
Pseudonyms: Alexander Romanowski
AU,Fear and Other Stories
Wings: Tales of the Psychic, James A. McCann (New York), 1920
The Thief of Bagdad, H. K. Fly (New York), [1924]

About, Edmond  (1828 - 1885)
US,The Man with the Broken Ear
US,The Roman Question
Colonel Fougas' Mistake  1878
Saving a Daughter's Dowry  1880
The Notary's Nose and Other Stories  1882

Adams, Frederick Upham  (1859 - 1921)
US,John Henry Smith - A Humorous Romance of Outdoor Life
President John Smith  The Story of a Peaceful Revolution  1920
The Kidnapped Millionaires   A Tale of Wall Street and the Tropics  1901

Adams, Jack  ( - )
Nequa  1900

Akerman, John Yonge  (1806 - 1873)
AU,The Miniature

Aikin, Anna Laetitia  (1743 - 1825)
Sir Bertrand, a Fragment

Ainsworth, William Harrison  (1805 - 1882)
AU,Jack Sheppard A Romance
AU,The Lancashire Witches A Romance of Pendle Forest
AU,Old Saint Paul's A Tale of the Plague and the Fire
AU,The Star-Chamber - An Historical Romance
AU,Windsor Castle
AU,Auriol; or, The Elixir of Life
AU,A Night's Adventure in Rome
AU,Boscobel or, the Royal Oak
AU,Rookwood: A Romance

Alan, A.J.  (1883 - 1940)
Pseudonyms: Leslie H. Lambert (real)
AU,H2 etc
AU,My Adventure at Chiselhurst
AU,My Adventure in Norfolk
AU,The Diver
AU,The Hair
Good Evening Everyone, Hutchinson (London) [1928]
A.J. Alan's Second Book, Hutchinson (London) [1933]
The Best of A.J. Alan, Richards Press (London), 1954 (Edited by Kenelm Foss)

Alcott, Louisa May  (1832 - 1888)
Pseudonyms: A. M. Barnard
AU,A Strange Island
US,Behind a Mask or a Woman's Power
AU,Doctor Dorn's Revenge
AU,Lost in a Pyramid
AU,Perilous Play
US,The Mysterious Key and What It Opened
US,The Abbot's Ghost or Maurice Treherne's Temptation A Christmas Story

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey  (1836 - 1907)
US,The Stillwater Tragedy
US,Cruise of the Dolphin
US,Majorie Daw
US,The Queen of Sheba & My Cousin the Colonel
US,An Old Town By the Sea
US,The Sisters' Tragedy
US,Ponkapog Papers
US,Wyndham Towers
US,The Story of a Bad Boy
Pansy's Wish - A Christmas Fantasy

Alexander, James Bradun  (1831 - Unkn)
The Lunarian Professor and his Remarkable Revelations Concerning the Earth the Moon and Mars; Together with an NONE,-999,Account of the Cruise of the Sally Ann (1909)

Allen, F. M.  (1856 - 1937)
Pseudonyms: Edmund Downey (real)
The Voyage of the Ark as related by Dan Branim  1888
The Round Tower of Babel  1891

Allen, Grant (Charles Bainbridge)  (1848 - 1899)
US,The British Barbarians
US,The Woman Who Did
US,The Great Taboo
AU,The Thames Valley Catastrophe
AU,Wolverden Tower
AU,New Year's Eve Among the Mummies
A Child of the Phalanstery  1894
Kalee's Shire  1886 with May Coates
Pausodyne  1881
Strange Stories  1884
The Dead Man Speaks  1895
The Devil's Die  1897
Ivan Greet's Masterpiece, Chatto and Windus (London), 1893
The Desire of the Eyes, Digby, Long (London) [1895]
Twelve Tales with a Headpiece, A Tailpiece, and an Intermezzo, Being Select Stories, Grant Richards (London) 1899.
Novel with May Coates

Allonby, Edith  ( - )
Jewel Sowers 1903
Marigold 1905

Andom, R  (1869 - 1920)
Pseudonyms: Alfred Walter Barrett (real)
The Strange Adventures of Roger Wilkins and Other Stories  1895
The Identity Exchange - A Story of Some Odd Transformations  1902
The Enchanted Ship - A Story of Mystery with a Lot of Imagination  1908
The Magic Bowl and the Blue-Stone Ring - Oriental Tales with Occi(or Acci)dental Fittings  1909
In Fear of a Throne  1911

