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Oct 2019 Chaffee of Roaring Horse, Ernest Haycox           [] 4134A
Oct 2019 A Voyage to New South Wales, William Bradley      [] 4133A
Sep 2019 The Vanity Case, Carolyn Wells                    [] 4132A
Sep 2019 The Feudists, Ernest Haycox                       [] 4131A
Sep 2019 The Soul of Countess Adrian, Rosa Praed           [] 4130A
Sep 2019 The Knot Garden, Marjorie Bowen                   [] 4129A
Sep 2019 The Reveries Of The Solitary Walker, J J Rousseau [] 4128A
Sep 2019 Child of Chequer'd Fortune, Marjorie Bowen        [] 4127A
Aug 2019 The Grampus and the Weasel, Stewart Edward White  [] 4126A
Aug 2019 The Wedding Chest Mystery, A Fielding             [] 4125A
Aug 2019 The Charteris Mystery, A Fielding                 [] 4124A
Aug 2019 A Rider of the High Mesa, Ernest Haycox           [] 4123A
Aug 2019 Collected Short Stories, Carolyn Wells            [] 4122A
Aug 2019 The Skeleton at the Feast, Carolyn Wells          [] 4121A
Aug 2019 The Doorstep Murders, Carolyn Wells               [] 4120A
Aug 2019 The White Witch, Jack McLaren                     [] 4119A
Aug 2019 The Tapestry Room Murder, Carolyn Wells           [] 4118A
Aug 2019 Who Killed Caldwell, Carolyn Wells                [] 4117A
Aug 2019 Christianity and Morals, Edward Westermarck       [] 4116A
Aug 2019 Crime Tears On, Carolyn Wells                     [] 4115A
Aug 2019 Murder Will In, Carolyn Wells                     [] 4114A
Aug 2019 The Crime in the Crypt, Carolyn Wells             [] 4113A
Aug 2019 The Bronze Hand, Carolyn Wells                    [] 4112A
Aug 2019 Good Marriage and Other Stories, Ernest Haycox    [] 4111A
Aug 2019 The Daughter of the House, Carolyn Wells          [] 4110A
Aug 2019 Action by Night, Ernest Haycox                    [] 4109A
Jul 2019 The Broken O, Carolyn Wells                       [] 4108A
Jul 2019 The Silver Desert, Ernest Haycox                  [] 4107A
Jul 2019 The Omnibus Fleming Stone, Carolyn Wells          [] 4106A
Jul 2019 Murder in the Bookshop, Carolyn Wells             [] 4105A
Jul 2019 The Walkabouts Of Wur-Run-Nah, K Langloh Parker   [] 4104A
Jul 2019 Sleeping Dogs, Carolyn Wells                      [] 4103A
Jul 2019 Canyon Passage, Ernest Haycox                     [] 4102A
Jul 2019 The Tall House Mystery, A Fielding                [] 4100A
Jul 2019 The Furthest Fury, Carolyn Wells                  [] 4099A
Jul 2019 The Beautiful Derelict, Carolyn Wells             [] 4098A
Jul 2019 The Case of the Two Pearl Necklaces,   A Fielding [] 4097A
Jul 2019 Wheels Within Wheels, Carolyn Wells               [] 4096A
Jul 2019 Scarecrow, A Fielding                             [] 4095A
Jul 2019 The Disappearance of Kimball Webb, Carolyn Wells  [] 4094A
Jun 2019 The Affair at Flower Acres, Carolyn Wells         [] 4093A
Jun 2019 Bugles in the Afternoon, Ernest Haycox            [] 4092A
Jun 2019 More Australian Legendary Tales, K Langloh Parker [] 4091A
Jun 2019 The Border Trumpet, Ernest Haycox                 [] 4090A
Jun 2019 Rethinking Athenian Democracy, Stuart E Dawson    [] 4089A
Jun 2019 The Kelly Gang, George Wilson Hall                [] 4088A
Title: The Kelly Gang or The Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges
Jun 2019 Mystery at the Rectory, A Fielding                [] 4087A
Jun 2019 Big Brother and Other Stories, Rex Beach          [] 4086A
Jun 2019 Ned Kelly and the myth of a republic,  S E Dawson [] 4085A
Title: Ned Kelly and the myth of a republic of North-Eastern Victoria
May 2019 Long Storm, Ernest Haycox                         [] 4084A
May 2019 The Winds of Chance, Rex Beach                    [] 4083A
May 2019 Rainbow's End, Rex Beach                          [] 4082A
May 2019 The Auction Block, Rex Beach                      [] 4081A
May 2019 The Craig Poisoning Mystery, A Fielding           [] 4080A
Apr 2019 Starlight Rider, Ernest Haycox                    [] 4079A
Apr 2019 The Clifford Affair, A Fielding                   [] 4078A
Apr 2019 The Footsteps that Stopped, A Fielding            [] 4077A
Apr 2019 The Iron Trail, Rex Beach                         [] 4076A
Apr 2019 The Cluny Problem, A Fielding                     [] 4075A
Apr 2019 The Eames-Erskine Case, A Fielding                [] 4074A
Apr 2019 The Vengeance of Durand, Rex Beach                [] 4073A
Apr 2019 Jaragu and the Lost Islands, Rex Beach            [] 4072A
Apr 2019 The Net, Rex Beach                                [] 4071A
Apr 2019 Settlers and Convicts, Alexander Harris           [] 4070A
Apr 2019 The Ne'er-Do-Well, Rex Beach                      [] 4069A
Mar 2019 After Many Years, Frederick William Mole          [] 4068A or .zip
Mar 2019 A Lesson in Tactics, Frederick William Mole       [] 4067A or .zip
Mar 2019 The Great Sioux Festival, Rex Beach               [] 4066A
Mar 2019 Man in the Saddle, Ernest Haycox                  [] 4065A
Mar 2019 Flowing Gold, Rex Beach                           [] 4064A
Mar 2019 Woman in Ambush, Rex Beach                        [] 4063A
Mar 2019 Jaragu of the Jungle, Rex Beach                   [] 4062A
Mar 2019 The Barrier, Rex Beach                            [] 4061A
Mar 2019 Pardners, Rex Beach                               [] 4060A
Mar 2019 Infallibility,  Anonymous                         [] 4059A
Mar 2019 The Sin of Jasper Standish, Eliza Humphreys       [] 4058A or .zip
Mar 2019 The Silver Horde, Rex Beach                       [] 4057A
Mar 2019 Alder Gulch, Ernest Haycox                        [] 4056A
Feb 2019 Too Fat to Fight, Rex Beach                       [] 4055A
Feb 2019 Going Some, Rex Beach                             [] 4054A
Feb 2019 The King of No-Land, Benjamin Leopold Farjeon     [] 4053A
Feb 2019 The Black Coat, John Galsworthy                   [] 4052A
Feb 2019 The Electric Gun, Harold Johnston                 [] 4051A
Feb 2019 The Noble Lord, Ben Ames Williams                 [] 4050A
Feb 2019 The Emu's Head, Carlton Dawe                      [] 4049A
Feb 2019 The Land of Wherisit, H E Boote                   [] 4048A
Feb 2019 The Crimson Gardenia and Other Tales, Rex Beach   [] 4047A
Jan 2019 The Looting of Alaska, Rex Beach                  [] 4046A
Jan 2019 The Sixth Thing, Ben Ames Williams                [] 4045A
Jan 2019 The Alster Case, Rufus H Gillmore                 [] 4044A
Jan 2019 Trouble Shooter, Ernest Haycox                    [] 4043A
Jan 2019 The Ranch on the Beaver, Andy Adams               [] 4042A
Jan 2019 The Spoilers, Rex Beach                           [] 4041A
Jan 2019 When I Lived in Bohemia, Fergus Hume              [] 4040A
Jan 2019 What Doth It Profit, Ben Ames Williams            [] 4039A
Jan 2019 My Only Murder, Ernest Favenc                     [] 4038A
Jan 2019 The Voyage of the Pulo Way, Carlton Dawe          [] 4037A
Jan 2019 Across Papua, Kenneth Mackay                      [] 4036A
Jan 2019 A Voice from the Fog, Ben Ames Williams           [] 4035A
Jan 2019 Riddles Read, Dick Donovan                        [] 4034A
Jan 2019 Found and Fettered, Dick Donovan                  [] 4033A
Jan 2019 Riders West, Ernest Haycox                        [] 4032A
Jan 2019 The Lady Ermetta, Ernest Favenc                   [] 4031A
Dec 2018 The Phantom Woman, Melville D Post                [] 4030A
Dec 2018 The Hole in the Glass, Melville D Post            [] 4029A
Dec 2018 The Garden in Asia, Melville D Post               [] 4028A
Dec 2018 The Blackmailer, Melville D Post                  [] 4027A
Dec 2018 The Stolen Treasure, Melville D Post              [] 4026A
Dec 2018 Saddle and Ride, Ernest Haycox                    [] 4025A
Dec 2018 The Cuneiform Inscription, Melville D Post        [] 4024A
Dec 2018 The Bradmoor Murder, Melville D Post              [] 4023A
Dec 2018 Dust, Fred Merrick White                          [] 4022A
Nov 2018 The Specimen Case, Ernest Bramah                  [] 4021A
Nov 2018 Head of the Mountain, Ernest Haycox               [] 4020A
Nov 2018 The Adventurers, Ernest Haycox                    [] 4019A
Nov 2018 The Earthbreakers, Ernest Haycox                  [] 4018A
Nov 2018 Murder on the Frontier, Ernest Haycox             [] 4017A
Nov 2018 Sundown Jim, Ernest Haycox                        [] 4016A
Nov 2018 Letters from Christopher, Ruth Mary Tristram      [] 4015A
Nov 2018 Stampede, Stewart Edward White                    [] 4014A
Nov 2018 Folded Hills, Stewart Edward White                [] 4013A
Nov 2018 Ranchero, Stewart Edward White                    [] 4012A
Nov 2018 The Long Rifle, Stewart Edward White              [] 4011A
Nov 2018 The Outlet, Andy Adams                            [] 4010A
Nov 2018 Whispering Range, Ernest Haycox                   [] 4009A
Nov 2018 Blizzard Camp, Ernest Haycox                      [] 4008A
Nov 2018 Dead Man Range, Ernest Haycox                     [] 4007A
Nov 2018 The Year of Miracle, Fergus Hume                  [] 4006A
Nov 2018 Rim of the Desert, Ernest Haycox                  [] 4005A
Oct 2018 Laughing Bill Hyde, Rex Beach                     [] 4004A
Oct 2018 Oh, Shoot!, Rex Beach                             [] 4003A
Oct 2018 The Pink Shop, Fergus Hume                        [] 4002A
Oct 2018 The Peacock of Jewels, Fergus Hume                [] 4001A
Oct 2018 The Mikado Jewel, Fergus Hume                     [] 4000A
Oct 2018 North of Fifty-Three, Rex Beach                   [] 3999A
Sep 2018 The Chinese Jar, Fergus Hume                      [] 3998A
Sep 2018 The Mystery of the Second Shot, Rufus H Gillmore  [] 3997A
Sep 2018 The Expedition of Captain Flick, Fergus Hume      [] 3996A
Sep 2018 The Gordian Knot, Rafael Sabatini                 [] 3995A
Sep 2018 The Amethyst Cross, Fergus Hume                   [] 3994A
Sep 2018 Turbulent Tales, Rafael Sabatini                  [] 3993A
Sep 2018 The Justice of the Duke, Rafael Sabatini          [] 3992A
Sep 2018 The Devil's Mistress, J W Brodie-Innes            [] 3991A
Sep 2018 Morag the Seal, J W Brodie-Innes                  [] 3990A
Sep 2018 The Lost Parchment, Fergus Hume                   [] 3989A
Sep 2018 Miss Hurd: An Enigma, Anna Katharine Green        [] 3988A
Sep 2018 Marked Personal, Anna Katharine Green             [] 3987A
Sep 2018 The Sealed Message, Fergus Hume                   [] 3986A
Sep 2018 The Fascinating Stranger, Booth Tarkington        [] 3985A
[Title: The Fascinating Stranger and Other Stories]
Sep 2018 Mount Desolation, Carlton Dawe                    [] 3984A
Aug 2018 The Ebony Bed Murder, Rufus H Gillmore            [] 3983A
Aug 2018 Acme, John Galsworthy                             [] 3982A
Aug 2018 Runyon from First to Last, Damon Runyon           [] 3981A
Aug 2018 The Purple Fern, Fergus Hume                      [] 3980A
Aug 2018 A Matter of Millions, Anna Katharine Green        [] 3979A
Aug 2018 The Confessions of a Currency Girl, Carlton Dawe  [] 3978A
Jul 2018 Doctor Izard, Anna Katharine Green                [] 3977A
Jul 2018 Their First Dinner, Rufus H Gillmore              [] 3976A
Jul 2018 Risifi's Daughter, Anna Katharine Green           [] 3975A
Jul 2018 Seven Million Dollars, Sinclair Lewis             [] 3974A
Jul 2018 Jonah's Luck, Fergus Hume                         [] 3973A
Jul 2018 In Queer Street, Fergus Hume                      [] 3972A
Jul 2018 The Golden Lake, Carlton Dawe                     [] 3971A
Jul 2018 Collected Short Stories, E W Hornung              [] 3970A
Jul 2018 The Scarlet Bat, Fergus Hume                      [] 3969A
Jul 2018 The Silent Woman, Eliza Humphreys                 [] 3968A
Jun 2018 Trusty and Well Beloved, E W Hornung              [] 3967A
Jun 2018 The Indian Bangle, Fergus Hume                    [] 3966A
Jun 2018 Presumption, F Scott Fitzgerald                   [] 3965A
Jun 2018 The Millionaire Mystery, Fergus Hume              [] 3964A
Jun 2018 Shaggy's Morning, F Scott Fitzgerald              [] 3963A
Jun 2018 A Traitor in London, Fergus Hume                  [] 3962A
Jun 2018 The Gates of Dawn, Fergus Hume                    [] 3961A
Jun 2018 The White Prior, Fergus Hume                      [] 3960A
Jun 2018 The Guest in Room Nineteen, F Scott Fitzgerald    [] 3959A
Jun 2018 The Island of Fantasy, Fergus Hume                [] 3958A
Jun 2018 The Pusher-in-the-Face, F Scott Fitzgerald        [] 3957A
Jun 2018 The Black Carnation, Fergus Hume                  [] 3956A
May 2018 A Midnight Mystery, Fergus Hume                   [] 3955A
May 2018 The Yellow Hunchback, Fergus Hume                 [] 3954A
May 2018 A Snobbish Story, F Scott Fitzgerald              [] 3953A
May 2018 The Curse, Fergus Hume                            [] 3952A
May 2018 Three Acts of Music, F Scott Fitzgerald           [] 3951A
May 2018 Strange Sanctuary, F Scott Fitzgerald             [] 3950A
May 2018 The Lonely Church, Fergus Hume                    [] 3949A
May 2018 Too Cute for Words, F Scott Fitzgerald            [] 3948A
May 2018 The Disappearing Eye, Fergus Hume                 [] 3947A
May 2018 Notes of a Camp Follower, E W Hornung             [] 3946A
[Title: Notes of a Camp Follower on the Western Front]
May 2018 Hot and Cold Blood, F Scott Fitzgerald            [] 3945A
May 2018 The Adjuster, F Scott Fitzgerald                  [] 3944A
May 2018 George, Stacy Aumonier                            [] 3943A
May 2018 The Mystery of a Wheel-Barrow, W Humer Ferguson   [] 3942A
May 2018 Denis Dent, E W Hornung                           [] 3941A
May 2018 The Mystery of the Nine Stars, Aidan de Brune     [] 3940A
Apr 2018 The Thousandth Woman, E W Hornung                 [] 3939A
Apr 2018 The Young Guard, E W Hornung                      [] 3938A
Apr 2018 The Ballad of Ensign Joy, E W Hornung             [] 3937A
Apr 2018 Old Offenders and a Few Old Scores, E W Hornung   [] 3936A
Apr 2018 Charles Reade, E W Hornung                        [] 3935A
Apr 2018 Sir Penn Carlyll's Engagement, Meade & Eustace    [] 3934A
Apr 2018 Finger Tips, L T Meade & Eustace                  [] 3933A
Apr 2018 The Dead Hand, L T Meade and Eustace              [] 3932A
Apr 2018 The Rogue's March, E W Hornung                    [] 3931A
Mar 2018 The Crime Doctor, E W Hornung                     [] 3930A
Mar 2018 Witching Hill, E W Hornung                        [] 3929A
Jan 2018 At Large, E W Hornung                             [] 3928A
Mar 2018 The Iron Stair, Eliza Humphreys                   [] 3927A
Mar 2018 Some Persons Unknown, E W Hornung                 [] 3926A
Mar 2018 Peccavi, E W Hornung                              [] 3925A
Mar 2018 Fathers of Men, E W Hornung                       [] 3924A
Feb 2018 Behind Closed Doors, Anna Katharine Green         [] 3923A
Feb 2018 The Camera Fiend, E W Hornung                     [] 3922A
Jan 2018 The Detective's Dream, Mary Fortune               [] 3921A
Jan 2018 Monk's Mark, Mary Fortune                         [] 3920A
Jan 2018 Hereditary, Mary Fortune                          [] 3919A
Jan 2018 Record Diary of a Walk Around Australia,A de Brune[] 3918A
Jan 2018 Under Two Skies, E W Hornung                      [] 3917A
Jan 2018 At the Pistol's Point, E W Hornung                [] 3916A
Jan 2018 Fifty Years of Progress in Aust., Aidan de Brune  [] 3915A
Jan 2018 The Shadow of the Rope, E W Hornung               [] 3914A
Jan 2018 The Belle of Toorak, E W Hornung                  [] 3913A
Jan 2018 Irralie's Bushranger, E W Hornung                 [] 3912A
Jan 2018 Dead Men Tell No Tales, E W Hornung               [] 3911A
Dec 2017 The Unbidden Guest, E W Hornung                   [] 3910A
Dec 2017 The Lie Circumspect, Eliza Humphreys              [] 3909A or .zip
Dec 2017 My Lord Duke, E W Hornung                         [] 3908A
Dec 2017 By Creek and Gully, Lala Richardson Fisher        [] 3907A
Dec 2017 The Step on the Stair, Anna Katharine Green       [] 3906A
Dec 2017 The Fever of Life, Fergus Hume                    [] 3905A
Dec 2017 The Turnpike House, Fergus Hume                   [] 3904A
Dec 2017 The Lady From Nowhere, Fergus Hume                [] 3903A
Nov 2017 Young Blood, E W Hornung                          [] 3902A
Nov 2017 The Boss of Taroomba, E W Hornung                 [] 3901A
Nov 2017 Meet Mary Cronig and Other Stories,Aidan de Brune [] 3900A
Nov 2017 The Clock Struck One, Fergus Hume                 [] 3899A
Nov 2017 Tiny Luttrell, E W Hornung                        [] 3898A
Nov 2017 The Unlawful Adventure, Aidan de Brune            [] 3897A
Nov 2017 Stingaree, E W Hornung                            [] 3896A
Nov 2017 The Dagger and Cord, Aidan de Brune               [] 3895A
Nov 2017 A Bride from the Bush, E W Hornung                [] 3894A
Nov 2017 Vivienne, Eliza Humphreys                         [] 3893A or .zip
Nov 2017 Tracked by a Tattoo, Fergus Hume                  [] 3892A
Nov 2017 The Red Bicycle, Fergus Hume                      [] 3891A
Nov 2017 The Spider, Fergus Hume                           [] 3890A
Nov 2017 The Framing of Inspector Denvers, Aidan de Brune  [] 3889A
Oct 2017 The Pursuits of Mr Peter Pell, Aidan de Brune     [] 3888A
Oct 2017 Lady Jim of Curzon Street, Fergus Hume            [] 3887A
Oct 2017 The Flirting Fool, Aidan de Brune                 [] 3886A
Oct 2017 The Phantom Launch, Aidan de Brune                [] 3885A
Oct 2017 Dr. Night, Aidan de Brune                         [] 3884A
Oct 2017 The Sacred Herb, Fergus Hume                      [] 3883A
Oct 2017 Whom God Hath Joined, Fergus Hume                 [] 3882A
Oct 2017 The Story of a Troll-Hunt, James McBryde          [] 3881A
Oct 2017 To the Minute, Anna Katharine Green               [] 3880A
Oct 2017 Find This Man, Aidan de Brune                     [] 3879A
Oct 2017 Whispering Death, Aidan de Brune                  [] 3877A
Oct 2017 The Little Grey Woman, Aidan de Brune             [] 3876A
Oct 2017 Where the Lost Legions Go, Aidan de Brune         [] 3879A
Oct 2017 A Woman of Samaria, Eliza Humphreys               [] 3874A or .zip
Oct 2017 Petticoat Loose, Eliza Humphreys                  [] 3873A or .zip
Oct 2017 The Sinner, Eliza Humphreys                       [] 3872A or .zip
Oct 2017 The Carson Loan Mystery, Aidan de Brune           [] 3871A
Oct 2017 The Green Pearl, Aidan de Brune                   [] 3870A
Oct 2017 Saul and the Spinster, Aidan de Brune             [] 3868A
Sep 2017 The Three Snails, Aidan de Brune                  [] 3867A
Sep 2017 The Fortune Telling House, Aidan de Brune         [] 3867A
Sep 2017 The League of Five, Aidan de Brune                [] 3866A
Sep 2017 The Grays Manor Mystery, Aidan de Brune           [] 3865A
Sep 2017 The Kahm Syndicate, Aidan de Brune                [] 3864A
Sep 2017 The Vanishing Of Tera, Fergus Hume                [] 3863A
Sep 2017 The Silver Bullet, Fergus Hume                    [] 3862A
Oct 2017 Douchard's Island, Aidan de Brune                 [] 3861A
Sep 2017 A Difficult Problem, Anna Katharine Green         [] 3860A
Sep 2017 Room Number 3, Anna Katharine Green               [] 3859A
Sep 2017 Masterpieces of Mystery, Anna Katharine Green     [] 3858A
Sep 2017 The Shadow Crook, Aidan de Brune                  [] 3857A
Sep 2017 For the Defence, Fergus Hume                      [] 3856A
Aug 2017 Dark Hollow, Anna Katharine Green                 [] 3855A
Aug 2017 Ten Australian Authors, Aidan de Brune            [] 3854A
Aug 2017 The Murders at Madlands, Aidan de Brune           [] 3853A
Aug 2017 The Red-Headed Man, Fergus Hume                   [] 3852A
Aug 2017 A Stroll Around Australia, Aidan de Brune         [] 3851A
Aug 2017 The Mayor's Wife, Anna Katharine Green            [] 3850A
Aug 2017 The Crimson Cryptogram, Fergus Hume               [] 3849A
Aug 2017 The Black Patch, Fergus Hume                      [] 3848A
Aug 2017 Judith of the Red Hand, John Monk Foster          [] 3847A or .zip
Aug 2017 The Chief Legatee, Anna Katharine Green           [] 3846A
Aug 2017 The Rainbow Feather, Fergus Hume                  [] 3845A
Aug 2017 Cynthia Wakeham's Money, Anna Katharine Green     [] 3844A
Aug 2017 The Wooden Hand, Fergus Hume                      [] 3843A
Aug 2017 The Defence of the Bride, Anna Katharine Green    [] 3842A
Aug 2017 The White Room, Fergus Hume                       [] 3841A
Aug 2017 The Yellow Holly, Fergus Hume                     [] 3840A
Aug 2017 The Seaside Girl, Fergus Hume                     [] 3839A
Aug 2017 Monsieur Judas, Fergus Hume                       [] 3838A
Jul 2017 The Amethyst Box, Anna Katharine Green            [] 3837A
Jul 2017 The Old Stone House and Other Stories,Anna K Green[] 3836A
Jul 2017 The Republic of Plato, Plato                      [] 3835A or .zip
Jul 2017 Seven to Twelve, Anna Katharine Green             [] 3834A
Jul 2017 The Forsaken Inn, Anna Katharine Green            [] 3833A
Jul 2017 The Sword of Damocles, Anna Katharine Green       [] 3832A
Jul 2017 A Creature of the Night, Fergus Hume              [] 3831A
Jul 2017 House of The Whispering Pines,Anna Katharine Green[] 3830A
Jul 2017 The Woman in the Alcove, Anna Katharine Green     [] 3829A
Jun 2017 XYZ: A Detective Story, Anna Katharine Green      [] 3828A
Jun 2017 Raymond, John Lang                                [] 3827A or .zip
Jun 2017 The House in the Mist, Anna Katharine Green       [] 3826A
Jun 2017 Three Thousand Dollars, Anna Katharine Green      [] 3825A
Jun 2017 The Dancer in Red, Fergus Hume                    [] 3824A
Jun 2017 Agatha Webb, Anna Katharine Green                 [] 3823A
Jun 2017 Initials Only, Anna Katharine Green               [] 3822A
Jun 2017 Miss Mephistopheles, Fergus Hume                  [] 3821A
Jun 2017 One of My Sons, Anna Katharine Green              [] 3820A
May 2017 Loaded Dice and Other Stories, Rafael Sabatini    [] 3819A
May 2017 The Outlaw and the Lady and Other Stories,Sabatini[] 3818A
[Author: Rafael Sabatini]
May 2017 The Camisade, Rafael Sabatini                     [] 3817A
May 2017 The Open Door, Rafael Sabatini                    [] 3816A
May 2017 The Gamester, Rafael Sabatini                     [] 3815A
May 2017 The Circular Study, Anna Katharine Green          [] 3814A
May 2017 Lost Man's Lane, Anna Katharine Green             [] 3813A
May 2017 The Man with a Secret, Fergus Hume                [] 3812A
May 2017 A Pit-brow Lassie, John Monk Foster               [] 3811A
May 2017 Hand and Ring, Anna Katharine Green               [] 3810A
May 2017 A Strange Disappearance, Anna Katharine Green     [] 3809A
May 2017 Eleven Possible Cases, Anna Katharine Green       [] 3808A
Apr 2017 The Doctor his Wife and the Clock, Anna K Green   [] 3807A
Apr 2017 Chronicles Of Faeryland, Fergus Hume              [] 3806A
Apr 2017 The Gentleman Who Vanished, Fergus Hume           [] 3805A
Apr 2017 Professor Brankel's Secret, Fergus Hume           [] 3804A
Apr 2017 Moving Forward, Henry Ford                        [] 3803A
Apr 2017 The Piccadilly Puzzle, Fergus Hume                [] 3802A
Apr 2017 The Girl from Malta, Fergus Hume                  [] 3801A
Apr 2017 A Son of Perdition, Fergus Hume                   [] 3800A
Mar 2017 The Solitary Farm, Fergus Hume                    [] 3799A
Mar 2017 The Green Mummy, Fergus Hume                      [] 3798A
Mar 2017 The Opal Serpent, Fergus Hume                     [] 3797A
Mar 2017 The Mandarin's Fan, Fergus Hume                   [] 3796A
Mar 2017 The Red Window, Fergus Hume                       [] 3795A
Mar 2017 The Dwarf's Chamber, Fergus Hume                  [] 3794A
Mar 2017 A Coin of Edward VII, Fergus Hume                 [] 3793A
Mar 2017 The Pagan's Cup, Fergus Hume                      [] 3792A
Mar 2017 They See in Darkness, Ethel Lina White            [] 3791A
Mar 2017 The Man Who Loved Lions, Ethel Lina White         [] 3790A
Mar 2017 The Elephant Never Forgets, Ethel Lina White      [] 3789A
Mar 2017 Put Out the Light, Ethel Lina White               [] 3788A
Mar 2017 The First Time He Died, Ethel Lina White          [] 3787A
Mar 2017 A Woman's Burden, Fergus Hume                     [] 3786A
Mar 2017 Midnight House, Ethel Lina White                  [] 3785A
Feb 2017 The Lone Inn, Fergus Hume                         [] 3784A
Feb 2017 The Bishop's Secret, Fergus Hume                  [] 3783A
Feb 2017 The Newcastle Packets, J H M Abbott               [] 3782A
[Title: The Newcastle Packets and the Hunter Valley] or .zip
Feb 2017 The Silent House, Fergus Hume                     [] 3781A
Feb 2017 The Huddle, Carolyn Wells                         [] 3780A
Feb 2017 The Harlequin Opal, Fergus Hume                   [] 3779A
Feb 2017 Red Money, Fergus Hume                            [] 3778A
Feb 2017 The Third Eye, Ethel Lina White                   [] 3777A
Feb 2017 The Third Volume, Fergus Hume                     [] 3776A
Jan 2017 The Secret Passage, Fergus Hume                   [] 3775A
Jan 2017 Madame Midas, Fergus Hume                         [] 3774A
Jan 2017 Six-Gun Gorilla, Anonymous                        [] 3773A
Jan 2017 Collected Short Stories Vol. XX,Fred Merrick White[] 3772A
Dec 2016 Beauty in Distress, Fred Merrick White            [] 3771A or .zip
Dec 2016 The Shifting Sands, Fred Merrick White            [] 3770A or .zip
Dec 2016 A Plague of Butterflies, Fred Merrick White       [] 3769A or .zip
Dec 2016 The Witness of the Skies, Fred Merrick White      [] 3768A or .zip
Dec 2016 In Barkstone Lane, Fred Merrick White             [] 3767A or .zip
Dec 2016 A Christmas Star, Fred Merrick White              [] 3766A or .zip
Dec 2016 A Christmas Capture, Fred Merrick White           [] 3765A or .zip
Dec 2016 The Mistletoe Bough, Fred Merrick White           [] 3764A or .zip
Dec 2016 The Third Act, Fred Merrick White                 [] 3763A or .zip
Dec 2016 A Modern Scrooge, Fred Merrick White              [] 3762A or .zip
Dec 2016 His Christmas Gift, Fred Merrick White            [] 3761A or .zip
Dec 2016 When the Moon Set, Fred Merrick White             [] 3760A or .zip
Dec 2016 A Crowning Christmas, Fred Merrick White          [] 3759A or .zip
Dec 2016 Christmas Cards, Fred Merrick White               [] 3758A or .zip
Dec 2016 One Christmas Eve, Fred Merrick White             [] 3757A or .zip
Dec 2016 Abeniki Caldwell, Carolyn Wells                   [] 3756A
Dec 2016 Newspaper Articles – Book One, Edward S Sorenson  [] 3755A
Dec 2016 Feathers Left Around, Carolyn Wells               [] 3754A
Dec 2016 Faulkner's Folly, Carolyn Wells                   [] 3753A
Nov 2016 The Matrimonial Bureau, Carolyn Wells             [] 3752A
Nov 2016 The Gordon Elopement, Carolyn Wells               [] 3750A
Nov 2016 Deep Lake Mystery, Carolyn Wells                  [] 3749A
Nov 2016 The Vanishing of Betty Varian, Carolyn Wells      [] 3748A
Nov 2016 The Luminous Face, Carolyn Wells                  [] 3747A
Nov 2016 The Come Back, Carolyn Wells                      [] 3746A
Nov 2016 In the Onyx Lobby, Carolyn Wells                  [] 3745A
Nov 2016 The Man Who Fell Through the Earth, Carolyn Wells [] 3744A
Nov 2016 The Room With the Tassels, Carolyn Wells          [] 3743A
Nov 2016 The Mystery of the Sycamore, Carolyn Wells        [] 3742A
Nov 2016 The Mystery Girl, Carolyn Wells                   [] 3741A
Nov 2016 The Diamond Pin, Carolyn Wells                    [] 3740A
Nov 2016 Vicky Van, Carolyn Wells                          [] 3739A
Nov 2016 The Mark of Cain, Carolyn Wells                   [] 3738A
Nov 2016 The Curved Blades, Carolyn Wells                  [] 3737A
Nov 2016 A Chain of Evidence, Carolyn Wells                [] 3736A
Nov 2016 Reaspberry Jam, Carolyn Wells                     [] 3735A
Nov 2016 Where's Emily, Carolyn Wells                      [] 3734A
Nov 2016 Prillilgirl, Carolyn Wells                        [] 3733A
Nov 2016 This Shining Woman, Marjorie Bowen                [] 3732A
Nov 2016 The Bride of a Moment, Carolyn Wells              [] 3731A
Oct 2016 He She and They, Albert Lee                       [] 3730A
Oct 2016 The City of Sydney, John Arthur Barry             [] 3729A
Oct 2016 In the Wake of Fortune, Ivan Dexter               [] 3728A or .zip
Oct 2016 Four for a Fortune, Albert Lee                    [] 3727A
Sep 2016 Track Athletics in Detail , Albert Lee            [] 3726A
Sep 2016 Tommy Toddles, Albert Lee                         [] 3725A
Sep 2016 Spooky Hollow, Carolyn Wells                      [] 3724A
Aug 2016 The Sealed Valley, Hulbert Footner                [] 3721A
Aug 2016 The Pie and the Pirate, Albert Lee                [] 3720A
Aug 2016 Jack Chanty, Hulbert Footner                      [] 3719A
Aug 2016 Entertaining a Prince, Hulbert Footner            [] 3718A
Aug 2016 Ramshackle House, Hulbert Footner                 [] 3717A
Jul 2016 Anybody But Anne, Carolyn Wells                   [] 3716A
Jul 2016 The White Gipsy, John Monk Foster                 [] 3715A or .zip
Jul 2016 The White Alley, Carolyn Wells                    [] 3714A or .zip
Jul 2016 A New Species, Robert Coutts Armour               [] 3713A
Jul 2016 De Profundis, Robert Coutts Armour                [] 3712A
Jul 2016 At the Fortunate Frog, Robert Coutts Armour       [] 3711A
Jul 2016 By Decree of the High Ones, Robert Coutts Armour  [] 3710A
Jul 2016 For the Sake of Enlightenment,Robert Coutts Armour[] 3709A
Jul 2016 Ghost Gleams, William James Wintle                [] 3708A
Jul 2016 The Maxwell Mystery, Carolyn Wells                [] 3707A or .zip
Jul 2016 One Touch O' Nature, George S Beeby               [] 3706A
Jun 2016 Still Waters, George S Beeby                      [] 3705A
Jun 2016 The Clue, Carolyn Wells                           [] 3704A or .zip
Jun 2016 Bush Cobbers, Musette Morell                      [] 3703A
Jun 2016 A Slave of the Ring, John Monk Foster             [] 3702A or .zip
Jun 2016 Ten Puppet Plays, Musette Morell                  [] 3701A
May 2016 The Banner, George S Beeby                        [] 3700A
May 2016 One None and a Hundred-thousand, Luigi Pirandello [] 3699A
May 2016 The Making of Americans, Gertrude Stein           [] 3698A
May 2016 Wild Harbour, Ian Macpherson                      [] 3697A
May 2016 The Venture Book, Elinor Mordaunt                 [] 3696A or .zip
May 2016 Talmud, Ivan Dexter                               [] 3695A
[Title: Talmud--A Strange Narrative of Central Australia] or .zip
May 2016 The Hand of Saint Ury, Gordon MacCreagh           [] 3694A
Apr 2016 Matto Grosso Fury, Gordon MacCreagh               [] 3693A
Apr 2016 The Rider, Edgar Rice Burroughs                   [] 3692A
Apr 2016 Too Clever by Half, John Lang                     [] 3691A or .zip
Apr 2016 Joan of the Pilchard, Mary Gaunt                  [] 3690A or .zip
Apr 2016 Ethical Relativity, Edward Westermarck            [] 3689A or .zip
Apr 2016 White Waters and Black, Gordon MacCreagh          [] 3688A
Apr 2016 The Forger's Wife, John Lang                      [] 3687A or .zip
Mar 2016 If Animals had Their Way, Musette Morell          [] 3686A
Mar 2016 Presented Without Courtesy, Musette Morell        [] 3685A
Mar 2016 A Vision of Toyokuni, Arthur Morrison             [] 3684A
Mar 2016 Twelve Moons Cold, Lionel Shave                   [] 3683A
Mar 2016 The Resignation of Mr. Bagsworth, Lionel Shave    [] 3682A
Mar 2016 There and Back, Edward Lording                    [] 3681A
[Title: There and Back: The Story of an Australian Soldier 1915-35]
Mar 2016 Aunt Sarah's Brooch, Arthur Morrison              [] 3680A
Mar 2016 As Far as They Had Got, Arthur Morrison           [] 3679A
Mar 2016 Over The Straits, Louisa Anne Meredith            [] 3678A
Mar 2016 That's Murder, Lionel Shave                       [] 3677A
Mar 2016 Red and Gold, Lionel Shave                        [] 3676A
Mar 2016 A Sirius Cove, Lionel Shave                       [] 3675A
Mar 2016 Dr Muncing Exorcist, Gordon MacCreagh             [] 3674A
Mar 2016 Even the Birds of the Air, Musette Morell         [] 3673A
Mar 2016 My Home in Tasmania, Louisa Anne Meredith         [] 3672A
[Title: My Home in Tasmania during a Residence of Nine Years]
Mar 2016 The Better Road, Musette Morell                   [] 3671A
Mar 2016 Herodias, Gustave Flaubert                        [] 3670A
