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List of Burials


Person IDLast NameGiven NamesDeath DateAgeBuried with, or mentioned on headstone
PN13024AARONSJoseph06 Dec 186589
PN13025AARONSRachel24 Jul 186677
PN13328ABBOTMartha17 Dec 183931With Rich.
PN02286ABBOTTBenjamin15 Apr 183335
PN02287ABBOTTBenjamin04 Dec 183720
PN15652ABBOTTCatherine02 Nov 1854infant
PN02289ABBOTTCharles Patrick15 Sep 18582y10m9d
PN02157ABBOTTMargaret26 Sep 188465
PN00038ABBOTTMary11 Mar 186717m
PN13327ABBOTTSarah11 Oct 184746
PN02294ABBOTTWilliam28 Jun 184142
PN02275A'BECKETAlbert Chambers01 Dec 183811m
PN11687A'BECKETTAlice Margaret16 Apr 18578y
PN02277A'BECKETTArthur14 Jun 18398d
PN11685A'BECKETTArthur Hastings11 Jun 18549y11m
PN02279A'BECKETTEmily01 Jun 184131
PN11688A'BECKETTGilbert Holden29 Apr 185711m3w
PN11686A'BECKETTMadeline06 May 185412m
PN02282A'BECKETTSarah31 May 18391d
PN13365A'BECKETTThomas01 Mar 184045
PN13350ABELGeorge Campbell20 Jan 183619With Shepheard.
PN13349ABELMary Anne20 Sep 183254With Shepheard.
PN09189ABERDEENAlexander26 Apr 1846Infant
PN09187ABERDEENFarquhar05 Nov 184934
PN02300ABERDEENWilliam25 Sep 1845infant
PN11682ABRAHAMJohn Webster24 Dec 18578mwith Webster
PN11681ABRAHAMLaura24 May 185722with Webster
PN13029ABRAHAMSAbraham16 May 185137
PN02304ABRAHAMSAbraham09 Nov 185680
PN02306ABRAHAMSAlexander09 Oct 18574
PN13346ABRAHAMSEliza31 Jul 184343
PN02308ABRAHAMSJoseph20 May 187567
PN13028ABRAHAMSJulia21 Jul 185448
PN02310ABRAHAMSLima08 Jul 185838
PN13019ABRAHAMSMordecai01 Dec 185669
PN02312ABRAHAMSSamuel25 Dec 1846
PN02313ABRAHAMSSamuel14 Jul 18532
PN13026ABRAHAMSSarah15 May 186129
PN15665ACHESONAlice Mary18 Nov 18589w
PN15664ACHESONJohn04 Mar 185310m3w
PN15666ACHESONJohn19 Feb 186346
PN02318ACKERMANWilliam04 Jun 183457
PN09223ADAMMargaret French08 Dec 184531
PN13367ADAMRobert11 Aug 184840
PN00867ADAMS(stillborn)01 Sep 1871stillborn
PN02322ADAMSFrancis25 Feb 183619
PN02323ADAMSGeorge31 Aug 1871
PN15676ADAMSMary05 Feb 1865
PN01198ADAMSMary Ann13 Dec 187317
PN09215ADAMSONJane03 Dec 185125
PN09142ADAMSONJanet30 Mar 186513m13d
PN09141ADAMSONMartha Jane24 Mar 18653y1m
PN09224ADDISONElizabeth Sophia08 Oct 185116m
PN02329ADDISONMargaret18 Jun 185994
PN02330ADIEGeorge13 Mar 185746
PN13378ADKINEllen05 Feb 184160with Hartly.
PN13379ADKINJames25 Oct 184362with Hartly.
PN02334ADKINSThomas01 Mar 184364
PN15670ADRAINAnna Maria24 Feb 185911
PN01042ADRAINMargaret18 Oct 187274
PN15669ADRAINMary04 Sep 18583y8m
PN00987ADRAINSydney Herbert11 Jul 18726
PN15659AFFREITEMaurice15 Jan 185527
PN11524AGNEWAustin Wallace
PN01527AGNEWAustin Wallace23 Apr 18761
PN00432AGNEWJohn18 Oct 186878
PN01429AGNEWMary16 Aug 187582
PN09157AGNEWReubena Florence26 Mar 1862
PN09156AGNEWWilliam Edwin12 Aug 1860
PN15684AHERNJohn26 Dec 186133
PN09186AIDEGeorge13 Mar 1851With Steel.
PN13320AIKENEdward26 Sep 183945With Matthew and Archer.
PN02343AIKENJames11 Jul 183737
PN12394AIREuphemia20 Feb 1860
PN12395AIRJohn28 May 1861
PN12396AIRJohn10 Jun 186254
PN01223AIRD(stillborn female)07 Feb 1874
PN00872AIRD(stillborn)09 Sep 1871stillborn
PN00768AIRDDonald N01 Dec 18706m
PN02069AIRDJohn27 Nov 1882
PN00022AIRDWilliam John19 Feb 18677y11m
PN13331AITCHISONElias04 Jan 182747
PN09155AITKEN2 infants
PN09213AITKENAlexander20 Jun 1837With Bissland and Steer.
PN09236AITKENAnnWith Maxwell.
PN00907AITKENIsabella22 Nov 187167
PN09195AITKENIsabella Jane21 Jul 1864With Reid.
PN09214AITKENJohn26 Nov 1846With Bissland and Steer.
PN09235AITKENJohnWith Maxwell.
PN02346AITKENJohn Thomas Maxwell27 Sep 18406w
PN01255AITKENMary17 Jun 187422
PN09192AITKENSarah Ann03 Jan 1838With Reid.
PN09194AITKENWilliam05 Feb 1849With Reid.
PN00445AITKENWilliam04 Nov 1868With Reid. Register incorrectly said 1869.
PN09193AITKENWilliam A G30 Jul 1835With Reid.
PN09179AITKENHEADJean22 Jul 184832
PN09180AITKENHEADMargaret03 Jan 184217m
PN09181AITKENHEADWalter28 May 184422
PN09178AITKENHEADWilliam03 Oct 185446
PN09171AITONAlexander15 Jul 184114y5mwith Wakely.
PN09175AITONAnn Wakely09 Aug 1867with Wakely.
PN09173AITONEllen Scarnell21 May 185544with Wakely. Scarnell?
PN09174AITONMargaret McIntosh12 Jun 186628
PN09172AITONThomas10 Dec 185045with Wakely.
PN02356AITONThomasine22 Jan 18553y10m
PN09176AITONThomasine22 Jun 1855with Wakely.
PN11689ALDERSONAnn Elizabeth17 Feb 1842
PN11692ALDERSONAnna Amelia09 Apr 1851
PN11693ALDERSONCharles Maddison17 Dec 185312m
PN11695ALDERSONFlorence Barbara25 Dec 18676m
PN00249ALDERSONFlorence Barbara26 Dec 18676m
PN02362ALDERSONHenry21 Feb 183912m
PN01913ALDERSONHilda Marian27 Oct 18808m2wWith Hardie
PN11690ALDERSONJames Milford06 Mar 1843
PN11694ALDERSONJessie24 Jan 185811m
PN11691ALDERSONMary Isabella08 Dec 18441
PN00622ALDERSONSydney29 Nov 186912d
PN13382ALDISEmma13 May 18414y5m
PN13383ALDISWilliam Henry26 Jul 18483y2m
PN13364ALDRICHCharles Glover09 May 184333
PN02370ALDRIDGEWilliam20 May 183626
PN01506ALEXANDERAgnes Ambrose25 Feb 18763m
PN15686ALEXANDERAnn29 Jul 185544
PN09144ALEXANDERChristina18 Nov 18623y7m
PN02202ALEXANDERIsabella Dinah27 Oct 188555
PN09145ALEXANDERJanet21 Nov 18626y5m
PN00416ALEXANDERJohn West28 Sep 18689m
PN09183ALEXANDERMargaret20 Dec 186456With Earle, Lowry and Wall.
PN01220ALEXANDERMaurice27 Jan 187455
PN02379ALEXANDERSamuel14 Apr 185934
PN13027ALEXANDERSamuel14 Aug 1859
PN02378ALEXANDERSamuel17 Mar 186589
PN09207ALEXANDERWilliam26 Oct 182725
PN01754ALHEITCatherine17 Oct 187852
PN02381ALLANDavid26 Apr 185274
PN09221ALLANDavid26 Apr 1862
PN02383ALLANElizabeth26 Mar 1831infant
PN09222ALLANElizabeth24 Oct 185560
PN13343ALLANEmily Elizabeth09 Jun 186331With d'Hotman, Connell and Buchanan.
PN09227ALLANJohn19 Dec 184148
PN09203ALLANNicol26 Nov 183730
PN13366ALLCOCKWilliam04 Sep 182525
PN11696ALLCORNAlfred09 Dec 185654
PN02357ALLDERWilliam02 Jun 185045
PN01183ALLENCecil Stewart11 Nov 18739wWith Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee. see Note 2.
PN13338ALLENCharles Lickford10 Sep 185316With Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN13337ALLENCharlotte Louisa18 Dec 184714mWith Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN01510ALLENChas Rawson/ Rosslyn09 Mar 18766w
PN12388ALLENEliza Jane07 Jun 18571same plot number as Redgrave.
PN13334ALLENEmily Mansfield02 Jul 18284dWith Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee. see Note 2.
PN13339ALLENFrederick Vincent17 Aug 18542With Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN02396ALLENGeorge26 Jul 182924
PN01868ALLENJames A08 Apr 188025
PN09212ALLENJames Anthony07 Apr 188025With Riddel.
PN01122ALLENJane Hart21 May 187326With Riddel.
PN13360ALLENJohn26 May 183227
PN02400ALLENJohn05 May 183834
PN09210ALLENJohn28 Aug 186658With Riddel.
PN00989ALLENMary Emma Lucy17 Jul 18725y3mWith Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee. see Note 2.
PN13336ALLENRichard16 Jul 184444With Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN13335ALLENRichard Thomas05 Nov 18344m5dWith Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN02407ALLENRobert Whitelaw06 Jul 186260
PN02409ALLENThomas18 Apr 182921
PN13340ALLENWalter Bourne07 Apr 186728With Miller, Collicott, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN13362ALLERTONAlexander09 Sep 18449m
PN13361ALLERTONMaria06 Dec 184540
PN15645ALLEYNSamuel Hyde22 Jun 1854
PN02415ALLINGHAMHarriet15 Nov 18381y8m
PN09239ALLISON2 infants
PN09238ALLISONClementine Jane12 Oct 185418m
PN02418ALLISONJoseph08 Dec 183753
PN09217ALLISONJoseph24 Sep 1883
PN02115ALLISONJoseph25 Sep 1883
PN02090ALLISONMary07 Apr 1883
PN09237ALLISONRobert Archibald Craig26 Nov 1844
PN13322ALLISONThomas Hume19 May 184826With Wallis.
PN02233ALLISONWilliam Henry11 Dec 1886
PN02424ALLMANFrancis23 Mar 184347
PN02425ALLMANPatrick31 Jan 182322
PN13323ALLMANWilliam01 Dec 182947With Lawrence and Mitchell.
PN15685ALLNERCatherine01 May 185835
PN12393ALLOTTJoshua11 Aug 185293
PN02429ALLWRIGHTJohn04 May 1829
PN02430ALLWRIGHTThomas08 Aug 184275
PN02431ALPHONSUSMary30 Dec 1863
PN02432ALSOPMary Ann27 Feb 185833
PN02433AMBROSEHenry10 Apr 185126
PN12390AMOSAlfred Macdonald05 Jan 18596msee Munce.
PN13321AMOSThomas Sterrop09 Nov 181941
PN00976ANDERSON(male)16 May 1872stillborn
PN13030ANDERSONAaron Henri19 Apr 18534y3w
PN02437ANDERSONAgnes02 Aug 183836
PN09151ANDERSONAlexander14 Oct 1866
PN02439ANDERSONAndrew18 May 184640
PN02440ANDERSONCharles05 Nov 183038
PN11677ANDERSONCharles Glenmore03 Dec 1861
PN09199ANDERSONChristina Grace25 Jan 1863
PN09168ANDERSONDavid02 Jun 186410wNo remains.
PN09201ANDERSONElizabeth Roddan06 Jul 1864
PN00594ANDERSONEmily18 Sep 18695
PN09200ANDERSONFanny Margaret02 Feb 1863
PN09169ANDERSONFrederick William09 Aug 186010mWith McClure and Smyth and Wells.
PN02444ANDERSONGertrude Alma14 Oct 185710m
PN09209ANDERSONJames22 Apr 184244
PN09208ANDERSONJames16 Dec 184812m
PN09198ANDERSONJames13 Jul 1862
PN00322ANDERSONJames27 Apr 18683m
PN09206ANDERSONJane26 Dec 183910m
PN02448ANDERSONJohn24 Sep 183523
PN09165ANDERSONJohn21 Aug 1848
PN13369ANDERSONJohn Joseph01 Feb 18419y5mWith Campbell.
PN01610ANDERSONJohn Walter Smart24 Mar 187715d
PN09185ANDERSONMargaret25 Feb 184541
PN09197ANDERSONMargaret23 May 1860
PN09220ANDERSONMargaret20 Aug 186148
PN11678ANDERSONMargaret03 Nov 1862
PN13330ANDERSONMary29 Nov 182625
PN02128ANDERSONMary09 Dec 188363
PN09225ANDERSONMary Ann2m
PN15661ANDERSONPhillip10 Aug 1865With Larkin and Hegarty.
PN11675ANDERSONRobert William14 Dec 1854
PN09146ANDERSONSamuel03 Dec 18573y4m9dWith Hilton. Bunnerong, no remains.
PN13370ANDERSONSarah12 Apr 183115y7m
PN13315ANDERSONWilliam18 Aug 182232With King, Robinson and McMurty.
PN09205ANDERSONWilliam17 May 183935
PN09191ANDERSONWilliam15 Oct 184029With Murray.
PN09166ANDERSONWilliam03 Sep 1851
PN09148ANDERSONWilliam27 Jun 187125
PN00834ANDERSONWilliam29 Jun 187125
PN01731ANDERSONWilliam10 Aug 187861
PN02006ANDREASCharles Denning30 Jan 1882
PN01877ANDREASHannah03 Jun 188033
PN02070ANDREASJacob F02 Dec 1882With Murray and Denning.
PN11697ANDREASMary26 Nov 1863With Murray and Denning.
PN11698ANDREASPhilip30 Jun 1877With Murray and Denning.
PN01630ANDREASPhillip02 Jul 187766
PN01914ANDREASPhillip E06 Nov 1880With Murray and Denning.
PN09234ANDREWSAlexander20 Jul 1843With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN02467ANDREWSAlexander24 Dec 1844
PN00668ANDREWSElizabeth10 Mar 187034
PN02244ANDREWSElizabeth04 Feb 1887
PN01243ANDREWSHebe17 May 187455With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN02471ANDREWSHelen Mary04 Sep 18413y5m
PN13347ANDREWSJames19 Dec 184622
PN00102ANDREWSJessie11 May 18673y8m
PN09231ANDREWSLizzie Elizabeth03 Feb 1887With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN09233ANDREWSWilliam11 Sep 1838With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN01751ANDREWSWilliam Alexander28 Sep 187842With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN02191ANDREWSWilliam Inglewood13 Aug 188522With Chippendale and Sandon.
PN01676ANLEYJane12 Feb 187851With Robertson and Clinton.
PN13368ANSTEYGeorge07 Sep 183531With Clarke.
PN02477ANTHONYFrancis06 Aug 1820
PN09147ANTROBUSAnnie Wood08 Nov 1863With McGibbon.
PN09162APPELEdmund C04 Mar 1859
PN09163APPELFrederick04 Dec 18599d
PN02480APPELGeorge01 Sep 18613m
PN13348APPLETONRebecca15 Oct 1830
PN12391APPSLouisa08 Jun 185148
PN15667ARCHBOLDRichard Charles22 Oct 183641
PN15668ARCHBOLDSarah08 Sep 184723
PN13319ARCHERIsaac04 Jun 183682With Matthew and Aiken.
PN02485ARCHERJohn14 Feb 183622
PN13318ARCHERSarah14 Jul 183474With Matthew and Aiken. Bordeaux?
PN15657ARGENTM A Elizabeth26 Sep 1851With Gilligan. see Fagan.
PN13332ARKELLMary20 Nov 182556With Kirkby and Hamilton. Pares?
PN01628ARMSTRONG(stillborn male)13 Jun 1877stillborn
PN15660ARMSTRONGAnn25 Sep 185942With O'Hagen.
PN02164ARMSTRONGBridget20 Nov 1884
PN17540ARMSTRONGBridget Ann19 Nov 1884see Conway, With Callaghan and Beal and Lansley
PN02489ARMSTRONGC G17 Nov 1836
PN15675ARMSTRONGEliza07 Feb 18412y2m
PN09161ARMSTRONGEliza18 Feb 1854With Davis.
PN09177ARMSTRONGElizabeth29 Sep 1857
PN01695ARMSTRONGEllen20 Apr 187857
PN09154ARMSTRONGEllen Bailey19 Apr 1878
PN15673ARMSTRONGGeorgeWith Calighan and Beal.
PN12392ARMSTRONGHerbert Day04 Dec 1856
PN09240ARMSTRONGJames Henry
PN09153ARMSTRONGJane03 Nov 1858
PN15647ARMSTRONGJohanna30 Mar 186626
PN02493ARMSTRONGJohn W12 Sep 18472
PN12387ARMSTRONGMaria Jane
PN11684ARMSTRONGMary11 May 1853
PN15648ARMSTRONGMary Ann17 Sep 186440With Hill.
PN15649ARMSTRONGRobert19 Jun 185812dWith Hill.
PN02496ARMSTRONGThomas30 Oct 183945
PN02497ARMSTRONGWilliam18 Jul 183119
PN02498ARMYTAGECharles Stephen29 Apr 182248
PN02499ARNOLDWilliam21 Feb 183421
PN15658ARNOTTBaird01 Mar 1842With Gregory and McKinlay.
PN13020ARNSTEINAdolph29 Sep 185660
PN13018ARNSTEINEve08 Oct 186416
PN09184ARTHURSIsabella01 Sep 1867With Douglas.
PN00905ARUNDELLFrances Jane20 Nov 187150
PN01653ASHAlice Agnes29 Sep 18772With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN15678ASHChristopher07 Jul 182872With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN15680ASHChristopher21 Jun 186460With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN15679ASHHelena10 Oct 185892With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN00379ASHHenry James27 Jul 1868With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN00171ASHWilliam14 Aug 186767With Johnson and Fishburn.
PN01937ASHWilliam Charles12 Feb 1881
PN02122ASHDOWNElizabeth03 Nov 1883
PN02507ASHEChristopher07 Jul 182872
PN13354ASHENDENMary04 Feb 184453
PN13353ASHENDENSarah16 Sep 184215y6m
PN13352ASHENDENWillaim Thomas26 Feb 18394y7m
PN13355ASHENDENWilliam09 Aug 184654
PN09226ASHERAlexander21 Jul 183947With Mitchell and Whitehead.
PN13031ASHERHenry Joel07 Dec 18512Same plot number as Cohen.
PN02514ASHERJoel Henry11 Mar 184748
PN02515ASHERMarion06 Dec 18635m
PN13381ASHFORDRobert Francis29 Jun 18415
PN02517ASHMEADAnna07 Feb 1866
PN13357ASHTONGeorge17 Apr 184647
PN01685ASHTONRichard04 Mar 187839
PN13324ASHTONThomas31 Jan 182944
PN00766ASHTONWilliam25 Nov 187080
PN02521ASHWORTHAshton25 Dec 183428
PN02522ASPINALLEdward01 Nov 183836
PN13333ASPINALLElizabeth03 Apr 183347
PN00204ASPINALLJohn Thomas25 Oct 186713m
PN02524ASQUITHSusanna29 Oct 184250
PN13021ASSERAbigail31 May 186681
PN13377ASTONJulia24 Feb 184713
PN13376ASTONMaria Rose20 Feb 184714
PN01755ATKINMary Ann19 Oct 18785w
PN02530ATKINSMary03 Jun 183035
PN15654ATKINSMary Ann1879With O'Connell and Dwyer.
PN13356ATKINSThomas01 Mar 184364With Mutch.
PN00565ATKINSONEliz. Harriet12 Jul 1869
PN02531ATKINSONFrancis23 Oct 183041
PN02532ATKINSONGeorge23 Jan 1829Infant
PN13375ATKINSONGeorge08 Jul 18413y5m
PN00139ATKINSONSarah Lydia N24 Jun 1867With Weiss.
PN13344ATKINSONWilliam05 Oct 183750
PN13371ATKINSONWilliam06 Dec 183937
PN00172AUSTIN(stillborn male)17 Aug 1867
PN13374AUSTINAlfred George Wesley20 Feb 18461y7msee Wesley.
PN02538AUSTINDavid21 Apr 1834
PN13325AUSTINElizabeth17 Aug 182214
PN13326AUSTINHenry15 Jul 185267
PN02541AUSTINJames18 Sep 184533
PN15656AUSTINJohn01 Feb 1860
PN13351AUSTINJulia Williams23 Mar 18398with Sweetman
PN13372AUSTINmaleDec 1836infant
PN13373AUSTINmaleOct 1839infant
PN12397AUSTINMaria06 Apr 185544
PN15663AUSTINMary21 Nov 1859
PN02544AUSTINMary21 Dec 185942
PN15655AUSTINRobert14 Oct 18486m
PN01202AUSTINRosanna Elizabeth19 Dec 18731
PN15662AUSTINSergt James1845
PN02547AUSTINWilliam23 Sep 18366w
PN13345AYLINGJames05 Oct 183825With Butts.
PN13363AYRANEHenry Owen29 Jun 184857
PN15753BACHJohn Ah Sue
PN02551BACHJohn Rah Shue04 Jun 186272
PN01107BACHWilliam Henry Albert16 Apr 18737
PN13404BACONMatthew1819With McDonald. claimed by Miss M. Coulsen
PN02553BACONMatthew25 Aug 182536
PN13536BADKINJoseph19 Nov 18386w
PN09447BAGNALLAdelaide21 Sep 1859With Evetts
PN15894BAGNELLAnn23 Feb 183426With McCormack
PN13506BAGOTThomas24 May 18383d
PN09246BAIGRIEJohn Sutherland De Covey21 Sep 186527
PN02558BAILEYEmma L1847infant
PN02559BAILEYGeorge17 Sep 184039
PN13595BAILEYGeorge17 Mar 184431
PN09410BAILEYRosalind20 Nov 183022
PN15724BAILEYWilliam20 Apr 1847
PN00048BAILEYWilliam Charles22 Mar 186711m
PN15725BAILEYWilliam Fraser29 Apr 18478m
PN02561BAILEYWilliam Fraser05 Apr 185217m
PN09301BAILLIEAgnes20 Jun 1864
PN09300BAILLIEJames22 May 1853
PN02563BAINJames13 Nov 183634
PN00868BAINJohn Cleland01 Sep 187136
PN09406BAINMalcolm23 Dec 1881
PN09403BAINMary C01 Dec 1858
PN02018BAINThomas03 Apr 1882
PN09404BAINWilliam02 Sep 1849
PN00095BAINBRIDGECatherine06 May 186742With Dalley
PN15949BAINEAustin23 Mar 184425
PN02567BAINESJohn21 May 183121
PN01507BAIRDChristina26 Feb 187656
PN09272BAIRDChristina Sarah Jane12 Mar 1860
PN09361BAIRDDavid Smith22 Dec 1855
PN00623BAIRDGeorgina30 Nov 186913mWith Mescam
PN09360BAIRDHelen24 Sep 1852
PN09270BAIRDJohn30 Jan 1860
PN09248BAIRDJohn Baker16 Nov 1865With Mescam
PN00175BAIRDMartha21 Aug 1867
PN09359BAIRDMatthew01 Sep 1842
PN09247BAIRDRobert16 Jul 1863With Mescam
PN01699BAIRDThomas F.26 Apr 187837
PN09244BAKERBryce Thomson06 Feb 186235
PN11705BAKERCharles17 Oct 185510m
PN02573BAKERCharlotte19 Jun 183921
PN11704BAKERFanny24 Mar 185423m
PN13614BAKERFanny Isabella02 Dec 184310m
PN13520BAKERHannah12 Jul 18419y3m
PN09426BAKERJane03 May 18357m3w
PN13434BAKERJohn18 May 183963with Benham and Jones and Wells.
PN02580BAKERMargaret05 Nov 185263
PN13403BAKERMary Jane02 Dec 184250With Scott
PN13521BAKERMary Jane Valentine12 Aug 1841
PN01236BAKERPatrick19 Apr 187435
PN13613BAKERRobert George22 May 18412y6m
PN11710BAKERSophia14 Dec 1857
PN00630BALANZEULAMary Catherine18 Dec 1869
PN13469BALCOMBEWilliam19 Mar 182949
PN09354BALDAYEdward Madden31 Jul 185842with Butchart
PN09356BALDAYMargaret15 Nov 1862
PN09355BALDAYSusan Butchart20 Dec 185922with Butchart
PN01228BALDERSTONECatherine08 Mar 187449
PN09276BALDERSTONEMary Jane29 Mar 18648y10m
PN01708BALDERSTONEThomas Harrison04 Jun 187853
PN02590BALDWINEdward06 Aug 185153
PN15916BALDWINEdward11 Aug 1851
PN02591BALDWINJamesDec 183884
PN00271BALDWINRose15 Feb 1868
PN02592BALENZULAMaria Catherine17 Dec 186923
PN13516BALLAlice Mariasee William Hall.
PN02593BALLAndrew19 Jul 183447
PN13421BALLCatherine20 Jul 182852
PN13407BALLEsther17 Apr 182633
PN11747BALLGeorge01 May 186135
PN11748BALLGeorge Sydney10 Dec 186110w
PN02598BALLRobert08 Sep 184160
PN11738BALLSamuel24 Jan 1860With Hansen.
PN09251BALMERAndrew21 Sep 1857With McNeil.
PN01037BALMERJohn08 Oct 187232With McNeil.
PN09252BALMERMargaret25 Dec 1845With McNeil.
PN01370BALMERMary Elizabeth06 Mar 18753With McNeil.
PN15911BAMFORDBridget29 Nov 186834
PN15910BAMFORDMary03 Nov 186210m
PN12404BANCROFTAugusta Camilla18 Jan 18496w
PN12405BANCROFTEdith Matilda15 Jan 18561y2m
PN12406BANCROFTElizabeth Mary Ann02 Dec 18564y3m
PN12408BANCROFTEllen Eliza28 May 18604m
PN12407BANCROFTGeorge16 Feb 18581y3m
PN12409BANCROFTMary Ann01 Apr 1867
PN00054BANCROFTMary Ann03 Apr 1867infant
PN15897BANGHURSTEliza Anna12 Jan 1851
PN00459BANKSJane03 Dec 1868With Dunshea.
PN02608BANKSThomas10 Jul 182950
PN15887BAPTISTCharles29 Oct 1829infant
PN15884BAPTISTClara Ellen01 Sep 18579
PN15791BAPTISTJohnExhumed and interred at Randwick.
PN15883BAPTISTJohn Anthony10 May 183022m
PN01163BAPTISTJohn Thomas15 Sep 187369
PN15792BAPTISTLucy AnnExhumed and interred at Randwick.
PN15886BAPTISTMary11 Oct 182925
PN15790BAPTISTMary20 Feb 1862Exhumed and interred at Randwick.
PN13410BARBERHenry23 Jul 182221
PN15733BARCLEYEllen15 May 1851With lowland.
PN13484BARDOJames20 Mar 184236
PN11756BARFFAmelia Elizabeth03 Jul 1860
PN11760BARFFCharles23 Jun 186675
PN11754BARFFJohn16 Mar 1860
PN00412BARFFJohn Rudolph09 Sep 1868
PN11755BARFFMary Jane15 Jan 1853
PN11761BARFFSarah08 Mar 187179
PN00800BARFFSarah09 Mar 187179
PN13534BARKERAlexander02 Jun 18412
PN02619BARKERBryce Thomson06 Feb 186235
PN02266BARKERFemale31 Jan 1888
PN13563BARKERHannah09 Sep 183520y11m
PN01029BARKERHugh14 Sep 187277
PN13533BARKERJames02 Apr 184137
PN09324BARKERJane27 Jan 1888
PN09321BARKERJohn Henry10 Jan 1842
PN02622BARKERJohn Thomas20 Mar 183048
PN09322BARKERSarah23 Feb 1851
PN13564BARKERThomas Richard14 May 183324
PN15959BARLOWCatherine1877With Margaret and Mary Ann Hancock
PN13409BARLOWEdward16 Feb 182342
PN13543BARLOWEdward Mainwaring08 Dec 18437y11m
PN13408BARLOWGeorge23 Nov 18223m
PN00131BARLOWJohn16 Jun 186764
PN15903BARLOWMary09 Jan 1849
PN02627BARLOWWalter10 Mar 182119
PN13444BARNESAnn Jane17 Oct 1854With Walsh.
PN02628BARNESJames13 Jul 1829
PN13581BARNESMary Elizabeth Jane15 Jul 18336
PN02630BARNESRebecca01 Sep 182041
PN13389BARNESRichardwith Wilkins.
PN13555BARNESWilliam Bygrove10 May 184140With Paxton and Salmon.
PN02634BARNETAaron23 Mar 1843
PN13572BARNETHenry Thomas27 Jul 18253m
PN02636BARNETTAbraham31 Oct 18472m
PN13054BARNETTAbraham01 Nov 1847
PN13559BARNETTArabella26 Aug 1843
PN02637BARNETTCharles09 Sep 18383m
PN02639BARNETTElizabeth11 Dec 1822
PN12415BARNETTGeorge08 Apr 184781
PN12418BARNETTGeorge14 Sep 184844
PN12417BARNETTHannah24 Jul 185371
PN13043BARNETTHenry Samuel21 Jun 185217y6m
PN01022BARNETTJanet Scot28 Jun 187246
PN09289BARNETTJohn10 Jun 185848
PN13041BARNETTJoseph28 Aug 186542
PN02638BARNETTJulia01 Jun 185071
PN13424BARNETTLewis27 Apr 18382y9mWith Levy and Dean.
PN13048BARNETTLewis26 Apr 18417y5m
PN13040BARNETTMargaret01 Jan 1844
PN12416BARNETTMary Sarah24 Jun 18473w
PN13039BARNETTMatilda06 Aug 1853
PN13045BARNETTMoses16 May 184110w
PN13044BARNETTSamuel16 Nov 186463
PN02654BARNETTSarah07 Feb 185363
PN11674BARONEva Louisa1869
PN09438BARONEva Louisa
PN09431BARRElizabeth B.06 Oct 1849
PN09430BARRJames20 Oct 1850
PN13526BARRMary Ann12 May 184537
PN01404BARRETTAnnie28 May 187540
PN15933BARRETTBlanch27 Oct 1862
PN15920BARRETTCatherine18 May 1852
PN15874BARRETTEliza08 Dec 1849
PN00705BARRETTGeorge Edward27 May 187017m
PN15754BARRETTJames16 Jul 185731
PN15812BARRETTJohn Edward21 Oct 18397w5dWith Montgomery.
PN15917BARRETTJohn M19 Aug 186144
PN15919BARRETTWilliam17 Feb 1859
PN15774BARRETTWilliam30 Apr 186570
PN11715BARRIEWilliam22 Feb 1864
PN02661BARRINGTONGeorge28 Dec 1804
PN12448BARRYJane Townsend28 Apr 185656
PN12446BARRYMary Ann19 Jan 184916
PN12447BARRYThomas Evans25 Feb 185356see Evans.
PN13565BARTERElizabeth08 Apr 183235
PN13566BARTERJane08 Apr 18325d
PN13414BARTLETTAnn25 Jul 184690With Henderson and Rose.
PN02669BARTLETTLucy Ann18m
PN02671BARTLETTMary20 Feb 1862
PN15738BARTLEY2 infantswith Mangan.
PN15737BARTLEYRobert30 Sep 185570with Mangan.
PN01261BARTOLACINITheresa04 Jul 187410d
PN15840BARTONJulia14 Dec 184828
PN01564BASSETTSamuel Taylor14 Aug 18766m
PN11725BATCHELDERCharles27 Apr 18606w
PN11726BATCHELDERNathaniel22 Mar 186035
PN13432BATEMANAnn10 May 184136
PN00448BATEMANGeorge10 Nov 1868
PN13431BATEMANJohn Thomas05 Nov 18391y11m12d
PN13429BATEMANMary Ann30 Jun 18284m13d
PN13430BATEMANWilliam04 Oct 18342y1m
PN12459BATESAnn05 Aug 186480With O'Keefe.
PN12457BATESBertha B1864With O'Keefe.
PN02682BATESEdmond11 Apr 1825
PN09243BATESElizabeth Ann25 Mar 188429Pitkethly
PN12460BATESFanny BourneWith O'Keefe.
PN12458BATESGeorge Robert27 Apr 18586wWith O'Keefe.
PN13471BATESJames14 Oct 184127With Clayton and O'Keefe.
PN13459BATESJohn10 Nov 183850With Lawrence.
PN13472BATESMartha Georgina23 Jun 185113msee O'Keefe.
PN15893BATESMary22 Dec 182852
PN13553BATESMary Ann10 Jun 186073With Hyde Potts
PN13584BATESThomas13 Oct 182567
PN13470BATESThomas17 Dec 183664With Clayton and O'Keefe.
PN12449BATHIsabella05 Nov 1846
PN13628BATTENJohn Robert13 Sep 184335
PN02693BAUGHURSTEliza Anna12 Dec 18516w
PN00341BAULKEMaria Annie25 May 18683
PN00346BAULKEWilliam Charles26 May 18682
PN13552BAXTERGeorge22 Sep 183452
PN13554BAXTERMargaret Jane
PN13393BAXTERMary Ann11 Apr 184111With Galliott and Read.
PN13607BAXTERThomas07 Mar 184140
PN02697BAYLISEdward09 Dec 185812m14dwith Woodend
PN13466BAYLISElizabeth Ann15 Apr 18412
PN13634BAYLISSAlbert Edward27 Jul 18422mWith Morrison, Hughes and Wainwright.
PN12469BAYLISSEdward09 Dec 1850With Woodend.
PN09259BEALAlfred John26 Feb 18572y11m
PN09255BEALCharles27 May 185663
PN15841BEALFlorence Elizabeth20 Jan 1862With Calighan and Armstrong.
PN02704BEALHarriet20 Mar 185726
PN09258BEALHarriet E29 May 1872
PN00373BEALJames17 Jul 18684
PN09257BEALJohn20 Aug 185627
PN00345BEALMary Glendening26 May 186874
PN02700BEALRobert Job09 Jul 18368m
PN15834BEALRosetta13 Feb 184565
PN12436BEALEAnn03 Jul 1846
PN09256BEALEMary McDonald20 Aug 1856see McDonald
PN11736BEAMESAmy23 Dec 18526m
PN11735BEAMESJane Goodwin04 Oct 185336
PN11737BEAMESJohn03 Nov 186047
PN13464BEANBetty02 Oct 181864
PN13465BEANWilliam24 Oct 183442
PN12430BEANEYHannah02 Jun 183826
PN12429BEANEYMary29 May 186671
PN15719BEATSONMargaret23 Sep 185030
PN13632BEATSONMary Ann04 May 184127
PN02715BEATSONMary Ann
PN15720BEATSONMary Ann
PN13633BEATSONRobert Irvin
PN00946BEATTIEAlexandra16 Feb 187211m
PN00073BEATTIEAlexina23 Apr 18674
PN02170BEATTIECharles Frederick10 Jan 18852y4mWith Delaney and Guy and Pearce. Stone at LPRC, 2N, 71.
PN00624BEATTIEFlorence Margaret05 Dec 186910wWith Delaney and Guy and Pearce. Stone at LPRC, 2N, 71.
PN15873BEATTIEMabel Georgianna27 Aug 1855With Delaney and Guy and Pearce
PN01468BEATTIEMabel Georgina17 Nov 18759mWith Delaney and Guy and Pearce. Stone at LPRC, 2N, 71.
PN00044BEATTIERobert Alexander19 Mar 18671y5m
PN00359BEATTIESarah Jane11 Jun 18686
PN01215BEATTIEWalter Joseph20 Jan 18744mWith Delaney and Guy and Pearce. Stone at LPRC, 2N, 71.
PN01010BEATTIE02 Sep 1872stillborn
PN12453BEATTYJemima13 May 186052
PN09409BEAUMONTJohn21 Dec 1843
PN02722BEAUMONTJohn24 Dec 184342
PN11706BEAUMONTLouisa15 Nov 1864
PN11739BEAZLEYHenry Jennings14 Feb 1855
PN11741BEAZLEYRaymond07 Nov 1860
PN11740BEAZLEYSarah Tice30 Jan 1858
PN13593BECKECharlotte Agnes27 Apr 18413m
PN13538BECKFORDElisabeth10 Jan 182755
PN13528BEDFORDBenjamin07 Oct 183544With Howell.
PN13529BEDFORDMary23 Jul 184312With Howell.
PN02727BEDMINGTONWilliam15 Apr 183034
PN02728BEERSGeorge Thomas16 Apr 183916d
PN13445BEESONCatherine30 Oct 182725With Jones and Mackenzie.
PN13573BEETSarah24 Apr 183453
PN01113BEGArchibald Melville Alleyne22 Apr 18733mWith Robertson. Correct surname "Beg" see Butt book.
PN09387BEGGChristina11 May 185130with Wildman
PN19271BEGGFrancis18 Apr 1851
PN09295BEGRIEGeorge24 Nov 185754
PN13037BEIBEREmil11 Feb 1859
PN12461BEILBYClara Francis1844With Thomas.
PN19283BEILBYFrederick26 Jan 1838
PN12414BEILBY08 Dec 1844infantWith Smith. see Kendall.
PN15807BEIRNEPatrick11 Sep 184630
PN13034BEITMartin14 Aug 1862
PN15907BELFORDRichard18 Sep 184245
PN09398BELLAnn20 Dec 18432y2m
PN09433BELLDavid24 Sep 183029
PN09435BELLDonald9 May 1824infant
PN11723BELLGeorgeSep 1854
PN13605BELLGeorge Hougham21 Nov 183912dsee Hougham.
PN01036BELLHannah05 Oct 187262
PN13604BELLHutchinson20 Feb 184753see Hougham.
PN09434BELLJanet Mary29 Jan 1828infant
PN09399BELLJohn06 Nov 184767
PN09436BELLMary19 Feb 1833
PN01273BELLMary04 Aug 187472
PN15837BELLAMEThomas01 Jun 18277d
PN12410BELLENGERMary Ann Lynn06 Sep 18525y5d
PN12411BELLENGERWilliam Thomas02 Jun 18572y11m
PN15744BENEAUDAndrew09 Jan 184918m
PN15746BENEAUDEmily12 Oct 185632
PN15745BENEAUDIsabella17 Jul 18534
PN11716BENHAMAvery10 Jun 184830
PN13438BENHAMCharles Edward19 Dec 184933With Wells and Baker and Jones.
PN13435BENHAMHenrietta Sophia22 Jan 18466m8dWith Wells and Baker and Jones.
PN13439BENHAMJohn17 Oct 184562with Underwood.
PN13436BENHAMPhillip John30 Oct 18478m2dWith Wells and Baker and Jones.
PN13047BENJAMINAbraham Elias25 Jan 18384m
PN13052BENJAMINDavid Hobart08 Feb 184717m
PN13046BENJAMINFanny07 Jul 184131d
PN02755BENJAMINFerotcha21 Sep 1842
PN13050BENJAMINJoseph26 Dec 183529
PN13053BENJAMINJulia16 Jan 183514
PN13051BENJAMINMary16 Mar 1849
PN02758BENJAMINMary Miriam15 Mar 184913y5m
PN13049BENJAMINRachel13 Nov 18495y7m
PN13036BENJAMINRachel15 Jun 186254
PN02762BENJAMINReuben29 Oct 185640
PN13035BENJAMINSamuel04 Dec 185451
PN12420BENNETTArthur24 Apr 1845
PN12450BENNETTBridget06 Apr 184925
PN02765BENNETTCaroline Esther22 Feb 184014m
PN09440BENNETTDeborah Esther02 Nov 1864
PN13542BENNETTJames01 Apr 182831
PN11733BENNETTJane13 Jan 185740With Piper.
PN13496BENNETTJessie16 Apr 18408
PN13423BENNETTJohn10 Jun 182665
PN13597BENNETTJohn16 May 183937
PN13567BENNETTJuliana Ludovina13 Jun 184628
PN00504BENNETTMargaret Ann15 Feb 186970With Speer.
PN12421BENNETTMichael21 Apr 186568
PN13511BENNETTWilliam Edward21 Dec 184620
PN00252BENNISSJohn04 Jan 186869with Taylor
PN02775BENNISSMary01 Feb 186460with Taylor
PN15918BENNSEllen01 Apr 18645With William Thomas
PN13582BENSONEmiline1847infantsee Henson.