Anderson, Lars  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
Domino Lady  1)  The Domino Lady Collects
Domino Lady  2)  The Domino Lady Doubles Back
Domino Lady  3)  The Domino Lady's Handicap
Domino Lady  4)  Emeralds Aboard
Domino Lady  5)  Black Legion
Domino Lady  6)  The Domino Lady's Double

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman  (1860 - 1936)
US,Joy in the Morning
US,The Courage of the Commonplace
US,The Militants
US,A Good Samaritan
US,The Lifted Bandage
US,The Perfect Tribute
AU,Through the Ivory Gate
US,August First

Anonymous  ( - )
US,Bourgonef and The Closed Cabinet
AU,Extracts from Gosschen's Diary
AU,Found and Lost
US,Horror - A True Tale
AU,In a Fog
US,Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight
AU,Spring Heeled Jack
AU,Sweeney Todd
AU,The Banshee
AU,The Dead Bride
AU,The Grindwell Governing Machine
US,The Haunters and the Haunted
US,The Mabinogion
AU,The Mysterious Spaniard
AU,The Murder Hole
US,The Pipe and The Puzzle
AU,The Ruins of the Abbey of Fitz-Martin
AU,The Song of Roland
AU,The Spectral Coach of Blackadon
AU,The Spectre Hand
AU,The Story of Clifford House
AU,The Weird Violin
The Curse
Earl Beadie's Game at Cards
Life in Death
The Lunatic and his Turkey
Arthur and Gorlagon
The Black Spider
The Life and Horrid Adventures of the Celebrated Doctor Faustus
The Monk of Horror
The Old Tower of Frankenstein
The Severed Arm
The Spectre Mother
The Strange Guests
The Victim
The Witch Spectre
Equality or a History of Lithconia  1802
In The Future (1875)
Man Abroad - A Yarn of Some Other Century  1887
The Aerostatic Spy; or Exursions With An Air Balloon By "An Aerial Traveller" (1785)
The Curse of Intellect  1895
The Rebellion of the Beasts
The Reign of George VI 1900-1925 (1763)
The Year 1850 (1777)

Andersen, Hans Christian,  (1805 - 1875)
US,Andersen's Fairy Tales
US,Stories from Hans Andersen

Andrea, Johann Valentin  (1586 - 1654)
Christianopolis (1619)

Andreyev, Leonid  (1871 - 1919)
US,Seven Who Were Hanged
US,The Crushed Flower and Other Stories
US,Savva and the Life of Man Two plays
Lazarus, and The Man from San Francisco, 1906
Silence, 1910
When the King Loses His Head, 1919
Satan's Diary, 1920
The Little Angel and Other Stories, Knopf (New York), 1924
Visions: Stories and Photographs, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (New York), 1987
Plays by Leonid Andreyeff, Charles Scribner's Sons (New York), 1915

Anson, Captain Charles Vernon  (1841 - Unkn)
The Great Anglo-American War of 1900  1896

Anstey, F  (1856 - 1934)
The Brass Bottle  1900 (DC has copy)
AU,The Curse of the Catafalques
Vice Versa - Or a Lesson to Fathers  1882
The Tinted Venus  1885
A Fallen Idol  1886
In Brief Authority  1915
Tourmalin's Time Cheques  1891
The Statement of Stella Maberley - written by Herself  1896
In Brief Authority, Smith, Elder (London), 1915
The Black Poodle and Other Tales, Longmans (London), 1884
The Broken Shaft: Tales in Mid-Ocean, Edited by Henry Norman, T. Fisher Unwin (London), 1886
The Talking Horse and Other Tales, Smith, Elder (London) 1892
Salted Almonds, Smith, Elder (London), 1906
The Last Load: Stories and Essays, Methuen & Co. Ltd. (London), 1925
Humour and Fantasy, John Murray (London) [1931]

Anthony, Wilder  ( none - c1940 )
AU,When Super-Apes Plot

Anton, Ludwig  (1872 - Unkn)
Interplanetary Bridges  1922uu

Appleton, Victor  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
US,Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers
US,Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters
US,Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship
US,Tom Swift and His Air Glider
US,Tom Swift and His Air Scout
US,Tom Swift and His Airship
US,Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel
US,Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive
US,Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle
US,Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout
US,Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon
US,Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope
US,Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight
US,Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat
US,Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle
US,Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone
US,Tom Swift and His Sky Racer
US,Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat
US,Tom Swift and His Undersea Search
US,Tom Swift and His War Tank
US,Tom Swift and His Wireless Message
US,Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera
US,Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X
US,Tom Swift in Captivity
US,Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice
US,Tom Swift in the City of Gold
US,Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders
US,Tom Swift and the Electric Hydrolung