Mar 2016 Remember Caesar, Josephine Tey                    [] 3669A
Mar 2016 Clarion Call, Josephine Tey                       [] 3668A
Mar 2016 Three Mrs. Madderleys, Josephine Tey              [] 3667A
Mar 2016 Mrs. Fry Has A Visitor, Josephine Tey             [] 3666A
Mar 2016 Sara, Josephine Tey                               [] 3665A
Mar 2016 The Mother Of Mase, Josephine Tey                 [] 3664A
Mar 2016 Rahab, Josephine Tey                              [] 3663A
Mar 2016 Leith Sands, Josephine Tey                        [] 3662A
Mar 2016 The Staff-Room, Josephine Tey                     [] 3661A
Mar 2016 Sweet Coz, Josephine Tey                          [] 3660A
Mar 2016 Reckoning, Josephine Tey                          [] 3659A
Mar 2016 Lady Charing is Cross, Josephine Tey              [] 3658A
Mar 2016 Doc Turner - Devil Fighter, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 3657A
Mar 2016 Barnharrow, Josephine Tey                         [] 3656A
Mar 2016 Webs of Our Weaving, Musette Morell               [] 3655A
Mar 2016 The Shakespeare Murders, A G Macdonell            [] 3654A
Feb 2016 Collected Short Stories Vol. XIX, Fred M White    [] 3653A
Feb 2016 Collected Short Stories Vol. XVIII, Fred M White  [] 3652A
Feb 2016 Notes and Sketches of NSW, Louisa Anne Meredith   [] 3651A
[Title: Notes and Sketches of New South Wales, During a Residence from 1839-44]
Feb 2016 The Substitute, Fred Merrick White                [] 3650A
Feb 2016 The Half-Crown Princess, Fred Merrick White       [] 3649A
Feb 2016 The Egg of the Little Auk, Fred Merrick White     [] 3648A
Feb 2016 Sleeping Partner, Fred Merrick White              [] 3647A
Feb 2016 Rose of the Desert, Fred Merrick White            [] 3646A
Feb 2016 For Value Received, Fred Merrick White            [] 3645A
Feb 2016 By Wireless, Fred Merrick White                   [] 3644A
Feb 2016 Big Fish, Fred Merrick White                      [] 3643A
Feb 2016 An Object Lesson, Fred Merrick White              [] 3642A
Feb 2016 A Foster Father, Fred Merrick White               [] 3641A
Feb 2016 A Game of Billiards, Arthur Morrison              [] 3640A
Feb 2016 The Camford Visitation, H G Wells                 [] 3639A
Feb 2016 Sir Knight of the Splendid Way, W E Cule          [] 3638A
Feb 2016 Australia Visited and Revisited, Samuel Mossman   [] 3637A
Feb 2016 Review of Mein Kampf by Hitler, George Orwell     [] 3636A
Feb 2016 The Blue Daffodil, Fred Merrick White             [] 3635A or .zip
Jan 2016 Life and Adventures, John Nicol                   [] 3634A
[Title: The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner]
Jan 2016 Death's Mannikins, Max Afford                     [] 3633A
Jan 2016 Owl of Darkness, Max Afford                       [] 3632A
Dec 2015 The Spectral Bride, Marjorie Bowen                [] 3631A
Nov 2015 Collected Short Stories Vol I, Edward S Sorenson  [] 3630A or .zip
Nov 2015 Blood on His Hands, Max Afford                    [] 3629A
Nov 2015 The Dead are Blind, Max Afford                    [] 3628A
Nov 2015 The Crystal Beads Murder, Annie Haynes            [] 3627A
Nov 2015 Who Killed Charmian Karslake?, Annie Haynes       [] 3626A
Nov 2015 The Man with the Dark Beard, Annie Haynes         [] 3625A
Nov 2015 The Crime at Tattenham Corner, Annie Haynes       [] 3624A
Nov 2015 The House in Charlton Crescent, Annie Haynes      [] 3623A
Nov 2015 The Factory on the Cliff, A G Macdonnell          [] 3622A
Nov 2015 The Crow's Inn Tragedy, Annie Haynes              [] 3621A
Nov 2015 The Abbey Court Murder, Annie Haynes              [] 3620A
Nov 2015 The Sheep and the Wolves, Max Afford              [] 3619A
Nov 2015 The Happy Couple, Max Afford                      [] 3618A
Nov 2015 Poison Can Be Puzzling, Max Afford                [] 3617A
Nov 2015 Sinners in Paradise, Max Afford                   [] 3616A
Nov 2015 The God in the Bowl, Robert Ervin Howard          [] 3615A
Nov 2015 The Black Stranger, Robert Ervin Howard           [] 3614A
Nov 2015 Pioneers at Peace, Jill Lyons                     [] 3613A
Nov 2015 Old Convict Times, William Derricourt             [] 3612A or .zip
Nov 2015 Jacqueline, Marjorie Bowen                        [] 3611A
Nov 2015 The Adventures Of Tyler Tatlock, Dick Donovan     [] 3610A
Nov 2015 A Gilded Serpent, Dick Donovan                    [] 3609A
Nov 2015 A Detective's Triumphs, Dick Donovan              [] 3608A
Oct 2015 The New New Guinea, Beatrice Grimshaw             [] 3607A
Sep 2015 Nilda, Edwin Doidge                               [] 3606A or .zip
Sep 2015 Silvertip's Roundup, Max Brand                    [] 3605A
Sep 2015 The False Rider, Max Brand                        [] 3604A
Sep 2015 The Stolen Stallion, Max Brand                    [] 3603A
Sep 2015 Silvertip's Trap, Max Brand                       [] 3602A
Sep 2015 Silvertip's Chase, Max Brand                      [] 3601A
Sep 2015 Silvertip's Strike, Max Brand                     [] 3600A
Sep 2015 Canyon Walls, Zane Grey                           [] 3599A
Sep 2015 The Man from Mustang, Max Brand                   [] 3598A
Sep 2015 The Secret of Dr Kildare, Max Brand               [] 3597A
Sep 2015 Out There, Dick Donovan                           [] 3596A
Sep 2015 Tracked to Doom, Dick Donovan                     [] 3595A
Sep 2015 Internes Can't Take Money, Max Brand              [] 3594A
Sep 2015 Two Darton Stories, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 3593A
Sep 2015 Lola-Sue, Frederick William Mole                  [] 3592A or .zip
Aug 2015 The Reformation of Circe, E Phillips Oppenheim    [] 3591A
Aug 2015 Moreton Bay, Frederick William Mole               [] 3590A or zip
Aug 2015 The Follies of Youth, Marjorie Bowen              [] 3589A
Aug 2015 The Anatomy of Frustration, H G Wells             [] 3588A
Aug 2015 Collected Verse, Edward S Sorenson                [] 3586A
Aug 2015 The Guide, A E W Mason                            [] 3585A
Jul 2015 The Man-Eater, Edgar Rice Burroughs               [] 3584A
Jul 2015 The Young Runaway (Wyoming), Zane Grey            [] 3583A
Jul 2015 The Horse Thief, Zane Grey                        [] 3582A
Jul 2015 Beltarbet's Pride, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 3581A
Jul 2015 Twin Sombreros (Unabridged), Zane Grey            [] 3580A
Jul 2015 Sunset Pass (Unabridged), Zane Grey               [] 3579A
Jul 2015 Majesty's Rancho, Zane Grey                       [] 3578A
Jun 2015 Nobby on Getting Commissions, Edgar Wallace       [] 3577A
Jun 2015 Jam for the Enemy, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3576A
Jun 2015 The Watchman of Orsden Moss, John Monk Foster     [] 3575A or .zip
Jun 2015 Dictionary of Australian Biography,Percival Serle [] 3574A
Jun 2015 The Explorers of Australia, Ernest Favenc         [] 3573A
[Title: The Explorers of Australia and their Life-work]
Jun 2015 Scientific War, H G Wells                         [] 3572A
Jun 2015 The Flogging Parson, George Forbes                [] 3571A or .zip
Jun 2015 The Gilt Mask, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 3570A
Jun 2015 Under The Broad Arrow, George Forbes              [] 3569A or .zip
Jun 2015 Netta, Fred Merrick White                         [] 3568A
Jun 2015 One Blow for Russia, Edgar Wallace                [] 3567A
May 2015 Saga of Halfred the Sigskald, Felix Dahn          [] 3566A
May 2015 The Scarlet Banner, Felix Dahn                    [] 3565A
May 2015 Felicitas, Felix Dahn                             [] 3564A
May 2015 A Struggle for Rome, Vol. III, Felix Dahn         [] 3563A
May 2015 A Struggle for Rome, Vol. II, Felix Dahn          [] 3562A
May 2015 A Struggle for Rome, Vol. I, Felix Dahn           [] 3561A
May 2015 A Captive of the Roman Eagles (Bissula),Felix Dahn[] 3560A
May 2015 Little Wars, H G Wells                            [] 3559A
May 2015 Floor Games, H G Wells                            [] 3558A
May 2015 The world of William Clissold, H G Wells          [] 3557A
May 2015 A Miner's Million, John Monk Foster               [] 3556A or .zip
May 2015 The Whisperer in Darkness, H P Lovecraft          [] 3555A
May 2015 The Thing On The Doorstep, H P Lovecraft          [] 3554A
May 2015 The Shadow Over Innsmouth, H P Lovecraft          [] 3553A
May 2015 The Shadow Out of Time, H P Lovecraft             [] 3552A
May 2015 The Nameless City, H P Lovecraft                  [] 3551A
May 2015 Nyarlathotep, H P Lovecraft                       [] 3550A
May 2015 The Haunter of the Dark, H P Lovecraft            [] 3549A
May 2015 The Festival, H P Lovecraft                       [] 3548A
May 2015 The Dunwich Horror, H P Lovecraft                 [] 3547A
May 2015 The Dreams in the Witch-House, H P Lovecraft      [] 3546A
May 2015 The Shunned House, H P Lovecraft                  [] 3545A
Apr 2015 The Colour Out of Space, H P Lovecraft            [] 3544A
Apr 2015 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, H P Lovecraft    [] 3543A
Apr 2015 The Call of Cthulhu, H P Lovecraft                [] 3542A
Apr 2015 Zig-Zags at the Zoo, Arthur Morrison              [] 3541A
Apr 2015 A Novel Without A Name, Aubrey Burnage            [] 3540A
Mar 2015 The Viper, Hulbert Footner                        [] 3539A
Mar 2015 Putting Crime Over, Hulbert Footner               [] 3538A
Mar 2015 The Richest Widow, Hulbert Footner                [] 3537A
Mar 2015 The Casual Murderer, Hulbert Footner              [] 3536A
Mar 2015 The Gringos, B M Bower                            [] 3535A
Mar 2015 Casey Ryan, B M Bower                             [] 3534A
Mar 2015 The Handsome Young Men, Hulbert Footner           [] 3533A
Mar 2015 Dangerous Cargo, Hulbert Footner                  [] 3532A
Mar 2015 Time Out of Mind, Rachel Field                    [] 3531A
Mar 2015 Trails Meet, B M Bower                            [] 3530A
Mar 2015 Points West, B M Bower                            [] 3529A
Mar 2015 Man in Chains, Warwick Deeping                    [] 3528A
Mar 2015 Tiger Eye, B M Bower                              [] 3527A
Mar 2015 Rodeo, B M Bower                                  [] 3526A
Mar 2015 Whirlaway: A Story of the Ages, H C F Morant      [] 3525A
Mar 2015 The Moment and Other Essays, Virginia Woolf       [] 3524A
Mar 2015 I Recall, Robert Henderson Croll                  [] 3523A
Mar 2015 The Doctor Who Held Hands, Hulbert Footner        [] 3522A
Mar 2015 The Almost Perfect Murder, Hulbert Footner        [] 3521A
Mar 2015 Orchids to Murder, Hulbert Footner                [] 3520A
Mar 2015 The Velvet Hand, Hulbert Footner                  [] 3519A
Mar 2015 The Under Dogs, Hulbert Footner                   [] 3518A
Mar 2015 The Kidnapping of Madame Storey, Hulbert Footner  [] 3517A
[Title: The Kidnapping of Madame Storey and Other Stories]
Feb 2015 Bliss and Other Stories, Katherine Mansfield      [] 3516A or .zip
Feb 2015 Murty Brown, Edward S Sorenson                    [] 3515A
Feb 2015 Friends and Foes in the Australian Bush,E Sorenson[] 3514A
[Author: Edward S Sorenson]
Feb 2015 Quinton's Rouseabout and Other Stories, E Sorenson[] 3513A
[Author: Edward S Sorenson]
Feb 2015 Chips and Splinters, Edward S Sorenson            [] 3512A
Feb 2015 The Duchess of Coolgardie, Euston Leigh           [] 3511A
Feb 2015 As Luck Would Have It, Edward Dyson               [] 3510A or .zip
Jan 2015 Madame Storey, Hulbert Footner                    [] 3509A
Jan 2015 The Money Moon, Jeffery Farnol                    [] 3508A
Jan 2015 Heritage Perilous, Jeffery Farnol                 [] 3507A
Jan 2015 Hands Up, Frederick Niven                         [] 3506A
Jan 2015 Bertha Shelley, Aubrey Burnage                    [] 3505A or .zip
Jan 2015 Deadman's, Mary Gaunt                             [] 3504A or .zip
Jan 2015 The Shadows Around Us, Arthur Morrison            [] 3503A
Dec 2014 Fiddle o' Dreams and More, Arthur Morrison        [] 3502A
Dec 2014 Divers Vanities, Arthur Morrison                  [] 3501A
Dec 2014 William Dampier, W Clark Russell                  [] 3500A or .zip
Dec 2014 Green Ginger, Arthur Morrison                     [] 3499A
Dec 2014 The Parowan Bonanza, B M Bower                    [] 3498A
Dec 2014 The Flying U Strikes, B M Bower                   [] 3497A
Dec 2014 Hay-Wire, B M Bower                               [] 3496A
Dec 2014 Fool's Goal, B M Bower                            [] 3495A
Dec 2014 Chip of the Flying U, B M Bower                   [] 3494A
Dec 2014 Fires Burn Blue, Andrew Caldecott                 [] 3493A
Dec 2014 Not Exactly Ghosts, Andrew Caldecott              [] 3492A
Dec 2014 The Byzantine Achievement, Robert Byron           [] 3491A
Dec 2014 First Russia Then Tibet, Robert Byron             [] 3490A
Dec 2014 The Station, Robert Byron                         [] 3489A
Dec 2014 The Road to Oxiana, Robert Byron                  [] 3488A
Dec 2014 Anne of Avonlea, L M Montgomery                   [] 3487A
Dec 2014 Anne of the Island, L M Montgomery                [] 3486A
Dec 2014 Anne of Green Gables, L M Montgomery              [] 3485A
Dec 2014 Last Post, Ford Madox Ford                        [] 3484A
Dec 2014 The Dorrington Deed Box, Arthur Morrison          [] 3483A
Dec 2014 Adventures of Martin Hewitt, Arthur Morrison      [] 3482A
Dec 2014 All This and Heaven Too, Rachel Field             [] 3481A
Dec 2014 Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Arthur Morrison      [] 3480A
Dec 2014 The Green Eye of Goona, Arthur Morrison           [] 3479A
Dec 2014 The Red Triangle, Arthur Morrison                 [] 3478A
Dec 2014 Tales of Swordfish and Tuna, Zane Grey            [] 3477A
Dec 2014 Tales Of Fishing Virgin Seas, Zane Grey           [] 3476A
Dec 2014 Abandoned, W Clark Russell                        [] 3475A or .zip
Dec 2014 Men Women and Boats, Stephen Crane                [] 3474A
Dec 2014 Last words, Stephen Crane                         [] 3473A
Dec 2014 Aunt Jo, Edward S Sorenson                        [] 3472A or .zip
Dec 2014 Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon, Zane Grey       [] 3471A
Dec 2014 Whilomville Stories, Stephen Crane                [] 3470A
Dec 2014 Wounds in the Rain, Stephen Crane                 [] 3469A
Dec 2014 The O'Ruddy, Stephen Crane and Robert Barr        [] 3468A
Dec 2014 Active Service, Stephen Crane                     [] 3467A
Dec 2014 The Third Violet, Stephen Crane                   [] 3466A
Dec 2014 The Little Regiment, Stephen Crane                [] 3465A
Dec 2014 Great Battles of the World, Stephen Crane         [] 3464A
Dec 2014 The Maxwells of Bremgarten, William Moore Ferrar  [] 3463A or .zip
Dec 2014 Wide Horizons, Robert Henderson Croll             [] 3462A
[Title: Wide Horizons:Wanderings in Central Australia]
Nov 2014 Further Adventures Romney Pringle,R Austin Freeman[] 3461A
[Title: The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle]
Nov 2014 By the Black Deep, R Austin Freeman               [] 3460A
Nov 2014 Flighty Phyllis, R Austin Freeman                 [] 3459A
Nov 2014 The Golden Pool, R Austin Freeman                 [] 3458A
Nov 2014 The Exploits of Danby Croker, R Austin Freeman    [] 3457A
Nov 2014 The Singing Bone, R Austin Freeman                [] 3456A
Nov 2014 The Puzzle Lock, R Austin Freeman                 [] 3455A
Nov 2014 The Missing Mortgagee, R Austin Freeman           [] 3454A
Nov 2014 The Magic Casket, R Austin Freeman                [] 3453A
Nov 2014 Percival Bland's Proxy, R Austin Freeman          [] 3452A
Nov 2014 John Thorndyke's Cases, R Austin Freeman          [] 3451A
Nov 2014 Dr Thorndykes Case-Book, R Austin Freeman         [] 3450A
Nov 2014 Mr Shuttlebury Cobb, R Austin Freeman             [] 3449A
[Title: The Surprising Experiences of Mr Shuttlebury Cobb]
Nov 2014 The Land of Gold, Julius M Price                  [] 3448A
Nov 2014 The Unwilling Adventurer, R Austin Freeman        [] 3447A
Nov 2014 From a Surgeon's Diary, R Austin Freeman          [] 3446A
Nov 2014 The Adventures of Romney Pringle, R Austin Freeman[] 3445A
Nov 2014 Knocking Round, John Le Gay Brereton              [] 3444A
Nov 2014 The Remittance Man, Ambrose Pratt                 [] 3443A or .zip
Nov 2014 The House of Schemers, Fred Merrick White         [] 3442A or .zip
Nov 2014 Along the Track, Robert Henderson Croll           [] 3441A
Nov 2014 The Open Road in Victoria, Robert Henderson Croll [] 3440A
Oct 2014 Her Assigned Husband, Ambrose Pratt               [] 3439A or .zip
Oct 2014 Peaks and Plateaus of Victoria Australia,Anonymous[] 3438A
Oct 2014 Wonderful Walks in Victoria, Anonymous            [] 3437A
Oct 2014 The Mysterious Investment, Ambrose Pratt          [] 3436A or .zip
Oct 2014 First Journey to the South Magnetic Pole, T David [] 3435A
[Author: T W Edgeworth David]
Oct 2014 The Governor's Man, J H M Abbott                  [] 3434A or .zip
Oct 2014 The Settlement at Swan River WA, Frederick Watson [] 3433A
[Title: Official Papers Relating to the Settlement at Swan River, W.A.]
Oct 2014 A Christmas Deputy, Fred Merrick White            [] 3432A or .zip
Oct 2014 Sydney Cove, J H M Abbott                         [] 3431A
Oct 2014 The Silver Stream, Fred Merrick White             [] 3430A
Oct 2014 A Christmas in Peril, Fred Merrick White          [] 3429A or .zip
Oct 2014 A Message from the Flood, Fred Merrick White      [] 3428A
Oct 2014 The Ebbing Tide, Fred Merrick White               [] 3427A
Oct 2014 The Royal Train, Fred Merrick White               [] 3426A or .zip
Oct 2014 The Old Secretaire, Fred Merrick White            [] 3425A or .zip
Oct 2014 The Gaunt Stranger, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3424A
Oct 2014 Santa Anna, Fred Merrick White                    [] 3423A or .zip
Oct 2014 The Hospitallers, Fred Merrick White              [] 3422A or .zip
Oct 2014 How Our Men Earn a Living in the Bush,E S Sorenson[] 3421A
[Author: Edward S Sorenson]
Oct 2014 Journals of Australian Explorations, A Gregory    [] 3420A
[Author names: Franks and Augustus Gregory]
Sep 2014 William Hogarth: The Cockney's Mirror, M Bowen    [] 3419A
[Author: Marjorie Bowen]
Sep 2014 Two Voyages to the Glenelg River, James Martin    [] 3418A
[Title: Journals and Reports of Two Voyages to the Glenelg River 1863-64]
Sep 2014 The Pawky Scot, Graham Moffat                     [] 3417A
Sep 2014 More Than Coronets, Fred Merrick White            [] 3416A
Sep 2014 The Lord of the Manor, Fred Merrick White         [] 3415A or .zip
Sep 2014 Shadowed Gold, Alice Fox Parry                    [] 3414A
Sep 2014 By Order of the League, Fred Merrick White        [] 3413A
Sep 2014 The Evil That Men Do, M P Shiel                   [] 3412A
Sep 2014 In Trust, Fred Merrick White                      [] 3411A or .zip
Sep 2014 The Seven Deadly Sins, Marjorie Bowen             [] 3410A
Sep 2014 The Island of Shadows, Fred Merrick White         [] 3409A
Aug 2014 The Path of Progress, Fred Merrick White          [] 3408A
Aug 2014 Ambition's Slave, Fred Merrick White              [] 3407A
Aug 2014 The Better Way, Fred Merrick White                [] 3406A
Aug 2014 Moray the Traitor, Fred Merrick White             [] 3405A
Aug 2014 Aunt Mary, Fred Merrick White                     [] 3404A
Aug 2014 The Rajah's Sapphire, M P Shiel                   [] 3403A
Aug 2014 Nightcap and Plume,                Marjorie Bowen [] 3402A
Aug 2014 The Wings of Victory, Fred Merrick White          [] 3401A
Aug 2014 Boundless Water, Marjorie Bowen                   [] 3400A
Jul 2014 The Uncounted Cost, Mary Gaunt                    [] 3399A or .zip
Jul 2014 The Squatter King and other Stories, G H Purves   [] 3398A or .zip
Jul 2014 No Way Home, Marjorie Bowen                       [] 3397A
Jul 2014 A Wind from the Wilderness, Mary Gaunt            [] 3396A or .zip
Jul 2014 Mistress Betty Carew, Mary Gaunt                  [] 3395A or .zip
Jun 2014 From Man to Man, Olive Schreiner                  [] 3394A
Jun 2014 The Two Carnations, Marjorie Bowen                [] 3393A
Jun 2014 Lovers' Knots, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 3392A
Jun 2014 Tarred with the Same Brush, Le Compte de Janzé    [] 3391A or .zip
Jun 2014 Exploring Expedition East of Northam, C E Dempster[] 3390A
[Author: Charles Edward Dempster]
[Title: Journal of an Exploring Expedition to the Eastward of Northam, 1861]
Jun 2014 Mr. Misfortunate, Marjorie Bowen                  [] 3389A
Jun 2014 Some Famous Love Letters, Marjorie Bowen          [] 3388A
Jun 2014 Exploration of the N-W Coast of Australia,C C Hunt[] 3387A
Jun 2014 Expeditions to the Eastern Interior of WA,C C Hunt[] 3386A
Jun 2014 The Ouulaws of Weddin Range, Ambrose Pratt        [] 3385A or .zip
Jun 2014 Journal of an Expedition East of York, H M Lefroy [] 3384A
Jun 2014 The Other Man, Mary Gaunt                         [] 3383A or .zip
May 2014 Crowns And Sceptres, Marjorie Bowen               [] 3382A
May 2014 Down in the World, Mary Gaunt                     [] 3381A or .zip
May 2014 The Man Who Held the Wires, Randolph Bedford      [] 3380A
May 2014 An Eventful Year: Sholl's Dispatches, R J Sholl   [] 3379A
[Author: Robert John Sholl]
[Title: An Eventful Year: Robert Sholl's Dispatches of 1865 and the Fate of the
Camden Harbour Venture.]
May 2014 Exploration in North-Western Australia,Jas. Martin[] 3378A
May 2014 Wax, Ethel Lina White                             [] 3377A
May 2014 Cheese, Ethel Lina White                          [] 3376A
May 2014 The State and Position of W.A., Frederick C Irwin [] 3375A
[Title: The State and Position of Western Australia...the Swan-River Settlement
May 2014 Excursions in New South Wales, etc., Willam Breton[] 3374A
May 2014 In The Mine, Fred Merrick White                   [] 3373A or .zip
May 2014 In The Dark, Fred Merrick White                   [] 3372A or .zip
May 2014 The Sword Decides, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 3371A
May 2014 Red O'Shaughnessy, J H M Abbott                   [] 3370A or .zip
May 2014 The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne,Edward A Parry[] 3369A
May 2014 Fear Stalks the Village, Ethel Lina White         [] 3368A
May 2014 Edgar Wallace—Each Way, Robert George Curtis      [] 3367A
May 2014 The Squatter King, Edward S Sorenson              [] 3366A or .zip
May 2014 The Salving of Mr. Stanley Witt, E P Oppenheim    [] 3365A
May 2014 Sinister House, Fred Merrick White                [] 3364A or .zip
May 2014 Honor Bright, Max Brand                           [] 3363A
May 2014 Step in the Dark, Ethel Lina White                [] 3362A
May 2014 While She Sleeps, Ethel Lina White                [] 3361A
May 2014 The Wheel Spins, Ethel Lina White                 [] 3360A
May 2014 The Price a Woman Pays, Edgar Wallace             [] 3359A
May 2014 The Rake's Progress, Marjorie Bowen               [] 3358A
May 2014 Ancient Rome, Robert Franklin Pennell             [] 3357A
May 2014 The Provincial Lady in Wartime, E M Delafield     [] 3356A
May 2014 The Provincial Lady in America, E M Delafield     [] 3355A
May 2014 The German War, A Conan Doyle                     [] 3354A
May 2014 The Tiger on the Mountains, E Phillips Oppenheim  [] 3353A
May 2014 Scaramouche (UK edition), Rafael Sabatini         [] 3352A
Apr 2014 The Red Peri, Stanley G Weinbaum                  [] 3351A
Apr 2014 The Planet of Doubt, Stanley G Weinbaum           [] 3350A
Apr 2014 The New Adam, Stanley G Weinbaum                  [] 3349A
Apr 2014 The Dark Other, Stanley G Weinbaum                [] 3348A
Apr 2014 The Black Flame, Stanley G Weinbaum               [] 3347A
Apr 2014 Smothered Seas, Stanley G Weinbaum                [] 3346A
Apr 2014 Graph, Stanley G Weinbaum                         [] 3345A
Apr 2014 Flight on Titan, Stanley G Weinbaum               [] 3344A
Apr 2014 Collected Short Fiction, Stanley G Weinbaum       [] 3343A
Apr 2014 Catiline Clodius and Tiberius, Edward S Beesly    [] 3342A
[Author: Edward Spencer Beesly]
Apr 2014 The Chobham Affair, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3341A
Apr 2014 Criminal Statistics of Norfolk Island,A Maconochie[] 3340A
[Author: Alexander Maconochie]
[Title: Criminal Statistics and Movement of the Bond Population of Norfolk Is.]
Apr 2014 The King, Max Brand                               [] 3339A
Apr 2014 The Black Rider, Max Brand                        [] 3338A
Apr 2014 When the Tsar Came, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3337A
Apr 2014 The Speed Test, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3336A
Apr 2014 Yonder's Henry, Thorne Smith                      [] 3335A
Apr 2014 Did She Fall, Thorne Smith                        [] 3334A
Apr 2014 Birthday Present, Thorne Smith                    [] 3333A
Apr 2014 Biltmore Oswald, Thorne Smith                     [] 3332A
Apr 2014 Bellum Catilinae (Catiline's War), Sallust        [] 3331A
[Author: Gaius Sallustius Crispus]
Apr 2014 The Girl Who Got There, James Hilton              [] 3330A
Apr 2014 Stories from the History of Rome, Emily Beesly    [] 3329A
Apr 2014 The Emperor and his Double, Ambrose Pratt         [] 3328A or .zip
Apr 2014 Valley of Vanishing Men, Max Brand                [] 3327A
Apr 2014 Melba: A Biography, Agnes G Murphy                [] 3326A
Apr 2014 The Roman Traitor, Henry William Herbert          [] 3325A
Apr 2014 John Ovington Returns, Max Brand                  [] 3324A
Apr 2014 Margaret of Anjou, Jacob Abbott                   [] 3323A
Apr 2014 A Backblocker's Pleasure Trip, Edward S Sorenson  [] 3322A or .zip
Apr 2014 Phalaenopsis Gloriosa, Edgar Wallace              [] 3321A
Apr 2014 The Vanishing Trick, Max Afford                   [] 3320A
Apr 2014 Mignonette, Marjorie Bowen                        [] 3319A
Apr 2014 The Bat King, James Hilton                        [] 3318A
Apr 2014 Genghis Khan, Jacob Abbott                        [] 3317A
Apr 2014 Peter the Great, Jacob Abbott                     [] 3316A
Apr 2014 A Voyage of Discovery (Extract), George Vancouver [] 3315A
Apr 2014 The Lost King, Rafael Sabatini                    [] 3314A
Apr 2014 The Dragon of Kao Tsu, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 3313A
Apr 2014 Richard the Third, Jacob Abbott                   [] 3312A
Apr 2014 Richard the Second, Jacob Abbott                  [] 3311A
Apr 2014 Richard the First, Jacob Abbott                   [] 3310A
Apr 2014 Valerius - A Roman Story, John Gibson Lockhart    [] 3309A
Apr 2014 Mademoiselle Anna Disappears, E Phillips Oppenheim[] 3308A
Apr 2014 The Soldier from Virginia, Marjorie Bowen         [] 3307A
Apr 2014 The Iblis at Ludd, Talbot Mundy                   [] 3306A
Apr 2014 The Satyricon, Titus Petronius Arbiter            [] 3305A
Apr 2014 Salammbo, Gustave Flaubert                        [] 3304A
Apr 2014 Quo Vadis, Henryk Sienkiewicz                     [] 3303A
Mar 2014 Quintus Claudius Vol II, Ernst Eckstein           [] 3302A
Mar 2014 Quintus Claudius Vol I, Ernst Eckstein            [] 3301A
Mar 2014 The Luckiest Young Man, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 3300A
Mar 2014 Silanus the Christian, Edwin A Abbott             [] 3299A
Mar 2014 Philochristus, Edwin A Abbott                     [] 3298A
[Title: Philochristus--Memoirs of a Disciple of the Lord]
Mar 2014 Onesimus, Edwin A Abbott                          [] 3297A
[Title: Onesimus--Memoirs of a Disciple of St. Paul]
Mar 2014 Neaera—A Tale of Ancient Rome, John W Graham      [] 3296A
Mar 2014 The Battling Pacifist, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 3295A
Mar 2014 The Actor's Romance, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 3294A
Mar 2014 So Evil My Love, Marjorie Bowen                   [] 3293A
Mar 2014 The Coroner's Dilemma, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 3292A
Mar 2014 The Chateau of Phantasies, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 3291A
Mar 2014 The Martyr of the Catacombs, James de Mille       [] 3290A
Mar 2014 With a Dash, E Phillips Oppenheim                 [] 3289A
Mar 2014 Marius the Epicurean Vol II, Walter Horatio Pater [] 3288A
Mar 2014 Marius the Epicurean Vol I, Walter Horatio Pater  [] 3287A
Mar 2014 The Dancing Gentleman, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 3286A
Mar 2014 The Tyrant, Rafael Sabatini                       [] 3285A
Mar 2014 The Lion's Brood, Duffield Osborne                [] 3284A
Mar 2014 The Siren of the Madrid, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 3283A
Mar 2014 The Last Days of Pompeii, Edward Bulwer-Lytton    [] 3282A
Mar 2014 The Ninety-Ninth Thread, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 3281A
Mar 2014 Historical Nights' Entertainment 3,Rafael Sabatini[] 3280A
[Title: The Historical Nights' Entertainment (3rd Series)] or .zip
Mar 2014 The Dumb Gods Speak, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 3279A
Mar 2014 No Questions Asked, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 3278A
Mar 2014 Hypatia, Charles Kingsley                         [] 3277A
Mar 2014 The Failure, James Hilton                         [] 3276A
Mar 2014 Going, Going, Gone!, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 3275A
Mar 2014 The Reaping, Rafael Sabatini                      [] 3274A
Mar 2014 Sir Adam Disappeared, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 3273A
Mar 2014 Album Leaf, Marjorie Bowen                        [] 3272A
Mar 2014 Looranna, M A McCarter                            [] 3271A
Mar 2014 It's a Crazy World, James Hilton                  [] 3270A
Mar 2014 The Crook in Crimson, Edgar Wallace               [] 3269A
Mar 2014 The Guv'nor and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace      [] 3268A
Mar 2014 Sketch of History of Van Diemen's Land,J Bischoff [] 3267A
[Author: James Bischoff]
[Title: Sketch of the History of Van Diemen's Land]
Mar 2014 The Inmperfect Crime, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 3266A
Mar 2014 The Lost Ambassador, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 3265A
Mar 2014 Doctor Hudson's Secret Journal, Lloyd C Douglas   [] 3264A
Mar 2014 In the Strongroom, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 3263A
Feb 2014 Drink We Deep, Arthur Leo Zagat                   [] 3262A
Feb 2014 Her Birthday, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3261A
Feb 2014 When the Armanic Sank, Edgar Wallace              [] 3260A
Feb 2014 The Vampire of Wembley, Edgar Wallace             [] 3259A
Feb 2014 The Suburban Lothario, Edgar Wallace              [] 3258A
Feb 2014 In The Shadow of the Guillotine, Rafael Sabatini  [] 3257A or .zip
Feb 2014 The Spy Who Sold Death, Arthur Leo Zagat          [] 3256A
Feb 2014 Second Hand Death, Arthur Leo Zagat               [] 3255A
Feb 2014 Red Finger Spy Poison, Arthur Leo Zagat           [] 3254A
Feb 2014 Red Finger's Murder Messenger, Arthur Leo Zagat   [] 3253A
Feb 2014 Red Finger Meets His Match, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 3252A
Feb 2014 Red Finger Death Dealer, Arthur Leo Zagat         [] 3251A
Feb 2014 Locked in with Death, Arthur Leo Zagat            [] 3250A
Feb 2014 Envoy of Doom, Arthur Leo Zagat                   [] 3249A
Feb 2014 Death's Toy Shop, Arthur Leo Zagat                [] 3248A
Feb 2014 Death's Red Finger, Arthur Leo Zagat              [] 3247A
Feb 2014 Death Rides the Sound, Arthur Leo Zagat           [] 3246A
Feb 2014 Caged Horror, Arthur Leo Zagat                    [] 3245A
Feb 2014 Venus Mines Incorporated, Arthur Leo Zagat        [] 3244A
Feb 2014 The Two Moons of Tranquillia, Arthur Leo Zagat    [] 3243A
Feb 2014 Good-bye, Edgar Wallace                           [] 3242A
Feb 2014 Richard Bruce—Burglar, Edgar Wallace              [] 3241A
Feb 2014 My Hollywood Diary, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3240A
Feb 2014 Lost in Time, Arthur Leo Zagat                    [] 3239A
Feb 2014 No Escape from Destiny, Arthur Leo Zagat          [] 3238A
Feb 2014 Pyrrhus, Jacob Abbott                             [] 3237A
Feb 2014 The Cavern of the Shining Pool, Arthur Leo Zagat  [] 3236A
Feb 2014 Western Australia, Thomas John Buckton            [] 3235A
[Title: Western Australia, comprising a Description of Australind, etc.]