PN13042BENSUSANPercy Julius12 Jan 18634m15d
PN11751BENTAlice17 Feb 187048
PN00658BENTAlice18 Feb 187048
PN11750BENTEliza15 Sep 186026
PN02782BENTEllis10 Nov 181532
PN15839BENYONAnn25 Oct 184762
PN13391BERKELEYAugustus Fitzhardinge20 Jul 183121
PN09315BERRIEGeorge Guthrie17 Apr 184127
PN11752BERRYArthur John13 Apr 186315m
PN15891BERRYEleanor Mary22 Oct 18492y3m16d
PN02788BERRYJ17 Nov 1836
PN13626BERRYJohn31 Jul 184417
PN15890BERRYJohn22 May 184945
PN15889BERRYMary A. Eliza30 Sep 1839
PN13413BERRYMary Ann Elizabeth19 Dec 182717m
PN02791BERRYMary Elizabeth30 Sep 183913m4d
PN13514BERRYThomas26 Sep 183651
PN13627BERRYZachariah14 Oct 183952
PN01535BERTOLACINICath. Agnes15 May 187632
PN12432BESTAnna Maria15 Feb 186028nee Jolly?
PN01878BETHELMary Ann07 Jun 188076
PN01254BETHELWafter Edward17 Jun 18742
PN00755BETHELWilliam31 Oct 187070
PN13475BETTSEdward Nisbett Arbouin06 Oct 185213y9m
PN13473BETTSFanny05 Jan 183924
PN13476BETTSHarriet28 Oct 185274
PN13474BETTSJohn01 Sep 184641
PN13412BEVANDavid23 Oct 182373with Holmes.
PN00129BEVANSHenry13 Jun 186723With Terrenns
PN02259BICKLEYEliza30 Aug 1887with Bowen.
PN15838BICKLEYMartin04 Feb 1862
PN02799BIEBEREmil11 Feb 185925
PN11714BIGGSEliza Mary02 Oct 1865
PN13038BIGGSEsther27 Oct 185579
PN13460BIGGSFrancis06 May 18232m
PN15882BIGGSJames1874With Carroll.
PN13635BIGGSMatilda19 Jul 184723with Kosten and Williams.
PN13461BIGGSWilliam06 Sep 182552
PN13535BIGWOODThomas03 May 184838
PN11712BILLINGHAMAlfred26 Apr 18547w
PN11711BILLINGHAMCatherine15 Apr 185424
PN02807BILLISONWilliam23 Feb 185536
PN13631BILLSDavid21 Nov 18378w
PN11720BILLSONWilliam23 Feb 1855
PN00207BINGEMAINFrederick31 Oct 18672
PN00349BINGEMAINMary26 May 1868With Hyndes.
PN01116BINNESSMaria29 Apr 187325
PN09397BINNIECharles Hibbert10 May 186328
PN09396BINNIERichard25 Aug 183648
PN15741BINNISSJohn04 Jan 1868With Taylor.
PN15740BINNISSMary01 Feb 1864With Taylor.
PN13510BINNSJoseph02 Jan 184339
PN02812BIRCHAugustus21 Jul 184053
PN15912BIRCHEdward Thomas06 Nov 18548m
PN13549BIRCHMary Ann13 Sep 184034
PN13550BIRCHWilliam17 Dec 184146
PN09328BIRDGeorge24 Apr 1859
PN13592BIRDIsaac19 Dec 183840
PN09327BIRDIsabella M28 Jun 185716m
PN09439BIRDThomas1845With Edwards and Knight
PN02818BIRDThomas20 Mar 1824
PN15876BIRDThomas25 Jul 185445With Knight and Edwards.
PN15797BIRKBECKJohn Orwell19 Sep 1861
PN02820BIRMINGHAMMary03 Nov 184560
PN15939BIRMINGHAMMary23 Nov 1845
PN02821BIRMINGHAMPeter01 May 18414
PN15735BIRMINGHAMPeter17 May 1842
PN15736BIRMINGHAMRichard12 Jun 18372y9m7d
PN15938BIRMINGHAMWalter20 Jul 184284
PN09376BIRNIEJames04 Jul 184482
PN09377BIRNIEMartha Matilda12 Nov 185176
PN15694BIRRELLFrances Mary20 Apr 18633y5mwith Cummins.
PN15693BIRRELLMary Anne05 Apr 18635with Cummins.
PN13616BISSEKAnn26 Dec 18226y3m
PN13617BISSEKElizabeth23 Mar 182747
PN09363BISSLANDDaniel10 May 185143With Aitken and Steer.
PN02831BISSLANDJohn26 Nov 18468
PN01724BISSLANDLily29 Jul 1878With Aitken and Steer.
PN09362BISSLANDMary Jane06 Feb 1857With Aitken and Steer.
PN00968BLACKAnne06 May 187241With Clayton and Brennan.
PN01001BLACKArthur10 Aug 18727w
PN13640BLACKEdward Simeon23 Sep 18469y1m
PN01406BLACKElizabeth Greig10 Jun 187559
PN13639BLACKHenry29 Jan 1840
PN09349BLACKIsabella Morrison19 Jul 1861
PN02081BLACKJ A27 Feb 1883
PN09280BLACKJames06 Jun 1854
PN00657BLACKJames16 Feb 187069
PN13443BLACKJames Augustus26 Feb 188361With Clayton and Brennan.
PN09351BLACKJohn09 Mar 1876
PN13641BLACKLouisa Maria11 Oct 184613y9m
PN09282BLACKMary18 Jul 1863
PN02030BLACKMary18 May 1882
PN09348BLACKMary Ochihrie13 Dec 1853
PN09281BLACKWilliam11 Jun 1861
PN15705BLACKBURNJoseph04 Dec 18639m
PN01127BLACKFORDElizabeth02 Jun 187373
PN09413BLACKFORDHenry12 Feb 1848
PN09414BLACKFORDJohn19 Jul 1834infant
PN09415BLACKFORDRobert04 Nov 1851
PN09384BLACKIEArthur John16 Dec 1864
PN13568BLACKMANJohn01 Oct 184646
PN13405BLACKWELLWilliam Henry09 Sep 183731
PN02842BLADDENJohn05 Jun 183130
PN09400BLAIRArchibald05 Jan 1842
PN09401BLAIRArchibald20 Feb 1866
PN01451BLAIRMary Agnes11 Oct 18751
PN15793BLAIRMary AnnOct 1875with Galegher and Healey.
PN15721BLAKEAnn26 Mar 185448
PN15819BLAKEAnne10 Jul 184022y5m
PN15768BLAKEChristopher JMay 184443with Burns and Nicholas.
PN15769BLAKEChristopher John22 Feb 185627with Burns and Nicholas.
PN15822BLAKEDaisy10 Mar 1844
PN15821BLAKED'Arcy Stephen12 Jun 18557m
PN15820BLAKEHenry Giles23 Oct 18385m3d
PN15770BLAKEMary1846with Burns and Nicholas.
PN02850BLAKEWilliamSep 182216
PN15712BLAKENEYMichael07 May 185436
PN15713BLAKENEYMichael George01 Feb 18523m
PN15714BLAKENEYPatrick22 Jul 185036
PN01379BLAKENEYRhoda Maria07 Apr 18753m16d
PN02853BLAKENEYSarahFeb 184370
PN12426BLANCHJames26 Oct 184157With Cole.
PN12428BLANCHJames20 Dec 1852With Cole.
PN12427BLANCHSarah06 Dec 185163With Cole.
PN00977BLANCHARDCatherine20 May 187271With Webb and Jones.
PN15809BLANCHARDJulien Charles14 Nov 18544m
PN15808BLANCHARDMarie F A27 Dec 186019
PN01238BLANCHARDMark01 May 187481With Webb and Jones.
PN12425BLANCHARDMary28 Feb 184349
PN02860BLANDFORDMargaret12 Apr 186612h
PN13392BLANEYCharles James Twining19 May 182020
PN15913BLANEYPatrick30 Jul 186176
PN13397BLAXLANDChristopher27 Dec 18223m
PN13396BLAXLANDElizabeth28 Dec 182647
PN19232BLAXLANDGeorge10 Oct 185552
PN19231BLAXLANDMaria14 Dec 183419
PN13494BLEAKELYWilliam04 Aug 184718
PN13557BLEKSLEYWilliam22 Jun 184128
PN15702BLESSINGPatrick06 Apr 185165
PN00950BLOCKJames John07 Mar 18729m
PN13394BLOODSWORTHGeorge18 Feb 184044With Cox and Stone and Glendon. see Hill and Howell.
PN00917BLOOMFIELDAnnie Grace14 Dec 18711
PN15688BLOOMFIELDHannah18 May 1865With Davis.
PN15689BLOOMFIELDWilliam1865With Davis.
PN02869BLUCKJames John06 Mar 18729m
PN09314BLUCKMarion29 Dec 18493wWith Roxburgh and Steel.
PN02871BLUEBilly05 May 183495
PN13630BLUEMary Ann28 Jul 18414y3m
PN13629BLUEWilliam03 Jun 184135
PN12455BLUMERLuke31 Dec 1853
PN12454BLUMERMargaret Mary19 Jan 1849
PN15799BLUNDELLCatherine10 Dec 1855with Wade.
PN09388BLUNDELLEllen Murchie07 Dec 186126
PN01742BLUNDELLHester04 Sep 187853with Wade.
PN15801BLUNDELLRichard01 Nov 1879with Wade.
PN01841BLUNDELLRichard19 Nov 187953
PN13426BOARDGregory James07 Dec 1839With Hodges and Guise and Brinkley.
PN13390BODENHAMEmma Sarah26 Nov 18265y4m
PN13509BOGGRobert03 Apr 182964No remains.
PN13406BOGGISElizabeth21 Aug 182068With Tompson
PN13428BOLGERElizabeth31 Dec 184476With Williams
PN13427BOLGERJohn20 Nov 183963With Williams.
PN01403BOLINAmelia24 May 187576
PN02884BOLINEllen24 Nov 18583y9m
PN13457BOLTONEllen12 Feb 185525
PN13458BOLTONEllen24 Nov 1858
PN13456BOLTONGeorge03 Dec 183429
PN09250BONAMYFlorence Charlotte28 Apr 1858
PN00554BONDCharles William15 Jun 186918m
PN12465BONDEllen Mary31 May 18513w
PN13594BONDFrederick04 Jun 18398y11m
PN13415BONDGeorge19 Jun 182425With Junquay.
PN12467BONDMary Ann Hillard14 May 18603m
PN13417BONDSophia Charlotte12 Sep 183387With Morris
PN12464BONDThomas17 Jan 18494y8m
PN12466BONDWilliam03 Jan 18552m
PN00389BONDWilliam James05 Aug 18687
PN11768BONESEdward21 May 1863
PN00786BONESSusannah07 Jan 187119
PN00812BONESSydney18 Apr 187114
PN01846BONUSAda Maude Eliz.19 Dec 18796m
PN13487BOOBIERJohn09 Feb 183124
PN00899BOOTHAlbert Edward10 Nov 18715m
PN15739BOOTHSelina26 Dec 185435
PN13530BORTONGeorge James09 Feb 18294m
PN13531BORTONThomas Daniel31 Mar 18331y6m
PN13602BOSSLEYHelen07 Aug 185985with Burdekin
PN11749BOSTROMEuphemia08 Mar 186333
PN19272BOTTSJoseph25 Apr 1851
PN13479BOULTONCaroline17 Mar 184110
PN13480BOULTONElizabeth01 Feb 18423m
PN13483BOULTONElizabeth19 Jun 186675
PN13478BOULTONThomas20 Jun 183751
PN13482BOULTONThomas03 Nov 1845
PN13481BOULTONThomas29 Nov 1849
PN00202BOURKEAnn22 Oct 18673m
PN02907BOURKEAnn Adella10 Oct 18531y4m
PN15901BOURKEAnna BellaOct 1858With Melville and Dowd.
PN00161BOURKEJames01 Aug 1867
PN15691BOURKEJane25 Jun 1851
PN00476BOURKEJohanna30 Dec 1868
PN15692BOURKEJohn02 May 1859
PN15765BOURKEJohn17 May 1860With Tracey.
PN15902BOURKEJoseph13 Jul 1855With Melville and Dowd.
PN02908BOURKEJoseph17 Jul 18566m
PN15924BOURKEJulia22 May 185274with Saunders,
PN15766BOURKEMargaret17 Feb 1860With Tracey.
PN15900BOURKEMichael03 Feb 185624With Melville and Dowd.
PN15923BOURKEPatrick02 Aug 184764with Saunders.
PN01067BOURKEPatrick06 Dec 187268
PN00509BOURKEWilliam01 Mar 18693y6m
PN02914BOURNEFanny16 Jan 18651y6m
PN13596BOURNEMary13 Dec 184861
PN00759BOURNEThomas Nathaniel14 Nov 18707m
PN12440BOVISElizabeth T.03 Dec 1853
PN12441BOVISJoseph T11 Jun 1864
PN12439BOVISMary05 Dec 1863
PN11734BOWDENAlfred Samuel28 Apr 186210m
PN12423BOWDENJane25 Aug 184667
PN02917BOWDENJohn E W29 Mar 182310
PN02918BOWDENMary13 May 18413
PN12422BOWDENMary15 May 1841
PN12424BOWDENThomas W.21 Apr 1878
PN01697BOWDENThomas Wheaton25 Apr 187871
PN00326BOWENAgnes02 May 1868
PN15750BOWENEdward06 Mar 1863with Bickley.
PN00723BOWENEdward12 Jul 187051
PN15749BOWENMark26 Dec 1852with Bickley.
PN01601BOWENMark26 Jan 187762with Bickley.
PN02920BOWENWilliam27 Apr 1829
PN01237BOWESEdward19 Apr 187478With White.
PN11709BOWINEMary1849With Lloyd.
PN13448BOWLERAnn15 Sep 182642
PN02923BOWLEREleanor Harriet22 May 18559m
PN15731BOWLEREleanor Harriettsee Roach.
PN15802BOWLESMary15 Jan 185715With Ireland and Rawlings.
PN02924BOWLESSarah06 Dec 183430
PN02237BOWLINGJohn03 Jan 1887
PN13569BOWMANAlexander31 Jan 183356
PN02926BOWMANHonor16 Dec 182567
PN13570BOWMANMargaret09 Jun 183549
PN02928BOWMANMary Elizabeth04 Apr 184239
PN15881BOWYERAnn Margaret16 May 18642y3m
PN15762BOYANJane04 May 1865
PN02930BOYCEAndrew11 Aug 183438
PN11724BOYCEFrancis27 Jan 185848
PN15759BOYDEleanor08 Feb 1881With Wallace and Earl
PN01935BOYDEleanor09 Feb 1881
PN00808BOYDJane05 Apr 187158
PN09402BOYDMargaret16 Jan 184012m16d
PN09344BOYDPatrickWith Watson.
PN15758BOYDThomas25 Apr 1858With Wallace and Earl
PN09381BOYLEAgnesNov 1864
PN09383BOYLEAnnApr 1867
PN00076BOYLEAnn Isabella25 Apr 18672
PN00241BOYLEGeorgiana Rose19 Dec 186718m
PN09382BOYLEGeorgiana RoseDec 1867
PN09378BOYLEGeorgianna R.04 Sep 1842
PN01197BOYLEJames12 Dec 187385
PN15828BOYLEJamesMay 1849
PN09375BOYNEJ.With Sylvester and Walker.
PN09374BOYNELachlan J.A.18 Feb 1863With Sylvester and Walker.
PN13433BRADFORDJohn09 Sep 184752With Slater.
PN13621BRADLEYEaster15 Aug 182265
PN02936BRADLEYMaria20 Nov 183837
PN13620BRADLEYSamuel15 Aug 182259
PN02938BRADLEYWilliam04 Jul 183128
PN13608BRADRIDGEAnn15 Dec 183735
PN13609BRADRIDGERichard Distin20 Dec 183710d
PN13610BRADRIDGEWilliam09 Mar 184115
PN13611BRADRIDGEWilliam06 Feb 185618d
PN00275BRADRIDGEWilliam18 Feb 186865
PN02939BRADSHAWEliza11 Nov 1831
PN15928BRADSHAWRobertwith O'Connor
PN00385BRADSHAWStephen03 Aug 186827with O'Connor 1375 and 1371.
PN09437BRADSLEYJonathonsee Newman and Stephens.
PN01248BRADYAnthony27 May 1874111
PN13395BRADYElizabeth23 Jun 182048
PN02942BRADYLeticia30 Aug 183325
PN15715BRADYMargaret12 Feb 185128
PN02944BRADYMary28 Jun 183648With Jones
PN15707BRADYPhillipine22 Jun 1862With Ratcliffe.
PN01801BRADYPhillippina Eliz.15 Apr 187915m
PN02945BRADYThomas William Pursill06 Apr 18555m
PN13501BRAGGEEllen23 Oct 18476m
PN13571BRAILEYJames15 Sep 182445
PN15742BRAINEKelly Ernest21 Nov 183528With Callaghan. see Kelly.
PN09432BRANDERJane Forbes10 Dec 184328
PN02950BRAYAda May19 Feb 18682y9m
PN00276BRAYAda May20 Feb 18682y9m
PN15804BRAYCatherine12 Nov 18547y8m
PN13642BRAYCharles03 Sep 184031
PN13454BRAYCharlotte10 Sep 184737y9mWith Hott, Wilson and Llewellin
PN15805BRAYEllen12 Sep 18554y1m
PN12419BRAYFlorence1872With Magovney.
PN00932BRAYFlorence20 Jan 18722m
PN15803BRAYJohn15 Feb 1851
PN02955BRAYJohn15 Feb 185246
PN13453BRAYJohn Joseph Knobbs15 Jul 18332y4m19dWith Hott, Wilson and Llewellin.
PN13452BRAYMary24 Mar 181518With Holt, Wilson and Llewellin.
PN09345BRAZIERJohn13 Aug 1859
PN09346BRAZIERJohn Richard15 Oct 1875
PN01456BRAZIERJohn Richard16 Oct 187510m
PN02050BRAZIERSophia S. J.04 Aug 1882
PN13422BREADYMary28 Jun 183618With Jones
PN02958BREILLATLouisa Sophia27 Apr 183814m
PN09308BREMNERAlexander09 Jun 1851
PN11729BREMNERAlexander04 Nov 1866
PN02194BREMNERAlexander27 Aug 1885
PN00761BREMNERJames Dallas20 Nov 187027
PN00802BREMNERJames George16 Mar 18713m
PN09307BREMNERMargaret Isabella07 Dec 1839
PN00947BREMNERMary Eliza26 Feb 18723
PN00767BREMNERSusan01 Dec 18705m
PN11728BREMNERWilliam06 Jun 1866
PN09353BRENEKECatherineDec 1865with McBeath
PN09352BRENEKEHenry EdwardJun 18641With McBeath.
PN00811BRENEKEIsabella Jane12 Apr 18711m
PN02961BRENEKEJohannaDec 18651
PN01613BRENEKEWilliam McBeath03 Apr 18773m
PN15931BRENNANAnnie11 Aug 1847With Smith and Gleeson.
PN01493BRENNANElizabeth Mary06 Feb 18765m2wWith Mahoney.
PN02963BRENNANGeorge15 Jan 183950
PN15927BRENNANHonora23 Dec 1861With Carey.
PN15787BRENNANJames25 Feb 18583y9m15dWith Matthews.
PN15763BRENNANJames02 Mar 1861
PN02964BRENNANJames02 May 186460
PN01285BRENNANJane05 Sep 187443
PN15788BRENNANJohn12 Jun 186118With Matthews.
PN01979BRENNANJoseph D07 Sep 1881
PN13441BRENNANJulia Goodall14 Feb 18422y10daysWith Clayton and Black.
PN15704BRENNANMargaret01 May 185353
PN15932BRENNANMary01 Dec 1866
PN15953BRENNANMary Ann1867
PN00351BRENNANMary Helen28 May 18681
PN13440BRENNANPeter20 May 183812mWith Clayton and Black.
PN15936BRENNANRichard29 Dec 1849
PN15888BRENNANRose1861With Donnelly, McCulloch and Healy.
PN15930BRENNANThomas26 Sep 1864With Smith and Gleeson.
PN15785BRENNANWilliam24 Jul 18536w
PN15786BRENNANWilliam24 Apr 1858With Matthews.
PN01534BRENNANWilliam James12 May 18762y2mWith Mahoney.
PN12463BRENNANDElizabeth01 Aug 1882With Wheeler and Nightingale.
PN12462BRENNANDFrederick Lassetter16 Mar 1865With Wheeler and Nightingale.
PN13446BRENNANDSarah Hannah18336wWith Iredale and Dale and Hindmarsh.
PN13447BRENNANDThomas21 Oct 185857With Iredale and Dale and Hindmarsh.
PN00618BRENNEKEWilliam Man13 Nov 1869
PN15760BRERETONAnn1840with McCulloch.
PN15761BRERETONTeresa1864with McCulloch.
PN13525BRETTThomas22 Nov 183336
PN13598BREWSTERJane27 Nov 184711m
PN15818BRIANCornelius19 Jul 18321d
PN02979BRIANJames19 Jul 18321d
PN15816BRIANJames22 Jan 183747
PN13556BRIANJane Elizabeth20 Jan 1839
PN15829BRICKELLRobert28 Aug 1863
PN15815BRIDDELLPatrick16 May 183453
PN09424BRIDGECatherine27 Nov 1829
PN09425BRIDGESamuel11 Jan 1830
PN13419BRIDGENAnn Amelia05 Jan 1839infant
PN15951BRIDGETSAgnes1866with Hennessy and Mulvay
PN15935BRIEARSJames05 Mar 186455
PN13398BRIENENA Van184456With Jelf
PN02982BRIFFITEllen25 Jul 1832
PN13624BRIGGSAlexander Burness18 May 184716m
PN12451BRIGGSMartha19 Aug 185638With Hodges and Thomson
PN13488BRIGHAMFrances E04 Oct 184216y9mwith Laurie
PN13489BRIGHAMGeorge L01 Jan 18433m10dwith Laurie
PN02988BRIGNALLRebecca07 Mar 182942
PN13622BRIGNELLFrances Elizabeth07 Oct 183822
PN13623BRIGNELLRachel20 Jun 184556
PN02991BRIMERRobert01 Apr 182830
PN01984BRINDLEYEdwin04 Oct 188150
PN11743BRINDLEYHenry Pellett06 Sep 185831
PN00961BRINDLEYRobert18 Apr 187276
PN11745BRINDLEYSarah Ann11 Jan 187075
PN00643BRINDLEYSarah Ann12 Jan 1870
PN13638BRINKLEYCharlotte08 Nov 18575
PN13636BRINKLEYHannah09 Jul 183843With Watson and Reece.
PN13425BRINKLEYHarriet26 Jul 184947With Hodges and Guise and Board.
PN13637BRINKLEYMargaret21 Nov 185739With Watson and Reece.
PN13411BRISBANEJames Sir19 Dec 182652
PN15879BRITTJames28 Apr 1850
PN03000BRITTJames09 Apr 185967
PN11722BRITTENSusannah30 Jul 185141
PN11721BRITTENThomas G10 Jul 185165
PN15773BROADBENTEllen09 Mar 186249
PN13495BROADBENTHenry William16 Oct 184030
PN13055BROCKSTAYNEEsther D.1857
PN03009BROCKSTAYNEEsther Dinah11 Oct 1855
PN09422BRODIEDavid28 Dec 183218
PN09423BRODIEJames SinclairSep 1848
PN09421BRODIEPatrick08 Aug 182926
PN13033BRODZIAKIsaac14 Jan 186555
PN15794BROGANAnn01 Oct 1858
PN00143BROGANPatrick27 Jun 18674
PN00145BROGANSusan01 Jul 18678
PN13532BROOKFrederick1844With Carrick.
PN15722BROOKEThomas James10 Dec 1851
PN13583BROOKINJosephsee Rookin.
PN00148BROOKSDavid06 Jul 1867
PN09288BROOKSJane12 Apr 184928
PN03014BROOKSRichard03 Oct 182610w
PN15709BROPHYAnn13 Mar 186257
PN15708BROPHYWilliam11 Feb 187275
PN00944BROPHYWilliam12 Feb 187275
PN03017BROTHERIDGEThomas Henry 'Capt'25 Oct 182743
PN15810BROTHERSMary26 Aug 1862
PN09268BROWN2 infants
PN15845BROWNAlfredWith Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN11766BROWNAlfred1883with Bryan.
PN11765BROWNAnn1875with Bryan.
PN03018BROWNAnn18 Nov 182151
PN01474BROWNAnn Jane13 Dec 18751
PN03019BROWNBridget07 Feb 183933
PN01638BROWNBridget17 Jul 187755
PN09262BROWNCaroline19 Feb 1858
PN13449BROWNCaroline Matilda Neathway20 Apr 18332y6m
PN15842BROWNCharlotte Mary27 Jan 1828With Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN03021BROWNChristina23 Jun 18418
PN09317BROWNChristinanot in Register - in Index.
PN00064BROWNEliza Jane09 Apr 186714m
PN03022BROWNElizabeth29 Jun 186577
PN09394BROWNElizabeth08 Jun 1882With Johnston. see Chapman.
PN01470BROWNEllen Margaret23 Nov 18752
PN09357BROWNEmily Augusta
PN13500BROWNEmily Campbell10 Dec 1843
PN00858BROWNEmma Grace Maria15 Aug 18715
PN09418BROWNGeorge07 Jun 183640With Hitchcock.
PN09318BROWNGeorge26 Feb 18502y10m
PN12431BROWNGeorge07 Feb 1865With Cousens.
PN09320BROWNGeorge31 Oct 187157
PN00894BROWNGeorge01 Nov 187157
PN12443BROWNGrace Maria16 Dec 1864
PN12442BROWNHarriet Eliza04 Aug 1841
PN09391BROWNHenry22 Feb 1851With Johnston.
PN15728BROWNHenry T.05 Apr 1858
PN00077BROWNHoratio George25 Apr 186715m
PN09263BROWNIsabella02 Aug 1860
PN09358BROWNIsabella M.
PN13558BROWNJames25 Oct 1841
PN09390BROWNJames20 Sep 1849With Johnston.
PN09267BROWNJames24 Aug 186034
PN11767BROWNJanewith Bryan.
PN03028BROWNJane29 May 185956
PN15747BROWNJanewith Dixon and Hoseman.
PN09261BROWNJessie Ann04 Aug 1864
PN15898BROWNJohn183055With Quinn.
PN13606BROWNJohn27 Apr 183647with Mann
PN09392BROWNJohn12 Mar 1842With Johnston
PN15830BROWNJohn31 Aug 1857With McGuire.
PN12435BROWNJohnwith Ennis, Munro and Nightingale.
PN13450BROWNJohn Henry Neathway29 Oct 18474m
PN13451BROWNJohn Neathway03 Mar 185558
PN15844BROWNJosephWith Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN01436BROWNJoseph12 Sep 187565
PN00348BROWNJosephine Esmeralda27 May 186813w
PN12401BROWNMargaret10 Feb 1854
PN03036BROWNMargaret19 Feb 185427
PN12402BROWNMargaret24 Mar 18542y10d
PN00086BROWNMargaret30 Apr 1867
PN03040BROWNMary29 May 184110
PN13537BROWNMary19 Sep 184424
PN15755BROWNMary30 Jan 185849
PN15729BROWNMary07 Apr 1858
PN09316BROWNMarynot in Register - in Index.
PN15847BROWNMary AnnWith Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN15764BROWNMatthew16 May 184935
PN03043BROWNMrs02 Feb 1821
PN02121BROWNPeter03 Nov 188327
PN00878BROWNRichard19 Sep 187152
PN03047BROWNSamuel28 Nov 184446
PN13418BROWNSamuel28 Dec 1844
PN12434BROWNSarah R.with Ennis, Munro and Nightingale.
PN03048BROWNSarah Romney03 Mar 183051
PN09389BROWNSarah RomneyWith Johnston.
PN13388BROWNSylvester John06 Jan 183711m18d
PN15846BROWNThomasWith Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN09264BROWNThomas17 Oct 1864
PN15843BROWNWilliamWith Nerney and O'Neil and Piper..
PN15789BROWNWilliam10 Nov 18472w
PN09427BROWNWilliam17 Jan 185642
PN13507BROWNWilliamMar 183550
PN11718BROWNWilliam James13 Dec 1854
PN15772BROWNEBridget03 Feb 1839
PN13499BROWNEElizabeth03 Dec 184837
PN09269BROWNEElizabeth29 Jun 1865her infant son was buried with her
PN09299BROWNEJames22 Dec 184816
PN15748BROWNEMary29 Jun 186342With Sexton.
PN13644BROWNESylvester J.06 Jan 1837
PN03057BROWNEThomas Henry13 Jun 184812
PN13455BROWNINGThomas23 Jul 182154
PN00939BROWNLOWBessie04 Feb 18725d
PN13576BROWNLOWEliza22 Dec 184642
PN13524BROWNLOWHelen18 Feb 183216M
PN13575BROWNLOWMaria05 Aug 184619
PN00756BROWNLOWOlive Muriel01 Nov 18706y4m
PN13574BROWNLOWRichard23 Sep 184552
PN01193BROWNLOWRichard07 Dec 187341
PN13577BROWNLOWRichard McElhone10 Dec 18592
PN12452BROWNSThomas Henry13 Jun 1848
PN09286BRUCEAlexander15 Mar 18545
PN09277BRUCEDavid16 Jan 185836
PN09284BRUCEGeorge13 May 185432
PN09285BRUCEGeorge17 Jun 186423
PN03071BRUCEGeorge Wilkie23 Jun 184322
PN03072BRUCEMary27 Feb 181018
PN03073BRUNGERJohn18 Apr 1829
PN13462BRUNTONMary22 May 183234with Halburd
PN02113BRYANAlfred30 Aug 1883
PN11763BRYANAngelina04 Feb 1864with Brown.
PN13493BRYANAnnwith Bushby.
PN01962BRYANAnn27 Jun 1881
PN01956BRYANHenry08 Jun 1881
PN13492BRYANJames15 Jan 184535with Bushby.
PN15718BRYANJames Martin12 Mar 1865
PN15717BRYANJohn William07 Nov 18644y2m7d
PN15814BRYANMartha22 Jun 189365
PN15813BRYANPatrick12 Aug 185835
PN11762BRYANRosanna09 Jan 1864with Brown.
PN13522BRYANTDennis06 Nov 182742
PN03086BRYANTJames04 Apr 183045
PN13523BRYANTLucy24 Nov 184649
PN15895BRYANTc.1852With Jenkins
PN15690BRYCEMargaret03 Apr 186533With Long and Horan and Lewis
PN03089BRYCEMatthew29 Aug 185390
PN09298BRYCEMatthew29 Aug 1859
PN09325BRYCEThomas Watson Foster
PN13587BRYENEdward30 Jan 18414w3d
PN13585BRYENJohn05 Nov 18377w
PN13588BRYENLouisa20 Jan 184215m5d
PN13591BRYENSamuel Charles18 Apr 18492y10m
PN13590BRYENSarah24 Aug 18452y10m
PN13586BRYENThomas25 Nov 183811w
PN13589BRYENWilliam28 Oct 18448w
PN09342BRYSONCatherine18 Feb 184827
PN09343BRYSONMargaret Janeinfant
PN11732BUBBEliza H07 Mar 1856infantsee Knibbs
PN11730BUBBHelensee Knibbs
PN11731BUBBSarah1860infantsee Knibbs
PN09273BUCHANAlexander30 Jul 185931
PN11703BUCHANANAlexander17 Mar 186431
PN13468BUCHANANHenry Charles02 Mar 18613mWith d'Hotman, Connell and Allan.
PN09420BUCHANANJohn19 Mar 18414y6m
PN13467BUCHANANLaura Emily Ann01 Aug 18589mWith d'Hotman, Connell and Allan.
PN09333BUCKLARAlisWith McIntoah
PN09332BUCKLARJane11 Apr 1856With McIntosh.
PN09334BUCKLARWilliam25 Oct 185765With McIntosh.
PN03098BUCKLEYEllen25 Jun 183751
PN15732BUCKLEYEllen01 Jun 1849
PN15727BUCKLEYMichael25 Jun 184160
PN00714BUCKRIDGEJessie Valentine18 Jun 18705
PN13399BUCKTONJane23 Nov 182628
PN03101BUCKTONThomas14 Feb 183047
PN03102BUDGECatherine27 Nov 182937
PN03103BUDGESamuel11 Jun 183045
PN13515BULLEleanor13 Oct 182869
PN13539BULLEmily Catherine10 Apr 18372y3mwith Spilsbury.
PN12433BULLFrances20 Mar 184630
PN13540BULLHenry10 Oct 183732with Spilsbury.
PN13541BULLJohn Brooks24 Jan 18386mwith Spilsbury.
PN03109BULLWilliam F01 May 184031
PN13477BULLOCKJohn29 Oct 184161
PN00282BULLOWWm James26 Feb 18685m
PN11727BUNBURYFlorence Angelina03 May 18587
PN03112BUNGAREEFreeman 'King'24 Nov 1830
PN03113BUNKERAnn27 Jan 183762
PN03114BUNKEREber27 Sep 183674
PN13385BUNKERMargaret03 Apr 180840with Clark, Campbell, Fisk, Laycock, Still.
PN13485BUNKERMargaret23 Oct 182142
PN13386BUNNGeorge09 Jan 1834
PN03119BUNNMargaretMay 1825
PN12437BUNTINGJohn13 Dec 184642
PN12438BUNTINGRobert07 Mar 184942
PN13384BURBRIDGEElizabeth22 Jan 185937
PN13527BURBRIDGEIsabella06 Mar 183160
PN13512BURCHEMRobert17 Apr 184734
PN13603BURDEKINBossley06 Oct 1882with Bossley
PN02061BURDEKINBossley11 Oct 1882
PN13601BURDEKINLloyd25 Feb 1860with Bossley
PN13600BURDEKINMary Ann28 Jun 18453y4mwith Bossley
PN13599BURDEKINThomas18 Aug 184443with Bossley
PN13498BURGESSJohn22 Dec 183029
PN03128BURGESSJohn20 May 185535
PN13508BURGISSamuel Thomas26 Dec 18445mWith O'Neill.
PN00648BURKEEdward Philip29 Jan 187032
PN03131BURKEElizabeth11 Dec 182543
PN03132BURKEElizabeth03 Jun 183542
PN13463BURKEElizabethWith Coy, Jobbens, Porter and Nightingale.
PN15823BURKEHarriett21 Feb 184539
PN03134BURKEHulick William07 Sep 186443
PN03136BURKEJane25 Jun 185422
PN15948BURKEJane19 Nov 188473see Spalding.
PN15926BURKEJohannaWith O'Connor.
PN15833BURKEJohn05 Aug 183459With Ryan.
PN03138BURKEJohn23 May 185964
PN15711BURKEKate May30 Apr 18616wWith Canton
PN15947BURKEMargaret Elizabeth09 Jul 185619
PN15710BURKEMary01 Jul 183734With Canton.
PN02910BURKEMary15 May 184236
PN15946BURKEMichael11 Jan 184132
PN15925BURKEPatrick1869With O'Connor.
PN15824BURKEPhilip12 Sep 185350
PN15806BURKEW.M.07 Sep 1864With O'Hear.
PN09265BURLEIGHEmily Ann08 Jan 18636
PN09266BURLEIGHSamuel28 Dec 186558
PN03146BURNMichael29 Mar 182172
PN09411BURNACLEElizabeth22 Sep 184146
PN09412BURNACLEWilliam12 Feb 184649
PN15826BURNETTAlice24 Aug 186213m
PN01167BURNETTThomas25 Sep 187357
PN00304BURNSAnn04 Apr 1868
PN00975BURNSAnn Jane13 May 187240With Sneddon.
PN09368BURNSAnn Matilda04 Jul 1862With Sneddon.
PN15848BURNSBridget08 Jan 1865
PN02014BURNSBridget22 Mar 1882
PN02154BURNSCatherine10 Sep 1884
PN15696BURNSCecelia06 Mar 1864
PN00352BURNSFrancis29 May 18683
PN02239BURNSFrancis12 Jan 1887
PN15771BURNSFrank1847with Blake and Nicholas.
PN15950BURNSHenry30 Nov 1863
PN09340BURNSHugh17 Apr 1847
PN09369BURNSJamesNov 18277m
PN15695BURNSJoseph21 Dec 1859
PN01100BURNSMargaret Clara09 Mar 18737m
PN15849BURNSPatrick08 Jan 1865
PN09372BURNSSusannah26 Jun 185147With Sneddon.
PN15697BURNSTeresa20 Sep 1866
PN09365BURNSWalter24 Aug 185732With Sneddon.
PN09373BURNSWalter04 Aug 1860With Sneddon.
PN09366BURNSWilliam19 Feb 185314mWith Sneddon.
PN09370BURNSWilliam, Jnr.15 Aug 184621With Sneddon.
PN09371BURNSWilliam, Snr18 Dec 1848With Sneddon.
PN09302BURRELLRobert28 Dec 1857
PN03160BURROWESAnn06 Dec 182760
PN15862BURROWESMary30 Mar 183946With Grimstone.
PN15921BURROWSDaniel29 Dec 1863
PN15922BURROWSFrederick23 Nov 1857
PN13619BURTSydney George29 Oct 18546mWith Holmes.
PN00662BURTONMary Elizabeth21 Feb 18703mWith Cree.
PN03163BURTONThomas01 Jan 182769
PN13420BURYEdward Charles02 Sep 184419m
PN13490BUSHBYEmma Amelia13 Apr 18412with Bryan.
PN13491BUSHBYJabez13 Mar 184234with Bryan.
PN11707BUSHBYRebekah12 Feb 184134
PN11708BUSHBYSusannah20 May 184932
PN03169BUSHBYWilliam Hibbs10 Jan 1849infant
PN03170BUTCHARTMargaret15 Nov 186273withBalday
PN13618BUTLERCatherine05 Dec 183822
PN15962BUTLERCatherine10 Aug 1863
PN01854BUTLERCatherine28 Jan 188078With O'Grady.
PN13401BUTLERElizabeth07 Dec 18193m
PN13400BUTLERGeorge03 Nov 18194y6m
PN15864BUTLERGrace Antoinette18 Jan 18582With McGrath and Hanly.
PN15863BUTLERJamesWith McGrath and Hanly.
PN00886BUTLERJames11 Oct 187150
PN15934BUTLERJohn04 Apr 183657
PN13551BUTLERJohn12 Oct 184147
PN15908BUTLERJohn12 Jan 1857With O'Grady.
PN03178BUTLERJoseph25 Jan 183663
PN03179BUTLERJoseph26 Feb 18408m
PN13402BUTLERLaurence07 Dec 182070
PN15861BUTLERMartin J.28 Dec 1864
PN15860BUTLERNora Scully16 Jan 1861
PN15780BUTLERSabina06 Jan 185858
PN15865BUTLERSydney JonesWith McGrath and Hanly.
PN15779BUTLERThomas30 Mar 185445
PN13561BUTTEliza08 Jun 18419y4mwith Elizabeth and Jane.
PN13560BUTTElizabeth24 Dec 183229
PN13562BUTTJane05 Apr 18333y2m13d
PN13502BUTTSSarah10 Jan 184419
PN13503BUTTSSarah Elizabeth Palmer08 Jul 18447m15d
PN13505BUTTSStephen Joseph Palmer05 Nov 18469w
PN13504BUTTSThomas Charles28 Feb 184658
PN13486BUTTSWilliam04 Jul 183843With Ayling
PN13416BUXTONElizabeth10 Feb 183548
PN11753BUZACOTTAaron20 Sep 186464
PN09297BYERSElizabeth A.1833
PN09338BYERSElizabeth M.04 Aug 1870
PN09296BYERSFrederick W.S.17 Nov 1855
PN09336BYERSJames Henry16 Jun 185743
PN09335BYERSJohn MacNie25 Mar 183911m
PN19284BYFIELDMark08 Mar 1830
PN13625BYRNEAaron08 Aug 182121y9m
PN15941BYRNEAaron21 Feb 1838With Hayes.
PN15945BYRNEAaron28 Jun 185431With Hayes.
PN01368BYRNEAlice15 Feb 18754m
PN15854BYRNEAndrew22 Apr 186389with Pulfrey.
PN03202BYRNEAndrewDec 1824
PN15851BYRNEAnn Amelia08 Sep 1837with Pulfrey.
PN15856BYRNEAnna A.1828with Pulfrey.
PN03205BYRNEBrien12 Feb 1830
PN15867BYRNECatherine22 Jan 18631
PN15781BYRNECatherine Maria11 Jun 18413y6m
PN15857BYRNECavan1874with Pulfrey.
PN03208BYRNECavan19 Mar 187450
PN01231BYRNECavan20 Mar 187450
PN00166BYRNEDominic07 Aug 1867
PN15866BYRNEEdward06 Jan 1860
PN03211BYRNEEdward16 Jan 18603
PN15726BYRNEEdward23 Sep 186668With Hollingdale.
PN00970BYRNEEdward Dunstan07 May 187241
PN03214BYRNEElizabeth13 Jan 183027
PN15944BYRNEElizabeth31 Oct 184469With Hayes.
