Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales

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Transfers to/from Other Cemeteries

Transfers from Devonshire Street cemetery

"Remains and stonework were transferred from the Sydney Burial Ground in 1901 to [many] cemeteries. In a number of cases the remains were moved to a different denominational cemetery to that from which they came. In some cases remains went to a different cemetery to where the stonework was relocated." — Sydney Burial Ground 1819 to 1901 by Keith A Johnson and Malcolm R Sainty, Library of Australian History, Sydney, 2001, page 324.

A list of cemeteries and denominations within those cemeteries, is provided below.

NSW State Archives and Records provides details of reinterments at their "Devonshire Street Cemetery Reinterment Index" internet page.

Transfers to Devonshire Street cemetery

The Old Sydney Burial Ground, Sydney's first official cemetery, is where Sydney Town Hall now stands. By 1820 it was full. When Devonshire Street cemetery was opened some vaults and graves in the old cemetery were opened and the corpses and sepulchre deposited in the new burial ground. I have not seen a list of the names of the people who were reinterred. The story of the old cemetery is online at the Old Sydney burial ground internet page. William Roberts, who arrived as a free man on the Neptune in 1790, died 13 September 1819 and was buried in the old burial ground. He was moved to Devonshire Street Cemetery and his was the second burial there.

List of Cemeteries to which remains and stonework were transferred

Bal.CE        Balmain, Church of England.
BaI.RC        Balmain, Roman Catholic.
Bal.Bap       Balmain, Baptist.
Bal.Cong      Balmain, Congregational.
Bal.Pres      Balmain, Presbyterian.
Bank.RC       Bankstown, Roman Catholic.
Bot.Gdns      Botanical Gardens (City).
Bot.Pres      Botany, Presbyterian.
Bot.RC        Botany, Roman Catholic.
Bunn          Bunnerong.        Campbelltown.
Camp.CE       Camperdown, Church of England.
Camp.RC       Camperdown, Roman Catholic (Petersham?)
Chats.RC      Chatswood, Roman Catholic (Our Lady of Dolours).
CHiliWes      Castle Hill, Wesleyan (West Pennant Hills).
Coot.RC       Cootamundra, Roman Catholic.
EbnzrPres     Ebenezer Presbyterian.
FofM.Pres     Field of Mars, Presbyterian (Ryde).
FofM.RC       Field of Mars, Roman Catholic (Ryde).
GHiIICE       Gore Hill, Church of England (St.Leonards).
GHiIIRC       Gore Hill, Roman Catholic (St.Leonards).
GHillCong     Gore Hill, Congregational (St.Leonards).
GHillPres     Gore Hill, Presbyterian (St.Leonards).
Gord.Pres     Gordon, Presbyterian (Gore Hill St.Leonards ?).
GouI.RC       Goulburn, Roman Catholic.
Kin.CE        Kincumber, Church of England (Central Coast).
LBay.CE       Long Bay, Church of England.
LBay.Pres     Long Bay, Presbyterian.
LPCE          La Perouse, Church of England (Bunnerong).
LPCong        La Perouse, Congregational (Bunnerong).
LPJew         La Perouse, Jewish (Bunnerong).
LpooICE       Liverpool, Church of England.
LpoolWes      Liverpool, Wesleyan.
LPPres        La Perouse, Presbyterian (Bunnerong).
LPRC          La Perouse, Roman Catholic (Bunnerong).
LPSoF         La Perouse, Society of Friends (Bunnerong).
LPWes         La Perouse, Wesleyan (Bunnerong).
ManlyCE       Manly, Church of England.
Parra.Bap     Parramatta, Baptist.
Pat.RC        Pattersons Plains Cemetery.
Peter.RC      Petersham, Roman Catholic.
Pymb.CE       Pymble, Church of England (St.John's, Gordon).
Rand .Gen     Randwick, General.
Rand.CE       Randwick, Church of England (St.Jude's).
Roo k.Wes     Rookwood, Wesleyan.
Rook.CE       Rookwood, Church of England.
Rook.Cong     Rookwood, Congregational.
Rook.Gen      Rookwood, General.
Rook.Ind      Rookwood, Independent.
Rook.Jew      Rookwood, Jewish.
Rook.Pres     Rookwood, Presbyterian.
Rook.RC       Rookwood, Roman Catholic.
RydeRC        Ryde, Roman Catholic.
St.Jude.CE    St.Jude's, Church of England (Randwick).
St.JudeWes    St.Jude's, Wesleyan (part of above?).
St.Leo.CE     St.Leonards Church of England (Gore Hill).
St.MaryRCC    St.Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
St.Thos.CENS  St.Thomas, Church of England (North Sydney).
St.ThosNS     St.Thomas, North Sydney.
StAnRy.CE     St.Anne's, Church of England (Ryde).
StChasRy      St.Charles, Roman Catholic (Ryde).
Sth.Hd.CE     South Head, Church of England.
Sth.Hd.Gen    South Head, General.
Sth.Hd.New    South Head, New Cemetery.
Sth.Hd.RC     South Head, Roman Catholic.
SthHdPres     South Head, Presbyterian.
StThoNS.Prs   St.Thomas, North Sydney (Presbyterian section).
StThosCong    St.Thomas, North Sydney (Congregational section).
SuthldPes     Sutherland, Presbyterian (Woronora).
SuthldRC      Sutherland, Roman Catholic (Woronora).
SuthldWes     Sutherland, Wesleyan (Woronora).
Unan.CE       Unanderra, Church of England.
Wave.CE       Waverley, Church of England.
Wave.Cong     Waverley, Congregational.
Wave.Gen      Waverley, General.
Wave.Pres     Waverley, Presbyterian.
Wave.RC       Waverley, Roman Catholic.
Woron.Pres    Woronora, Presbyterian.
Woron.RC      Woronora, Roman Catholic.
Woron.RC      Woronora, Roman Catholic.
Woron.Wes     Woronora, Wesleyan.