Feb 2014 The Bulletin Story Book, A G Stephens             [] 3234A or .zip
Feb 2014 The Man Who Shot the Favourite, Edgar Wallace     [] 3233A
Feb 2014 The Girl who Won at Epsom, Edgar Wallace          [] 3232A
Feb 2014 The Derby Favourite, Edgar Wallace                [] 3231A
Feb 2014 On The Wallaby, Edward S Sorenson                 [] 3230A or .zip
Feb 2014 The Caretaker in Charge, Edgar Wallace            [] 3229A
Feb 2014 Blooming Aloes, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3228A
Feb 2014 A Raid on a Gambling Hell, Edgar Wallace          [] 3227A
Feb 2014 Memories and Adventures, A Conan Doyle            [] 3226A
Feb 2014 The House of the Candles, Edgar Wallace           [] 3225A
Feb 2014 The Get-Back, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3224A
Feb 2014 The Little Dragon of Jade, Edgar Wallace          [] 3223A
Feb 2014 Sentry No. 1, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3222A
Feb 2014 New Guinea, Charles Lyne                          [] 3221A
Feb 2014 A Case for Angel Esquire, Edgar Wallace           [] 3220A
Feb 2014 Nero, Jacob Abbott                                [] 3219A
Feb 2014 Romulus, Jacob Abbott                             [] 3218A
Feb 2014 Cleopatra, Jacob Abbott                           [] 3217A
Feb 2014 Darius the Great, Jacob Abbott                    [] 3216A
Feb 2014 Cyrus the Great, Jacob Abbott                     [] 3215A
Jan 2014 The Ladies' Paradise, Emile Zola                  [] 3214A or .zip
Jan 2014 Xerxes, Jacob Abbott                              [] 3213A
Jan 2014 William the Conqueror, Jacob Abbott               [] 3212A
Jan 2014 Queen Elizabeth, Jacob Abbott                     [] 3211A
Jan 2014 King Alfred of England, Jacob Abbott              [] 3210A
Jan 2014 Charles the Second, Jacob Abbott                  [] 3209A
Jan 2014 Mary Queen of Scots, Jacob Abbott                 [] 3208A
Jan 2014 Julius Caesar, Jacob Abbott                       [] 3207A
Jan 2014 Hannibal the Carthaginian, Jacob Abbott           [] 3206A
Jan 2014 Charles the First, Jacob Abbott                   [] 3205A
Jan 2014 Alexander the Great, Jacob Abbott                 [] 3204A
Jan 2014 The Art of Thinking, Ernest Dimnet                [] 3203A
Jan 2014 The Three Colonies of Australia, Samuel Sidney    [] 3202A
Jan 2014 The Interpreter, George John Whyte-Melville       [] 3201A
[Title: The Interpreter - A Tale of the War]
Jan 2014 The Gladiators, George John Whyte-Melville        [] 3200A
[Title: The Gladiators - A Tale of Rome and Judea]
Jan 2014 Sarchedon, George John Whyte-Melville             [] 3199A
[Title: Sarchedon - A Legend of the Great Queen]
Jan 2014 Riding Recollections, George John Whyte-Melville  [] 3198A
Jan 2014 M or N, George John Whyte-Melville                [] 3197A
[Title: M or N – Similia Similibus Curantur]
Jan 2014 Katerfelto, George John Whyte-Melville            [] 3196A
[Title: Katerfelto - A Story of Exmoor]
Jan 2014 Kate Coventry, George John Whyte-Melville         [] 3195A
[Title: Kate Coventry - An Autobiography]
Jan 2014 General Bounce, George John Whyte-Melville        [] 3194A
[Title: General Bounce or The Lady and the Locusts]
Jan 2014 Contraband, George John Whyte-Melville            [] 3193A
[Title: Contraband or A Losing Hazard]
Jan 2014 The Pretender, Rafael Sabatini                    [] 3192A or .zip
Jan 2014 Dagger and Sword, Rafael Sabatini                 [] 3191A or .zip
Jan 2014 The Word of Borgia, Rafael Sabatini               [] 3190A or .zip
Jan 2014 Franks: Duellist, Ambrose Pratt                   [] 3189A or .zip
Jan 2014 Fortune's Fool, Rafael Sabatini                   [] 3188A or .zip
Jan 2014 The Yellow Box, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3187A
Jan 2014 The Bravo of London, Ernest Bramah                [] 3186A
Jan 2014 William by the Grace of God, Marjorie Bowen       [] 3185A
Jan 2014 Writing the Fantastic Story, Otis Adelbert Kline  [] 3184A
Jan 2014 Stranger from Smallness, Otis Adelbert Kline      [] 3183A
Jan 2014 History of Queensland Vol 1, William Coote        [] 3182A
Jan 2014 The Beauty of the Purple, William Stearns Davis   [] 3181A
Jan 2014 God Wills It, William Stearns Davis               [] 3180A
Jan 2014 A Victor of Salamis, William Stearns Davis        [] 3179A
Jan 2014 A Friend of Caesar, William Stearns Davis         [] 3178A
Jan 2014 A Daughter of the Bush, Ambrose Pratt             [] 3177A or .zip
Jan 2014 Scholar Gispies, John Buchan                      [] 3176A
Jan 2014 Kitchener's Army, Edgar Wallace                   [] 3175A
Jan 2014 Grey Weather, John Buchan                         [] 3174A
Jan 2014 The Trial of the Seddons, Edgar Wallace           [] 3173A
Jan 2014 The Secret of the Moat Farm, Edgar Wallace        [] 3172A
Jan 2014 The Murder on Yarmouth Sands, Edgar Wallace       [] 3171A
Jan 2014 Herbert Armstrong Poisoner, Edgar Wallace         [] 3170A
Jan 2014 The Great Bank of England Frauds, Edgar Wallace   [] 3169A
Jan 2014 The Colonization of Australia, Richard C Mills    [] 3168A
[Title: The Colonization of Australia (1829-42): The Wakefield Experiment]
Jan 2014 The Standard History of the War Vol4,Edgar Wallace[] 3167A
Jan 2014 The Standard History of the War Vol3,Edgar Wallace[] 3166A
Jan 2014 The Standard History of the War Vol2,Edgar Wallace[] 3165A
Jan 2014 The Standard History of the War Vol1,Edgar Wallace[] 3164A
Jan 2014 The Counterstroke, Ambrose Pratt                  [] 3163A or .zip
Jan 2014 The Lady and the Arsenic, Marjorie Bowen          [] 3162A
Jan 2014 Charlotte Bronte, E F Benson                      [] 3161A
Jan 2014 John Walters, Sapper                              [] 3160A
Jan 2014 Jim Brent, Sapper                                 [] 3159A
Dec 2013 Through the Magic Door, Arthur Conan Doyle        [] 3158A
Dec 2013 The Wanderings of a Spiritualist, Arthur C Doyle  [] 3157A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle]
Dec 2013 The Duello in France, Arthur Conan Doyle          [] 3156A
Dec 2013 My Favourite Novelist and His Best Book, A C Doyle[] 3155A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle]
Dec 2013 Life on a Greenland Whaler, Arthur Conan Doyle    [] 3154A
Dec 2013 Juvenilia, Arthur Conan Doyle                     [] 3153A
Dec 2013 Crossing an Alpine Pass on Ski, Arthur Conan Doyle[] 3152A
Dec 2013 The Future of Canadian Literature, Arthur C Doyle [] 3151A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle]
Dec 2013 A Lodge in the Wilderness, John Buchan            [] 3150A
Dec 2013 The Squatter's Ward, Edward S Sorenson            [] 3149A or .zip
Dec 2013 Empress Octavia, Wilhelm Walloth                  [] 3148A
Dec 2013 The Broom-Squire, Sabine Baring-Gould             [] 3147A
Dec 2013 The Book of Were-Wolves, Sabine Baring-Gould      [] 3146A
Dec 2013 Perpetua, Sabine Baring-Gould                     [] 3145A
Dec 2013 Pabo the Priest, Sabine Baring-Gould              [] 3144A
Dec 2013 Noemi-A Story of Rock-Dwellers,Sabine Baring-Gould[] 3143A
Dec 2013 Mehalah-A Story of the Salt Marshes,S Baring-Gould[] 3142A
[Author: Sabine Baring-Gould]
Dec 2013 In the Roar of the Sea, Sabine Baring-Gould       [] 3141A
Dec 2013 Historic Oddities--Series 2, Sabine Baring-Gould  [] 3140A
[Title: Historic Oddities and Strange Events—Series 2]
Dec 2013 Historic Oddities--Series 1, Sabine Baring-Gould  [] 3139A
[Title: Historic Oddities and Strange Events—Series 1]
Dec 2013 Domitia, Sabine Baring-Gould                      [] 3138A
Dec 2013 Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, S Baring-Gould  [] 3137A
[Author" Sabine Baring-Gould]
Dec 2013 Curiosities of Olden Times, Sabine Baring-Gould   [] 3136A
Dec 2013 A Book of Ghosts, Sabine Baring-Gould             [] 3135A
Dec 2013 One Night in Somerset, Edgar Wallace              [] 3134A
Dec 2013 Lord Exenham Creates a Sensation, Edgar Wallace   [] 3133A
Dec 2013 Halley's Comet, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3132A
[Title: Halley's Comet, the Cowboy and Lord Dorrington]
Dec 2013 Before Witnesses, Edgar Wallace                   [] 3131A
Dec 2013 The Death Room, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3130A
Dec 2013 The Mouthpiece, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3129A
Dec 2013 The Table, Edgar Wallace                          [] 3128A
Dec 2013 The Man who Changed his Name, Edgar Wallace       [] 3127A
Dec 2013 St. Winifred's-or The World of School, F W Farrar [] 3126A
[Author: Frederic W Farrar]
Dec 2013 Julian Home - A Tale of College Life, F W Farrar  [] 3125A
[Author: Frederic W Farrar]
Dec 2013 Gathering Clouds, Frederic W Farrar               [] 3124A
Dec 2013 Eric, or Little by Little, Frederic W Farrar      [] 3123A
Dec 2013 Darkness and Dawn, Frederic W Farrar              [] 3122A
Dec 2013 Eleven Letters on the Colonies, Edward G Wakefield[] 3121A
[Author: Edward Gibbon Wakefield]
Dec 2013 Letter From Sydney, Robert Gouger                 [] 3120A
[Title: Letter From Sydney, The Principal Town Of Australasia]
Dec 2013 The Strange Lapses of Larry Loman, Edgar Wallace  [] 3119A
Dec 2013 Army Reform, Edgar Wallace                        [] 3118A
Dec 2013 King of The Rocks, Ambrose Pratt                  [] 3117A or .zip
Dec 2013 Sanctuary Island, Edgar Wallace                   [] 3116A
Dec 2013 Smoky Cell, Edgar Wallace                         [] 3115A
Nov 2013 The Founding of South Australia, Edwin Hodder     [] 3114A
[Title: The Founding of S.A., as recorded in the Journals of Mr. Robert Gouger]
Nov 2013 The Green Pack, Edgar Wallace                     [] 3113A
Nov 2013 The Earl of Nowhere, Edgar Wallace                [] 3112A
Nov 2013 The Veiled Man, Ambrose Pratt                     [] 3111A or .zip
Nov 2013 Gentleman Jack Bushranger, John Sandes            [] 3110A or .zip
Nov 2013 Cleopatra, H Rider Haggard                        [] 3109A
Nov 2013 Serapis, Georg Ebers                              [] 3108A
Nov 2013 Homo Sum, Georg Ebers                             [] 3107A
Nov 2013 Cleopatra, Georg Ebers                            [] 3106A
Nov 2013 A Thorny Path, Georg Ebers                        [] 3105A
Nov 2013 Mr. Miller and the Kaiser, Edgar Wallace          [] 3104A
Nov 2013 The Mystery of Murrawang, Edward S Sorenson       [] 3103A or .zip
Nov 2013 W C Gosse's Explorations, 1873, W C Gosse         [] 3102A
Nov 2013 Captain Furneaux's Narrative, Tobias Furneaux     [] 3101A
[Title: Captain Furneaux's Narrative, with some Account of Van Diemen's Land]
Nov 2013 Crozet's Voyage in 1771-2, Henry Ling Roth Roth   [] 3100A
[Title: Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania etc in 1771-2]
Nov 2013 Callista, John Henry Newman                       [] 3099A
Nov 2013 The Magnificent Ensign Smith, Edgar Wallace       [] 3098A
Nov 2013 The Young Carthaginian, G A Henty                 [] 3097A
Nov 2013 For the Temple, G A Henty                         [] 3096A
Nov 2013 Beric the Briton, G A Henty                       [] 3095A
Nov 2013 Zenobia, William Ware                             [] 3094A
Nov 2013 Aurelian, William Ware                            [] 3093A
Nov 2013 The Prince Of India, Lew Wallace                  [] 3092A
Nov 2013 The Fair God, Lew Wallace                         [] 3091A
Nov 2013 Ben-Hur, Lew Wallace                              [] 3090A
Nov 2013 To The Lions, Alfred John Church                  [] 3089A
Nov 2013 The Last Days of Jerusalem, Alfred John Church    [] 3088A
Nov 2013 The Count of the Saxon Shore, Alfred John Church  [] 3087A
Nov 2013 The Burning of Rome, Alfred John Church           [] 3086A
Nov 2013 Stories from Livy, Alfred John Church             [] 3085A
Nov 2013 Roman Life in the Days of Cicero, Alfred J Church [] 3084A
Nov 2013 Lucius--Adventures of a Roman Boy, Alfred J Church[] 3083A
Nov 2013 Lords of the World, Alfred John Church            [] 3082A
Nov 2013 The Man Who Came Back, Edgar Wallace              [] 3081A
Nov 2013 The Education of King Peter, Edgar Wallace        [] 3080A
Nov 2013 A Dream, Edgar Wallace                            [] 3079A
Nov 2013 The Forest of Happy Thoughts, Edgar Wallace       [] 3078A
Nov 2013 The Poisoners, Edgar Wallace                      [] 3077A
Nov 2013 Moss Rose, Marjorie Bowen                         [] 3076A
Nov 2013 The Black Avons 3, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3075A
[Title: The Black Avons: From Waterloo to the Mutiny]
Nov 2013 The Black Avons 2, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3074A
[Title: The Black Avons: Roundhead and Cavalier]
Nov 2013 The Black Avons 1, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3073A
[Title: The Black Avons: How They Fared in the Time of the Tudors]
Nov 2013 Castle Vane: A Romance of Bushranging,J H M Abbott[] 3072A or .zip
Nov 2013 The Woman from the East, Edgar Wallace            [] 3071A
Nov 2013 The Day of Uniting, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3070A
Nov 2013 The Big Four, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3069A
Nov 2013 1925 - The Story of a Fatal Peace, Edgar Wallace  [] 3068A
Nov 2013 The Road to London, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3067A
Nov 2013 The Shepherds' Dance, Edward S Sorenson           [] 3066A
[Title: The Shepherds' Dance: With the Lamb-Markers of the Paroo] or .zip
Nov 2013 Smithy Abroad, Edgar Wallace                      [] 3065A
Nov 2013 Spotty the Bower-Bird, Edward S Sorenson          [] 3064A
[Title: Spotty the Bower-Bird and Other Stories] or .zip
Nov 2013 The Black Avons 4, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3063A
[Title: The Black Avons: Europe in the Melting Pot]
Nov 2013 The Sodium Lines, Edgar Wallace                   [] 3062A
Nov 2013 Antonina, Wilkie Collins                          [] 3061A
Nov 2013 Sally: The Tale of a Currency Lass, J H M Abbott  [] 3060A or .zip
Nov 2013 The Terror and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace       [] 3059A
Nov 2013 The Slip, Edgar Wallace                           [] 3058A
Nov 2013 The Hand of Power, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3057A
Oct 2013 Andivius Hedulio, Edward Lucas White              [] 3056A
Oct 2013 The Unwilling Vestal, Edward Lucas White          [] 3055A
Oct 2013 The Histories, Tacitus                            [] 3054A
Oct 2013 The Annals, Tacitus                               [] 3053A
Oct 2013 A Son of the Sea, John Arthur Barry               [] 3052A or .zip
Oct 2013 The Green Bungalow, Fred Merrick White            [] 3051A or .zip
Oct 2013 The Works of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar         [] 3050A
Oct 2013 The Fourth Plague, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3049A
Oct 2013 The Twelve Caesars, Suetonius                     [] 3048A
Oct 2013 The Aeneid, Virgil                                [] 3047A
Oct 2013 The Murder at the 'Port Helm', Edgar Wallace      [] 3046A
Oct 2013 Smithy and the Hun, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3045A
Oct 2013 The Limp of the Clan Chen, Edgar Wallace          [] 3044A
Oct 2013 The House Surgeon, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3043A
Oct 2013 If--?, Edgar Wallace                              [] 3042A
Oct 2013 Dinky Darbison, Edwin James Welch                 [] 3041A
[Edwin James Welch writing as Alwyn Alverstoke] or .zip
Oct 2013 Number Six, Edgar Wallace                         [] 3040A
Oct 2013 The Terror, Edgar Wallace                         [] 3039A
Oct 2013 Sundry Great Gentlemen, Marjorie Bowen            [] 3038A
Oct 2013 Three Years with Thunderbolt, Ambrose Pratt       [] 3037A or .zip
Oct 2013 The Million-Dollar Story, Edgar Wallace           [] 3036A
Oct 2013 Penelope of the Polyantha, Edgar Wallace          [] 3035A
Oct 2013 The Great Reward, Edgar Wallace                   [] 3034A
Oct 2013 Eve's Island, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3033A
Oct 2013 Life In The Australian Backblocks, Edward Sorenson[] 3032A or .zip
Oct 2013 The Three Oak Mystery, Edgar Wallace              [] 3031A
Oct 2013 Gospel-Truth Mortimer, Edgar Wallace              [] 3030A
Oct 2013 The Companions of the Ace High, Edgar Wallace     [] 3029A
Oct 2013 Down Under Donovan, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3028A
Oct 2013 The Nuptials of Corbigny, Rafael Sabatini         [] 3027A
Oct 2013 Face Cards, Carolyn Wells                         [] 3026A
Oct 2013 While the Passengers Slept, Edgar Wallace         [] 3025A
Oct 2013 The Barford 'Snake', Edgar Wallace                [] 3024A
Oct 2013 The Despatch Rider, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3023A
Oct 2013 We Shall See, Edgar Wallace                       [] 3022A
Oct 2013 An Expedition from Port Denison, A J Richardson   [] 3021A
[Title: An Overland Expedition from Port Denison to Cape York]
[Author: Archibald J Richardson]
Oct 2013 The Last Adventure, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3020A
Oct 2013 The Orator, Edgar Wallace                         [] 3019A
Oct 2013 The Books of Bart, Edgar Wallace                  [] 3018A
Oct 2013 Visit of Charles Fraser to the Swan River, J G Hay[] 3017A
[Title: The Visit of Charles Fraser to the Swan River in 1827]
Oct 2013 Sleuth of the Air Waves, Emile C Tepperman        [] 3016A
Sep 2013 A History of Geographical Discovery,Edward Heawood[] 3015A
[Title: A History of Geographical Discovery in the 17th and 18th Centuries]
Sep 2013 Short Stories Volume 2, John Arthur Barry         [] 3014A or .zip
Sep 2013 Flight of the Silver Eagle, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 3012A
Sep 2013 The Magic Walking-Stick, John Buchan              [] 3011A
Sep 2013 The Man Called McGinnice, Edgar Wallace           [] 3010A
Sep 2013 Christmas Eve at the China Dog, Edgar Wallace     [] 3009A
Sep 2013 A Day with von Tirpitz, Edgar Wallace             [] 3008A
Sep 2013 The Secret of the Sands, Fred Merrick White       [] 3007A or .zip
Sep 2013 The Steward, Edgar Wallace                        [] 3006A
Sep 2013 Dan Kelly Outlaw, Ambrose Pratt                   [] 3005A or .zip
Sep 2013 The Kookaburra, Edward S Sorenson                 [] 3004A or .zip
Sep 2013 Shorty Bill,  Sapper                              [] 3003A
Sep 2013 Forbidden Lover, Rafael Sabatini                  [] 3002A
Sep 2013 The River of Stars, Edgar Wallace                 [] 3001A
Sep 2013 Looking for Leichhardt: the 19th Century,N Overton[] 3000A
[Author: Ned Overton]
Sep 2013 The Supreme Test, Fred Merrick White              [] 2999A or .zip
Sep 2013 Blackmail, Fred Merrick White                     [] 2998A or .zip
Sep 2013 The Thief in the Night, Edgar Wallace             [] 2997A
Sep 2013 The Mixer, Edgar Wallace                          [] 2996A
Sep 2013 The Mystery of the Downs, Arthur J Rees           [] 2995A
Sep 2013 The Duel on the Beach, Rafael Sabatini            [] 2994A
Sep 2013 Elegant Edward, Edgar Wallace                     [] 2993A
Sep 2013 Out of the Blue,  Sapper                          [] 2992A
Sep 2013 The Cardinal Moth, Fred Merrick White             [] 2991A
Sep 2013 Michael Cassidy, Sergeant (US Edition), Sapper    [] 2990A
Sep 2013 Sergeant Michael Cassidy, R.E. (UK Edition),Sapper[] 2989A
Sep 2013 The Dinner Club, Sapper                           [] 2988A
Sep 2013 Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition, J G Hill [] 2987A
Sep 2013 The Man in Ratcatcher and Other Stories, Sapper   [] 2986A
Sep 2013 Journal of Leichhardt's 3rd Expedition, Leichhardt[] 2985A
[Author: Ludwig Leichhardt]
[Title: Journal of Dr. Leichhardt's Third Expedition]
Sep 2013 Australasiatic Reminiscences, Daniel Bunce        [] 2984A
Sep 2013 The House of Mammon, Fred Merrick White           [] 2983A
Sep 2013 Good Evans, Edgar Wallace                         [] 2982A
Sep 2013 More Educated Evans, Edgar Wallace                [] 2981A
Sep 2013 Educated Evans, Edgar Wallace                     [] 2980A
Sep 2013 The Human Touch, Sapper                           [] 2979A
Sep 2013 Short Stories Volume 3, John Arthur Barry         [] 2978A or .zip
Sep 2013 Federal Capital--Preliminary Plan,Walter B Griffin[] 2977A
[Author: Walter Burley Griffin]
[Title: The Federal Capital--Report Regarding Preliminary Plan]
Sep 2013 Expedition ascertain course River Victoria,Kennedy[] 2976A
[Author: Edmund Kennedy]
[Title: Expedition to ascertain the course of the River Victoria]
Aug 2013 The Genesis of Queensland, Henry Stuart Russell   [] 2975A
Aug 2013 Barbara on her Own, Edgar Wallace                 [] 2974A
Aug 2013 A Debt Discharged, Edgar Wallace                  [] 2973A
Aug 2013 The Lady of Little Hell, Edgar Wallace            [] 2972A
Aug 2013 The Lady Called Nita, Edgar Wallace               [] 2971A
Aug 2013 The Black and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace        [] 2970A
Aug 2013 Four-Square Jane, Edgar Wallace                   [] 2969A
Aug 2013 The Lieutenant and Others,  Sapper                [] 2968A
Aug 2013 Branded (The Daughters of a Convict), Gerald Biss [] 2967A or .zip
Aug 2013 Mrs. William Jones—and Bill, Edgar Wallace        [] 2966A
Aug 2013 Men Women and Guns, Sapper                        [] 2965A
Aug 2013 Tam's Air Taxi, Edgar Wallace                     [] 2964A
Aug 2013 Killer Kay and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace       [] 2963A
Aug 2013 The Island of Terror, Sapper                      [] 2962A
Aug 2013 The Fighting Scouts, Edgar Wallace                [] 2961A
Aug 2013 An Expedition to the South-Eastward of Perth,J Roe[] 2960A
[Author: John Septimus Roe]
Aug 2013 Thermodynamics, Enrico Fermi                      [] 2959A
Aug 2013 Secret of the River, Fred Merrick White           [] 2958A or .zip
Aug 2013 Smithy, Nobby & Co, Edgar Wallace                 [] 2957A
Aug 2013 Smithy, Edgar Wallace                             [] 2956A
Aug 2013 Nobby, Edgar Wallace                              [] 2955A
Aug 2013 The History of Ballarat, William Bramwell Withers [] 2954A
Aug 2013 The Missing Million, Edgar Wallace                [] 2953A
Aug 2013 The Melody of Death, Edgar Wallace                [] 2952A
Aug 2013 The Green Ribbon, Edgar Wallace                   [] 2951A
Aug 2013 Orion the Gold Beater, Sylvanus Cobb              [] 2950A or .zip
Aug 2013 The Edge of the Sword, Fred Merrick White         [] 2949A or .zip
Aug 2013 The Black Abbot, Edgar Wallace                    [] 2948A
Aug 2013 The Golden Hades, Edgar Wallace                   [] 2947A
Aug 2013 For Information Received, Edgar Wallace           [] 2946A
[Title: For Information Received and Other Stories]
Aug 2013 Circumstantial Evidence (1934), Edgar Wallace     [] 2945A
[Title: Circumstantial Evidence and Other Stories (1934)]
Aug 2013 The Undisclosed Client, Edgar Wallace             [] 2944A
Aug 2013 The Flying Fifty-Five, Edgar Wallace              [] 2943A
Aug 2013 The Collected Ghost Stories of M R James,M R James[] 2942A or .zip
Aug 2013 Vultures' Sanctuary, Robert Ervin Howard          [] 2941A
Aug 2013 Golden Hope Christmas, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 2939A
Aug 2013 Drums of the Sunset, Robert Ervin Howard          [] 2938A
Aug 2013 The Rocklitz, Marjorie Bowen                      [] 2937A
Aug 2013 Sergeant Sir Peter, Edgar Wallace                 [] 2936A
Aug 2013 Shearers and Some Sheds, John Arthur Barry        [] 2935A or .zip
Aug 2013 They Dine in Darkness, Arthur Leo Zagat           [] 2934A
Aug 2013 The Little Walking Corpses, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 2933A
Aug 2013 The Hound of Hell, Arthur Leo Zagat               [] 2932A
Aug 2013 The Corpse Factory, Arthur Leo Zagat              [] 2931A
Aug 2013 Terror Beneath the Streets, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 2930A
Aug 2013 Soft Blows the Breeze from Hell, Arthur Leo Zagat [] 2929A
Aug 2013 Satan's Handmaiden, Arthur Leo Zagat              [] 2928A
Aug 2013 Satan's Bedchamber, Arthur Leo Zagat              [] 2927A
Aug 2013 One Night of Terror, Arthur Leo Zagat             [] 2926A
Aug 2013 Monster at Play, Arthur Leo Zagat                 [] 2925A
Aug 2013 Midnight Fangs, Arthur Leo Zagat                  [] 2924A
Aug 2013 Madman's Bride, Arthur Leo Zagat                  [] 2923A
Aug 2013 Girl of the Goat God, Arthur Leo Zagat            [] 2922A
Aug 2013 Death's Mistress, Arthur Leo Zagat                [] 2921A
Aug 2013 Death Lands a Cargo, Arthur Leo Zagat             [] 2920A
Aug 2013 Death Dance of the Broken Dolls, Arthur Leo Zagat [] 2919A
Aug 2013 Bride of the Winged Terror, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 2918A
Aug 2013 The Green Ray, Arthur Leo Zagat                   [] 2917A
Aug 2013 The Strange Countess, Edgar Wallace               [] 2916A
Aug 2013 The Vanishing American, Zane Grey                 [] 2915A
Aug 2013 Revels for the Lusting Dead, Arthur Leo Zagat     [] 2914A
Aug 2013 Priestess of Murder, Arthur Leo Zagat             [] 2913A
Aug 2013 Lair of the Snake Girl, Arthur Leo Zagat          [] 2912A
Aug 2013 Death's Cold Arms, Arthur Leo Zagat               [] 2911A
Aug 2013 Death Lives in Our House, Arthur Leo Zagat        [] 2910A
Aug 2013 The Antarctic Book: 1907-1909, Ernest Shackleton  [] 2909A
[Title: The Antarctic Book: Winter Quarters, 1907-1909]
Jul 2013 Niobe, All Smiles, Harry and Edward Paulton       [] 2908A or .zip
Jul 2013 The Dead Remember, Robert Ervin Howard            [] 2907A
Jul 2013 Thirst of the Damned, Arthur Leo Zagat            [] 2905A
Jul 2013 Satan's Scalpel, Arthur Leo Zagat                 [] 2904A
Jul 2013 Riverfront Horror, Arthur Leo Zagat               [] 2903A
Jul 2013 Crawling Madness, Arthur Leo Zagat                [] 2902A
Jul 2013 Chains of the Living Dead, Arthur Leo Zagat       [] 2901A
Jul 2013 Progress of Interior Discovery in NSW,A Cunningham[] 2900A
[Author: Allan Cunningham]
[Title: Brief View of the Progress of Interior Discovery in New South Wales]
Jul 2013 Geographical Memoirs on NSW, Barron Field         [] 2899A
Jul 2013 The Carnival of Florence, Marjorie Bowen          [] 2898A
Jul 2013 The Black Swan, Rafael Sabatini                   [] 2897A
Jul 2013 Marauders by Night, Arthur Gask                   [] 2896A or .zip
Jul 2013 William Prince of Orange 1650-1673, Marjorie Bowen[] 2895A
Jul 2013 The Enchanted Bluff, Willa Cather                 [] 2894A
Jul 2013 When Love Went Mad!, Arthur Leo Zagat             [] 2893A
Jul 2013 The Man Who Would Not Die, Arthur Leo Zagat       [] 2892A
Jul 2013 Thirst of the Living Dead, Arthur Leo Zagat       [] 2891A
Jul 2013 Journals of Expeditions made in W.A., Joseph Cross[] 2890A
Jul 2013 Collected Juvenilia, Robert Ervin Howard          [] 2888A
Jul 2013 House of Living Death, Arthur Leo Zagat           [] 2887A
Jul 2013  Expedition to Explore Interior W.A.,Robert Austin[] 2885A
[Title: An Expedition to Explore the Interior of Western Australia]
Jul 2013 Red Blades of Black Cathay, Robert Ervin Howard   [] 2884A
Jul 2013 The Land Where Time Stood Still, Arthur Leo Zagat [] 2881A
Jul 2013 Knife-River Prodigal, Robert Ervin Howard         [] 2879A
Jul 2013 A Ring-Tailed Tornado, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 2878A
Jul 2013 A Man-Eating Jeopard, Robert Ervin Howard         [] 2877A
Jul 2013 A Queen of the Stage, Fred Merrick White          [] 2875A or .zip
Jul 2013 Red Lion and Blue Star, John Arthur Barry         [] 2874A or .zip
Jul 2013 Black Hound of Death, Robert Ervin Howard         [] 2872A
Jul 2013 The Crime of Laura Sarelle, Marjorie Bowen        [] 2871A
Jul 2013 The Stalking-Horse, Rafael Sabatini               [] 2870A
Journal of the Central Aust. Exploring Exped., W H Tietkens[] 2868A
[Title: Journal of the Central Australian Exploring Expedition, 1889]
Jul 2013 The Challenge from Beyond, Robert Ervin Howard    [] 2867A
Jul 2013 Historical Records of Port Phillip,J J Shillinglaw[] 2865A
[Author: John J Shillinglaw]
Jul 2013 My Lady Bountiful, Fred Merrick White             [] 2863A or .zip
Jul 2013 Bellarion The Fortunate, Rafael Sabatini          [] 2862A
Jul 2013 Dig Me No Grave, Robert Ervin Howard              [] 2860A
Jul 2013 A Moment's Madness, Marjorie Bowen                [] 2859A
Jul 2013 The Riot of Bucksnort, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 2857A
Jul 2013 Gents on the Lynch, Robert Ervin Howard           [] 2856A
Jul 2013 A Gent from the Pecos, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 2855A
Jul 2013 Bagatelle and Some Other Diversions,Marjorie Bowen[] 2854A
Jul 2013 Three Tales of the Ring, Robert Ervin Howard      [] 2853A
Jul 2013 The History of South Australia Vol II,Edwin Hodder[] 2852A
Jul 2013 Swords of Shahrazar, Robert E Howard              [] 2850A
Jul 2013 The Phantom Car, Fred Merrick White               [] 2847A or .zip
Jul 2013 Solomon Kane's Homecoming - A Poem,Robert E Howard[] 2844A
Jul 2013 The Private Secretary, Charles Hawtry             [] 2843A or .zip
Jun 2013 Brethren of the Main, Rafael Sabatini             [] 2841A
Jun 2013 Five-Star Frameup, Emile C Tepperman              [] 2840A
Jun 2013 The Lonely Bride, Fred Merrick White              [] 2839A
Jun 2013 The King and the Oak – A Poem, Robert Ervin Howard[] 2837A
Jun 2013 The Dream, H G Wells                              [] 2835A
Jun 2013 Cimmeria - A Poem, Robert Ervin Howard            [] 2834A
Jun 2013 John Batman the Founder of Victoria, James Bonwick[] 2833A
Jun 2013 Passers-by, Charles Haddon Chambers               [] 2831A or .zip
Jun 2013 World Brain, H G Wells                            [] 2830A
Jun 2013 What is Coming, H G Wells                         [] 2829A
Jun 2013 Washington and the Hope of Peace, H G Wells       [] 2828A
Jun 2013 War and the Future, H G Wells                     [] 2827A
Jun 2013 Utopias, H G Wells                                [] 2826A
Jun 2013 This Misery of Boots, H G Wells                   [] 2825A
Jun 2013 The War That Will End War, H G Wells              [] 2824A
Jun 2013 The Open Conspiracy, H G Wells                    [] 2823A
Jun 2013 The Salvaging of Civilization, H G Wells          [] 2822A
Jun 2013 Northmost Australia, Volume 2, Robert Logan Jack  [] 2821A
Jun 2013 The Future in America, H G Wells                  [] 2820A
Jun 2013 The Fate of Man, H G Wells                        [] 2819A
Jun 2013 The Elements of Reconstruction, H G Wells         [] 2818A
Jun 2013 The Discovery of the Future, H G Wells            [] 2817A
Jun 2013 The Common Sense of War and Peace, H G Wells      [] 2816A
Jun 2013 Socialism and the Family, H G Wells               [] 2815A
Jun 2013 New Worlds for Old, H G Wells                     [] 2814A
Jun 2013 Marxism vs. Liberalism, H G Wells                 [] 2813A
Jun 2013 Mankind in the Making, H G Wells                  [] 2812A
Jun 2013 In the Fourth Year, H G Wells                     [] 2811A
Jun 2013 God the Invisible King, H G Wells                 [] 2810A
Jun 2013 First and Last Things, H G Wells                  [] 2809A
Jun 2013 Experiment in Autobiography, H G Wells            [] 2808A
Jun 2013 Crux Ansata, H G Wells                            [] 2807A
Jun 2013 Certain Personal Matters, H G Wells               [] 2806A
Jun 2013 A Year of Prophesying, H G Wells                  [] 2805A
Jun 2013 Anticipations, H G Wells                          [] 2804A
Jun 2013 An Englishman Looks at the World, H G Wells       [] 2803A
Jun 2013 The Idea of a League of Nations, H G Wells        [] 2802A
Jun 2013 The Wheels of Chance, H G Wells                   [] 2801A
Jun 2013 The Undying Fire, H G Wells                       [] 2800A
Jun 2013 The Soul of a Bishop, H G Wells                   [] 2799A
Jun 2013 The Secret Places of the Heart, H G Wells         [] 2798A
Jun 2013 The Research Magnificent, H G Wells               [] 2797A
Jun 2013 The Passionate Friends, H G Wells                 [] 2796A
Jun 2013 You Can't Be Too Careful, H G Wells               [] 2795A
Jun 2013 The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman, H G Wells           [] 2794A
Jun 2013 From Information Received, Fred Merrick White     [] 2793A or .zip
Jun 2013 A Christmas Bride, Fred Merrick White             [] 2792A or .zip
Jun 2013 Northmost Australia, Volume 1, Robert Logan Jack  [] 2791A
Jun 2013 The Dear Departed, Stanley Houghton               [] 2790A or .zip
Jun 2013 Her Christmas Dawn, Fred Merrick White            [] 2789A or .zip
Jun 2013 The New Machiavelli, H G Wells                    [] 2788A
Jun 2013 The King Who was a King, H G Wells                [] 2787A
Jun 2013 The History of Mr Polly, H G Wells                [] 2786A
Jun 2013 Mr Britling Sees it Through, H G Wells            [] 2785A
Jun 2013 Meanwhile, H G Wells                              [] 2784A
Jun 2013 Marriage, H G Wells                               [] 2783A
Jun 2013 Love and Mr Lewisham, H G Wells                   [] 2782A
Jun 2013 Joan and Peter, H G Wells                         [] 2781A
Jun 2013 The Missing Blade, Fred Merrick White             [] 2780A or .zip
Jun 2013 Pictures in the Snow, Fred Merrick White          [] 2779A or .zip
Jun 2013 The Vaults of Blackarden Castle, Arthur Gask      [] 2778A or .zip
Jun 2013 The Brothers, H G Wells                           [] 2777A
Jun 2013 Boon, H G Wells                                   [] 2776A
Jun 2013 Bealby: A Holiday, H G Wells                      [] 2775A
Jun 2013 Babes in the Darkling Woods, H G Wells            [] 2774A
Jun 2013 Ann Veronica: A Modern Love Story, H G Wells      [] 2773A
Jun 2013 King in Prussia, Rafael Sabatini                  [] 2772A
Jun 2013 The World Set Free, H G Wells                     [] 2771A
Jun 2013 The Wonderful Visit, H G Wells                    [] 2770A
Jun 2013 The War in the Air, H G Wells                     [] 2769A
Jun 2013 When the Sleeper Wakes, H G Wells                 [] 2768A
Jun 2013 The Sleeper Awakes, H G Wells                     [] 2767A
Jun 2013 My Wife's Family, Fred Duprez                     [] 2766A or .zip
Jun 2013 Karaway the Cockatoo, Edward S Sorenson           [] 2765A
[Title: Karaway the Cockatoo and Other Nature Stories] or .zip
Jun 2013 Chivalry, Rafael Sabatini                         [] 2764A
Jun 2013 A Modern Utopia, H G Wells                        [] 2763A
Jun 2013 The Sea Lady, H G Wells                           [] 2762A
Jun 2013 In the Days of the Comet, H G Wells               [] 2761A
Jun 2013 The Cat and the Canary, John Willard              [] 2760A or .zip
Jun 2013 The Food of the Gods, H G Wells                   [] 2759A
Jun 2013 The First Men in the Moon, H G Wells              [] 2758A
Jun 2013 A Shadowed Love, Fred Merrick White               [] 2757A or .zip
May 2013 They Knew What They Wanted, Sidney Howard         [] 2756A or .zip
May 2013 Admiral Phillip, Louis Becke                      [] 2755A
[Authors: Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery]
May 2013 Jan in India, Otis Adelbert Kline                 [] 2754A
May 2013 The Time Machine - Abridged Version, H G Wells    [] 2753A
May 2013 Ah, Wilderness, Eugene O'Neill                    [] 2752A or .zip
May 2013 The Poisoners, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 2751A
May 2013 Sea Yarns, John Arthur Barry                      [] 2750A
May 2013 Found Dead, Fred Merrick White                    [] 2749A or .zip
May 2013 Sixteen in Nome, Max Brand                        [] 2748A
May 2013 Silvertip's Search, Max Brand                     [] 2747A
May 2013 The Devil Light, Edgar Wallace                    [] 2746A
May 2013 The Black Grippe, Edgar Wallace                   [] 2745A
May 2013 The Whispering Outlaw, Max Brand                  [] 2744A
May 2013 The Mustang Herder, Max Brand                     [] 2743A
May 2013 The Mountain Fugitive, Max Brand                  [] 2742A
May 2013 The Lightning Warrior, Max Brand                  [] 2741A
May 2013 Red Devil of the Range, Max Brand                 [] 2740A
May 2013 Marbleface, Max Brand                             [] 2739A
May 2013 The Quest of Lee Garrison, Max Brand              [] 2738A
May 2013 Smaragda's Lover, Walter J Turner                 [] 2737A or .zip
May 2013 The Terrible People, Edgar Wallace                [] 2736A
May 2013 The Nuptials of Corbal, Rafael Sabatini           [] 2735A
May 2013 Ned McCobb's Daughter, Sidney Howard              [] 2734A or .zip
May 2013 The Tomb of Ts'in, Edgar Wallace                  [] 2733A
May 2013 The Red Bandanna, Max Brand                       [] 2732A
May 2013 Soft Metal, Max Brand                             [] 2731A
May 2013 His Name His Fortune, Max Brand                   [] 2730A
May 2013 The History of South Australia, Vol I,Edwin Hodder[] 2729A
May 2013 The Ghost of Down Hill, Edgar Wallace             [] 2728A
[Title: The Ghost of Down Hill & The Queen of Sheba's Belt]
May 2013 The Tenderfoot, Max Brand                         [] 2727A
May 2013 Gunman's Gold, Max Brand                          [] 2726A
May 2013 Aunt Beardie, Marjorie Bowen                      [] 2725A
May 2013 The Marriage of Meldrum Strange,     Talbot Mundy [] 2724A
May 2013 Wild Freedom, Max Brand                           [] 2723A
May 2013 Way of the Lawless, Max Brand                     [] 2722A
May 2013 Trailin', Max Brand                               [] 2721A
May 2013 The Rangeland Avenger, Max Brand                  [] 2720A
May 2013 The Long Long Trail, Max Brand                    [] 2719A
May 2013 Silvertip, Max Brand                              [] 2718A
May 2013 The Garden of Eden, Max Brand                     [] 2717A
May 2013 Riders of the Silences, Max Brand                 [] 2716A
May 2013 Harrigan, Max Brand                               [] 2715A
May 2013 Donnegan, Max Brand                               [] 2714A
May 2013 Bull Hunter, Max Brand                            [] 2713A
May 2013 Black Jack, Max Brand                             [] 2712A
May 2013 Alcatraz, Max Brand                               [] 2711A
May 2013 Acres of Unrest, Max Brand                        [] 2710A
May 2013 Valley Thieves, Max Brand                         [] 2709A
May 2013 The Seventh Man, Max Brand                        [] 2708A
May 2013 The Untamed, Max Brand                            [] 2707A
May 2013 The Ten-Foot Chain, Max Brand                     [] 2706A
May 2013 The Man who Ate the Popomack, Walter J Turner     [] 2705A or .zip
May 2013 In The Steps of Mary Queen of Scots,Marjorie Bowen[] 2704A
May 2013 With Cobb and Co. in Far Inland Australia, J Barry[] 2703A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
May 2013 Norfolk Island: Where Three Cables Meet, J A Barry[] 2702A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
May 2013 The Passage of the Palmetto, John Arthur Barry    [] 2701A or .zip
May 2013 The League of Ancient Mariners, John Arthur Barry [] 2700A or .zip
May 2013 The Australian Victories in France, John Monash   [] 2699A
[Title: The Australian Victories in France in 1918]
May 2013 The Naughty Wife, Fred Jackson                    [] 2698A or .zip
May 2013 Jerry Stokes, Grant Allen                         [] 2697A or .zip
May 2013 The Moon Pool, Abraham Merritt                    [] 2696A
May 2013 The Metal Monster, Abraham Merritt                [] 2695A
May 2013 When Old Gods Wake, Abraham Merritt               [] 2694A
May 2013 The White Road, Abraham Merritt                   [] 2693A
May 2013 The Last Poet and the Robots, Abraham Merritt     [] 2692A
May 2013 Collected Short Stories, Abraham Merritt          [] 2691A
May 2013 With Young Germany on Shipboard, John Arthur Barry[] 2690A or .zip
May 2013 The Ship and Her Master, John Arthur Barry        [] 2689A or .zip;
May 2013 The Pastoral Life, Past and Present, John A Barry [] 2688A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
May 2013 How They Came Out in the Fifties,John Arthur Barry[] 2687A or .zip
May 2013 H.M.S. Pylades, The Last of Her Class, J A Barry  [] 2686A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
May 2013 The Mask of Midas, G K Chesterton                 [] 2685A
May 2013 The Man with the Scales, Marjorie Bowen           [] 2684A
May 2013 The Secret of the League, Ernest Bramah           [] 2683A
May 2013 Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat, Ernest Bramah           [] 2682A
May 2013 Early Days of Windsor New South Wales,James Steele[] 2681A
May 2013 Twelve Tales, Grant Allen                         [] 2680A
May 2013 An African Millionaire, Grant Allen               [] 2679A
May 2013 The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, C L Pirkis     [] 2678A
[Author: Catherine Louisa Pirkis]
[Title: The Experiences of Loveday Brooke Lady Detective]
May 2013 Hilda Wade, Grant Allen                           [] 2677A
May 2013 Miss Cayley's Adventures, Grant Allen             [] 2676A
May 2013 Why Paul Ferroll Killed his Wife, Caroline Clive  [] 2675A or .zip
May 2013 Paul Ferroll, Caroline Clive                      [] 2674A
May 2013 W J Farrer and the Results of his Work,F B Guthrie[] 2673A
[Title: William J Farrer and the Results of his Work]
May 2013 The Provincial Lady in Russia, E M Delafield      [] 2672A or .zip
May 2013 The Philistine, E M Delafield                     [] 2671A or .zip
May 2013 Cheating the Gallows, Israel Zangwill             [] 2670A or .zip
May 2013 The Eyes of Max Carrados, Ernest Bramah           [] 2669A or .zip
May 2013 The Pilot Service of Port Jackson, John A Barry   [] 2668A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
May 2013 On the Fringe of the Harbor, John Arthur Barry    [] 2667A or .zip
May 2013 Five Hundred Carats, George Griffith              [] 2666A
May 2013 The Star Chamber, William Harrison Ainsworth      [] 2665A
May 2013 The Old London Merchant,William Harrison Ainsworth[] 2664A
May 2013 The Leaguer Of Lathom, William Harrison Ainsworth [] 2663A
May 2013 Rookwood, William Harrison Ainsworth              [] 2662A
May 2013 Preston Fight, William Harrison Ainsworth         [] 2661A
May 2013 Ovingdean Grange, William Harrison Ainsworth      [] 2660A
May 2013 Guy Fawkes, William Harrison Ainsworth            [] 2659A
May 2013 Records of the Macarthurs of Camden, S M Onslow   [] 2658A
[Author: Sibella Macarthur Onslow]
[Title: Some Early Records of the Macarthurs of Camden]
May 2013 The House on the River, Fred Merrick White        [] 2657A or .zip
May 2013 Early History of Victoria Vol II, F P Labilliere  [] 2656A
[Title: Early History of the Colony of Victoria Vol II]
[Author: Francis Peter Labilliere]
May 2013 The Thing That Walked in the Rain, Otis A Kline   [] 2655A
[Author: Otis Adelbert Kline]
May 2013 The Revenge of the Robot, Otis Adelbert Kline     [] 2654A
May 2013 The Metal Monster, Otis Adelbert Kline            [] 2653A
May 2013 The Malignant Entity, Otis Adelbert Kline         [] 2652A
May 2013 Spawn of the Comet, Otis Adelbert Kline           [] 2651A
May 2013 A Vision of Venus, Otis Adelbert Kline            [] 2650A
May 2013 Our Boys, Henry James Byron                       [] 2649A or .zip
Apr 2013 The Ebony Stick, Earl Derr Biggers                [] 2648A
Apr 2013 General Crack, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 2647A
Apr 2013 The Swordsman of Mars, Otis Adelbert Kline        [] 2646A
Apr 2013 The Harper's Stories, Marjorie Bowen              [] 2645A
Apr 2013 Earl Derr Biggers Tells Ten Stories,Earl D Biggers[] 2644A
[Author: Earl Derr Biggers]
Apr 2013 Fifty Candles, Earl Derr Biggers                  [] 2643A
Apr 2013 Inside the Lines, Earl Derr Biggers               [] 2642A
Apr 2013 Love Insurance, Earl Derr Biggers                 [] 2641A
Apr 2013 Seven Keys to Baldpate, Earl Derr Biggers         [] 2640A
Apr 2013 Early History of Victoria Vol I, F P Labilliere   [] 2639A
[Title: Early History of the Colony of Victoria Vol I]
[Author: Francis Peter Labilliere]
Apr 2013 How the Wool Went Home Long Ago, John Arthur Barry[] 2638A or .zip
Apr 2013 Nell Gwyn, Marjorie Bowen                         [] 2637A
Apr 2013 Cambric Tea, Marjorie Bowen                       [] 2636A
Apr 2013 On Ocean Racecourses, John Arthur Barry           [] 2635A or .zip
Apr 2013 Stuffing, Edgar Wallace                           [] 2634A
Apr 2013 The Passionate Year, James Hilton                 [] 2633A
Apr 2013 With Jack Ashore: The Seamen's Institute,J A Barry[] 2632A
[Author: John Arthur Barry]
Apr 2013 The Wild Knight and Other Poems, G K Chesterton   [] 2631A
Apr 2013 Magic, G K Chesterton                             [] 2630A
Apr 2013 The Appetite of Tyranny, G K Chesterton           [] 2629A
Apr 2013 The Barbarism of Berlin, G K Chesterton           [] 2628A
Apr 2013 The Flying Inn, G K Chesterton                    [] 2627A
Apr 2013 Mary Queen of Scots, Marjorie Bowen               [] 2626A
Apr 2013 The Dawn of Reckoning, James Hilton                [] 2625A
Apr 2013 The White Pillars Murder, G K Chesterton          [] 2624A
Apr 2013 The Well and the Shallows, G K Chesterton         [] 2623A
Apr 2013 The Victorian Age in Literature, G K Chesterton   [] 2622A
Apr 2013 Short Stories Volume 2, John Arthur Barry         [] 2620A or .zip
Mar 2013 The Song of the Cakes, Arthur Leo Zagat           [] 2619A
Mar 2013 The Revolt of the Machines, Arthur Leo Zagat      [] 2618A
Mar 2013 The Death-Cloud, Arthur Leo Zagat                 [] 2617A
Mar 2013 When the Sleepers Woke, Arthur Leo Zagat          [] 2616A
Mar 2013 The Great Dome of Mercury, Arthur Leo Zagat       [] 2615A
Mar 2013 Collected Stories Vol. II, Rafael Sabatini        [] 2614A
Mar 2013 The Destroyer, Arthur Gask                        [] 2613A
Mar 2013 Torquemada and The Spanish Inquisition, R Sabatini[] 2612A
[Author: Rafael Sabatini]
Mar 2013 The Donnington Affair, G K Chesterton             [] 2611A
Mar 2013 Payable to Bearer, Talbot Mundy                   [] 2610A
Mar 2013 Defender of the Faith, Marjorie Bowen             [] 2609A
Mar 2013 Parade of the Wooden Kimonos, Emile C Tepperman   [] 2608A
