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Title: The Story of Tommy Bear and the Zookies
Author: Dorothy Wall
eBook No.: 2100131h.html
Language: English
Date first posted: 2021
Most recent update: 2021

This eBook was produced by: Walter Moore

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The Story of Tommy Bear and the Zookies

Dorothy Wall


LITTLE Tommy Bear lived at the top of a very tall gum tree with his Mother and Father. He was a very lonely little bear because he had no brothers and sisters to play with, and he spent most of the day sitting on the branch of the tree growling and grumbling.

At last Mrs. Bear became very worried and sent for a doctor, “Perhaps he can tell me what is wrong with Tommy,” she said.

When the doctor arrived Mrs. Bear had great trouble in finding Tommy as he was hiding with the Zookies in the gum tree. Look at the picture and you will see the Zookies. Nice fat little things—

“Open your mouth and put your tongue out Tommy,” said Mrs Bear.

Tommy did as he was told being a good little bear.

The doctor looked at his tongue and felt his pulse, and then said to Mrs. Bear.

“This child must have some fun, and I think you had better take him to Sydney for a change.”

So the rest of the day was spent in packing up, and Mrs. Bear, being a kind thoughtful soul, picked some of the youngest and sweetest gum leaves to take with them, so that Tommy should not get hungry on the way.


When they arrived in Sydney Mr. Bear found a lovely big gum tree in one of the parks, and here they decided to make their home. They had a grand view all over the town and harbour, and there was only one thing against it, Mrs. Bear said the smuts were something frightful.

Dear little Tommy was much happier already and had ceased growling quite a lot. They had hardly unpacked their bags when Mrs. Bear was attracted by a small voice quite near by.

“Please Mrs. Bear, may Tommy come and play with us?”

Looking round Mrs. Bear found two dear little bear boys and they also had with them some little Zookies; but they looked rather cheeky, much cheekier than country Zookies.

“Yes! my dears,” said Mrs. Bear, “Tommy may play with you; but don’t let him fall off the tree.”

In this way Tommy made many friends; but still he was not as happy as he should be. “My dear!” said Mrs. Bear to Mr. Bear, “I think the child needs exercise, so I shall make arrangements for him to join the “Gum Tree Boxing Club.”

Here you see Tommy boxing with Sammy Bear. They have great fun, and the Zookies always come to watch them; but, I am sorry to say, they call out many cheeky remarks.


One day Tommy came home with a broken nose after playing at boxing.

“Oh dear” said Mrs. Bear, “I was so proud of your nose before. It was just like your Father's! but now — well — look at it.”

Needless to say Tommy was too upset to look at his nose; but he said it felt terribly big. However Mrs. Bear made a poultice of gum leaves (she believes in them) and put this on poor Tommy’s nose. Very soon it was better; but it had a little bump on it ever after. Mr. Bear thought boxing was too rough for Tommy, so he decided to make arrangements for him to join a golf club.

Tommy spent very many happy days playing golf; but he could not hit the little balls. Somehow he always seemed to hit the ground. One day he distinctly heard some Zookies, who were watching him, say something about being cross-eyed.

This annoyed Tommy so much, that he went home and told his Mother and Father. “The very idea!” said Mrs. Bear, “these town Zookies are indeed too rude altogether. I shall not allow Tommy to play golf again. Tommy didn’t care very much, as he said golf was for old Father bears, and not for little boy bears; but as his entrance fee had been paid in advance, Mr. Bear said he would play and so the money would not be wasted.


Very shortly after this Tommy was sitting on a little branch of the tree all by himself and feeling very lonely when Sammy bear came along and said “How about a game of football Tommy?”

It was not many minutes before Tommy was sliding down the gum tree and needless to say he tore a great big hole in his shirt. I am sorry to tell you children, that when Tommy went home that night and his mother asked him how he managed to get that big hole in his shirt, he told a story and said, “Well, mum, I was climbing down the tree, and a moth bit it."

Just look at him in the picture—

Doesn’t he look happy? Look at his great big boots. His Father paid a lot of money for those boots, so I hope Tommy will be careful with them and not wear them out kicking stones along the road.

Tommy very nearly won the game; but a nasty little bear who was a friend of the Zookies, poked a Stick in front of him just as he was nearly home, and poor Tommy fell over skinning all his little knees.

I’m sure the Zookies had something to do with it.

The rest of the day Tommy spent in bed and his knees were very stiff and painful.

Poor Mrs. Bear was in tears, and I think she was wishing she had never left the gum tree in the country.


When Tommy’s knees were well again Mr. Bear decided to give him a great big surprise. Mr. Bear had a very good business in the country, He was a tailor, and made gum leaf skirts for the lady bears and gum leaf trousers for the gentleman bears, so money was no object to him.

“My son, said Mr. Bear, I have made arrangements for you to go up in an aeroplane this afternoon and you may take some of your little friends with you.”

“Good old Dad!” said Tommy.

I think he should have said “Thank you Father dear,” but he was very excited and forgot his manners.

Tommy could hardly get to the aeroplane quickly enough, and as there was room for only one bear inside, his little friends hung on the best way they could outside.

Look at the picture.

Aren’t they having a lovely time? but I don’t think they look too safe, and the Zookies were rude enough to call out “You’ve got dirty toes;” but they were only jealous because they were not asked to go up.

Tommy just loves flying and his Father has promised him an aeroplane of his own when he gets home, and, as Mr. Bear says, it will not cost so very much after all as he can send Tommy round with the gum leaf suits to his different customers.

Tommy has promised to give Sammy a ride one day.


To-day being Mr. Bear’s birthday, Mrs. Bear said he could go to the races, so of course he took Tommy also,

I am really very sorry Mr. Bear went, because he lost a lot of money and also lost his temper.

Tommy felt very sad also. Look at the picture and you will see why.

See the poor little bear being carried to the hospital in a stretcher.

Isn’t it sad! Tommy began to cry, so Mr. Bear took him home, and decided to go back to the country the following week, and no one was sorry.

The last few days Tommy spent at the sea-side. Mrs. Bear enjoyed the salt water such a lot. Her poor legs were bruised and scratched terribly, with climbing up and down the gum tree, and the salt water did them a great deal of good. Mr. Bear also enjoyed it, as it was much cheaper than flying and playing golf.

Tommy managed to float a big board out onto the waves and then he would stand up on it and fly in on the top of the wave.

Oh! it was grand fun. There were plenty of other little bears there also, and Tommy saw some bears saving another one from drowning.

Look at them! Aren’t they brave?


Notice how strong they look.

They saved the little bear, and had a present of a basket of gum leaf tips sent to them, by the little bear’s father, with a card inside, on which was written “God bless you.” Tommy went home feeling very tired and as soon as he was put to bed went straight to sleep.

The next day they all went home to the gum-tree in the country and although Mr. Bear had spent all his money, no one worried, and Mrs. Bear and Tommy were very happy to be home once more.

Mrs. Bear says Sammy may come and stay with Tommy for good so that he will not get lonely again.

Tommy Bear sends his love to you all and says he will write to you soon if you are good little children.


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