Apuleius, Lucius  (123 - 180)
US,The Golden Asse

Armstrong, Charles Wicksteed  (1871 - c1951)
The York of the northemn or the Fate of the English Race; Being the Romance of a Monarchical Utopia  1892
Paradise Found or Where the Sex Problem Has Been Solved  1936

Arnold, Edwin Lester Linden  (1857 - 1935)
US,Gulliver of Mars
The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician  1897
Lepidus the Centurion - A Roman of Today  1901
The Story of Ulla and Other Tales  1895

Ash, Fenton
see Aubrey, Frank (below)

Alice and Claude Askew  (Unkn - 1917)
AU,Aylmer Vance and the Vampire
Aylmer Vance, Ghost Seer (1998)

Ashdown, Clifford  (1862-1943, 1860-1936)
Pseudonyms: R. Austin Freeman and Dr. James Pitcarin (real)
The Submarine Boat 1903
AU,The Silkworms of Florence
AU,The Assyrian Rejuvenator
AU,The Submarine Boat
The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle/ebooks06/0607781.txt

Astor, John Jacob  (1864 - 1912)
US,A Journey in Other Worlds - A Romance of the Future

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn  (1857 - 1948)
Pseudonyms: Frank Lim
US,The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories
The Fog
Black Oxen

Atkey, Bertram  (1880 - 1952)
Mesmer Milann

Aubrey, Frank  (1840 - 1927)
Pseudonyms: Fenton Ash  Frank Ashley
AU, The Devil-Tree of El Dorado  1897
AU, A Queen of Atlantis  1899
King of the Dead  1903
AU, The Sunken Island  1904
The Sacred Mountain  1904
AU, The Radium seekers or The Wonderful Black Nugget  1905
AU, The Temple of Fire or the mysterious Island  1905
The Hermit of the Mountains  1906
AU, By Airship to Ophir  1910
AU, The Black Opal - A Romance of Thrilling Adventure  1906
The Big Budged 1915
AU, In Polar Seas  1915
AU, The Island of Gold  1915
The Marvel  1918
A Son of the Stars  1907
AU, A King of Mars (A Trip to Mars)  1907

Austen, Jane  (1868 - 1934)
US,Northanger Abbey

Austin, Frederick Britten  (1885 - 1941)
When Mankind Was Young (1927)
In Action - Studies of War  1913
The War God Walks Again  1928
A Saga of the Sea  1928
A Saga of the Sword  1929
Battlewrack  1917
According to Orders  1918
On the Borderland  1922
Under the Lens  1924
Thirteen  1925
Tomorrow  1930
The Red Flag  1932

Aytoun, W. E. (William Edmondstoune)  (1813 - 1865)
US,Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
AU,How We Got Up the GlenMutchkin Railway

Babits, Mihaly  (1883 - 1941)
King's Stork  1948
The Pilot Elza  1933

Bacon, Sir Francis  (1561 - 1626)
US,New Atlantis

Bailey, Andrew Jackson  (1840 - 1927)
The Martian Emperor-President  1932

Balch, Frank  (1880 - 1937)
A Submarine Tour  1935

Baldwin, Louisa  (1845 - 1925)
AU,Collected Stories
The Shadow on the Blind and Other Ghost Stories, Dent (London), 1895

Ball, Eustace H.  (1881 - 1931)
The Scarlet Fox  1927

Balzac, Honore de  (1799 - 1850)
US,The Human Comedy - Introductions and Appendix
US,Melmoth Reconciled
US,Louis Lambert
US,The Magic Skin
US,The Elixir of Life
US,La Grande Breteche
US,Verdugo El
US,The Red Inn
US,Droll Stories - Complete
US,Christ In Flanders
AU,The Mysterious Mansion
US,An Episode Under the Terror
US,The Girl with the Golden Eyes
The Quest for the Absolute  1834

Bangs, John Kendrick  (1862 - 1922)
US,A House-Boat on the Styx
US,The Pursuit of the Houseboat
US,The Enchanted Type-writer
US,Ghosts I Have Met and Some Others
US,The Water Ghost and Others
US,Olympian Nights
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Jerry Jarvis's Wig

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John Solomon  1916
John Solomon REtired  1917
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John Solomon - Incognito  1925
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Counterclockwise - Counterclockwise 1943 to The Gods Do Not Forget  1944
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Carson's Folly  1945-6
The Sphinx Emerald  1946-7