Mar 2013 The Avenger Collection, Emile C Tepperman         [] 2607A
Mar 2013 Twelve Types, G K Chesterton                      [] 2606A
Mar 2013 Tremendous Trifles, G K Chesterton                [] 2605A
Mar 2013 Manalive, G K Chesterton                          [] 2604A
Mar 2013 The Reporter and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace     [] 2603A
Mar 2013 The Adventures of Heine, Edgar Wallace            [] 2602A
Mar 2013 Kate Plus Ten, Edgar Wallace                      [] 2601A
Mar 2013 The Admirable Carfew, Edgar Wallace               [] 2600A
Mar 2013 Memoirs of Mrs Caroline Chisholm, Eneas Mackenzie [] 2599A
Mar 2013 With Swag and Billy, Henry James Tompkins         [] 2590A
Mar 2013 The Angel of the Assassination, Marjorie Bowen    [] 2589A
Mar 2013 The Defendant, G K Chesterton                     [] 2588A
Mar 2013 Appreciation & Criticism of Dickens,G K Chesterton[] 2587A
[Title: Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens]
Mar 2013 Varied Types, G K Chesterton                      [] 2586A
Mar 2013 Ben Hamed, Sylvanus Cobb                          [] 2585A
Mar 2013 Greybeards at Play, G K Chesterton                [] 2584A
Mar 2013 The Life of Sir John Franklin, Henry Duff Traill  [] 2583A
Mar 2013 What's Wrong with the World, G K Chesterton       [] 2582A
Mar 2013 The Ball and the Cross, G K Chesterton            [] 2581A
Mar 2013 The Ballad of the White Horse, G K Chesterton     [] 2580A
Mar 2013 Orthodoxy, G K Chesterton                         [] 2579A
Mar 2013 Eugenics and Other Evils, G K Chesterton          [] 2578A
Mar 2013 Autobiography, G K Chesterton                     [] 2577A
Mar 2013 Heretics, G K Chesterton                          [] 2576A
Mar 2013 A Miscellany of Men, G K Chesterton               [] 2575A
Mar 2013 All Things Considered, G K Chesterton             [] 2574A
Mar 2013 Alarms and Discursions, G K Chesterton            [] 2573A
Mar 2013 Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea,John Moresby[] 2572A
[Title: Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea and the D'Entrecasteaux Islands]
Mar 2013 Countess Glika and Other Stories, Warwick Deeping [] 2571A
Mar 2013 The Turnstile, A E W Mason                        [] 2570A
Mar 2013 Miranda of the Balcony, A E W Mason               [] 2569A
Mar 2013 Ferriby, Marjorie Bowen                           [] 2568A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XVII, Fred M White   [] 2567A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XVI, Fred M White    [] 2566A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XV, Fred M White     [] 2565A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XIV, Fred M White    [] 2564A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XIII, Fred M White   [] 2563A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XII, Fred M White    [] 2562A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. XI, Fred M White     [] 2561A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. X, Fred M White      [] 2560A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. IX, Fred M White     [] 2559A
Mar 2013 The Knight of Leon, Sylvanus Cobb                 [] 2558A or .zip
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. VIII, Fred M White   [] 2557A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. VII, Fred M White    [] 2556A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. VI, Fred M White     [] 2555A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories Vol. V, Fred M White      [] 2554A
Mar 2013 Early Tasmania, James Backhouse Walker            [] 2553A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories V. IV, Fred M White       [] 2552A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories V. III, Fred M White      [] 2551A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories V. II, Fred M White       [] 2550A
Mar 2013 The Golden Violet, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 2549A
Mar 2013 Collected Short Stories V. I, Fred M White        [] 2548A
Mar 2013 The Missing Note, Fred M White                    [] 2547A
Mar 2013 The Third Estate, Marjorie Bowen                  [] 2546A
Mar 2013 The Leopard and the Lily, Marjorie Bowen          [] 2545A
Feb 2013 The Governor of England, Marjorie Bowen           [] 2544A
Feb 2013 An Economic History of Australia, Edward Shann    [] 2543A
Feb 2013 Sword of Gimshai, James Anson Buck                [] 2542A
Feb 2013 Sargasso of Lost Safaris, James Anson Buck        [] 2541A
Feb 2013 The Slave Brand of Sleman bin Ali,James Anson Buck[] 2540A
Feb 2013 Ivan the Serf, Sylvanus Cobb                      [] 2539A or .zip
Feb 2013 Venetian Masque, Rafael Sabatini                  [] 2538A
Feb 2013 The Gates of Doom, Rafael Sabatini                [] 2537A
Feb 2013 The Banner of the Bull, Rafael Sabatini           [] 2536A
Feb 2013 The King's Minion, Rafael Sabatini                [] 2535A
Feb 2013 The Hounds of God, Rafael Sabatini                [] 2534A
Feb 2013 Short Stories Volume 1, John Arthur Barry         [] 2533A or .zip
Feb 2013 The Debate Continues, Marjorie Bowen              [] 2532A
Feb 2013 Kings-at-Arms, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 2531A
Feb 2013 Mutiny, Ned Overton                               [] 2530A
[Title: Mutiny; and the Trial of Lt. Col. Johnston (An Outline of the Rum Rebellion)
Feb 2013 The Felonry of New South Wales, James Mudie       [] 2529A or .zip
Jan 2013 God's Playthings, Marjorie Bowen                  [] 2528A
Jan 2013 Collected Twilight Stories Vol. II, M Bowen       [] 2527A
[Author: Marjorie Bowen] or .zip
Jan 2013 Julia Roseingrave, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 2526A
Jan 2013 Pictures of Travel, William Mogford Hamlet        [] 2525A
Jan 2013 Landlopers, John Le Gay Brereton                  [] 2524A
Jan 2013 Master of Men (abridged), E Phillips Oppenheim    [] 2523A
Jan 2013 The Watchers, A E W Mason                         [] 2522A
Jan 2013 The Truants, A E W Mason                          [] 2521A
Jan 2013 The Four Corners of The World, A E W Mason        [] 2520A
Jan 2013 The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel, A E W Mason    [] 2519A
Jan 2013 Parson Kelly, A E W Mason                         [] 2518A
Jan 2013 Lawrence Clavering, A E W Mason                   [] 2517A
Jan 2013 Green Stockings, A E W Mason                      [] 2516A
Jan 2013 A Romance of Wastdale, A E W Mason                [] 2515A
Jan 2013 Charley's Aunt, Brandon Thomas                    [] 2514A or .zip
Jan 2013 Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, T B Wilson [] 2513A
[Author: Thomas Braidwood Wilson]
Jan 2013 No Other Tiger, A E W Mason                       [] 2512A
Jan 2013 Wreck of the "Sydney Cove" in 1797, Anonymous     [] 2511A
Jan 2013 The Dean's Elbow, A E W Mason                     [] 2510A
Jan 2013 The Inevitable Millionaires, E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2509A
Jan 2013 Gleanings: 1910-1914, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2508A
Jan 2013 Purple Pirate, Talbot Mundy                       [] 2507A
Jan 2013 The Stretelli Case, Edgar Wallace                 [] 2506A
[Title: The Stretelli Case and Other Mystery Srories]
Jan 2013 The Prison Breakers, Edgar Wallace                [] 2505A
Jan 2013 The Governor Of Chi-Foo, Edgar Wallace            [] 2504A
[Title: The Governor Of Chi-Foo and Other Stories]
Jan 2013 The Edgar Wallace Reader, Edgar Wallace           [] 2503A
Jan 2013 The Cat Burglar and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace  [] 2502A
Jan 2013 Nig-Nog and Other Humorous Stories, Edgar Wallace [] 2501A
Jan 2013 Fighting Snub Reilly, Edgar Wallace               [] 2500A
Jan 2013 Voyage of Discovery to N.S.W. in the Lady Nelson  [] 2499A
[Title: Voyage of Discovery to N.S.W. in the Lady Nelson in 1800-2]
[Author: James Grant]
Jan 2013 The Burning Glass, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 2498A
Jan 2013 Mischief in the Air, Max Afford                   [] 2497A or .zip
Jan 2013 The Little Green Man and Other Stories, E Wallace [] 2496A
[Author: Edgar Wallace]
Jan 2013 A History of the Australasian Colonies, E Jenks   [] 2495A
[Author: Edward Jenks]
Jan 2013 Andrew Tresholm, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2494A
[Title: Andrew Tresholm - Adentures of a Reluctant Gambler]
Jan 2013 South Sea Shipmates, John Arthur Barry            [] 2493A or .zip
Jan 2013 The Tragedy of the Silver Moon, Arthur Gask       [] 2492A or .zip
Jan 2013 Gleanings: 1903-1909, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2491A
Jan 2013 Full Moon, Talbot Mundy                           [] 2490A
Jan 2013 The Man from Poonch, Talbot Mundy                 [] 2489A
Jan 2013 The State and Federal Constitutions of Australia  [] 2488A
[Author: Karl Reginald Cramp]
Jan 2013 Tennyson, G K Chesterton                          [] 2487A
Jan 2013 Early News from a New Colony:British Museum Papers[] 2486A
[Author: Anonumous]
Jan 2013 The Dark Mill Stream, Arthur Gask                 [] 2485A or .zip
Jan 2013 Two Journals, George William Evans                [] 2484A
[Title: Two Journals of Early Exploration in New South Wales]
Jan 2013 Thackeray, G K Chesterton and Lewis Melville      [] 2483A
Jan 2013 Report on the Judicial Establishments             [] 2482A
[Author: John Thomas Bigge]
[Title: Report on the Judicial Establishments of New South Wales]
Jan 2013 Report on Agriculture and Trade                   [] 2481A
[Author: John Thomas Bigge]
[Title: Report on Agriculture and Trade in the Colony of New South Wales]
Jan 2013 Robert Louis Stevenson, G K Chesterton            [] 2480A
Jan 2013 Charles Dickens, G K Chesterton and F G Kitton    [] 2479A
Jan 2013 Chaucer, G K Chesterton                           [] 2478A
Jan 2013 Up the Ladder of Gold, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 2477A
Jan 2013 Southern Lights and Shadows, Frank Fowler         [] 2476A or .zip
Jan 2013 Report on State of the Colony of New South Wales, [] 2475A
[Author: John Thomas Bigge]
Jan 2013 Reminiscences of the Maranoa, Mary A McManus      [] 2474A
[Title: Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of the Maranoa District]
Jan 2013 Witness for the Defence, A E W Mason              [] 2473A
Jan 2013 The Summons, A E W Mason                          [] 2472A
Jan 2013 The Philanderers, A E W Mason                     [] 2471A
Jan 2013 The Broken Road, A E W Mason                      [] 2470A
Jan 2013 Running Water, A E W Mason                        [] 2469A
Jan 2013 Ensign Knightley and Other Stories, A E W Mason   [] 2468A
Jan 2013 Clementina, A E W Mason                           [] 2467A
Jan 2013 The Story of the Blacks, Charles White            [] 2466A
Jan 2013 Selected Short Stories, Victor L Whitechurch      [] 2465A
Jan 2013 Thrilling Stories of the Railway, V Whitechurch   [] 2464A
[Author: Victor L Whitechurch]
Jan 2013 They Wouldn't be Chessmen, A E W Mason            [] 2463A
Jan 2013 The Discovery of Bass Strait, George Bass         [] 2462A
Jan 2013 Selected Short Stories, Talbot Mundy              [] 2461A
Jan 2013 Queen Cleopatra, Talbot Mundy                     [] 2460A
Jan 2013 Steve Brown's Bunyip and Other Stories, John Barry[] 2459A
[Author: John Arthur Barry] or .zip
Jan 2013 A Soldier and a Gentleman, Talbot Mundy           [] 2458A
Dec 2012 Thomas Carlyle, G K Chesterton                    [] 2457A
Dec 2012 John Burnet of Barns, John Buchan                 [] 2456A
Dec 2012 Journal and Letters, Daniel Southwell             [] 2455A
Dec 2012 Robert Browning, G K Chesterton                   [] 2454A
Dec 2012 The Treasure House of Martin Hews, E P Oppenheim  [] 2453A
[Author: E Phillips Oppenheim]
Dec 2012 George Bernard Shaw, G K Chesterton               [] 2452A
Dec 2012 History of New South Wales From the Records,Vol.II[] 2451A
[Author: Alexander Britton]
Dec 2012 Bligh's Second Voyage to the South Sea, Ida Lee   [] 2450A
[Title: Captain Bligh's Second Voyage to the South Sea]
Dec 2012 Montrose : A History, John Buchan                 [] 2449A
Dec 2012 A Lost Lady of Old Years, John Buchan             [] 2448A
Dec 2012 The Soul of a Regiment, Talbot Mundy              [] 2447A
Dec 2012 The Pillar Of Light, Talbot Mundy                 [] 2446A
Dec 2012 Making 10000 Pounds, Talbot Mundy                 [] 2445A
Dec 2012 Kitty Burns Her Fingers, Talbot Mundy             [] 2444A
Dec 2012 MacHassan Ah, Talbot Mundy                        [] 2443A
Dec 2012 The Middle Way, Talbot Mundy                      [] 2442A
Dec 2012 Poems and Dicta, Talbot Mundy                     [] 2441A
Dec 2012 Hookum Hai, Talbot Mundy                          [] 2440A
Dec 2012 For the Salt he had Eaten, Talbot Mundy           [] 2439A
Dec 2012 The Thunder Dragon Gate, Talbot Mundy             [] 2438A
Dec 2012 Mr. Mirakel, E Phillips Oppenheim                 [] 2437A
Dec 2012 Moses and Mrs Aintree, Talbot Mundy               [] 2436A
Dec 2012 A Secret Society, Talbot Mundy                    [] 2435A
Dec 2012 The Lost Trooper, Talbot Mundy                    [] 2434A
Dec 2012 The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil, Talbot Mundy   [] 2433A
Dec 2012 A Pulpit in the Grill Room, E Phillips Oppenheim  [] 2432A
Dec 2012 History of New South Wales From the Records,Vol. I[] 2431A
[Author: George Burnett Barton]
Nov 2012 The Interloper, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2430A
Nov 2012 The Prince of Storytellers Tells, E P Oppenheim   [] 2429A
[Title: The Prince of Storytellers Tells his own Story]
[Author: E Phillips Oppenheim]
Nov 2012 Murder at the Pageant, Victor L Whitechurch       [] 2428A
Nov 2012 The White Drake, Ann Scott Moncrieff              [] 2427A
Nov 2012 The Way of Stars, Lily Adams Beck                 [] 2426A
Nov 2012 The Voyage of the Endeavour, G Arnold Wood        [] 2425A
Nov 2012 The Discovery of Australia, G Arnold Wood         [] 2424A
Nov 2012 Stolen Idols, E Phillips Oppenheim                [] 2423A
Nov 2012 Early Australian History, Charles White           [] 2422A
[Title: Early Australian History. Convict Life in New South Wales and
Van Diemen's Land, Parts I & II] or .zip
Nov 2012 The Grassleyes Mystery, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2421A
Nov 2012 Mr. Laxworthy's Adventures, E Phillips Oppenheim  [] 2420A
Nov 2012 The Golden Beast, E Phillips Oppenheim            [] 2419A
Nov 2012 The Court of St. Simon, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2418A
Nov 2012 Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees,Oppenheim[] 2417A
[Author: E Phillips Oppenheim]
Nov 2012 The Man Without Nerves, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2416A
Nov 2012 The Fall of a Dictator, Arthur Gask               [] 2415A or .zip
Nov 2012 Voyage in Search of La Perouse V.II, Labillardiere[] 2414A
[Author:  Jacques Labillardiere]
Oct 2012 Lady in Danger, Max Afford                        [] 2413A or .zip
Oct 2012 Lachlan Macquarie, Frederick Watson               [] 2412A
Oct 2012 Australian Discovery by Land, Ernest Scott        [] 2411A
Oct 2012 Australian Discovery by Sea,         Ernest Scott [] 2410A
Oct 2012 The Jest of Life, Arthur Gask                     [] 2409A or .zip
Oct 2012 The Will, Arthur Gask                             [] 2408A or .zip
Oct 2012 The Way of Chance, Arthur Gask                    [] 2407A or .zip
Oct 2012 Black Market, Arthur Gask                         [] 2406A or .zip
Oct 2012 Sir Quixote of the Moors, John Buchan             [] 2405A
Oct 2012 Consulting Room, Max Afford                       [] 2404A or .zip
Oct 2012 Lazy in the Sun, Max Afford                       [] 2403A or .zip
Oct 2012 The House with the High Wall, Arthur Gask         [] 2402A or .zip
Oct 2012 Where The Dead Men Lie And Other Poems, Boake     [] 2401A
[Author: Barcroft Boake] or .zip
Oct 2012 Simple Peter Cradd, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2400A
Oct 2012 Voyage in Search of La Perouse V.I, Labillardiere [] 2399A
[Author:  Jacques Labillardiere]
Oct 2012 The Man of Death, Arthur Gask                     [] 2398A
Oct 2012 The Last of Mrs Cheney, Frederick Lonsdale        [] 2397A or .zip
Oct 2012 The Haunted House and Other Short Stories, Woolf  [] 2396A
[Author: Virginia Woolf]
Oct 2012 The Death of the Moth and Other Essays, Woolf     [] 2395A
[Author: Virginia Woolf]
Oct 2012 Walter Sickert: A Conversation, Virginia Woolf    [] 2394A
Oct 2012 Johnny Pye and the Fool-killer, Stephen Benet     [] 2393A
[Author: Stephen Vincent Benet]
Oct 2012 His Prey was Man, Arthur Gask                     [] 2392A or .zip
Oct 2012 The Cave Girl, Edgar Rice Burroughs               [] 2391A
Oct 2012 The Evidence for the Prisoner, Fred Merrick White [] 2390A
Oct 2012 Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy                  [] 2389A
Sep 2012 Slane's Long Shots, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2388A
Sep 2012 Journal of the Expedition, Francis Barrallier     [] 2387A
[Title: Journal of the Expedition into the Interior of New South Wales in 1802]
Sep 2012 The Beachy Head Murder, Arthur Gask               [] 2386A or .zip
Sep 2012 Reports on Exploration, Peter Warburton           [] 2385A
[Title: Reports on Exploration into North and North-western Interior of S.A.]
Sep 2012 Letter From Warburton re Lake Torrens,P Warburton [] 2384A
[Author: Peter Warburton]
[Title: Letter From Warburton re Exploration around Lake Torrens]
Sep 2012 A Voyage of Discovery, Francois Peron             [] 2383A
[Title: A Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere]
Sep 2012 Who Travels Alone, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2382A
Sep 2012 The Wreck of the South Pole, Charles Curtz Hahn   [] 2381A
[Title: The Wreck of the South Pole and Other Strange Tales] or .zip
Sep 2012 False Evidence, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2380A
Sep 2012 The World's Great Snare, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 2379A
Sep 2012 The Grey Raider, Fred Merrick White               [] 2378A  or .zip
Sep 2012 The Glenlitten Murder, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 2377A
Sep 2012 The Lady of Ascot, Edgar Wallace                  [] 2376A
Sep 2012 Those Folk of Bulboro', Edgar Wallace             [] 2375A
Sep 2012 The Feathered Serpent, Edgar Wallace              [] 2374A
Sep 2012 The Double, Edgar Wallace                         [] 2373A
Sep 2012 The Grave-digger of Monks Arden, Arthur Gask      [] 2372A or .zip
Sep 2012 The Kingdom of Earth, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2371A
Sep 2012 Private Selby, Edgar Wallace                      [] 2370A
Sep 2012 The Squeaker, Edgar Wallace                       [] 2369A
Sep 2012 Silinski—Master Criminal, Edgar Wallace           [] 2368A
Sep 2012 The Nine Bears, Edgar Wallace                     [] 2367A
Sep 2012 Double Dan, Edgar Wallace                         [] 2366A
Sep 2012 Seventy-three Short Stories, H G Wells            [] 2365A
Sep 2012 Earliest Writings, H P Lovecraft                  [] 2364A
Sep 2012 Passers-by, E Phillips Oppenheim                  [] 2363A
Sep 2012 The Seven Conundrums, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2362A
Sep 2012 Crooks in the Sunshine, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2361A
Sep 2012 The Way of These Women, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2360A
Sep 2012 The Man Who Changed His Plea, E Phillips Oppenheim[] 2359A
Sep 2012 For the Queen, E Phillips Oppenheim               [] 2358A
Sep 2012 Elder Exploring Expedition 1891, David Lindsay    [] 2357A
[Title: Journal of the Elder Exploring Expedition, 1891]
Sep 2012 Major Warburton's Explorations in 1866, Warburton [] 2356A
[Author: Peter Egerton Warburton]
Sep 2012 An Expedition through Bass's Strait, Flinders     [] 2355A
[Author: Matthew Flinders]
Sep 2012 The Night of the Storm, Arthur Gask               [] 2354A or .zip
Sep 2012 The History of New South Wales, George Barrington [] 2353A
Sep 2012 The Million-Pound Deposit, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 2352A
Sep 2012 The Passionate Quest, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2351A
Sep 2012 The Deliberate Detective, E Phillips Oppenheim    [] 2350A
Sep 2012 Those Other Days, E Phillips Oppenheim            [] 2349A
Sep 2012 The Lion and the Lamb, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 2348A
Aug 2012 The Secret of the Sandhills,          Arthur Gask [] 2347A or .zip
Aug 2012 The Master Spy, Arthur Gask                       [] 2346A or .zip
Aug 2012 A Daughter of Astrea, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2345A
Aug 2012 The Pool of Memory, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2344A
Aug 2012 Mr. Billingham, the Marquis and Madelon,Oppenheim [] 2343A
[Author: E Phillips Oppenheim]
Aug 2012 Jennerton and Co, E Phillips Oppenheim            [] 2342A
Aug 2012 Clowns and Criminals, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2341A
Aug 2012 Michael's Evil Deeds, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2340A
Aug 2012 The English Novel, Ford Madox Ford                [] 2339A
[Title: The English Novel from the Earliest Days to the Death of Joseph Conrad]
Aug 2012 A Sleeping Memory, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2338A
Aug 2012 Advice Ltd, E Phillips Oppenheim                  [] 2337A
Aug 2012 Billy's Xmas, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2336A or .zip
Aug 2012 Grey Timothy, Edgar Wallace                       [] 2335A
Aug 2012 To Win the Love He Sought, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 2334A
Aug 2012 The Zeppelin's Passenger, E Phillips Oppenheim    [] 2333A
Aug 2012 The Yellow Crayon, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2332A
Aug 2012 The Wicked Marquis, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2331A
Aug 2012 The Master Mummer, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2330A
Aug 2012 The Malefactor, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2329A
Aug 2012 The Betrayal, E Phillips Oppenheim                [] 2328A
Aug 2012 The Storm Breaks, Arthur Gask                     [] 2327A or .zip
Aug 2012 A Monk of Cruta, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2326A
Aug 2012 Anna the Adventuress, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2325A
Aug 2012 The Vanished Messenger, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2324A
Aug 2012 A Maker of History, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2323A
Aug 2012 The Silent Dead, Arthur Gask                      [] 2322A or .zip
Aug 2012 The Traitors, E Phillips Oppenheim                [] 2321A
Aug 2012 The Tempting of Tavernake, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 2320A
Aug 2012 The Profiteers, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2319A
Aug 2012 The New Tenant, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2318A
Aug 2012 The Moving Finger, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2317A
Aug 2012 The Missioner, E Phillips Oppenheim               [] 2316A
Aug 2012 The Mischief-Maker, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2315A
Aug 2012 The Kingdom of the Blind,    E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2314A
Aug 2012 The Lighted Way, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2313A
Aug 2012 The Hangman's Knot, Arthur Gask                   [] 2312A or .zip
Aug 2012 The Hillman, E Phillips Oppenheim                 [] 2311A
Aug 2012 The Illustrious Prince, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2310A
Jul 2012 The Long Arm of Mannister, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 2309A or .zip
Jul 2012 The Great Secret,            E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2308A
Jul 2012 The Great Prince Shan,       E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2307A
Jul 2012 The Governors, E Phillips Oppenheim               [] 2306A
Jul 2012 The Evil Shepherd, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2305A
Jul 2012 The Double Traitor, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 2304A
Jul 2012 The Double Life of Mr Alfred Burton, Oppenheim    [] 2303A
[Author's full name: Peter E Phillips Oppenheim]
Jul 2012 Peter Ruff and the Double Four, Phillips Oppenheim[] 2302A
Jul 2012 Peter Ruff, E Phillips Oppenheim                  [] 2301A
Jul 2012 The Double Four, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2300A
Jul 2012 The Box with Broken Seals, E Phillips Oppenheim   [] 2299A
Jul 2012 The Cinema Murder, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2298A
Jul 2012 The Devil's Paw, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2297A
Jul 2012 Journey Across the Western Interior, P Warburton  [] 2296A
[Full title: Journey Across the Western Interior of Australia]
[Author's full name: Peter Egerton Warburton]
Jul 2012 The Man and his Kingdom, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 2295A or .zip
Jul 2012 The Black Box, E Phillips Oppenheim               [] 2294A
Jul 2012 The Postmaster of Market Deignton,  E P Oppenheim [] 2293A or .zip
Jul 2012 The Lost World, Arthur Conan Doyle                [] 2292A
Jul 2012 Sir Walter Scott, John Buchan                     [] 2291A
Jul 2012 The Heart of the Antarctic Vol 2,Ernest Shackleton[] 2290A
Jul 2012 The Peer and the Woman, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 2289A or .zip
Jul 2012 Tregarthen's Wife, Fred Merrick White             [] 2288A or .zip
Jul 2012 The War in South Africa, Arthur Conan Doyle       [] 2287A
Jul 2012 The Great Boer War, Arthur Conan Doyle            [] 2286A
Jul 2012 The Crime of the Congo, Arthur Conan Doyle        [] 2285A
Jul 2012 Great Britain and the Next War, Arthur Conan Doyle[] 2284A
Jul 2012 A Visit to Three Fronts, Arthur Conan Doyle       [] 2283A
Jul 2012 A Glimpse of the Army, Arthur Conan Doyle         [] 2282A
Jul 2012 The Case of Mr. George Edalji, Arthur Conan Doyle [] 2281A
Jul 2012 The Bravoes of Market Drayton, Arthur Conan Doyle [] 2280A
Jul 2012 The Case of Oscar Slater, Arthur Conan Doyle      [] 2279A
Jul 2012 The Curious Quest, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2278A or .zip
Jul 2012 The Trial of Oscar Slater, William Roughead       [] 2277A
Jul 2012 Papuan Pictures, H M Dauncey                      [] 2276A
Jul 2012 The Judgment of Larose, Arthur Gask               [] 2275A or .zip
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V6, A C Doyle      [] 2274A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V6]
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V5, A C Doyle      [] 2273A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V5]
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V4, A C Doyle      [] 2272A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V4]
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V3, A C Doyle      [] 2271A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V3]
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V2, A C Doyle      [] 2270A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V2]
Jul 2012 The British Campaign in France V1, A C Doyle      [] 2269A
[Author's full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
[Full title: The British Campaign in France and Flanders V1]
Jul 2012 Picturesque New Guinea, John William Lindt        [] 2268A
Jul 2012 Papua or British New Guinea, J H P Murray         [] 2267A
Jul 2012 Mr. Marx's Secret, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2266A
Jul 2012 Mysterious Mr. Sabin, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2265A
Jul 2012 Nobody's Man, E Phillips Oppenheim                [] 2264A
Jul 2012 The Golden Web, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2263A
Jul 2012 The Pawns Count, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2262A
Jul 2012 As A Man Lives, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2261A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Passion Years, Arthur Gask                    [] 2260A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Martyr on the Land, Arthur Gask               [] 2259A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Mark of Honor, Arthur Gask                    [] 2258A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Lottery Ticket, Arthur Gask                   [] 2257A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Hatton Garden Crime, Arthur Gask              [] 2256A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Bishop's Dilemma, Arthur Gask                 [] 2255A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Amazing Adventure of Marmaduke, Arthur Gask   [] 2254A or .zip
Jun 2012 Seedtime and Harvest, Arthur Gask                 [] 2253A or .zip
Jun 2012 Ghosts, Arthur Gask                               [] 2252A or .zip
Jun 2012 Buggy's Babies, Arthur Gask                       [] 2251A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Heart of the Antarctic Vol 1,Ernest Shackleton[] 2250A
Jun 2012 Gentlemen of Crime, Arthur Gask                   [] 2249A or .zip
Jun 2012 Ethan Strone, E Phillips Oppenheim                [] 2248A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Hand in the Dark, Arthur J Rees               [] 2247A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Shrieking Pit, Arthur J Rees                  [] 2246A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Moon Rock, Arthur J Rees                      [] 2245A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Hampstead Mystery, Arthur J Rees              [] 2244A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Dark Highway, Arthur Gask                     [] 2243A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Wrath to Come, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2242A or .zip
Jun 2012 Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 2241A
Jun 2012 General Besserley's Puzzle Box, Oppenheim         [] 2240A
[Author's full name: E Phillips Oppenheim] or .zip
Jun 2012 The Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe, Bart.,    [] 2239A
[Author's full name: E Phillips Oppenheim] or .zip
Jun 2012 Ask Miss Mott (Short Story), E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2238A
Jun 2012 The Strangers' Gate, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 2237A or .zip
Jun 2012 Powers of Darkness, Fred Merrick White            [] 2236A or .zip
Jun 2012 Karma, Fred Merrick White                         [] 2235A
Jun 2012 The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent, Oppenheim[] 2234A
[Author's full name: E Phillips Oppenheim] or .zip
Jun 2012 Ask Miss Mott (Ten Stories), E Phillips Oppenheim [] 2233A or .zip
Jun 2012 Jeanne of the Marshes, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 2232A
Jun 2012 Jacob's Ladder, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2231A
Jun 2012 Life of Sir Henry Parkes, Charles E Lyne          [] 2230A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Yellow Face, Fred Merrick White               [] 2229A or .zip
Jun 2012 Last Train Out, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2228A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Secret of the Garden, Arthur Gask             [] 2227A or .zip
Jun 2012 Berenice, E Phillips Oppenheim                    [] 2226A or .zip
Jun 2012 Havoc, E Phillips Oppenheim                       [] 2225A or .zip
Jun 2012 A People's Man, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 2224A or .zip
Jun 2012 A Prince Of Sinners, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 2223A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Avenger, E Phillips Oppenheim                 [] 2222A or .zip
Jun 2012 An Amiable Charlatan, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2221A or .zip
Jun 2012 A Millionaire of Yesterday, E Phillips Oppenheim  [] 2220A or .zip
Jun 2012 A Lost Leader, E Phillips Oppenheim               [] 2219A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Bird of Paradise, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2218A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Case of Mrs. Ruhmkorff's Will, Percy Andreae  [] 2217A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Light Beyond, E Phillips Oppenheim            [] 2216A or .zip
Jun 2012 Word of Honour,  Sapper                           [] 2215A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Ostrekoff Jewels, E Phillips Oppenheim        [] 2214A or .zip
Jun 2012 The Vengeance of Larose, Arthur Gask              [] 2213A or .zip
Jun 2012 Crossed Swords, Fred Merrick White                [] 2212A
May 2012 History of Australian Bushranging V2,Charles White[] 2211A or .zip
May 2012 History of Australian Bushranging V1,Charles White[] 2210A or .zip
May 2012 Art Critics, Fred Merrick White                   [] 2209A
May 2012 Expiation, E Phillips Oppenheim                   [] 2208A or .zip
May 2012 Sister Louise, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2207A or .zip
May 2012 Gentlemen of the Jury, Fred Merrick White         [] 2206A or .zip
May 2012 A Derelict in Clover, Fred Merrick White          [] 2205A or .zip
May 2012 The Holy Rose, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2204A
May 2012 The Spy Paramount, E Phillips Oppenheim           [] 2203A or .zip
May 2012 The Battle of Basinghall Street,Phillips Oppenheim[] 2202A or .zip
May 2012 The Turn of the Tide, Fred Merrick White          [] 2201A or .zip
May 2012 The Hidden Door, Arthur Gask                      [] 2200A or .zip
May 2012 G F Watts, G K Chesterton                         [] 2199A or .zip
May 2012 William Blake, G K Chesterton                     [] 2198A or .zip
May 2012 Tappan's Burro and Other Stories, Zane Grey       [] 2197A or .zip
May 2012 The Sundial, Fred Merrick White                   [] 2196A or .zip
May 2012 The Poisoned Goblet, Arthur Gask                  [] 2195A or .zip
May 2012 Envoy Extraordinary, E Phillips Oppenheim         [] 2194A or .zip
Apr 2012 Exit a Dictator, E Phillips Oppenheim             [] 2193A or .zip
Apr 2012 Challenge, Sapper                                 [] 2192A
Apr 2012 Knock-out, Sapper                                 [] 2191A
Apr 2012 Memory Hold-the-door, John Buchan                 [] 2190A or .zip
Apr 2012 The Watcher by the Threshold, John Buchan         [] 2189A
Apr 2012 Lady Mary's Bulldog, Fred Merrick White           [] 2188A
Apr 2012 The Sixteenth Chapter, Fred Merrick White         [] 2187A or .zip
Mar 2012 The Western Way, Fred Merrick White               [] 2186A or .zip
Mar 2012 Queen of Hearts, Fred Merrick White               [] 2185A or .zip
Mar 2012 The Yellow Moth, Fred Merrick White               [] 2184A
Mar 2012 The House on the Fens, Arthur Gask                [] 2183A or .zip
Mar 2012 The Azoff Diamonds, Fred Merrick White            [] 2182A or .zip
Mar 2012 The Arms Of Chance, Fred Merrick White            [] 2181A or .zip
Mar 2012 An Eastern Princess, Fred Merrick White           [] 2180A or .zip
Mar 2012 A Satisfactory Reference, Fred Merrick White      [] 2179A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Romance of Polar Exploration, G Firth Scott   [] 2178A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Rider of Waroona, George Firth Scott          [] 2177A or .zip
Feb 2012 Colonial Born, George Firth Scott                 [] 2176A or .zip
Feb 2012 Cloud The Smiter, Arthur Gask                     [] 2175A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Shepherd of Guadaloupe, Zane Grey             [] 2174A or .zip
Feb 2012 Icky of Oluk Lake, Fred Merrick White             [] 2173A
Feb 2012 The Dragon Fly Part 1, Fred Merrick White         [] 2172A or .zip
Feb 2012 A Deal in Diamonds, Fred Merrick White            [] 2171A or .zip
Feb 2012 Of Royal Blood, William Le Queux                  [] 2170A or .zip
Feb 2012 History of the Australian Bushrangers, G Boxall   [] 2169A
[Author's full name: George E Boxall]
Feb 2012 Temptation on a Tower, John David Hennessey       [] 2168A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Bells of Sydney, John David Hennessey         [] 2167A or .zip
Feb 2012 The World Next Door, Fred Merrick White           [] 2166A
Feb 2012 The Witness, Fred Merrick White                   [] 2165A
Feb 2012 The Waterwitch, Fred Merrick White                [] 2164A
Feb 2012 The Vital Spot, Fred Merrick White                [] 2163A
Feb 2012 The Unexpected, Fred Merrick White                [] 2162A
Feb 2012 The Throat of the Wolf, Fred Merrick White        [] 2161A
Feb 2012 The Sword of Justice, Fred Merrick White          [] 2160A
Feb 2012 The Superman, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2159A
Feb 2012 The Real Dramatic Touch, Fred Merrick White       [] 2158A
Feb 2012 The Northern Light, Fred Merrick White            [] 2157A
Feb 2012 A Captious Critic, Fred Merrick White             [] 2156A
Feb 2012 The Lady in Blue, Fred Merrick White              [] 2155A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Midnight Call, Fred Merrick White             [] 2154A
Feb 2012 The Man Who Got Through, Fred Merrick White       [] 2153A
Feb 2012 The Luck of the Game, Fred Merrick White          [] 2152A
Feb 2012 The Emsdam Dispatches, Fred Merrick White         [] 2151A
Feb 2012 A Masked Battery, Fred Merrick White              [] 2150A
Feb 2012 The Lonely Furrow, Fred Merrick White             [] 2149A
Feb 2012 The Language of Flowers, Fred Merrick White       [] 2148A
Feb 2012 The Heart of an Anarchist, Fred Merrick White     [] 2147A
Feb 2012 The Fourth Man, Fred Merrick White                [] 2146A
Feb 2012 The Eye of the Camera, Fred Merrick White         [] 2145A
Feb 2012 Free Labour, Fred Merrick White                   [] 2144A or .zip
Feb 2012 For Love's Sake, Fred Merrick White               [] 2143A or .zip
Feb 2012 Brayton's Secret, Fred Merrick White              [] 2142A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Lesson The Ants Taught, Fred Merrick White    [] 2141A
Feb 2012 The Desert Ship, Fred Merrick White               [] 2140A
Feb 2012 The Dawnstar, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2139A
Feb 2012 The Charlatan, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2138A
Feb 2012 The Buff Gauntlet, Fred Merrick White             [] 2137A or .zip
Feb 2012 The Broken Trail, Fred Merrick White              [] 2136A
Feb 2012 The Broken Lute, Fred Merrick White               [] 2135A
Feb 2012 The Balance Of Nature, Fred Merrick White         [] 2134A
Feb 2012 The Apple-Green Plate, Fred Merrick White         [] 2133A
Feb 2012 The Thirty-Seventh Month, Fred Merrick White      [] 2132A
Feb 2012 Sub Rosa, Fred Merrick White                      [] 2131A
Feb 2012 Second In The Field, Fred Merrick White           [] 2130A
Feb 2012 Photo By Lesterre, Fred Merrick White             [] 2129A
Feb 2012 Pearls of Price, Fred Merrick White               [] 2128A
Feb 2012 Forget-Me-Not, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2127A
Feb 2012 One Foggy Night, Fred Merrick White               [] 2126A
Feb 2012 Not on the Records, Fred Merrick White            [] 2125A
Feb 2012 Nerves, Fred Merrick White                        [] 2124A
Feb 2012 Made in England, Fred Merrick White               [] 2123A
Feb 2012 Love in Aether, Fred Merrick White                [] 2122A
Feb 2012 Full Fathoms Deep, Fred Merrick White             [] 2121A
Feb 2012 Below Zero, Fred Merrick White                    [] 2120A
Feb 2012 A Single Hair, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2119A
Feb 2012 The Salmon Poachers, Fred Merrick White           [] 2118A
Feb 2012 Temple Tower, Sapper                              [] 2117A
Feb 2012 A Record Round, Fred Merrick White                [] 2116A
Feb 2012 Applied Mechanics, Fred Merrick White             [] 2115A
Feb 2012 A Place in the Sun, Fred Merrick White            [] 2114A
Feb 2012 A Parrot Cry, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2113A
Feb 2012 An Ally, Fred Merrick White                       [] 2112A
Feb 2012 A Matter Of Habit, Fred Merrick White             [] 2111A
Feb 2012 A Question Of Money, Fred Merrick White           [] 2110A
Feb 2012 A Garden Of Pearls, Fred Merrick White            [] 2109A
Feb 2012 One Of The Old Guard, Fred Merrick White          [] 2108A
Feb 2012 A Draught Of Life, Fred Merrick White             [] 2107A
Feb 2012 After Reynolds, Fred Merrick White                [] 2106A
Feb 2012 A Dose Of Quinine, Fred Merrick White             [] 2105A
Feb 2012 A Corner In Elephants, Fred Merrick White         [] 2104A
Feb 2012 According To The Statute, Fred Merrick White      [] 2103A
Feb 2012 A Bit Of Egypt, Fred Merrick White                [] 2102A
Feb 2012 Craven Fortune, Fred Merrick White                [] 2101A or .zip
Feb 2012 A Daughter of Israel, Fred Merrick White          [] 2100A .zip
Feb 2012 Burglar Bill's Pupil, Fred Merrick White          [] 2099A or .zip
Feb 2012 Out of Season, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2098A
Feb 2012 Mere Details, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2097A
Feb 2012 The Unpremeditated Curtain, Fred Merrick White    [] 2096A
Feb 2012 Drops of Water, Fred Merrick White                [] 2095A
Feb 2012 A Stranger in Bohemia, Fred Merrick White         [] 2094A
Feb 2012 A Liberal Education, Fred Merrick White           [] 2093A
Feb 2012 A Matter of Kindness, Fred Merrick White          [] 2092A
Feb 2012 Collected Stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, Doyle    [] 2091A
[Author Full name: Arthur Conan Doyle]
Jan 2012 Compounding a Felony, Fred Merrick White          [] 2090A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Pair of Handcuffs, Fred Merrick White           [] 2089A or .zip
Jan 2012 Not in Possession, Fred Merrick White             [] 2088A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Plagiarist, Fred Merrick White                [] 2087A or .zip
Jan 2012 Not in the Bill, Fred Merrick White               [] 2086A or .zip
Jan 2012 An Extra Turn, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2085A or .zip
Jan 2012 His Second Self, Fred Merrick White               [] 2084A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Riddle of the Rail, Fred Merrick White        [] 2083A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Two Bon-Bons, Fred Merrick White              [] 2082A
Jan 2012 The Long Arm of Bronze, Fred Merrick White        [] 2081A
Jan 2012 The First Stone, Fred Merrick White               [] 2080A
Jan 2012 Blind Chance, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2079A
Jan 2012 A Thrilling Exit, Fred Merrick White              [] 2078A
Jan 2012 The Onus Of The Charge, Fred Merrick White        [] 2077A
Jan 2012 The Night Express, Fred Merrick White             [] 2076A
Jan 2012 The Great White Moth, Fred Merrick White          [] 2075A
Jan 2012 The Fire Bugs, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2074A
Jan 2012 The King Diamond, Fred Merrick White              [] 2073A or .zip
Jan 2012 General Marcos, Fred Merrick White                [] 2072A
Jan 2012 The Loss Of The "Eastern Empress", Fred M White   [] 2071A
Jan 2012 Crysoline Limited, Fred Merrick White             [] 2070A
Jan 2012 Redburn Castle, Fred Merrick White                [] 2069A
Jan 2012 The Cradlestone Oil Mills, Fred Merrick White     [] 2068A
Jan 2012 The Death Of The President, Fred Merrick White    [] 2067A
Jan 2012 The Rosy Cross, Fred Merrick White                [] 2066A
Jan 2012 Cleopatra's Robe, Fred Merrick White              [] 2065A
Jan 2012 The "Morrison Raid" Indemnity, Fred Merrick White [] 2064A
Jan 2012 The Silverpool Cup, Fred Merrick White            [] 2063A
Jan 2012 At Windsor, Fred Merrick White                    [] 2062A
Jan 2012 The Head Of The Caesars, Fred Merrick White       [] 2061A
Jan 2012 A Broken Memory, Fred Merrick White               [] 2060A or .zip
Jan 2012 Treasures Three, Fred Merrick White               [] 2059A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Shebeeners, Fred Merrick White                [] 2058A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Other Man's Story, Fred Merrick White         [] 2057A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Hand Invisible, Fred Merrick White            [] 2056A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Dormer Window, Fred Merrick White             [] 2055A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Black Prince, Fred Merrick White              [] 2054A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Black Narcissus, Fred Merrick White           [] 2053A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Big Thing, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2052A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Ace of Hearts, Fred Merrick White             [] 2051A or .zip
Jan 2012 Red Petals, Fred Merrick White                    [] 2050A or .zip
Jan 2012 Kindergarten, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2049A or .zip
Jan 2012 Blind, Fred Merrick White                         [] 2048A or .zip
Jan 2012 Autumn Manoeuvres, Fred Merrick White             [] 2047A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Game of Draughts, Fred Merrick White            [] 2046A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Gamble in Love, Fred Merrick White              [] 2045A or .zip
Jan 2012 Three of Them, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2044A
Jan 2012 The Courage of Despair, Fred Merrick White        [] 2043A
Jan 2012 The Almedi Concession, Fred Merrick White         [] 2042A
Jan 2012 In The Express, Fred Merrick White                [] 2041A
Jan 2012 The Other Side of the Chess Board, Fred M White   [] 2040A
Jan 2012 By Woman's Wit, Fred Merrick White                [] 2039A
html version added.
