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The Amateur Tramp
Colin Choat

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The Amateur Tramp Cover

The Amateur Tramp Cover

Aidan de Brune was the first person to walk around the perimeter of Australia. He set off in 1921, unaccompanied and unassisted, and walked 10,000 miles, (16,000km) from Sydney to Sydney, anticlockwise. Everywhere he walked people signed his travel diary, evidencing his presence at the places he passed through. He was a journalist and regularly wrote articles about his walk, which appeared in newspapers around Australia.

The name Aidan de Brune was adopted by him so that he could start a new life. Until his birth name was discovered, while research was being undertaken for this book, his descendants did not know what had become of him.

After his epic walk, de Brune wrote mystery stories which were serialised in newspapers.