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Pseudonyms: Joint of John Leslie Palmer and Hilary Saunders
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Pseudonyms: Caroline Lewis
Clara in Blunderland
Lost in Blunderland

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Pseudonyms: Belyaev, Belyayev, Beliayev
The Amphibian
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Ariel  1941

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Pseudonyms: Pan, Charles Beresford Painter (Real Name)
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The Kingdom of Content  1918
The Great Image  1921
Mr Appleton Awakes  1924
The Venus Girl  1925
War of Revenge  1921
The Purple Planet  1922
The Pepole Of The Ice  1922
The Octopus Orchid  1921
The Stranger From Somewhere  1922
The Last Woman  1922
The Invasion of the Iron-Clad Army  1928
The Flying Fish  1931

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Other Worlds

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Bernard, John  (1885 - Unkn)
The New Race of Devils  1921

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The Inner House
The Doubts of Dives  1889
Uncle Jack etc.
A Five Years Tryst  1902
The Ivory Gate  1892

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the Poison War  1933

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Pseudonyms: Andrew James Francis
1957  1930
Governor Hardy  1931
The Great Gesture  1931

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Ichabod   1910
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US,The Decameron Volume II
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Bouve, Edward Tracy  ( - )
Centuries Apart,1894

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Brack, Vektis  ( - )
Pseudonyms: This is one!  Third book maybe Leslie Humphreys  Bruno G. Condrays
The X People  1953
Castaway from Space  1953
Odyssey in Space  1953

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Pseudonyms: Frederick Schiller Faust (real), George Challis
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Dan Barry's Daughter 1923
That Receding Brow  1919
The Garden of Eden  1922
The Smoking Land  1937

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Paradise and Iroon  1930

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Poor Pretty Bobby
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Browne, Porter Emerson  ( - )
US,A Fool There Was

Brunt, Captain Samuel  ( - )
Pseudonyms: This is one
US,A Voyage to Cacklogallinia With a Description of the Religion Policy Customs and Manners of That Country

Bryusov, Valeri  (1873 - 1924)
Pseudonyms: Many different spellings  Valery Yakovlevich Brussof for one
AU,The Republic of the Southern Cross
AU,Collected Stories

de la Bretonne, Restif (check spelling)  ( - )
Posthumous Letters (1802)

Buchan, John  (1875 - 1940)
US,The Thirty-Nine Steps
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AU,A Prince of the Captivity
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AU,The House of Four Winds
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AU,The Gap in the Curtain
AU,The Island of Sheep
AU,Lord Minto, A Memoir
AU,The Power House
AU,Collected Supernatural Stories
AU,The Far Islands

Buchanan, Robert Williams  (1841 - 1901)
AU,Camlan and The Shadow of the Sword
AU,God and the Man

Buck, James Anson  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
AU,Sheena - Killer's Kraal
Sheena - The Slave Brand of Sleman bin Ali
Sheena - Sargasso of Lost Safaris
Sheena - Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1951 - UNKNOWN AUTHOR

Budin, Felix  ( - )
The Novel of the Future (1834)

Buitar, Pierre  ( - )
Paris Before Men

Bulgakov, Mikhail  (1891 - 1940)
The Fatal Eggs (1924)
Heart of a Dog (1925)

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US,The Age of Chivalry
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The Armed Briton (1803)

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Pseudonyms: John Harris-Burland (real)
Dacroba; or, The White Priest of Ahriman,  Everett (London), 1903
The Princess Thora, Little, Brown (Boston), 1904

Burroughs, Edgar Rice  (1875 - 1950)

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Burton, Richard Francis  (1821 - 1890)
US,Vikram and the Vampire

Butler, Samuel  (1835 - 1902)
US,Erewhon Revisited

Byrd, Bob  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
AU,Ka-Zar - King of Claw and Fang

Bywater, Hector Charles  (1884 - 1940)
The Great Pacific War - A History of the American-Japanese Campgain of 1931-33  1925

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The Mahdi or Love and Race  1894
The White Prophet  1909

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Wild and Weird, Tales of imagination and Mystery, Russian, English and Italian, Ward, Lock and Co. (London), 1889

Capek, Karel  (1890 - 1938)
AU,War With the Newts
Krakatik (1920)
Money and other Stories (1921)
Tales from Two Pockets (1929)
Fairy Tales (1931)
Apocryphal Stories (1945)
The Makropoulos Secret

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US,Lha Dhu; Or The Dark Day
US,The Lianhan Shee