Jan 2011 The Mazaroff Rifle, Fred M White                  [] 0566A
Jan 2012 Found, Fred Merrick White                         [] 2038A
Jan 2012 The Shadow of the Dead Hand, Fred Merrick White   [] 2037A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Mystery of Room 75, Fred Merrick White        [] 2036A or .zip
Jan 2012 Paul Quentin, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2035A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Price Of Silence, Fred Merrick White          [] 2034A
Jan 2012 The Nether Millstone, Fred Merrick White          [] 2033A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Midnight Guest, Fred Merrick White            [] 2032A
Jan 2012 The Golden Bat, Fred Merrick White                [] 2031A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Golden Argosy, Fred Merrick White               [] 2030A or .zip
Jan 2012 This England: Studies of Today, Edgar Wallace     [] 2029A
Jan 2012 Spain, Canada and Other Topics, Edgar Wallace     [] 2028A
Jan 2012 Red Pages from Tsardom, Edgar Wallace             [] 2027A
Jan 2012 Reports From the Boer War, Edgar Wallace          [] 2026A
Jan 2012 A King by Night, Edgar Wallace                    [] 2025A
Jan 2012 The Mystery of Crocksands, Fred Merrick White     [] 2024A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Fatal Dose, Fred Merrick White                  [] 2023A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Crime on Canvas, Fred Merrick White             [] 2022A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Wings of Chance, Fred Merrick White           [] 2021A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Doll's House, Fred Merrick White              [] 2020A or .zip
Jan 2012 The Barrister at Bay, Fred Merrick White          [] 2019A or .zip
Jan 2012 At Short Notice, Fred Merrick White               [] 2018A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Sound in the Night, Fred Merrick White          [] 2017A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Queen in Hiding, Fred Merrick White             [] 2016A or .zip
Jan 2012 A Daughter of Nature, Fred Merrick White          [] 2015A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Seed Of Empire, Fred Merrick White            [] 2014A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Man with the Eye Glass, Fred Merrick White    [] 2013A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Left Hand, Fred Merrick White                 [] 2012A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Last Drive, Fred Merrick White                [] 2011A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Heels of the Dawn, Fred Merrick White         [] 2010A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Colonel's Xmas Pudding, Fred Merrick White    [] 2009A or .zip
Dec 2011 Anonymous, Fred Merrick White                     [] 2008A or .zip
Dec 2011 An Error of Judgment, Fred Merrick White          [] 2007A or .zip
Dec 2011 Captains of Souls, Edgar Wallace                  [] 2006A
Dec 2011 Tales of the Thinking Machine, Jacques Futrelle   [] 2005A
[Full Title: Tales of the Thinking Machine and Other Stories]
Dec 2011 Unbidden Guests, Fred Merrick White               [] 2004A or .zip
Dec 2011 This Little World, Fred Merrick White             [] 2003A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Day, or The Passing of a Throne, Fred M White [] 2002A or .zip
Dec 2011 Hardy's Big Coup, Fred Merrick White              [] 2001A or .zip
Dec 2011 The Purple Terror, Fred Merrick White             [] 2000A or .zip
Dec 2011 A Stolen Interview, Fred Merrick White            [] 1999A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Red Paste Murders, Arthur Gask                [] 1998A or .zip
Nov 2011 The House on the Island, Arthur Gask              [] 1997A or .zip
Nov 2011 A Popular Novelist, Fred Merrick White            [] 1996A or .zip
Nov 2011 Pictorial History of the Second World War, W. Wise[] 1995A (Volumes 1-5) (Volume 6)
Nov 2011 The Man Who Knew, Fred Merrick White              [] 1994A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Shadow of Larose, Arthur Gask                 [] 1993A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Mystery Of The Ravenspurs, Fred Merrick White [] 1992A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Devil's Advocate, Fred Merrick White          [] 1991A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Caravan Crime, Fergus Hume                    [] 1990A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Salt Of The Earth, Fred Merrick White         [] 1989A or .zip
Nov 2011 The Daughters of the Night, Edgar Wallace         [] 1988A or .zip
Nov 2011 Damon Runyon Omnibus, Damon Runyon                [] 1987A
Sep 2011 The Clock Struck Twelve, Fred Merrick White       [] 1986A or .zip
Sep 2011 Adventure, Fred Merrick White                     [] 1985A or .zip
Sep 2011 The Last Lemurian, George Firth Scott             [] 1984A or .zip
Sep 2011 The White Glove, Fred Merrick White               [] 1983A or .zip
Sep 2011 An Australian Bush Track, John David Hennessey    [] 1982A
Sep 2011 Dilemmas, A E W Mason                             [] 1981A or .zip
Aug 2011 The Man who was Nobody, Edgar Wallace             [] 1980A or .zip
Aug 2011 Angel Esquire, Edgar Wallace                      [] 1979A or .zip
Aug 2011 The Northing Tramp, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1978A or .zip
Aug 2011 The Traitor's Gate, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1977A or .zip
Aug 2011 A Tail of Gold, John David Hennessey              [] 1976A or .zip
Aug 2011 Wynnum White's Wickedness, John David Hennessey   [] 1975A or .zip
Aug 2011 The Dis-Honourable, John David Hennessey          [] 1974A or .zip
Jul 2011 The Outlaw, John David Hennessey                  [] 1973A or .zip
Jun 2011 The Story of a Great Schoolmaster, H G Wells      [] 1972A or .zip
Jun 2011 The Caves of Shend, John David Hennessey          [] 1971A or .zip
Jun 2011 Seamew Cavern, Herbert Russell                    [] 1970A or .zip
Jun 2011 The Black Cat, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1969A or .zip
Jun 2011 A Lost Life,  Anonymous                           [] 1968A or .zip
May 2011 The World's Debt to the Catholic Church, J J Walsh[] 1967A or .zip
May 2011 Collected Stories Series 2, Sylvanus Cobb         [] 1966A or .zip
May 2011 Slade, Warwick Deeping                            [] 1965A
May 2011 The Red Knight of Germany, Floyd Gibbons          [] 1964A or .zip
May 2011 On The Night Express, Fred Merrick White          [] 1963A or .zip
May 2011 A Royal Wrong, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1962A or .zip
May 2011 All These I Learnt, Robert Byron                  [] 1961A or .zip
May 2011 The Right Thing, A E W Mason                      [] 1960A or .zip
May 2011 The Gunmaker of Moscow, Sylvanus Cobb             [] 1959A or .zip
Apr 2011 Proof Positive, Fred Merrick White                [] 1958A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Pawn and the Rook, Fred Merrick White         [] 1957A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Man who Rang the Bell, Fred Merrick White     [] 1956A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Foil, Fred Merrick White                      [] 1955A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Convict, Fred Merrick White                   [] 1954A or .zip
Apr 2011 On Peace Night, Fred Merrick White                [] 1953A or .zip
Apr 2011 His Majesty's Mails, Fred Merrick White           [] 1952A or .zip
Apr 2011 And This is Fame, Fred Merrick White              [] 1951A or .zip
Apr 2011 A Dog's Life, Fred Merrick White                  [] 1950A or .zip
Apr 2011 A Bootless Errand, Fred Merrick White             [] 1949A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Platinum Chain, Fred Merrick White            [] 1948A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Pardon, Fred Merrick White                    [] 1947A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Grey Bat, Fred Merrick White                  [] 1946A or .zip
Apr 2011 The Blindworm, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1945A or .zip
Apr 2011 Judgment Reserved, Fred Merrick White             [] 1944A or .zip
Apr 2011 Early Closing Day, Fred Merrick White             [] 1943A or .zip
Mar 2011 Wee Macgreegor, J J Bell                          [] 1942A or .zip
Mar 2011 Atholbane, Sylvanus Cobb                          [] 1941A or .zip
Mar 2011 The Smuggler's Ward, Sylvanus Cobb                [] 1940A or .zip
Mar 2011 Collected Stories Series 1, Sylvanus Cobb         [] 1939A or .zip
Mar 2011 The Ugly Duckling, Katharine Tynan                [] 1938A or .zip
Mar 2011 The Gentlemen in Possession, Katharine Tynan      [] 1937A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Schoolmaster and Felicia, A E W Mason         [] 1936A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Guiding Star, Fred Merrick White              [] 1935A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Joinville Tunnel, Fred Merrick White          [] 1934A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Orpheusia, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1933A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Stranger Within the Gate, Fred Merrick White  [] 1932A or .zip or .zip
Feb 2011 The White Spot, Fred Merrick White                [] 1931A or .zip
Feb 2011 Ice in June, Fred Merrick White                   [] 1930A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Councillors of Falconhoe, Fred Merrick White  [] 1929A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Ends Of Justice, Fred Merrick White           [] 1928A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Five Knots, Fred Merrick White                [] 1927A or .zip
Feb 2011 The Golden Rose, Fred Merrick White               [] 1926A or .zip
Jan 2011 A Manual of the Pwo Karen Dialect,Charles H Duffin[] 1925A
Jan 2011 Mr Skeffington, Elizabeth Von Arnim               [] 1924A or .zip
Jan 2011 Charles Darwin, Grant Allen                       [] 1923A or .zip
Dec 2010 On the Iron at Big Cloud, Frank L Packard         [] 1922A
Dec 2010 Footsteps of Fate, Louis Couperus                 [] 1921A or .zip
Dec 2010 The Will and The Way, Bernard Capes               [] 1920A or .zip
Dec 2010 The Weight of the Crown, Fred Merrick White       [] 1919A or .zip
Dec 2010 Letters of a Javanese Princess, Raden A Kartini   [] 1918A or .zip
Dec 2010 Nothing So Strange, James Hilton                  [] 1917A or .zip
Dec 2010 The Lonely House, Arthur Gask                     [] 1916A or .zip
Dec 2010 Furze the Cruel, John Trevena                     [] 1915A or .zip
Dec 2010 A Romance of Kangaroo Point, Ernest Favenc        [] 1914A or .zip
Nov 2010 Pawned, Frank L Packard                           [] 1913A
Nov 2010 A Burgling Incident, Arthur Morrison              [] 1912A or .zip
Nov 2010 The Second Chapter, Fred Merrick White            [] 1911A or .zip
Nov 2010 The Mystery of Room Five, Fred Merrick White      [] 1910A or .zip
Nov 2010 The Master's Voice, Fred Merrick White            [] 1909A or .zip
Nov 2010 The Case for the Prisoner, Fred Merrick White     [] 1908A or .zip
Nov 2010 For Once in a Way, Fred Merrick White             [] 1907A or .zip
Nov 2010 Coralie and the Pearls, Fred Merrick White        [] 1906A or .zip
Nov 2010 An Eye for an Eye, Fred Merrick White             [] 1905A or .zip
Nov 2010 A Call on the Phone, Fred Merrick White           [] 1904A or .zip
Nov 2010 The Vanished Emperor, Percy Andreae               [] 1903A or .zip
Nov 2010 Christowell, Richard Doddridge Blackmore          [] 1902A
Nov 2010 The Maid of Sker, Richard Doddridge Blackmore     [] 1901A
Nov 2010 The Night Operator, Frank L Packard               [] 1900A
Nov 2010 The Romantic Prince, Rafael Sabatini              [] 1899A
Nov 2010 Free and Other Stories, Theodore Dresiser         [] 1898A
Nov 2010 The Impudence of Youth, Warwick Deeping           [] 1897A
Nov 2010 The Sin that was His, Frank L Packard             [] 1896A
Oct 2010 The Sentence of the Court, Fred Merrick White     [] 1895A or .zip
Oct 2010 The Honour Of His House, Harold Bindloss          [] 1894A or .zip
Oct 2010 A Mummer's Throne, Fred Merrick White             [] 1893A or .zip
Oct 2010 By Violence, John Trevena                         [] 1892A or .zip
Oct 2010 How They Took The Olga Out, Harold Bindloss       [] 1891A or .zip
Oct 2010 The Scales of Justice, Fred Merrick White         [] 1890A
Oct 2010 The Honour of His House, Fred Merrick White       [] 1889A or .zip
Oct 2010 The Lost Angel, Katharine Tynan                   [] 1888A or .zip
Oct 2010 The Heart of A Grand-father, Katharine Tynan      [] 1887A or .zip
Oct 2010 An Eye for an Eye, Vernon Houseman                [] 1886A or .zip
Oct 2010 The Wyvern Mystery (Vol 3),Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu[] 1885A or .zip
Oct 2010 Die Sonette an Orpheus, Rainer Maria Rilke        [] 1884A or .zip
Oct 2010 A Clue in Wax, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1883A or .zip
Sep 2010 The Call of the Southern Cross, John Sandes       [] 1882A or .zip
Sep 2010 Smith, Warwick Deeping                            [] 1881A or .zip
Sep 2010 The Man Called Gilray, Fred Merrick White         [] 1880A or .zip
Sep 2010 Designing Fate, John Sandes                       [] 1879A or .zip
Sep 2010 A Bush Bayard, John Sandes                        [] 1878A or .zip
Sep 2010 The Miser's Daughter, William Harrison Ainsworth  [] 1877A or .zip
Sep 2010 Hard Pressed, Fred Merrick White                  [] 1876A or .zip
Aug 2010 The Mystery of the Four Fingers,Fred Merrick White[] 1875A or .zip
Aug 2010 The Crimson Blind, Fred Merrick White             [] 1874A or .zip
Aug 2010 The Slave of Silence, Fred Merrick White          [] 1873A or .zip
Aug 2010 A Rope of Snow, Fred Merrick White                [] 1872A or .zip
Aug 2010 The Man who was Two, Fred Merrick White           [] 1871A or .zip
Aug 2010 The Hermit Convict, William Draper                [] 1870A or .zip
Aug 2010 Kitty, Warwick Deeping                            [] 1869A or .zip
Jul 2010 Lorna Doone, Richard Doddridge Blackmore          [] 1868A or .zip
Jul 2010 Cripps the Carrier, Richard Doddridge Blackmore   [] 1867A or .zip
Jul 2010 The Pilgrim Church, E H Broadbent                 [] 1866A
Jul 2010 The Leopard's Spots, Fred Merrick White           [] 1865A
Jul 2010 The Empty House, Fred Merrick White               [] 1864A or .zip
Jul 2010 The Corner House, Fred Merrick White              [] 1863A or .zip
Jul 2010 The Lost Galleon, Katharine Tynan                 [] 1862A or .zip
Jul 2010 The Case for the Crown, Fred Merrick White        [] 1861A or .zip
Jul 2010 Mr Gurney and Mr Slade, Warwick Deeping           [] 1860A or .zip
Jun 2010 Harvey Garrard's Crime, E Phillips Oppenheim      [] 1859A or .zip
Jun 2010 Gabriel Samara, E Phillips Oppenheim              [] 1858A or .zip
Jun 2010 The House in the Forest, Katharine Tynan          [] 1857A or .zip
Jun 2010 Michael Godwin's Xmas Box, Katharine Tynan        [] 1856A or .zip
Jun 2010 The Law of the Land, Fred Merrick White           [] 1855A or .zip
Jun 2010 A Front of Brass, Fred Merrick White              [] 1854A or .zip
Jun 2010 A Secret Service, Fred Merrick White              [] 1853A or .zip
Jun 2010 The Red Speck, Fred Merrick White                 [] 1852A
Apr 2010 Bones of the River, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1851A
Apr 2010 Contango, James Hilton                            [] 1850A or .zip
Mar 2010 Dr Thorndyke Intervenes, R Austin Freeman         [] 1849A or .zip
Mar 2010 Dr. Thorndyke's Crime File, R Austin Freeman      [] 1848A or .zip
Mar 2010 The Uttermost Farthing, R Austin Freeman          [] 1847A or .zip
Mar 2010 Dr Thorndyke Investigates, R Austin Freeman       [] 1846A or .zip
Mar 2010 The Garden of Fear, Robert Ervin Howard           [] 1845A
Mar 2010 The Road, Warwick Deeping                         [] 1844A or .zip
Feb 2010 The Mystery of Angelina Frood, R Austin Freeman   [] 1843A or .zip
Feb 2010 The Fortunes of Captain Blood, Rafael Sabatini    [] 1842A or .zip
Jan 2010 Madame Storey Intervenes, Hulbert Footner         [] 1841A or .zip
Jan 2010 Madame Storey's Way, Hulbert Footner              [] 1840A or .zip
Jan 2010 The King's Messenger, Rafael Sabatini             [] 1839A or .zip
Jan 2010 Main Street, Sinclair Lewis                       [] 1838A or .zip
Jan 2010 Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis                           [] 1837A or .zip
Jan 2010 Knight Without Armour, James Hilton               [] 1836A or .zip
Jan 2010 The Great Impersonation, E Phillips Oppenheim     [] 1835A or .zip
Jan 2010 To You Mr Chips, James Hilton                     [] 1834A or .zip
Jan 2010 Murder at Monte Carlo, E Phillips Oppenheim       [] 1833A or .zip
Jan 2010 Falsehood in War-time, Arthur Ponsonby            [] 1832A
[Full title: Falsehood in War-time: Propaganda Lies of the First World War] or .zip
Dec 2009 And Now Goodbye, James Hilton                     [] 1831A or .zip
Dec 2009 Early Days in North Queensland, Edward Palmer     [] 1830A or .zip
Dec 2009 Ken Ward in the Jungle, Zane Grey                 [] 1829A or .zip
Dec 2009 God and the King, Marjorie Bowen                  [] 1828A or .zip
Nov 2009 I Will Maintain, Marjorie Bowen                   [] 1827A or .zip
Nov 2009 Bulldog Drummond at Bay, Sapper                   [] 1826A
Nov 2009 Prince and Heretic, Marjorie Bowen                [] 1825A or .zip
Nov 2009 A Vocabulary of the Sgau Karen Language, J Wade   [] 1728A
[Author full name: Jonathan Wade] or .doc
Nov 2009 A Dictionary of the Sgau Karen Language, J Wade   [] 1824A
[Author full name: Jonathan Wade] or .doc
Nov 2009 Beau Ideal, P C Wren                              [] 1823A or .zip
Nov 2009 The Story of Dr. Wassell, James Hilton            [] 1822A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Wyvern Mystery Vol 2, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [] 1821A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Wyvern Mystery Vol 1, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [] 1820A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Desert Girl, Robert Ames Bennet               [] 1819A or .zip
Oct 2009 Canon Alberic's Scrap-book, M R James             [] 1818A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Five Jars, M R James                          [] 1817A or .zip
Oct 2009 Lost Hearts, M R James                            [] 1816A .zip
Oct 2009 The Yoke of Life, Frederick Philip Grove          [] 1815A or .zip
Oct 2009 Lark Rise to Candleford, Flora Jane Thompson      [] 1814A or .zip
Oct 2009 Still Glides the Stream, Flora Jane Thompson      [] 1813A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Loring Mystery, Jeffery Farnol                [] 1812A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Quest of Youth, Jeffery Farnol                [] 1811A or .zip
Oct 2009 Adam Penfeather, Jeffery Farnol                   [] 1810A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Corpse in the Crimson Slippers, R A J Walling [] 1809A or .zip
Oct 2009 A Thousand Miles an Hour, Herbert Strang          [] 1808A or .zip
Oct 2009 Sandi the King-maker, Edgar Wallace               [] 1807A or .zip
Oct 2009 The Calendar, Edgar Wallace                       [] 1806A or .zip
Oct 2009 Mark Twain Newspaper Correspondent, Mark Twain    [] 1805A
[Full Title: Mark Twain Newspaper Correspondent: Newspaper Articles 1862-1881] or .zip
Oct 2009 Kif: An Unvarnished History, Josephine Tey        [] 1804A or .zip
Oct 2009 The King's Favourite, Marjorie Bowen              [] 1803A or .zip
Oct 2009 Forget-Me-Not, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 1802A or .zip
Oct 2009 Memoir of George Dana Boardman, Alonzo King       [] 1801A or .zip
Reposted: html version added
Oct 2009 Sketches from the Karen Hills, Alonzo Bunker      [] 1717A
Oct 2009 The Story of a Working Man's Life, Francis Mason  [] 1800A or .zip
Sep 2009 The Man in the Queue, Josephine Tey               [] 1799A or .zip
Sep 2009 Lord Kitchener, G K Chesterton                    [] 1798A or .zip
Sep 2009 As I Was Saying, G K Chesterton                   [] 1797A or .zip
Sep 2009 The Sword of Wood, G K Chesterton                 [] 1796A or .zip
Sep 2009 Milton: Man and Poet, G K Chesterton              [] 1795A or .zip
Sep 2009 The Poet and The Lunatics, G K Chesterton         [] 1794A or .zip
Sep 2009 Cockatoos, Miles Franklin                         [] 1793A or .zip
Sep 2009 Swift and Sure, Herbert Strang                    [] 1792A or .zip
Reposted: File now represents the complete work (2 vols.) with illustrations
Sep 2009 Northmost Australia, by Robert Logan Jack         [] 0632A
Sep 2009 Dot and the Kangaroo, Ethel C Pedley              [] 1791A or .zip
Sep 2009 Tiny Carteret, Sapper                             [] 1790A or .zip
Aug 2009 The Cruise of the Gyro Car, Herbert Strang        [] 1789A or .zip
Aug 2009 Circumstantial Evidence and Other Stories, Wallace[] 1788A
[Author: Edgar Wallace] or .zip
Reposted: Previously incorrectly attributed to Mrs Allan Macpherson
Aug 2009 The Angel of The Desert and Other Poems, A Lady   [] 1782A or .zip
Aug 2009 The Nine Unknown, Talbot Mundy                    [] 1787A or .zip
Aug 2009 Robert Louis Stevenson, G K Chesterton            [] 1786A or .zip
Aug 2009 Leo Tolstoy, G K Chesterton                       [] 1785A or .zip
Aug 2009 St Francis of Assisi, G K Chesterton              [] 1784A or .zip
Aug 2009 Mount Abundance, Allan Macpherson                 [] 1783A
[Title: Mount Abundance: or The Experiences of a Pioneer Squatter in Australia] or .zip
Aug 2009 The Angel of The Desert and Other Poems, A Lady   [] 1782A
[Author's name: Mrs Allan Macpherson] or .zip
Aug 2009 The Bishop of Hell and Other Stories, M Bowen     [] 1781A
[Author: Marjorie Bowen] or .zip
Aug 2009 The Last Bouquet: Some Twilight Tales, M Bowen    [] 1780A
[Author: Marjorie Bowen] or .zip
Aug 2009 Collected Twilight Stories Vol. I, Marjorie Bowen [] 1779A or .zip
Aug 2009 The Man with the Squeaky Voice, R A J Walling     [] 1778A or .zip
Jul 2009 Thyra: A Romance of the Polar Pit, Robert A Bennet[] 1777A
[Author: Robert Ames Bennet] or .zip
Jul 2009 Dickon, Marjorie Bowen                            [] 1776A or .zip
Jul 2009 The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb, Talbot Mundy         [] 1775A or .zip
Jul 2009 The Passenger from Scotland Yard, H Freeman Wood  [] 1774A or .zip
Jul 2009 Dark Rosaleen, Marjorie Bowen                     [] 1773A or .zip
Jul 2009 Self-support, C H Carpenter                       [] 1772A
[Title: Self-support Illustrated in the History of the Bassein Karen Mission] or .zip
Jul 2009 A Star in the East, Edward Norman Harris          [] 1771A
[Title: A Star in the East: American Baptist Missions to the Karens of Burma] or .zip
Reposted: html version added
Jul 2009 The Karen People of Burma, Harry Ignatius Marshall[] 1588A
Reposted: Many Illustrations added and file 0800051h-01.jpg updated
Jul 2009 Burma and the Karens, San C Po                    [] 1587A
Jul 2009 Civilizing Mountain Men, Mrs Mason                [] 1770A
[Title: Civilizing Mountain Men: Sketches of Mission Work Among the Karens] or .zip
Jul 2009 Because of These Things, Marjorie Bowen           [] 1769A or .zip
Jul 2009 Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales, J S Le Fanu  [] 1768A
[Author: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu]
[Title: Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery] or .zip
Jun 2009 William Cobbett, G K Chesterton                   [] 1767A or .zip
Jun 2009 Charles Dickens, G K Chesterton                   [] 1766A or .zip
Jun 2009 The Quest of Glory, Marjorie Bowen                [] 1765A or .zip
Jun 2009 The Master of Stair, Marjorie Bowen               [] 1764A or .zip
Jun 2009 The Return of Don Quixote, G K Chesterton         [] 1763A or .zip
Jun 2009 Mornings in Mexico, D H Lawrence                  [] 1762A or .zip
Jun 2009 Etruscan Places, D H Lawrence                     [] 1761A or .zip
May 2009 Tarzan and the Twins with Jad-bal-ja,E R Burroughs[] 1760A
[Title: Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion]
[Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs]
May 2009 My Experiences in Australia, Mrs Allan Macpherson [] 1759A or .zip
May 2009 The Singing Sands, Josephine Tey                  [] 1758A or .zip
May 2009 Richard Of Bordeaux, Gordon Daviot                [] 1757A or .zip
May 2009 The Expensive Halo, Josephine Tey                 [] 1756A or .zip
Apr 2009 Birds Beasts and Flowers, D H Lawrence            [] 1755A or .zip
Apr 2009 Twelve Short Stories, John Buchan                 [] 1754A or .zip
Apr 2009 The India-rubber Men, Edgar Wallace               [] 1753A or .zip
Apr 2009 The Frightened Lady, Edgar Wallace                [] 1752A or .zip
Apr 2009 My Career Goes Bung, Miles Franklin               [] 1751A or .zip
Apr 2009 The Daughter of Time, Josephine Tey               [] 1750A or .zip
Mar 2009 The Headless Horseman, Mayne Reid                 [] 1749A or .zip
Mar 2009 The Wades; a memorial, Walter N Wyeth             [] 1748A
[Title: The Wades: Jonathan Wade, Deborah B L Wade; a memorial] or .zip
Mar 2009 The Vintons and the Karens, Calista V Luther      [] 1747A or .zip
Mar 2009 A Dictionary of Austral English, Edward E Morris  [] 1746A or .zip
Mar 2009 Soo Thah, Alonzo Bunker                           [] 1745A
[Title: Soo Thah: A Tale of the Making of the Karen Nation] or .zip
Mar 2009 Tounghoo Women, Ellen B Mason                     [] 1744A or .zip
Mar 2009 A grammar of the Sgaw Karen,David Chandler Gilmore[] 1743A
Mar 2009 Voyage of Will Rogers to the South Pole, Spotswood[] 1742A
[Author: Christopher Spotwswood] or .zip
Mar 2009 The Fellowship of the Frog, Edgar Wallace         [] 1741A or .zip
Mar 2009 The Battle of Mordialloc, Samuel Mullen           [] 1740A or .zip
Mar 2009 Historical Sketch of the Two Synagogues,M Brodzky [] 1739A
[Author: Maurice Brodzky]
[Title: Historical Sketch of the Two Melbourne Synagogues]
Reposted: file substantially reformatted
Feb 2009 Mother India, by Katherine Mayo                   [] 0230A
Reposted: file substantially reformatted
Feb 2009 Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthology by Douglas[] 0210A
[Author: Norman Douglas] or .zip
Feb 2009 Mrs Bindle, Herbert Jenkins                       [] 1738A or .zip
Feb 2009 Gentlemen at Gyang Gyang, Miles Franklin          [] 1737A or .zip
Feb 2009 A Genius in the Family, Hiram Percy Maxim         [] 1736A or .zip
Feb 2009 Observations on the Coasts, Matthew Flinders      [] 1735A or .zip
[Title: Observations on the Coasts of Van Diemen's Land; on Bass's Strait, etc]
Feb 2009 Fools' Harvest, Erle Cox                          [] 1734A or .zip
Jan 2009 The Bindles on the Rocks, Herbert Jenkins         [] 1733A or .zip
Jan 2009 The Coming of the British to Australia, Ida Lee   [] 1732A or .zip
[Title: The Coming of the British to Australia 1788 to 1829]
Jan 2009 Bosambo of the River, Edgar Wallace               [] 1731A or .zip
Jan 2009 Lieutenant Bones, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1730A or .zip
Jan 2009 The Karen Apostle or Memoir of Ko Thah-Byu,F Mason[] 1729A or .zip
[Author full name: Francis Mason]
Jan 2009 A Vocabulary of the Sgau Karen Language, J Wade   [] 1728A
[Author full name: Jonathan Wade]
Jan 2009 Letters to a Young Woman, Rainer Maria Rilke      [] 1727A
[Title in German: Briefe an eine junge Frau]
[Translator: William Needham]
Jan 2009 The Green Archer, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1726A
Jan 2009 Sea and Sardinia, D H Lawrence                    [] 1725A or .zip
Jan 2009 New Light on the Discovery of Australia, H Stevens[] 1724A
[Author: Henry Stevens]
Dec 2008 Thieves' Wit, Hulbert Footner                     [] 1723A
Dec 2008 Murder Runs in the Family, Hulbert Footner        [] 1722A or .zip
Dec 2008 Casanova's Alibi and Other Stories,Rafael Sabatini[] 1721A or .zip
Dec 2008 The Hair-Trigger Kid, Max Brand                   [] 1720A or .zip
Dec 2008 The Plague of Ghosts and Other Stories, R Sabatini[] 1719A
[Author Name: Rafael Sabatini] or .zip
Nov 2008 The Courts of the Morning, John Buchan            [] 1718A or .zip
Nov 2008 Sketches from the Karen Hills, Alonzo Bunker      [] 1717A or .zip
Nov 2008 Anglo-Karen Dictionary, Jonathan Wade             [] 1716A
Nov 2008 A Voyage to Establish a Colony, James H Tuckey    [] 1715A
[Author: James Hingston Tuckey]
[Title: A Voyage to Establish a Colony at Port Philip in Bass's Strait] or .zip
Nov 2008 Prelude to Waking, Miles Franklin                 [] 1714A or .zip
Nov 2008 Old Blastus of Bandicoot, Miles Franklin          [] 1713A or .zip
Nov 2008 Bring the Monkey, Miles Franklin                  [] 1712A or .zip
Nov 2008 A Self-Made Thief, Hulbert Footner                [] 1711A or .zip
Nov 2008 Ten Creeks Run, Miles Franklin                    [] 1710A or .zip
Nov 2008 Back to Bool Bool, Miles Franklin                 [] 1709A or .zip
Oct 2008 The Gunner, Edgar Wallace                         [] 1708A or .zip
Oct 2008 Chick and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace            [] 1707A or .zip
Oct 2008 She Devil, Robert Ervin Howard                    [] 1706A or .zip
Oct 2008 The Man on the Ground, Robert Ervin Howard        [] 1705A
Oct 2008 Cupid vs Pollux, Robert Ervin Howard              [] 1704A or .zip
Oct 2008 Old Garfield's Heart, Robert Ervin Howard         [] 1703A
Oct 2008 Edgar Wallace by Himself, Edgar Wallace           [] 1702A or .zip
Oct 2008 Henry VIII, Helen Simpson                         [] 1701A
Oct 2008 The Devil Man, Edgar Wallace                      [] 1700A or .zip
Oct 2008 The Dark Eyes of London, Edgar Wallace            [] 1699A or .zip
Oct 2008 The Finger of Fate, Sapper                        [] 1698A or .zip
Oct 2008 The Saving Clause, Sapper                         [] 1697A or .zip
Oct 2008 A Knight of Spain, Marjorie Bowen                 [] 1696A or .zip
Sep 2008 Sanders of the River, Edgar Wallace               [] 1695A or .zip
Sep 2008 The Dark Invader, Captain Franz von Rintelen      [] 1694A or .zip
Sep 2008 Who Killed the Husband?, Hulbert Footner          [] 1693A or .zip
Sep 2008 Maid No More, Helen Simpson                       [] 1692A or .zip
Sep 2008 Big Foot, Edgar Wallace                           [] 1691A or .zip
Sep 2008 Palos of the Dog Star Pack, J U Giesy             [] 1690A
Sep 2008 The Mouthpiece of Zitu, J U Giesy                 [] 1689A
Sep 2008 Jason Son of Jason, J U Giesy                    [] 1688A
Sep 2008 The Kit-Bag, Algernon Blackwood                   [] 1687A or .zip
Sep 2008 Thurnley Abbey, Percival Landon                   [] 1686A or .zip
Sep 2008 Father Macclesfield'S Tale, R H Benson            [] 1685A or .zip
Sep 2008 The Shadows on the Wall, Mary Eleanor Wilkins     [] 1684A or .zip
Sep 2008 Pichon and Sons of the Croix Rousse,  Anonymous   [] 1683A or .zip
Sep 2008 The Tomb of Sarah, F G Loring                     [] 1682A or .zip
Sep 2008 The Botathen Ghost, R S Hawker                    [] 1681A or .zip
Sep 2008 Up the Country, Miles Franklin                    [] 1680A or .zip
Sep 2008 The Third Round, Sapper                           [] 1679A
Sep 2008 All that Swagger, Miles Franklin                  [] 1678A or .zip
Aug 2008 Poetical Works, James Thomson (1700-1748)         [] 1677A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Twister, Edgar Wallace                        [] 1676A or .zip
Aug 2008 A Man's Life, Arthur Henry Adams                  [] 1675A or .zip
Aug 2008 She Faded into Air, Ethel Lina White              [] 1674A or .zip
Aug 2008 Collected Ghost Stories, M R James                [] 1673A
[A Project Gutenberg Australia compilation] or .zip
Aug 2008 A Shilling for Candles, Josephine Tey             [] 1672A or .zip
Aug 2008 Tommy Cornstalk, J H M Abbott                     [] 1671A or .zip
Aug 2008 Fiction Fields of Australia, Frederick Sinnett    [] 1670A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Pet, Ellis Parker Butler                      [] 1669A .zip
Aug 2008 The Iron Grip and Other Stories, Edgar Wallace    [] 1668A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Spectre Bride, William Harrison Ainsworth     [] 1667A or .zip
Aug 2008 Flat 2, Edgar Wallace                             [] 1666A or .zip
Aug 2008 Saraband for Dead Lovers, Helen Simpson           [] 1665A or .zip
Aug 2008 Et in Sempiternum Pereant, Charles Williams       [] 1664A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Story of Mary Ancel,Wm Makepeace Thackeray    [] 1663A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Woman on the Beast, Helen Simpson             [] 1662A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Man of Science, Jerome K Jerome               [] 1661A or .zip
Aug 2008 When the Gangs Came to London, Edgar Wallace      [] 1660A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Judge's House, Bram Stoker                    [] 1659A or .zip
Aug 2008 Again the Ringer, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1658A or .zip
Aug 2008 To be Taken with a Grain of Salt, Charles Dickens [] 1657A or .zip
Aug 2008 The Drift Fence, Zane Grey                        [] 1656A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Return of Bulldog Drummond, Sapper            [] 1655A
Jul 2008 At the End of the Passage, Rudyard Kipling        [] 1654A or .zip
Jul 2008 Patriotic Lady, Marjorie Bowen                    [] 1653A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Provincial Lady Goes Further, E M Delafield   [] 1652A or .zip
Jul 2008 Under Capricorn, Helen Simpson                    [] 1651A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Spanish Marriage, Helen Simpson               [] 1650A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Ringer, Edgar Wallace                         [] 1649A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Diary of a Provincial Lady, E M Delafield     [] 1648A or .zip
Jul 2008 Tales of Horror and the Supernatural,Arthur Machen[] 1647A or .zip
Jul 2008 The Queen's Caprice, Marjorie Bowen               [] 1646A or .zip
Jun 2008 Perris of the Cherry-trees, J S Fletcher          [] 1645A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Clue of the Silver Key, Edgar Wallace         [] 1644A or .zip
Jun 2008 Boomerang, Helen Simpson                          [] 1643A or .zip
Jun 2008 Won by Crime, Frank Pinkerton                     [] 1642A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Autobiography of Cockney Tom, Thomas Bastard  [] 1641A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Flying Yorkshireman, Eric Knight              [] 1640A or .zip
Jun 2008 Easy to Kill, Hulbert Footner                     [] 1639A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Hole in the Wall, Arthur Morrison             [] 1638A or .zip
Jun 2008 To Love and Be Wise, Josephine Tey                [] 1637A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Privateer, Gordon Daviot                      [] 1636A or .zip
Jun 2008 Jim Maitland,  Sapper                             [] 1635A or .zip
Jun 2008 When Carruthers Laughed,  Sapper                  [] 1634A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Female of the Species,  Sapper                [] 1633A
Jun 2008 The Black Gang,  Sapper                           [] 1632A
Jun 2008 Three Came to Ville Marie, Allan Sullivan         [] 1631A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Franchise Affair, Josephine Tey               [] 1630A or .zip
Jun 2008 Brat Farrar, Josephine Tey                        [] 1629A or .zip
Jun 2008 Sinfully Rich, Hulbert Footner                    [] 1628A or .zip
Jun 2008 It Needs to be Said, Frederick Philip Grove       [] 1627A or .zip
Jun 2008 The Final Count, Sapper                           [] 1626A
Jun 2008 Bulldog Drummond, Sapper                          [] 1625A
Apr 2008 Pitcairn's Island, Nordhoff and Hall              [] 1624A
[Authors full names: Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall]
Apr 2008 Men Against the Sea, Nordhoff and Hall            [] 1623A
[Authors full names: Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall]
Apr 2008 Mutiny on the Bounty, Nordhoff and Hall           [] 1622A
[Authors full names: Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall]
Apr 2008 Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett, Max Brand               [] 1620A or .zip
Apr 2008 Tales of Mean Streets, Arthur Morrison            [] 1619A
Apr 2008 The Just Men Of Cordova, Edgar Wallace            [] 1613A or .zip
Apr 2008 The Brigand, Edgar Wallace                        [] 1612A or .zip
Mar 2008 Tales of Twilight and the Unseen, Arthur C Doyle  [] 1611A
[Author full name: Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Mar 2008 Balaoo, Gaston Leroux                             [] 1610A or .zip
Mar 2008 The Blood-red Cross, Robert Eustace               [] 1608A or .zip
Mar 2008 The Face of the Abbot, Robert Eustace             [] 1607A
Mar 2008 In a German Pension, Katherine Mansfield          [] 1606A or .zip
Mar 2008 The Garden Party, Katherine Mansfield             [] 1605A or .zip
Mar 2008 Something Childish and Other Stories, K Mansfield [] 1604A
[Full Name: Katherine Mansfield] or .zip
Mar 2008 Again the Three, Edgar Wallace                    [] 1603A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Forger, Edgar Wallace                         [] 1602A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Loyal Karens of Burma,Donald Mackenzie Smeaton[] 1601A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Viper of Milan, Marjorie Bowen                [] 1600A or .zip
Feb 2008 Gems of Chinese Literature: Verse, Herbert A Giles[] 1599A or .zip
Feb 2008 Gems of Chinese Literature: Prose, Herbert A Giles[] 1598A or .zip
Feb 2008 A History of Chinese Literature, Herbert A Giles  [] 1597A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Man at the Carlton, Edgar Wallace             [] 1596A or .zip
Feb 2008 Man Abroad, Anonymous                            [] 1595A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Crystal Button, Chauncey Thomas               [] 1594A or .zip
Feb 2008 A History of Ireland and Her People, Eleanor Hull [] 1593A
Feb 2008 Plantiod 127 & The Sweizer Pump, Edgar Wallace    [] 1592A or .zip
Feb 2008 The Carolinian, Rafael Sabatini                   [] 1591A or .zip
Jan 2008 The Karens of Burma, Harry Ignatius Marshall      [] 1590A or .zip
Jan 2008 The Karens of the Golden Chersonese, A R McMahon  [] 1589A or .zip
Jan 2008 The Karen People of Burma, Harry Ignatius Marshall[] 1588A or .zip
Jan 2008 Burma and the Karens, San C Po                    [] 1587A or .zip
Jan 2008 Bindle, Herbert Jenkins                           [] 1586A or .zip
Jan 2008 Scaramouche the Kingmaker, Rafael Sabatini        [] 1585A
Jan 2008 The Martyrdom of Man, Winwood Reade               [] 1584A or .zip
Jan 2008 Mr Pottermack's Oversight, R Austin Freeman       [] 1583A or .zip
Dec 2007 My School Days, Edith Nesbit                      [] 1582A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Wild Asses of the Devil, H G Wells            [] 1581A or .zip
Dec 2007 The D'Arblay Mystery, R Austin Freeman            [] 1580A or .zip
Dec 2007 A Child'S Christmas in Wales, Dylan Thomas        [] 1579A or .zip
Dec 2007 Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline...", H G Wells  [] 1578A
[Full Title: Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline of History"] or .zip
Dec 2007 The Ingoldsby Legends, Richard Barham             [] 1577A or .zip
Dec 2007 Star-begotten, H G Wells                          [] 1576A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting      [] 1575A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Three Just Men, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1574A or .zip
Dec 2007 The Chronicles of Captain Blood, Rafael Sabatini  [] 1573A or .zip
Dec 2007 Carnacki The Ghost Finder, William Hope Hodgson   [] 1572A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Joker, Edgar Wallace                          [] 1571A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Clue of the New Pin, Edgar Wallace            [] 1570A or .zip
Nov 2007 Max Carrados Mysteries, Ernest Bramah             [] 1569A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Technique of the Mystery Story, Carolyn Wells [] 1568A or .zip
Nov 2007 Tales of the Ring and the Camp, Arthur Conan Doyle[] 1567A or .zip
Nov 2007 The Unlit Lamp, Radclyffe Hall                    [] 1566A or .zip
Oct 2007 Collected Stories Vol. I, Rafael Sabatini         [] 1565A or .zip
Oct 2007 Almuric, Robert Ervin Howard                      [] 1564A or zip