PN15877BYRNEFelix15 Sep 185342
PN15852BYRNEHenry Rupert16 Jan 18403with Pulfrey.
PN15734BYRNEJames04 Feb 183839
PN15827BYRNEJames06 Sep 184447
PN15868BYRNEJames07 Apr 18634
PN15811BYRNEJane Veronica01 Jun 1837infantWith O'Connor and Sturdy.
PN15915BYRNEJohanna10 Aug 1883
PN02110BYRNEJohanna13 Aug 1883
PN15943BYRNEJoseph06 Aug 184323With Hayes.
PN15878BYRNEMargaret Wallace19 Dec 186452
PN00956BYRNEMaria Davis18 Mar 187273with Pulfrey. Nee Best?
PN15914BYRNEMartin11 Nov 1831
PN15757BYRNEMary16 Apr 1863With Leahy and Corry.
PN15782BYRNEMary Ann18 Oct 18515y5m
PN00926BYRNEMary Cavan05 Jan 18724w
PN15942BYRNEMary Elizabeth18 Oct 1842With Hayes.
PN15858BYRNEMary Ellen16 Nov 1861with Pulfrey.
PN03231BYRNEMatthew12 Sep 182774
PN03232BYRNEPatrick21 Mar 182958
PN01332BYRNEPercival William31 Dec 18741
PN15859BYRNEPeter20 Jul 185931
PN03235BYRNERosanna28 Oct 1825
PN15853BYRNETerence James05 May 1844with Pulfrey.
PN15869BYRNETeresa Mort09 Dec 18662
PN15940BYRNEThomas13 Apr 1831With Hayes.
PN03239BYRNETimothy24 Nov 1826
PN03241BYRNEWilliam07 Mar 182421
PN03242BYRNEWilliam27 Jul 18308
PN15756BYRNEWilliam27 Apr 185759With Leahy and Corry.
PN15850BYRNEWilliam Andrew17 Dec 182421with Pulfrey.
PN15776BYRNESAndrew28 Sep 1844
PN15777BYRNESAndrew23 Dec 1862
PN15706BYRNESCatherine05 Feb 1864
PN01015BYRNESDenis09 Jun 187267
PN01195BYRNESJames07 Dec 187371
PN01744BYRNESJames17 Sep 187828
PN01185BYRNESKate24 Nov 18739m
PN00971BYRNESMargaret10 May 187232
PN15730BYRNESMary27 Nov 184940
PN00691BYRNESMary Elizabeth05 May 18704m
PN13810CADDENRobert11 Feb 183931
PN13764CADEThomas06 Feb 182937
PN13692CADMANJohn William19 Nov 184890
PN03250CAENJ17 Nov 1836
PN16266CAFFREYMichael Henry13 Jul 1851
PN16228CAHILLCatherine13 May 185444J and S inscription has death date 13 May 1851. with McCabe
PN15983CAHILLDenis09 Jan 186622
PN16178CAHILLEliza Margaret1845With Skelton.
PN16017CAHILLJames23 Apr 1863with Sallett and Shelley.
PN16227CAHILLJohn03 Jul 1856With McCabe.
PN03253CAHILLJohn20 Jul 185654
PN16177CAHILLMargaret23 Feb 1845With Skelton.
PN00882CAHILLWilliam A.02 Oct 187160With Skelton.
PN03254CAHNACGertrude Evans20 Aug 185718
PN03255CAHNACHenry William20 Aug 185719
PN00629CAINMary12 Dec 186942
PN00519CAINERoger14 Mar 186965
PN16036CAINERose24 Jan 186265
PN03259CAINESGeorge22 Nov 184967
PN13748CAINSIsabella03 May 1836
PN13749CAINS02 Jun 1836
PN01965CALDEREuphemia06 Jul 188156
PN01658CALDERGeorge Francis Albert20 Oct 187728
PN09565CALDERIsabella19 Dec 1855
PN01842CALDERJames20 Nov 187968
PN09478CALDERLillias21 Jul 1848
PN09480CALDERMary Ann Murray16 Feb 1844
PN09479CALDERWilliam24 Jul 1842
PN09477CALDERWilliam06 Jun 1860
PN09566CALDERWilliam Alfred12 Dec 1855
PN01410CALDWELLArthur Lester25 Jun 187527m
PN12484CALDWELLJane26 Nov 1863
PN12486CALDWELLSarah Jane14 Feb 1847
PN12485CALDWELLWilliam T31 Dec 1843
PN16199CALIGHANJohn26 Jan 1842With Armstrong and Beal.
PN16215CALLAGHANDeborah13 Jun 184529
PN01310CALLAGHANFlorence27 Nov 18741
PN16082CALLAGHANHonora23 Aug 1862With Murphy.
PN16030CALLAGHANLucy29 Mar 1864With Pritchard.
PN00353CALLAGHANLucy30 May 186818m
PN09557CALLAGHANLucyMay 1868with Campbell. Register says just 1866.
PN16129CALLAGHANMargaret31 Aug 1844
PN16303CALLAGHANMary09 Oct 185750
PN16302CALLAGHANOrson1864With Murphy.
PN16070CALLAGHANPatrick22 Jun 183853With Braine. see Kelly.
PN16301CALLAGHANValentine1864With Murphy.
PN01082CALLANANChristina08 Jan 18731
PN13761CALLCOTTRichard Ralph16 Aug 183156
PN03266CALLOWJames11 Jul 184535
PN09469CALLOWAYMargaret Jane07 Jan 1857see Galloway
PN13841CALVERThomas23 Nov 184637
PN14124CALVINLucy Jane18494With Nobbs.
PN03267CAMELLJohn Joseph183535
PN09562CAMERONAlexander Snr03 Apr 185978
PN13756CAMERONAnne Slade10 Oct 18348
PN09563CAMERONCatherine Ann30 Jun 187079
PN00719CAMERONCatherine Ann02 Jul 187079
PN09558CAMERONElizabeth11 Oct 1866With McGarvie, McInnes and Malcolm.
PN09517CAMERONIsabella26 Feb 18421y8m
PN09624CAMERONMartha15 Jan 18584y8m
PN01057CAMERONMartha17 Nov 187263
PN01973CAMERONMary Ellen11 Aug 1881
PN09623CAMERONRobert John14 Jan 18587
PN13675CAMPBELLAgnes Sarah13 Dec 18255with Crawford
PN01021CAMPBELLAlexander Lach.27 Jun 18724m
PN00336CAMPBELLAlice Grace20 May 186819m
PN03276CAMPBELLAmelia31 Mar 18278y9m
PN00585CAMPBELLAmelia Ann03 Sep 1869
PN00736CAMPBELLAnn24 Aug 1870
PN01960CAMPBELLAnn23 Jun 1881
PN00713CAMPBELLAugusta16 Jun 1870
PN09556CAMPBELLBathia08 Jun 1856with Campbell.
PN13678CAMPBELLBoyd1849with Crawford
PN09555CAMPBELLCharles10 Jun 1845with Callaghan.
PN00598CAMPBELLChristiana21 Sep 1869
PN09534CAMPBELLDuncan14 Nov 185452
PN09559CAMPBELLEliza11 Jul 184027see Havens
PN16287CAMPBELLFelix16 Jun 1867With Lees.
PN00133CAMPBELLFelix17 Jun 1867
PN01621CAMPBELLFlora Ann21 May 187711m
PN12475CAMPBELLFrances Ann12 Aug 1865
PN09483CAMPBELLGeorge Hope25 Nov 18655m11dwith Cowan.
PN00456CAMPBELLHelen27 Nov 186830
PN16024CAMPBELLJames Joseph14 Oct 1854With Lennon.
PN13677CAMPBELLJames Piper29 Jun 183924with Crawford
PN13699CAMPBELLJohn03 Feb 182140with Mackay
PN09622CAMPBELLJohn17 Feb 182823
PN03281CAMPBELLJohn23 Nov 182956
PN16098CAMPBELLJohn19 Oct 1852
PN16023CAMPBELLJohn17 Mar 1855With Lennon.
PN01277CAMPBELLJohn Archibald13 Aug 187474
PN00879CAMPBELLMary22 Sep 187136
PN16099CAMPBELLMatthew18 Nov 1848
PN03286CAMPBELLPatrick14 Feb 18292
PN13725CAMPBELLRichard27 Aug 183262With Sanders.
PN13674CAMPBELLRobert1850with Crawford
PN03288CAMPBELLRobert05 Oct 185162
PN16285CAMPBELLRobert25 Jan 1855With Lees.
PN09468CAMPBELLRobert19 Dec 1856
PN02123CAMPBELLRobert07 Nov 1883
PN13679CAMPBELLSarah1846with Crawford
PN09461CAMPBELLSarah Ann28 Feb 1877with Jones.
PN01606CAMPBELLSarah Ann01 Mar 1877
PN13822CAMPBELLSeptimus25 Apr 183925With Anderson.
PN09460CAMPBELLThomas04 Jun 1865with Jones.
PN16286CAMPBELLThomas Bernard04 Jan 18551y2mWith Lees.
PN09492CAMPBELLWilliam16 Jul 1852
PN09631CAMPBELLWilliam20 Jun 185323y4m
PN13676CAMPBELLWilliam Morrison23 Sep 183520with Crawford.
PN00799CANEFrederick William25 Feb 187110
PN15997CANFIELDMary Ann29 Feb 184822
PN13840CANKETTCharles20 Feb 18436m11d
PN13839CANKETTMiriam20 Mar 184323
PN01502CANNONAlfred William16 Feb 187611m
PN02076CANNONBridget15 Jan 188365
PN16295CANNONE. Joseph28 Nov 1851
PN16290CANNONE.R.16 Dec 1852
PN01311CANNONEdward28 Nov 187452
PN16289CANNONEllen14 Mar 1864
PN02086CANNONJ.P.19 Mar 1883
PN16292CANNONJ.W.30 Nov 1859
PN16293CANNONJohn P.18 Mar 188371
PN16291CANNONM.J.W.17 Nov 1855
PN16143CANNONMary Ellen06 Dec 1879With Newton and Doolan.
PN16141CANNONRichard Alfred16 Feb 1864With Newton and Doolan.
PN16142CANNONWilliam Alfred15 Feb 187611mWith Newton and Doolan.
PN16016CANTONBridget26 Feb 184667With Burke.
PN13063CANTORHyam30 Aug 18652
PN16108CANTYDaniel21 Mar 185248
PN01934CANTYJohn07 Feb 188180
PN01565CANTYNanno19 Aug 187666
PN13788CAPEArthur Charles08 Dec 18426wwith Jaques
PN13787CAPEEmily03 Feb 184228
PN13786CAPEHenryAug 184736
PN13789CAPEJulius Sidney02 Jan 1849infantwith Jaques
PN13785CAPEWilliam19 Nov 184774
PN03306CAPPERJames22 May 182646
PN16169CARAHERJulia12 Jan 1859With Scanlan.
PN03307CARDOZAIsaac21 Jul 1840
PN16168CAREWJames10 Jun 184646
PN13664CAREWMary Eliza28 Feb 183510m
PN16306CAREYLawrence Edward10 Mar 1864With Brennan.
PN16035CAREYMichael28 Feb 1868
PN16305CAREYPatrick03 Dec 1856With Brennan.
PN11786CAREYWilliam Hopkins25 Sep 185222
PN09467CARGILLEmma29 Dec 186221
PN09550CARGOAnn Jane03 Dec 1864
PN00745CARGOJames24 Sep 187038
PN09548CARGOSarah20 May 1852
PN01088CARGOWilliam28 Jan 187368
PN16124CARMICHAELDavid09 Jul 186033
PN00522CARMICHAELDonald23 Mar 186965
PN09605CARMICHAELEdgar John29 Aug 1865
PN09606CARMICHAELEllen21 Sep 1837
PN16123CARMICHAELEllen16 Feb 1855
PN09561CARMICHAELJames10 Sep 1837infant
PN02054CARMICHAELJane13 Sep 1882
PN03315CARMICHAELJanet Maria20 Apr 18446y8m
PN16172CARMICHAELJohn27 Oct 1857
PN09608CARMICHAELJohn04 Oct 1858
PN09488CARMICHAELJohn Black27 Jul 185744y9m
PN09575CARMICHAELJohn Hugh24 Sep 185479
PN16173CARMICHAELMargaret06 Jun 185129nee Clune
PN03319CARMICHAELMary Ann02 Mar 1863
PN01412CARMICHAELMary Ann30 Jun 187520
PN09604CARMICHAELMary Hannah11 Jun 1866
PN03321CARMICHAELPatrick23 Nov 1862
PN09607CARMICHAELWilliam29 May 1841
PN01219CARNALLWilliam25 Jan 187471
PN03323CARNEYCatherine20 Jan 1838
PN15969CARNEYCatherine16 Nov 1857
PN03325CARNEYMargaret03 Nov 185532
PN13690CARNSJames16 Jan 182325
PN00904CAROLANJames18 Nov 187120m
PN16262CARRAlfred Michael20 Mar 1845
PN16261CARREliza Jane15 Jun 1842
PN03327CARRGeorge04 Aug 184052
PN09536CARRGeorge12 Aug 1840With Hall and Francis
PN16265CARRJane17 Nov 185067
PN09592CARRJoseph19 Dec 1838infant
PN16263CARRMary Ann24 Jan 1850
PN03331CARRThomas20 Nov 183837
PN09593CARRThomas19 Dec 1839infant
PN16185CARRWilliam14 Jun 1846
PN16081CARRALLHugh14 Oct 185565
PN13793CARRELLJane14 Sep 184119
PN03334CARRICKElizabeth07 Sep 183519
PN03333CARRICKElizabeth10 Apr 185057with Richards
PN13703CARRICKElizabethwith Reynolds.
PN13772CARRICKFrederick Adolphus05 Nov 183419With Brook.
PN13773CARRICKFrederick Brooke18 Feb 184447With Brook.
PN13774CARRICKJames Thomas Fred07 Jul 184713
PN13771CARRICKThomas John05 Mar 1828With Brook.
PN13700CARRODMaria Ann20 Aug 184042with Cork.
PN13701CARRODWilliam10 Aug 184644with Cork.
PN03339CARROLJane11 Sep 184119
PN03340CARROLLaurence20 Feb 182848
PN16243CARROLLAnne08 Apr 184858With Biggs.
PN16244CARROLLCatherine02 Mar 1841With Biggs.
PN15967CARROLLCatherine17 Sep 1867
PN16246CARROLLDenis06 Dec 185265With Biggs.
PN16245CARROLLEleanor16 Dec 183913With Biggs.
PN16051CARROLLEliza21 Jan 184258
PN03346CARROLLJames Biggs09 Dec 187450
PN03347CARROLLJohn09 Jan 182670
PN02153CARROLLJohn11 Aug 1884With McCaffrey and O'Byrne and Clare and Corrigan.
PN16210CARROLLLawrence20 Feb 1828
PN03348CARROLLMary14 Aug 1831
PN03349CARRUTHERSWilliam16 May 183121
PN11775CARSONLamont14 Jan 185633
PN09627CARSS2 infant children
PN09626CARSSHelen Turnbull26 Jun 185347
PN00039CARTERAnna12 Mar 186738
PN00966CARTERAugustus02 May 1872
PN01134CARTERAugustus Denis03 Jul 1873
PN16063CARTERFrances Mary08 Mar 1838
PN13820CARTERJames Frederick19 Jun 18483
PN12502CARTERMary26 Mar 185543
PN13818CARTERMary Ann13 Jun 18489y2m
PN12503CARTERPeter Thomas01 Nov 186324
PN13741CARTERRichard02 Feb 183457
PN13821CARTERSarah21 Sep 18434y2m
PN01550CARTERSarah28 Jun 187647
PN13817CARTERSarah Jane11 Jun 184812m
PN12501CARTERThomas Atkinson05 Nov 185252
PN13791CARTERThomas Campbell11 Mar 184424
PN16062CARTERWilliam R09 Mar 185257
PN13819CARTERWilliam Thomas17 Jun 18485
PN01137CARTONEllen09 Jul 187310m
PN01457CARTONEllen Maria19 Oct 18756w
PN16279CARTYAnnie01 Oct 1853With McBurnie.
PN13826CARTYJohn18 May 184642
PN16280CARTYJohn20 Feb 1858With McBurnie.
PN16278CARTYPatrick28 Mar 1850With McBurnie.
PN12510CARVOSSOBaker Banks07 Jul 186639
PN16229CAR?EYMargaret03 Nov 1855
PN16309CASELSCavan23 Jan 1832
PN13717CASEMENTJohn Joseph09 May 182534
PN15999CASEYAlice23 Oct 185524
PN16880CASEYEllen03 Nov 1847
PN16012CASEYHonoraWith Smith and Lacey.
PN15998CASEYJames10 May 185475
PN01286CASEYJohanna06 Sep 187484
PN16103CASEYJulia12 Nov 1848
PN16102CASEYMargaret15 Jan 1847
PN16106CASEYMaria15 Apr 185935
PN16011CASEYPatrick01 Jan 1859With Smith and Lacey.
PN16001CASEYPeter10 Oct 186551With Smith
PN16104CASEYSarah Ann06 Mar 1863
PN16879CASEYWilliam03 Nov 1847
PN16000CASEYWinifred30 Oct 18556m
PN00610CASHMANMaryanne24 Oct 186923with Norton
PN16187CASHMOREElizabeth04 Jan 182754
PN03379CASPEREsther14 Sep 184842
PN01157CASSIDYCornelius29 Aug 187355
PN09614CASSONJean02 Feb 1856With Ireland.
PN15978CASTAINGGabriel03 Mar 184128
PN13651CASTLEHarriet Augusta14 Dec 18351y3m
PN16101CASTLEMary22 Oct 186261With Gibbons. Nee Madden?
PN16100CASTLEWilliam08 Dec 186167With Gibbons.
PN03385CATERALRobert09 Aug 183737
PN03386CATINGJames27 Mar 182625
PN16015CAULFIELDJohn13 Aug 1863With Fitzpatrick.
PN13792CAULFIELDJohn Edward06 Mar 183412m
PN16085CAVANAGHBernard O'Neil05 Aug 1860With O'Neill.
PN16027CAVANAGHCatherine28 Apr 1840
PN16028CAVANAGHCatherine25 Mar 1858
PN01264CAVANAGHJames13 Jul 187474
PN13727CAVENAGHNathaniel25 Jan 182858
PN13812CAVEYBarbara11 Mar 1842With Fotheringham.
PN13829CERRETTWallacesee Gerrett.
PN09523CESARH.With Lockhart.
PN09522CESARJ.With Lockhart.
PN09521CESARJanet L11 Nov 184310mWith Lockhart.
PN09520CESARJulius L09 Nov 184110mWith Lockhart.
PN09519CESARMary Wilson17 Jun 185336With Lockhart.
PN03391CHADWICKSamuel20 Jun 182434
PN03392CHALLINORBarbara26 May 184756
PN16224CHALLINORHarriet30 Nov 1858
PN16223CHALLINORHenry17 Jan 1877
PN01599CHALLINORHenry18 Jan 187748
PN16184CHAMBERLAINElizabeth02 Mar 183656
PN13672CHAMBERSCharles Henry04 Apr 184111
PN03396CHAMBERSDavid24 Apr 184874
PN13670CHAMBERSHenry John14 Apr 18331y10m
PN09170CHAMBERSHugh Alexander18537With Laurence.
PN16197CHAMBERSJohn09 Jan 186044
PN13669CHAMBERSLucy Ann10 Nov 18324y9m
PN13671CHAMBERSPamela19 May 18331d
PN03401CHAMBERSWilliam08 Oct 183147
PN00783CHAMPIONWilliam04 Jan 187140
PN09529CHANDLERHenrietta Sarah08 Dec 18389w
PN09528CHANDLERJames31 Mar 183942
PN03404CHANDLERMary29 Dec 181946
PN13768CHANDLERThomas13 Mar 184856
PN03406CHAPMANAnn27 Mar 182354
PN13805CHAPMANC JIndex says J.H and C.J. Chapman.
PN13765CHAPMANCatharine26 Jan 182929
PN00343CHAPMANCharles26 May 186867with Wilson.
PN11787CHAPMANCharlotte03 Oct 1862with Wilson.
PN02036CHAPMANElizabeth09 Jun 1882with Brown.
PN13661CHAPMANGeorge James1842infantwith Chenhalls and Noble.
PN16009CHAPMANGeorge Rodman04 Oct 186542
PN13804CHAPMANJ HIndex says J.H and C.J. Chapman.
PN00244CHAPMANJames Newment25 Dec 1867with Wilson.
PN09553CHAPMANMargaret02 Dec 1854
PN13752CHAPMANSamuel10 Nov 183138
PN13744CHAPMANWilliam15 Jun 181045with Chenhalls and Noble.
PN09554CHAPMANWilliam25 Sep 1865
PN11771CHAPPELLWilliam Henry03 Jan 1869
PN09564CHARLESThomas12 Aug 185835
PN09457CHARLESWORTHSarah Elizath.15 Jan 1866
PN11805CHARLTONFlorence23 Jun 1860
PN11804CHARLTONMary25 Apr 1865
PN16007CHATHAMMary18 Oct 1865
PN13710CHEERSAnn02 Mar 182332With Neal.
PN03415CHEERSElizabeth Ann14 Sep 183127
PN03416CHEERSRichard20 Mar 182777
PN13662CHENHALLSEdward07 Apr 182362with Chapman and Noble.
PN13663CHENHALLSMary21 Jun 182358with Chapman and Noble.
PN13704CHERINGTONElizabeth07 Dec 184449
PN16139CHERRYDenis23 Aug 1849With Malone.
PN00414CHERRYMartin Lewis21 Sep 18684m
PN13743CHERRYThomas30 Nov 183940No remains.
PN09464CHINYung Ching02 Aug 186528
PN03422CHINGJ17 Nov 1836
PN03423CHIPPJane18 Feb 183670
PN01994CHIPPENDALEEllen29 Oct 1881
PN09597CHIPPENDALEHelen28 Oct 1881With Andrews and Sandon.
PN11784CHISHOLMAnn1839With Macpherson.
PN11782CHISHOLMAnn Butler12 Apr 1850With Macpherson.
PN11785CHISHOLMCharlotte1848With Macpherson.
PN01136CHISHOLMGeorge07 Jul 187367With Macpherson.
PN11781CHISLETTJohn31 Jul 1851
PN03424CHITENDENElizabeth27 Apr 183437
PN13713CHITHAMJoseph28 Jan 182955with Doolan.
PN13777CHITTENDENElizabeth27 Apr 1834
PN03426CHITTYRobert16 Mar 184137
PN13811CHOWNEElizabeth Jane07 Jun 184852
PN01265CHRISTIEAnnie15 Jul 187473
PN09514CHRISTIEGeorge16 Mar 1857
PN09516CHRISTIEMargaret Helen26 Jul 1860
PN09513CHRISTIERobert12 Feb 1856
PN09515CHRISTIESarah27 Apr 1856
PN09512CHRISTIEWilliam01 Dec 1841
PN09594CHRISTYJohn William09 Aug 1864
PN01432CHRISTYSarah02 Sep 187538
PN13732CHURCHBarbara Ann10 Jun 186271With George
PN13730CHURCHEliza George16 Aug 183716With George
PN13731CHURCHJohn Forster09 Aug 184454With George
PN13763CLAMPWilliam18 Mar 183837
PN16323CLANCYCharles01 Jul 185615
PN01171CLANCYMargaret29 Sep 187355
PN16322CLANCYThomas01 Jul 186617
PN03433CLANEF17 Nov 1836
PN00687CLAPINCharles Edward02 May 18708w
PN16079CLAPINEllen Sophia03 Sep 18634m10d
PN11792CLARANCEMargaret Elizabeth13 Nov 1866With Menefy.
PN11791CLARANCEMaria Constance06 Apr 1856With Menefy.
PN11790CLARANCEThomas Josaline31 Mar 1857With Menefy.
PN16115CLAREBenjamin15 Aug 183511m
PN01767CLAREJane20 Nov 187883With McCaffrey and O'Byrne and Corrigan and Carroll.
PN16310CLAREKyran04 Dec 1860With McCaffrey and O'Byrne and Corrigan and Carroll.
PN16117CLAREMary Ann25 Jun 184110
PN16114CLAREMary Theresa24 Feb 183928
PN16116CLAREWilliam24 Apr 183728
PN13778CLARKAnn26 Apr 184759
PN09527CLARKAnna Maria03 Sep 185316m
PN03442CLARKArthur06 Sep 184759
PN09616CLARKCatherine15 Feb 1858
PN13647CLARKCharles Edwardwith Bunker, Campbell, Fisk, Laycock and Still
PN12483CLARKClara J.1880
PN13816CLARKElizabeth16 Oct 183629
PN12482CLARKElizabeth J187558
PN00948CLARKEllen28 Feb 187260
PN13646CLARKErnest Robert1854with Bunker, Campbell, Fisk, Laycock and Still.
PN09535CLARKFrederick James12 Nov 1842With Rippingale.
PN11776CLARKGeorge Alfred15 Nov 185411m
PN09618CLARKMarion Marshall04 May 1852
PN13802CLARKMartha02 Aug 1837
PN12477CLARKMary A1852
PN09498CLARKMary A02 Apr 187624
PN19207CLARKMatthew17 Feb 18232y7m
PN09617CLARKRichard Allan06 Dec 1850
PN00536CLARKSarah Thompson08 May 18697m
PN09615CLARKThomas17 Sep 1850
PN09526CLARKWilliam31 Aug 185236
PN00127CLARKWilliam Douglas Chambers10 Jun 186715m
PN03450CLARKEAbby25 May 185835
PN11777CLARKEAnn10 Jan 185938
PN09508CLARKEArthur06 Sep 1847
PN19282CLARKECharles11 Jan 1838
PN09474CLARKEDaniel27 Jul 1856With Nicholson.
PN09491CLARKEHenry01 Nov 1858
PN03453CLARKEHenry19 Oct 18615
PN09490CLARKEHenry Joseph17 Sep 1854
PN09571CLARKEJames1863With Wallace and Coutts.
PN09591CLARKEJessey Stewart18 Nov 1854With Watkinson and Drysdale
PN13808CLARKEJohn21 Dec 183528With Norris? with Anstey.
PN09475CLARKEMary30 May 1860With Nicholson.
PN03456CLARKEWilliam22 May 1831
PN03457CLARKEWilliam22 May 184770
PN09489CLARKEWilliam30 Apr 1849
PN11778CLARKEWilliam13 Jan 185911d
PN02043CLARKEWilliam Barnet08 Jul 1882
PN16230CLARKSAbbey25 Apr 1830
PN13720CLARKSONAnn02 Aug 1838
PN13719CLARKSONCatherine17 Nov 183957
PN16326CLARKSONJoseph Thomas17 Jul 184819m
PN13694CLARKSONMary A11 Sep 18294m23d
PN13718CLARKSONThomas20 Mar 182467
PN16325CLARKSONWilliam01 Jan 184615m
PN16186CLASSONFrances08 Feb 1845With Rhodes.
PN16052CLAYTONCatherine19 Apr 1839
PN13706CLAYTONEmma23 Nov 182340with Dick
PN03465CLAYTONJane13 Dec 183042
PN13825CLAYTONJesse22 Aug 184034
PN13714CLAYTONJoseph31 Mar 183646With Brennan and Black.
PN13738CLAYTONJoseph Thomas05 Mar 184715mWith Bates and O'Keefe.
PN13739CLAYTONMartha21 Jun 184926With Bates and O'Keefe
PN16054CLAYTONMary Catherine07 Nov 1855
PN16053CLAYTONRobert30 May 1852
PN16055CLAYTONThomas06 Mar 1855
PN16075CLEARYAnne Eliza10 Mar 18502
PN02161CLEARYAuestalia29 Oct 1884
PN16056CLEARYJames07 Apr 186667
PN03472CLEARYMargaret30 Sep 18506
PN03473CLEEVECharles Marwood03 Mar 18388m
PN13658CLEEVEElizabeth07 Nov 184367
PN03475CLEEVEHenrietta Spiers07 Oct 1846infant
PN03476CLEEVEJulia Maguire04 Jun 18503m
PN03477CLEEVEMary Ann Agness28 Oct 18428m
PN03478CLEEVEMary Jane Sanders01 Oct 18507
PN00381CLEEVEPercy M.30 Jul 186816m
PN03479CLEEVEWilliam Thomas07 Nov 18397m21d
PN12494CLEGGJames05 Mar 186477
PN12492CLEGGJoseph13 Oct 186022
PN12493CLEGGRebecca02 Jun 184416
PN03483CLELANDMargaret23 Jan 1872
PN00937CLELANDMargaret24 Jan 1872
PN09601CLELLANDElizabeth31 Dec 1855With Malcolm and Elmsley.
PN09600CLELLANDJames1855With Malcolm and Elmsley.
PN09599CLELLANDJean18 Aug 1872With Malcolm and Elmsley.
PN09602CLELLANDJohn06 Apr 1867With Malcolm and Elmsley.
PN09603CLELLANDMargaret24 Jan 1872With Malcolm and Elmsley.
PN03484CLENDONMary22 Sep 184814with Hill
PN09531CLERKEEliza03 Oct 1847With Frazer.
PN16057CLEVECharles Marwood03 Mar 1838With Maguire.
PN16060CLEVEHenrietta Speers07 Oct 1846With Maguire.
PN16061CLEVEJulia Maguire24 Jun 1850With Maguire.
PN16059CLEVEMary Agnes Ann28 Oct 1842With Maguire.
PN16058CLEVEWilliam Thomas07 Nov 1839With Maguire.
PN13693CLEWETGeorge14 Apr 1837
PN13696CLIFFEEdmund H18 Nov 183740With Forbes, Hollis and Garratt
PN13695CLIFFEJane10 Sep 183232With Forbes, Hollis and Garratt.
PN13697CLIFFEJane Ann01 May 182414mWith Forbes, Hollis and Garratt.
PN16068CLIFTONDavid01 Feb 186446
PN16069CLIFTONElizabeth23 Apr 186447
PN16018CLINTONCatherine03 Aug 186350With Fitzgerald.
PN00400CLINTONEleanor24 Aug 18682With Fitzgerald.
PN01398CLINTONEllen17 May 18754With Fitzgerald.
PN00027CLINTONJohn Thomas26 Feb 18672y6mWith Fitzgerald.
PN16019CLINTONMargaret Ann23 Apr 1864With Fitzgerald.
PN01990CLINTONMary21 Oct 1881
PN09613CLINTONMary Ann17 Nov 1856With Anley and Robertson.
PN03493CLINTONMary Ann25 Oct 1881
PN03494CLISSOLDAnn MJul 18446m
PN13759CLISSOLDSarah20 Aug 184735
PN13758CLISSOLDThomas John02 Jan 1845
PN02143CLONEWilliam14 May 1884
PN00822CLOSECatherine05 May 187114
PN02031CLOSEOwen19 May 1882
PN01784CLOTWORTHYGeorge01 Jan 18791
PN03498CLOUDEREdward24 Jan 183137
PN03499CLOUGHCaroline17 Nov 18389w
PN13712CLUERWilliamDec 182455
PN00837CLUNEHonora07 Jul 18711y9m
PN15988CLUNEHonorah12 Mar 1862
PN15989CLUNEHonorah07 Jul 1869
PN02095CLUNEJohn22 Apr 1883
PN01781CLUNEJohn Joseph Austin30 Dec 187818
PN01875CLUNEMargaret21 May 188052
PN15992CLUNEMatthew14 May 1884
PN00699CLUNEMichael17 May 187027
PN15975CLUNERichard27 Apr 1854
PN03502COARPriscilla Harriet Eliza16 Sep 18489
PN13682COATESElizabeth18 Nov 183847
PN00927COATESJames Shirdson06 Jan 187230
PN03505COATESSarah18 Feb 18463y2m
PN03506COATESSarah04 Dec 18462m
PN12507COATESThomas Richardson21 Oct 185549
PN03508COATESWilliam19 Apr 184962
PN12508COATESWilliam Hebblewhite19 Apr 18535y7m
PN03511COBBJames24 Dec 183035
PN13830COBBLaw Blaxland16 Feb 183922
PN00486COBURNAnn18 Jan 18691y5m
PN01083COBURNJohn Thomas13 Jan 18731
PN09551COCHRANHelen14 Apr 1852With Mountcastle.
PN00469COCHRANRobert21 Dec 18683m
PN00190COCHRANEAgnes30 Sep 18675m
PN16183COCHRANEJohnApr 1849
PN00363COCHRANERobert20 Jun 1868
PN11774COCKSThomas Henry27 Jan 1855
PN03513CODYJohn03 Jun 1850
PN16226COFFEYCatherine24 Dec 186515m3w
PN03515COFFEYDaniel09 Sep 18601
PN01234COFFEYEliza28 Mar 18741w
PN01618COFFEYMargaret12 May 18771d
PN16083COFFEYPeter27 Jan 1858
PN03516COFFINMary Esther13 Jan 18482
PN12505COFFINMary Esther15 Jan 1848
PN00087COGHILLAda01 May 186719m
PN16180COGHLANAnne Ellen21 Feb 1860With Kendall.
PN16145COGHLANChristina19 Dec 1858infant
PN16121COGHLANMargaret05 May 1853With Riordan and Coughlane and Murphy.
PN16181COGHLANRichard11 Dec 1883With Kendall.
PN02131COGHLANRichard13 Dec 1883
PN16144COGHLANTimothy Denis10 Jun 185572
PN13065COHENAdolphus John02 Apr 186515m
PN03518COHENBarnett16 Nov 186179
PN09584COHENCharles Henry01 Jun 18616w
PN09582COHENCharlotte Julia13 Dec 1853only days old
PN03521COHENDan Akeba05 May 1859
PN13070COHENEdith Esther24 Feb 185811w
PN13067COHENEdward Daniel05 Oct 184745
PN13069COHENEleazer Keeba05 May 18493
PN13835COHENElizabeth26 Feb 184541with Solomon and Thornton
PN13062COHENElizabeth13 Feb 186674
PN03527COHENEsther Hester Sophia15 Aug 184822m
PN09580COHENFrances Sarah02 Aug 1856
PN09581COHENFrancis14 Mar 18503y10m
PN13058COHENHenry14 May 185514M
PN03531COHENHenry18 Sep 18632
PN09560COHENHenry Pendray05 Feb 18385w
PN13071COHENHesther12 Sep ????
PN03533COHENJacob06 Jun 184666
PN13057COHENJoel John11 Jun 185355
PN03536COHENLouis31 Mar 185721m
PN03537COHENMarcus18 Nov 18482d
PN16182COHENMary Ann05 Nov 1844
PN13066COHENMichael27 Jan 186558
PN13068COHENNathan24 Dec 185214msame plot number as Asher.
PN13064COHENPhillip Joseph13 Nov 186461
PN13072COHENPhoebe Jessie12 Sep 18471y2m
PN03543COHENSamuel04 Nov 186149
PN13061COHENSarah23 Nov 1838
PN03545COHENSarah28 Nov 185651
PN09583COHENSimeon17 Jul 1855
PN09579COHENSimeon Jacob19 Feb 185412m13d
PN16296COLEJohn Henry04 Aug 18514y3m
PN12488COLEMaria02 Mar 1861With Blanch.
PN03549COLEMaria Jane02 Mar 185429with Blanch
PN00405COLEMary Anne28 Aug 186814
PN03550COLERichard02 Dec 182870
PN13809COLESarah21 Nov 184865with Horton
PN13824COLESophia J.with Wood
PN03553COLEWilliam18 Aug 185653
PN02002COLEWilliam Reginald07 Jan 188233with Blanch.
PN03554COLEBROOKEllen18 Dec 182018m
PN16274COLEMANJohannah White30 Jan 184932
PN09532COLEMANMargaret Douglas14 Jun 185427with Douglas.
PN16086COLESTONCatherine11 Nov 186147
PN13733COLLICOTTThomas10 Jan 1834With Allen and Miller, Mansfield and Macafee.
PN09484COLLIERJane18 Sep 1861
PN02087COLLIERMary22 Mar 1883
PN09485COLLIERThomas09 Nov 1863
PN12513COLLINSAgnes29 Mar 1855
PN16091COLLINSAlice30 Jan 1855
PN01341COLLINSAlice05 Jan 18752
PN16152COLLINSBridget17 Aug 1861With O'Brien and Jones.
PN16158COLLINSCatherine1885With O'Brien and Jones.
PN16154COLLINSCatherine24 Apr 1849With O'Brien and Jones.
PN02231COLLINSCatherine Alice Maude28 Oct 1886
PN12512COLLINSCharlotte12 Apr 1858
PN12514COLLINSCrawford Barkley11 Oct 1859
PN16032COLLINSDavid13 May 186521
PN16155COLLINSEllen05 Nov 1862With O'Brien and Jones.
PN02145COLLINSEllen16 Jun 1884With O'Brien and Jones.
PN13790COLLINSGeorge29 Dec 184044
PN13831COLLINSGeorge Frederick30 May 184714mWith Hanslow.
PN16092COLLINSHenry31 Jan 1861
PN16321COLLINSJames06 Apr 1860
PN16031COLLINSJames07 Jan 1863
PN16151COLLINSJohn23 Aug 1855With O'Brien and Jones.
PN16094COLLINSLouisa Margaret20 Apr 1849
PN16275COLLINSMary13 Jan 1850
PN16156COLLINSMary29 May 1863With O'Brien and Jones.
PN00318COLLINSMary21 Apr 186841
PN13760COLLINSMary Ann20 Nov 184765
PN16153COLLINSMichael02 Oct 1853With O'Brien and Jones.
PN00455COLLINSRobert23 Nov 1868
PN16320COLLINSThomas27 Jan 1845
PN16093COLLINSThomas10 Jun 1854
PN11773COLLINSThomas18 Apr 1861With Mary Jane Lusty.
PN01820COLLINSThomas07 Jul 187968
PN16157COLLINSThomasJul 1879With O'Brien and Jones.
PN03565COLLINSWilliam Henry24 Dec 1831infant
PN13074COLLISSJoseph AbrahamMar 18425w
PN16128COLOPYJohn12 Feb 184628
PN09576COLQUHOUNMalcolm Gilmore22 Oct 186161
PN13941COMEREdward James Edrop11 Dec 184114d
PN16089COMMAFORDJohn12 Dec 186140
PN15974COMMINSMary25 Jan 185360
PN16298CONDONBridget11 Apr 1854
PN15993CONDRENBridget25 Sep 1852infant
PN16272CONDRENRichard09 Feb 1862
PN02025CONDRONRose29 Apr 1882
PN16271CONLONMaria25 Oct 183625
PN16270CONLONMary Ann07 Jul 183325d
PN01867CONNFrances Hilda07 Apr 18801With Marshall, McNeil and Rowe and Thompson.
PN16331CONNELLBridget26 Oct 1873
PN01099CONNELLElizabeth Ann08 Mar 187365With Buchanan, d'Hotman and Allan.
PN01884CONNELLHenry22 Jun 188076With Buchanan, d'Hotman and Allan.
PN16198CONNELLJames30 Jan 1855
PN02262CONNELLJames26 Oct 1887
PN16073CONNELLJameswith Donohue.
PN16033CONNELLJohn23 Nov 184121
PN03576CONNELLJohn12 Feb 184628
PN16136CONNELLJohn12 Jul 1859With Norton and Cashman. surname could be O'Connell
PN16137CONNELLMargaret08 Jan 1849With Norton and Cashman. surname could be O'Connell
PN03578CONNELLMichael17 Jun 184453
PN16072CONNELLPatrick12m13dwith Donohue.
PN16071CONNELLRobert06 Feb 184832with Donohue.
PN13734CONNELLWilliam30 Nov 18344mWith Buchanan, d'Hotman and Allan.
PN16074CONNELLWilliamwith Donohue.
PN02227CONNELLYBartholomew13 Aug 188669
PN13782CONNELLYHenry26 Oct 184121
PN16299CONNELLYMichael24 May 185929
PN16140CONNELLYWinifred15 Mar 1856same plot as McLoughlin.
PN01605CONNERANCatherine23 Feb 187724
PN16236CONNERANMargaret05 Aug 1862
PN16284CONNINGHAMJohnwith O'Brien.
PN01674CONNOLLYAlbert09 Feb 18785w
PN02205CONNOLLYFlorence10 Nov 188518
PN15979CONNOLLYThomas12 Oct 1851
PN00871CONNOLLYWilliam04 Sep 18713h
PN12500CONNORCaroline26 Nov 1855
PN03583CONNORFanny21 Mar 185055
PN16176CONNORFanny24 Mar 1850
PN03584CONNORJohn24 Oct 183130
PN16043CONNORJohn21 Jun 18487y3m
PN00159CONNORJohn26 Jul 1867
PN11802CONNORSamuel Townley21 Apr 186328
PN16132CONNORThomasApr 1834
PN01857CONSTABLEAnn12 Feb 188077
PN09471CONSTABLEAnn Munro07 Jan 1857With Riddell.
PN01321CONSTABLEAnn Ritchie17 Dec 187410m10dWith Gray.