Carrell, Frederic  (1869 - Unkn)
2010  1914

Carroll, Lewis  (1832 - 1898)
Pseudonyms: Charles Lutwidge Dodson (real)
US,Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
US,Through the Looking-Glass
US,Alice's Adventures Underground
Sylvie and Bruno  1889

Carrington, J. J. (Check spelling)  ( - )
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It  1887
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Black Bat: 20) The Murder Prophet
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Whisperer:  2     The Dead Roses
Whisperer:  3     The Football Racketeers
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Whisperer:  5     Mansion of the Missing
Whisperer:  6     The School for Murder
Whisperer:  7     The Red Hatchets
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Whisperer:  9     The Satanic Seven
Whisperer:  10    Murders in Crazyland
Whisperer:  11    Murder Queens
Whisperer:  12    Kill Them First
Whisperer:  13    Murder Brotherhood
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Jul 2007 As a Thief in the Night, R Austin Freeman         [] 1538A
/ebooks07/0700851.txt or .zip
Jun 2007 The Cat's Eye, R Austin Freeman                   [] 1537A
/ebooks07/0700841.txt or .zip

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Captain Ishmael  1901
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the Purple Twilight  1948

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Cosmo Thaw

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The Tar-Baby, and Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus
Told by Uncle Remus: New Stories of the Old Plantation
Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
Uncle Remus and the Little Boy
Unmcle Remus Returns
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US,The Dramatic Works of Gerhart HauptmannVolume I

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Captain Hazzard: 1) Python Men of Lost City

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Arthur Ransom  1890
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Phantom Detective - 05 The Jewels of Doom
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The Castle

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The Golden Book of Springfield - being the REvie of a Book that will Appear in the Autumn of the year 2018 and an extended Description of Springfield Illinois in that Year  1920

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Lucian  ( - )
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Memoirs of Europe
Court Intrigues
The Modern Atlantis

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US,Sidonia the Sorceress 2

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The Venues of Ilee
The Vision of Charles XI
The Spanish Witches
Romans et Nouvelles  1967
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Pseudonyms: W. Fenimore
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It and Other Stories  1912
If you Touch Them They Vanish   1913
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The Well at World's End

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The Air Trust  1933
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the Radio Detective  1926
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Pseudonyms: A. Krassnyrogski
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The Lost Provinces
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The Story of the Fourt Estate of france  1897
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Karl Greier - The Strange Story of a Man with a Sixth Sense  1906
The Turning Point  1823

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A Voyage to the Moon (1864)

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Outside The Earth (1920)
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Pseudonyms: Joseph Atterley
US,A Voyage to the Moon
Other Lunarians

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Phantoms and Other Stories  1904
A Reckless Character and Other Stories  1904

Turner, Edgar  ( - )
The Armada Gold  1908
The Sbumarine Girl  1909

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Pseudonyms: Samuel Longhorn Clemens (real)
US,A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
US,Tom Sawyer Abroad
US,Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven
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US,The Mysterious Stranger
US,The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut
US,How To Tell a Story and Other Essays
US,The 30,000 Dollar Bequest and Other Stories
The Canvasser's Tale
"A Ghost Story"

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Blind Mouths  1935

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The Scarlet Tanager

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High Treason  1903
The Fourth Conquest of England  1904
The Yellow Hand  1904
The Discovery of the Dead  1910

Urides, Eros  ( - )
US,The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants, a psychic revelation

Vance, Louis Joseph  (1879 - 1933)
US,The Lone Wolf
US,The False Faces (1918)
US,Alias The Lone Wolf
US,Red Masquerade 
The Lone Wolf Returns (1923)
The Lone Wolf's Son (1931)
Encore The Lone Wolf (1933)
The Lone Wolf's Last Prowl (1934)
The Lone Wolf and the Hidden Empire (1947)

Van Loan, Charles E.  (1876 - 1918)
AU,Tales of the Midnight Club

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The Radio Detectives  1922
The Radio Detectives in the Jungle  1922
The Radio Detectives Southward bound  1922
The Radio Detectives Under the Sea  1922
The Golden City  1916

From Amazing Stories Magazine  1920s and 1930s
(See Stillwoods Blogspot)

 Through the Crater's Rim
 Beyond the Pole
 The Plague of the Living Dead
 The Ultra-Elixer of Youth
 The Man who could Vanish
 A Voice from the Inner World
 The Astounding Discoveries of Doctor Mentiroso
 The Psychological Solution
 Vampires of the Desert
 Into the Green Prism
 Death From the Skies
 The Feathered Detective
 Beyond the Green Prism
 A Visit to Suari
 The Non-Gravitational Vortex
 The Exterminator
 The Treasure of the Golden God
 Death Drum
 Through the Andes
 The Inner World
 Bridge of Light
 King of the Monkey Men
 The World of the Giant Ants
 Dirigibles of Death
 Monsters of the Ray
 When the Moon Ran Wild