Oct 2007 War Birds, Anonymous                             [] 1563A or .zip
Sep 2007 The Life of Sir William Hartley, Arthur S Peake   [] 1562A or .zip
Sep 2007 Pioneering Days: Thrilling Incidents, G Sutherland[] 1561A
[Author's full name: George Sutherland] or .zip
Sep 2007 Hanging Waters, Keith West                        [] 1560A
[Author's real name: Kenneth Westmacott Lane] or .zip
Sep 2007 The Law of the Four Just Men, Edgar Wallace       [] 1559A or .zip
Sep 2007 The Flying Squad, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1558A or .zip
Sep 2007 Mr Justice Maxell, Edgar Wallace                  [] 1557A or .zip
Sep 2007 Blue Hand, Edgar Wallace                          [] 1556A or .zip
Sep 2007 Tales of Pirates and Blue Water,Arthur Conan Doyle[] 1555A or .zip
Aug 2007 The Missing Angel, Erle Cox                       [] 1554A or .zip
Aug 2007 The Safety Pin, Joseph S Fletcher                 [] 1553A or .zip
Aug 2007 Mysteries and Adventures, Arthur Conan Doyle      [] 1552A or .zip
Aug 2007 Columbus, Rafael Sabatini                         [] 1551A or .zip
Aug 2007 Quintus Servinton, Henry Savery                   [] 1550A or .zip
Aug 2007 Kipps, H G Wells                                  [] 1549A or .zip
Jul 2007 The Yellow Snake, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1548A or .zip
Jul 2007 Trails Plowed Under, Charles M Russell            [] 1547A or .zip
Jul 2007 Home Ranch, Will James                            [] 1546A or .zip
Jul 2007 Lord Bellinger, Harry Graham                      [] 1545A or .zip
Jul 2007 Sorrow in Sunlight, Ronald Firbank                [] 1544A
[Alternate Title: Prancing Nigger] or .zip
Jul 2007 In Memoriam, Lord Tennyson                        [] 1543A or .zip
Jul 2007 A Star Danced, Gertrude Lawrence                  [] 1542A or .zip
Jul 2007 The Kiss, Anton Chekhov                           [] 1541A or .zip
Jul 2007 Manfred, Lord Byron                               [] 1540A or .zip
Jul 2007 In a Glass Darkly, Sheridan Le Fanu               [] 1539A or .zip
Jul 2007 As a Thief in the Night, R Austin Freeman         [] 1538A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Cat's Eye, R Austin Freeman                   [] 1537A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Lost Girl, D H Lawrence                       [] 1536A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Coat of Arms, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1535A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Stoneware Monkey, R Austin Freeman            [] 1534A or .zip
Jun 2007 The Penrose Mystery, R Austin Freeman             [] 1533A or .zip
Jun 2007 A Diplomatic Woman (The Russian Cipher), Huan Mee [] 1532A or .zip
Jun 2007 Doctor Dolittle's Return, Hugh Lofting            [] 1531A or .zip
Jun 2007 Sanders, Edgar Wallace                            [] 1530A or .zip
Jun 2007 Charlie Chan Carries On, Earl Derr Biggers        [] 1529A or .zip
May 2007 Dr Thorndyke Short Story Omnibus, by R A Freeman  [] 0434A
[Author: R Austin Freeman] or .zip
May 2007 Hurricane Jack of The Vital Spark, Hugh Foulis    [] 1528A
[Author's real name: Neil Munro] or .zip
May 2007 Hampshire Days, W H Hudson                        [] 1527A or .zip
May 2007 Vertical Land, Le Compte de Janzé                 [] 1526A or .zip
May 2007 The Regent of the North, Kenneth Morris           [] 1525A or .zip
May 2007 The Enchanted Buffalo, L Frank Baum               [] 1524A or .zip
May 2007 The Far Islands, John Buchan                      [] 1523A or .zip
May 2007 The Folk of the Mountain Door, William Morris     [] 1522A or .zip
May 2007 The Dragon Tamers, E Nesbit                       [] 1521A or .zip
May 2007 Miss Pym Disposes, Josephine Tey                  [] 1520A or .zip
May 2007 Puss-cat Mew, E H Knatchbull-Hugessen             [] 1519A or .zip
May 2007 The Elves, Ludwig Tieck                           [] 1518A or .zip
May 2007 The White Peacock, D H Lawrence                   [] 1517A or .zip
May 2007 The Man Who Died, D H Lawrence                    [] 1516A or .zip
May 2007 St Mawr, D H Lawrence                             [] 1515A or .zip
Apr 2007 Tales of Adventure and Medical Life, A C Doyle    [] 1514A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Apr 2007 In Highland Harbours with Para Handy, Neil Munro  [] 1513A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Vital Spark, Neil Munro                       [] 1512A or .zip
Apr 2007 Danger! And Other Stories, Arthur Conan Doyle     [] 1511A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Golden Key, George MacDonald                  [] 1510A or .zip
Apr 2007 Tales of Terror and Mystery, Arthur Conan Doyle   [] 1509A or .zip
Apr 2007 Melmoth the Wanderer, Charles Robert Maturin      [] 1508A or .zip
Apr 2007 Balthasar, Anatole France                         [] 1507A or .zip
Apr 2007 Thomas Mitchell, J H L Cumpston                   [] 1506A
Apr 2007 Tales of Long Ago, Arthur Conan Doyle             [] 1505A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Man Who Passed, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1504A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Council of Justice, Edgar Wallace             [] 1503A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Ghost Walker, Edgar Wallace                   [] 1502A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Guv'nor, Edgar Wallace                        [] 1501A or .zip
Apr 2007 A Scots Quair, Lewis Grassic Gibbon               [] 1500A
Apr 2007 John Brown's Body, Stephen Vincent Benet          [] 1499A or .zip
Apr 2007 Major Wilbraham, Hugh Walpole                     [] 1498A or .zip
Apr 2007 The Tarn, Hugh Walpole                            [] 1497A or .zip
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Apr 2007 Doctor Dolittle's Circus, Hugh Lofting            [] 1302A
Mar 2007 My Ten Years in a Quandary, Robert C Benchley     [] 1496A or .zip
Mar 2007 Lone Cowboy, Will James                           [] 1495A or .zip
Mar 2007 Mother Goose Rhymes, Kendall Banning              [] 1494A
Mar 2007 The Islington Mystery, Arthur Machen              [] 1493A or .zip
Mar 2007 Charles Sturt, J H L Cumpston                     [] 1492A
[Title: Charles Sturt - His Life and Journeys of Exploration] or .zip
Mar 2007 Out of the Earth, Arthur Machen                   [] 1491A or .zip
Mar 2007 A New Christmas Carol, Arthur Machen              [] 1490A or .zip
Mar 2007 A Fragment of Life, Arthur Machen                 [] 1489A or .zip
Mar 2007 Four Just Men, Edgar Wallace                      [] 1488A or .zip
Mar 2007 Stories of the Foreign Legion, P C Wren           [] 1487A
Mar 2007 The Affair of the Corridor Express, V Whitechurch [] 1486A
[Author: Victor L Whitechurch] or .zip
Mar 2007 The Hard-boiled Egg, Ellis Parker Butler          [] 1485A or .zip
Mar 2007 Philo Gubb's Greatest Case, Ellis Parker Butler   [] 1484A or .zip
Mar 2007 Auntie Robbo, Ann Scott Moncrieff                 [] 1483A or .zip
Feb 2007 Smothered in Corpses, Ernest Bramah               [] 1482A or .zip
Feb 2007 The Valley of Ghosts, Edgar Wallace               [] 1480A or .zip
Feb 2007 And Now Tomorrow, Rachel Field                    [] 1479A or .zip
Feb 2007 The Woman Ayisha, Talbot Mundy                    [] 1478A or .zip
Feb 2007 The Crimson Circle, Edgar Wallace                 [] 1477A or .zip
Feb 2007 You Can't Go Home Again, Thomas Wolfe             [] 1476A or .zip
Feb 2007 The Charwoman's Daughter, James Stephens          [] 1475A or .zip
Feb 2007 My Apprenticeship Vol 2, Beatrice Webb            [] 1474A or .zip
Feb 2007 My Apprenticeship Vol 1, Beatrice Webb            [] 1473A or .zip
Feb 2007 A Man Could Stand Up, Ford Madox Ford             [] 1472A or .zip
Feb 2007 No More Parades, Ford Madox Ford                  [] 1471A or .zip
Feb 2007 Some Do Not, Ford Madox Ford                      [] 1470A or .zip
Feb 2007 White Face, Edgar Wallace                         [] 1469A or .zip
Jan 2007 Oroonoko; or The Royal Slave, Aphra Behn          [] 1468A or .zip
Jan 2007 Don Juan, Lord Byron                              [] 1467A or .zip
Jan 2007 Robbers' Roost, Zane Grey                         [] 1466A or .zip
Jan 2007 Nevada, Zane Grey                                 [] 1465A or .zip
Jan 2007 Smoky the Cowhorse, Will James                    [] 1464A or .zip
Jan 2007 Rameau's Nephew, Paul Diderot                     [] 1463A or .zip
Jan 2007 Barren Ground, Ellen Glasgow                      [] 1462A or .zip
Jan 2007 Action at Aquila, Hervey Allen                    [] 1461A or .zip
Jan 2007 Henry IV, Luigi Pirandello                        [] 1460A
[Translated by Edward A Storer (1882-1944)] or .zip
Jan 2007 The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky         [] 1459A or .zip
Jan 2007 The Open Boat and Other Stories, Stephen Crane    [] 1458A
Jan 2007 The Monster and Other Stories 2nd Ed,Stephen Crane[] 1457A
Jan 2007 George's Mother, Stephen Crane                    [] 1456A
Jan 2007 The Oresteia, Aeschylus                           [] 1455A or .zip
Jan 2007 My Remarkable Uncle and other Sketches, S Leacock [] 1454A
[Author: Stephen Leacock] or .zip
Dec 2006 Vein of Iron, Ellen Glasgow                       [] 1453A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Exploration of Cape York Peninsula, Jack      [] 1452A
[Author: Robert Logan Jack]
[Title: The Exploration of Cape York Peninsula 1606-1915] or .zip
Dec 2006 Disputed Passage, Lloyd C Douglas                 [] 1451A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Lighthouse on Shivering Sand, J S Fletcher    [] 1450A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Parish Magazine, Arthur Conan Doyle           [] 1449A or .zip
Dec 2006 My Adventure in Norfolk, A J Alan                 [] 1448A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Ivory God, J S Fletcher                       [] 1447A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Hair, A J Alan                                [] 1446A or .zip
Dec 2006 H2 etc., A J Alan                                 [] 1445A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Room on the Fourth Floor, Ralph Straus        [] 1444A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Diver, A J Alan                               [] 1443A or .zip
Dec 2006 My Adventure at Chiselhurst, A J Alan             [] 1442A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Beast with Five Fingers, W F Harvey           [] 1441A or .zip
Dec 2006 The Short Stories of H G Wells, H G Wells         [] 1440A or .zip
Dec 2006 Black Light, Talbot Mundy                         [] 1439A or .zip
Nov 2006 Winner Take All, Robert E Howard                  [] 1438A
Nov 2006 Waterfront Fists, Robert E Howard                 [] 1437A
Nov 2006 Vikings of the Gloves, Robert E Howard            [] 1436A
Nov 2006 The Iron Man, Robert E Howard                     [] 1435A
Nov 2006 The Slugger's Game, Robert E Howard               [] 1434A
Nov 2006 The Bull Dog Breed, Robert E Howard               [] 1433A
Nov 2006 Texas Fists, Robert E Howard                      [] 1432A
Nov 2006 Sluggers of the Beach, Robert E Howard            [] 1431A
Nov 2006 Sailors' Grudge, Robert E Howard                  [] 1430A
Nov 2006 Night of Battle, Robert E Howard                  [] 1429A
Nov 2006 General Ironfist, Robert E Howard                 [] 1428A
Nov 2006 Fist and Fang, Robert E Howard                    [] 1427A
Nov 2006 Circus Fists, Robert E Howard                     [] 1426A
Nov 2006 Champ of the Forecastle, Robert E Howard          [] 1425A
Nov 2006 Alleys of Peril, Robert E Howard                  [] 1424A
Nov 2006 Alleys of Darkness, Robert E Howard               [] 1423A
Nov 2006 The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West             [] 1422A or .zip
Nov 2006 First Sighting of Australia by the English,Ida Lee[] 1421A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Well of Loneliness, Radclyffe Hall            [] 1420A or .zip
Nov 2006 Who Killed Castelvetri?, Gilbert Frankau          [] 1419A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Resurrectionist, Samuel Warren                [] 1418A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Other Sense, J S Fletcher                     [] 1417A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Most Maddening Story in the World, R Straus   [] 1416A
[Author: Ralph Straus] or .zip
Nov 2006 Dawn of Flame, Stanley G Weinbaum                 [] 1415A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Cafe of Terror, E Phillips Oppenheim          [] 1414A or .zip
Nov 2006 Black Coffee, Jeffery Farnol                      [] 1413A or .zip
Nov 2006 A Cool Million, Nathanael West                    [] 1412A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Dream Life of Balso Snell, Nathanael West     [] 1411A or .zip
Nov 2006 Fanny Hill, John Cleland                          [] 1410A or .zip
Nov 2006 Camilla, Fanny Burney                             [] 1409A or .zip
Nov 2006 Roper's Row, Warwick Deeping                      [] 1408A or .zip
Nov 2006 Shadows of Ecstacy, Charles Williams              [] 1407A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Greater Trumps, Charles Williams              [] 1406A or .zip
Nov 2006 Songs and Sonnets, John Donne                     [] 1405A or .zip
Nov 2006 White Banners, Lloyd C Douglas                    [] 1404A or .zip
Nov 2006 Miss Lonelyhearts, Nathanael West                 [] 1403A or .zip
Nov 2006 War On Bear Creek, Robert E Howard                [] 1402A or .zip
Nov 2006 The TNT Punch, Robert E Howard                    [] 1401A
Nov 2006 The Sign of the Snake, Robert E Howard            [] 1400A
Nov 2006 The Scalp Hunter, Robert E Howard                 [] 1399A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Road to Bear Creek, Robert E Howard           [] 1398A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Riot at Cougar Paw, Robert E Howard           [] 1397A
Nov 2006 The Haunted Mountain, Robert E Howard             [] 1396A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Feud Buster, Robert E Howard                  [] 1395A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts, Robert Howard[] 1394A
Nov 2006 The Apache Mountain War, Robert E Howard          [] 1393A
Nov 2006 Sharp's Gun Serenade, Robert E Howard             [] 1392A or .zip
Nov 2006 Pistol Politics, Robert E Howard                  [] 1391A or .zip
Nov 2006 Peter Pan, J M Barrie                             [] 1390A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas,Gertrude Stein[] 1389A or .zip
Nov 2006 While Smoke Rolled, Robert E Howard               [] 1388A
Nov 2006 Texas John Alden, Robert E Howard                 [] 1387A or .zip
Nov 2006 Pilgrims To the Pecos, Robert E Howard            [] 1386A
Nov 2006 No Cowherders Wanted, Robert E Howard             [] 1385A
Nov 2006 Mountain Man, Robert E Howard                     [] 1384A or .zip
Nov 2006 High Horse Rampage, Robert E Howard               [] 1383A
Nov 2006 Guns of the Mountains, Robert E Howard            [] 1382A or .zip
Nov 2006 Cupid From Bear Creek, Robert E Howard            [] 1381A or .zip
Nov 2006 A Gent From Bear Creek(Short Story), Robert Howard[] 1380A or .zip
Nov 2006 A Gent From Bear Creek (Novella), Robert E Howard [] 1379A
Nov 2006 Evil Deeds at Red Cougar, Robert E Howard         [] 1378A
Nov 2006 Dark Shanghai, Robert E Howard                    [] 1377A
Nov 2006 Breed of Battle, Robert E Howard                  [] 1376A
Nov 2006 Blow the Chinks Down!, Robert E Howard            [] 1375A
Nov 2006 Forgive us our Trespasses, Lloyd C Douglas        [] 1374A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Wild Swans at Coole, William Butler Yeats     [] 1373A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Tower, William Butler Yeats                   [] 1372A or .zip
Nov 2006 Michael Robartes and The Dancer, W B Yeats        [] 1371A
[Author: William Butler Yeats] or .zip
Nov 2006 Six Characters in Search of an Author, Pirandello [] 1370A
[Author: Luigi Pirandello] or .zip
Nov 2006 Billy Budd, Sailor, Herman Melville               [] 1369A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Wings of the Dove, Henry James                [] 1368A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Professor's House, Willa Cather               [] 1367A or .zip
Nov 2006 Collected Poetry, John Keats                      [] 1366A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Ring and the Book, Robert Browning            [] 1365A or .zip
Nov 2006 Peer Gynt, Henrik Ibsen                           [] 1364A or .zip
Nov 2006 Roxana, Daniel Defoe                              [] 1363A or .zip
Nov 2006 Life with Mother, Clarence Day                    [] 1362A or .zip
Nov 2006 Tomorrow, Arthur Leo Zagat                        [] 1361A or .zip
Nov 2006 Seven Out of Time, Arthur Leo Zagat               [] 1360A
Nov 2006 Children of Tomorrow, Arthur Leo Zagat            [] 1359A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Haunted Woman, David Lindsay                  [] 1358A or .zip
Nov 2006 Wreckers of the Star Patrol, Malcolm Jameson      [] 1357A or .zip
Nov 2006 Tricky Tonnage, Malcolm Jameson                   [] 1356A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Malcolm Jameson        [] 1355A or .zip
Nov 2006 Children of the Betsy B, Malcolm Jameson          [] 1354A or .zip
Nov 2006 Shirley, Charlotte Bronte                         [] 1353A or .zip
Nov 2006 Life with Father, Clarence Day                    [] 1352A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Hash-knife Outfit, Zane Grey                  [] 1351A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Young lion Hunter, Zane Grey                  [] 1350A or .zip
Nov 2006 Lost Pueblo, Zane Grey                            [] 1349A or .zip
Nov 2006 30,000 on the Hoof, Zane Grey                     [] 1348A or .zip
Nov 2006 Wilderness Trek, Zane Grey                        [] 1347A or .zip
Nov 2006 Tales of the Angler's El Dorado NZ, Zane Grey     [] 1346A
[Title: Tales of the Angler's El Dorado, New Zealand] or .zip
Nov 2006 Under the Tonto Rim, Zane Grey                    [] 1345A or .zip
Nov 2006 Twin Sombreros, Zane Grey                         [] 1344A or .zip
Nov 2006 Sunset Pass, Zane Grey                            [] 1343A or .zip
Nov 2006 An American Angler in Australia, Zane Grey        [] 1342A or .zip
Nov 2006 Green Light, Lloyd C Douglas                      [] 1341A or .zip
Nov 2006 Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas                     [] 1340A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Holy Terror, H G Wells                        [] 1339A or .zip
Nov 2006 Tycoon of Crime, Robert Wallace                   [] 1338A
Nov 2006 The Torture Trust, Brant House                    [] 1337A
Nov 2006 The Prince of Mars Returns, Philip Francis Nowlan [] 1336A or .zip
Nov 2006 Grey Shapes, E Charles Vivian                     [] 1335A or .zip
Nov 2006 Fangs of Murder, Robert Wallace                   [] 1334A
Nov 2006 The Vultures of Whapeton, Robert E Howard         [] 1333A
Nov 2006 Skull-Face, Robert E Howard                       [] 1332A
Nov 2006 Boot-Hill Payoff, Robert E Howard                 [] 1331A
Nov 2006 The Voice of El-Lil, Robert E Howard              [] 1330A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Sowers of the Thunder, Robert E Howard        [] 1329A
Nov 2006 The Shadow of the Vulture, Robert E Howard        [] 1328A
Nov 2006 The Lion of Tiberias, Robert E Howard             [] 1327A
Nov 2006 The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Robert E Howard           [] 1326A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Dark Man, Robert E Howard                     [] 1325A or .zip
Nov 2006 The Blood of Belshazzar, Robert E Howard          [] 1324A or .zip
Nov 2006 Lord of Samarcand, Robert E Howard                [] 1323A
Nov 2006 Hawks of Outremer, Robert E Howard                [] 1322A or .zip
Nov 2006 Gates of Empire, Robert E Howard                  [] 1321A
Oct 2006 The Treasures of Tartary, Robert E Howard         [] 1320A
Oct 2006 The Thing On the Roof, Robert E Howard            [] 1319A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Lost Race, Robert E Howard                    [] 1318A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Hyena, Robert E Howard                        [] 1317A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Fearsome Touch of Death, Robert E Howard      [] 1316A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Dream Snake, Robert E Howard                  [] 1315A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Children of the Night, Robert E Howard        [] 1314A
Oct 2006 Spear and Fang, Robert E Howard                   [] 1313A or .zip
Oct 2006 People of the Dark, Robert E Howard               [] 1312A or .zip
Oct 2006 In the Forest of Villefere, Robert E Howard       [] 1311A
Oct 2006 Short Stories in Prose and Verse, Henry Lawson    [] 1309A or .zip
Oct 2006 For Australia, Henry Lawson                       [] 1308A or .zip
Oct 2006 Redemption Cairn, Stanley G Weinbaum              [] 1307A or .zip
Oct 2006 How to be a Hermit, Will Cuppy                    [] 1306A or .zip
Oct 2006 Madam Sara,  Eustace and Meade                    [] 1305A
[Authors: Robert Eustace and L T Meade] or .zip
Oct 2006 Worms of the Earth, Robert E Howard               [] 1304A
Oct 2006 Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary, Hugh Lofting[] 1303A or .zip
Oct 2006 Doctor Dolittle's Circus, Hugh Lofting            [] 1302A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Rising of the Court, Henry Lawson             [] 1301A
[Title: The Rising of the Court and Other Sketches in Prose and Verse] or .zip
Oct 2006 The Letters of Rachel Henning, Rachel Henning     [] 1300A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Submarine Boat, Clifford Ashdown              [] 1299A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Secret of the Fox Hunter, William Le Queux    [] 1298A
Oct 2006 The Game Played in the Dark, Ernest Bramah        [] 1297A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Assyrian Rejuvenator, Clifford Ashdown        [] 1296A or .zip
Oct 2006 The Ripening Rubies, Max Pemberton                [] 1295A or .zip
Oct 2006 Ronald Standish, by  'Sapper'                     [] 1294A
[Author's real name: Herman Cyril McNeile] or .zip
Sep 2006 Dog and Duck, by Arthur Machen                    [] 1293A or .zip
Sep 2006 Collected Poetry, by Andrew Barton Paterson       [] 1292A or .zip
Sep 2006 Collected Prose, by Andrew Barton Paterson        [] 1291A or .zip
Sep 2006 To London Town, by Arthur Morrison                [] 1290A
Sep 2006 The Crown Derby Plate, by Marjorie Bowen          [] 1289A or .zip
Sep 2006 Jungle Jest, by Talbot Mundy                      [] 1288A or .zip
Sep 2006 Doctor Dolittle in the Moon, by Hugh Lofting      [] 1287A or .zip
Sep 2006 Holy Terrors, by Arthur Machen                    [] 1286A or .zip
Sep 2006 Red Aces, by Edgar Wallace                        [] 1285A or .zip
Sep 2006 Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill, by  Tasma            [] 1284A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Penance of Portia James, by Tasma             [] 1283A or .zip
Sep 2006 Bengala, by Mary Theresa Vidal                    [] 1282A or .zip
Sep 2006 Tales for the Bush, by Mary Theresa Vidal         [] 1281A or .zip
Sep 2006 A Sydney Sovereign And Other Tales, by  Tasma     [] 1280A or .zip
Sep 2006 When I was King and Other Verses, by Henry Lawson [] 1279A or .zip
Sep 2006 Verses Popular and Humorous, by Henry Lawson      [] 1278A or .zip
Sep 2006 Tales of the Early Days, by Price Warung          [] 1277A or .zip
Sep 2006 Half Crown Bob, by Price Warung                   [] 1276A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom, by Hume Nisbet  [] 1275A or .zip
Sep 2006 Coo-ee, by Harriet Anne Patchett Martin           [] 1274A
[Title: Coo-ee: Tales of Australian Life by Australian Ladies] or .zip
Sep 2006 Betty Wayside, by Louis Stone                     [] 1273A or .zip
Sep 2006 Skyline Riders and Other Verses, by Henry Lawson  [] 1272A or .zip
Sep 2006 Human Toll, by Barbara Baynton                    [] 1271A
Sep 2006 Shifting Seas, by Stanley G Weinbaum              [] 1269A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Point of View, by Stanley G Weinbaum          [] 1268A or .zip
Sep 2006 Creep Shadow!, by Abraham Merritt                 [] 1267A or .zip
Sep 2006 Burn Witch Burn!, by Abraham Merritt              [] 1266A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Hillyars and the Burtons, by Henry Kingsley   [] 1265A or .zip
Sep 2006 Rigby's Romance, by Joseph Furphy                 [] 1264A or .zip
Sep 2006 Dave's Sweetheart, by Mary Gaunt                  [] 1263A or .zip
Sep 2006 Botany Bay True Tales of Early Australia,John Lang[] 1262A or .zip
Sep 2006 Sequel To A Voyage to Botany Bay,George Barrington[] 1261A or .zip
Sep 2006 A Voyage to Botany Bay, by George Barrington      [] 1260A or .zip
Sep 2006 Send Round the Hat, by Henry Lawson               [] 1259A or .zip
Sep 2006 Gathered In, by Catherine Helen Spence            [] 1258A or .zip
Sep 2006 Woman's Place in the Commonwealth, by C H Spence  [] 1257A
[Author: Catherine Helen Spence] or .zip
Sep 2006 The Heads of Cerberus, by Francis Stevens         [] 1256A or .zip
Sep 2006 Nightmare!, by Francis Stevens                    [] 1255A or .zip
Sep 2006 Serapion, by Francis Stevens                      [] 1254A or .zip
Sep 2006 Elf Trap, by Francis Stevens                      [] 1253A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Pit of the Serpent, by Robert E Howard        [] 1252A
Sep 2006 Red Shadows, by Robert E Howard                   [] 1251A
Sep 2006 Rattle of Bones, by Robert E Howard               [] 1250A
Sep 2006 Kings of the Night, by Robert E Howard            [] 1249A
Sep 2006 Apparition In the Prize Ring, by Robert E Howard  [] 1248A
Sep 2006 A Sydney-Side Saxon, by Rolf Boldrewood           [] 1247A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Worlds of If, by Stanley G Weinbaum           [] 1246A
Sep 2006 Valley of Dreams, by Stanley G Weinbaum           [] 1245A
Sep 2006 The Ideal, by Stanley G Weinbaum                  [] 1244A
Sep 2006 Pygmalion's Spectacles, by Stanley G Weinbaum     [] 1243A
Sep 2006 The Romance of a Station, by Rosa Praed           [] 1242A or .zip
Sep 2006 Policy and Passion, by Rosa Praed                 [] 1241A or .zip
Sep 2006 Fugitive Anne, by Rosa Praed                      [] 1240A
[Title: Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush] or .zip
Sep 2006 Australian Life Black and White, by Rosa Praed    [] 1239A or .zip
Sep 2006 Killed At Resaca, by Ambrose Bierce               [] 1238A
Sep 2006 The Romance of the Swag, by Henry Lawson          [] 1237A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Slayer of Souls, by Robert W Chambers         [] 1236A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land, by C Rowcroft[] 1235A
[Author: Charles Rowcroft] or .zip
Sep 2006 The Australian Crisis, by C H Kirmess             [] 1234A or .zip
Sep 2006 Five-Skull Island, by Alexander Montgomery        [] 1233A
[Title: Five-Skull Island And Other Tales of the Malay Archipelago] or .zip
Sep 2006 Australian Legends, by C W Peck                   [] 1232A or .zip
Sep 2006 A Romance of Canvas Town, by Rolf Boldrewood      [] 1231A
[Title: A Romance of Canvas Town and Other Stories] or .zip
Sep 2006 My Army O My Army! and Other Songs, Henry Lawson  [] 1230A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Race of Life, by Guy Boothby                  [] 1229A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Perversity of Human Nature, by Ada Cambridge  [] 1228A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Miner's Right, by Rolf Boldrewood             [] 1227A or .zip
Sep 2006 The House of Invisible Bondage, by Giesy and Smith[] 1226A
[Authors: J U Giesy and Junius B Smith] or .zip
Sep 2006 The Moccasins of Silence, by Ernest Favenc        [] 1225A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Aborigines of Western Australia,Albert Calvert[] 1224A or .zip
Sep 2006 In Strange Company, by Guy Boothby                [] 1223A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Troubles Of Australian Federation, G B Barton [] 1222A
[Author: George Burnett Barton] or .zip
Sep 2006 The Generous Gambler, by Charles Pierre Baudelaire[] 1221A or .zip
Sep 2006 Behind The Curtain, by Francis Stevens            [] 1220A or .zip
Sep 2006 Customs and Traditions Aboriginal Natives,Withnell[] 1219A
[Author: John G Withnell]
[Title:The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of N W Australia or .zip
Sep 2006 Triangles of Life and Other Stories, Henry Lawson [] 1218A or .zip
Sep 2006 Here and Beyond, by Edith Wharton                 [] 1217A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Novel of the White Powder, by Arthur Machen   [] 1216A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Shining Pyramid, by Arthur Machen             [] 1215A or .zip
Sep 2006 Children of the Pool, by Arthur Machen            [] 1214A or .zip
Sep 2006 The New Sun, by J S Fletcher                      [] 1213A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Doctor's Drive, by Mary Gaunt                 [] 1212A or .zip
Sep 2006 The Airlords of Han, by Philip Francis Nowlan     [] 1211A or .zip
Sep 2006 Black Wind Blowing, by Robert E Howard            [] 1210A
Sep 2006 The Mutineer, by Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery   [] 1209A
[Title: The Mutineer: A Romance of Pitcairn Island] or .zip
Sep 2006 Collected stories, by Edward Page Mitchell        [] 1208A or .zip
Sep 2006 Selected Lead Articles from The Dawn,Louisa Lawson[] 1207A or .zip
Sep 2006 Broad Arrow, by Caroline Leakey                   [] 1206A or .zip
Sep 2006 Adventures of a Colonist, by Thomas McCombie      [] 1205A or .zip
Sep 2006 A Box of Dead Roses, by Ethel Mills               [] 1204A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Convict Laundress, by Mary Theresa Vidal      [] 1203A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Buln-Buln and the Brolga, by Joseph Furphy    [] 1202A
[Author: Joseph Furphy is also known by the pseudonym Tom Collins] or .zip
Aug 2006 Michael Howe, by Thomas E Wells                   [] 1201A
[Title:Michael Howe-The Last and Worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dieman's Land or .zip
Aug 2006 Wake Not the Dead, by Johann Ludwig Tieck         [] 1200A or .zip
Aug 2006 Vampire, by Jan Neruda                            [] 1199A or .zip
Aug 2006 Valperga, by Mary Shelley                         [] 1198A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Weird Violin, by  Anonymous                   [] 1197A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Story of Clifford House, by  Anonymous        [] 1196A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Spectre-Smitten, by Samuel Warren             [] 1195A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Spectre Hand, by  Anonymous                   [] 1194A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Seven Lights, by John Mackay Wilson           [] 1193A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Ruins of the Abbey of Fitz-Martin, Anonymous  [] 1192A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Mysterious Spaniard, by  Anonymous            [] 1191A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Murder Hole, by  Anonymous                    [] 1190A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Haunted House, by John Whittier               [] 1189A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Desire to be a Man, A Villiers de L'isle-Adam [] 1188A
[Author: Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Banshee, by  Anonymous                        [] 1187A or .zip
Aug 2006 Tales of the Midnight Club, by C E Van Loan       [] 1186A or .zip
Aug 2006 Red-Headed Windego, by Edward William Thomson     [] 1185A or .zip
Aug 2006 Lukundoo, by Edward Lucas White                   [] 1184A or .zip
Aug 2006 In a Fog, by  Anonymous                           [] 1183A or .zip
Aug 2006 Found and Lost, by  Anonymous                     [] 1182A or .zip
Aug 2006 Extracts from Gosschen's Diary, by  Anonymous     [] 1181A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by Ellen Wood                  [] 1180A or .zip
Aug 2006 An Express of the Future, by Jules Verne          [] 1179A or .zip
Aug 2006 The True Story of A Vampire and more,Eric Stenbock[] 1178A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Rider on the White Horse, by Theodor Storm    [] 1177A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Ray of Displacement and other stories,Spofford[] 1176A
[Author: Harriet Prescott Spofford] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Past, by Ellen Glasgow                        [] 1175A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Orphan of the Rhine, by Eleanor Sleath        [] 1174A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Kirk Spook and more, by E G Swain             [] 1173A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Great Staircase at Landover Hall,by F Stockton[] 1172A
[Author: Frank Stockton] or .zip
Aug 2006 Olalla, by Robert Louis Stevenson                 [] 1171A or .zip
Aug 2006 No. 11 Welham Square, by Herbert Stephen          [] 1170A or .zip
Aug 2006 Martin Faber--The Story of a Criminal,by W G Simms[] 1169A
[Author: William Gilmore Simms] or .zip
Aug 2006 Malvern Chase, by W S Symonds                     [] 1168A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by May Sinclair                [] 1167A or .zip
Aug 2006 Buried Alive!, by Percy B St John                 [] 1166A or .zip
Aug 2006 A Teacher of the Violin, by J H Shorthouse        [] 1165A
[Title: A Teacher of the Violin and Other Stories] or .zip
Aug 2006 Zastrozzi, by Percy Bysshe Shelley                [] 1164A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Wendigo, by Theodore Roosevelt                [] 1163A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Miraculous Revenge, by George Bernard Shaw    [] 1162A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Informal Execution of Soupbone Pew,by D Runyon[] 1161A
[Author: Damon Runyon] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Heir of Mondolfo, by Mary Shelley             [] 1160A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck, by Mary Shelley   [] 1159A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Extraordinary Adventure, by Russell           [] 1158A
[Author: W Clark Russell]
[Title: The Extraordinary Adventure of a Chief Mate] or .zip
Aug 2006 St Irvyne, by Percy Bysshe Shelley                [] 1157A or .zip
Aug 2006 Lodore, by Mary Shelley                           [] 1156A or .zip
Aug 2006 Bloody Blanche, by Marcel Schwob                  [] 1155A or .zip
Aug 2006 A Mysterious Portrait, by Mark Rutherford         [] 1154A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Hundred Days, by Talbot Mundy                 [] 1152A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Witches' Sabbath, by James Platt              [] 1151A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Unholy Compact Abjured, Charles Pigault-Lebrun[] 1150A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Insane Root, by Rosa Praed                    [] 1149A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Feather Pillow, by Horacio Quiroga            [] 1148A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Demon of the Hartz, by Thomas Peckett Prest   [] 1147A or .zip
Aug 2006 That Damned Fellow Upstairs, by Edmund Pearson    [] 1146A or .zip
Aug 2006 Luck, by Marjorie Pickthall                       [] 1145A or .zip
Aug 2006 Four wooden Stakes, by Victor Roman               [] 1144A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by Charlotte Riddell           [] 1143A or .zip
Aug 2006 When I Was Dead and other stories, by O'Sullivan  [] 1142A
[Author: Vincent O'Sullivan] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Last House in C-- Street, by Dinah Mulock     [] 1141A or .zip
Aug 2006 The End of a Show, by Barry Pain                  [] 1140A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Castle of Wolfenbach, by Eliza Parsons        [] 1139A or .zip
Aug 2006 No Haid Pawn, by Thomas Nelson Page               [] 1138A or .zip
Aug 2006 Mr Gray's Strange Story, by Louisa Murray         [] 1137A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Thomas Love Peacock         [] 1136A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Margaret Oliphant           [] 1135A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Amyas Northcote             [] 1134A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Rosa Mulholland             [] 1133A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Thing In the Upper Room, by Arthur Morrison   [] 1132A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Monster Maker and other stories, by W C Morrow[] 1131A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings,Meade & Eustace[] 1130A
[Authors: L T Meade and Robert Eustace] or .zip
Aug 2006 No Living Voice, by Thomas Street Millington      [] 1129A or .zip
Aug 2006 Hagar of the Pawn-Shop, by Fergus Hume            [] 1128A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by Mary Louisa Molesworth      [] 1127A or .zip
Aug 2006 Beyond The Farthest Star, by Edgar Rice Burroughs [] 1126A
Aug 2006 The Wood Devil Thing, by Gordon MacCreagh         [] 1125A or .zip
Aug 2006 The White Wolf and more, by Frederick Marryatt    [] 1124A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Water Spectre, by Francis Lathom              [] 1123A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Separate Room, by Ethel Colburne Mayne        [] 1122A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Phial of Dread and other stories,by F H Ludlow[] 1121A
[Author: Fitz Hugh Ludlow] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Ghosts at Grantley, by Leonard Kip            [] 1120A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Ghost Whistle, by Eugene K Jones              [] 1119A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Escape Agents, by Cutcliffe Hyne              [] 1118A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Conspirators, by J P Sousa                    [] 1117A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Anaconda, by M G Lewis                        [] 1116A or .zip
Aug 2006 Mistrust or Blanche and Osbright, by M G Lewis    [] 1115A
Aug 2006 Leixlip Castle, by Charles Maturin                [] 1114A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by Maurice Level               [] 1113A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected stories, by Henry James                 [] 1112A
Aug 2006 Adventures of Captain Kettle, by Cutcliffe Hyne   [] 1111A or .zip
Aug 2006 A Warning to the Curious, by M R James            [] 1110A
Aug 2006 A Night in Monk-Hall, by George Lippard           [] 1109A
Aug 2006 Though One Rose From the Dead, William D Howells  [] 1108A
Aug 2006 The Spectre Bridegroom, by William Hunt           [] 1107A
Aug 2006 The Shadow of a Shade, by Tom Hood                [] 1106A
Aug 2006 The Prayer, by Violet Hunt                        [] 1105A
Aug 2006 The Flayed Hand, by Guy De Maupassant             [] 1104A
Aug 2006 The Devil Stone, by Beatrice Heron-Maxwell        [] 1103A
Aug 2006 Little Lisbeth, by Paul Heyse                     [] 1102A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by James Hogg                  [] 1101A
Aug 2006 Mlle de Scuderi, by E T A Hoffman                 [] 1100A or .zip
Aug 2006 Flaxman Low Occult Psychologist, by E H Heron     [] 1099A
[Title: Flaxman Low Occult Psychologist Collected Stories] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Golden Flower Pot, by E T A Hoffman           [] 1098A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Sand-Man and other stories, by E T A Hoffman  [] 1097A or .zip
Aug 2006 Carnacki Supernatural Detective and Others,Hodgson[] 1096A
[Author: William Hope Hodgson] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Everlasting Club, by Arthur Gray              [] 1095A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by William Fryer Harvey        [] 1094A
Aug 2006 Authenticated Vampire Story, by Franz Hartman     [] 1093A
Aug 2006 A Ghost Story and Others, by Lafcadio Hearn       [] 1092A
Aug 2006 The Mummy's Foot and other stories, by T Gautier  [] 1091A
[Author: Theophile Gautier] or .zip
Aug 2006 Jettatura, by Theophile Gautier                   [] 1090A or .zip
