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Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950)

The December postings include The Chronicles of Captain Blood (1931) (a.k.a Captain Blood Returns), a sequel to Captain Blood (1921). Many of Sabatini's other books can be found at PGA at

Sabatini's reputation was made with the publication of Scaramouche (1921), a novel of the French Revolution. This was followed by the equally successful Captain Blood (1922). Reprints of earlier books, The Sea-Hawk (1915) and Mistress Wilding (1910), and publication of The Carolinian (1924) all made in the bestseller lists at the time. See
The Wikipedia entry for Sabatini has details of his work and a brief biography. (

In preparing The Chronicles of Captain Blood for posting it was easy to see why Sabatini's writing was so popular. The plots of the stories are interesting, with many unexpected twists and turns, and the characters come alive on the page.

Biographies and Autobiographies of Australian Explorers

We have at PGA the journals of many of those who explored Australia by land and sea (see These journals relate primarily to the journeys undertaken by the men themselves (the explorers were invariably men), however they also provide many insights into the character of those explorers.

As well, there are a number of biographies and autobiographies which discuss the personal life of the subject, as well as his exploring activities. See:--

Quotable Quotes

(From Doctor Widger's Library (/widger/home.html)

The following are from the works of Jacques Casanova

* * *

I looked at her with the submissive gaze of a captive who glories in his chain.

* * *

Blondel regards his wife as his mistress. He says that that keeps the
flame of love alight, and that as he never had a mistress worthy of being
a wife, he is delighted to have a wife worthy of being a mistress.

* * *

Though what she said was perfectly reasonable, it stung me to the quick;
when one is in an ill humour, everything is fuel for the fire.

* * *

Last month's postings

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Dec 2007 My School Days, Edith Nesbit                      [] 1582A .zip
Dec 2007 The Wild Asses of the Devil, H G Wells            [] 1581A or .zip
Dec 2007 The D'Arblay Mystery, R Austin Freeman            [] 1580A or .zip
Dec 2007 A Child'S Christmas in Wales, Dylan Thomas        [] 1579A or .zip
Dec 2007 Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline...", H G Wells  [] 1578A
[Full Title: Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline of History"] or .zip
Dec 2007 The Ingoldsby Legends, Richard Barham             [] 1577A
or .zipDec 2007 Star-begotten, H G Wells                   [] 1576A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting      [] 1575A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Three Just Men, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1574A or .zip
2007 The Chronicles of Captain Blood, Rafael Sabatini      [] 1573A or .zip
Dec 2007 Carnacki The Ghost Finder, William Hope Hodgson   [] 1572A or .zip

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