PN09473CONSTABLEAnn Ritchie11 Feb 188077With Riddell.
PN09472CONSTABLEBarbara29 Sep 1875With Riddell.
PN09470CONSTABLEJohn02 Sep 185755With Riddell.
PN16203CONWAYAndrew25 Mar 1860
PN16200CONWAYElleanor07 Jul 1844
PN16201CONWAYElleanor07 Mar 1846
PN16214CONWAYJames12 Jan 1859
PN01433CONWAYJane02 Sep 187562
PN16113CONWAYPatrick Robert07 Nov 1843With Lincoln, Smith and Moore and Evans.
PN16202CONWAYRobert08 Apr 1854
PN16258CONYNGHAMEdwardwith Marshall.
PN16259CONYNGHAMEmily23 Mar 1854
PN16255CONYNGHAMHonoraMay 1831With Kelly.
PN16256CONYNGHAMMary08 Jul 1838with Marshall.
PN16257CONYNGHAMMary02 Jul ????with Marshall.
PN00854CONYNGHAMPatrick09 Aug 187176
PN00910COOGANAlbert27 Nov 18711
PN16308COOGANJames23 Sep 185367
PN00544COOGANMary21 May 186986
PN16307COOGANMichael11 Jul 183264
PN13833COOKAlice24 May 184218with Cutler.
PN13838COOKAmelia10 Jun 184117With Jones.
PN00733COOKBridget10 Aug 187060
PN13755COOKEdmund16 Dec 184532
PN16162COOKElizabethsee Settler.
PN11797COOKElizabeth25 Aug 1862
PN01017COOKFrank Arthur12 Jun 18723
PN11798COOKFrederick John13 Apr 1862
PN09637COOKJames Atkins16 Jun 184451
PN09518COOKJames Brown1864With Elphinston and Tosh.
PN03599COOKJohn31 Mar 182924
PN03600COOKJohn19 Jun 182938
PN03598COOKJohn10 Jan 183124
PN03597COOKJohn14 Jan 183135
PN03601COOKMarthaApr 183613
PN16160COOKRichardsee Settler.
PN13691COOKRobert25 Dec 182180With Newman and Place and Kinsela and Siverson
PN11799COOKSamuel Groocock10 Apr 1862
PN00718COOKSarah Jane02 Jul 187013d
PN16161COOKThomassee Settler.
PN09497COOKEElizabeth Ashdown02 Oct 1883
PN01590COOKEEllen Elizabeth04 Dec 18768
PN15977COOKEErnest09 Apr 18587w
PN09496COOKEGeorge15 May 1856
PN12515COOKEHarriett A.1854see Cook
PN03604COOKERobert16 Jan 182728
PN02034COOKEThomas29 May 1882
PN13800COOMBEAgnes02 Sep 182744
PN13801COOMBEJohn11 May 182948
PN13799COOMBEThomas14 Jan 18266
PN02209COONEYCharles28 Dec 1885
PN16282COONEYRosanna25 Oct 1854
PN13684COOPERElizabeth06 Jul 182135With Newman
PN13803COOPERElizabeth11 Jan 182563
PN13729COOPEREllenWith Thompson. Together with 2 infants
PN13724COOPERHannah08 Jun 183662
PN12499COOPERHenry22 Nov 1850
PN13685COOPERHerberta Charlotte19 Feb 18348mWith Newman
PN09494COOPERJane05 Aug 185842
PN13716COOPERJane02 Jun 186047With Gandell and Sewell.
PN13686COOPERJohn16 Jan 182326dWith Newman
PN13728COOPERJoseph27 Oct 185971With Thompson.
PN13652COOPERMargaret01 Dec 1833
PN03617COOPERMargaret25 Dec 183546
PN12511COOPERMargaret18 Jun 185563With Tate.
PN16269COOPERMary17 Jun 184253With Smidmore
PN13687COOPERRobert23 May 185780yWith Newman
PN13688COOPERSarah06 Nov 186360With Newman
PN16268COOPERThomas10 Sep 183569With Smidmore
PN03621COOPERThomas31 Aug 185943
PN03622COOPERThomas Henry06 Jan 184116
PN13668COOPERWilliam17 Jan 18342m3d
PN01664COOTEFlorence Louisa19 Nov 18774m
PN13823COPERobert Camden27 Sep 183840
PN13813COPELANDJoseph29 May ????39
PN16170COQUELINEllenwith Hickey.
PN13815COQUELINJoseph10 Nov 18426m
PN13814COQUELINMary Ann20 Oct 184227
PN16130COQUELINMary Josephine17 May 184817d
PN09503CORBANSarah15 Jun 184729
PN03630CORBENJohn25 Apr 1881
PN01462CORCORANJames08 Nov 1875
PN13702CORKEleanor16 Oct 184626with Carrod
PN13843CORKMary Amelia1884
PN16146CORKERYWilliam28 Apr 1855
PN13737CORMICKGeorge21 Sep 1828
PN03632CORNEYBridget04 Oct 1840
PN09476CORNFOOTWilliam20 Aug 1854
PN03634CORNICKGeorge21 Sep 182827
PN16165CORRIGANBernard16 Jan 186454
PN13711CORRIGANElizabeth25 Dec 1831With Noble and Hobden.
PN16312CORRIGANJohn1858With McCaffrey and O'Byrne and Clare and Carroll.
PN16164CORRIGANJuliana08 Nov 1846
PN16166CORRIGANMary Ann1859
PN16084CORRYCatherine04 Mar 1864With Byrne and Leahy.
PN16167CORRYHarriet09 Apr 1851
PN13751CORSONSarah08 Nov 183036
PN13767CORYJohn Johnson26 Jun 183939
PN16119COSGROVEAnn21 May 186350With John Henrick.
PN16253COSGROVEJamesWith Freehill.
PN16120COSGROVEMargaretWith Henrick.
PN16254COSGROVEPatrick13 Jul 1861With Freehill.
PN16252COSGROVETerence26 Jun 1858With Freehill.
PN16222COSSAndrew27 May 184967With Felton, Johnson and Doyle and Sims.
PN16218COSSCharlotte20 Mar 182940With Felton, Johnson and Doyle and Sims.
PN16220COSSJane23 Apr 184417dWith Felton, Johnson and Doyle and Sims.
PN16219COSSMary Ann24 Apr 184424With Felton, Johnson and Doyle and Sims.
PN03643COSSSarah05 Oct 183329
PN16221COSSSarah14 Nov 1833With Felton, Johnson and Doyle and Sims.
PN03644COSSARDavid29 May 183130
PN16112COSTELLOJohn22 Oct 1865
PN16048COSTELLOSarah28 Feb 184222
PN01421COSTIGANMary02 Aug 187580
PN13780COTCHETTFrances Herbert06 Dec 1839
PN13781COTCHETTGeorge Hugh04 Dec 1845
PN16171COTTERAnastatia12 Mar 183950With Horgan.
PN03648COTTERThomas25 Sep 183139
PN03649COTTERELLRobert10 Aug 182737
PN09628COTTINGHAMAnn30 May 185447
PN09630COTTINGHAMJohn Cooper27 Apr 185352
PN09629COTTINGHAMThomas23 Oct 184114m
PN13828COTTONBrighton18 Aug 183947
PN16010COTTONMary24 Aug 1866With Thiele.
PN12473COTTONSarah24 May 185463With Lees.
PN13827COTTONWilliam12 May 183619m15d
PN16300COTTRELLFrancis05 Jan 185721
PN16046COUGHLANCatherine28 Dec 1864infant
PN16047COUGHLANFrancisJan 186655With Vinson.
PN16122COUGHLANJames06 Jan 18605With Riordan and Coghlan and Murphy.
PN03660COUGHLANMargaret05 May 185335
PN19267COULSONJohn07 May 184030
PN19266COULSONThomas07 May 184038
PN13754COULSTONSamuel27 Dec 1847
PN01559COULTERDavid23 Jul 187670
PN09533COULTERHugh15 Dec 183522mwith Houston.
PN09524COUPERFrancis07 Dec 184847
PN03664COUPLANDRichard De Wyvil09 Sep 184840
PN03665COURTMargaret30 May 185336
PN13836COURTISAnn30 Jul 183972
PN13837COURTISJames26 Nov 183852
PN12490COUSENSMark22 Oct 1844With Brown.
PN16134COUSINSHannah1866with Plunkett and Spruson.
PN09509COUSLEYAmelia Rose01 Mar 1843
PN09510COUSLEYEsther09 Mar 18463m
PN09511COUSLEYMary08 Sep 184632
PN15987COUTINWilliam Alexander30 Nov 18572m
PN09570COUTTSJames22 Aug 1841With Wallace and Clarke.
PN09482COWANMary19 Apr 186419y8mwith Campbell.
PN13705COWELLElizabeth22 Nov 182019
PN01072COWIEJames '30 Dec 18728m
PN01027COWIEJanet04 Jul 187240
PN13708COWPERAnn25 Jan 183149
PN13709COWPERIsabella05 Jun 18408d
PN03675COWPERWilliam06 Jul 185879
PN13779COWPERWilliam Thomas01 Nov 184737
PN03676COWRIEJames31 Dec 1872
PN03677COWRIEJanet C03 Jul 1872
PN13806COXAndrew09 Nov 183638
PN13666COXFrances17 Oct 184780With Bloodsworth and Stone and Glendon. See Hill and Howell
PN13665COXFrancis17 Jun 183186With Bloodsworth and Stone 162. and Clendon.see Hill and Howell
PN11779COXJohn William22 Mar 184856
PN13723COXENStephen06 Sep 184445
PN03685COYMargaret26 Feb 183829
PN13726COYMargaretWith Burke, Jobbens, Porter and Nightingale.
PN16242COYLEJohn02 Jul 184646
PN03688CRABBFrances10 Dec 1846
PN03689CRABBGeorge07 Jun 18489
PN03690CRABBIsaac09 Aug 1848
PN03691CRABBJohn24 May 18486
PN03692CRABBNewton19 Aug 1848
PN03693CRABBSon23 May 1833
PN11793CRACKNELLEmma Anniec.1866with Kent and Morris. see Chapman and Wilson
PN13056CRACKNELLSophia24 May 186646
PN13715CRACKNELLThomas05 Apr 184112With Foreman and Little.
PN03696CRADDOCKElizabeth27 Jul 1822
PN09540CRAIGAgnes Wilson13 Sep 1835
PN09542CRAIGArchibald12 Aug 1857
PN09466CRAIGDavid P24 Dec 1856see Pryce.
PN13707CRAIGEdward22 Feb 182237
PN01399CRAIGEliza and Ann19 May 18752d
PN09507CRAIGElizabeth11 Mar 18558m
PN09465CRAIGElizabeth P.22 Dec 1856see Pryce.
PN11780CRAIGGeorge Duncan24 Sep 185534
PN01886CRAIGGeorgina Will'm05 Jul 188037
PN09505CRAIGHugh04 Sep 184347
PN09633CRAIGIsabella29 Jan 183715mWith Reid.
PN09634CRAIGJames03 Jun 184132With Reid.
PN09506CRAIGJames15 Apr 185630
PN09635CRAIGJames04 Jun 186425With Reid.
PN09541CRAIGJohn10 Oct 1837
PN01268CRAIGMargaret21 Jul 187433
PN09543CRAIGMarion08 Jan 1849
PN09546CRAIGMarion15 Mar 1866
PN09544CRAIGMary19 Aug 1850
PN09598CRAIGRobert28 Feb 1839
PN15968CRAIGRobert28 Mar 186544
PN09545CRAIGThomas17 Jun 1859
PN00228CRAIGThomas Reid29 Nov 186722With Reid.
PN09632CRAIGWilliam17 Mar 18357dWith Reid.
PN00990CRAIGIEElizabeth16 Jul 187268
PN01545CRAIGIERobert12 Jun 187676
PN13745CRAMPTONRichard23 Mar 1838
PN13796CRANEElizabeth06 Apr 182722
PN13795CRANEJohn05 Aug 184883
PN13794CRANESusannah27 Feb 184176
PN12474CRANEThis Hy Chadesworthy07 Aug 1866
PN11800CRANNAJeanette Smythe02 Apr 18641y8m
PN00378CRANSTONEJames25 Jul 186828
PN13645CRAVENAnn Jane21 Feb 18463y4m
PN03715CRAWFORDAnne Jane24 May 184218
PN09574CRAWFORDDeborah24 May 184215
PN01757CRAWFORDGeorge23 Oct 187865
PN00792CRAWFORDJeannette16 Feb 187111m
PN00650CRAWFORDJohn William02 Feb 1870
PN00789CRAWFORDMary03 Feb 18712y6m
PN02252CRAWFORDMatilda Sophia24 Apr 1887With Farrell and Crawford and Lupton.
PN13673CRAWFORDMrs1845with Campbell
PN19233CRAWFORDSarah31 Dec 185255
PN15996CRAWLEYJeremiah29 Jan 185462
PN16133CREAGHGeorge09 May 1836With Welch and Murphy.
PN16067CREAGHGeorge28 Mar 18651y10m
PN03719CREAGHGeorge William09 May 183632
PN16005CREAGHMary Gilchrist01 Nov 1849
PN16006CREAGHSamuel JohnAug 1850
PN16003CREAMERMaria Theresa14 Nov 18547w
PN16002CREAMERSarah Elizabeth05 Nov 185523
PN16004CREAMERSarah Mary24 Jan 185614w
PN16333CREANYMary Anne1843infant?
PN00023CREASEBeatrice22 Feb 186710m
PN00660CREEElizabeth Cardew19 Feb 187072With Burton.
PN11794CREEJohn03 Apr 1866With Burton.
PN15995CREIGHTONEllen06 Aug 18522y1m
PN15994CREIGHTONEllen25 Sep 185830
PN16281CRESWELLAnn1857with Hourigan
PN12496CRIPPSElizabeth W.Jan 1841
PN00487CRIPPSEsther18 Jan 1869
PN12497CRIPPSSydney J.Jan 1844
PN12495CRIPPSThomas26 Jun 1866
PN13740CRISPEHannah Elizabeth03 Mar 18324m15dWith Slater.
PN03726CRISPESarah19 Nov 185848
PN03727CROAKERRebecca25 Jan 183525
PN03728CROFTEmily Sarah30 Dec 1865
PN13762CROFTJohn Christopher25 Apr 182932
PN13757CROFTONMary16 Jan 183544
PN13750CROKERRebecca25 Jan 1835
PN01961CRONINCatherine25 Jun 188178With O'Neil.
PN16148CRONINCharles13 Mar 1850
PN16319CRONINEliza1856With O'Neil.
PN16317CRONINEllen19 Jul 1856With O'Neil.
PN16316CRONINJames21 Jan 1859With O'Neil.
PN16318CRONINJohn16 Jan 1856With O'Neil.
PN16314CRONINPatrick14 Oct 1860With O'Neil.
PN16147CRONINWilliam Francis14 Sep 1856
PN09621CROOKHannah24 Oct 183760With Handt. Nee Dare
PN13776CROSSMary30 Mar 182840
PN13721CROSSLEYAnna Maria24 Sep 181752With Gray and Townsend.
PN13722CROSSLEYGeorge19 Mar 182375With Gray and Townsend.
PN16190CROTTYAnn23 Jul 185728
PN16111CROTTYHonora18 Jun 1850With Hourigan.
PN02009CROTTYThomas11 Feb 1882
PN16080CROTTYWilliam14 Mar 184639
PN09620CROUGHANClara Martha03 Jan 18581y11m
PN09619CROUGHANJohn13 May 184211m
PN13797CROWKezia25 Jun 1839No remains.
PN16090CROWWilliamJan 1855infant
PN13798CROWDEREdward24 Jan 183137
PN02238CROWEJohanna03 Jan 1887
PN16026CROWEJohn01 Jun 186156
PN02163CROWEJohn14 Nov 1884
PN16088CROWEMary Ann1853With Ryan.
PN16105CROWEMichael25 Jan 185023
PN01924CROWEPatrick18 Dec 1880
PN16041CROWLEYBridgetWith Murphy.
PN09611CROWLEYEsther23 Jun 1853
PN16042CROWLEYMargaret31 Aug 1860With Murphy.
PN16040CROWLEYTimothy1874With Murphy.
PN16039CROWLEYTimothy24 Dec 1854With Murphy.
PN01396CROWLEYTimothy18 May 187532
PN03742CROWTHERJohn27 Apr 1829
PN12504CROZIERCatherine12 Jul 1866
PN16175CROZIERWilliam Clune05 Apr 18395m
PN16174CROZIERWilliam T.31 Jan 183928
PN09502CRUICKSHANKAndrew27 Apr 1861
PN09455CRUICKSHANKJames Douglas06 Apr 1866
PN09530CRUICKSHANKJohn Alexander1843
PN00056CRUICKSHANKMoire James02 Apr 18672y6m
PN03745CUBITDaniel12 Feb 183161
PN16025CUDDYSimon08 Mar 184037
PN13770CUDLIPAmelius06 Nov 184832
PN16192CUFFECharles01 Feb 18451y6m
PN16045CUFFEJohn23 Nov 184050
PN15892CULLENEleanor11 Jan 185849
PN16234CULLENFrances15 Feb 18561
PN16235CULLENGeorge11 Dec 18583m
PN16231CULLENJames17 Mar 18543
PN16251CULLENJohn12 Aug 1831
PN03754CULLENJohn17 Dec 183140
PN13698CULLENMary06 Dec 1823
PN16149CULLENPatrick John13 Feb 1856
PN16233CULLENRobert19 Aug 18551
PN16232CULLENSamuel03 Apr 1854
PN03757CULLETONThomas09 Jul 188154
PN16248CULLITONMary Jane1869
PN00003CULLITONMary Jane09 Jan 18671
PN01967CULLITONThomas11 Jul 1881
PN01199CULLITONWilliam15 Dec 187316
PN16273CUMMINGHenryMay 1845
PN16277CUMMINSBartholomew06 Feb 183939
PN15985CUMMINSJames03 Mar 1866
PN15984CUMMINSMary Ann28 Dec 185363With Birrell.
PN15970CUNNINGHAMAlbert Joseph12 Apr 18635Stonework sent to Petersham Cernetery
PN13742CUNNINGHAMAllan27 Jun 183948
PN00857CUNNINGHAMCatherine13 Aug 187158
PN15972CUNNINGHAMCharlesStonework sent to Petersham Cernetery
PN00180CUNNINGHAMCharles Oswald04 Sep 186717m
PN19234CUNNINGHAMCharlotteinfantFoster Epitaph no. 57 states "[and] Charlotte her infant daughter"
PN13653CUNNINGHAMCharlotte27 Sep 182127With Driver and Norris and Siddens.
PN09539CUNNINGHAMDaniel10 Dec 185230
PN00488CUNNINGHAMElizabeth Ada19 Jan 18691
PN03768CUNNINGHAMEmily23 Mar 18342
PN03769CUNNINGHAMGeorge02 May 18412y2m
PN19229CUNNINGHAMGeorge18 Jun 185817mWith Driver and Norris and Siddens. Claimed transferred to Waverley CE.
PN13654CUNNINGHAMGeorge Hill27 Jul 1828With Driver and Norris and Siddens.
PN03772CUNNINGHAMHonora28 May 183126
PN13656CUNNINGHAMJames02 Jul 1846With Driver and Norris and Siddens.
PN13657CUNNINGHAMJames21 Dec 185120y6mWith Driver and Norris and Siddens.
PN03774CUNNINGHAMJames22 Dec 185436
PN16211CUNNINGHAMJohn22 Nov 186023
PN03776CUNNINGHAMJohn08 Dec 186470
PN01405CUNNINGHAMJulia10 Jun 187578
PN00996CUNNINGHAMLily Eliz. T.29 Jul 18722
PN00973CUNNINGHAMMargaret M12 May 187241
PN19230CUNNINGHAMMaria12 Jan 185937With Driver and Norris and Siddens. Claimed transferred to Waverley CE.
PN09537CUNNINGHAMMary15 Feb 184926
PN13655CUNNINGHAMMary Anne02 Sep 184126With Driver and Norris and Siddens.
PN09538CUNNINGHAMMatilda03 May 184910m
PN03781CUNNINGHAMPatrick09 Aug 187175
PN15973CUNNINGHAMWilliamJun 1852Stonework sent to Petersham Cernetery
PN03782CUNYNGHAMEEmily Mary23 Jun 18553
PN01663CUNYNGHAMEEmma12 Nov 187770With Evans
PN09499CUNYNGHAMEGeorgeWith Evans.
PN09501CUNYNGHAMEJames1853With Evans.
PN03785CUNYNGHAMEJames Whalan22 Dec 185428
PN03786CUNYNGHAMEMary Matilda01 Aug 183531
PN03787CUNYNGHAMERobert Drybrough19 Mar 186240
PN13680CURETONDavid1860see Madden
PN13681CURETONMary Anne1859see Madden
PN03788CURPHEYJohn McCulloch17 Apr 18638m3w
PN16196CURRAN2 babies
PN16195CURRANEdward Philip12 Mar 1862
PN13784CURRANJohn Bury30 Oct 183847
PN13832CURRANMary01 Aug 182146
PN13775CURRANMary Ann12 Mar 183332
PN16193CURRANPatrick04 Aug 1844
PN00579CURRANRobert16 Aug 18691h
PN16194CURRANTeresa Catherine24 Dec 1860
PN03792CURRENAnthony05 Mar 182355
PN13689CURREYJohn09 Dec 18431y4d
PN09495CURRIEJohn10 Dec 1865
PN12506CURRYMary02 Aug 1860
PN03795CURTINEleanor08 Feb 184220
PN16014CURTINEllen14 Aug 184933
PN16095CURTINEllenor08 Feb 1844With Ligit.
PN16097CURTINMary02 Dec 184752With Ligit. Register says Michael - Index correctly says Mary.
PN16191CURTINMichael11 Nov 183480
PN16096CURTINPatrick10 Aug 184457With Ligit.
PN03800CURTISAnn06 Oct 183260
PN03802CURTISMary15 Dec 184837
PN03801CURTISMary28 Feb 185343
PN00092CURTISMary Teresa06 May 18672y5m
PN16240CURTISSAnn06 Oct 1832
PN16239CURTISSMary13 Dec 1845
PN16241CURTISSMary28 Feb 1853
PN11801CUTHBERTSONMary16 Jan 18629m
PN09577CUTHILLAlexander Ferrier01 May 1854
PN03805CUTLEREmily Matilda08 Sep 184814m
PN03806CUTLERGeorge21 Dec 185843
PN13834CUTLERRichard Cook20 Dec 18482y6mwith Cook.
PN16206CUTTYEdwardwith Farley and Johnson.
PN16443DACEYElizabeth18 Dec 183855
PN16442DACEYPatrick15 Jun 183767
PN13878DAINTRYLilly18 Jun 18481y8m
PN13862DAKINDaniel09 Jun 182157
PN02135DALEFrancis Benjamin31 Dec 1883
PN11814DALEJulian L .M.1865
PN13875DALEKezia21 Apr 1863With Iredale, Brennand and Hindmarsh.
PN02102DALEMartha31 May 1883
PN01431DALEYElizabeth Mary Anne24 Aug 187535
PN16426DALEYReverend Fatherwith other Priests not known. In the Priests Section. with McEncroe, Power and Therry,
PN16437DALEYRichardOct 1860
PN13908DALGARNOAnn Elizabeth04 Dec 1840
PN01240DALGARNOArthur Ernest01 May 187411mWith Merriman, King and Thompson.
PN09679DALGARNOJames17 Jun 185454
PN09678DALGARNORobert31 Mar 1852infant
PN00659DALGLEISHDaniel Cameron18 Feb 187042
PN09776DALGLEISHDonald Cameron26 Jun 18582
PN00515DALLEYCatherine08 Mar 186965With Bainbridge.
PN16563DALLEYHannah17 Feb 18392y4mWith Bainbridge.
PN16561DALLEYJames09 May 183614m12dWith Bainbridge.
PN16562DALLEYJames07 May 18386hWith Bainbridge.
PN16564DALLEYJohn31 Jan 184515y7mWith Bainbridge.
PN00901DALLEYJohn14 Nov 187170With Bainbridge.
PN01019DALLEYRichard Bede13 Jun 187230With Shirbin and Downey.
PN13853DALTONAmelia06 Oct 18401y9m
PN16427DALTONBridget O'Donnell31 May 185039
PN16548DALTONCatherine23 Feb 1866
PN00138DALTONFrancis John24 Jun 186723
PN02201DALTONJohn02 Oct 1885
PN16430DALTONMary14 Nov 1859
PN00959DALTONMichael23 Mar 187269O'Donnell
PN16431DALTONMichael Joseph14 Feb 185411mO'Donnell
PN13852DALTONRichard06 Jun 183363
PN00735DALTONRichard20 Aug 187072
PN13851DALTONSarah10 Nov 183259
PN01225DALYAlbert Henry17 Feb 18749m
PN16463DALYAnn29 Sep 184560
PN00195DALYAnn07 Oct 18672
PN16368DALYBridget05 Jun 1860
PN03833DALYBridget27 Jun 186052
PN00493DALYCatherine01 Feb 18692
PN16367DALYDaniel31 Jan 184612
PN16410DALYEdward03 Jul 185268
PN16362DALYEllen Theresa31 Dec 1858
PN16575DALYJohn08 Jun 1829
PN01435DALYJohn Joseph07 Sep 187549
PN16576DALYMargaret01 Jul 182931
PN16406DALYMargaret25 Jul 1865With McEnroe
PN16407DALYMargaret Ann22 Oct 18533y6m
PN16409DALYMichael19 Apr 185234
PN16408DALYTerence26 Mar 185937
PN16583DALYThomas02 Mar 186240
PN16464DALYWilliam24 Sep 185133
PN01162DANAHERCatherine08 Sep 187350
PN01031DANAHERDavid21 Sep 187254
PN13912DANIELThomas Smith10 Jan 184328
PN11812DANIELSAnn Louisa26 Dec 18624m
PN16421DANIELSFrances Mary10 May 186523Nee Doolan
PN12534DANKSHannah25 Sep 18561
PN13896DANKSIsaiah19 Sep 18306y6m
PN12532DANKSJohn17 Jul 1848
PN01133DANKSMary02 Jul 187356
PN12535DANKSSamuel15 Sep 18637
PN12533DANKSThomas01 Dec 18493
PN12521DANNEAgnes06 Jun 1866
PN16503DARBYHonoria17 Mar 1862
PN00645DARBYJohn Edward24 Jan 1870
PN01026DARBYJohn Patrick04 Jul 18723m
PN16388DARCYMichael25 Jan 185340
PN00338DARCYRichard20 May 186812
PN13933DARGINJane A24 Dec 18332y3m
PN13922DARKWilliam21 Jun 1840
PN00233DARLINGDavid06 Dec 186777
PN09768DARLINGHugh H27 Jun 184220
PN13888DARVALLEmily Flora23 Nov 183916m
PN09654DAVIDSONArchibald19 Oct 185748
PN09714DAVIDSONGeorge20 Oct 183925
PN09720DAVIDSONGrace03 May 183873With Gunton and De Moulin.
PN00501DAVIDSONJanet09 Feb 186960
PN00942DAVIEWilliam10 Feb 187240
PN03866DAVIESCatherine24 Feb 184773
PN12522DAVIESClara Maria05 Mar 18538
PN01251DAVIESFrancis James03 Jun 18746m
PN12523DAVIESFrederick14 Mar 18548d
PN13082DAVIESHannah15 Apr 1866
PN13906DAVIESJohn26 Jan 184830
PN13932DAVIESLaura Maria20 Jun 18413y3m
PN03873DAVIESMary01 Jul 183640
PN16360DAVIESMary21 Sep 185321
PN03875DAVIESRosannah White25 Oct 185427
PN09652DAVIESWilliam George01 Oct 1862
PN01299DAVIS(stillborn female)21 Oct 1874
PN03877DAVISA (male)27 Jan 185760
PN13081DAVISAbraham20 May 186465
PN16500DAVISAnn29 Mar 183474
PN13935DAVISAnn07 Mar 184848
PN16482DAVISCatherine21 May 183967With Hurley.
PN11807DAVISCatherine24 Feb 1845
PN16465DAVISCatherine06 Sep 185827
PN16349DAVISCatherine27 Nov 1866
PN00750DAVISCatherine10 Oct 187036
PN13924DAVISCharles30 Nov 184218
PN13090DAVISCharles18 Aug 1853
PN03884DAVISCharles Moss17 Aug 1853
PN13892DAVISClara19 Jul 1842
PN03885DAVISEdward16 Mar 184124
PN16520DAVISElizabeth07 Nov 185557
PN13075DAVISElizabeth30 Jan 1859
PN03887DAVISElizabeth30 Jan 186665
PN03888DAVISFanny28 Nov 18562m
PN09727DAVISGeorge16 Oct 183926with Sidderson.
PN13079DAVISHannah22 May 1856
PN03892DAVISHannah29 Nov 18562M
PN01342DAVISHenrietta Alex. S.07 Jan 18751With Johnson. see Note 1 - 4 March 1901.
PN16499DAVISHenry21 Apr 183337
PN01840DAVISHenry Joseph05 Nov 187923With Hurley.
PN13923DAVISHepzibah Sirah14 Aug 182316
PN01958DAVISHugh14 Jun 188185With Armstrong.
PN13076DAVISIsaac11 Jan 185669
PN13083DAVISIsaac Lissa21 Oct 186615w
PN01084DAVISJames18 Jan 187380
PN01049DAVISJohannah07 Nov 187225
PN16484DAVISJohnWith Hurley. see Mary - wife of John.
PN19280DAVISJohn30 Dec 1837
PN13078DAVISJohn22 Feb 18543
PN03901DAVISJohnNov 1823
PN02160DAVISJohn Jerome28 Oct 188437With Hurley.
PN02199DAVISJohn Joseph18 Sep 188523With Hurley
PN03905DAVISJoseph25 Sep 182362
PN02078DAVISLucy10 Feb 1883
PN01047DAVISMadeline Bertha29 Oct 187216mWith Johnson. see Note 1 - 4 March 1901.
PN02001DAVISMalcolm23 Dec 1881
PN16488DAVISMargaretWith Hurley.
PN16579DAVISMargaret Mary20 Mar 1861
PN13080DAVISMaria08 May 184878
PN16516DAVISMary18 Sep 184244
PN11816DAVISMary27 Mar 185167
PN16489DAVISMary17 Oct 185235With Hurley.
PN12531DAVISMary Ann08 May 1850with Johnston.
PN16467DAVISMary AnneOct 18573m
PN03912DAVISMatthew17 Aug 186230
PN03913DAVISMichael12 Aug 18584 m
PN01866DAVISPatrick20 Mar 188015h
PN13084DAVISRosina White25 Oct 185427
PN09672DAVISSarah08 Nov 1865With Armstrong.
PN13077DAVISSolomon13 May 186180
PN03916DAVISSusannah C05 Oct 185442
PN01249DAVISSydney26 May 187434With Johnson. see Note 1 - 4 March 1901.
PN00778DAVISSydney Johnson22 Dec 18701With Johnson. see Note 1 - 4 March 1901.
PN13897DAVISWalterMar 1873With Johnson.
PN16483DAVISWilliam17 Aug 184376With Hurley.
PN01670DAVISWilliam16 Jan 187818m
PN16466DAVISWilliam John185512d
PN09674DAVISinfantWith Armstrong.
PN02258DAVISONElizabeth01 Aug 1887
PN03919DAVISONWilliam04 May 1829
PN11819DAWSONEliza24 Nov 18521y3m
PN09752DAWSONElizabeth21 Mar 184928
PN11818DAWSONJames20 Jan 18512y7m
PN09751DAWSONMatthew26 Nov 1844
PN09750DAWSONSusan25 Jan 1844
PN13870DAYArthur Richard30 Dec 186612m
PN00577DAYAthol Stanley10 Aug 186911m
PN12519DAYJames23 May 185548With Payten.
PN16578DAYJoseph08 Oct 18611y7m
PN12520DAYMary1858With Payten. probably Mary Frances Payten.
PN12818DAYMary Payten08 Jun 18604m
PN01945DAYOswald E11 Apr 1881
PN13869DAYRowland Thomas20 Oct 18379m
PN12518DAYSamuel03 Sep 185416With Payten.
PN13868DAYSusannah24 Apr 183233
PN13874DAYThomas02 Jan 182460
PN13871DAYThomas John07 Dec 186446
PN01788DAYWilliam E.29 Jan 187950
PN16521DAYLEYMary17 Jun 186421with McMahon
PN03934DE LA PRYMECharles16 Jan 183147
PN13088DE LISSAArthurFeb 1854
PN13089DE LISSAFlorence Sophia30 Mar 18608y6m
PN03966DE LISSAJoseph24 Jan 185412m
PN13087DE LISSARosetta15 Feb 185438
PN13086DE METZAndrew Lewis08 Feb 1852
PN13085DE METZAnn25 Feb 1860
PN13091DE METZIsabella21 Mar 1844
PN09721DE MOULINJ A1835With Gunton and Davidson.
PN13928DEACONThomas26 Mar 182328
PN00964DEANAlexander24 Apr 187213With Kyle.
PN00897DEANCharles Edward04 Nov 18715mWith Kyle.
PN09668DEANChristina19 May 1862With Kyle.
PN13931DEANClara Jane29 Oct 184220m
PN09764DEANHanna Hamilton10 Mar 185519
PN09761DEANIsabella30 Oct 184819
PN09667DEANJames01 Jun 1850With Kyle.
PN02000DEANJane04 Dec 188160
PN19277DEANJohn20 Nov 18382y9m
PN09711DEANJohn28 Aug 186464
PN09762DEANMargaret Ann08 Feb 185425
PN13865DEANMary10 Feb 182854With Levy and Barnet.
PN09710DEANMary12 May 185550
PN09763DEANNancy29 Nov 185457
PN09765DEANWilliam06 Jul 185560
PN09669DEANWilliam28 Aug 1866With Kyle.
PN00234DEANEFanny10 Dec 186716
PN01043DEANEJames17 Oct 187260
PN09716DEANEJohn30 Nov 18536y6m
PN03950DEANEMary11 Dec 1867
PN09715DEANESamuel Anderson03 Nov 185010m
PN09718DEANEThomas15 May 184611m
PN13887DEARHenry26 Mar 1864
PN03953DEARWilliam Henry26 Mar 184855
PN13916DEERINGSarah02 Mar 182736
PN16383DEERYJoseph14 Mar 1864
PN01656DEERYMary Ann13 Oct 187711m
PN02106DEERYPatrick28 Jun 1883
PN16382DEERYSarah10 Sep 1854
PN01409DEERYSarah24 Jun 18752
PN01898DEIGANBridget01 Sep 188032
PN00949DEL SARTE(stillborn)29 Feb 1872stillborn
PN00581DEL SARTEHenrietta Daisy24 Aug 18696m
PN00569DEL SARTEJoseph27 Jul 18695m
PN16478DELANEYBridget07 Aug 185949
PN16528DELANEYCecilia30 Mar 184114m4dWith Beattie and Guy and Pearce.
PN16476DELANEYEdward04 Feb 18592y6m
PN16479DELANEYJames10 Jun 186128
PN16477DELANEYJohn04 Feb 18594y6m
PN16527DELANEYLawrence22 May 184752With Beattie and Guy and Pearce.
PN16519DELANEYMichael11 Feb 1836
PN16529DELANEYRichard Pierce01 Dec 184618m12dWith Beattie and Guy and Pearce.
PN01329DELANEYTheresa Ann27 Dec 18741
PN16593DELOHERYAmelia24 Apr 186522
PN16595DELOHERYCornelius25 Oct 1865
PN03969DELOHERYCornelius25 Apr 1866
PN16594DELOHERYMarianne29 Apr 186527
PN16603DELPRADOE. J.10 Oct 1853
PN16602DELPRADOEllen21 Nov 1857
PN00240DELPRADOJames17 Dec 1867
PN16601DELPRADOM. E.05 Sep 1846
PN00002DELPRADOMary Ann07 Jan 1867
PN00813DELPRADOMary Ann19 Apr 187147
PN03972DEMETZAndrew Lewis08 Feb 1852
PN03973DEMETZAnne25 Feb 1860
PN03974DEMETZIsabella21 Mar 1844
PN16385DEMPSEYJames07 Feb 183869With McLean.
PN16554DEMPSEYJane Elizabeth22 Dec 184431superimposed on headstone "Elizabeth Dewery" (q.v.)
PN16555DEMPSEYSarah07 Jan 185438
PN01464DENFORDGrace11 Nov 187522
PN09682DENHAMJames06 May 18609m
PN09683DENHAMJames28 Jan 18627d
PN09686DENHAMJohn19 Sep 18642
PN09687DENHAMMary Elizabeth02 Dec 18651
PN09684DENHAMThomas27 Aug 18647
PN09685DENHAMWilliam05 Sep 18648
PN00419DENIEHYDaniel Henry02 Oct 1868
PN16394DENINECharles29 Dec 186590Duneen? With Dorman.
PN11821DENNINGCharles30 Jan 1882with Andreas and Murray.
PN13863DENTJames16 Jan 1837
PN13864DENTThomas22 Jan 1829
PN12538DENTONHenry21 Nov 1860With Hicks.
PN03986DEVELINPrivate Soldier25 Dec 1831
PN16538DEVENISHCatherine11 Nov 18322y11d
PN16539DEVENISHJohn01 Jan 18343m
PN02198DEVEREUXMargaret10 Sep 1885
PN01715DEVEREUXTimothy22 Jun 187871
PN03989DEVINEEdward03 Nov 185762
PN02097DEVINEJohn14 May 188379
PN16505DEVINEMargaret29 Aug 182562
PN16509DEVINEMary Ann11 Sep 186540
PN16506DEVINENicholas29 May 1830104
PN16511DEVINENicholas03 Nov 1856
PN16507DEVINENicholas02 Jun 18583y3m
PN16508DEVINEPatrick29 Apr 185920
PN00716DEVITTPhilip20 Jun 18703m
PN13882DEVLINAnn13 Feb 184426With Hudson
PN03996DEVLINAnn09 May 186662
PN13872DEVLINArthur14 Nov 182039
PN03999DEVLINMary24 Jan 183521
PN04000DEVLINMary Ann27 Dec 183320
PN19260DEWERYElizabeth1845infantThis person's name was superimposed on "Dempsey" "headstone
PN13844DEWHURSTEdward Augustus08 Nov 186538With Fairclough, Hancock and Lea.
PN13845DEWHURSTHerbert13 Aug 18611With Fairclough, Hancock and Lea.
PN13884D'HOTMANMarie Magueritt09 Aug 183152With Connell, Buchanan and Allan.
PN13883D'HOTMANMary Laura Loane11 Sep 182813With Connell, Buchanan and Allan.
PN09741DIBBSJane28 Nov 184053
PN00484DIBLEYAlbert James13 Jan 18691y5m
PN09651DIBLEYJames26 Oct 1860
PN09698DICKAlexander15 Feb 184340with Ellard
PN04005DICKBenjamin43with Clayton
PN16524DICKEsther12 Feb 1856
PN04007DICKJohn24 Sep 18414y8mwith Ellard
PN09699DICKJohn William23 Sep 1844
PN16523DICKMichael25 Jan 18491
PN09649DICKSamuel04 Apr 1858
PN00679DICKSusan02 Apr 187043
PN13886DICKSusanna12 Aug 183945
PN16522DICKThomas25 May 1845
PN04010DICKThomas07 Jan 18467m
PN04011DICKWilliam24 Sep 184112y1mwith Ellard
PN13873DICKENAlice01 Sep 183040
PN12524DICKENinfantWith Farquharson and Frost.
PN13858DICKENSONHelen27 Apr 184611d
PN04013DICKENSONIsaac01 Jul 183625
PN09689DICKSONEliza16 Jul 1854With Gordon.
PN09753DICKSONJane Edmond01 Feb 186428same plot as McDonald.
PN09754DICKSONJohn Gilchrist26 Dec 18634y5msame plot as McDonald.
PN00013DICKSONRobert Blackwood21 Jan 186737same plot as McDonald.
PN16515DIGNAMAnn19 Jan 182922With Earle. See Kennedy.
PN16372DIGNAMMargaret31 Dec 186397
PN16373DIGNAMTheresa21 Mar 18592
PN16374DIGNAMWilliam Christopher20 May 18624
PN16607DIGNUMHenry A.28 Oct 185642
PN01177DILLONJohn Moore23 Oct 187363
PN16424DILLONJoseph Napoleon20 May 1855With Moore.
PN16454DILLONJulia Felicitas13 Mar 1855
PN16423DILLONMartha17 Oct 1849With Moore.
PN16611DILLONMary18 Jan 184032
PN16425DILLONPeter25 Jul 1857With Moore.
PN16610DILLONWilliam05 Sep 183911m2w
PN01569DINEVANBridget24 Aug 187628
PN00717DINEVANWilliam23 Jun 187053
PN09783DINGWALLJohn23 Mar 185529
PN16540DINHAMMargaret03 Aug 1851With Kain.