Vetch, Thomas  ( - )
The Amber City - Being Some Account of the Adventures of a Steam Crocodile in Africa  1886

Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Auguste  (1838 - 1889)
US,A Torture by Hope
AU,The Desire to be a Man
The Eve of the Future
Cruel Tales  1963
Sardonic Tales  1927
Clair Lenoir  1925

Virgil  (70 BC - 19 BC)
US,The Aeneid - English

Vivian, E. Charles  (1882 - 1954)
Pseudonyms: Jack Mann
AU,Gees - Grey Shapes
Fields of Sleep  1923
People of the Darkness  1924
Gees' First Case  1936
Nightmare Farm  1937
The Kleinert Case  1938
Maker of Shadows  1938
The Ninth Life  1939
Her Ways Are Death  1939
The Glass Too Many  1940
Passion Fruit  1912
City of Wonder  1923
Fields of Sleep  1923
The Lady of the Terraces  1925
A King There Was  1926
Woman Dominant  1929
Star Dust  1920

Voltaire  (1694 - 1778)
Pseudonyms: Fracois-Marie Arouet

Von Harbou, Thea  (1888 - 1954)
The Girl In The Moon (1929)

Voss, Julius Von  ( - )
Ini: A Novel of the 21st Century

Wace  ( - )
US,Arthurian Chronicles - Roman de Brut

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AU,The Green Rust
AU,Four Just Men
AU,The Three Just Men
AU,The Law of the Four Just Men
AU,The Council of Justice
1925: The Story of a Fatal Place (1915)
Day Of Uniting (1926)
Private Selby
AU, The Door with Seven Locks
Control No. 2  1934
The Fourth Plague  1913
AU, Planetoid 127
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While the Passenger Slept  1916
Captains of Souls  1922

