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Edgar WALLACE (1875-1932)

In the July 2007 Newsletter we covered a number of writers of Crime and Mystery. This month we cover another writer from this genre, Edgar Wallace. Wallace wrote the "J G reeder" series and we have the complete set at Project Gutenber of Australia (see

Wikipedia ( states that "In the 1920s, one of Wallace's publishers claimed that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him."

Two new Wallace postings appear below in the list of November postings.

"The Technique of the Mystery Story"

On the subject of Crime and Mystery, the November postings include "The Technique of the Mystery Story" by Carolyn Wells. Published in 1913 the work covers, in its 26 chapters, all aspects of the genre and the works of Poe, Doyle, and Gaboriau, among others, are discussed. I enjoyed the section "Favorite Phrases of Detectives" in Chapter 14, particularly the discussion relating to "two plus two.". Wells provides a number of quotes:

"Two and two make four, not sometimes, but all the time."

"Trust a woman to add two and two together, and make six"

"Your work convinced us that you know how to put two and two together, which is more than can be said for the ordinary mortal."

"If you were asked to prove that two and two make four, you might find some difficulty, and yet you are quite sure of the fact."

New "Crime and Mystery" page at PGA

With the number of Crime and Mystery writers represented at PGA we just had to create a separate page for them. The page is still under construction but there are already quite a few entries. See Suggestions for additions, deletions or corrections are welcome.


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Nov 2007 The Joker, Edgar Wallace                          [] 1571A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Clue of the New Pin, Edgar Wallace            [] 1570A or .zip
Nov 2007 Max Carrados Mysteries, Ernest Bramah             [] 1569A or .zip
[Title: Max Carrados Mysteries--Another Anthology]
Nov 2007 The Technique of the Mystery Story, Carolyn Wells [] 1568A or .zip
Nov 2007 Tales of the Ring and the Camp, Arthur Conan Doyle[] 1567A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Unlit Lamp, Radclyffe Hall                    [] 1566A or .zip

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