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An "Old" Commentary on the United States of America

It seems that the malaise in the US has been present for some time. The following  quote comes a short piece titled A Plumb View, published on 9 November 2001. I am sorry to say that I did not make a note of the name of the publication in which it appeared. I found the photocopied sheet in a drawer where, 19 years ago, I must have placed it.
--Colin Choat, 8 October 2020.

A Plumb view

Simon Schama spoke to the great British historian Sir John Plumb just before he died late last month. Plumb, a long-time admirer of the United States, was not optimistic about the country's survival.

Schama related in last week's "New Yorker" that Plumb likened modern America to the late Roman Empire: "impossibly over-extended, beleaguered by barbarians, aware that all its glories of law and engineering might yet be demolished by incomparably less sophisticated peoples for whom destruction is a vocation and life is expendable.

[Col's Note:
Simon Schama at Wikipedia
John Plumb at Wikipedia]


So many gods, so many creeds
So many paths that wind and wind
When just the art of being kind
Is all this sad world needs
—Susanna de Vries


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