Wallace, King  ( - )
The Next War - A Prediction  1892

Wallace, Robert  ( - )
Pseudonyms: House Name
AU,The Sinister Doctor Wong
AU,Death Flight
AU,The Phantom Detective - 44 Empire of Terror
AU,The Phantom Detective - 59 Fangs of Murder
AU,The Phantom Detective - 60 Tycoon of Crime
Phantom Detective - 11 The Sign of Death
Phantom Detective - 12 Death's Diary
Phantom Detective - 13 The Tick-Tack-Toe Murders
Phantom Detective - 14 Murder City
Phantom Detective - 15 The Crimson Killer
Phantom Detective - 16 Diamonds of Death
Phantom Detective - 17 The Talking Dead
Phantom Detective - 18 The Silent Menace
Phantom Detective - 19 Spawn of Death
Phantom Detective - 20 Merchant of Murder
Phantom Detective - 21 The Tomb of Death
Phantom Detective - 22 The Crime Castle
Phantom Detective - 23 Death on Swift Wings
Phantom Detective - 24 The House of Murders
Phantom Detective - 25 The Hollywood Murders
Phantom Detective - 26 Master of the Damned
Phantom Detective - 27 Written in Blood5
Phantom Detective - 28 Notes of Doom
Phantom Detective - 29 The Prince of Murder
Phantom Detective - 30 The Pharaoh's Mark
Phantom Detective - 31 Master of the World
Phantom Detective - 32 Island of Sudden Death
Phantom Detective - 33 Murder Cracks Down
Phantom Detective - 34 Murder Empire
Phantom Detective - 35 The Diamond Murders
Phantom Detective - 36 Chateau of Crime
Phantom Detective - 37 The Circus Murders
Phantom Detective - 38 The Criminal Caesar
Phantom Detective - 39 The Death-Skull Murders
Phantom Detective - 40 Six Prints of Murder
Phantom Detective - 41 Dealers in Death
Phantom Detective - 42 Specter of Death
Phantom Detective - 43 The Sign of the Scar
Phantom Detective - 45 Death Rides the Blizzard
Phantom Detective - 46 The Silent Death
Phantom Detective - 47 The Murder Caravan
Phantom Detective - 48 The Torch of Doom
Phantom Detective - 49 The Henchmen of Death
Phantom Detective - 50 The Golden Killer
Phantom Detective - 51 Harvest of Death
Phantom Detective - 52 The Dancing Doll Murders
Phantom Detective - 53 The Beast-King Murders
Phantom Detective - 54 Cavalcade of Death
Phantom Detective - 55 Hammers of Doom
Phantom Detective - 56 Double-Stamped Doom
Phantom Detective - 57 Minions of Death
Phantom Detective - 58 The Corpse Parade
Phantom Detective - 61 The Master of Death
Phantom Detective - 62 Milestones of Murder
Phantom Detective - 63 The Movie Lot Murders
Phantom Detective - 64 The Front Page Murders
Phantom Detective - 65 The Yellow Shadows of Death
Phantom Detective - 66 The Broadway Murders
Phantom Detective - 67 The Counterfeit Killers
Phantom Detective - 68 Graduates of Murder
Phantom Detective - 69 Death-Glow
Phantom Detective - 70 The Murder Syndicate
Phantom Detective - 71 The Yacht Club Murders
Phantom Detective - 72 The Web of Death
Phantom Detective - 73 The Chain of Death
Phantom Detective - 74 The Radio Murders
Phantom Detective - 75 Murder at the Circus
Phantom Detective - 76 Murder at the World's Fair
Phantom Detective - 77 The Forty Thieves
Phantom Detective - 78 Death Under Contract
Phantom Detective - 79 The Sampan Murders
Phantom Detective - 80 The Phantom Strikes Back
Phantom Detective - 81 Money Mad Murders
Phantom Detective - 82 Murder Rides the Skies
Phantom Detective - 83 The Phantom Comes Through
Phantom Detective - 84 The Phantom's Gamble With Death
Phantom Detective - 85 The Phantom's Murder Trail
Phantom Detective - 86 The Phantom and the Daggers of Kali
Phantom Detective - 87 The Phantom and the Uniformed Killers
Phantom Detective - 88 The Phantom Hits Murder Steel
Phantom Detective - 89 The Phantom and the Vampire Murders
Phantom Detective - 90 The Phantom's Murder Money
Phantom Detective - 91 The Phantom and the Melody Murders
Phantom Detective - 92 The Phantom and the Crime Legion
Phantom Detective - 93 The Phantom and the Green Glare Murders
Phantom Detective - 94 The Phantom and the Television Murders
Phantom Detective - 95 The Phantom's Greatest Gamble1
Phantom Detective - 96 The Phantom and the Curio Murders
Phantom Detective - 97 Murder Calls the Phantom
Phantom Detective - 98 The Murder Bundle
Phantom Detective - 99 The Trail to Death
Phantom Detective - 100 The Grim Shadow of Hate
Phantom Detective - 101 The Sabotage Murders
Phantom Detective - 102 The Thousand Island Murders
Phantom Detective - 103 Death Over Puget Sound
Phantom Detective - 104 Race Horses of Death
Phantom Detective - 105 The Black Gold Killers
Phantom Detective - 106 Murder Stalks a Billion
Phantom Detective - 107 Murder Moon Over Miami
Phantom Detective - 108 Streamlined Murder
Phantom Detective - 109 Arsenal of Death
Phantom Detective - 110 Murder Makes a Movie
Phantom Detective - 111 The Medieval Murders
Phantom Detective - 112 Murder Cuts Diamonds
Phantom Detective - 113 Death to the Laughing Clown
Phantom Detective - 114 Billion-Dollar Blitz
Phantom Detective - 115 Murder Makes the Bets
Phantom Detective - 116 Stones of Satan
Phantom Detective - 117 Murder Money
Phantom Detective - 118 Death in the Desert
Phantom Detective - 119 The Red Bishop Murders
Phantom Detective - 120 The Black Market Murders
Phantom Detective - 121 Murder Under the Big Top
Phantom Detective - 122 Murder of a Plaster Saint
Phantom Detective - 123 The Rubber Knife Murders
Phantom Detective - 124 The Hi-Jack Murders
Phantom Detective - 125 The Boo-Trap Murders
Phantom Detective - 126 Mansions of Despair
Phantom Detective - 127 Murder of a Marionette
Phantom Detective - 128 The Fatal Masterpiece
Phantom Detective - 129 The Manuscript Murders
Phantom Detective - 130 Murder for Millions
Phantom Detective - 131 Killer Portfolio
Phantom Detective - 132 Death to a Diplomat
Phantom Detective - 133 The Case of the Poison Formula
Phantom Detective - 134 Doom on Schedule
Phantom Detective - 135 Model for Murder
Phantom Detective - 136 The Case of the Murdered Mendicant
Phantom Detective - 137 Death Rides the Winner
Phantom Detective - 138 The Tidewater Murders
Phantom Detective - 139 The Chinese Puzzle
Phantom Detective - 140 Cartel of Crime
Phantom Detective - 141 The Angel of Death
Phantom Detective - 142 Masterpiece of Murder
Phantom Detective - 143 The Case of the Murdered Witness
Phantom Detective - 144 The Case of the Burning Rocks
Phantom Detective - 145 The Crooked Mile Murders
Phantom Detective - 146 The Clue of the Second Murder
Phantom Detective - 147 The Diamond Murders
Phantom Detective - 148 The Timber Tract Murders
Phantom Detective - 149 The Listening Eyes
Phantom Detective - 150 Murder Acres
Phantom Detective - 151 The Case of the Bible Murders
Phantom Detective - 152 Servants of Satan
Phantom Detective - 153 The City of Dreadful Night Spring
Phantom Detective - 154 Murder Set to Music Summer
Phantom Detective - 155 The Black Ball of Death Fall
Phantom Detective - 156 The Tall Tomb Winter
Phantom Detective - 157 The Happyland Murders Spring
Phantom Detective - 158 The Deadly Diamonds Summer
Phantom Detective - 159 Homicide Town Fall
Phantom Detective - 160 Murder Money Winter
Phantom Detective - 161 The Video Victims Spring
Phantom Detective - 162 Crimson Harvest Summer
Phantom Detective - 163 Murder Millions Fall
Phantom Detective - 164 The Silent Killer Winter
Phantom Detective - 165 The Doomed Millions Spring
Phantom Detective - 166 The Murder Machine Summer
Phantom Detective - 167 Candidate for Death Fall
Phantom Detective - 168 The Staring Killer Winter
Phantom Detective - 169 Odds on Death Spring
Phantom Detective - 170 Murder's Agent Summer