Aug 2006 St Leon, by William Godwin                        [] 1089A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Castle Spectre, by M G Lewis                  [] 1088A or .zip
Aug 2006 Witch In-Grain, by Robert Murray Gilchrist        [] 1087A
Aug 2006 Uncle Christian's Inheritance,by Erckmann-Chatrian[] 1086A
Aug 2006 The Werewolf, by Eugene Field                     [] 1085A
Aug 2006 The Vampire of Croglin Grange, by Augustus Hare   [] 1084A
Aug 2006 The Spider, by Hanns Heinz Ewers                   [] 1083A
Aug 2006 La Femme Noir, by Ann Maria Hall                  [] 1082A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Thomas Hardy                [] 1081A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman    [] 1080A
Aug 2006 My Crowded Solitude, by Jack McLaren              [] 1079A or .zip
Aug 2006 Trilby, by George du Maurier                      [] 1078A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Phantom Coach and other stories,Amelia Edwards[] 1077A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Old Nurse's Story and Other Tales,by E Gaskell[] 1076A
[Author: Elizabeth Gaskell] or .zip
Aug 2006 The Napoleon of Notting Hill, by G K Chesterton   [] 1075A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Grey Woman, by Elizabeth Gaskell              [] 1074A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Eye of Osiris, by R Austin Freeman            [] 1073A or .zip
Aug 2006 Lois the Witch, by Elizabeth Gaskell              [] 1072A or .zip
Aug 2006 A Gentle Ghost and Other Stories,by Mary E Freeman[] 1071A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Soul of Rose Dede, by M E M Davis             [] 1070A
Aug 2006 The Problem of Dead Wood Hall, by Dick Donovan    [] 1069A
Aug 2006 The Haunted Cove, by George Norman Douglas        [] 1068A
Aug 2006 The Dying of Francis Donne & others,Ernest Dowson [] 1067A
Aug 2006 A True Story, by Benjamin Disraeli                [] 1066A
Aug 2006 A Story of Ravenna, by Giovanni Boccaccio         [] 1065A
Aug 2006 Nine Ghosts, by R H Malden                        [] 1064A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Monster and Other Stories, Stephen Crane      [] 1063A
Aug 2006 The Maker of Moons and Other Stories,by R Chambers[] 1062A
[Author: Robert W Chambers] or .zip
Aug 2006 In Kropsberg Keep and Other Stories,Ralph A Cram  [] 1061A or .zip
Aug 2006 For the Blood is the Life & Other Stories,Crawford[] 1060A
[Author: F Marion Crawford] or .zip
Aug 2006 Excalibur: An Arthurian Drama,by Ralph Adams Cram [] 1059A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Discovery of Australia, by George Collingridge[] 1058A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Villa Lucienne,  by Ella D'Arcy               [] 1057A
Aug 2006 The Spiral Stone, by Arthur Willis Colton         [] 1056A
Aug 2006 The Silent Couple, by Pierre Courtois             [] 1055A
Aug 2006 The Secret of the Stradivarius, by Hugh Conway    [] 1054A
Aug 2006 The Monster of Lake Lametrie, Wardon Allan Curtis [] 1053A
Aug 2006 Round the Fire, by Catherine Crow                 [] 1052A
Aug 2006 Let Loose, by Mary Cholmondeley                   [] 1051A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by B M Croker                  [] 1050A
Aug 2006 Camlan and The Shadow of the Sword,Robert Buchanan[] 1049A or .zip
Aug 2006 God and the Man, by Robert Buchanan               [] 1048A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Bernard Capes               [] 1047A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Rhoda Broughton             [] 1046A
Aug 2006 Ormond, by Charles Brockden Brown                 [] 1045A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Mary E Braddon              [] 1044A or .zip
Aug 2006 Nightmare Tales, by H P Blavatsky                 [] 1043A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Damned and Other Stories,by Algernon Blackwood[] 1042A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Valery Bryusov              [] 1041A
Aug 2006 The Desert Islander, by Stella Benson             [] 1040A
Aug 2006 Father Meuron's Tale, by Robert Hugh Benson       [] 1039A
Aug 2006 Out of the Sea, by A C Benson                     [] 1038A
Aug 2006 The Tiger's Eye, by L Frank Baum                  [] 1037A
Aug 2006 Black Magic, by Marjorie Bowen                    [] 1036A or .zip
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by E F Benson                  [] 1035A or .zip
Aug 2006 Bladys of the Stewponey, by Sabine Baring-Gould   [] 1034A or .zip
Aug 2006 A Dead Finger, by Sabine Baring-Gould             [] 1033A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Richard Barham              [] 1032A or .zip
Aug 2006 The Mysterious Mansion, by Honore de Balzac       [] 1031A
Aug 2006 How We Got Up the Glenmutchkin Railway,W E Aytoun [] 1030A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Louisa Baldwin              [] 1029A
Aug 2006 Collected Stories, by Gertrude Atherton           [] 1028A
Aug 2006 Aylmer Vance and the Vampire,Alice & Claude Askew [] 1027A
Aug 2006 The Curse of the Catafalques, by F Anstey         [] 1026A
Aug 2006 Through the Ivory Gate, by Mary Raymond Andrews   [] 1025A
Aug 2006 Tidal Moon, by Stanley G. Weinbaum                [] 1024A
Aug 2006 The Folding Doors, by Marjorie Bowen              [] 1023A
Aug 2006 Finis, by Frank L. Pollack                        [] 1022A

1018A to 1021A Removed

Aug 2006 Again Sanders, by Edgar Wallace                   [] 1017A or .zip

1001A to 1016A Removed

Aug 2006 Out of the Silence, by Erle Cox                   [] 1000A or .zip

0948A to 0999A Removed

Jul 2006 Bill Barnes Takes a Holiday, by George L Eaton    [] 0947A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Lanson Screen, by Arthur Leo Zagat            [] 0946A
Jul 2006 Mad Eyes, by Kenneth Robeson                      [] 0945A or .zip
Jul 2006 Land Of Long Ju Ju, by Kenneth Robeson            [] 0944A or .zip
Jul 2006 He Could Stop the World, by Kenneth Robeson       [] 0943A or .zip
Jul 2006 Satan's Incubator, by Randall Craig               [] 0942A or .zip
Jul 2006 The City Condemned to Hell, by Randall Craig      [] 0941A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Upper Berth, by F Marion Crawford             [] 0940A
Jul 2006 The Mad Moon, by Stanley Weinbaum                 [] 0939A
Jul 2006 The Dead Bride, by Anonymous                      [] 0938A
Jul 2006 Change, by Arthur Machen                          [] 0937A
Jul 2006 When Super-Apes Plot, by Wilder Anthony           [] 0936A or .zip
Jul 2006 Fear and Other Stories, by Abdullah Achmed        [] 0935A or .zip
Jul 2006 Murder Mirage, by Kenneth Robeson                 [] 0934A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Black Spot, by Kenneth Robeson                [] 0933A or .zip
Jul 2006 Haunted Ocean, by Kenneth Robeson                 [] 0932A or .zip
Jul 2006 Cold Death, by Kenneth Robeson                    [] 0931A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Men Who Smiled No More, by Kenneth Robeson    [] 0930A or .zip
Jul 2006 Murder Melody, by Kenneth Robeson                 [] 0929A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Fear Merchants, by Brant House                [] 0928A
Jul 2006 Legion of the Living Dead, by Brant House         [] 0927A
Jul 2006 Doctor Zero and Others, by Paul Chadwick          [] 0926A or .zip
Jul 2006 All Souls' night, by Hugh Walpole                 [] 0925A or .zip
Jul 2006 They Stooped to Folly, by Ellen Glasgow           [] 0924A
Jul 2006 The Terror, by Arthur Machen                      [] 0923A
Jul 2006 The Land Ironclads, by H G Wells                  [] 0922A
Jul 2006 Bethel Merriday, by Sinclair Lewis                [] 0921A or .zip
Jul 2006 Killer's Kraal, by James Anson Buck               [] 0920A
Jul 2006 Tigress of T'wanbi, by John Peter Drummond        [] 0919A
Jul 2006 The Nirvana of the Seven Voodoos, John P Drummond [] 0918A
Jul 2006 Bride of the Serpent God, by John Peter Drummond  [] 0917A
Jul 2006 King of Claw and Fang, by Bob Byrd                [] 0916A
Jul 2006 Whispering Death, by Lawrence Donovan             [] 0915A
Jul 2006 Pin Up Girl Murders, by Lawrence Donovan          [] 0914A
Jul 2006 Moon Riders, by Lawrence Donovan                  [] 0913A
Jul 2006 The Sinister Dr Wong, by Robert Wallace           [] 0912A
Jul 2006 Death Flight, by Robert Wallace                   [] 0911A
Jul 2006 Empire Of Terror, by Robert Wallace               [] 0910A
Jul 2006 War Masters From The Orient, by Emile C Tepperman [] 0909A
Jul 2006 The Suicide Squad--Dead Or Alive, by Tepperman    [] 0908A
[Author: Emile C Tepperman]
Jul 2006 The Suicide Squad and the Murder Bund,by Tepperman[] 0907A
[Author: Emile C Tepperman]
Jul 2006 The Suicide Squad Reports For Death, by Tepperman [] 0906A
[Author: Emile C Tepperman]
Jul 2006 Suicide Squad--Targets For The Flaming Arrows     [] 0905A
[Author: Emile C Tepperman]
Jul 2006 Married For Murder, by Emile C Tepperman          [] 0904A
Jul 2006 A Half Interest in Hell, by Emile C Tepperman     [] 0903A
Jul 2006 Manchu Skull, by Emile C Tepperman                [] 0901A
Jul 2006 In This Corner--Death, by Emile C Tepperman       [] 0900A
Jul 2006 Raiders Of The Red Death, by Emile C Tepperman    [] 0899A
Jul 2006 Thy Servant a Dog, by Rudyard Kipling             [] 0898A or .zip
Jul 2006 Many Inventions, by Rudyard Kipling               [] 0897A or .zip
Jul 2006 Limits and Renewals, by Rudyard Kipling           [] 0896A or .zip
Jul 2006 Debits and Credits, by Rudyard Kipling            [] 0895A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Raid from Mars, by Miles Breuer               [] 0894A
Jul 2006 The Familiar, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu          [] 0893A
Jul 2006 The Lady and The Lord, by Talbot Mundy            [] 0892A
Jul 2006 The Adventure of the German Student, by W Irving  [] 0891A
[Author: Washington Irving]
Jul 2006 Where Terror Lurked, by Perley Poore Sheehan      [] 0890A
Jul 2006 The Red Road to Shamballah,by Perley Poore Sheehan[] 0889A
Jul 2006 The Green Shiver, by Perley Poore Sheehan         [] 0888A
Jul 2006 The Fighting Fool, by Perley Poore Sheehan        [] 0887A
Jul 2006 The Black Abbot, by Perley Poore Sheehan          [] 0886A
Jul 2006 Spider Tong, by Perley Poore Sheehan              [] 0885A
Jul 2006 Monsieur de Guise, by Perley Poore Sheehan        [] 0884A
Jul 2006 Kwa and the Ape People, by Perley Poore Sheehan   [] 0883A
Jul 2006 Hammer of the Gods, by John York Cabot            [] 0882A
Jul 2006 Christmas 200000 BC, by Stanley Waterloo          [] 0881A
Jul 2006 An Ulm, by Stanley Waterloo                       [] 0880A
Jul 2006 Man from the Moon, by Otis Adelbert Kline         [] 0879A
Jul 2006 The Problem of Cell 13, by Jacques Futrelle       [] 0878A
Jul 2006 The Haunted Bell, by Jacques Futrelle             [] 0877A
Jul 2006 The Gland Men of the Island, by Max Afford        [] 0876A
Jul 2006 The Hyborian Age, by Robert E Howard              [] 0875A
Jul 2006 The River of Death, by Fred Merrick White         [] 0874A
Jul 2006 The Invisible Force, by Fred Merrick White        [] 0873A
Jul 2006 The Four White Days, by Fred Merrick White        [] 0872A
Jul 2006 The Four Days' Night, by Fred Merrick White       [] 0871A
Jul 2006 The Dust of Death, by Fred Merrick White          [] 0870A
Jul 2006 A Bubble Burst, by Fred Merrick White             [] 0869A
Jul 2006 Vandals of the Void, by James Morgan Walsh        [] 0868A
Jul 2006 The Shadow Kingdom, by Robert E Howard            [] 0867A
Jul 2006 The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune, by Robert E Howard    [] 0866A
Jul 2006 Daphnis and Chloe, by Longus                      [] 0865A
[Translated out of Greek by George Thornley, Anno. 1657] or .zip
Jul 2006 The Shearer's Colt, by Andrew Barton Paterson     [] 0864A or .zip
Jul 2006 Happy Dispatches, by Andrew Barton Paterson       [] 0863A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Animals Noah Forgot, by Andrew Barton Paterson[] 0862A
Jul 2006 Doctor Dolittle's Garden, by Hugh Lofting         [] 0861A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Spiritualist, by Rafael Sabatini              [] 0860A
Jul 2006 Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque Vol 2, by Poe[] 0859A
[Author: Edgar Allan Poe] or .zip
Jul 2006 Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque Vol 1, by Poe[] 0858A
[Author: Edgar Allan Poe] or .zip
Jul 2006 Eureka, by Edgar Allan Poe                        [] 0857A or .zip
Jul 2006 A Week in the Future, by Catherine Helen Spence   [] 0856A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Romance of Golden Star, by George Griffith    [] 0855A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Raid of Le Vengeur, by George Griffith        [] 0854A
Jul 2006 From Pole to Pole, by George Griffith             [] 0853A
Jul 2006 A Corner in Lightning, by George Griffith         [] 0852A
Jul 2006 The Sheltered Life, by Ellen Glasgow              [] 0846A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Maracot Deep, by Arthur Conan Doyle           [] 0845A or .zip
Jul 2006 What Was It?, by Fitz-James O'Brien               [] 0844A
Jul 2006 My Wife's Tempter, by Fitz-James O'Brien          [] 0843A
Jul 2006 The Child Who Loved a Grave, by Fitz-James O'Brien[] 0842A
Jul 2006 The Diamond Lens, by Fitz-James O'Brien           [] 0841A
Jul 2006 The Golden Ingot, by Fitz-James O'Brien           [] 0840A
Jul 2006 The Wondersmith, by Fitz-James O'Brien            [] 0839A
Jul 2006 Falkner; A Novel, by Mary Shelley                 [] 0838A or .zip
Jul 2006 Stretton, by Henry Kingsley                       [] 0837A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Hidden Hand, by Emma Southworth               [] 0836A or .zip
Jul 2006 Selected Short Works, by Zane Grey                [] 0835A
Jul 2006 The Evil Eye, by Mary Shelley                     [] 0834A
Jul 2006 The Invisible Girl, by Mary Shelley               [] 0833A
Jul 2006 The Dream, by Mary Shelley                        [] 0832A
Jul 2006 The Brown Hand, by Arthur Conan Doyle             [] 0831A
Jul 2006 The Bully of Brocas Court, by Arthur Conan Doyle  [] 0830A
Jul 2006 Playing with Fire, by Arthur Conan Doyle          [] 0829A
Jul 2006 Ugh-Lomi and Uya, by H G Wells                    [] 0828A
Jul 2006 Ugh-Lomi and the Cave Bear, by H G Wells          [] 0827A
Jul 2006 The Reign of Uya the Lion, by H G Wells           [] 0826A
Jul 2006 Collected Supernatural Stories, by John Buchan    [] 0825A or .zip
Jul 2006 The First Horseman, by H G Wells                  [] 0824A
Jul 2006 The Fight in the Lion's Thicket, by H G Wells     [] 0823A
Jul 2006 Lost in a Pyramid or the Mummy's Curse, by Alcott [] 0822A
[Author: Louisa May Alcott]
Jul 2006 Perilous Play, by Louisa May Alcott               [] 0821A
Jul 2006 A Strange Island, by Louisa May Alcott            [] 0820A
Jul 2006 Dr Dorn's Revenge, by Louisa May Alcott           [] 0819A
Jul 2006 The Misanthrope, by J D Beresford                 [] 0818A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Spectral Coach of Blackadon, by Anonymous     [] 0817A or .zip
Jul 2006 Claimed!, by Francis Stevens                      [] 0816A or .zip
Jul 2006 Unseen - Unfeared, by Francis Stevens             [] 0815A
Jul 2006 A Night's Adventure in Rome, by W H Ainsworth     [] 0814A
[Author: William Harrison Ainsworth]
Jul 2006 Auriol, by William Harrison Ainsworth             [] 0813A or .zip
Jul 2006 Boscobel or the Royal Oak, by William H Ainsworth [] 0812A or .zip
Jul 2006 In the Rue Monge, by Emmuska Orczy                [] 0811A
Jul 2006 Old Applejoy's Ghost, by Frank R Stockton         [] 0810A
Jul 2006 The Chronic Argonauts, by H G Wells               [] 0809A
Jul 2006 The Devil and Daniel Webster, by S V Benet        [] 0808A
[Author: Stephen Vincent Benet]
Jul 2006 The Miniature, by J Y Akerman                     [] 0807A
Jul 2006 On Ghosts, by Mary Shelley                        [] 0806A
Jul 2006 Lord Tony's Wife, by Emmuska Orczy                [] 0805A or .zip
Jul 2006 Many a Tear, by M P Shiel                         [] 0804A
Jul 2006 Xelucha, by M P Shiel                             [] 0803A
Jul 2006 Vaila, by M P Shiel                               [] 0802A
Jul 2006 The Pale Ape, by M P Shiel                        [] 0801A
Jul 2006 The Bride, by M P Shiel                           [] 0800A
Jul 2006 The World Peril of 1910, by George Griffith       [] 0799A or .zip
Jul 2006 Traces of Crime, by Mary Fortune                  [] 0798A
Jul 2006 My Lodger, by Mary Fortune                        [] 0797A
Jul 2006 The White Maniac, by Mary Fortune                 [] 0796A
Jul 2006 A Child of the Revolution, by Emmuska Orczy       [] 0795A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, by E Orczy  [] 0794A
[Author Emmuska Orczy] or .zip
Jul 2006 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, by Emmuska Orczy     [] 0793A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel, by Emmuska Orczy[] 0792A or .zip
Jul 2006 Sir Percy Hits Back, by Emmuska Orczy             [] 0791A or .zip
Jul 2006 Sir Percy Leads the Band, by Emmuska Orczy        [] 0790A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, by Orczy [] 0789A
[Author Emmuska Orczy] or .zip
Jul 2006 The Swampers, by Hume Nisbet                      [] 0788A or .zip
Jul 2006 Old tales of a Young Country, by Marcus Clarke    [] 0787A or .zip
Jul 2006 Long Odds, by Marcus Clarke                       [] 0786A or .zip
Jul 2006 Four Stories High, by Marcus Clarke               [] 0785A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Power-House, by John Buchan                   [] 0784A or .zip
Jul 2006 Moondyne, by John Boyle O'Reilly                  [] 0783A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Brink of Infinity, by Stanley G Weinbaum      [] 0782A
Jul 2006 Pimpernel and Rosemary, by Emmuska Orczy          [] 0781A or .zip
Jul 2006 Mam'zelle Guillotine, by Emmuska Orczy            [] 0780A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Laughing Cavalier, by Emmuska Orczy           [] 0779A or .zip
Jul 2006 The First Sir Percy, by Emmuska Orczy             [] 0778A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Mystery of the Semi-Detached, by Edith Nesbit [] 0777A
Jul 2006 Sweeney Todd, by Anonymous                        [] 0776A or .zip
Jul 2006 Spring Heeled Jack, by Anonymous                  [] 0775A or .zip
Jul 2006 The Power of Darkness, by Edith Nesbit            [] 0774A
Jul 2006 The Ebony Frame, by Edith Nesbit                  [] 0773A
Jul 2006 The Magic World, by Edith Nesbit                  [] 0772A or .zip
Jul 2006 In The Dark, by Edith Nesbit                      [] 0771A
Jul 2006 The Tachypomp and Other Stories,by Edward Mitchell[] 0770A
[Author: Edward Page Mitchell] or .zip
Jul 2006 Man Size In Marble, by Edith Nesbit               [] 0769A
Jul 2006 John Charrington's Wedding, by Edith Nesbit       [] 0768A
Jul 2006 The Dualitists, by Bram Stoker                    [] 0767A
Jul 2006 The Vampire Maid, by Hume Nisbet                  [] 0766A
Jul 2006 The Demon Spell, by Hume Nisbet                   [] 0765A
Jul 2006 A Honeymoon in Space, by George Griffith          [] 0764A or .zip
Jul 2006 Wolverden Tower, by Grant Allen                   [] 0763A
Jul 2006 My New Year's Eve Among the Mummies,by Grant Allen[] 0762A
Jul 2006 The Stone Chamber, by Henry Marriott Watson       [] 0761A
Jul 2006 The Devil of the Marsh, by Henry Marriott Watson  [] 0760A
Jul 2006 The White Cliffs, by Alice Duer Miller            [] 0759A
Jul 2006 The Haunted Author, by Marcus Clarke              [] 0758A
Jul 2006 The Mortal Immortal, by Mary Shelley              [] 0757A
Jul 2006 The Nose, by Nikolai Gogol                        [] 0756A
Jun 2006 Russia in the Shadows, by H G Wells               [] 0755A
Jun 2006 The World of the War God, by George Griffith      [] 0754A
Jun 2006 The World of the Crystal Cities,by George Griffith[] 0753A
Jun 2006 In Saturn's Realm, by George Griffith             [] 0752A
Jun 2006 Homeward Bound, by George Griffith                [] 0751A
Jun 2006 A Visit to the Moon, by George Griffith           [] 0750A
Jun 2006 A Glimpse of the Sinless Star, by George Griffith [] 0749A
Jun 2006 Olga Romanoff, by George Griffith                 [] 0748A
[Title: Olga Romanoff or the Syren of the Skies] or .zip
Jun 2006 The Jingo, by George Randolph Chester             [] 0747A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Angel of the Revolution, by George Griffith   [] 0746A or .zip
Jun 2006 The People of the Ruins, by Edward Shanks         [] 0745A or .zip
Jun 2006 Kwa and the Beast Men, by Perley Poore Sheehan    [] 0744A
Jun 2006 Wet Magic, by Edith Nesbit                        [] 0743A
Jun 2006 Islands In The Air, by Lowell Howard Morrow       [] 0742A
Jun 2006 The Crystal sceptre, by Philip Verill Mighels     [] 0741A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Trial Trip of the Flying Cloud, by J R Orton  [] 0740A
Jun 2006 How will the World End, by Herbert C Fyfe         [] 0739A
Jun 2006 The Soul of Lilith (3 volumes), by Marie Corelli  [] 0738A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Smoky God, by Willis George Emerson           [] 0737A or .zip
Jun 2006 Captain Jinks Hero, by Ernest Crosby              [] 0736A or .zip
Jun 2006 Napoleon and the Spectre, by Charlotte Bronte     [] 0735A
Jun 2006 The Republic of the Southern Cross, Valery Bryusov[] 0734A
Jun 2006 The Revolt of Man, by Walter Besant               [] 0733A
Jun 2006 The Case of Mr Lucraft, by Walter Besant          [] 0732A
Jun 2006 The Man in Asbestos, by Stephen Leacock           [] 0731A
Jun 2006 The Blindman's World, by Edward Bellamy           [] 0730A
Jun 2006 With the Eyes Shut, by Edward Bellamy             [] 0729A
Jun 2006 To Whom This May Come, by Edward Bellamy          [] 0728A
Jun 2006 The Battle of Dorking, by George Chesney          [] 0727A
Jun 2006 The Grindwell Governing Machine, by Anonymous     [] 0726A
Jun 2006 The Thames Valley Catastrophe, by Grant Allen     [] 0725A
Jun 2006 The Grisly Folk, by H G Wells                     [] 0724A
Jun 2006 The Worm Ouroboros, by E R (Eric Rucker) Eddison  [] 0723A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Women of the Wood, by Abraham Merritt         [] 0722A
Jun 2006 The Pool of the Stone God, by Abraham Merritt     [] 0721A
Jun 2006 The Fox Woman, by Abraham Merritt                 [] 0720A
Jun 2006 The Drone, by Abraham Merritt                     [] 0719A
Jun 2006 Three Lines of Old French, by Abraham Merritt     [] 0718A
Jun 2006 The People of the Pit, by Abraham Merritt         [] 0717A
Jun 2006 The War with the Newts, by Karel Capek            [] 0716A
Jun 2006 Seven Footprints to Satan, by Abraham Merritt     [] 0715A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Ghost, by Max Brand                           [] 0714A
Jun 2006 The Pearl of Love, by H G Wells                   [] 0713A
Jun 2006 The Ship of Ishtar, by Abraham Merritt            [] 0712A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Queer Story of Brownlow's Newspaper, H G Wells[] 0711A
Jun 2006 Through the Dragon Glass, by Abraham Merritt      [] 0710A
Jun 2006 The Great Brown-Pericord Motor, by Arthur C Doyle [] 0709A
Jun 2006 The Face In The Abyss, by Abraham Merritt         [] 0708A or .zip
Jun 2006 Metropolis, by Thea Von Harbou                    [] 0707A or .zip
Jun 2006 Wintersmoon, by Hugh Walpole                      [] 0706A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Red Hand, by Arthur Machen                    [] 0705A
Jun 2006 The Novel of the Black Seal, by Arthur Machen     [] 0704A
Jun 2006 Train for Flushing, by Malcolm Jameson            [] 0703A
Jun 2006 Star Maker, by W Olaf Stapledon                   [] 0702A or .zip
Jun 2006 Old Pybus, by Warwick Deeping                     [] 0701A or .zip
Jun 2006 Armageddon 2419 AD, by Philip Francis Nowlan      [] 0700A
Jun 2006 A Thousand Deaths, by Jack London                 [] 0699A
Jun 2006 Wolfshead, by Robert E Howard                     [] 0698A
Jun 2006 The Valley of the Worm, by Robert E Howard        [] 0697A
Jun 2006 The Tomb's Secret, by Robert E Howard             [] 0696A
Jun 2006 The House of Arabu, by Robert E Howard            [] 0695A
Jun 2006 The Horror From The Mound, by Robert E Howard     [] 0694A
Jun 2006 The Haunter of the Ring, by Robert E Howard       [] 0693A
Jun 2006 The Fire of Asshurbanipal, by Robert E Howard     [] 0692A
Jun 2006 Sea Curse, by Robert E Howard                     [] 0691A
Jun 2006 The Cairn on the Headland, by Robert E Howard     [] 0690A
Jun 2006 The Black Stone, by Robert E Howard               [] 0689A
Jun 2006 Names in The Black Book, by Robert E Howard       [] 0688A
Jun 2006 Moon of Zambebwei, by Robert E Howard             [] 0687A
Jun 2006 Graveyard Rats, by Robert E Howard                [] 0686A
Jun 2006 Fangs of Gold, by Robert E Howard                 [] 0685A
Jun 2006 Black Vulmea's Vengeance, by Robert E Howard      [] 0684A
Jun 2006 Black Talons, by Robert E Howard                  [] 0683A
Jun 2006 Black Canaan, by Robert E Howard                  [] 0682A
Jun 2006 The Scarlet Plague, by Jack London                [] 0681A
Jun 2006 Dr Nikola Returns, by Guy Boothby                 [] 0680A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Lust of Hate, by Guy Boothby                  [] 0679A or .zip
Jun 2006 Farewell Nikola, by Guy Boothby                   [] 0678A or .zip
Jun 2006 A Bid for Fortune, by Guy Boothby                 [] 0677A or .zip
Jun 2006 A Professor of Egyptology, by Guy Boothby         [] 0676A
Jun 2006 A Strange Goldfield, by Guy Boothby               [] 0675A
Jun 2006 The Port of Peril, by Otis Adelbert Kline         [] 0674A
Jun 2006 The Outlaws of Mars, by Otis Adelbert Kline       [] 0673A
Jun 2006 The Call of the Savage, by Otis Adelbert Kline    [] 0672A
Jun 2006 Stolen Centuries, by Otis Adelbert Kline          [] 0671A
Jun 2006 Maza of the Moon, by Otis Adelbert Kline          [] 0670A
Jun 2006 The Adaptive Ultimate, by Stanley G Weinbaum      [] 0669A
Jun 2006 The Moon Maid, by Edgar Rice Burroughs            [] 0668A
Jun 2006 The Girl from Fariss's, by Edgar Rice Burroughs   [] 0667A
Jun 2006 The Red Hawk, by Edgar Rice Burroughs             [] 0665A
Jun 2006 War in Heaven, by Charles Williams                [] 0663A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Place of the Lion, by Charles Williams        [] 0662A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Prince of Peril, by Otis Adelbert Kline       [] 0661A
Jun 2006 The Planet of Peril, by Otis Adelbert Kline       [] 0660A
Jun 2006 The Hampdenshire Wonder, by J D Beresford         [] 0659A or .zip
Jun 2006 Wanderer of the Wasteland, by Zane Grey           [] 0658A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Disintegration Machine, by Arthur Conan Doyle [] 0657A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Purple Heart of Erlik, by Robert E Howard     [] 0656A
Jun 2006 The White People, by Arthur Machin                [] 0655A
Jun 2006 The Greek Poropulos, by Edgar Wallace             [] 0654A
Jun 2006 The Land of Mist, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle       [] 0653A
Jun 2006 Collected Stories, by Olaf Stapledon              [] 0652A
Jun 2006 A Man Divided, by Olaf Stapledon                  [] 0651A
Jun 2006 Proteus Island, by Stanley G Weinbaum             [] 0650A
Jun 2006 Light and the Darkness, by W Olaf Stapledon       [] 0649A
Jun 2006 Work of Art, by Sinclair Lewis                    [] 0648A or .zip
Jun 2006 Tales of the Colonies, by Charles Rowcroft        [] 0647A or .zip
Jun 2006 Death into Life, by W Olaf Stapledon              [] 0646A
Jun 2006 Last Men in London, by W Olaf Stapledon           [] 0645A or .zip
Jun 2006 Beau Sabreur, by Percival Christopher Wren        [] 0644A
Jun 2006 The Circle of Zero, by Stanley G Weinbaum         [] 0643A
Jun 2006 The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw, by E R Burroughs  [] 0642A
[Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Jun 2006 The Lotus Eaters, by Stanley G Weinbaum           [] 0641A
Jun 2006 Human Repetends, by Marcus Clarke                 [] 0640A
Jun 2006 Parasite Planet, by Stanley G Weinbaum            [] 0639A
Jun 2006 The Inmost Light, by Arthur Machen                [] 0638A
Jun 2006 A Martian Odyssey, by Stanley G Weinbaum          [] 0637A
Jun 2006 Supernatural Horror in Literature, by H PLovecraft[] 0636A
Jun 2006 Pharos the Egyptian, by Guy Boothby               [] 0635A
Jun 2006 The Tarzan Twins, by Edgar Rice Burroughs         [] 0634A
Jun 2006 Sirius, by W Olaf Stapledon                       [] 0633A or .zip
Jun 2006 Northmost Australia, by Robert Logan Jack         [] 0632A
Jun 2006 The Flames, by W Olaf Stapledon                   [] 0631A or .zip
Jun 2006 Tarzan Triumphant, by Edgar Rice Burroughs        [] 0630A
Jun 2006 Odd John, by W Olaf Stapledon                     [] 0629A or .zip
Jun 2006 Last and First Men, by W Olaf Stapledon           [] 0628A or .zip
Jun 2006 The Country of the Knife, by Robert E Howard      [] 0627A
Jun 2006 Son Of The White Wolf, by Robert E Howard         [] 0626A
Jun 2006 Tarzan at the Earth's Core,by Edgar Rice Burroughs[] 0625A
Jun 2006 Tanar of Pellucidar, by Edgar Rice Burroughs      [] 0624A
May 2006 The Slithering Shadow, by Robert E Howard         [] 0623A
May 2006 Blood of The Gods, by Robert E Howard             [] 0622A
May 2006 Back to the Stone Age, by Edgar Rice Burroughs    [] 0621A
May 2006 Savage Pellucidar, by Edgar Rice Burroughs        [] 0620A
May 2006 Tarzan's Quest, by Edgar Rice Burroughs           [] 0619A
May 2006 Hawk of the Hills, by Robert E Howard             [] 0618A
May 2006 The Daughter of Erlik Khan, by Robert E Howard    [] 0617A
May 2006 The Hour of the Dragon, by Robert E Howard        [] 0616A
May 2006 Shadows in the Moonlight, by Robert E Howard      [] 0615A
May 2006 Queen of the Black Coast, by Robert E Howard      [] 0614A
May 2006 Pool of the Black One, by Robert E Howard         [] 0613A
May 2006 People of the Black Circle, by Robert E Howard    [] 0612A
May 2006 Black Colossus, by Robert E Howard                [] 0611A
May 2006 A Witch Shall be Born, by Robert E Howard         [] 0610A
May 2006 Tarzan and the Lost Empire,by Edgar Rice Burroughs[] 0609A
May 2006 The Monster Mine, by Anonymous (P.G. M.)          [] 0608A
May 2006 Time and Time Again, by James Hilton              [] 0607A
May 2006 Wings in the Night, by Robert E Howard            [] 0606A
May 2006 The Hills of the Dead, by Robert E Howard         [] 0605A
May 2006 The Footfalls Within, by Robert E Howard          [] 0604A
May 2006 Skulls in the Stars, by Robert E Howard           [] 0603A
May 2006 The Moon of Skulls, by Robert E Howard            [] 0602A
May 2006 The Tower of the Elephant, by Robert E Howard     [] 0601A
May 2006 The Scarlet Citadel, by Robert E Howard           [] 0600A
May 2006 The Phoenix on the Sword, by Robert E Howard      [] 0599A
May 2006 The Devil in Iron, by Robert E Howard             [] 0598A
May 2006 Shadows in Zamboula, by Robert E Howard           [] 0597A
May 2006 Rogues in the House, by Robert E Howard           [] 0596A
May 2006 Red Nails, by Robert E Howard                     [] 0595A
May 2006 Jewels of Gwahlur, by Robert E Howard             [] 0594A
May 2006 Gods of the North, by Robert E Howard             [] 0593A
May 2006 Beyond the Black River, by Robert E Howard        [] 0592A
May 2006 The Valley of the Worm, by Robert E Howard        [] 0591A
May 2006 Pigeons from Hell, by Robert E Howard             [] 0590A
May 2006 Tarzan and the Lion-Man, by Edgar Rice Burroughs  [] 0589A
May 2006 Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion", by E R  Burroughs[] 0588A
May 2006 Tales of the Austral Tropics, by Ernest Favenc    [] 0587A or .zip
May 2006 Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, by Edgar Rice Burroughs[] 0586A
May 2006 Tarzan and the Forbidden City,by Edgar R Burroughs[] 0585A
May 2006 Tarzan and the Castaways, by Edgar Rice Burroughs [] 0584A
May 2006 Tarzan and the Ant-men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs   [] 0583A
May 2006 Discovery of Australia by de Quiros, by P Moran   [] 0582A
[Author: Patrick F. Moran]
[Title: Discovery of Australia by de Quiros in the Year 1606] or .zip
May 2006 The First Discovery of Australia, by T D Mutch    [] 0581A
May 2006 An Historical Collection, by Alexander Dalrymple  [] 0580A
[Title: An Historical Collection of the Several Voyages and Discoveries in
the South Pacific Ocean]
May 2006 A Chronological History of Voyages,by James Burney[] 0579A
[Title A Chronological History of the Voyages and Discoveries in the South Sea] or .zip
May 2006 Doomsday, by Warwick Deeping                      [] 0578A or .zip
May 2006 Skeleton Men of Jupiter, by Edgar Rice Burroughs  [] 0577A
May 2006 John Carter and the Giant of Mars,by E R Burroughs[] 0576A
[Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs]
May 2006 Abel Janszoon Tasman's Journal, by J E Heeres(Ed.)[] 0575A
May 2006 The Secret Sanctuary, by Warwick Deeping          [] 0574A or .zip
May 2006 The Discovery of Van Diemen's Land in 1642, Walker[] 0573A
[Author: James Backhouse walker] or .zip
May 2006 The Discovery of Tasmania, by C T Burfitt         [] 0572A
[Title: The Discovery of Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land.) New Zealand
and Bass' Straits.] or .zip
May 2006 Abel Janszoon Tasman: His Life and Voyages, Walker[] 0571A
[Author: James Backhouse walker]
Apr 2006 A Warning in Red, by Victor L. Whitechurch        [] 0570A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Secret of Emu Plain, by Meade and Eustace     [] 0569A
[Author: L T Meade and Robert Eustace] or .zip
Apr 2006 Followed, by L T Meade and Robert Eustace         [] 0568A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Tragedy of a Third Smoker, by Cutcliffe Hyne  [] 0567A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Mazaroff Rifle, Fred M White                  [] 0566A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Silkworms of Florence, by Clifford Ashdown    [] 0565A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Love Affair of George Vincent Parker,A C Doyle[] 0564A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Holocaust of Manor Place, by A C Doyle        [] 0563A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Apr 2006 The Debatable Case of Mrs. Emsley, by A C Doyle   [] 0562A
[Author: Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Apr 2006 Seven Seven Seven--City, by Julius Chambers       [] 0560A
[Title: Seven Seven Seven--City: A Tale of the Telephone] or .zip
Apr 2006 The Dutchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds, by G Boothby[] 0559A
[Author: Guy Boothby]
Apr 2006 Round the Fire Stories, by Arthur Conan Doyle     [] 0558A or .zip
Apr 2006 The Bachelors' Guide, by L W Lower                [] 0557A
[Title:  The Bachelors' Guide to the Care of the Young and Other Stories] or .zip
Apr 2006 The Private Life of Helen of Troy, by John Erskine[] 0556A or .zip
Apr 2006 So Well Remembered, by James Hilton               [] 0555A or .zip
Apr 2006 Early Voyages to Terra Australis, by R H Major    [] 0554A or .zip
Apr 2006 On the Spot, by Edgar Wallace                     [] 0553A or .zip
Mar 2006 The Joyful Delaneys, by Hugh Walpole              [] 0552A or .zip
Mar 2006 John Cornelius, by Hugh Walpole                   [] 0551A or .zip
Mar 2006 Rain in the Doorway, by Thorne Smith              [] 0550A or .zip
Mar 2006 Skin and Bones, by Thorne Smith                   [] 0549A or .zip
Mar 2006 The Glorious Pool, by Thorne Smith                [] 0548A or .zip
Mar 2006 Turnabout, by Thorne Smith                        [] 0547A or .zip
Mar 2006 Topper Takes a Trip, by Thorne Smith              [] 0546A or .zip
Mar 2006 The Night Life of the Gods, by Thorne Smith       [] 0545A or .zip
Mar 2006 The Bishop's Jaegers, by Thorne Smith             [] 0544A or .zip
Mar 2006 The Stray Lamb, by Thorne Smith                   [] 0543A or .zip
Mar 2006 Topper, by Thorne Smith                           [] 0542A
[Title: The Jovial Ghosts: The Misadventures of Topper] or .zip
Mar 2006 Beau Geste, by Percival Christopher Wren          [] 0541A
Mar 2006 Since Yesterday, by Frederick Lewis Allen         [] 0540A or .zip
Mar 2006 Tragedy at Beechcroft, by A Fielding              [] 0539A or .zip
Mar 2006 The House in Lordship Lane, by A E W Mason        [] 0538A or .zip
Mar 2006 Expedition in search of Burke and Wills, by Walker[] 0537A
[Author: Frederick Walker] or .zip
Mar 2006 The Blind Man's House, by Hugh Walpole            [] 0536A or .zip
Feb 2006 L'Obscure Souffrance, by Laure Conan              [] 0535A
[Language: French]
[Subtitle: La Vaine Foi; La Couronne de Larmes; Le Premier arbre de Noël;
Les Missionnaires des Esquimaux] or .zip
Jan 2006 The Lone House Mystery and Other Stories, Wallace [] 0534A
[Author: Edgar Wallace] or .zip
Jan 2006 Sydney in 1848, by Joseph Fowles                  [] 0533A or .zip
Jan 2006 Mrs Miniver, by Jan Struther                      [] 0532A or .zip
Jan 2006 The Green Rust, by Edgar Wallace                  [] 0531A or .zip
Jan 2006 A Winter Pilgrimage, by H Rider Haggard           [] 0530A or .zip
Jan 2006 Vocabulary of the Flash Language, by Vaux         [] 0529A
[Author: James Hardy Vaux]
[Title: A New and Comprehensive Vocabulary of the Flash Language] or .zip
Jan 2006 A Dictionary of Australian Words And Terms, Lawson[] 0528A
[Author: Gilbert H Lawson] or .zip
Jan 2006 The Killer and the Slain, by Hugh Walpole         [] 0527A or .zip
Jan 2006 Shorter Poems, by W J Alexander (Editor)          [] 0526A
Jan 2006 The Square Emerald, by Edgar Wallace              [] 0525A or .zip
Jan 2006 The Keepers of the King's Peace, by Edgar Wallace [] 0524A
Jan 2006 The Duke in the Suburbs, by Edgar Wallace         [] 0523A or .zip
Jan 2006 A Prayer for my Son, by Hugh Walpole              [] 0522A or .zip
Jan 2006 At the Mountains of Madness, by H P Lovecraft     [] 0521A
Jan 2006 The Thundering Herd, by Zane Grey                 [] 0520A or .zip
Jan 2006 Miss Mapp, by E F Benson                          [] 0519A or .zip
Dec 2005 The Part Borne by the Dutch, by J E Heeres        [] 0518A
[Title: The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia 1606-1765] or .zip Dutch]
Dec 2005 Paying Guests, by E F Benson                      [] 0517A or .zip
Dec 2005 Terror Keep, by Edgar Wallace                     [] 0516A or .zip
Dec 2005 Room 13, by Edgar Wallace                         [] 0515A or .zip
Dec 2005 Mary of Marion Isle, by H Rider Haggard           [] 0514A or .zip
Dec 2005 The Last Enemy, by Richard Hillary                [] 0513A or .zip
Dec 2005 Mrs Ames, by E F Benson                           [] 0512A or .zip
Dec 2005 The Shortstop, by Zane Grey                       [] 0511A or .zip
Dec 2005 Trouble for Lucia, by E F Benson                  [] 0510A or .zip
Nov 2005 The Endeavour Journal of Sir Joseph Banks,by Banks[] 0509A
[Author: Sir Joseph Bamks] or .zip
Nov 2005 Mapp and Lucia, by E F Benson                     [] 0508A or .zip
Nov 2005 The Sinister Man, by Edgar Wallace                [] 0507A
Nov 2005 The People of the River, by Edgar Wallace         [] 0506A
Nov 2005 The Man who Bought London, by Edgar Wallace       [] 0505A
Nov 2005 The Face in the Night, by Edgar Wallace           [] 0504A
Nov 2005 The Avenger, by Edgar Wallace                     [] 0503A
Nov 2005 The Survivor, by E. Phillips Oppenheim            [] 0502A or .zip
Nov 2005 The Way of the Spirit, H Rider Haggard            [] 0501A
Nov 2005 The First Discovery of Australia, by Collingridge [] 0500A
[Author: George Collingridge]
[Title: The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea] or .zip
Oct 2005 Creative English, H W Brown                       [] 0499A
Oct 2005 Fact'ry 'Ands, Edward Dyson                       [] 0498A
Oct 2005 Benno and Some of the Push, Edward Dyson          [] 0497A
Oct 2005 Below and on Top and Other Stories, Edward Dyson  [] 0496A
Oct 2005 The Ontario Public School Composition, Anonymous  [] 0495A
Oct 2005 Composition and Grammar for Public Schools, Anon. [] 0494A
Oct 2005 The Golden Shanty, by Edward Dyson                [] 0493A or .zip
Oct 2005 Rhymes from the Mines, by Edward Dyson            [] 0492A or .zip
Oct 2005 Lucia's Progress, by E F Benson                   [] 0491A or .zip
Oct 2005 The Story of my Life, by Clarence Darrow          [] 0490A or .zip
Oct 2005 Rose of Spadgers, by C J Dennis                   [] 0489A or .zip
Oct 2005 Jim of The Hills, by C J Dennis                   [] 0488A or .zip
Oct 2005 The Moods of Ginger Mick, by C J Dennis           [] 0487A or .zip
Oct 2005 Backblock Ballads and Later Verses, by C J Dennis [] 0486A or .zip