PN16597DINIVANBridget01 Sep 1858
PN16599DINIVANCatherine15 Feb 1866
PN16598DINIVANMary18 Oct 1861
PN16596DINIVANMichael29 Sep 1852
PN16501DINNIGANWilliam12 Nov 1839
PN09744DISHINGTONHelen06 May 185519see John Dishington JARDINE
PN09664DIVERLYAndrew24 Apr 1856
PN16354DIVINEFrances02 Sep 1852
PN13914DIXONAnn25 Apr 184711m2d
PN16397DIXONEliza16 Jan 1849with Brown and Hoseman.
PN01059DIXONEliza Jane21 Nov 187220
PN13915DIXONEllen04 Jul 184713d
PN11815DIXONEsther29 Jan 18669m
PN00116DIXONFrederick John23 May 186711mWith O'Meara.
PN09757DIXONHugh23 May 1840
PN04030DIXONJohn15 Apr 182131
PN09758DIXONJohn Sanderson07 Mar 1848
PN00184DIXONMaria13 Sep 1867
PN09723DIXONMark03 Jun 185137
PN09759DIXONMary10 Apr 1850
PN16377DIXONRobert Joseph15 Jan 1860With O'Meara.
PN16376DIXONTheresa Jane19 Jan 1859With O'Meara.
PN09760DIXSONAndrew James Alexander08 May 18541
PN04033DIXSONHugh23 May 184016m
PN00524DIXSONJames01 Apr 186946
PN04035DIXSONJohn Saunders07 Mar 18481
PN04036DIXSONMary10 Apr 18501
PN12525DOBSONElizabethsee Ganick and Richards.
PN16441DOBSONHenry15 Jan 1852
PN13925DOBSONMargaret West183718m
PN16440DOBSONMary Ann28 Apr 186439
PN11809DOBSONWilliam Alexander23 Jul 184936
PN16512DOCKERTYIsabellaJun 182738With Pilling.
PN13857DOCKRILLWilliam22 Jan 182456
PN11817DODDCatherine11 Aug 184336With Ham. Withh Perry
PN01296DODDSJames03 Oct 187474
PN09746DODDSMary14 Jun 1859
PN01722DODDSSophia20 Jul 187872
PN09748DODDSTom Winder29 Feb 1836
PN01258DOGHERTYEllen29 Jun 187452
PN02147DOGHERTYPatrick30 Jun 1884
PN04042DOHERTYBernard26 Sep 18718
PN01540DOHERTYBernard27 May 187645
PN16458DOHERTYBridget28 Feb 1855
PN01659DOHERTYDenis20 Oct 187752
PN16591DOHERTYEllen12 Jun 1859
PN16457DOHERTYJohn26 Jan 1854
PN00880DOHERTYJohn25 Sep 187176
PN01637DOHERTYJohn15 Jul 187745
PN02133DOHERTYJohn18 Dec 1883
PN16590DOHERTYJohn20 Sep 1887
PN02260DOHERTYJohn21 Sep 1887
PN16395DOHERTYJohn B.28 Aug 185910m
PN16401DOHERTYRobert William23 Mar 1859
PN16402DOHERTYSarah17 Apr 1858
PN16502DOLANBridget01 Oct 186456
PN00174DOLANMichael19 Aug 1867
PN04046DOLANPatrick25 Mar 185070
PN16438DOLANThomas22 Jan 1853
PN16439DOLANThomas25 Apr 1861
PN09707DONMary03 Jan 185835
PN04047DONMary Jane30 Nov 1863
PN01980DONAGHUEBridget09 Sep 1881
PN00626DONALDSONAlfred06 Dec 186918m
PN09779DONALDSONArthur03 Feb 18581with Wallace
PN09734DONALDSONCaroline31 Dec 18531
PN09729DONALDSONDavid Hay08 Jul 1859
PN09736DONALDSONElizabeth Jones19 Mar 1856
PN09735DONALDSONEvangeline Annie18 Oct 18553m
PN01322DONALDSONFrederick18 Dec 187411
PN09730DONALDSONIsabella Jane27 Aug 1860
PN09733DONALDSONJames17 Mar 185756
PN09728DONALDSONJames24 Feb 1862
PN01585DONALDSONJames07 Nov 187624
PN01600DONALDSONJames Norman23 Jan 18771
PN00566DONALDSONJohn12 Jul 186939
PN09731DONALDSONMargaret20 Mar 1861
PN00452DONALDSONMargaret13 Nov 186868
PN01501DONALDSONMargaret14 Feb 187654with Wallace
PN09780DONALDSONSamuel24 Jul 18606with Wallace
PN09778DONALDSONSarah Ann12 Mar 1850
PN04061DONALDSONWilliam28 Apr 184525
PN09696DONALDSONWilliamsee Weir.
PN09737DONALDSONWilliam Frederick19 Apr 186211y6m
PN04063DONALDSONWilliam John5m
PN09782DONALDSONWilliam Wallace
PN16577DONAUGHOEMorgan09 Jun 183237
PN02168DONELANEllen03 Jan 188573
PN02114DONELANHonora07 Sep 1883
PN16586DONELANJohn25 Nov 1856
PN16389DONELLYRhodawith Hayes and Wall.
PN04066DONEVANAndrew27 May 184844
PN04067DONNELLANJohn06 Sep 18666
PN16546DONNELLYCaroline25 Sep 1886With Brennan and McCulloch and Healy.
PN16545DONNELLYCaroline10 Oct 1864With Brennan and McCulloch and Healy.
PN16547DONNELLYJohnWith Brennan and McCulloch and Healy.
PN04068DONNOLANMary Ann Theresa27 May 183860
PN16448DONOHOEFrancis30 Sep 1847
PN13936DONOHOEJames George20 Oct 184819m
PN04049DONOHOEMary22 Jun 184236
PN16412DONOHOEMary22 Jun 1843
PN16567DONOHOEPatrick20 Feb 1860
PN00873DONOHOEWilliam11 Sep 18715w
PN16549DONOHUECharles20 Mar 1849
PN16551DONOHUECharles20 Aug 1853
PN16553DONOHUEJames S.30 Apr 1858
PN16552DONOHUEJane16 Mar 1853
PN16550DONOHUEMary Jane26 Nov 1853
PN16396DONOHUEWilliamwith Connell.
PN16580DONOLLANMary Ann Theresa27 May 1858
PN16495DONOVANAgnes21 Jan 1858
PN16369DONOVANAndrew27 May 1848
PN16492DONOVANBridget01 Nov 1847
PN16496DONOVANCatherine06 Sep 1861
PN16494DONOVANDaniel03 Mar 1854
PN16497DONOVANDenis30 Jun 1864
PN02126DONOVANElizabeth24 Nov 1883With Egan and McGregor.
PN00376DONOVANJane21 Jul 1868
PN16493DONOVANJeremiah08 Feb 1852
PN00889DONOVANJohn Joseph20 Oct 18715y
PN04070DONOVANMary13 Oct 186118
PN02120DONOVANRichard24 Oct 1883With Egan and McGregor.
PN13889DOODSONAnn19 Feb 184641
PN13891DOODSONJohn09 Feb 18466m
PN13890DOODSONWilliam17 Jul 18452y8m
PN01681DOOLANEllen25 Feb 187880With Cannon and Newton.
PN04074DOOLANFerdinandFeb 182760
PN13867DOOLANMary28 Oct 182245With Chitham.
PN16347DOOLANPatrick25 Feb 1850
PN00637DOOLANWilliam Edward03 Jan 1870
PN04076DOOLEYRichard11 Apr 184239
PN16350DOOLYCatherine08 Feb 1854
PN00823DORANJohn07 May 187160
PN16628DORANJohn J.1877
PN01425DORANJohn Joseph12 Aug 187524
PN16626DORANMargaret28 Feb 1861
PN01667DORANMichael Joseph03 Dec 187722m
PN02222DOREDaniel28 May 188658With Fox.
PN01532DOREJoanna04 May 187679
PN16446DOREJohn02 Nov 1852With Fox.
PN16445DOREJohn01 Aug 1860With Fox.
PN16391DORMANCharleswith Denine
PN09697DORMANIsabella15 Mar 184323with Johnson.
PN16390DORMANJoseph11 Feb 186152with Denine
PN16393DORMANThomas A09 Feb 18614with Denine
PN16371DORNEYCatherine J28 Dec 186418m
PN16370DORNEYFrances02 Nov 186028d
PN00367DORNEY08 Jul 1868still born child
PN09777DORWARDRobert S18 May 183727
PN11808DOUGHTYHenry10 Mar 185547
PN01738DOUGLASAlexander Wilson23 Aug 187842With Story
PN09724DOUGLASAnn08 Dec 185025with Coleman
PN04092DOUGLASDavid10 Oct 1820
PN04094DOUGLASDavid02 Dec 182640
PN09769DOUGLASDavid08 Mar 1836
PN09709DOUGLASDonald07 Nov 1848With Arthur.
PN01337DOUGLASEliz. Forsyth04 Jan 18757
PN09701DOUGLASJames16 Jul 184112mWith Story.
PN04096DOUGLASJames01 Aug 18553
PN09702DOUGLASJane12 Feb 185642With Story.
PN09773DOUGLASJane20 Jan 1879
PN09770DOUGLASJohn01 Jul 1846
PN09726DOUGLASJohn01 Jan 185559with Coleman
PN01566DOUGLASMary19 Aug 1876
PN09771DOUGLASNathaniel16 Jun 186385
PN09703DOUGLASNisbet15 Feb 1856With Story.
PN13907DOUGLASPhilip14 Aug 182822
PN04105DOUGLASRebecca04 Jun 18556y7m
PN01907DOUGLASThomas Stark07 Oct 188041y10mWith Story.
PN13920DOUGLASSCaroline18 Nov 183910m7d
PN13921DOUGLASSElizabeth31 Jan 184550
PN13919DOUGLASSJames07 Feb 183741
PN09713DOUGLASSJames12 Mar 1842With Ginn.
PN00364DOUGLASSJames01 Jul 1868
PN01783DOUGLASSJane20 Jan 187956
PN02073DOUGLASSOrr22 Dec 1882
PN09712DOUGLASSRebecca22 May 1858With Ginn.
PN16568DOWDEllen09 Feb 185839With Bourke and Melville.
PN01045DOWDALLMichael25 Oct 187251
PN01013DOWERMary10 Sep 187258
PN02096DOWERMary25 Apr 1883
PN19236DOWLINGAnne07 Jan 183617
PN04111DOWLINGCharles Joseph08 Apr 18342y9m
PN13902DOWLINGChristopher03 Mar 184056
PN13911DOWLINGGeorge27 Apr 183252
PN13903DOWLINGJames10 Mar 18303m
PN04115DOWLINGJames27 Sep 184457
PN19235DOWLINGMaria23 Aug 183449
PN13910DOWLINGMary Anne15 Jul 182738
PN13904DOWLINGRobert George20 Aug 18344y6m
PN16436DOWNESAda Jane14 Mar 1866
PN16435DOWNESBridget23 Jul 1866
PN16434DOWNESFrancis11 Sep 1862
PN16353DOWNESJohn28 Jul 185349
PN00214DOWNESSydney John11 Nov 186710m
PN12528DOWNEYJane02 Jul 1846
PN12527DOWNEYWilliam02 Jul 1851
PN00586DOWNEYAnnie May06 Sep 18694m
PN00720DOWNEYCatherine08 Jul 187057
PN16453DOWNEYHonora18 Mar 185556
PN02101DOWNEYJames26 May 188352
PN01402DOWNEYKate22 May 187540With Shirbin and Dailey. Wrongly listed under Shirbin.
PN16451DOWNEYThomas J20 Aug 185738
PN02119DOWNS(stillborn)17 Oct 1883
PN13937DOWNSJane E15 Mar 18392
PN13893DOWNSWilliam Thomas06 Aug 1844
PN13929DOWSLEYAnn22 Sep 184127With Metcalfe
PN13930DOWSLEYMary Elizabeth29 Dec 184119mWith Metcalfe
PN02247DOYLEBridget21 Feb 1887
PN16444DOYLECharles24 Jun 186361
PN16541DOYLEEdward24 Jul 186547
PN16572DOYLEEleanor15 Dec 1853
PN16608DOYLEEllen19 Sep 183635
PN16356DOYLEEllen Cecilie30 Aug 1856With Hannen.
PN16573DOYLEJames30 Jan 1874
PN01222DOYLEJames31 Jan 187455
PN16518DOYLEJane07 Jul 1864With Coss and Felton and Johnson and Sims.
PN01649DOYLEJane Parker05 Sep 187767With Morley, Driscoll and Gold and Martin.
PN16571DOYLEJeremiah19 Aug 1848
PN16351DOYLEJohn20 Jan 184144
PN16398DOYLEMargaret23 Mar 185636
PN02181DOYLEMargaret08 May 1885
PN00017DOYLEMary05 Feb 186716
PN16359DOYLEMichael18635y1mWith O'Sullivan and Dwyer and Sullivan.
PN16558DOYLEMichael05 Oct 1862With Morley, Driscoll and Gold and Martin.
PN16357DOYLEMichael30 Nov 1880With Hannen.
PN01921DOYLEMichael02 Dec 1880
PN16399DOYLEMorgan19 Jul 186044
PN16504DOYLEPatrick28 Mar 182745
PN16386DOYLEPatrick08 Jun 185758With Pierce.
PN04133DOYLEThomas Benedict02 Oct 186039
PN01460DOYLEWilliam01 Nov 187528
PN03810D'OYLYCharlotte17 Nov 1836
PN03811D'OYLYThomas17 Nov 183639
PN12529DRAPERHenry Bromley06 Aug 185537
PN13895DRAPERThomas03 Mar 184230
PN11811DRAWBRIDGEEliza29 Oct 185939
PN09662DREDGEFredWith Gregory, Lawrence, Rook, Smith and Torning.
PN09661DREDGEGraceWith Gregory, Lawrence, Rook, Smith and Torning.
PN00825DREDGESarah Grace Maud08 May 18719
PN02066DRENNAN(stillborn)02 Nov 1882
PN00358DRENNANDavid09 Jun 186854With Turner 605 and Smith.
PN09656DRENNANFrancesWith Turner 605 and Smith.
PN04139DRENNANJames09 Apr 186534
PN16361DRENNANJamessame plot as Lang.
PN04140DRENNANJane07 Jun 187150
PN00829DRENNANJane08 Jun 187150With Turner 605 and Smith. Jane and infant child reinterred
PN09660DRENNANJohnWith Turner 605 and Smith.
PN04141DRENNANJohn05 Oct 186416
PN09657DRENNANWilliamWith Turner 605 and Smith.
PN16556DRINKWATERThomas28 Jul 185448
PN02263DRISCOLETimothy16 Nov 1887
PN01955DRISCOLLCatherine06 Jun 188162
PN16468DRISCOLLCharles Frederick04 Oct 18605
PN16480DRISCOLLDaniel04 Apr 184445
PN16462DRISCOLLDaniel03 Sep 1853
PN16560DRISCOLLElizabeth12 Nov 1854With Morley, Doyle and Gold and Martin.
PN16559DRISCOLLJohn Harry02 Jun 1854With Morley, Doyle and Gold and Martin.
PN02189DRISCOLLTimothy06 Jul 188574
PN19237DRIVERCharlesSep 184945
PN13849DRIVERCharlotte27 Jul 182815mWith Cunninghame and Norris and Siddens.
PN01053DRIVERFrederick11 Nov 187230with Moore and Powell. see Note 1, 17 May 1901.
PN13847DRIVERGeorge11 Sep 186329With Cunninghame and Norris and Siddens.
PN13876DRIVERJames16 Nov 182745
PN13846DRIVERJohn28 Feb 181038With Cunninghame and Norris and Siddens.
PN00329DRIVERRichard12 May 186865With Cunninghame and Nords. and Siddens. see Note 1 - 17 May 1901 .
PN01032DRIVERRichard23 Sep 187210mWith Cunninghame and Nords. and Siddens. see Note 1 - 17 May 1901 .
PN04155DROTMANLaura Loane11 Sep 182813
PN13856DROUGHTJane24 May 1822
PN13855DROUGHTJohn28 Feb 1820
PN16365DRUITTGeorge08 Jun 184268
PN16366DRUITTGeorge Joseph10 Jan 184928
PN16364DRUITTMargaret23 Feb 184242
PN01073DRURYCatherine Ann29 Dec 18721
PN13866DRURYHenry Wilson27 Feb 184735
PN13927DRURYMary Ann14 Mar 18341m
PN13926DRURYRobert04 Aug 183449
PN00653DRYDENEleanor11 Feb 1870
PN16535DRYERMaria26 Mar 18564
PN09676DRYSDALEFanny07 Sep 18535y6m
PN09749DRYSDALEIsabella01 Nov 184567see Clarke and Watkinson 794.
PN09675DRYSDALERachael22 Apr 185359
PN04169DU VERNETMale20 Aug 1857
PN04170DUBOISFrancis Alonzo04 Jan 184945
PN04171DUBOISJohn R18501
PN04172DUBOISRobert04 Jul 185523
PN04173DUBOISSusan13 Sep 185547
PN16570DUCEYMichael18 Nov 1836
PN09784DUDGEONFrancis A.1855
PN04174DUDGEONFrancis Alexander21 Dec 18339m
PN16605DUDLEYMargaret18 Dec 1845with O'Neill.
PN04175DUDLEYMargaret08 Feb 185545
PN16542DUFFYChristopherMay 1884
PN16543DUFFYMary Ann
PN13894DUKEMaria10 Dec 184310m
PN04180DUKERobert25 Nov 184545
PN04181DUKESydney John05 Feb 184410
PN13909DUMARESQElizabeth Ann31 Dec 183111w3d
PN09792DUMBLEAnn M22 Feb 1858
PN09791DUMBLEJohn16 Feb 1863infant
PN12526DUMBRELLStephen28 Mar 1854
PN09745DUNJames09 Feb 185240
PN01041DUNCAN(stillborn)17 Oct 1872stillbornWith Grant.
PN09688DUNCANDavidOct 184748
PN09691DUNCANDunlop05 Feb 1857With Mitchell.
PN09970DUNCANElspeth27 Jun 1859With Christina Grant
PN09693DUNCANFleming Millar09 Sep 1863With Mitchell.
PN09645DUNCANHenry Wise28 Sep 1864with Grant.
PN09786DUNCANJane31 May 186520
PN01782DUNCANJane04 Jan 187942With Mitchell.
PN01080DUNCANJohn Ferguson06 Jan 187339With Mitchell.
PN09665DUNCANKenneth30 Nov 1856
PN01595DUNCANLilian16 Dec 18766m
PN09647DUNCANLillian1863With Christina Grant.
PN09692DUNCANMarion25 Aug 1863With Mitchell.
PN01925DUNCANMary22 Dec 1880
PN13885DUNCANMatthewsee Fiddin.
PN04190DUNCANMatthew John16 Aug 18412y6m
PN04191DUNCANThomas28 Apr 185640
PN02187DUNCANWilliam A.25 Jun 1885
PN09681DUNDASDavid06 Oct 185271
PN09680DUNDASMary11 Jan 185252
PN13913DUNGANMargaret20 Aug 182742
PN01007DUNKCatherine Agnes24 Aug 18724
PN01578DUNKHenry27 Sep 187640
PN12530DUNLOPAgnes02 May 1864
PN12517DUNLOPElizabeth Harriet23 Jan 1854infant
PN12516DUNLOPHarriet10 Aug 18512
PN09722DUNLOPMary25 Feb 1862
PN00294DUNNCatherine11 Mar 18683
PN01483DUNNCatherine03 Jan 187663
PN00310DUNNCatherine Ann10 Apr 186823
PN13881DUNNEliza Ann07 Nov 18372y4m
PN09666DUNNIsabella19 Oct 186027With Faid.
PN16532DUNNJohn28 May 186460
PN16375DUNNJohn19 Mar 186619
PN00018DUNNJohn05 Feb 18679m
PN16475DUNNLuke21 Nov 184532With Kirk.
PN16490DUNNMargaret27 Sep 183275
PN16581DUNNMargaret22 Jun 1863
PN09756DUNNMartha27 Nov 18491y7m14d
PN04209DUNNMary13 May 183117
PN16481DUNNMary28 Jan 186252
PN00609DUNNMary23 Oct 18692
PN16348DUNNMary Ann1849
PN04210DUNNMary Ann15 Feb 185319
PN16352DUNNMatthew28 Apr 185340
PN13880DUNNRose Ellen Maria05 Apr 183546
PN13879DUNNThomas06 Apr 183256
PN04183DUNNIGANEleanor Ann30 Mar 183940
PN04184DUNNIGANWilliam12 Nov 182652
PN04215DUNOONKenneth30 Nov 185629
PN09767DUNSHEAWilliam07 Jan ????With Banks.
PN16584DUNSMOREAnn09 Jun 18562With Farrell.
PN16585DUNSMOREJames Hayes02 Jan 18668y4mWith Farrell.
PN09708DUNSMOREThomas24 Jan 18422
PN09742DUNSMUREEmily Louisa21 Aug 1858
PN09743DUNSMUREJohn29 Sep 1864
PN09695DURIEIsabella14 May 185346
PN00570DUROSEAlfred Edwin27 Jul 18691
PN13918DUTTONEmma27 Nov 18384w
PN13917DUTTONFrancis29 Feb 18408d
PN11810DUVALLSarahMar 185467With Nixon.
PN01092DWYERCatherine10 Feb 187380
PN13905DWYERCharlesMar 18353With Hawker.
PN16416DWYERClara05 Nov 1858With O'Connell and Atkins.
PN16413DWYERDaniel15 Apr 185745
PN16414DWYEREdmond26 Dec 185611m
PN16419DWYERI E1855With O'Connell and Atkins.
PN01233DWYERJames21 Mar 187480
PN00553DWYERJessie12 Jun 18692
PN16420DWYERJessie H.1863With O'Connell and Atkins.
PN02197DWYERJohn07 Sep 1885
PN16418DWYERM J1857With O'Connell and Atkins.
PN16617DWYERMary12 Jun 186085
PN16459DWYERMary16 Jan 186358
PN16536DWYERMichael23 Aug 1825With O'Sullivan and Doyle and Sullivan.
PN04229DWYERMichael John15 Apr 188451
PN16614DWYERThomas Benedict02 Oct 1860
PN16417DWYERWilliam08 Mar 1861With O'Connell and Atkins.
PN00747DYERAnn Mary29 Sep 187080With Roach.
PN16380DYERWilliam John22 Jun 184253With Roach.
PN00404EADYBennett28 Aug 18681h
PN16675EAGANJameswith Marzagora.
PN04233EAGANMary25 Dec 183180
PN16674EAGANThomaswith Marzagora.
PN00395EAGARGrace Louisa11 Aug 186820
PN16639EAGLETONWilliam James11 Sep 18667m
PN00382EARLAda Clara30 Jul 18686with Boyd 435.
PN16680EARLAda Mary1861with Boyd
PN01345EARLAmbrose Allan12 Jan 18752with Boyd 435.
PN00866EARLAustin Sydney31 Aug 18712with Boyd 435.
PN00279EARLGrace Mary24 Feb 1868childwith Boyd 435.
PN16679EARLJohn1854with Boyd
PN02055EARLMargaret15 Sep 1882With Wall, Lowry and Alexander.
PN00763EARLMary Agnes22 Nov 187014dwith Boyd 435.
PN16669EARLEMary16 Jul 182920With Dignam. see Kennedy.
PN09803EASONChristina22 Mar 1873
PN09802EASONJohn02 Aug 1869
PN13962EASTERBROOKJohn15 Apr 184340
PN13961EASTERBROOKThomas30 Apr 183756
PN16645EASTONCatherine20 Nov 184113m3d
PN16644EASTONJames23 Mar 18405m3d
PN02065EASTWAYElias30 Oct 188282
PN11829EASTWAYMary Ann02 Jan 185847
PN01101EATONChristina24 Mar 187378
PN01419EATONThomas31 Jul 187543With Rice.
PN16651EBBSWilliam Jameswith Lethen and Tarpy
PN16650EDEElizabeth Margaret14 Sep 18451
PN16649EDEWalter30 Dec 18431
PN09810EDGLEYElizabeth27 Mar 1859
PN09811EDGLEYGeorge29 Mar 1859
PN09812EDGLEYWilliam Henry13 Nov 1859
PN01912EDMONDSAmelia26 Oct 1880
PN13955EDMONDSHarriett25 Aug 184441
PN09840EDMONDSONFrederick23 Jan 185326
PN09841EDMONDSONGeorge Frederick08 Dec 185218d
PN00795EDMONDSONWilliam18 Feb 187150With Snowden.
PN13942EDROPHannah Single14 Apr 18326w
PN13944EDROPMary25 Aug 183840
PN13943EDROPMary Ann28 Feb 183315
PN12543EDWARDSAWith Tye.
PN09800EDWARDSAgnes13 May 1858
PN00130EDWARDSCatherine14 Jun 18678d
PN13946EDWARDSCharlotte Dyer27 Apr 18374m
PN04254EDWARDSElizabeth15 Sep 182727
PN13963EDWARDSElizabeth22 Jun 182913With William Jackson.
PN01308EDWARDSJane17 Nov 18743dWith Bird and Knight. Stone to Bunn, 6S, 148.
PN09801EDWARDSJohn20 Feb 1861
PN01269EDWARDSJohn27 Jul 187462
PN00135EDWARDSMargaret21 Jun 186715d
PN00327EDWARDSMary Ann11 May 1868With Tye.
PN01344EDWARDSSarah Isabella11 Jan 18753
PN00070EDWARDSSarah Jane15 Apr 1867
PN11831EDWARDSWafter Frederick26 Dec 18529m4d
PN09815EEDYAmelia01 Mar 1858See Jenkins.
PN09814EEDYAmelia03 Oct 1859See Jenkins.
PN09819EEDYAnne11 Feb 187941With Jenkins
PN09816EEDYAnne Amelia17 Nov 1863With Jenkins.
PN01793EEDYAnnie12 Feb 187941
PN09817EEDYBennett10 Aug 1868With Jenkins.
PN01789EEDYFrederick Ernest03 Feb 187910dWith Jenkins.
PN00527EGAN(stillborn female)17 Apr 1869stillborn
PN01272EGANCatherine04 Aug 1874666
PN00752EGANDaniel17 Oct 187070
PN16641EGANJohn23 Jun 184231
PN01267EGANJohn18 Jul 187463
PN04260EGANMarian20 Aug 185739
PN16642EGANMary02 Feb 186250
PN00292EGANMary09 Mar 1868With Donovan and McGregor.
PN09843EGGINTONRebeccasee Williams.
PN17322EGGLESTONEGeorge Justice06 Mar 18583y9m
PN01498ELDRIDGEAda Ann Claringbold08 Feb 18764yWith McLean and Reardon.
PN09823ELEYMary13 Nov 1855With Spencer.
PN16646ELGARHarriet Charlotte02 Oct 18446m
PN13095ELIASAbraham18 Aug 185668
PN13094ELIASHyam29 Jan 185658
PN01415ELLARDCharlotte14 Jul 187572with Dick
PN13966ELLARDJoanna30 Dec 184536
PN13965ELLARDVirginia12 Jul 18417
PN13964ELLARDWilliam03 Jun 18414
PN16656ELLIGOTTEdward07 Jan 1846
PN16655ELLIGOTTJohn06 Mar 1847
PN01900ELLIOTTAnn11 Sep 188082With Wauhop. Wauhope?.
PN04271ELLIOTTAnne05 Dec 18479m12d
PN09806ELLIOTTAnnie17 Jun 186054
PN16664ELLIOTTBridget25 Aug 18394m
PN16662ELLIOTTCharles Francis08 Aug 1836With Lees.
PN16676ELLIOTTFrances25 Jul 184536
PN00183ELLIOTTFrederick09 Sep 1867
PN13950ELLIOTTIsaac03 Nov 182843
PN16663ELLIOTTJoseph27 Mar 1838With Lees.
PN13951ELLISCharles06 Sep 183730
PN13102ELLISFrancis25 Dec 18327m14d
PN09839ELLISHenrietta Sophia30 Oct 1844
PN13101ELLISIsaac Octavius23 Apr 18413m
PN04279ELLISMary14 Sep 182080
PN04280ELLISWilliam30 Mar 182036
PN04281ELLISWilliam21 Feb 182833
PN13952ELLISWilliam04 Apr 184011m
PN16678ELLISONCatherine06 Jan 185650
PN09842ELMSLEYJean1831With Malcolm and Clelland.
PN09797ELPHINSTONEmma24 Feb 1849
PN09798ELPHINSTONJames Balfour28 Nov 1861
PN09799ELPHINSTONJames Stuart17 Nov 1863
PN09834ELPHINSTONJanet19 Jul 1865with Cook and Tosh.
PN09835ELPHINSTONRobert Fosh24 Jun 1844with Cook and Tosh.
PN16661ELWELLRobert19 Sep 18383y7m
PN16640ELWOODJohn04 May 1851
PN11832ELWORTHYAlice Mary14 Jan 1845With Roberts. (Wave.CE or Wave.Gen).
PN11834ELWORTHYCharles Henry20 Sep 1859With Roberts. (Wave.CE or Wave.Gen).
PN11833ELWORTHYElizabeth Harriet23 Sep 1855With Roberts. (Wave.CE or Wave.Gen).
PN01682ELWORTHYGeorge24 Feb 187865With Roberts. (Wave.CE or Wave.Gen).
PN13100EMANUELAlfred20 Aug 18563y6m
PN13099EMANUELBarnett28 Feb 184346
PN13093EMANUELCaroline05 Dec 185529
PN04288EMANUELLevi Sydney10 May 186328
PN13097EMANUELMoses23 Oct 185886
PN13096EMANUELSydney Levy09 May 1863
PN13954EMERYJohn20 Sep 182852
PN13945EMMESLouisa08 Mar 182217y10m
PN12547ENGLANDThomas John22 Feb 18553y6m
PN16647ENGLISHDanielsame plot as Crotty and Hourigan.
PN12541ENNISJohn01 Jul 1842With Nightingale, Brown and Munro.
PN12540ENNISMary28 Jan 1840With Nightingale, Brown and Munro.
PN16636ENRIGHTJohn28 Aug 18595y1m
PN16635ENRIGHTMaurice21 Oct 18593m
PN16637ENRIGHTWilliam23 Oct 186127
PN16638ERLEYMary18 Sep 18533y5m
PN13939ERSKINEGeorge20 Apr 183453
PN19265ERSKINERobert20 Dec 184950
PN13940ERSKINEThomas Coke02 Aug 184117y7m
PN16665ERWINEliza11 Jun 1852
PN16667ERWINPatrick24 Nov 186326
PN16666ERWINSarah01 Sep 186125
PN13134ESDAILEJacob Gilbert10 Jan 186035
PN13949ETCHELLThomas11 Jul 183556with Ratcliffe.
PN01880ETHERIDGEWilliam Sydney08 Jun 188022With Hughes.
PN11827ETHERINGTONJames21 Apr 1864
PN11828ETHERINGTONPenelope28 Sep 1866
PN02077EULERHarriett16 Jan 1883With Hughes.
PN09822EVANSAlfred1854With Cunynghame.
PN12539EVANSAmelia31 Aug 186149
PN01557EVANSAnn18 Jul 187667with Lincoln, Smith, Moore and Conway.
PN00640EVANSAnnie Josephine08 Jan 187025Nee Neale
PN09821EVANSAugusta1844With Cunynghame.
PN04309EVANSAugusta29 Jun 185519
PN04310EVANSBenjamin08 Apr 182443
PN13971EVANSCaroline04 Aug 185531See Sollitt.
PN13969EVANSCharity Isabel16 May 18593
PN09828EVANSCharles09 Mar 185954
PN04314EVANSEdward17 Jun 182848
PN11823EVANSEdward Henry1855With Patterson.
PN11836EVANSEliza Ann19 Aug 18553y8m
PN04317EVANSElizabeth27 Dec 182966
PN11824EVANSElizabeth Jane09 Oct 185317
PN09826EVANSElizabeth Matilda17 May 185212
PN13967EVANSEmanuel George10 Jul 18451y5m
PN09827EVANSEmma Kingsman02 Jul 185619
PN00665EVANSErnest Joseph George25 Feb 18702
PN04323EVANSEvan13 Mar 183162
PN13958EVANSFrederick William09 Nov 184236
PN01119EVANSGeorge Emanuel10 May 187374
PN01024EVANSJames Thomas04 Jul 187266
PN00674EVANSJohn22 Mar 187055
PN09825EVANSJohn George
PN16660EVANSMary12 Jul 1838
PN13959EVANSMary Ann16 Nov 182531
PN04329EVANSRebecca12 Feb 185413m4d
PN13960EVANSSamuel20 Apr 183037
PN13957EVANSSarah03 Apr 182625
PN11822EVANSSarah Jane25 Apr 1847With Patterson.
PN04333EVANSThomas22 Feb 1821
PN09830EVANSThomas Edwin1865
PN13956EVANSWilliam31 Aug 182728
PN13968EVANSWilliam18 Jan 18541
PN04336EVERETTJames16 Mar 184125
PN16652EVESSONAnn09 Jul 18549
PN16654EVESSONBridget08 Apr 185513
PN16653EVESSONMargaret02 Jan 185521
PN01372EVESTONMary Catherine09 Mar 18754
PN09848EVETTSElizabeth1856With Bagnell
PN09847EVETTSJane18 Jul 185644With Bagnell
PN00298EWENAdeline23 Mar 186815m
PN00683EWENEdith Florence13 Apr 187020m
PN00466EWENWalter V. P.12 Dec 18684m
PN04341EWINGRobert Thomas02 Jan 1863
PN13947EZZEYJane11 Aug 182151
PN04344EZZYWilliam23 Apr 183064
PN12548FACEJohn03 May 185452
PN16842FAGANBridget03 Jun 186121
PN04347FAGANEdward09 Jun 183738
PN04348FAGANMary10 Apr 182926
PN01555FAGANPeter13 Jul 187680same plot number as Argent and Gilligan.
PN01105FAHYWilliam15 Apr 187377
PN09871FAIDJames04 Mar 185647With Dunn.
PN00986FAIRBAIRNJohn08 Jul 187272
PN09899FAIRBAIRNJohn Anslie12 Jun 1864
PN13977FAIRCLOUGHCharles20 Jun 183456With Lea, Hancock and Dewhurst.
PN01408FAIRCLOUGHHerbert21 Jun 18755m
PN13978FAIRCLOUGHMartha01 Aug 185379With Lea, Hancock and Dewhurst.
PN04353FAIRFAXCharles John28 Dec 186335
PN11841FAIRFAXEdwin James23 Jul 185920
PN11856FAIRFAXElizabeth27 Jun 1861With Reading.
PN11853FAIRFAXElizabeth Sophia07 Jul 186337With Threlkeld and Lloyd and Gravely
PN11839FAIRFAXFrances Emily25 Mar 18522y6m
PN11840FAIRFAXFrances Mary20 May 185328
PN11842FAIRFAXJames02 Oct 185939
PN00998FAIRFAXMary31 Jul 187268
PN11838FAIRFAXSydney Reading16 Dec 18489m
PN04361FAIRFAXWilliam30 Oct 186968
PN14032FAIRSMary01 Apr 183850
PN16758FALLONJohn03 Mar 183832
PN04365FALLSMargaret31 Oct 186035
PN04366FANNINGWilliam09 Nov 1834
PN14029FARDENJohn01 Oct 184157
PN02139FARLEYJames25 Mar 1884With Leary NNL1 and Miller 1113.
PN04369FARLEYJane03 Apr 182736
PN16844FARLEYJohnOct 1882With Leary and Miller
PN16846FARLEYMichael1872With Leary and Miller
PN04371FARLEYPatrick16 Jun 183748
PN04370FARLEYPatrick16 Jun 1851
PN14036FARMERCaroline19 Oct 18453y8m
PN14038FARMERChristina06 Mar 18543y8m
PN14037FARMERTom20 Apr 18451y2m
PN12554FAROUHARSONJohn18 Jul 1853With Dicken and Frost.
PN09942FARQUHARAnnie Webster06 Sep 1860
PN09940FARQUHARGeorge20 Apr 184335
PN09941FARQUHARJames30 Jan 185566
PN01382FARRELLAgnes20 Apr 187545
PN04378FARRELLAnn Louisa07 Jan 186332
PN16708FARRELLAnnie11 Aug 18662y6m
PN13948FARRELLBernard21 Apr 182062
PN16760FARRELLBridget12 Jun 1849
PN00676FARRELLBridget26 Mar 187055
PN16735FARRELLCaroline Phoebe15 Apr 1856With Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN16819FARRELLDaniel14 Sep 185660
PN00176FARRELLEdward Samuel26 Aug 1867
PN01845FARRELLElizabeth17 Dec 187978With Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN02255FARRELLErnest Clyde27 Jun 1887
PN01721FARRELLEveline Bertha19 Jul 18786w
PN16707FARRELLJames17 Jun 18631y11mWith Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN01910FARRELLJames22 Oct 1880
PN04384FARRELLJohn08 Dec 184742
PN19223FARRELLJohn07 Nov 185183reinter. Reg. for PN00199 (McEvilly) has: with Martha and John Farrell and Rogers.
PN00099FARRELLJohn09 May 1867
PN00757FARRELLJohn05 Nov 187070
PN16827FARRELLMargaret17 Jan 185619
PN19222FARRELLMartha17 May 184971reinter. Reg. for PN00199 (McEvilly) has: with Martha and John Farrell and Rogers.
PN16734FARRELLMary Ann22 Jan 1842With Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN02013FARRELLMichael13 Mar 1882With Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN16730FARRELLSarah Agnes19 Apr 187519With Lupton, Crawford and Samuel.
PN00268FARRELLThomas01 Feb 186816
PN16691FARRELLYAnne15 Apr 185021
PN16692FARRELLYCatherine26 Jun 185533
PN00222FARRELLYJane21 Nov 186780
PN02060FARRELLYJohn09 Oct 1882
PN16720FARRELLYJulia06 Oct 185350with Freeman.
PN16726FARRELLYMary08 Nov 1861
PN16727FARRELLYMichael15 Jul 1867
PN00154FARRELLYMichael16 Jul 186715
PN01445FARRELLYMichael28 Sep 187513
PN02003FARRELLYMichael11 Jan 188272
PN16719FARRELLYPatrick02 Aug 185260with Freeman.
PN04394FATTORINIAimee13 Feb 184914mTozer
PN11852FATTORINILavinia Eliza Thombe Norris Tozer25 Dec 184829
PN12549FEEFrances19 Jun 185232
PN12550FEEJohn17 Mar 185217m
PN12551FEERobert16 Nov 185938
PN00278FEENEYOwen24 Feb 1868
PN01829FELTONCatherine29 Sep 187948
PN14026FELTONMaurice Appelbee30 Mar 184237
PN14027FELTONMyra23 Feb 1842
PN00128FENALLYJames10 Jun 18672m
PN01303FENNALLYAnn12 Nov 187412w
PN01186FENNELLEYHelena27 Nov 18737m
PN04402FENTONJohn13 Mar 183044
PN09883FENWICKAndrew08 Apr 1866with Firth.
PN09878FENWICKGeorge09 Jun 1854with Firth.
PN09880FENWICKJames06 Apr 1862with Firth.
PN09882FENWICKJane24 Dec 1863with Firth.
PN09881FENWICKPeter06 Apr 1862with Firth.
PN09879FENWICKRobert28 Jul 1856with Firth.
PN09849FERGUSONAlexander14 Aug 1863
PN02146FERGUSONBetty19 Jun 1884
PN09862FERGUSONCaroline Amelia02 May 1858
PN01484FERGUSONClara Constance05 Jan 1876
PN00468FERGUSONElizabeth Mary16 Dec 186813m
PN02053FERGUSONEva M.09 Sep 1882
PN00784FERGUSONGrace05 Jan 187114m
PN09861FERGUSONJames13 Nov 1861
PN00667FERGUSONJames03 Mar 187038
PN01719FERGUSONJames11 Jul 187865
PN01949FERGUSONJane02 May 1881
PN01166FERGUSONMary26 Sep 187354
PN01515FERGUSONMeredith Duke16 Mar 187679
PN01798FERGUSONNellie28 Mar 1879
PN01828FERGUSONRobert Thomas22 Sep 187920
PN09867FERGUSONThomas03 Dec 1857
PN09927FERRIERAlexander15 Aug 1865
PN09928FERRIERAlexander11 Dec 1866
PN09859FERRIERJames23 Oct 1865
PN09860FERRIERJames10 Nov 1865
PN01647FERRIERMary Ann03 Sep 187774
PN09930FERRIERMary H.1864
PN16756FETHERSONElinor27 Jun 1859
PN14014FIDDENEmma Rebecca17 Aug 18377see Duncan
PN13985FIELDCharlotte Plantaganet09 Jan 183712
PN14018FIELDERMary Ann13 Jul 183036
PN04408FIELDGATEMiles23 May 182248
PN09907FINLAYAlexander17 Apr 18386
PN11851FINLAYJane1866With Russell.
PN11850FINLAYJohn06 Jan 1854With Russell.