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The Mysterious Mother  1768

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Pseudonyms: John Jessel, Marge Stanley
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Pseudonyms: Francis Flagg
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AU,Other works by Fred M White at Project Gutenberg Australia

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The Mystery  1907

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Hallie Williams (1900)

Williams, R. F.  ( - )
A Prophecy of the Future (1837)

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The Monarch of Millions or the Rise and Fall of an American Empire

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The Mysterious Disappearance  1926

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Johnny Ludlow  1874
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Johnny Ludlow, Fourth Series  1890
Johnny Ludlow, Fifth Series  1890
Johnny Ludlow, Sixth Series  1899

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Pseudonyms: LY, Elroy Arno, Richard Casey, Alexander Blade
Death Rides At Night
Freddie Funk Series  1943 to 1948

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AU,Other titles by A L Zagat

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We (1924)

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Truth  1903

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US,Adventures of a New Year's Eve in Stories by German Authors
US,The Bravo of Venice; a romance



This section includes published works that have been made available via a Creative Commons licence.  They may be
freely downloaded by Australians.  For other use, please check the actual CC licence.

Rosenbaum, Benjamin  (Unkn - )
The Orange

Brotherton, Mike  (Unkn - )
Star Dragon

Buckell, Tobias  (1979 - )
Four Eyes

Doctorow, Cory  (1971 - )
US,Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
US,Eastern Standard Tribe
US,Home Again, Home Again
US,Little Brother
US,A Place so Foreign
US,Return to Pleasure Island
US,Shadow of the Mothaship
US,Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
US,Super Man and the Bug Out

Howard, Chris  (Unkn - )

Kelly, James Patrick  (1951 - )
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Men Are Trouble
The Pyramid of Amirah

Kessel, John
The Baum Plan For Financial Independence target="_blank">Halo

Link, Kelly  (1969 - )
Stranger Things Happen

Maddox, Thomas  (Unkn - )
The Mind Like A Strange Balloon
The Robot and the One That You Love
Gravity's Angel
Snake Eyes

Mamatas, Nick  (1972 - )
Move Underground

McHugh, Maureen F.
Mothers and Other Monsters

Shiner, Lewis  (1950 - )

Fear Itself
You Never Know
Lizard Men of Los Angeles
Steam Engine Time
Mark the Bunny
Love In Vain
Castles Made of Sand

Stross, Charlie  (1964 - )
The Concrete Jungle
Appeals Court

Watts, Peter  (Unkn - )

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Allain, Marcel  (1885 - 1970)
The Exploits of Juve is available at

Anderson, Mary  (1872 - 1964)
A Son of Noah  1893

Anderson, Poul  (1926 - 2001)
US,The Burning Bridge is available at Project Gutenberg
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