Oct 2005 Tros of Samothrace, by Talbot Mundy               [] 0485A or .zip
Sep 2005 Lucia in London, by E. F. Benson                  [] 0484A or .zip
Sep 2005 The Big Change, by Frederick Lewis Allen          [] 0483A or .zip
Sep 2005 The  Courtship of Morrice Buckler, by A E W Mason [] 0482A or .zip
Sep 2005 A White Bird Flying, by Bess Streeter Aldrich     [] 0481A or .zip
Sep 2005 Mr J. G. Reeder Returns, by Edgar Wallace         [] 0480A or .zip
Sep 2005 Collected Stories, by F Scott Fitzgerald          [] 0479A
Aug 2005 Only Yesterday, by Frederick Lewis Allen          [] 0478A
[Title: Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's] or .zip
Aug 2005 The Letters of Evelyn Underhill, by E Underhill   [] 0477A
[Author: Evelyn Underhill] or .zip
Aug 2005 What Would You Have Done?, by Louis Tracy         [] 0476A or .zip
Aug 2005 An Oath in Heaven, by John Ryce                   [] 0475A or .zip
Aug 2005 The Witch's Head, by H Rider Haggard              [] 0474A or .zip
Aug 2005 The Judas Kiss, by Herbert Adams                  [] 0473A or .zip
Aug 2005 The Chief Witness, by Herbert Adams               [] 0472A or .zip
Aug 2005 The Body in the Bunker, by Herbert Adams          [] 0471A or .zip
Aug 2005 Exit the Skeleton, by Herbert Adams               [] 0470A or .zip
Aug 2005 Death of a Viewer, by Herbert Adams               [] 0469A or .zip
Aug 2005 C, by Maurice Baring                              [] 0468A or .zip
Aug 2005 Rockbound, by Frank Parker Day                    [] 0467A or .zip
Aug 2005 Giants in the Earth, by O E Rolvaag               [] 0466A or .zip
Aug 2005 Basic French for Canadian Schools, by Anonymous   [] 0465A
Aug 2005 Doreen, by C J Dennis                             [] 0464A or .zip
Jul 2005 An Australian in China, by G E Morrison           [] 0463A or .zip
Jul 2005 Pacific Tales, by Louis Becke                     [] 0462A or .zip
Jul 2005 The Irish in Australia, by James Francis Hogan    [] 0461A or .zip
Jun 2005 Spring Came on Forever, by Bess Streeter Aldrich  [] 0460A or .zip
Jun 2005 Idle Days in Patagonia, by W H Hudson             [] 0459A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Wanderer, by Kahlil Gibran                    [] 0458A or .zip
Jun 2005 Spirits Rebellious, by Kahlil Gibran              [] 0457A or .zip
Jun 2005 Sand and Foam, by Kahlil Gibran                   [] 0456A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Madman, by Kahlil Gibran                      [] 0455A or .zip
Jun 2005 Lazarus and his Beloved, by Kahlil Gibran         [] 0454A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Garden Of The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran       [] 0453A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Forerunner, by Kahlil Gibran                  [] 0452A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Earth Gods, by Kahlil Gibran                  [] 0451A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Broken Wings, by Kahlil Gibran                [] 0450A or .zip
Jun 2005 A Tear and a Smile, by Kahlil Gibran              [] 0449A or .zip
Jun 2005 Mother Mason, by Bess Streeter Aldrich            [] 0448A or .zip
Jun 2005 A Lantern in her Hand, by Bess Streeter Aldrich   [] 0447A or .zip
Jun 2005 Helen Vardon's Confession, by R Austin Freeman    [] 0446A or .zip
Jun 2005 When Rogues Fall Out, by R Austin Freeman         [] 0445A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Shadow of the Wolf, by R Austin Freeman       [] 0444A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Jacob Street Mystery, by R Austin Freeman     [] 0443A or .zip
Jun 2005 The Great Portrait Mystery, by R Austin Freeman   [] 0442A or .zip
May 2005 A New Voyage Round the World, by William Dampier  [] 0441A or .zip
May 2005 Four Faultless Felons, by G K Chesterton          [] 0227A
May 2005 South Moon Under, by Marjorie Kinnon Rawlings     [] 0440A or .zip
May 2005 Not Under Forty, by Willa Cather                  [] 0439A or .zip
May 2005 Miss Bishop, by Bess Streeter Aldrich             [] 0438A or .zip
May 2005 The Paradoxes of Mr Pond, by G K Chesterton       [] 0437A or .zip
May 2005 The Croquet Player, by H G Wells                  [] 0436A or .zip
Apr 2005 Morning Journey, by James Hilton                  [] 0435A or .zip
Apr 2005 Dr Thorndyke Short Story Omnibus, by R A Freeman  [] 0434A
[Author: R Austin Freeman] or .zip
Apr 2005 Pontixex Son and Thorndyke, by R Austin Freeman   [] 0433A or .zip
Apr 2005 Mr Polton Explains, by R Austin Freeman           [] 0432A or .zip
Apr 2005 Felo de Se, by R Austin Freeman                   [] 0431A or .zip
Apr 2005 A Certain Dr Thorndyke, by R Austin Freeman       [] 0430A or .zip
Apr 2005 Random Harvest, by James Hilton                   [] 0429A or .zip
Apr 2005 The Marquis of Carabas, by Rafael Sabatini        [] 0428A or .zip
Apr 2005 My Mortal Enemy, by Willa Cather                  [] 0427A or .zip
Mar 2005 Joan Haste, by H Rider Haggard                    [] 0426A or .zip
Mar 2005 A History of Western Australia, by J S Battye     [] 0425A
[Title: Western Australia: a history from its discovery to the inauguration
of the Commonwealth] or .zip
Feb 2005 Was it Murder?, by James Hilton                   [] 0424A or .zip
Feb 2005 "C.I.D.", by Talbot Mundy                         [] 0423A or .zip
Feb 2005 OM: The Secret of Ahbor Valley (1924), by T Mundy [] 0422A
[Author: Talbot Mundy] or .zip
Feb 2005 Lord Minto A Memoir, by John Buchan               [] 0421A or .zip
Feb 2005 The Bandit of Hell's Bend, by Edgar Rice Burroughs[] 0420A
Feb 2005 Tarzan and the City of Gold, by Edgar R Burroughs [] 0419A
Feb 2005 The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County,by Burroughs[] 0418A
[Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Feb 2005 The Moon Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs             [] 0417A
Feb 2005 Tarzan the Magnificent, by Edgar Rice Burroughs   [] 0416A
Feb 2005 Tarzan and the Leopard Men,by Edgar Rice Burroughs[] 0415A
Feb 2005 Tarzan the Invincible, by Edgar Rice Burroughs    [] 0414A
Feb 2005 Land of Terror, by Edgar Rice Burroughs           [] 0413A
Feb 2005 The Lad and the Lion, by Edgar Rice Burroughs     [] 0412A
Feb 2005 The Girl From Hollywood, by Edgar Rice Burroughs  [] 0411A
Jan 2005 The Edge of the Unknown, by Arthur Conan Doyle    [] 0410A or .zip
Jan 2005 Lost Horizon, by James Hilton                     [] 0409A or .zip
Jan 2005 Our New Selection, by Steele Rudd                 [] 0408A or .zip
Jan 2005 The Mother's Recompense, by Edith Wharton         [] 0407A or .zip
Jan 2005 Good-bye Mr. Chips, by James Hilton               [] 0406A or .zip
Jan 2005 Some Passages in the History of Van Diemen's Land [] 0405A
[Author's name: Sir John Franklin] or .zip
Jan 2005 Across the Unknown, by Stewart Edward White       [] 0404A or .zip
Jan 2005 Heart of the World, by H Rider Haggard            [] 0403A or .zip
Jan 2005 The Indian Cookery Book, by Anonymous             [] 0402A or .zip
Jan 2005 Generals Die in Bed, by Charles Yale Harrison     [] 0401A or .zip
Jan 2005 Around the Boree Log and Other Verses, by O'Brien [] 0400A
[Author: John O'brien, pseudonym for Patrick Joseph Hartigan] or .zip
Jan 2005 Touch and Go, by D H Lawrence                     [] 0399A or .zip
Jan 2005 The Merry-go-round, by D H Lawrence               [] 0398A or .zip
Jan 2005 A Collier's Friday Night, by D H Lawrence         [] 0397A or .zip
Jan 2005 The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, by D H Lawrence      [] 0396A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Daughter-in-law, by D H Lawrence              [] 0395A or .zip
Dec 2004 David, by D H Lawrence                            [] 0394A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Fight for Barbara, by D H Lawrence            [] 0393A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Adventures of Tommy, by H G Wells             [] 0392A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Married Man, by D H Lawrence                  [] 0391A or .zip
Dec 2004 Complete Pat Hobby Stories, by F Scott Fitzgerald [] 0390A
[Title: The Complete Pat Hobby Stories] or .zip
Dec 2004 The Girl from Glengarry, by Ralph Connor          [] 0389A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Sword of Islam, by Rafael Sabatini            [] 0388A or .zip
Dec 2004 The Sojourner, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings        [] 0387A or .zip
Oct 2004 The Gods Arrive, by Edith Wharton                 [] 0386A or .zip
Oct 2004 The Journal of Abel Jansz Tasman, by Abel Tasman  [] 0385A or .zip
Oct 2004 The Jerilderie Letter, by Edward (Ned) Kelly      [] 0384A or .zip
Oct 2004 A Tour on the Prairies, by Washington Irving      [] 0383A or .zip
Oct 2004 The Children, by Edith Wharton                    [] 0382A or .zip
Oct 2004 Twilight Sleep, by Edith Wharton                  [] 0381A or .zip
Sep 2004 The Naulahka, by Rudyard Kipling                  [] 0380A or .zip
Sep 2004 Australian Tales, by Marcus Clarke                [] 0379A or .zip
Sep 2004 Hudson River Bracketed, by Edith Wharton          [] 0378A or .zip
Sep 2004 Something of Myself, by Rudyard Kipling           [] 0377A or .zip
Sep 2004 West Australian Orchids, by Emily H Pelloe        [] 0376A
Sep 2004 The New World Order, by H G Wells                 [] 0375A or .zip
Sep 2004 The Passing of the Aborigines, by Daisy Bates     [] 0374A
Aug 2004 London in my Time, by Thomas Burke                [] 0373A or .zip
Aug 2004 The Big Fisherman, by Lloyd C Douglas             [] 0372A or .zip
Aug 2004 Magnificent Obsession, by Lloyd C Douglas         [] 0371A or .zip
Aug 2004 My Tahiti, by Robert Dean Frisbie                 [] 0370A or .zip
Jul 2004 Scapegoats of the Empire, by George Witton        [] 0369A or .zip
Jul 2004 The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill, D Wall    [] 0368A
[Name: Dorothy Wall] or .zip
Jul 2004 Blinky Bill Grows Up, by Dorothy Wall             [] 0367A or .zip
Jul 2004 Blinky Bill and Nutsy, by Dorothy Wall            [] 0366A or .zip
Jul 2004 Blinky Bill, by Dorothy Wall                      [] 0365A or .zip
Jul 2004 The Robe, by Lloyd C Douglas                      [] 0364A or .zip
Jun 2004 Katherine Christian, by Hugh Walpole              [] 0363A or .zip
Jun 2004 The Inquisitor, by Hugh Walpole                   [] 0362A or .zip
Jun 2004 The Bright Pavillons, by Hugh Walpole             [] 0361A or .zip
Jun 2004 Above the Dark Tumult: An Adventure, Hugh Walpole [] 0360A or .zip
May 2004 Portrait of a Man with Red Hair, by Hugh Walpole  [] 0358A or .zip
May 2004 Death in the Woods and Other Stories, S Anderson  [] 0357A
[Full Name: Sherwood Anderson] or .zip
May 2004 Harmer John, by Hugh Walpole                      [] 0355A or .zip
May 2004 The Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol 2, Gertrude Bell [] 0354A or .zip
May 2004 Hans Frost, Hugh Walpole                          [] 0353A or .zip
May 2004 Vanessa, Hugh Walpole                             [] 0352A or .zip
Apr 2004 Every Day Life on a Ceylon Cocoa Estate, M Steuart[] 0350A
[Full Name: Mary Elizabeth Steuart] or .zip
Apr 2004 The Last Man, Mary Shelley                        [] 0348A or .zip
Apr 2004 The Intermediate Sex, Edward Carpenter            [] 0347A or .zip
Apr 2004 Collected Poems 1934-1952, Dylan Thomas           [] 0346A or .zip
Apr 2004 Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip,Hume & Hovell[] 0345A
[Authors: Hamilton Hume and William Hovell] or .zip
Mar 2004 The Flying Years, Frederick Niven                 [] 0344A or .zip
Mar 2004 The Old Ladies, Hugh Walpole                      [] 0343A or .zip
Mar 2004 The Letters of Gertrude Bell, Gertrude Bell       [] 0342A or .zip
Mar 2004 Economic Problems of Socialism, Joseph Stalin     [] 0341A
[Title: Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.] or .zip
Mar 2004 Dreads and Drolls, Arthur Machen                  [] 0340A or .zip
Mar 2004 Collected Short Stories, D H Lawrence             [] 0339A or .zip
Mar 2004 The Woman Who Rode Away, D H Lawrence             [] 0338A
[Title: The Woman Who Rode Away and other stories] or .zip
Mar 2004 Captain Nicholas, Hugh Walpole                    [] 0337A or .zip
Mar 2004 Jeremy and Hamlet, Hugh Walpole                   [] 0336A or .zip
Mar 2004 Cross Creek, Marjorie K Rawlings                  [] 0335A or .zip
Mar 2004 The Pursuit of Knoweledge, Stephen Leacock        [] 0334A
[Subtitle: A Discussion of Freedom and Compulsion in Education] or .zip
Mar 2004 The Power and the Glory, Gilbert Parker           [] 0333A or .zip
Mar 2004 The Fortress, Hugh Walpole                        [] 0331A or .zip
Feb 2004 Her Reputation, Talbot Mundy                      [] 0330A or .zip
Feb 2004 Judith Paris, Hugh Walpole                        [] 0329A or .zip or .zip with image]
Feb 2004 The Book of Small, Emily Carr                     [] 0328A or .zip
Jan 2004 Memoirs of William Cox, Anonymous                 [] 0327A or .zip
Jan 2004 Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon, George B Worgan [] 0326A or .zip
Jan 2004 Rogue Herries, Hugh Walpole                       [] 0325A or .zip or .zip with image]
Jan 2004 Strange Interlude, Eugene O'Neill                 [] 0324A or .zip
Jan 2004 Dynamo, Eugene O'Neill                            [] 0323A or .zip
Jan 2004 Mourning Becomes Electra, Eugene O'Neill          [] 0322A or .zip
Jan 2004 Lazarus Laughed, Eugene O'Neill                   [] 0321A or .zip
Jan 2004 The Fountain, Eugene O'Neill                      [] 0320A or .zip
Jan 2004 Diff'rent, Eugene O'Neill                         [] 0319A or .zip
Jan 2004 Welded, Eugene O'Neill                            [] 0318A or .zip
Jan 2004 The Great God Brown, Eugene O'Neill               [] 0317A or .zip
Jan 2004 Desire Under the Elms, Eugene O'Neill             [] 0316A or .zip
Jan 2004 All God's Chillun Got Wings, Eugene O'Neill       [] 0315A or .zip
Jan 2004 All Hallows' Eve, Charles Williams                [] 0314A or .zip
Jan 2004 Days Without End, Eugene O'Neill                  [] 0313A or .zip
Jan 2004 A Moon for the Misbegotten, Eugene O'Neill        [] 0312A or .zip
Jan 2004 Tomorrow, Eugene O'Neill                          [] 0311A or .zip
Jan 2004 The Iceman Cometh, Eugene O'Neill                 [] 0310A or .zip
Jan 2004 Letters from an Exile at Botany Bay, T. Watling   [] 0309A
[Author: Thomas Watling] or .zip
Dec 2003 A Silent Witness, R Austin Freeman                [] 0308A or .zip
Dec 2003 Cressage, A C (Arthur Christopher) Benson         [] 0307A or .zip
Dec 2003 Midwinter, John Buchan                            [] 0306A or .zip
Dec 2003 The Three Impostors, Arthur Machen                [] 0305A or .zip
Dec 2003 The Island of Sheep, John Buchan                  [] 0304A or .zip
Dec 2003 The Yearling, Marjorie Kinnon Rawlings            [] 0303A or .zip
Dec 2003 Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, John White[] 0302A or .zip
Dec 2003 For the Defence Dr. Thorndyke, by R Austin Freeman[] 0301A or .zip
Dec 2003 Jeremy at Crale, by Hugh Walpole                  [] 0300A
[His Friends, his Ambitions and his one Great Enemy] or .zip
Dec 2003 The Prussian Officer & Other Stories, D H Lawrence[] 0299A or .zip
Nov 2003 The Gap in the Curtain, by John Buchan            [] 0298A or .zip
Nov 2003 White Narcissus, by Raymond Knister               [] 0297A
Nov 2003 Many Dimensions, by Charles Williams              [] 0296A or .zip
Nov 2003 Sick Heart River, by John Buchan                  [] 0295A or .zip
Nov 2003 Jesus the Son of Man, by Kahlil Gibran            [] 0294A or .zip
Nov 2003 The House of the Four Winds, by John Buchan       [] 0293A or .zip
Nov 2003 That Colony of God, by Alice M Browne             [] 0292A or .zip
Nov 2003 The Free Fishers, by John Buchan                  [] 0291A or .zip
Nov 2003 The Blanket of the Dark, by John Buchan           [] 0290A or .zip
Nov 2003 A Prince of the Captivity, by John Buchan         [] 0289A or .zip
Oct 2003 The Shape of Things to Come, by H G Wells         [] 0288A or .zip
Oct 2003 The Runagates Club, by John Buchan                [] 0287A or .zip
Oct 2003 The Gospel of Philip the Deacon, Frederick B Bond [] 0286A or .zip
Oct 2003 Winnowed Wisdom, by Stephen Leacock               [] 0285A or .zip
Oct 2003 Death of a Celebrity, by Hulbert Footner          [] 0284A
Oct 2003 Castle Gay, by John Buchan                        [] 0283A or .zip
Oct 2003 Witch Wood, by John Buchan                        [] 0282A or .zip
Oct 2003 Short Circuits, by Stephen Leacock                [] 0281A or .zip
Oct 2003 The Epworth Phenomena, by Dudley Wright           [] 0280A or .zip
Oct 2003 The Dancing Floor, by John Buchan                 [] 0279A or .zip
Sep 2003 Ralph Rashleigh (1929), by James Tucker           [] 0278A
[First authentic popular edition] or .zip
Sep 2003 Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh (1929), James Tucker[] 0277A
[First edition--heavily edited] or .zip
Sep 2003 Inheritors, by Brian Penton                       [] 0276A or .zip
Sep 2003 Tender is the Night, by F Scott Fitzgerald        [] 0275A or .zip
Sep 2003 The Common Reader Second Series, by Virginia Woolf[] 0274A or .zip
Sep 2003 The Autocracy of Mr. Parham, by H G Wells         [] 0273A or .zip]
Sep 2003 The Three Hostages, by John Buchan                [] 0272A or .zip]
Sep 2003 The Years, by Virginia Woolf                      [] 0271A or .zip]
Aug 2003 Skin O' My Tooth, by Baroness E Orczy             [] 0270A
Aug 2003 With Folded Wings, by Stewart Edward White        [] 0269A or .zip
Aug 2003 New Year's Day, by Edith Wharton                  [] 0268A or .zip
Aug 2003 Oscar Wilde from Purgatory,by Hester Travers Smith[] 0267A or .zip
Aug 2003 Between the Acts, by Virginia Woolf               [] 0266A or .zip
Aug 2003 Selected Short Stories, by Sinclair Lewis         [] 0265A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Spark, by Edith Wharton                       [] 0264A or .zip
Aug 2003 Early Explorers in Australia, by Ida Lee          [] 0263A  or .zip
Aug 2003 The Unobstructed Universe, by Stewart Edward White[] 0262A or .zip
Aug 2003 World So Wide, by Sinclair Lewis                  [] 0261A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Betty Book, by Stewart Edward White           [] 0260A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Virgin and the Gypsy, by D H Lawrence         [] 0259A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Stars Are Still There, by Stewart Edward White[] 0258A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Road I Know, by Stewart Edward White          [] 0257A or .zip
Aug 2003 The Prodigal Parents, by Sinclair Lewis           [] 0256A or .zip
Jul  2003 The History of Spiritualism Vol II,Arthur C Doyle[] 0255A or .zip
Jul  2003 The History of Spiritualism Vol I, Arthur C Doyle[] 0254A or .zip
Jul  2003 Flush: A Biography, by Virginia Woolf            [] 0253A or .zip
Jul  2003 Cymbeline Refinished, by George Bernard Shaw     [] 0252A
[Subtitle: A Variation on Shakespear's Ending] or .zip
Jul  2003 Of Time and the River, by Thomas Wolfe           [] 0251A or .zip
Jul  2003 Titanic and Other Ships, by Charles Lightoller   [] 0250A or .zip
Jul  2003 It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis          [] 0249A or .zip
Jul  2003 The Road Away from Revolution, by Woodrow Wilson [] 0248A
Jul  2003 The Land of Hidden Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs  [] 0247A
[Originally published as Jungle Girl]
Jul  2003 Belshazzar, by H Rider Haggard                   [] 0246A or .zip
Jul  2003 Old Ugly Face, by Talbot Mundy                   [] 0245A or .zip
Jul  2003 The Interpreters, by A.E.                        [] 0244A
[Pseudonym of George William Russell] or .zip
Jul  2003 The House of the Titans, by A.E.                 [] 0243A
[Pseudonym of George William Russell] or .zip
Jun  2003 The Spiral Staircase, by Ethel Lina White        [] 0242A
[Originally published as Some Must Watch] or .zip
Jun  2003 The Isles of Fear, by Katherine Mayo             [] 0239A
Jun  2003 The Conduct of Life, by Benedetto Croce          [] 0238A
[Translated from the Italian by Arthur Livingston] or .zip
Jun  2003 The Treasure Of The Lake, by H Rider Haggard     [] 0237A or .zip
Jun  2003 Twelve Stories, by Steen Steensen Blicher        [] 0236A
[Translated from the Danish by Hanna Astrup Larsen] or .zip
Jun  2003 Fruits of the Earth, by Frederick Philip Grove   [] 0235A or .zip
May 2003 Elmer Gantry, by Sinclair Lewis                   [] 0234A or .zip
May 2003 We Stand United, by Stephen Vincent Benet         [] 0233A
[Title: We Stand United and other Radio Scripts (1940-1942)] or .zip
May 2003 A Month in the Country, by Ivan Turgenev          [] 0232A
[Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett]
May 2003 A True Story, by Stephen Hudson                   [] 0231A
[Pseudonym of Sydney Schiff] or .zip
May 2003 Mother India, by Katherine Mayo                   [] 0230A .zipped html only
May 2003 Kanga Creek: An Australian Idyll,by Havelock Ellis[] 0229A or .zip
May 2003 Broken Ties and Other Stories, Rabindranath Tagore[] 0228A or .zip
May 2003 Four Faultless Felons, by G K Chesterton          [] 0227A or .zip
Apr 2003 Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry      [] 0226A
[Language: French]
Apr 2003 Marie Grubbe, by Jens Peter Jacobsen              [] 0225A
[Translated from the Danish by Hanna Astrup Larsen] or .zip
Apr 2003 Niels Lyhne, by Jens Peter Jacobsen               [] 0224A .zipped html only
[Translated from the Danish by Hanna Astrup Larsen]
Apr 2003 Views and Reviews, by Havelock Ellis              [] 0223A .zipped html only
Apr 2003 Into The Darkness, by Lothrop Stoddard            [] 0222A or .zip
Apr 2003 Look Homeward Angel, by Thomas Wolfe              [] 0221A or .zip
Apr 2003 Memoirs of the Foreign Legion, by Maurice Magnus  [] 0220A or .zip
Apr 2003 Jennie Gerhardt, by Theodore Dreiser              [] 0219A or .zip
Apr 2003 Time Regained, by Marcel Proust                   [] 0218A or .zip
Nov 2002 Magic for Marigold, by L M Montgomery             [] 0217A or .zip
Apr 2003 The Dance of Life, by Havelock Ellis              [] 0216A or .zip
Apr 2003 The Devil's Guard, by Talbot Mundy                [] 0215A or .zip
Apr 2003 Nature in Downland, by W H Hudson                 [] 0214A or .zip
Apr 2003 A Hind in Richmond Park, by W H Hudson            [] 0213A or .zip
Apr 2003 A Search for America, by Frederick Philip Grove   [] 0212A or .zip
Apr 2003 John Macnab, by John Buchan                       [] 0211A or .zip
Apr 2003 Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthology by Douglas[] 0210A
[Author: Norman Douglas] .zipped html only
Apr 2003 "-- & Co.", by Jean-Richard Bloch                 [] 0209A or .zip
Apr 2003 Too True to be Good, by George Bernard Shaw       [] 0208A or .zip
Apr 2003 Confessional, by Frank Harris                     [] 0207A or .zip
Mar 2003 Siren Land, by Norman Douglas                     [] 0206A or .zip
Mar 2003 On the Rocks, by George Bernard Shaw              [] 0205A or .zip .zipped html]
Mar 2003 Geneva, by George Bernard Shaw                    [] 0204A or .zip]
Mar 2003 The Sweet Cheat Gone, by Marcel Proust            [] 0203A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Six of Calais, by George Bernard Shaw         [] 0202A or .zip]
Mar 2003 Village Wooing, by George Bernard Shaw            [] 0201A or .zip]
Mar 2003 Swann's Way, by Marcel Proust                     [] 0200A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Captive, by Marcel Proust                     [] 0199A or .zip
Mar 2003 Cities of the Plain, by Marcel Proust             [] 0198A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, by G B Shaw[] 0197A
[Author: George Bernard Shaw] or .zip]
Mar 2003 The Glimpse of Reality, by George Bernard   Shaw  [] 0196A or .zip]
Mar 2003 The Fascinating Foundling, by George Bernard Shaw [] 0195A or .zip]
Mar 2003 Last Leaves from Dunk Island, by E J Banfield     [] 0194A or .zip
Mar 2003 "In Good King Charles's Golden Days", by G B Shaw [] 0193A
[Author: George Bernard Shaw] or .zip]
Mar 2003 The Apple Cart, by George Bernard Shaw            [] 0192A or .zip]
Mar 2003 Buoyant Billions, by George Bernard Shaw          [] 0191A or .zip]
Mar 2003 The Guermantes Way, by Marcel Proust              [] 0190A or .zip
Mar 2003 Within a Budding Grove, by Marcel Proust          [] 0189A or .zip
Mar 2003 Shoot! (Si Gira), by Luigi Pirandello             [] 0188A
[Subtitle: The Notebooks of Serafino Gubbio, Cinematograph Operator]
[Translator.: C.K. Scott Moncrieff] or .zip
Mar 2003 The Late Mattia Pascal, by Luigi Pirandello       [] 0187A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Old Maid, by Edith Wharton                    [] 0186A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Abbess of Castro, by Stendahl                 [] 0185A
[Title: The Abbess of Castro and Other Shorter Novels] or .zip
Mar 2003 Armance, by Stendahl                              [] 0184A or .zip
Mar 2003 Descent into Hell, by Charles Williams            [] 0183A or .zip
Mar 2003 Jimgrim, by Talbot Mundy                          [] 0182A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Old and the Young, by L Pirandello            [] 0181A
[Author: Luigi Pirandello] or .zip
Mar 2003 Experiments, by Norman Douglas                    [] 0180A or .zip
Mar 2003 The Charterhouse of Parma, by Stendahl            [] 0179A or .zip
Mar 2003 Good-bye to Western Culture, by N Douglas         [] 0178A
[Author: Norman Douglas] or .zip
Mar 2003 London Street Games, by by Norman Douglas         [] 0177A or .zip
Mar 2003 Apache Devil, by by Edgar Rice Burroughs          [] 0176A
Mar 2003 The Red and the Black, by Stendahl                [] 0175A or .zip
Feb 2003 Over the River, by John Galsworthy                [] 0173A
[3rd Book in the Trilogy "End of the Chapter",3rd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip
Feb 2003 Flowering Wilderness, by John Galsworthy          [] 0172A
[2nd Book in the Trilogy "End of the Chapter",3rd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip
Feb 2003 Maid in Waiting, by John Galsworthy               [] 0171A
[1st Book in the Trilogy "End of the Chapter",3rd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip
Feb 2003 Pirates of Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs         [] 0170A
Feb 2003 Lost on Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs            [] 0169A
Feb 2003 Escape on Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs          [] 0168A
Feb 2003 Carson of Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs          [] 0167A
Feb 2003 The Master of the Mill,by Frederick P Grove       [] 0166A or .zip
Feb 2003 Emily's Quest, by L M Montgomery                  [] 0165A or .zip
Feb 2003 Emily Climbs, by L M Montgomery                   [] 0164A or .zip
Feb 2003 The Days of My Life V.2, by H Rider Haggard       [] 0163A or .zip
Feb 2003 The Days of My Life V.1, by H Rider Haggard       [] 0162A or .zip
Feb 2003 The Millionairess, by George Bernard Shaw         [] 0161A or .zip
Feb 2003 On Forsyte 'Change, by John Galsworthy            [] 0160A or .zip
Feb 2003 The History of Aust. Exploration, by Favenc       [] 0159A
[Title: The History of Australian Exploration]
[Author: Ernest Favenc] or .zip
Feb 2003 Our Daily Bread, by Frederick P Grove             [] 0158A or .zip
Feb 2003 Peter Pan (The Play), by J M Barrie               [] 0157A
[Title: Peter Pan or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up]
Feb 2003 The General Theory of Employment, by Keynes       [] 0156A
[Author: John Maynard Keynes]
[Title: The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money] zipped html pdf
Feb 2003 The Bar Sinister, by Richard H Davis              [] 0155A or .zip
Jan 2003 Cunning Murrell, by Arthur Morrison               [] 0154A
Jan 2003 Gustav Mahler Song Symphonist,  by G Engel        [] 0153A
[Author: Gabriel Engel] or .zip
Jan 2003 The Common Reader, by Virginia Woolf              [] 0152A or .zip zipped html
Jan 2003 The Plumed Serpent, by D H Lawrence               [] 0151A or .zip zipped html
Jan 2003 Fifty Orwell Essays, by George Orwell             [] 0150A
Dec 2002 Consider Her Ways, by Frederick P Grove           [] 0149A or .zip
Dec 2002 Emily of New Moon, by L M Montgomery              [] 0148A or .zip
Dec 2002 Obscure Destinies, by Willa Cather                [] 0147A or .zip
Dec 2002 Narrative of an Expidition, by Wm. Carron         [] 0146A
[Title: Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken by the Late E B Kennedy] or .zip
Dec 2002 Homage to Catalonia, by George Orwell             [] 0145A or .zip
Dec 2002 Unravelled Knots, by Baroness E Orczy             [] 0144A or .zip
Dec 2002 The Waves, by Virginia Woolf                      [] 0143A or .zip
Nov 2002 What are we to do with our lives?, by H G Wells   [] 0142A or .zip
Nov 2002 Mistress Pat, by L M Montgomery                   [] 0141A or .zip
Nov 2002 Pat of Silver Bush, by L M Montgomery             [] 0140A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Man in Grey, by Baroness E Orczy              [] 0139A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Secret of Father Brown, by G K Chesterton     [] 0138A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Scandal of Father Brown, by G K Chesterton    [] 0137A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Incredulity of Father Brown,by G K Chesterton [] 0136A or .zip
Nov 2002 A Tangled Web, by L M Montgomery                  [] 0135A or .zip
Nov 2002 Australian Discovery, by Ernest Scott             [] 0134A .zipped html only
Nov 2002 Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf                   [] 0133A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Door with Seven Locks, by Edgar Wallace      [] 0132A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Prisoner in the Opal, by A E W Mason          [] 0131A
Nov 2002 The House of the Arrow, by A E W Mason            [] 0130A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Blue Castle, by L M Montgomery                [] 0129A or .zip
Nov 2002 Gideon Planish, by Sinclair Lewis                 [] 0128A or .zip
Nov 2002 Three Guineas, by Virginia Woolf                  [] 0127A or .zip
Nov 2002 Malcolm Sage Detective, by Herbert Jenkins        [] 0126A or .zip
Nov 2002 Uncle Abner Master of Mysteries, by Post          [] 0125A
[Author: Melville Davisson Post] or .zip
Nov 2002 Max Carrados, by Ernest Bramah                    [] 0124A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Mind of Mr J G Reeder, by Edgar Wallace       [] 0123A or .zip
Nov 2002 Jane of Lantern Hill, by L M Montgomery           [] 0122A or .zip
Nov 2002 Twenty-four Short Sermons, by John B Dodds        [] 0121A
[Title: Twenty-four Short Sermons on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation] .zipped html only
Nov 2002 Settlers of the Marsh, by Frederick P Grove       [] 0120A or .zip
Nov 2002 Landtakers, by Brian Penton                       [] 0119A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Captain's Doll, by D H Lawrence               [] 0118A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Professor's House, by Willa Cather            [] 0117A or .zip
Nov 2002 The Ladybird, by D H Lawrence                     [] 0116A or .zip
Oct 2002 Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw                [] 0115A or .zip]
Oct 2002 The Fox, by D H Lawrence                          [] 0114A or .zip
Oct 2002 A Room of One's Own, by Virginia Woolf            [] 0113A or .zip
Oct 2002 Collected Stories, by Virginia Woolf              [] 0112A or .zip
Oct 2002 The Death of the Moth, by Virginia Woolf          [] 0111A
[Title: The Death of the Moth and Other Essays] or .zip
Oct 2002 Shadows on the Rock, by Willa Cather              [] 0110A or .zip]
Oct 2002 Swan Song, by John Galsworthy                     [] 0109A
[Third Book in the Trilogy "A Modern Comedy". 2nd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip]
Oct 2002 The Silver Spoon, by John Galsworthy              [] 0108A
[Second Book in the Trilogy "A Modern Comedy".2nd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip]
Oct 2002 The White Monkey, by John Galsworthy              [] 0107A
[First Book in the Trilogy "A Modern Comedy". 2nd part the Forsyte Chronicles] or .zip]
Oct 2002 The Mystery Queen, by Fergus Hume                 [] 0106A or .zip
Sep  2002 Keeper of the Keys, by Earl Derr Biggers         [] 0105A or .zip
Sep  2002 The Black Camel, by Earl Derr Biggers            [] 0104A or .zip
Sep  2002 Behind that Curtain, by Earl Derr Biggers        [] 0103A or .zip
Sep  2002 The Chinese Parrot, by Earl Derr Biggers         [] 0102A or .zip
Sep  2002 The House Without a Key, by Earl Derr  Biggers   [] 0101A or .zip
Sep  2002 The End of a Childhood, by H H Richardson        [] 0100A
[Author: Henry Handel Richardson] or .zip
Sep  2002 At Midnight and Other Stories, by Ada Cambridge  [] 0099A or .zip
Sep  2002 Short Stories, by Louis Becke                    [] 0098A or .zip
Sep  2002 Kangaroo, by D H Lawrence                        [] 0097A or .zip
Sep  2002 Rugged Water, by Joseph C Lincoln                [] 0096A or .zip
Sep  2002 Dr Nikola's Experiment, by Guy Boothby           [] 0095A
Sep  2002 Mein Kampf (Eng. trans.), by Adolf Hitler       [] 0094A
[Translated by James Murphy] or .zip
Sep  2002 Ends of the Earth (Stories), by Mary Gaunt       [] 0093A or .zip
Sep  2002 Kirkham's Find, by Mary Gaunt                    [] 0092A or .zip
Sep  2002 False Dawn (The 'Forties),by Edith Wharton       [] 0091A or .zip
Aug 2002 Mark Twain's Autobiography Vol 1, by Mark Twain   [] 0090A
Aug 2002 Mark Twain's Autobiography Vol 2, by Mark Twain   [] 0089A
Aug 2002 Anthony Adverse, by Hervey Allen                  [] 0088A or .zip
Aug 2002 The Aristocratic Miss Brewster,by Joseph C Lincoln[] 0087A or .zip
Aug 2002 The War Chief, by Edgar Rice Burroughs            [] 0086A
Aug 2002 Queer Judson, by Joseph C Lincoln                 [] 0085A or .zip
Jul  2002 Sorrell and Son, by Warwick Deeping              [] 0084A or .zip
Jul  2002 Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather  [] 0083A or .zip
Jul  2002 Lucy Gayheart, by Willa Cather                   [] 0082A or .zip
Jul  2002 A Short History of Australia, Ernest Scott       [] 0081A or .zip
Jul  2002 Sapphira and the Slave Girl, Willa Cather        [] 0080A or .zip
Jul  2002 A Lost Lady, by Willa Cather                     [] 0079A or .zip
Jul  2002 A Sherlock Holmes Omnibus, Sir A C Doyle         [] 0078A
Jun  2002 Dodsworth, by Sinclair Lewis                     [] 0077A or .zip
Jun  2002 An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser            [] 0076A or .zip
Jun  2002 The Journal of Gregory Blaxland--1813            [] 0075A
[Editor: Frank Walker (1861-1948)] or .zip
Jun  2002 The Crowned Skull, by Fergus Hume                [] 0074A or .zip
Jun  2002 The Road to Wigan Pier, by George Orwell         [] 0073A or .zip
Jun  2002 Queen of the Dawn, by H Rider Haggard            [] 0072A or .zip
May 2002 The Eternal Lover, by Edgar Rice Burroughs        [] 0071A
Apr 2002 Orlando, Virginia Woolf                           [] 0067A or .zip
Apr 2002 The Waste Products of Agriculture, by A Howard    [] 0066A
[Author: Sir Albert Howard] or .zip
Apr 2002 Farming and Gardening for Health, by A Howard     [] 0065A
[Author: Sir Albert Howard]
[Title: Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease] or .zip
Apr 2002 An Agricultural Testament, by Sir Albert Howard   [] 0064A or .zip
Apr 2002 Cass Timberlane, by Sinclair Lewis                [] 0063A or .zip
Apr 2002 The Escape of the Notorious Sir W Heans, by Hay   [] 0062A
[Author: William Gosse Hay] or .zip
Apr 2002 A Backward Glance, by Edith Wharton               [] 0061A or .zip
Apr 2002 The Middle Parts of Fortune, by Frederic Manning  [] 0060A or .zip
Apr 2002 Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,Weston A Price[] 0059A
Mar 2002 Silas Bradford's Boy, by Joseph C Lincoln         [] 0057A or .zip
Mar 2002 Men Like Gods, by H G Wells                       [] 0056A or .zip
Mar 2002 Monday or Tuesday, by Virginia Woolf              [] 0055A or .zip
Mar 2002 Allan and the Ice Gods, by H Rider Haggard        [] 0054A or .zip
Mar 2002 Heu-Heu, by H Rider Haggard                       [] 0053A
Mar 2002 Wisdom's Daughter, by H Rider Haggard             [] 0052A or .zip
Feb 2002 Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis               [] 0051A or .zip
Feb 2002 Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell          [] 0050A or .zip
Feb 2002 Politics and the English Language, G Orwell       [] 0049A or .zip
Feb 2002 Shooting an Elephant, by George Orwell            [] 0048A or .zip
Feb 2002 Arrowsmith, by Sinclair Lewis                     [] 0047A or .zip
Feb 2002 Mr. Jones, by Edith Wharton                       [] 0046A or .zip
Feb 2002 The Refugees, by Edith Wharton                    [] 0045A or .zip
Feb 2002 Dieu D'Amour, by Edith Wharton                    [] 0044A or .zip
Feb 2002 Atrophy, by Edith Wharton                         [] 0043A or .zip
Feb 2002 After Holbein, by Edith Wharton                   [] 0042A or .zip
Feb 2002 A Bottle of Perrier, by Edith Wharton             [] 0041A or .zip
Jan 2002 The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran                     [] 0040A or .zip
Jan 2002 Burmese Days, by George Orwell                    [] 0039A or .zip
Jan 2002 The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald           [] 0038A or .zip
Jan 2002 Coming up for Air, by George Orwell               [] 0037A or .zip
Jan 2002 Keep the Aspidistra Flying, by G Orwell           [] 0036A or .zip
Jan 2002 A Clergyman's Daughter, by George Orwell          [] 0035A or .zip
Dec 2001 The Rainbow, by D H Lawrence                      [] 0034A or .zip
Dec 2001 St. Thomas Aquinas, by G K Chesterton             [] 0033A or .zip
Dec 2001 Tales of the Long Bow, by G K Chesterton          [] 0032A or .zip
Dec 2001 The Everlasting Man, by G K Chesterton            [] 0031A or .zip
Dec 2001 Here's Another, by Lennie Lower                   [] 0030A or .zip
Dec 2001 The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, by A C Doyle     [] 0029A
[Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Dec 2001 Anne of Ingleside, by L M Montgomery              [] 0028A or .zip
Dec 2001 Tarzan and the Golden Lion, by E R Burroughs      [] 0027A
[Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Nov 2001 The Island of Desire, by Robert D Frisbie         [] 0026A or .zip
Nov 2001 Anne of Windy Poplars, by L M Montgomery          [] 0025A or .zip
Nov 2001 Llana of Gathol, by Edgar Rice Burroughs          [] 0024A
Nov 2001 Synthetic Men of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs    [] 0023A
Nov 2001 Swords of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs           [] 0022A
Nov 2001 A Fighting Man of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs   [] 0021A
Nov 2001 The Master Mind of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs  [] 0020A
Nov 2001 Two hanged Women, by Henry H H Richardson         [] 0019A
[Author: Henry Handel Richardson] or .zip
Nov 2001 Lady Chatterley's Lover, by D H Lawrence          [] 0018A or .zip
Nov 2001 Down and Out in Paris and London, by George Orwell[] 0017A or .zip
Oct 2001 A Raw Youth, by Fyodor Dostoevsky                 [] 0016A or .zip
Oct 2001 The Dwellers in the Mirage, by Abraham Merritt    [] 0015A or .zip
Oct 2001 Bush Studies, by Barbara Baynton                  [] 0014A or .zip
Oct 2001 Klee Wyck, by Emily Carr                          [] 0013A or .zip
Oct 2001 The House of All Sorts, by Emily Carr             [] 0012A or .zip
Oct 2001 Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by T. E. Lawrence        [] 0011A or .zip
Oct 2001 To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf              [] 0010A or .zip
Aug 2001 Fortunes of Richard Mahony, by H H Richardson     [] 0009A
[Trilogy comprising, and]
[Author: Henry Handel Richardson] or .zip
Aug 2001 Here's Luck, by Lennie Lower                      [] 0008A or .zip
Aug 2001 Ultima Thule, by Henry Handel Richardson          [] 0007A or .zip
Aug 2001 The Way Home, by Henry Handel Richardson          [] 0006A or .zip
Aug 2001 Australia Felix, by Henry Handel Richardson       [] 0005A or .zip
Aug 2001 Under the Northern Lights, by Alan Sullivan       [] 0004A or .zip
Aug 2001 When the World Screamed, by Sir A C Doyle         [] 0003A
[Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] or .zip
Aug 2001 Nineteen eighty-four, by George Orwell            [] 0002A or .zip
Aug 2001 Animal Farm, by George Orwell                     [] 0001A or .zip

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