PN01079FINLAYMary06 Jan 187381
PN04411FINLAYWilliam04 Aug 185864
PN09908FINLAYWilliam14 Aug 1858
PN09870FINLEYWilliam17 Jan 185746
PN16755FINNAnthony27 Nov 1871
PN16754FINNEleanor24 Jul 1853
PN01358FINNJohn Edward01 Feb 187535
PN04415FINNMargaret03 Jun 18552y3m
PN00912FINNMichael Antony28 Nov 187175
PN16747FINTONCatherine16 May 183435
PN16746FINTONEdward25 Oct 1833
PN09872FIRTHAliceWith Mitchell and Lucas.
PN01892FIRTHAlice Carthew06 Aug 188019With Gurner and Wells.
PN11854FIRTHJames1865With Gurner and Wells.
PN09873FIRTHJamesWith Mitchell and Lucas.
PN09884FIRTHJamesOct 1862with Fenwick.
PN14020FISHJames25 Jun 183828
PN16815FISHBURNCatherine14 Feb 183943with Ask and Johnson
PN16814FISHBURNGeorge C18399mwith Ask and Johnson.
PN14023FISHERCatherine23 Apr 1828
PN09895FISHERElizabeth27 Jul 186311w
PN09945FISHERElizabethsee Marshall and Morgan
PN14031FISHERFrancis22 Feb 1839infant
PN14025FISHERJemima25 Nov 183251
PN14024FISHERJohn07 May 183299
PN09926FISHERMargaret1876With Young, Phillip and McGregor.
PN00758FISHERMargaret10 Nov 187046
PN14034FISHERWilliam23 Sep 183850
PN04428FISKArnold James W28 Nov 183321
PN13972FISKElizabeth Dulciebella14 May 185412mwith Bunker, Clark, Campbell, Laycock and Still
PN02245FISKHenry Edmond04 Feb 188774see Bunker
PN13648FISKMary Ann Campbell05 Jun 185260With Bunker, Clark, Fisk, Laycock and Still.
PN13973FISKWilliam James17 Mar 185813mwith Bunker, Clark, Campbell, Laycock and Still
PN00402FITZGERALDBridget24 Aug 1868
PN00155FITZGERALDCharlotte17 Jul 18673
PN02011FITZGERALDDenis13 Feb 1882
PN01424FITZGERALDElizabeth12 Aug 187550with Foster.
PN19211FITZGERALDHannah14 Nov 186445
PN00490FITZGERALDHenry James25 Jan 18691m
PN16737FITZGERALDHonora09 Jan 184876
PN16701FITZGERALDJamesWith Clinton. See Clinton. Reinter Reg. has note: "Recorded as John, son of Mary Kate Fitzgerald (nee Clinton)"
PN02008FITZGERALDJohn James10 Feb 1882
PN09874FITZGERALDMartha23 Mar 186158
PN11864FITZGERALDMary Ann12 Jul 186372
PN04436FITZGERALDMichael15 Dec 185837
PN01766FITZGERALDMichael Joseph19 Nov 187811m
PN01065FITZGERALDRobert David02 Dec 187285
PN16736FITZGERALDWilliam26 Sep 184656
PN00098FITZGIBBONCatherine09 May 186729
PN16738FITZGIBBONEdward24 Apr 184853
PN04441FITZGIBBONElizabeth25 Mar 185412m
PN00144FITZGIBBONHenry28 Jun 18671
PN04442FITZGIBBONMartin16 Mar 186335
PN04443FITZGIBBONMichael08 Jul 18509m
PN04438FITZGIBBONThomas13 Jan 183135
PN13980FITZHARDINGEMary Ann05 Jul 184434
PN16702FITZPATRICKAnn03 Jul 1850infant
PN00512FITZPATRICKBridget08 Mar 1869With Caulfield.
PN16689FITZPATRICKCatherine27 Apr 184020With Robinson.
PN02041FITZPATRICKCatherine20 Jun 1882
PN16831FITZPATRICKCatherine M G11 Sep 1876
PN04449FITZPATRICKEdmond10 Apr 185511y9m
PN01028FITZPATRICKEdward13 Sep 18721
PN04453FITZPATRICKJohn18 Aug 185626
PN16816FITZPATRICKJohn03 Dec 185636
PN16703FITZPATRICKJoseph Hugh1854infant
PN01573FITZPATRICKKate M09 Sep 187626
PN04457FITZPATRICKMaria16 Aug 185735
PN00591FITZPATRICKMary Theresa14 Sep 186944
PN16757FITZPATRICKMichael12 Apr 186232
PN16698FITZPATRICKSamuel19 Apr 1866With Caulfield.
PN16712FITZSIMMONSEdmond10 Apr 185511y9m
PN00451FITZSIMMONSJoseph Patrick13 Nov 1868
PN16711FITZSIMMONSMaria15 Aug 185735
PN04461FITZSIMMONSValentine22 Mar 184945
PN00957FITZSIMONSJohn Joseph20 Mar 187266
PN04462FITZSIMONSMary Cammelle08 Jun 186249
PN09925FITZSIMONSValentine22 Mar 1849
PN11849FITZWILLIAMAmelia21 Aug 186245
PN11848FITZWILLIAMHenry Horatio18 Nov 186144
PN04465FLAHERTYMartin03 Apr 185533
PN04466FLANAGANCatherine27 Aug 185815y10m
PN16725FLANIGANJohn12 Dec 1856
PN04467FLANNAGANMichael28 Jun 1876
PN01804FLANNERYEthel Margaret23 Apr 1879
PN04468FLANNIGANJohn12 Dec 185633
PN16841FLEETONGeorge10 Jul 186645with Champion and Harley.
PN16840FLEETONJane1857infantwith Champion and Harley.
PN16838FLEETONJohn1854infantwith Champion and Harley.
PN16839FLEETONMary1855with Champion and Harley.
PN14022FLEMINGCatherine Link22 Dec 184817m
PN09897FLEMINGJohnAug 1866
PN01644FLEMINGMary17 Aug 187714
PN09898FLEMINGMaryJul 1877
PN11844FLETCHEREdward27 Dec 185452With Miles.
PN04474FLETCHERErnest Brewster10 Apr 18652y2m
PN09866FLETCHERJanet Simpson28 Feb 185828
PN14021FLETCHERLucretia05 Aug 184836
PN12552FLETCHERLydia17 Feb 1858
PN12553FLETCHERRobert11 Jan 1842
PN04477FLETCHERThomas19 Dec 1829
PN13996FLEXNEYWilliam30 Sep 182523
PN13998FLINNAlice01 Jun 182550
PN00875FLOODAgnes Helen12 Sep 1871
PN16759FLOODBridget18 Oct 183649
PN01733FLOODBridget13 Aug 187844
PN01488FLOODCatherine06 Jan 18763
PN16718FLOODDennis Joseph24 Dec 185330y1m
PN16717FLOODElizabeth19 Aug 18533m4d
PN00259FLOODElizabeth17 Jan 1868
PN01692FLOODHenrietta Eliza03 Apr 18782m
PN19259FLOODJames Thomas
PN09894FLOODJane Coleman06 Jul 1848
PN14013FLOODJohn08 Nov 18282y6m
PN19256FLOODJohn Alfred
PN00104FLOODThomas13 May 1867
PN11845FLOWEREllen23 Feb 185720With Kensett.
PN16688FLOWERSarah Elizabeth20 Aug 186543
PN16739FLYNNAlice01 Mar 185131
PN16710FLYNNAnne09 Jun 182610m
PN00004FLYNNCatherine10 Jan 186727
PN04492FLYNNEleanorApr 183532
PN04480FLYNNJ W182118m
PN13984FLYNNJohn27 Apr 182137
PN16753FLYNNKatie MargaretWith Smith.
PN04493FLYNNMargaret28 Jul 18342
PN01650FLYNNMary Ann19 Sep 187729With Smith. Stonework to LPRC, 2S, 153.
PN16828FLYNNWilliam James13 Dec 18641y2m2w
PN16724FL???RTYMartin03 Apr 1855With Mineham,
PN01775FOGARTYJames12 Dec 187867
PN00900FOGARTYJames Thomas09 Nov 18713m
PN01131FOGARTYMary21 Jun 187347
PN02012FOGARTYMichael17 Feb 1882
PN13106FOLKSamuel25 Jun 186062
PN14035FOLKARDMartha Margaret18 Dec 183333
PN16696FORANJohn18 Apr 185153
PN16697FORANMary06 Nov 185254
PN19248FORBESAmelia Sophia14 Mar 188691
PN19250FORBESDavid Grant07 Mar 190181
PN04501FORBESEdward23 Jul 186276
PN04504FORBESFrancis09 Nov 184157
PN13989FORBESFrancis Ewen Bailey25 May 184246With Cliffe and Hollis and Garratt.
PN04505FORBESFrancis William30 Dec 184932
PN14019FORBESHenry25 Sep 184222
PN13988FORBESJane Henrietta02 Dec 18374wWith Cliffe and Hollis and Garratt.
PN13987FORBESJohn06 May 183413With Cliffe and Hollis and Garratt.
PN11857FORBESJohn23 Jul 1862
PN19249FORBESMary12 Jun 185090
PN04510FORBESMary02 Mar 18589
PN01712FORBESMary Ann16 Jun 187882
PN13986FORBESMary Ann Grace10 Jan 18239mWith Cliffe and Hollis and Garratt.
PN01458FORBESSarah19 Oct 187516
PN01927FORDPatrick29 Dec 1880
PN14006FOREMANMary01 Jul 183134With Cracknell and Little.
PN14008FOREMANSusannah01 Aug 183521With Cracknell and Little.
PN14007FOREMANWilliam19 Jul 183442With Cracknell and Little.
PN02178FORRESTElizabeth15 Apr 188562
PN09856FORRESTIsabella25 Sep 1858
PN09853FORRESTJames16 Jan 186220
PN00342FORRESTJohn23 May 186866
PN01684FORRESTMary02 Mar 187870
PN14028FORRESTERAnn14 Jul 184819
PN09869FORRESTERJames12 Apr 1855With Johnstone
PN09902FORRESTERJane01 Apr 185061
PN00303FORRESTERJohn01 Apr 186866With McLeod.
PN13991FORSTERAnna Maria28 Jul 183448with Low.
PN14017FORSTERElizabeth04 Dec 1844infant
PN04524FORSTERJane Marston25 Dec 184735
PN13992FORSTERLaw Edward02 Jun 1820with Low.
PN04525FORSTERMaria Margaret20 Nov 18535y8m
PN13979FORSTERMary Ann15 Apr 183448with Leak.
PN09911FORSYTHEAnne Adams30 Sep 18315d
PN01808FORSYTHECharles Alexander26 May 187917m
PN09912FORSYTHEJanet Adams26 Mar 1834
PN09936FORSYTHEJohn17 Dec 1848Infant
PN09937FORSYTHEMary Anne21 Dec 1856
PN01929FORSYTHESarah Elizabeth03 Jan 188118m
PN11859FOSSAmbrose04 May 1862with Russell and Kirkman.
PN00115FOSSAmbrose25 May 18679wwith Russell and Kirkman.
PN11858FOSSLouisa1852with Russell and Kirkman.
PN00805FOSSThomas Ambrose20 Mar 187142with Russell and Kirkman.
PN00920FOSTERBridget18 Dec 1871
PN04530FOSTERElizabeth04 Dec 18442y4m
PN12558FOSTERHannah S.22 May 1841with Fitzgerald.
PN13993FOSTERHenry Johnwith Marston and Southcomb.
PN09876FOSTERJane Ann29 Jul 185633
PN12561FOSTERJohn26 Jul 1864with Fitzgerald.
PN14009FOSTERJohn WilliamWith Williamson.
PN14010FOSTERSamuel18 Oct 183038With Williamson.
PN12559FOSTERThomas Matthew06 Jul 1841with Fitzgerald.
PN12560FOSTERWilliam04 Dec 184663with Fitzgerald.
PN14030FOTHERINGHAMMary09 Oct 1848With Cavey.
PN16695FOWDENBridget10 Aug 186344
PN13982FOWLERElizabeth19 Nov 183639
PN04537FOWLERGeorge Henry29 Jan 183025
PN13981FOWLERHannah06 May 183114
PN09852FOWLERJane10 Aug 1862With On Si Purveur
PN12557FOWLERRobert21 Oct 185039
PN13983FOWLERWilliam24 Mar 184356
PN16821FOXCaroline1859with Patterson.
PN16822FOXCarolinewith Murphy.
PN14016FOXCharlotte Rose30 May 18475y2m20d
PN16743FOXDavid23 Mar 186611
PN16744FOXJames H22 Sep 186922
PN16820FOXJohn1859with Patterson.
PN00599FOXJohn23 Sep 186923
PN01963FOXJohn28 Jun 1881
PN16823FOXJohnwith Murphy.
PN16741FOXJohn Thomas08 Jan 18555y
PN16740FOXMary Ann04 Mar 18494
PN01944FOXMichael22 Mar 1881
PN16833FOXMichaelMar 1881
PN01572FOXPatrick07 Sep 187661
PN16748FOXThomas1842With Dore.
PN16742FOXWalter Patrick24 Jul 18585y5m
PN16834FOXWilliam31 May 185616y6m
PN02257FOYMargaret14 Jul 1887
PN12556FRANCESGeorge HenryWith Kingdom, Moore and Smith.
PN13107FRANCESS Augusta28 Feb 1832see Phillips.
PN12563FRANCISAnn19 Sep 185932
PN09910FRANCISElizaAug 185134With Hall and Carr
PN00371FRANCISJoseph15 Jul 18682
PN13108FRANKELSarah18 Aug 184728
PN13994FRANKESElizabeth19 Nov 182233
PN14011FRANKLANDGeorge Jackson03 Dec 1825see Mole.
PN13105FRANKLINMoses J03 Feb 18592y4m
PN04557FRANKSEdward07 Nov 1820
PN04558FRANKSEdward05 Dec 183150
PN04559FRANKSGabriel13 Jul 1834
PN13104FRANKSHyam27 Oct 185965
PN00525FRASERAnn01 Apr 186967
PN09893FRASERChristina29 Oct 184917
PN01141FRASERColin Campbell18 Jul 18737mWith Gilchrist.
PN00941FRASERIsabella Gertrude08 Feb 187210m
PN00107FRASERJames14 May 1867
PN09939FRASERJemima10 Apr 183938
PN09901FRASERWilliam19 Sep 1839
PN16761FRAWLEYElizabeth16 Aug 184718mwith Hickey
PN16762FRAWLEYJohn10 Aug 185016mwith Hickey
PN04569FRAWLEYJohn11 Dec 185054with Hickey
PN16690FRAWLEYMary30 Jan 185410
PN09905FRAZERAlice Mary08 Sep 1862With Clarke.
PN13997FRAZERAndrew07 Jan 182760With Toom.
PN00297FRAZERErnest Manson23 Mar 18682y11mWith Clarke.
PN09904FRAZERJohn Ewan25 Aug 1862With Clarke.
PN09903FRAZERSarah08 Nov 1852With Clarke.
PN00034FRAZIER08 Mar 1867stillborn
PN00019FREEAmelia Ann06 Feb 18675m
PN00046FREEDMaria Henrietta19 Mar 18673
PN04573FREEDMANEdward24 Jun 1835
PN04572FREEDMAN26 Aug 1835
PN01852FREEHILLBernard Austin27 Jan 188031
PN16723FREEMANAnn23 Aug 185410mwith Farrelly.
PN11862FREEMANHenry03 Mar 1863
PN16721FREEMANJohn12 May 18506with Farrelly.
PN16722FREEMANThomas12 Aug 18503mwith Farrelly.
PN11863FREEMANThomas26 Dec 1864
PN02256FRETUSJoseph28 Jun 1887
PN09924FRETZAnne Jinfant
PN00083FREWINMargaret29 Apr 1867
PN04578FRIARRichard21 Oct 183159
PN04579FRIERWilliam07 May 185527
PN13103FRIESLANDERGershon19 Aug 185622
PN11846FRIPPAlfred Henry02 Aug 1864
PN04583FROLETTEWilliam21 Nov 1831
PN12555FROSTLydia Jane12 Oct 1854With Dicken and Farquharson.
PN09919FRYOliver11 Dec 185940With Wilson.
PN09875FRYSamson03 Sep 1859
PN14003FULLERCharlotte19 May 18417y3mWith Joyce.
PN14001FULLEREliza28 Jan 182724With Joyce
PN14002FULLERElizabeth24 Dec 18321y9mWith Joyce.
PN14000FULLERJane03 Aug 18285mWith Joyce.
PN14005FULLERRobert21 Jun 184042With Joyce.
PN13999FULLERThomas04 Dec 18251y2mWith Joyce.
PN00703FULLERThomas James20 May 187071With Joyce.
PN09922FULLERTONHelen Elizabeth
PN09935FULTONElizabeth Mitchell15 Apr 185738With Mtchell
PN01040FULTONJames13 Oct 187239with Morrison and Spouse.
PN09934FULTONJohn20 Sep 184530With Mitchell.
PN09889FULTONJohn11 Dec 1863with Morrison and Spouse.
PN02195FULTONJohn30 Aug 1885with Morrison and Spouse.
PN09890FULTONMary17 Mar 1850with Morrison and Spouse.
PN09891FULTONRobert25 Aug 1866with Morrison and Spouse.
PN16700FURBYJohn04 Jun 185049
PN01574FURLONGJulia09 Sep 187659
PN04598FURNESSMary09 Oct 182925
PN14033FUSSELLWilliam James27 Oct 183817d
PN09913FYFEAlexander McIntyre03 Jul 1863
PN00231FYFEEmily Sarah06 Dec 186713m
PN09914FYFEJohn Burns05 Jan 1864
PN00874FYFELydia Maud10 Sep 18712
PN01144FYFEMartha Gertrude24 Jul 18732
PN09917FYFEMay Agatha12 Jul 1873
PN01523FYFEMay Agatha17 Apr 187611m
PN04606GABBAGEJames03 Jan 181453
PN04607GABBAGEWilliam27 Jun 184032
PN14123GADHEADJames05 May 184160
PN16873GAHERTYAnn06 Sep 1851
PN16872GAHERTYJohn08 Jan 1853
PN16874GAHERTYThomas25 Oct 1852
PN13753GAINESGeorge22 Nov 1849
PN13746GAINSIsabella25 Apr 1820
PN13747GAINSJames Robert19 Mar 1836
PN09955GALBRAITHArchibald01 Dec 18624y11m
PN00855GALBRAITHBruce10 Aug 18718m
PN10033GALBRAITHGeorge28 Oct 183733
PN02150GALBRAITHMary Ann30 Jul 1884
PN16910GALEGHERPatrick10 Dec 1860with Healey and Blair.
PN04611GALLAGHANMary31 Aug 18419y6m
PN00508GALLAGHERBarnard26 Feb 1869
PN04612GALLAGHERCatherine15 Sep 18581
PN01904GALLAGHEREdward Morris29 Sep 1880
PN04613GALLAGHERJames27 Apr 1829
PN00232GALLAGHERJohn07 Dec 1867
PN16911GALLAGHERMary12 Aug 1864
PN16868GALLAGHEROliver08 Feb 186466
PN04615GALLAGHERPatrick19 Dec 18607y6m
PN16974GALLAGHERSarah Anne1862
PN14069GALLAWAYCaroline30 Aug 18328y9mWith Smidmore.
PN14068GALLAWAYJohn07 Oct 182944With Smidmore.
PN14070GALLAWAYMargaret31 Jan 183715With Smidmore.
PN14046GALLIOTTCharlotte08 Apr 184127With Read and Baxter.
PN14048GALLIOTTEmma12 Dec 183711mWith Read and Baxter.
PN14045GALLIOTTJoseph24 Mar 18416yWith Read and Baxter.
PN14047GALLIOTTSarah22 Apr 185571With Read and Baxter.
PN01448GALLIOTTThomas01 Oct 187565Not in Register. In Index with Read and Baxter.
PN12584GALLONJamesJul 1854
PN09971GALLOWAYMargaret Jane07 Jan 185711msee Calloway.
PN16895GALVINCatherine02 May 1832
PN04625GALVINCatherine28 Jul 185226
PN04626GALVINEliza01 Oct 18628y9m
PN16961GALVINElizabeth18 Oct 1869
PN16900GALVINJames22 Dec 184735
PN16897GALVINJane21 Feb 183656
PN02148GALVINJohanna07 Jul 1884
PN16896GALVINJohn15 Jun 183250
PN16898GALVINJohn27 Apr 184322d
PN16985GALVINMargaret19 Feb 185354With Heany.
PN16899GALVINMary15 Jul 184527
PN16870GALVINMary Elizabeth27 Nov 186118y6m
PN04635GALVINThomas04 Jun 18542y8m
PN16901GALVINThomas26 Jun 1854
PN01151GALVINWilliam Joseph06 Aug 187389
PN14110GAMWELLSWilliam15 May 183229
PN14087GANDELLSarah16 Apr 182237With Sewell and Cooper.
PN12571GANICKElizabethsee Dobson and Richards.
PN16856GANNONAgnes27 Mar 1851with Lawler
PN04638GANNONAgnes18 Apr 186711with Lawler
PN16942GANNONArthurWith Martin and Byrne.
PN16992GANNONHenry A.1850
PN16940GANNONHenry Albert12 Aug 1843With Martin and Byrne.
PN16854GANNONJames21 Oct 186635with Lawler
PN00797GANNONJames19 Feb 187168
PN16941GANNONJohn Thomas07 Oct 1856With Martin and Byrne.
PN16855GANNONMargaret04 May 18584mwith Lawler
PN14083GANNONMaria05 Oct 1828?daysWith Parsonage and Remateau.
PN04643GANNONMary25 Mar 187869
PN02151GANNONMary02 Aug 1884
PN04644GANNONMichael09 Aug 188181
PN10048GANSONFrancis06 Feb 1851
PN04645GARDINERJames27 Apr 1829
PN01214GARDINERJane Camilla21 Jan 18742m
PN11914GARDINERJohn Wilkins12 Mar 18644
PN12586GARDINERLouisa08 Oct 1847
PN12587GARDINERMargaret22 Jul 1853
PN11913GARDINERRichard Thomas11 Mar 18642
PN11912GARDINERWilliam Thomas08 Mar 18646
PN14075GARLANDWilliam Martin02 Sep 18444m
PN14112GARRARDThomas05 Jun 184447
PN00511GARRETTCharlotte05 Mar 1869With Hollis, Forbes and Cliffe.
PN14117GARRETTThomas26 Feb 184742
PN12574GARRICKHannabel Jenkins02 Sep 18551dWith Peacock.
PN12575GARRICKMinni Augusta21 Oct 18603With Peacock.
PN11890GARSONLamont14 Jan 1856
PN01537GARTHWAITEMatthew26 May 187648
PN16906GARVANDenis Burke25 Dec 1860
PN16907GARVANGeorge24 Jun 1851
PN16908GARVANGeorge06 Jan 1855
PN00690GARVANJohn Denis03 May 187032
PN14116GASKELLSamuel07 Jul 184539
PN16884GATTENHOFEllen Mary Ann08 Sep 1865
PN16883GATTENHOFJames03 Aug 18643y5m
PN16979GAULCatherine15 Jan 18623
PN16976GAULMargaret03 Feb 186328
PN16977GAULMary04 Jul 18589m
PN16978GAULRichard21 Feb 18585m
PN00339GAULWilliam23 May 1868
PN10046GAUNSONElizabeth24 May 18425y5m
PN04664GAUNSONFrancis06 Feb 185149
PN10047GAUNSONFrancis James24 May 18423
PN16894GAYNORJohn11 Jan 1850with Jones.
PN11879GAZARDAnn17 Aug 1843
PN11878GAZARDJohn25 Oct 1841
PN11880GAZARDWilliam20 Mar 1868
PN16937GEALEDaniel04 Oct 185641
PN10007GEIKEElizabeth26 Jan 1862
PN12569GENTCharles19 Feb 184444
PN12570GENTMiriam Sophia04 Mar 184413
PN16875GEOGHAGANChristopher13 Apr 184224
PN14096GEORGEBarbara16 Dec 184382with Church
PN02116GEORGEBridget26 Sep 1883with Mooney.
PN04670GERARDMary Louiseliere18 Oct 185212
PN01444GERRARDJulia Frances27 Sep 187543
PN00016GERRARDWalter Thomas02 Feb 186712m
PN14130GERRERDGeorge10 Apr 184686
PN14129GERRERDHannah10 Dec 184061
PN14121GERRETTWallace29 Jun 183816m
PN14114GETTENSMary Ann18 Jul 184312m
PN14115GIBBJames24 May 184024
PN16917GIBBENSAlice Rose19 Feb 18719
PN16916GIBBENSEmanuel David18 Mar 1861
PN16920GIBBENSMary Ann18 Oct 18638y9m
PN16918GIBBENSMatthew27 Aug 1854
PN16919GIBBENSNathaniel Rowland30 Aug 18622m
PN13114GIBBESGeorge29 Nov 1847
PN16922GIBBONMary13 Jun 1851
PN00796GIBBONSAlice Rose19 Feb 18717
PN12588GIBBONSAnn31 Aug 1866
PN14093GIBBONSChristiana22 Jun 182714m
PN04679GIBBONSEmanuel David18 Mar 186112m
PN16888GIBBONSJames12 Nov 185731With Castle.
PN16889GIBBONSJane26 Apr 185517With Castle.
PN14094GIBBONSMargaret05 Sep 184176
PN14092GIBBONSMathew31 Jan 183236
PN14095GIBBONSMathew John20 Jul 183569
PN04683GIBBONSMatthew27 Aug 185478
PN16915GIBBONSMatthew Joseph15 Nov 185313m
PN16864GIBBSAnn22 May 184834
PN04687GIBBSGeorge28 Nov 1847
PN01915GIBSON(stillborn)08 Nov 1880
PN10004GIBSONAdam Henry1877
PN01608GIBSONAdam Henry12 Mar 18772m
PN00067GIBSONAnnie13 Apr 18672y9m
PN09950GIBSONDavid30 Jun 1866
PN01472GIBSONElizabeth Eva10 Dec 18753m
PN10003GIBSONElizabeth Eva)1875
PN10002GIBSONEllen Margaret1873
PN01111GIBSONEllen Margaret21 Apr 18732m
PN12572GIBSONGeorge07 Jun 186440
PN12573GIBSONHenry Charles10 Nov 1852
PN00850GIBSONJohn01 Aug 187115
PN10035GIBSONJohn Dickson05 Sep 186138
PN01863GIBSONLouisa11 Mar 18802m
PN04691GIBSONMary13 Jun 185133
PN01495GIBSONMary07 Feb 187641
PN01465GIBSONSusan11 Nov 187517
PN11910GIFFARDFrank28 Feb 18655m8d
PN11909GIFFARDFrederick31 Oct 186022m13d
PN00482GIFFARDNicholas06 Jan 186942
PN04697GIFFORDCharles Alfred13 Dec 1862
PN16871GILBERTAnn04 Jan 1842With McMahon.
PN00021GILBERTCharles Henry18 Feb 18673
PN16960GILCHRISTFelix26 Nov 1845
PN01200GILCHRISTHelen Warden18 Dec 187353With Frazer. Nee Andrew
PN10036GILCHRISTIsabella Susan19 Jan 18479m4w1dWith Frazer.
PN10037GILCHRISTRobert How25 May 18531y10mWith Frazer.
PN00545GILCHRISTThomas23 May 186924With Frazer.
PN01473GILESFrancis13 Dec 187578
PN14074GILESJohn23 Jun 183840with Miller
PN16933GILESPIEPeter02 Nov 183953
PN12565GILLARDAnn T02 Jul 186434
PN09963GILLESPIEEliza1858With McGee.
PN16902GILLIGANBridget17 Dec 1850With Argent. see Fagan.
PN16905GILLIGANEdward21 Feb 1863With Argent. see Fagan.
PN16903GILLIGANJohn22 Feb 1851With Argent. see Fagan.
PN16904GILLIGANMary10 Jul 1857With Argent. see Fagan.
PN02219GILLIGANMichael25 Apr 1886
PN16958GILLIGANThomas John30 Mar 183120
PN16932GILROY2 infantswith Smith.
PN16929GILROYHannah29 Sep 1849with Smith.
PN16930GILROYJames1865with Smith.
PN16928GILROYMargaret17 Jun 1837with Smith.
PN00384GILROYSarah01 Aug 186870with Smith.
PN10006GINNJaneWith Douglas.
PN04708GINSBURGEmanuel23 May 186624
PN04709GLANHAMAgnes13 Dec 184940
PN04710GLANVILLERichard16 Mar 184131
PN04711GLASSONFrances08 Feb 184538
PN04712GLASSONFrancis24 Feb 184517
PN11896GLASSOPAmelia14 Dec 1852
PN11897GLASSOPJames28 Mar 1854
PN11898GLASSOPJohn24 Mar 1859
PN16926GLEESONDenis10 Oct 184624
PN16983GLEESONMary03 Jun 1851With Smith and Brennan.
PN02033GLENDENNINGRobert23 May 1882
PN09964GLENDENNINGWilliam07 Jan 1860
PN13667GLENDONMary1848With Bloodsworth and Stone and Cox. See Hill and Howell
PN16863GLENNANAndrew1849With Hall.
PN16862GLENNANElizabeth1849With Hall.
PN16127GLISSANHannah28 Jun 186235
PN14055GLOVEREllen02 Mar 185922
PN01207GLOVERJames02 Jan 187450
PN01975GLOVERJames Joseph George16 Aug 188158
PN14054GLOVERJames Thomas25 Jul 18561m
PN14052GLOVERMary11 Apr 183441
PN01241GLOVERMary Maud Sarah02 May 187410
PN14053GLOVERThomas08 Mar 183641
PN14056GLOVERThomas A13 Jan 1874
PN16869GLYNNJoseph20 Apr 185015m4d
PN14078GODDARDGeorge Alexander07 Jan 18281y11m
PN09986GOETHECharles02 Jan 185311m2d
PN04722GOFFStephen20 Nov 182045
PN00496GOGGINDavid06 Feb 1869
PN16957GOGGINSMargaretWith Morrison, Ryan, Mahar and Newman.
PN16876GOGGSFrancissee May.
PN04723GOHMANGilda08 Jun 186415m
PN16963GOLDJ. Japsley09 Aug 1866With Morley, Driscoll and Doyle and Martin.
PN16964GOLDJames Leo.08 Sep 1834With Morley, Driscoll and Doyle and Martin.
PN16962GOLDMary Elizabeth20 Jun 1859With Morley, Driscoll and Doyle and Martin.
PN04724GOLDMANJulius21 Apr 1861
PN13111GOLDRINGLeopold16 Jun 186413y6m
PN13110GOLDSMIDIsaac Solomon14 Aug 186454
PN01247GOLDSMITHGeorge23 May 187444
PN14125GOLDSMITHJohn01 Feb 183516with Kirkman.
PN14126GOLDSMITHJohn14 May 183677with Kirkman.
PN00218GOLDSMITHOliver12 Nov 186726
PN04734GOLDSWORTHYinfant14 Dec 18461d
PN09993GOLDSWORTHYJane14 Dec 184626
PN00075GOODAnn Maims24 Apr 186721d
PN16860GOODFELLOWElizabeth20 Oct 18372y9m
PN16859GOODFELLOWFelix16 May 183522m
PN16858GOODFELLOWSarah27 Apr 18345d
PN16857GOODFELLOWWilliam20 Sep 184744
PN16980GOODMANHenry10 Sep 185639
PN04741GOODMANMoses Aaron23 Jan 186410w
PN13113GOODMANSophia Levy13 Mar 185638
PN13109GOODMANSymon14 Jun 186426
PN01553GOODRIDGEJohn04 Jul 187618With Sparks.
PN16865GOODRIDGEMary28 Aug 1860With Sparks.
PN16866GOODRIDGEMary21 Dec 1862With Sparks.
PN13683GOODSIRAmelia Campbell17 Apr 18278y8m
PN14067GOODSIRIsabella Charlotte14 Mar 18242y3m
PN14065GOODSIRJames Godfrey29 Feb 18243m
PN10041GOODSIRJames Tod03 Feb 184757with Gordon
PN10055GOODSIRWilliam17 Feb 183910m26d
PN10064GOODWINAnne21 Apr 1852
PN14051GOODWINNathaniel Rakeup22 Mar 184410
PN14050GOODWINRebecca25 Dec 183418mWith Nathaniel Rakeup.
PN14111GOODWINRichard Dawning27 Dec 18362With O'Grady.
PN14102GOODYERThomas Kendall22 Aug 18482y3m
PN10049GOOLDEliza19 Jun 1838
PN16877GOOLDEliza15 Mar 1848infantwith O'Driscoll.
PN11882GOOLDJane15 Oct 1858
PN16878GOOLDMargaretwith O'Driscoll.
PN11874GOOLDMary29 May 1864
PN16887GOOLDMary Rosanna21 May 1851
PN11873GOOLDPhillip Johnson08 May 1864
PN11881GOOLDSarah10 Apr 1855
PN09994GOOSEBERRYCora30 Jul 185275
PN09990GORDONAlexander Peter04 Jan 1845With Dickson.
PN01758GORDONCaroline27 Oct 187857
PN09974GORDONCharlessame plot as Henderson?.
PN11893GORDONCharles Molston17 Apr 186271
PN10022GORDONCharlotte Theresa02 Jan 18648y6mwith Goodsir
PN10000GORDONDavid08 Mar 184163
PN09988GORDONDavid James06 Dec 1853With Dickson.
PN09991GORDONEliza22 Feb 1856With Dickson.
PN09954GORDONElizabeth Bell07 Jul 1874
PN10016GORDONHugh24 May 183936With McLean.
PN10023GORDONJames08 Apr 182735
PN09992GORDONJohn28 Mar 186527
PN14108GORDONLewis Grant21 Mar 184316m18d
PN09973GORDONMarysame plot as Henderson?.
PN09989GORDONMary Jane25 Oct 1854With Dickson.
PN11892GORDONMary Jane30 Apr 185973
PN00574GORDONRichard Henry01 Aug 186956
PN04771GORDONSamuel D09 Dec 18511
PN11891GORDONThomas31 Mar 185187
PN09972GORDONThomassame plot as Henderson?.
PN09987GORDONWilliam09 Dec 1851With Dickson.
PN14082GOREJohn Sigmund01 Jul 182520
PN04775GORMANEliza Jane
PN09984GORMANEliza JaneWith Hamilton.
PN16955GORMANJames06 Aug 1860
PN04776GORMANJohn25 Oct 183130
PN16935GORMANJohn11 Aug 1860
PN01918GORMANJohn17 Nov 1880
PN01512GORMANMary11 Mar 187680
PN02214GORMANMary05 Feb 1886
PN12566GORMANMary Ann07 Jun 1866With Jackson.
PN01917GORMANPatrick J.15 Nov 1880
PN09985GORMANWilliamWith Hamilton.
PN14103GORMANWilliamApr 1836With Hamilton and 3 inf. children.
PN01737GORMANWilliam Nicholas23 Aug 187842
PN00168GOSTELOWArthur John08 Aug 18674y2m
PN01706GOSTELOWSarah01 Jun 187875
PN10065GOUDIEEsther23 Mar 185433
PN10067GOUDIELouisa11 Apr 18545m
PN14071GOUGHAnn04 Jun 18221
PN09953GOUGHArthur Richard19 Oct 1865
PN00847GOULDEllen Florence Emma27 Jul 18712m
PN04782GOULDJohn24 Aug 1835
PN00475GOULDJohn Joseph29 Dec 186810
PN11870GOULDMary Ann08 Jun 186648with Johnson
PN11871GOULDSamuel15 Aug 185111m19dwith Johnson
PN11872GOULDSarah Elizabeth10 Mar 185119wwith Johnson
PN01086GOULDSusan Ellen21 Jan 18735m
PN04786GOULDINGCatherine10 May 186637
PN16925GOULDINGEllen Catherine08 Sep 182612
PN16924GOULDINGPhilip John14 Aug 18318
PN16927GOULEYJudith29 Sep 1846
PN04789GOULSTONSamuel27 Dec 184756
PN04790GOULYJudith29 Sep 184637
PN09979GOUTThomasc.1860same plot number as Youl. See Parkinson
PN12582GRACEEllen Jane29 Nov 18511y10m
PN12581GRACESophia14 Sep 186550
PN01616GRACEWilliam18 Apr 187761
PN00330GRAFFAnnie Mary Ann13 May 18689m
PN00844GRAHAMAndrew William20 Jul 187114
PN11866GRAHAMAnn Simpson03 Nov 186012m
PN01954GRAHAMCatherine26 May 188145
PN11894GRAHAMCharles Henry20 Feb 185721
PN09294GRAHAMDavid31 Jan 1864Reinterment Reg. mentions Barclay
PN01039GRAHAMDavid14 Oct 18721
PN09291GRAHAMEllen17 Aug 185728Reinterment Reg. mentions Barclay
PN00354GRAHAMEllen01 Jun 186814
PN16944GRAHAMGeorge11 Mar 18396m
PN09293GRAHAMGeorge02 Dec 1863infantReinterment Reg. mentions Barclay
PN10072GRAHAMJanet C.1852
PN11869GRAHAMJanet Margaret13 Feb 18653
PN04798GRAHAMJohn28 Dec 180935
PN16945GRAHAMJohn16 Jun 1839
PN04799GRAHAMJohn16 Jun 18595y5m
PN04800GRAHAMJohn Webster28 Jul 1857
PN14098GRAHAMJulia Bethia
PN09975GRAHAMMagdalene Smith01 May 1864
PN11868GRAHAMMary Ann06 Feb 18655
PN00097GRAHAMRobert07 May 18672
PN02179GRAHAMRobert23 Apr 1885
PN09976GRAHAMRobert Fraiter06 May 1867
PN14097GRAHAMThomas28 Nov 1843
PN09292GRAHAMThomas19 Jun 1857Reinterment Reg. mentions Barclay
PN10056GRAHAMWilliam11 Oct 1856
PN01279GRANTCatherine21 Aug 187458
PN09952GRANTChristina24 Apr 1859With Duncan.
PN16934GRANTEleanor22 Jun 1834
PN10040GRANTIsabel15 Jul 184856
PN04804GRANTJ17 Nov 1836
PN14091GRANTJohn11 Dec 182533
PN01142GRANTPeter21 Jul 187332
PN11886GRAVELYArthur31 Oct 1852
PN11887GRAVELYArthur03 Aug 1854
PN11884GRAVELYArthur Lloyd02 Dec 1844
PN11885GRAVELYBenjamin Hack28 Nov 1851
PN01826GRAVELYSarah Blanchard23 Aug 187952With Threlkelds, Lloyd and Fairfax.
PN10045GRAYAgnes13 Dec 1849
PN10068GRAYAlexander03 Mar 1865
PN01128GRAYAlexander04 Jun 187369
PN10025GRAYArchibald15 Nov 18422With Ritchie with Ann Ritchie Constable.
PN01452GRAYArthur11 Oct 187595
PN00323GRAYArthur John27 Apr 18683m
PN10057GRAYCatherine31 Dec 183725
PN14086GRAYCharles Heath23 Dec 184873
PN14084GRAYEdward James03 Jan 182311y2m
PN11908GRAYElenor12 Jun 186268
PN10013GRAYEliza Jane18412y6m
PN10044GRAYElizabeth06 Sep 184783
PN10042GRAYElizabeth27 Oct 185159
PN16946GRAYEllen1836with Short.
PN12564GRAYFrederick JamesOct ????
PN11875GRAYJanet Winton31 Aug 186572
PN10026GRAYJean Barr19 Aug 18435With Ritchie with Ann Ritchie Constable.
PN14088GRAYJohn04 Sep 181856With Crossley and Townsend.
PN10012GRAYJohn01 Feb 184056
PN10032GRAYJohn28 Jun 184636
PN04819GRAYJohn10 Nov 185148
PN16936GRAYJohn10 Nov 1861
PN10011GRAYJohn Murray
PN14085GRAYMargaret08 Mar 18296
PN10060GRAYMargaret01 Mar 1856
PN10061GRAYMargaret13 Apr 1861
PN12585GRAYMargaret11 Nov 186170with Hellyer
PN10014GRAYMary Anne18434y5m
PN10015GRAYMary Patterson15 Sep 185343
PN04825GRAYPatrick23 Dec 183155
PN10043GRAYPatrick21 Nov 185157b. Fraserborough, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
PN04827GRAYSusannah27 Jan 185776
PN04828GRAYThomas01 Feb 18412
PN10034GRAYWalter09 Apr 186245
PN10058GRAYWilliam15 May 1836
PN04830GRAYWilliam14 Sep 18371
PN14100GRAYWilliam25 Jul 1848infant
PN10059GRAYWilliam Perry01 Jun 1852
PN16893GREARYMary Ann Agnes25 Mar 1865
PN16892GREARYWilliam Henry20 Sep 1845
PN12579GREENAlice Maud27 Nov 18633w
PN12577GREENAllarina Mary25 Jan 18528m
PN14104GREENAmaziah11 Feb 183851
PN00521GREENAmy Packer17 Mar 18697m
PN12578GREENCaroline07 Feb 18594y6m
PN09958GREENFanny Jane Ada27 Feb 18622y6m
PN14106GREENFrederick09 Dec 183811m11d
PN14089GREENGeorge26 Dec 18341With Hanks and Thomas.
