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Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Burroughs entry in our ebook listing ( has links to all the "Tarzan" stories, as well as all the "Planets" stories, including "Barsoom", "Venus", "Moon", and "Pellucidar". There are also a few "westerns" and some other miscellaneous titles.

A biography and a bibliography of Burroughs' writing may be found at Wikipedia (

Doctor Widger's Library

David Widger, a long-time volunteer with Project Gutenberg in the United States, has established Dr. Widger's Library, a literary web site par excellence. David has produced eBooks covering more than 30 authors, and his pages at Project Gutenberg of Australia boast some beautiful images, and beautiful words. Take this example...

"We talked of pipe-clay regulation caps--
Long twenty-fours--short culverins and mortars--
Condemn'd the 'Horse Guards' for a set of raps,
And cursed our fate at being in such quarters.
Some smoked, some sighed, and some were heard to snore;
Some wished themselves five fathoms 'neat the Solway;
And some did pray--who never prayed before--
That they might get the 'route' for Cork or Galway."
(From "The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer")

Take a visit to Dr. Widger's Library at /widger/home.html. Browse the virtual shelves, sample the literary gems and download from Project Gutenberg some of the treasure which David has unearthed for us. As an extra treat, David has prepared several volumes of his favourite quotations, from the books he has transcribed. See /widger/home.html#quotes.

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Oct 2007 Collected Stories, Rafael Sabatini                [] 1565A or .zip
Oct 2007 Almuric, Robert Ervin Howard                      [] 1564A or zip
Oct 2007 War Birds,  Anonymous                             [] 1563A or .zip

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