PN14127GREENHenry Stredwick17 Sep 184652to Camperdown CE, ground of late John WILLIAMS purchased 28 Aug. 1855
PN00205GREENHerbert William28 Oct 18674
PN04841GREENJames05 Jun 1835
PN14090GREENJamesWith Hanks and Thomas.
PN09959GREENJessie Fairley26 May 18671
PN00798GREENMark Phillips22 Feb 187140
PN14128GREENMary14 Dec 184851to Camperdown CE, ground of late John WILLIAMS purchased 28 Aug. 1856
PN14105GREENMary Ann23 May 184760
PN16959GREENMary Elizabeth18 Jun 18596m
PN12580GREENRichard Wallis14 Dec 18641d
PN16861GREENRosannah28 Sep 185324
PN09957GREENSydney12 Jan 1859
PN14107GREENAWAYJoseph14 Jul 182737
PN00955GREENEBridget18 Mar 187276
PN16981GREENEMaria Ann28 Sep 184811y22d
PN14063GREENHATCHAnn08 Nov 182844With Lindsay.
PN14062GREENHATCHJoseph27 Nov 18235w5dWith Lindsay.
PN14064GREENHATCHJoseph28 Dec 184475With Lindsay.
PN04856GREENHILLSydney S19 Nov 18365
PN14077GREENSHAWPhoebe06 May 183524
PN04857GREENSLADERobert04 Jun 183130
PN12576GREENWOODJames Dent13 Nov 185032
PN16966GREENWOODSarah26 Feb 1859
PN00313GREGORY(stillborn)18 Apr 1868
PN09967GREGORYAlice1854With Dredge, Lawrence, Rook, Smith and Torning.
PN11889GREGORYEsther20 Feb 185337
PN16914GREGORYFrederick24 Aug 1854With McKinlay and Arnott.
PN14101GREGORYHenrietta27 Jan 184114m
PN04861GREGORYJames21 Jan 183550
PN14073GREGORYJohn28 Dec 184344
PN09968GREGORYLouisa13 Oct 18633With Dredge, Lawrence, Rook, Smith and Torning.
PN00994GREGORYSydney David22 Jul 18723
PN01097GREIGArthur William05 Mar 18737
PN01154GREIGClara Madeline09 Aug 18736
PN09980GREIGGeorge02 Dec 185310m
PN09997GREIGMary Ellen17 Nov 18634
PN01298GREYChristina12 Oct 187413
PN02206GREYClara30 Nov 1885
PN10030GREYSusan Ann19 Apr 18564m
PN01366GREYWilliam11 Feb 187553
PN00062GRIBBENEllen08 Apr 18674
PN04869GRIERDaniel28 Sep 182930
PN00583GRIERSONJohn30 Aug 18698m
PN16923GRIFFINAlice10 Mar 184421
PN12568GRIFFINEdward16 Jul 1852infant
PN10010GRIFFINJane Oldridge03 Sep 183954With Leftwick.
PN00979GRIFFINMargaret22 May 187216mWith O'Sullivan.
PN01327GRIFFINPeter Claud28 Dec 187411wWith O'Sullivan.
PN00421GRIFFINWilliam Henry05 Oct 186820
PN16853GRIFFITHCathenne21 Oct 184050
PN16921GRIFFITHSJohn12 Dec 184544
PN04878GRIFFITHSSamuelAug 182182
PN14119GRIGGAnn21 Jan 183926
PN14120GRIGGMary14 Nov 18384m
PN14081GRIMESJean Lucy05 Feb 18429mWith Underwood.
PN16890GRIMLEYAnn02 Mar 185552
PN00285GRIMLEYEdward Peter27 Feb 18682y3m
PN01023GRIMSTONESamuel Edward29 Jun 187254With Burrowes.
PN04885GRIMWOODRobert01 Sep 186347
PN09956GRIMWOODRobert27 Sep 1863
PN16975GROGANCatherine17 Dec 186138
PN16948GROGANCatherine E. M.30 Aug 1859
PN14076GROGANChristopher03 Aug 182056
PN00417GROGANElizabeth Mary28 Sep 186822m
PN00227GROGANEllen Frances27 Nov 186710m
PN16949GROGANMargaret17 Apr 1860
PN02162GROGANThomas08 Nov 1884
PN01487GROOMAlbertine Dupont06 Jan 187683same plot as Hambourge.
PN01509GROOMAmelia Theresa07 Mar 1876same plot as Hambourge.
PN01482GROOMJames Philip31 Dec 18758msame plot as Hambourge.
PN16986GROOMWilliam30 Jan 1852same plot as Hambourge.
PN14080GROSEFrancis29 Jan 186136with Hickey, Leighton and Slater.
PN04890GROSEKate08 Feb 186718
PN13112GROSSBERGEREmanuel Barnett23 May 186624
PN16207GROTTYMichael04 Dec 1865
PN04893GROVESGeorge08 Jul 1829
PN16881GRUBBENEllen Emmaline07 Apr 1867With Lyons and Ryder.
PN16984GRUMMWilliam09 Feb 1854With Tunsell.
PN09951GUILLAMRobert Wade21 Oct 186648
PN14079GUISEWilliam Charles11 May 1853With Hodges, Brinkley and Board.
PN14109GULLYMartha04 Sep 183357
PN10008GUNNDonald13 Mar 18402y2m
PN10009GUNNHugh07 Apr 18446y4m
PN10019GUNTONGraceWith Davidson and Du Moulin.
PN10020GUNTONHarry T.With Davidson and Du Moulin.
PN10017GUNTONHenry15 Jul 184435With Davidson and Du Moulin
PN10018GUNTONLouisa Jane04 Nov 18391With Davidson and Du Moulin
PN11904GURNERAlice Carthew06 Aug 1880With Wells and Firth.
PN11903GURNERJames Herbert19 Nov 1863With Wells and Firth.
PN02220GURNERJane29 Apr 188766With Wells and Firth.
PN02045GURNERJohn17 Jul 188289With Wells and Firth.
PN11899GURNERJohn Thomas29 Jul 1852With Wells and Firth.
PN01957GURNERRebecca Ann09 Jun 1881With Wells and Firth.
PN16938GUTCHCaroline06 May 1852
PN16939GUTCHEliza Mary12 Jul 1854
PN01426GUTHRIEElizabeth14 Aug 187541
PN00772GUTHRIERobert Bruce16 Dec 18701
PN04901GUTSELLFrances09 Apr 185365
PN04902GUTSELLJohn27 Sep 185368
PN04903GUTTERIDGEJames26 Oct 183125
PN01395GUYMargaret14 May 187564With Delaney and Beattie and Pearce. Nee Delaney
PN01860GUYMary27 Feb 188047With Steel and Johnson
PN01291GUYMary Josephine16 Sep 187430
PN16953GUYSamuel Dennis27 Aug 18532y4mWith Delaney and Beattie and Pearce.
PN11877GUYSarah13 Jul 1846
PN11876GUYWilliam11 Jun 1839
PN17075HAFFERTYAnn26 Nov 186283
PN17074HAFFERTYEdward07 Dec 185976
PN14138HAGGITTThomas01 Dec 183629
PN00575HAIGHMargaret04 Aug 186958with Linehan and McCarthy.
PN11917HAILEYMartha12 Jan 186127
PN11918HAILEYMartha04 Feb 18613w
PN11919HAILEYMary23 Feb 18615w
PN04916HAINESGeorge03 Jun 182045
PN17135HAIRICKJames24 May 1848With Cosgrove.
PN14228HALBURDRebecca21 Mar 182836with Brunton.
PN14229HALBURDSamuel07 Jul 182955with Brunton.
PN12652HALEJohn Robert07 Feb 18501m
PN04918HALLAnne Mary21 May 184928
PN04919HALLCharlotte20 Aug 182641
PN01981HALLElizabeth19 Sep 1881
PN12664HALLElizabeth Carlton1862
PN04920HALLMary09 Dec 18233m2w6d
PN04921HALLMary Ann
PN17021HALLMary AnnWith Glennon,
PN04922HALLMary Brewin09 Dec 183214
PN10074HALLMiddleton07 Aug 1865
PN17020HALLPatrick05 May 184040With Glennon.
PN14307HALLWilliam08 Aug 182373
PN14267HALLWilliam21 May 1849see Alice Maria Ball
PN10133HALLWilliam A08 Jul 185045With Carr and Francis
PN19205HALLORANFrancis Simeon25 Jun 18252y6m
PN04926HALLORANLaurence Hynes07 Mar 183167
PN14200HALLORANLydia Ann31 Oct 182345
PN17208HALLOWAYMargaret10 Nov 1858With Fogarty.
PN17240HALPINPatrick10 Apr 185042
PN11944HAMAnn Job19 Dec 1870With Perry.
PN11942HAMElizabeth14 Jul 1874With Perry.
PN11943HAMJohn14 Mar 185255With Perry.
PN14282HAMMaria16 Apr 184855headstone and footstone
PN04931HAMBLETONJoseph25 Nov 1826
PN17251HAMBURGFrederick22 Oct 18643y2msame plot as Groom.
PN14194HAMILTONAlexander18 Oct 18202d
PN04933HAMILTONAlexander24 Apr 183558
PN10093HAMILTONCatherine18 May 1854
PN14193HAMILTONCatherine Jane26 Jun 182222
PN10119HAMILTONFlora V1842with Orchard and Valiance.
PN10090HAMILTONGeorge25 May 18533y6m
PN14256HAMILTONHannah22 Nov 1845
PN10091HAMILTONHelen22 Jul 18623y9m
PN14226HAMILTONJames26 Nov 183842With Arkell and Kirkby.
PN10084HAMILTONJames20 Mar 1866
PN04939HAMILTONJames S25 Apr 1835
PN10095HAMILTONJessie28 Aug 18607y5m
PN10100HAMILTONMargaret07 Mar 1856With Gorman.
PN10092HAMILTONPeter Henderson07 Dec 1852
PN14257HAMILTONthree infantsWith Gorman. With Hannah Hamilton (mother?)
PN10094HAMILTONWilliam Sydney21 Dec 1856
PN17198HANCEJohn03 Jan 185172With Humphries.
PN14284HANCOCKElizabeth Jane02 Jun 184859
PN17276HANCOCKMargaret1850With Barlow
PN17275HANCOCKMary1850With Barlow
PN14135HANCOCKWalter William Arch02 Sep 18581y11mWith Lea, Dewhurst and Fairclough.
PN14219HANDGeorge11 Jan 182844
PN17186HANDMary Ann15 Oct 186328with Passmore and Robertson.
PN10177HANDTMary01 Dec 1844With Crook.
PN14311HANKINSONGeorge Randall27 Nov 184025
PN04949HANKINSONJames28 Nov 183045
PN04950HANKINSONSophia Grace31 Mar 183050
PN11940HANKSAlice29 May 186516
PN14334HANKSJames17 Dec 18217m
PN14225HANKSSarah16 Dec 182854With Thomas and Green.
PN01705HANLEYHannah27 May 187863
PN01611HANLEYMartin25 Mar 187768
PN16993HANLEYMary Ann12 May 1840
PN17174HANLEYThomas05 May 185353
PN17146HANLONMary Ann18 Nov 184849
PN17196HANLYMary1864With McGrath and Butler.
PN04956HANLYMary A08 Nov 1865
PN17136HANNANMary08 Feb 1855
PN17001HANNENPatrick31 Aug 1851With Doyle.
PN01508HANNIGANMargaret03 Mar 1876With Power.
PN01548HANNIGANMichael26 Jun 187629With Power.
PN00254HANNONFrancis06 Jan 186812
PN17006HANNONJohn B25 Jun 186616
PN17005HANNONNicholas13 Mar 1863
PN16994HANRAHANJames19 May 186442
PN17107HANRANBridget29 Aug 186561
PN17106HANRANFrancis17 Oct 184949
PN17044HANRATTYElizabeth01 May 1856With McArdell.
PN01947HANRATTYMary23 Apr 188162With McArdell.
PN17043HANRATTYMichael10 Oct 1855With McArdell.
PN17042HANRATTYPeter11 Jun 1854With McArdell.
PN17041HANRATTYPeter28 May 1865With McArdell.
PN11956HANSENEllen11 Jul 1866With Ball.
PN14312HANSENHannah20 May 182371
PN14313HANSENThomas30 Jan 183774
PN04967HANSEYHannah01 Feb 1824
PN00079HANSLOWAlfred Robert27 Apr 18671y7m
PN12599HANSLOWBenjamin01 Jul 185757
PN14132HANSLOWEliza Rebecca23 Jun 18393y3m
PN14330HANSLOWEmma21 Apr 184211dWith Collins.
PN14328HANSLOWMary Ann25 Oct 183929With Collins
PN14133HANSLOWPeter02 Aug 18478m
PN14131HANSLOWRebecca18 Mar 18331y3m
PN14331HANSLOWThomas John Berringer12 Jul 184913m25dWith Collins.
PN14329HANSLOWWilliam19 Mar 184110dWith Collins.
PN04977HANSONElizabeth22 Aug 183736
PN04978HANSONJames30 May 183956
PN04979HANSONMarion02 Jan 18552y11m
PN14227HARDENCatherine Rosa04 Apr 18344w
PN10130HARDIEAgnes21 Sep 18353mWith Alderson and Marr
PN00722HARDIEAmelia Marian11 Jul 187010With Alderson and Marr 616.
PN11929HARDIECharles Thomas15 Feb 18642M
PN01217HARDIEEdward24 Jan 18744
PN10131HARDIEJanet24 Jul 183731With Alderson and Marr
PN10129HARDIERobert06 Aug 183626With Alderson and Marr
PN02225HARDIMANMary26 Jul 1886
PN17215HARDIMANMichael21 Jul 1860
PN01156HARDIMANMichael26 Aug 187337
PN04987HARDINJohn07 Aug 1836
PN02240HARDINGAlice Maud19 Jan 1887
PN00413HARDINGClarence Henry11 Sep 18682
PN14195HARDINGHenry05 Aug 182445
PN01901HARDINGMargaret16 Sep 1880
PN04989HARDINGWilliam12 Apr 183956
PN01800HARDWICKJohn07 Apr 18791
PN10118HARDWICKMary Ann Jane Letitia22 Aug 1866
PN17197HARDYEllen09 Dec 1859
PN12642HARDYThomas08 Apr 1858
PN12641HARDYWilliam03 Dec 1856
PN04990HARFIELDJames16 Sep 185829
PN17188HARFORDJames15 Jul 185754
PN00260HARKNESSJames Randle18 Jan 18688d
PN12659HARKNESSJessie Hannah30 Dec 1856with Muddle.
PN04992HARKNESSJohn29 May 186565
PN01617HARKNESSJohn25 Apr 187763with Muddle.
PN17253HARLECatherine16 May 186656
PN00776HARLEElizabeth Maude22 Dec 18701
PN10078HARLEWilliam29 Apr 186361
PN17257HARLEYJohn20 Aug 186175with Champion and Fleeton.
PN17259HARLEYSarah Barnett30 Sep 186780with Champion and Fleeton.
PN17180HARNETTPatrick12 Sep 184434
PN17181HARNETTWilliam05 Apr 184010m
PN14297HARPERAnn02 Feb 18483y5m
PN14298HARPERCatherine11 May 18482y5m
PN17201HARPERCecilia17 Jul 186577
PN14349HARPERDavid02 Jan 18388m
PN05003HARPERElizabethJun 1839
PN14159HARPERFanny Elizabeth11 Sep 183510w
PN14302HARPERFrancis Hubert24 Feb 184711m
PN14162HARPERJohn H25 Nov 183325
PN14160HARPERMargaretJun 1839
PN14161HARPERMary Ann25 May 183342
PN17200HARPERMichael Patrick17 Sep 18622y2m2d
PN14303HARPERRobert Cotton20 Mar 18482m
PN11923HARRIESGeorge10 Aug 186629
PN05011HARRISAbigail31 May 186681
PN12614HARRISAlbert23 Feb 18579mWith Miller
PN05013HARRISBarnett01 Jun 1850
PN14294HARRISCatherine07 Jul 1840
PN13119HARRISHenry30 Sep 1843
PN13127HARRISHenry02 Apr 185855
PN12615HARRISJames12 Sep 186311With Miller
PN00257HARRISJane13 Jan 1868with McMaster.
PN14315HARRISJohn07 Jul 182339
PN14211HARRISJohn30 May 184456
PN05019HARRISJohn08 Nov 184940
PN17179HARRISJohn15 Mar 185035
PN17151HARRISKathleen Amina14 Nov 185643With Moore
PN05022HARRISMoses07 Dec 1849
PN13116HARRISSolomon23 Sep 186471
PN05023HARRISSolomon12 Oct 186476
PN11938HARRISONAnn Elizabeth24 Dec 1855infant
PN10175HARRISONClementine Ada09 Nov 18549m
PN17073HARRISONEliza17 Jun 184221
PN17187HARRISONElizabeth10 May 18482y7msee Lawless.
PN11973HARRISONElizabeth30 Jul 1863
PN14239HARRISONJames Sterling01 Jul 183028
PN11937HARRISONMary Ann Elizabeth24 Dec 185522
PN11974HARRISONThomas James14 May 1865
PN14322HARROLDSarah02 May 184853see Thomas.
PN14321HARROLDThomas06 Feb 184750see Thomas.
PN01517HARTAlexander28 Mar 187680
PN13126HARTAsher06 Feb 186074
PN14268HARTEleanor15 Nov 184134
PN00090HARTFlorence02 May 18679m
PN17242HARTHonora01 Oct 1863
PN13128HARTHyam05 Feb 1842
PN05034HARTHymen15 Oct 18423
PN05038HARTIsabella Rosetta02 Jul 18663m2w
PN01244HARTMargaret20 May 187453
PN01749HARTMaria27 Sep 187841
PN01306HARTMary Ann17 Nov 1874
PN17002HARTPhillip14 Feb 1857With Reilly.
PN13124HARTPhoebe02 Mar 186475
PN05040HARTRose19 Jul 18664m
PN00089HARTThomas Francis01 May 18672y9m
PN10134HARTThomas HenryOct 1853
PN01300HARTTimothy02 Nov 18743m
PN05041HARTEHonora01 Oct 1863
PN17129HARTEJohn09 Jun 1859
PN17127HARTEJohn William12 Sep 184729
PN17131HARTEMarie Juana02 May 186423m
PN17130HARTEMary Jane1860
PN17128HARTESarah27 Apr 1856
PN14289HARTINIsaac24 Nov 1840see McKelly.
PN14290HARTINThomas05 Nov 1839see McKelly.
PN05047HARTLEYElizabeth05 Apr 18412y2m
PN14347HARTLEYFanny13 Oct 18421mwith Allkin.
PN05049HARTONIsaac04 Nov 184040
PN05050HARTONThomas05 Nov 18392y8m
PN00661HARVEYAnnie Jane22 Feb 18701
PN17092HARVEYCatherine24 Oct 184047nee Delaney
PN01859HARVEYCatherine25 Feb 188038
PN01771HARVEYCatherine Maude04 Dec 187814m
PN01262HARVEYCharles08 Jul 18743
PN10150HARVEYJames Henry
PN10164HARVEYJohn18 Nov 18359m
PN10166HARVEYJohn14 Jan 18631y5m
PN10163HARVEYMary23 Jan 183825
PN00606HARVEYMary Smith05 Oct 18695w
PN14199HARVEYWilliam Hayden24 Aug 182441With Lowe and Mordant.
PN01764HARVEYWilliam Smith08 Nov 187843
PN10162HARVIEHenry Cawse18 Feb 184636with John Paul
PN12603HASKERAdeline Clara20 Oct 18736mSee Jackson
PN19228HASKEREmmeline V F03 Apr 1872See Jackson
PN00449HASKERVictoria Harriet10 Nov 186814w
PN17190HASSETTJames02 Oct 1839
PN14148HATCHEllen Douglass12 Jan 183826
PN14246HATELYJoseph10 Dec 183868
PN05064HATFIELDIsaac05 Nov 1855
PN05063HATFIELD07 Sep 1855
PN10097HATTONFrederick25 Mar 18604
PN01885HATTONSarah Jane01 Jul 188022
PN10137HAVENSJanet12 Mar 185572see Campbell.
PN17243HAVESDaniel07 Aug 1841
PN17018HAVESEdward20 Feb 1851
PN17250HAVESRichardWith Byrne.
PN10180HAWAYJoseph05 Aug 18412y4m
PN10182HAWAYWilliamMar 1846
PN14260HAWKEREdwardSep 18357mWith Dwyer.
PN14261HAWKERWilliamJul 18365mWith Dwyer.
PN14141HAWKINSEliza24 Oct 184433
PN17027HAWKINSJohn15 Jul 185333
PN00216HAWLEYAnn12 Nov 1867
PN12627HAWLEYChristopher John07 Apr 18631y9m
PN12626HAWLEYMargaret Jane18 Jun 18601
PN00189HAWLEYSarah30 Sep 1867
PN10171HAWTHORNJohn14 Nov 184112
PN14287HAWTHORNMorton04 Jan 1834
PN10099HAYJessie25 Jan 186518m
PN10098HAYWilliam05 Aug 18654
PN00779HAYDONAnn29 Dec 18703m
PN01872HAYESCatherine13 May 188072
PN01189HAYESDaniel Patrick29 Nov 187313d
PN05078HAYESDenis11 Dec 186030
PN17203HAYESDenisFeb ????
PN05079HAYESEdward20 Feb 185158
PN17088HAYESEllen21 Jun 185067with Heffernan.
PN14283HAYESFrederick08 Nov 18431d
PN19276HAYESGeorge17 Nov 18382y6m
PN05082HAYESGeorge20 Nov 18382y6m
PN17104HAYESJohn08 Oct 18353m15d
PN17013HAYESJohn27 Feb 185336
PN00235HAYESJohn12 Dec 1867
PN17133HAYESLevinia1859With Lannen.
PN14186HAYESMichael07 Sep 1825
PN17105HAYESMichael04 Jun 183516m
PN17132HAYESPatrick07 Jul 186255With Lannen.
PN05088HAYESPatrick Edward17 Aug 18505m
PN17204HAYESPatrick Edward13 Apr 1854
PN17091HAYESThomasand 4 others. with Donelly and Wall.
PN14280HAYESWilliam Edward08 Apr 183314m
PN12658HAYESWilliam Henry23 Oct 185626
PN14271HAYLEEdward Bacon01 May 183937
PN14305HAYLOCKEdward17 Mar 185215d
PN14304HAYLOCKEdward Duncan15 Apr 184747
PN14320HAYNESJoseph31 Jan 182452
PN14264HAYWARDAnn21 Sep 182840
PN14319HAYWARDAugustus Meyrick20 May 184116
PN14308HAYWARDRichard06 Feb 184050
PN14251HAYWOODHannah31 Apr 1844
PN14180HAZARDRobert B26 Apr 182039
PN12639HAZLETAnna Bella Blair25 Aug 1848With White.
PN12640HAZLETSamuel11 Apr 1852With White.
PN14310HEADCatherine25 Mar 184730
PN17113HEADJohn26 Jun 1857with Phelan.
PN02079HEADLucy21 Feb 1883with Phelan.
PN01338HEADMargaret02 Jan 18751with Phelan.
PN01823HEADMary22 Jul 187971with Phelan.
PN17114HEADNicholas20 May 1863with Phelan.
PN14292HEADSophiaJane15 Oct 1845
PN05099HEADINGGeorge21 Sep 182039
PN05100HEALEYAnnie Maud15 Nov 18726
PN17227HEALEYDenis09 Jan 186464
PN17147HEALEYJames PNov 1875with Galegher and Blair.
PN01710HEALEYJohn12 Jun 187877
PN00290HEALEYJohn Patrick09 Mar 1868
PN17226HEALEYPatrick22 Nov 1848
PN17233HEALEYThomas23 May 183873
PN00770HEALYArthur12 Dec 187010m
PN02230HEALYCaroline27 Sep 1886
PN17222HEALYCatherineSep 1886With Donnelly and McCulloch and Brennan.
PN01516HEALYDaniel27 Mar 187642
PN17244HEALYEdmond15 Jan 184433
PN00497HEALYEvelyn Gertrude08 Feb 18692m
PN01469HEALYJohn Patrick20 Nov 18756
PN17245HEANEYCatherine16 May 186539With Galvin.
PN17223HEAPPYCatherine04 May 186240
PN00528HEAPYWilliam John19 Apr 1869
PN17252HEARLYCatherine04 Apr 1845
PN10147HECTORJames04 Oct 18395d
PN01494HECTORJames06 Feb 187664
PN17142HECTORJulia06 Sep 184811m
PN17140HECTORMary06 Jul 185742
PN05112HECTORMary12 Apr 18588
PN17087HEFFERNENJohn22 Apr 185042with Hayes.
PN17202HEFFERNONMary14 Jun 185246
PN01393HEGARTYPatrick07 May 187565With Larkin and Anderson.
PN10123HELLMRICHJohn05 Oct 1840
PN00695HELLMRICHJohn11 May 187068
PN05116HELLYERAlfred Edwin15 Apr 18471with Gray
PN12634HELLYEREdmund John11 Jun 185450dWith Gray
PN05118HELLYERMargaret20 Dec 18424mwith Gray
PN14253HELPLucretia06 Mar 1839
PN14291HEMERYConstance Ann19 Sep 18456m
PN14274HENCECharlotte29 Dec 182742
PN10115HENDERSONAllan MacDonald01 Dec 1862
PN10114HENDERSONAndrew J. Fitzherbert
PN00818HENDERSONCatherine03 May 187172same plot as Gordon?.
PN10116HENDERSONChristian Inglis04 Feb 1866
PN10081HENDERSONDuncan20 Jan 1856same plot as Gordon?
PN10088HENDERSONEliza27 Feb 1860
PN10142HENDERSONJames14 Dec 1846
PN01292HENDERSONJames20 Sep 187461
PN14262HENDERSONJohn20 Nov 183330
PN14176HENDERSONJohn09 Aug 185050not in Register - in Index. with Rose and Bartlett.
PN10096HENDERSONJohn11 Mar 185246
PN14175HENDERSONJohn Thomas15 Jun 18373y4mWith Rose and Bartlett.
PN17241HENDERSONJoseph Aloysius03 Sep 186431
PN14177HENDERSONKezia Jane31 Mar 184236With Rose and Bartlett. Index says Kezia Jane - Register says Eliza Jane.
PN14179HENDERSONLouisa Eulalie Anne18 Apr 18509With Rose and Bartlett. Register says Louisa - Index says Louisa E.A.I.
PN14178HENDERSONMargaret Elizabeth21 Apr 185020With Rose and Bartlett.
PN10141HENDERSONMargaret Nona31 Aug 1847
PN10178HENDERSONMargaret Wilson20 Mar 1833
PN10112HENDERSONMary Lilly
PN10082HENDERSONPatrick27 Apr 1863same plot as Gordon?
PN10945HENDERSONPeter Oliphant01 May 1855infant
PN10135HENDERSONSarah1844see Robertson.
PN10113HENDERSONSarah Louisa
PN13125HENDRIKSJohn Herman18 Nov 185937
PN05132HENERYCatharine Armstrong10 Nov 183232
PN05133HENERYJames25 Sep 183555
PN12628HENERYThomas William18 Aug 184435
PN14332HENLEYMary Jane11 Oct 18453y11m
PN17206HENNESSYCatherine Emma22 Oct 1864
PN17139HENNESSYDenis12 Dec 18471m
PN17138HENNESSYElizabeth05 Dec 18408d
PN00120HENNESSYElizabeth Maud01 Jun 1867
PN17205HENNESSYJohn16 Nov 1861
PN17137HENNESSYMargaret17 Aug 183640with Morris.
PN17261HENNESSYPatrick1850with Bridgets and Mulvay
PN05139HENRICKJohn24 May 184825with Ann Cosgrove
PN05140HENRYBernard Murray Joseph25 Jul 186447
PN17262HENRYBridget13 May 1860infant
PN05141HENRYBridget24 Sep 186542
PN17263HENRYBurnett John1864
PN10124HENRYJames16 Jun 1857
PN10125HENRYJohn Magnie Henry25 Mar 1839
PN12629HENRYMartha08 Sep 185216
PN14252HENRYMary Ann09 Jul 18463m
PN12631HENRYRobert14 Sep 18632y11m
PN12630HENRYWilliam Arthur04 Oct 18624
PN05148HENSELYSussanah22 Sep 18457m22d
PN14259HENSHALLHannah26 Jan 183249
PN14254HENSHAWCharles13 Aug 183545
PN14345HENSLEYFrances18 Nov 183856
PN14318HENSLOWEFlorence Georgiana Katherine22 Dec 18407m
PN14299HENSONEmaline1847see Benson.
PN14272HENSONWilliam10 May 1832
PN14181HEPBURNFrancis William29 Nov 183635With Morris.
PN11934HERBERTSophia25 Aug 185642
PN19286HESKETHRobert08 Oct 183850
PN17112HEWITTGeorge02 Jan 1858
PN14140HEWSONWilliam Drew25 Feb 183428y3m
PN01480HEYDONMartha28 Dec 187525With Smith.
PN12656HEYWOODAnn Lister06 Jun 185454
PN12657HEYWOODGeorge Leech13 Jan 186017
PN12655HEYWOODThomas27 Oct 186562
PN14293HIBBARDDaniel09 Sep 183256
PN01818HICKEYAnn02 Jul 187964
PN17009HICKEYCornelius30 Aug 185512y3m
PN17164HICKEYDaniel08 Aug 185242with Coqoelin.
PN01046HICKEYDaniel27 Oct 187263
PN17183HICKEYElizabeth23 Jul 186443with Frawley
PN00300HICKEYElizabeth26 Mar 18689m
PN02109HICKEYHonora05 Aug 1883With Mcglinn, Quinn and Shapter.
PN02051HICKEYJames Edward07 Aug 1882
PN16995HICKEYJohn27 Jun 1866With Mcglinn, Quinn and Shapter.
PN14215HICKEYKatewith Leighton, Slater and Grose.
PN17163HICKEYMary10 Nov 184938with Coquelin.
PN01640HICKEYMary20 Jul 187750
PN02254HICKEYMary23 May 1887
PN02063HICKEYPhillip21 Oct 1882With Mcglinn, Quinn and Shapter.
PN01335HICKEYTheresa02 Jan 18759m
PN17165HICKEYThomas14 Jul 1852infant
PN17100HICKEYThomas25 Nov 1866
PN00200HICKEYWilliam John20 Oct 18671y9mWith Mcglinn, Quinn and Shapter.
PN00578HICKEYWinifred11 Aug 1869
PN01870HICKSAgnes23 Apr 188059With Denton.
PN02140HICKSAlbert A31 Mar 1884With Denton.
PN12650HICKSCaroline1855With Denton.
PN11968HICKSDavid13 Sep 1865
PN01864HICKSEliza11 Mar 188073
PN11969HICKSHannah17 Mar 1853
PN12649HICKSThomas1854With Denton.
PN01443HICKSThomas27 Sep 1875With Denton.
PN17225HIDDILSTONJane15 Aug 184830
PN17150HIGGINSAnne22 Jan 185338
PN01420HIGGINSCatherine01 Aug 187560
PN17053HIGGINSCatherinewith Taylor.
PN17080HIGGINSDavid H.24 Oct 1862
PN17078HIGGINSEllen01 Jun 1856
PN17090HIGGINSFrancis12 Jul 18425y6m
PN17052HIGGINSJames1863with Taylor.
PN00243HIGGINSJeremiah23 Dec 1867
PN17051HIGGINSJohanna1862with Taylor.
PN17079HIGGINSJohn16 Apr 1857
PN17191HIGGINSJohn Henry09 May 185652
PN17033HIGGINSMary12 Jun 1843
PN01096HIGGINSMary01 Mar 187346
PN17082HIGGINSMary Agnes28 Feb 1873
PN17035HIGGINSMary Ann
PN17077HIGGINSPatrick06 Apr 1845
PN17076HIGGINSWilliam07 Feb 1841
PN01589HIGGSIsabella N29 Nov 187626
PN00280HILDERElizabeth Eleanor23 Feb 1868child
PN00289HILDERFrancis Thomas06 Mar 18682y5m
PN12643HILDERWilliam Joseph22 Dec 1864
PN12607HILESAnn09 Nov 1860
PN12609HILESCharles22 May 1865
PN12610HILESElizabeth06 Dec 1865
PN12612HILESFanny14 Dec 1866
PN12611HILESGeorge02 Apr 1866
PN12606HILESLouisa02 Dec 1858
PN12608HILESSophia02 Jun 1863
PN10106HILLAgnes Greenhill01 Jun 186026
PN14244HILLAnn15 Aug 184228see Kemp.
PN14337HILLAnn13 Jun 1843With Clendon
PN14184HILLAnn Eliza07 May 182935with McDermott.
PN12618HILLAnn Elizabeth
PN14185HILLArthur22 Mar 183450with McDermott.
PN02235HILLCatherine22 Dec 1886
PN14339HILLCharles Henry21 Nov 184823With Clendon
PN01302HILLCharles W06 Nov 18741h
PN14341HILLDavid07 Sep 187165With Clendon
PN17017HILLEllenor15 Nov 185764With Armstrong.
PN14343HILLEmma Parthenia.26 Jun 18416With Clendon
PN12616HILLEsther24 Jun 185232
PN14155HILLFrederick James12 Sep 184810mwith Howell and Stone
PN17247HILLGWith Stafford and Lea.
PN14344HILLGeorge04 Nov 18475mWith Clendon
PN05194HILLGeorge01 Oct 185645
PN14154HILLGeorge William22 Dec 1839with Howell and Stone
PN14156HILLGeorge William Richard16 Sep 18485with Howell and Stone
PN14342HILLHannah14 May 185042With Clendon
PN14182HILLHarriot09 Apr 181919
PN14158HILLJames1839with Howell and Stone
PN00969HILLJames06 May 1872stillborn
PN01716HILLJames Patrick23 Jun 187864
PN05201HILLJames William07 Nov 187420 mins
PN05202HILLJohn30 Apr 184212
PN00921HILLJohn19 Dec 1871
PN14243HILLJohnsee Kemp.
PN14145HILLJohn Henry20 May 18448m4d
PN14183HILLJoseph16 Aug 18343y4m
PN14336HILLMary29 Jan 185274With Clendon
PN17246HILLMary Ann13 Jan 1840With Stafford and Lea.
PN14153HILLMary Eliza27 Nov 183413mwith Howell and Stone
PN19270HILLMichael29 Apr 1851
PN14214HILLPhoebe Sapphira07 Nov 186383
PN14213HILLRichard30 May 183654
PN12617HILLRowland01 Apr 18549m
PN14241HILLSarah13 Mar 183244see Kemp.
PN14240HILLSophia02 Aug 183017see Kemp.
PN14242HILLSusannah23 Jul 184065see Kemp.
PN05213HILLW17 Nov 1836
PN14335HILLWilliam22 Mar 184067With Clendon
PN14340HILLWilliam Australia31 May 18464mWith Clendon
PN14338HILLWilliam Smith30 Jan 184431With Clendon
PN12633HILLIERAlfred Edwin15 Apr 1847With Gray
PN12632HILLIERMargaret20 Dec 1842With Gray
PN12635HILLIERMargaret Gray11 Nov 1861With Gray
PN10101HILLSMary Ann Ellen18 Feb 18499m8d
PN12601HILLWELLThomas06 Apr 1850
PN10138HILTONHoratia MatildaWith Smith.
PN10080HILTONMary1857With Anderson.
PN05221HILTONSarah29 May 183932
PN11927HINCHCLIFFEEdward James
PN05222HINCHCLIFFEEdwin29 Sep 185639
PN11925HINCHCLIFFEHannah Mary16 Jun 1864
PN11924HINCHCLIFFEHephzibah14 Mar 1864
PN00851HINCHEYTeresa04 Aug 18712d
PN17194HINCHYEsther18 Feb 185756
PN17193HINCHYPatrick William02 Dec 185266
PN17195HINCHYWilliam F.02 Jun 1853
PN14217HINCKSJames30 Sep 183843
PN14216HINCKSJane20 Dec 182728
PN14348HINDJane Harriet29 Mar 184919With Wheeler.
PN11922HINDLEIsaac18 May 185751
PN14223HINDMARSHMary25 Jul 185338With Iredale, Dale and Brennand.
PN14222HINDMARSHRalph08 Feb 184238With Iredale, Dale and Brennand.
PN12623HINDSMary Ann04 Jan 18514w
PN12624HINDSWilliam Henry25 Oct 18529m
PN00477HINEMary Ellen30 Dec 18687m
PN00751HINTONEliza10 Oct 187032
PN00915HINWOODEliza Jane11 Dec 18717
PN11936HINWOODSusan Ann28 Oct 1856
PN14316HIRSTJames09 May 18481y9m
PN00831HISHIONRobert26 Jun 187122
PN17025HISSHENCatherine Bridget1842
PN17022HISSHENPatrick10 Feb 185116y6m
PN10148HITCHCOCKHenry22 Jun 185185
PN17230HITCHCOCKJohn02 Apr 1863
PN10176HITCHCOCKSarah10 Feb 184666With Brown.
PN11933HITCHISONMeyrick G.
PN11965HOBBSAlfredAug 1862
PN11972HOBBSAlfred George20 Mar 1863
PN11962HOBBSCharlesFeb 1836
PN01413HOBBSElizabeth03 Jul 187572
PN00928HOBBSFrederick06 Jan 187273
PN11964HOBBSIsabellaFeb 1843
PN14346HOBBSJames09 Apr 183764
PN11963HOBBSLouisJan 1841
PN11961HOBBSLouisNov 1833
PN14208HOBDENAlbenia04 Nov 182932with Corrigan and Noble.
PN10174HOBSONCharles13 Jul 18432
PN14323HOBSONElizabeth07 Sep 18342
PN10173HOBSONJoseph Charles24 Oct 18391
PN10172HOBSONThomas22 Jul 184129
PN05252HOCKEYThomas21 Oct 188163
PN01352HODGESElizabeth Sophia21 Jan 18751with Thomson and Briggs
PN00399HODGESJohn Thomson20 Aug 186820mwith Thomson and Briggs
PN14209HODGESMargaret01 Sep 1824With Brinkley, Board and Guise.
PN14210HODGESWilliam23 Feb 1838With Brinkley, Board and Guise.
PN13660HODGKINSONMatilda Mary11 May 184217with Chenhalls and Noble.
PN14255HODGKINSONWilliam01 Aug 184839
PN01544HODGSONAnnie08 Jun 187627
PN19246HODGSONArthur Henry18 Mar 184610m
PN17089HOGANAmealey12 Aug 1852
PN00762HOGANBertile21 Nov 187017d
PN17172HOGANEliza08 Oct 186245
PN17097HOGANEllen16 Mar 183612d
PN05262HOGANEllen14 Sep 184020
PN05264HOGANEmily Amealay17 Aug 185236
PN17125HOGANHenry06 May 185927
PN00215HOGANJohanna11 Nov 186769
PN17099HOGANJohn19 Jun 183514m
PN17169HOGANJohn19 Nov 18456m
PN05268HOGANJohn19 Jun 185514m
PN17237HOGANJohn01 Jul 18611y6m
PN05270HOGANJohn10 Jan 18641
PN01711HOGANMargaret14 Jun 187877
PN01806HOGANMaria17 May 187954
PN17096HOGANMary09 Mar 183636
PN17235HOGANMary02 Apr 188255
PN02017HOGANMary03 Apr 1882
PN17160HOGANMichael24 May 1852
PN05273HOGANMichael10 May 185356
PN17170HOGANMichael James10 Nov 1853
PN17168HOGANMichael Joseph24 Feb 18453
PN17171HOGANPatrick10 Jan 185941
PN01939HOGANSarah25 Feb 188126
PN00753HOGANSimon13 Oct 187080
PN17093HOGANThomas22 Oct 1863
PN17254HOGANTimothy06 May 186026
PN01760HOINSCatherine30 Oct 187835With McGee and Walsh. Stone to Bunn 2N, 135.
PN01720HOINSDaniel15 Jul 187833
PN00615HOINSEllen01 Nov 186917
PN02203HOINSMary26 Oct 188574
PN17119HOINSMary Ann10 Oct 185912
PN00916HOINSMichael Thomas13 Dec 187122mWith McGee and Walsh. Stone to Bunn 21, 135.
PN17118HOINSWilliam03 Feb 185645
PN01538HOINSWilliam Patrick29 May 187633With McGee and Walsh
PN17068HOKINCatherine24 Jan 185233
PN11932HOKINDaniel21 Nov 186181
PN11931HOKINFrances14 Mar 1853
PN17071HOKINJames23 Jul 185333
PN14172HOLDENMary19 Sep 184940With Roberts and Huffingtos and Hutchinson. Nee Hutchinson
PN11954HOLDENWilliam23 Mar 186131
PN14164HOLDSWORTHJohn21 Dec 184647
PN14309HOLDSWORTHMary Jane27 Oct 18471y1dWith Pilley.
PN14163HOLDSWORTHThomas10 Aug 183811
PN05289HOLFORDThomas18 Mar 184576
PN05290HOLLANDCatherine03 Sep 185335
PN14273HOLLANDJames19 Aug 182736
PN14165HOLLEFrederick William19 Oct 18473m14dwith McElheran.
PN17072HOLLINGDALEMary Caroline28 Feb 18627mWith Byrne.
PN12604HOLLINGWORTHElizabeth04 Jul 1861
PN01455HOLLISCharlotte15 Oct 187552With Garratt and Forbes and Clifte.
PN10139HOLLYAndrew02 Oct 185231
PN10140HOLLYAnn11 Nov 186752
PN05296HOLMEArthur Herbert03 Nov 185110m
PN12602HOLMEArthur Herbert03 Nov 1854
PN01916HOLMESDerwent Eserint10 Nov 1880
PN14327HOLMESElizabeth11 Aug 184166with Burt
PN14325HOLMESJames15 Sep 184148with Burt.
PN14263HOLMESJames Joseph14 Nov 184332
PN14326HOLMESJames William25 Nov 18394mwith Burt.
PN14220HOLMESJane13 May 182133
PN10126HOLMESJean24 Jan 184540
PN14174HOLMESJohn02 Nov 182658With Bevan.
PN01176HOLMESJohn Reginald13 Oct 18733m
PN05304HOLMESRobert22 Feb 183518
PN05305HOLTAnnNov 182659
PN14224HOLTRebecca26 Feb 18419y6mWith Bray, Llewellin and Wilson.
PN19288HOLTWilliam Broughton22 Sep 1848infant
PN14198HOODAlice02 Jul 1856With Pritchard.
PN14197HOODJohn02 Nov 1861With Pritchard.
PN05308HOODJohn Sydney28 Dec 185813m
PN14196HOODWilliam Henry17 Feb 18359y4mWith Pritchard.
PN01673HOOKJoseph Francis22 Jan 187865
PN01876HOOKMary Ann01 Jun 188052
PN17028HOOKWilliam02 Apr 18521y4m16d
PN00029HOOKWilliam Henry26 Feb 18673
PN17065HOOKERAnnie08 May 1859
PN11967HOOKERGeorge29 Sep 186035
PN17066HOOKERWilliam08 May 1859
PN12592HOOPERAnne15 Feb 186467
PN12591HOOPERAnne Hocking09 Feb 186128
PN14301HOOPERCharlotte09 Mar 1846infant
PN14350HOOPERGeorge07 Mar 182037
PN14300HOOPERGeorge Matthias30 Sep 1840infant
PN12590HOOPERWilliam11 Feb 185457
PN12593HOOPERWilliam John17 Aug 186433
PN17266HOPKINSBridget1845With Creaney and Nolan
PN17238HOPKINSBridget17 Jun 1860
PN17219HOPKINSElizabeth21 Feb 1838
PN17220HOPKINSElizabeth22 May 18441
PN00462HOPKINSEllen04 Dec 18683
PN17221HOPKINSJames01 May 18503
PN14147HOPKINSJohn26 Dec 183038
PN14266HOPKINSJohn21 Feb 1846
PN00203HOPKINSMary24 Oct 1867
PN17218HOPKINSThomas18 Oct 185338
PN11947HOPKINSWafter ???rcr?ft07 Nov 1865
PN10157HOPLEYAlfred1849infantwith Seymour.
PN10159HOPLEYAmeliawith Seymour.
PN10158HOPLEYHenrywith Seymour.
PN10156HOPLEYMargaret21 Sep 185539with Seymour.
PN10161HOPLEYSarah Seymoursee Sarah Seymour.
PN10160HOPLEYSophia1854infantwith Seymour.
PN10153HOPSONJames21 Dec 184452
PN14357HORANAlfred M
PN00014HORANJohn James23 Jan 186712mWith Long and Bryce and Lewis.
PN01562HORANMary Ellen08 Aug 18768
PN16999HORANMary Frances14 Jan 18641With Long and Bryce and Lewis.
PN17178HORGANAnna Mary02 Dec 186444
PN17176HORGANEllen14 Sep 1840With Cotter.
PN17177HORGANPierce12 Oct 184120
PN14250HORLERAnna Mary13 Mar 18422y2m8d
PN00861HORNIMANCharles Sydney16 Aug 18714mWith McLachlan.
PN10103HORNIMANEliza12 Jul 1856With McLachlan.
PN10102HORNIMANRobert23 Jun 1848With McLachlan.
PN10104HORNIMANWilliam Lachlan09 Jan 1862With McLachlan.
PN05337HORRIGANPeter James1858infant
PN17016HORRIGANPeter James21 Jan 1858infant
PN09395HORSEYEliza Vittoria20 Feb 184427with Paterson and Taylor.
PN17067HORSEYJosiah29 Nov 1863
PN13117HORTAbraham07 Jun 186242
PN14306HORTONLouisa17 Jul 183420With Cole.
PN14207HORTONMary Hannah08 May 18277mWith Mansfield.
PN17109HOSEMANEmily Mary1853with Brown and Dixon.
PN17110HOSEMANJohn1857with Brown and Dixon.
PN17111HOSEMANSarah1860with Brown and Dixon.
PN14353HOSKINGRosetta Emma Terry12 Jul 184614m14d
PN05342HOSKINSJoseph05 Oct 185475
PN14317HOUGHAMGeorge21 Nov 183912dsee Bell.
PN17126HOURIGANEllen05 Jan 1857With Crotty.
PN17256HOURIGANJohn27 Sep 1865
PN17255HOURIGANMary22 Apr 1866
PN02118HOURIGANMary15 Oct 1883
PN17234HOURIGANMatthew1860with Creswell.
PN11958HOUSTONEllen04 Mar 1862With Wetherell.
PN11957HOUSTONHugh21 Aug 1866With Wetherell.
PN10132HOUSTONMary1866with Coulter.
PN11939HOUSTONWilliam28 Dec 1862
PN14314HOVENDENHenry06 Jul 184256
PN17124HOWCatherine03 Jan 1852With Watkins
PN10145HOWJohn23 Mar 1853
PN17123HOWMary Ann28 Dec 1853With Watkins
PN10146HOWMary Arabella1865
PN17047HOWARDCatherine29 Jan 1840
PN17182HOWARDCatherine31 Mar 1861see Rowland.
PN14142HOWARDElizabeth07 Aug 183530
PN05345HOWARDJames17 Mar 1831
PN17046HOWARDJohn26 Jan 1840
PN05346HOWARDJohn01 Jan 184794
PN14295HOWARDJohnDec 1829infant
PN17145HOWARDMary25 Feb 18346m
PN17144HOWARDMichael27 Nov 183329
PN17231HOWARDSarah30 May 185651
PN12595HOWARDWilliam19 Oct 185757
PN17185HOWARTHAbraham27 Aug 1858
PN05353HOWEAlfred Australia20 Jan 183711
PN05354HOWECatherine03 Jan 185212m
PN01304HOWEElizabeth13 Nov 18742m
PN14206HOWEGeorge11 May 182151with Wills.
PN14356HOWEGeorge Terry06 Apr 186356
PN05357HOWEJohn23 Mar 185356
PN14245HOWEMary Ann18 Feb 183420
PN05359HOWEMary Ann28 Dec 18534
PN05360HOWEMary Arrabella12 Mar 186311m
PN14144HOWERobert29 Jan 182933
PN05361HOWERobert10 Dec 1874
PN05363HOWERobertus Mansfield26 Feb 182416m
PN19226HOWESarah08 Jul 182343
PN00836HOWESarah05 Jul 187174nee Bird
PN12596HOWELLAnn14 Mar 1854
PN14202HOWELLElizabeth15 Jun 182833
PN12598HOWELLHenrietta07 May 1853
PN14137HOWELLHenry15 Aug 183137
PN07083HOWELLJonathon28 Sep 182736
PN14279HOWELLJonathon28 Sep 1827With Bedford.
PN14157HOWELLMary16 Jul 185457with Howell and Stone
PN14203HOWELLMary Ann02 Nov 183413
PN14265HOWELLMary Ann20 Dec 183850
PN14201HOWELLThomas20 Jul 18223w
PN14205HOWELLThomas02 Sep 184157
PN14204HOWELLThomas William07 Nov 183512d
PN12597HOWELLWilliam12 Feb 1853
PN17154HOWESCatherine1855With Strange.
PN17153HOWESCharles1860With Strange.
PN17155HOWESEdward1857With Strange.
PN01736HOWESJohn Joseph17 Aug 187836With Strange.
PN01317HOWESRobert11 Dec 187432With Strange.
PN17189HUBBARDThomas13 Sep 186632With McElhone, Smart and White.
PN05374HUBBERTRebecca21 Mar 182836
PN00262HUDSON(stillborn)20 Jan 1868
PN11951HUDSONAmelia Jane18 Feb 1864With Taylor.
PN14212HUDSONEleanor28 Apr 182236
PN11941HUDSONHannah15 Dec 1862
PN11930HUDSONIsaac05 Nov 184553
PN11946HUDSONLucy24 Jul 185427
PN14235HUDSONMartha23 Jun 183345with Develin
PN00862HUDSONMary16 Aug 187183With Taylor.
PN14236HUDSONRobert08 Jun 183744With Develin
PN11952HUDSONSamuel Partridge24 Oct 1852With Taylor.
PN14173HUFFINGTONElizabeth30 Aug 184943With Roberts and Holden and Hutchinson.
PN12653HUGGARDFrances Mary11 Apr 185242withWestaway
PN14249HUGGETTElizabeth Ann06 May 18426y8m
PN14248HUGGETTMartha29 Mar 18402y5m
PN14351HUGHESAnn13 Dec 184147With Wainwright. and Morrison and Bayliss.
PN17019HUGHESArchibald Macdonald26 Apr 184060
PN05386HUGHESBenjamin06 Oct 183040
PN17012HUGHESBernard06 Jul 184068
PN12621HUGHESCharles19 Jul 1856with Euler.
PN12620HUGHESEmily Maria17 Oct 1850with Euler.
PN05390HUGHESEmma Sheldon05 Aug 18412
PN01158HUGHESEsther29 Aug 187370
PN00572HUGHESFrancis01 Aug 18694With Etheridge.
PN10076HUGHESFrederick27 Sep 18652With Johnson.
PN12622HUGHESHarriet Jane16 Jan 1875with Euler
PN05395HUGHESHelen08 Dec 183642
PN05396HUGHESIsabella11 Dec 183120
PN05398HUGHESJohn21 Mar 182538
PN12619HUGHESJohn10 Apr 185631with Euler.
PN00317HUGHESJohn20 Apr 186870
PN14352HUGHESJohnWith Wainwright. and Morrison and Bayliss.
PN14136HUGHESJohn Robert28 Mar 182748with Law, Miller and Kelly.
PN05402HUGHESJohn Terry17 Oct 185149
PN00406HUGHESMadeline Prescilla27 Aug 18683y3m
PN17083HUGHESMaria Cogan16 May 1841With Etheridge.
PN14288HUGHESMartha184958With Robinson.
PN05406HUGHESMartha Theresa09 Sep 18419
PN05407HUGHESMary16 Nov 182031
PN05408HUGHESMary10 Feb 182929
PN05410HUGHESMary03 Apr 183120
PN05409HUGHESMary14 May 183124
PN17085HUGHESMichael William27 Jun 18692With Etheridge.
PN05412HUGHESRichard28 Sep 182543
PN14355HUGHESRosetta05 Sep 1858with Terry and Howe.
PN14354HUGHESSamuel Terry25 Feb 186535with Terry and Howe.
PN00315HUGHESSusan15 Apr 18682y2mWith Johnson.
PN05416HUGHESSusannah27 Mar 182028
PN05419HUGHESThomas06 Apr 18266
PN05417HUGHESThomas09 Dec 183170
PN17084HUGHESThomas24 May 186362With Etheridge.
PN05421HUGHESWilliam20 Sep 182916
PN17239HUGHESWilliam31 Mar 1830
PN00556HUGHESWilliam Michael28 Jun 1869
PN12625HUGHSTONMary Isabella02 Dec 1855
PN05375HULBERTSamuel07 Jul 182955
PN12605HULLAnn28 Apr 1854
PN14286HULLJohn15 May 183844
PN10121HUMEAndrew16 Apr 184316m
PN10120HUMEAndrew17 Apr 184838
PN00296HUMEAndrew Joseph20 Mar 18684y9m
PN00024HUMEEllen Milford23 Feb 186717
PN14278HUMEIsabella06 Mar 1831
PN05426HUMEIsabella13 Jun 184817
PN00453HUMEJames15 Nov 186870With Macpherson.
PN00749HUMEMary03 Oct 187048
PN00055HUMEThomas03 Apr 186748
PN14270HUMPAGEJane08 Sep 183429
PN14269HUMPAGEJoseph08 Jul 18283w3d
PN14333HUMPHREYSJohn09 May 183832
PN17199HUMPHRIESMichael11 Aug 186056With Hance.
PN14275HUNTAmelia10 Jul 183624
PN14276HUNTAmelia Eleanor08 May 183311d
PN14296HUNTFrancis03 Aug 184320
PN14149HUNTFrederick03 Apr 183637with Mason and Williams.
PN05434HUNTHannah04 Aug 182810w
PN14151HUNTHarrietsee Mason and Williams.
PN14150HUNTIsabelsee Mason and Williams.
PN05435HUNTIsabel Catherine12 Mar 18355y6m
PN00967HUNTJames John04 May 18729m
PN17038HUNTJulia08 Sep 185739nee Freeman
PN01204HUNTTeresa Maud24 Dec 187325d
PN17249HUNTERAlex18 Mar 1832With Stafford and Lea.
PN10110HUNTERAnnie26 Jun 1866With Potts.
PN17248HUNTERDenis29 Dec 1824With Stafford and Lea.
PN10127HUNTEREliza31 Aug 185923
PN00305HUNTERElizabeth Whiddon06 Apr 18684m
PN01821HUNTERFrancis08 Jul 188056
PN10108HUNTERJohn Albert11 Mar 1854With Potts.
PN00593HUNTERMargaret13 Sep 186930With Thomson.
PN10109HUNTERMarian02 Mar 1866With Potts.
PN11920HUNTERMary Ann04 Jul 185723
PN11921HUNTERRichard Henry Arthur05 Dec 18581m
PN00852HUNTERRobert John06 Aug 18712
PN10107HUNTERWilliam03 Mar 1854With Potts.
PN05444HUNTLEYHenry19 Apr 185133
PN05445HUNTLEYIsett Rachael26 Nov 186277
PN05446HUNTLEYRobert26 Nov 185368
PN01995HURLEYMary05 Nov 188146
PN17184HURLEYMary05 Nov 188146With Davis.
PN01430HURLEYTabitha Jenkins20 Aug 187519y10mwith Phillips.
PN05449HURSTJames09 May 18481y9m
PN00741HURTWilliam12 Sep 1870
PN14146HUTCHINSCharles13 Apr 184635
PN14167HUTCHINSONAbraham06 May 182281With Roberts and Holden and Huffington.
PN14171HUTCHINSONJane18 Dec 183653
PN01362HUTCHINSONMartha07 Feb 187545
PN14170HUTCHINSONRichard Thomas18 Sep 184932With Roberts and Holden and Huffington.
PN14168HUTCHINSONWilliam26 Jul 184673With Roberts and Holden and Huffington.
PN14169HUTCHINSONWilliam17 Jul 184941With Roberts and Holden and Huffington.
PN05457HUTCHISONJohn04 Dec 1820
PN12638HUTCHISONMary14 May 1857
PN13122HYAMCharlotte Rebecca12 Apr 184935
PN13123HYAMDaniel27 Mar 18588m
PN13115HYAMDeborah21 Mar 186537
PN05461HYAMHenry02 Apr 1858
PN05462HYAMHyam18 Jun 1860
PN13121HYAMSolomon25 May 185485
PN05465HYAMSJohn29 Nov 183080
PN05464HYAMSJohn17 Aug 1838
PN00535HYLANDAlbert Henry Thom06 May 18697m
PN14231HYLANDAnn15 Nov 183520mWith Tooth
PN14234HYLANDEdgar20 Oct 185260With Tooth
PN10179HYLANDElizabeth Jane09 Aug 185133
PN14232HYLANDEmma Bailey06 Nov 185150With Tooth
PN17064HYLANDFrancis James Michael
PN14233HYLANDHenry Lambert06 Jun 183825With Tooth
PN01850HYLANDJames M.12 Jan 188020m
PN17058HYLANDJames Michael
PN17062HYLANDMary Ann
PN05471HYLANDMatthew31 Jul 1820
PN14230HYLANDSarah28 Oct 183534With Tooth
PN17060HYLANDStephen George Thos.
PN13118HYMANHyam18 Jun 1860
PN17212HYNDESEliza14 Dec 1845With Bingeman.
PN17211HYNDESElizabeth Agnes05 Mar 1851With Bingeman.
PN17214HYNDESFrederick Francis B.30 Oct 1867With Bingeman
PN17209HYNDESHenry04 Sep 1862With Bingeman.
PN17210HYNDESMargaret08 Aug 1853With Bingeman.
PN00173HYNDESSusan17 Aug 1867With Bingeman.
PN14361IBBITSONJohn24 Apr 18323With McOlester.
PN05475ICETONThomas Henry24 Dec 18475
PN14371IKINAlexander01 Jan 183848With Papps and Moore
PN14372IKINElizabeth Margaret06 Feb 184965With Papps and Moore
PN14373IKINMaria Anette18 Jun 184921With Papps and Moore
PN11977ILLIDGEFrederick Charles30 Oct 1851
PN11976ILLIDGEThomasFeb 1839
PN10195IMLAYRobert05 May 1865
PN14359INCHEliza08 Aug 183844
PN14358INCHJoseph26 May 183664
PN09837INGLISHenry07 Apr 185143
PN14370INGLISWalter William29 Aug 183513m21d
PN10191INGRAME.21 Apr 1866
PN00121INGRAMThomas03 Jun 1867
PN02137INNESAndrew Melville15 Jan 1884
PN14360INNESGeorge06 Sep 183229
PN10200INNESJames28 Dec 183919With Steel.
PN10201INNESJames Braden23 Jan 18434mWith Steel.
PN01645INNESMary Jane23 Aug 187780
PN14365IREDALEElizabeth13 Jun 18321y3mWith Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN12665IREDALEKate Emma30 Jan 18625m
PN14367IREDALEKezia24 Apr 186361With Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN19252IREDALEKezia Orton20 Sep 18403m
PN14368IREDALELancelot16 Jun 184859With Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN14363IREDALELancelot Young01 Sep 182836dWith Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN14362IREDALESarah09 Aug 182839With Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN14366IREDALESarah Emma03 Aug 18394mWith Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN14364IREDALESarah Hannah27 Mar 18322y5mWith Brennand, Hindmarsh and Dale
PN10208IRELANDAgnes1846With Casson.
PN10202IRELANDAlexander1845With Casson.
PN01118IRELANDCharles03 May 1873With Bowles and Rawlings.
PN10203IRELANDElizabeth06 Dec 1851With Casson.
PN10204IRELANDGeorge18 Feb 1852With Casson.
PN01164IRELANDHenry19 Sep 187320mWith Bowles and Rawlings.
PN10205IRELANDJanetWith Casson.
PN10206IRELANDJohnWith Casson.
PN17277IRELANDMary J.1866With Bowles and Rawlings.
PN10207IRELANDWilliam1843With Casson.
PN14369IRONSIDEJohn Frederick23 Feb 18339mWith Redman and Yarnton
PN11978IRVINEAlexander23 Oct 186326
PN02022IRVINEJames23 Nov 1879
PN00237IRVINESidney17 Dec 1867
PN05493IRWINJohn James11 Dec 183722
PN13132ISAACSAaron26 Oct 186668
PN05496ISAACSEsther09 Jun 185675
PN05497ISAACSFrances05 Mar 185640
PN05499ISAACSJacob08 Jul 1836
PN13130ISAACSLewis10 May 185742
PN13135ISAACSMichael12 Mar 185214
PN05503ISAACSRebecca Miriam19 Dec 18559 m
PN13129ISAACSRosa20 Oct 185444
PN05505ISAACSRose28 Dec 18484 m
PN13131ISAACSRosetta Jane25 Nov 18592y2m
PN05494ISAACS09 Aug 1848stillborn
PN10193ISDALECatherine14 Dec 1862
PN10194ISDALEMary29 Jan 1864
PN13136ISRAELHenry18 May 186553
PN13133ISRAELJane08 Apr 18622
PN01227JACKSON(stillborn)25 Feb 1874stillborn
PN14377JACKSONAnne Martha02 Jul 183038With Shannon and Kerr.
PN14415JACKSONCharles06 Jan 183230
PN12674JACKSONElizabeth14 Feb 1853With Gorman.
PN14424JACKSONGeorge17 Nov 18459m
PN11999JACKSONJane14 Dec 186479See Barff
PN14376JACKSONJohn Serocold27 Jan 185071With Shannon and Kerr.
PN12675JACKSONMary02 Mar 1853With Gorman.
PN14421JACKSONMary Ann06 Jul 183444
PN00896JACKSONPhoebe02 Nov 187169With Hasker.
PN10220JACKSONRobert19 Jan 1857With Stewart.
PN10221JACKSONStewart25 Mar 1854With Stewart.
PN01624JACKSONSybil Angela28 May 18772
PN14425JACKSONWilliam21 May 183121With Elizabeth Edwards
PN12669JACKSONWilliam19 Mar 1853With Hasker.
PN05517JACKSONWilliam13 Mar 185828
PN14384JACOBFrederickDec 1823
PN05518JACOBSamuel12 Feb 18474
PN05519JACOBVickers Frederick09 Dec 18237m19d
PN17312JACOBSDinah Matilda15 Aug 1839
PN13156JACOBSEphraim28 Jul 183723
PN05522JACOBSFanny31 Jul 18644y6m
PN19264JACOBSFrances S03 Jul 18327
PN13159JACOBSHannah13 Feb 18459m
PN05523JACOBSHannah13 Feb 184728
PN05525JACOBSJohanna Matilda15 Aug 183132
PN14403JACOBSJohn25 Jun 183823
PN13151JACOBSJohn22 Sep 185945
PN05527JACOBSJohn20 Apr 1868102
PN13150JACOBSLazarus31 Aug 185546
PN05531JACOBSMichael22 Sep 185252
PN13153JACOBSMichel22 Dec 1853
PN05533JACOBSMoss05 Dec 185367
PN13141JACOBSRebecca Julia26 Oct 185840
PN13146JACOBSRebecca Sarah29 Dec 184728
PN13147JACOBSSarah16 May 186545
PN05520JACOBS29 Mar 1843
PN13149JACOBSENLevi Simon14 Mar 186264
PN13154JAFFAPhillip Julius06 Nov 18616m
PN14413JAGGERWilliam28 Apr 184464
PN05540JAMESAmelia Ann27 Dec 185816m
PN11993JAMESCharlotte10 Feb 185324
PN14419JAMESDavid05 Jul 18266m
PN14383JAMESEuphemia Samuels18 Sep 18471y8m
PN12671JAMESFrances Ann18 Nov 185217m
PN12672JAMESHarriet12 Feb 186140
PN17296JAMESJane12 Feb 1856
PN05546JAMESLaura10 Jun 183820
PN12673JAMESMargaret13 Aug 186429
PN14441JAMESMary Ann08 Oct 183625
PN05549JAMESSamuel12 Jul 185754
PN14407JAMESONAnn09 Nov 182556
PN05551JAMIESONEllen09 Jan 184435
PN11990JAMIESONJames15 Aug 18483
PN10211JAMISONJames07 Jun 1861
PN14444JAQUESJohn22 Oct 182058
PN14420JAQUESMaria28 Nov 183922With Cape
PN05555JAQUESWilliam06 Mar 185484
PN00842JARDINEJohn Dishington18 Jul 187121
PN11992JARMANMary Seletto Fennings27 Apr 184858
PN11991JARMANSeletto Fennings
PN05557JARRATTOrlando Rowland06 Jul 18587m
PN05558JEFFREYBarbara26 Dec 187971
PN05559JEFFREYW17 Nov 1836
PN10234JEFFREYWilliam14 Jul 184133With Willing.
PN10259JEFFREYSRichard Henry16 Mar 1860
PN14381JELFGeorge04 Feb 183952with Brienen.
PN14382JELFRobert16 Apr 183539With Brienen.
PN10231JELFSLouisa21 Jun 186332
PN14375JENKINJames11 Feb 184129
PN17320JENKINSAlice Maria10 Apr 1851With Bryant or Brian.
PN10218JENKINSAmelia03 Oct 1859With Eedy.
PN10219JENKINSAmelia A.01 Mar 1858With Eedy.
PN17321JENKINSCharles Angus27 Jul 1867With Bryant or Brian.
PN17319JENKINSFrederick11 Oct 1839With Bryant or Brian.
PN00160JENKINSHenry Augustine29 Jul 186730
PN14378JENKINSJames27 Jan 183561
PN05566JENKINSJames11 Feb 184128
PN14389JENKINSJemima22 Mar 184259Unanderra Cemetery-Berkeley
PN05568JENKINSJohn10 Nov 183436
PN00072JENKINSJohn16 Apr 18672
PN14388JENKINSRobert04 May 182245Unanderra Cemetery-Berkeley
PN00505JENKINSSydney Vaughan16 Feb 186914mWith Lloyd, McFarlane, Lewis and Rae and Johnston.
PN10249JERRAMMary Ann1853
PN10247JERRAMThomas04 May 1838
PN00526JILKSEmma Elizabeth11 Apr 186938With Watkins, Ward and Sulllivan. see Note 1 - 11 April 1901.
PN10256JINKINJohn04 Jun 1861With Olds.
PN14400JOBBENSJohn08 Mar 18305y10mwith Burke, Coy, Porter and Nightingale.
PN05571JOBSONHenrietta19 Oct 18439m
PN14437JOBSONMarshaw Henrietta06 Jul 18414with Marshall
PN10232JOBSONMary Ann Catherine17 Jan 18592y10m
PN14404JOEL28 Aug 1820
PN05574JOELElijah21 Oct 184930
PN13145JOELElizah21 Feb 1842
PN00223JOHNSElizabeth22 Nov 1867
PN12666JOHNSONAbraham21 Oct 185952
PN14412JOHNSONBenjamin12 Oct 183434
PN14410JOHNSONCaroline18 Mar 1855With Davis
PN14408JOHNSONCaroline Mary08 Dec 1843With Davis
PN10235JOHNSONCatherine18 Jul 184170
PN10233JOHNSONCatherine02 Oct 1845
PN17292JOHNSONCatherine06 Apr 185558
PN14380JOHNSONCharles S08 Jan 183618
PN14442JOHNSONChristina Victoria11 Nov 18482y3mwith Pass
PN17311JOHNSONElizabeth22 Jan 18483With Coss, Felton and Sims and Doyle.
PN05584JOHNSONElizabeth27 Jun 185862
PN17313JOHNSONEllen15 Aug 186024
PN01803JOHNSONEllen22 Apr 187945
PN05587JOHNSONFrancis30 Jul 184252
PN02019JOHNSONFrederick John11 Apr 1882With Hughes.
PN14394JOHNSONFrederick Revel14 Jul 18452y4mwith Willmott.
PN17314JOHNSONGeorge28 Dec 18611y6m
PN17316JOHNSONGeorge ChristopherJan 185321mWith Fishburn and Ash.
PN00167JOHNSONGeorge Henry08 Aug 1867
PN05592JOHNSONHannah24 May 184867
PN05593JOHNSONHarriet E08 Sep 186333
PN14409JOHNSONHenrietta Ann25 Apr 1849With Davis
PN00785JOHNSONHenry William06 Jan 187160With Davis. see Note 1 - 4 March 1901.
PN05595JOHNSONIsaac24 Sep 184838
PN14438JOHNSONIsaac24 Dec 184838
PN05596JOHNSONIsabella30 May 182143
PN05597JOHNSONIsabella22 Apr 184955
PN02023JOHNSONIsabella09 Feb 1882
PN05598JOHNSONJames11 Dec 185620
PN10254JOHNSONJane19 Oct 184427
PN10236JOHNSONJane02 Mar 185138
PN01623JOHNSONJane28 May 187751
PN14398JOHNSONJohn10 Jun 182556
PN12667JOHNSONJohn06 Jun 1852
PN10255JOHNSONLucy Ann Bartley13 Apr 184513m
PN10229JOHNSONMargaret08 Jul 1858
PN05603JOHNSONMary29 May 186476with Gould
PN17307JOHNSONMarywith Cutty and Farley.
PN11998JOHNSONMary AnnWith Guy and Steel.
PN17310JOHNSONMary Matilda16 Dec 185414mWith Napthali, Morris and Forster.
PN05605JOHNSONPhillip08 May 186478with Gould
PN14414JOHNSONRobert O17 Nov 183928
PN11997JOHNSONThomas02 Jun 1856With Guy and Steel.
PN01533JOHNSONThomas10 May 187637With Steel and Guy.
PN05607JOHNSONThomas Revel30 Jul 186344
PN17315JOHNSONWilliam20 Mar 183740With Fishburn and Ash.
PN10230JOHNSONWilliam01 Apr 1852
PN05609JOHNSONWilliam06 Oct 185231
PN17282JOHNSTONAlice H08 Jun 186014m
PN17301JOHNSTONAndrew20 Feb 186468
PN10245JOHNSTONAnn Rae18 Dec 1860With Lloyd, McFarlane, Lewis and Rae and Jenkins.
PN12677JOHNSTONAnnie Jane25 Jan 1862
PN00236JOHNSTONClara16 Dec 18674m
PN01897JOHNSTONEdward17 Aug 188029
PN10212JOHNSTONEliza Ann18 Sep 185934
PN12681JOHNSTONElizabeth27 Jun 185862
PN12686JOHNSTONElizabeth03 Nov 1866with Davis.
PN01592JOHNSTONElizabeth06 Dec 187690
PN17328JOHNSTONEllen02 Apr 1879
PN12678JOHNSTONFrancis30 Jul 184248
PN05616JOHNSTONGeorge19 Feb 182030
PN14428JOHNSTONHannah24 May 184867
PN10215JOHNSTONIsabella15 May 188254
PN12680JOHNSTONJames11 Dec 185620
PN01672JOHNSTONJames18 Jan 187845
PN05618JOHNSTONJane15 Oct 184013m
PN10214JOHNSTONJane27 May 187751
PN17300JOHNSTONJane Valesia19 Nov 18614m
PN10257JOHNSTONMagdaline16 May 1841
PN05622JOHNSTONMargaret08 Nov 184028
PN10246JOHNSTONMargaret Brown05 Nov 1839With Brown.
PN12685JOHNSTONMartha12 Apr 186542
PN12676JOHNSTONMary09 Dec 1852
PN00169JOHNSTONMary Ann14 Aug 1867
PN17299JOHNSTONMary Jane31 Dec 185716m
PN10213JOHNSTONMary Laurie05 Jul 18602y2m
PN17281JOHNSTONMatthew19 Jan 185035
PN17283JOHNSTONSarah Jane13 Jun 18604y1m
PN05628JOHNSTONThomas21 Jan 182842
PN17298JOHNSTONThomas23 Aug 185646
PN02172JOHNSTONThomas30 Jan 188526
PN12679JOHNSTONWilliam06 Oct 185230
PN10216JOHNSTONWilliam13 Feb 185831
PN17284JOHNSTONWilliam23 Jul 18606y3m
PN10217JOHNSTONEAnn25 Jan 1862with Forrester.
PN10024JOHNSTONEJane15 Oct 1840infant
PN10252JOHNSTONEJean14 May 184225d
PN14401JOHNSTONEJohn183874With Whitfield and Wright.
PN10251JOHNSTONEJohn24 Apr 184212
PN05635JOHNSTONEMagdalane16 May 1841
PN14402JOHNSTONEMary Ann70With Whitfield and Wright.
PN10223JOHNSTONEOlivia13 Jul 186431
PN10222JOHNSTONESamuel26 Nov 186444
PN10250JOHNSTONEWilliam22 Jul 183815d
PN10240JOLLYAlison Jane05 Oct 18564y3m
PN12684JOLLYCharlotte22 Feb 1861
PN10238JOLLYEdward25 Feb 18489mWith Palmer.
PN10239JOLLYEdward Bliss22 Mar 185438
PN01988JOLLYHenry10 Oct 1881
PN01830JOLLYWilliam29 Sep 187929
PN14405JONESAnn Booth17 Feb 18316w
PN05645JONESAnne03 Jan 18384m23d
PN17303JONESAnnie1873With O'Brien and Collins.
PN00919JONESAnnie13 Dec 187127
PN11986JONESAnnie B.11 Nov 1857with Nutter.
PN14435JONESCaroline Priscilla05 Mar 18531y7mWith Cook.
PN14431JONESCharles25 Dec 1838With Cook.
PN17287JONESCharles26 Feb 1864With Scully.
PN01661JONESCharlotte06 Nov 18771d
PN14392JONESChristopher21 Jun 1838With Bready.
PN01102JONESDavid29 Mar 187380
PN11987JONESDavid Maunder15 Sep 1864with Nutter.
PN00647JONESDavid Maunder28 Jan 1870
PN14385JONESEdward30 Apr 183610m11d
PN14433JONESEliza20 May 1847With Cook.
PN14391JONESEliza Matilda1841
PN05651JONESElizabeth19 Mar 18561
PN11994JONESElizabeth05 Sep 186162
PN11983JONESElizabeth01 Oct 1863with Nutter.
PN11981JONESElizabeth15 Feb 1866
PN01175JONESEllen13 Oct 187350
PN14426JONESHannah06 Mar 184366
PN14436JONESHarriett27 Dec 1865With Cook.
PN05654JONESHugh Thomas14 Jun 182231
PN17288JONESJames01 Oct 185245
PN14432JONESJane23 Feb 184314dWith Cook.
PN01114JONESJane22 Apr 187371
PN12668JONESJohn16 Feb 1848
PN14406JONESJohn Booth11 Aug 183318m
PN01188JONESJohn Ernest28 Nov 18732
PN17308JONESJohn LeaSee Lea
PN17294JONESJohn Michael06 Jan 18497With Gaynor.
PN11979JONESMaria29 Sep 1857With Ryall.
PN14429JONESMary15 Mar 183420m12d
PN17293JONESMary Ann18 Jan 18516
PN13437JONESPhillip John14 Mar 18492m8dWith Wells and Baker and Jones.
PN05662JONESRobert05 May 182538
PN14440JONESRobert09 Jun 184436
PN14434JONESSamuel06 Mar 1849With Cook.
PN19241JONESSamuel13 Oct 185660
PN14422JONESSamuel Perry26 Jun 184667
PN11995JONESSarah14 Nov 184920
PN14423JONESSelina17 Feb 183947
PN14396JONESSophia Victoria21 May 18503mwith Benham, Baker and Wells.
PN05668JONESThomas25 May 1821
PN14393JONESThomas21 Oct 1843With Bready.
PN01629JONESThomas22 Jun 187765
PN11980JONESThomas A27 Nov 1858With Ryall.
PN11982JONESThomas Morgan26 Jan 1866
PN14399JONESWilliam13 Feb 182539With Mackenzie and Beeson.
PN14417JONESWilliam26 Apr 184336
PN10224JONESWilliam09 Feb 186040
PN01986JONESWilliam04 Oct 1881
PN17323JORDANDavid26 Aug 185956
PN17324JORDANTeresa Mary06 Dec 1859
PN01814JORDONJohn17 Jun 187953
PN17325JOSEEmanuel30 Mar 1865
PN19202JOSEPHAbraham10 Nov 18474m
PN13152JOSEPHAlger Leopold17 Jan 1864
PN13139JOSEPHAmelia01 Jun 1857
PN14430JOSEPHElizabeth08 Jul 184111y4m
PN00440JOSEPHElizabeth31 Oct 186852
PN13155JOSEPHFrances01 Jan 1847
PN13137JOSEPHIsrael12 Mar 1853
PN13157JOSEPHJacob23 Jan 183785
PN05676JOSEPHJoel29 Aug 1820
PN13138JOSEPHJoseph11 Jun 1850see Levy.
PN13158JOSEPHLewis08 Oct 1848
PN17286JOSEPHMargaret09 Jul 185245
PN00181JOSEPHMargaret07 Sep 1867
PN13148JOSEPHMiriam10 Oct 18622
PN13143JOSEPHNathan21 Mar 1859
PN17285JOSEPHRachel24 Dec 1853
PN00321JOSEPHRobert24 Apr 18683
PN00247JOYAlfred George27 Dec 18673With Newlands and Ure.
PN00997JOYAmy Isabella27 Jul 18724
PN14397JOYCEBridget03 Jun 182561
PN17305JOYCEMary Ann02 Dec 1864
PN17304JOYCEPatrick28 Jan 186553
PN17317JUANSINGJohn12 Mar 1864
PN17326JUBBCatherine29 Jan 186050
PN13140JUDEAbigail08 Jul 185731
PN05683JUDEPriscilla15 Dec 18584
PN14387JUNQUAYAnthoney23 Jun 183163With Bond.
PN05687KABLEWilliam23 May 184795
PN17382KAINJane08 Aug 18287y6m
PN17428KAINLouisa26 Feb 1834With Dinham.
PN17429KAINMargaret Agnes21 Mar 1857With Dinham.
PN17383KAINMary Ann08 Nov 184949
PN17381KAINRos Anna14 Sep 18262y6m
PN17427KAINTereasa Margaret08 Jun 1838With Dinham.
PN17424KANECatherine05 Jun 1864
PN02074KANECatherine02 Jan 1883
PN17173KANNAVANDaniel28 May 183928
PN00306KATYJohn Thomas07 Apr 18682
PN00301KATYMatthew30 Mar 186810m
PN17368KAVANAGHAndrew06 Dec 18628m
PN17367KAVANAGHPatrick10 Feb 186018m
PN17392KAVANAGHWalter05 Jul 1853
PN10282KAYElizabeth20 Jul 185614m
PN12003KAYElizabeth20 May 186376
PN01124KEANMartin29 May 187329
PN02127KEANECharles03 Dec 1883
PN17379KEAREYElizabeth01 Dec 1849With Windred.
PN01000KEAREYJohn04 Aug 187263With Windred.
PN17378KEAREYMary Ann05 May 1849with Windred.
PN17380KEAREYWilliam06 May 1854with Windred.
PN17370KEARNEYJohanna18 Dec 1844
PN17373KEARNEYMary Ann12 Sep 1844
PN00450KEARNEYPatrick12 Nov 186846
PN17364KEARNEYThomas01 Mar 185736
PN17436KEATINGThomas05 May 182931
PN17419KEEFEAdam James03 May 1860
PN17420KEEFEAgnes Mary14 Mar 1864
PN01161KEEFEGeorge06 Sep 187322
PN01378KEEFEJames Sydney05 Apr 187525
PN17417KEEFEMary11 Sep 1855
PN17418KEEFEMaryJan 1877
PN01690KEEFEMary Valentine23 Mar 18785w
PN17416KEEFEThomas02 May 1861
PN02029KEEFEThomas15 May 1882
PN01805KEEFEThomas Henry29 Apr 18798d
PN01687KEEFEWilliam19 Mar 187819
PN17376KEEGANPatrick07 Oct 1866
PN17434KEENANMary23 Oct 1858
PN12013KEEPWilliam Cripps08 Jun 1866
PN00066KEESHANEliza12 Apr 186714m
PN00613KEESHANJohn27 Oct 18698m
PN19273KEISEERJohn F18 Feb 185153
PN05701KEITHEdward Joseph29 May 183735
PN01475KELLDonald13 Dec 187564With McDougal.
PN10277KELLElizabeth1864With McDougal.
PN01787KELLElizabeth Donald26 Jan 187956With McDougal.
PN10276KELLMargaret1847With McDougal.
PN14465KELLETTJane03 Aug 18415y10m11d
PN12700KELLETTThomas Frederick05 May 184918with Kingborough.
PN14464KELLETTWilliam George27 May 18333y10m
PN14459KELLICKAnn Matilda27 Jan 18358m22d
PN14458KELLICKJohn22 Aug 18287w
PN05706KELLICKJohn28 Dec 18583y8m
PN14460KELLICKThomas Australia16 Dec 18384m4d
PN05708KELLYAnn13 Sep 18512y9m
PN17345KELLYAnn15 Sep 1851
PN17365KELLYBridget18 Aug 1856With McEvoy
PN00936KELLYBridget24 Jan 187236
PN17394KELLYCatherine1862with McGuire.
PN17435KELLYCatherine06 Nov 183048With Cunningham
PN17409KELLYCatherinesee Lynch.
PN00238KELLYCharles17 Dec 186758
PN17350KELLYDaniel25 Nov 183836
PN00125KELLYDenis07 Jun 18676y
PN01999KELLYDenis21 Nov 1881
PN00550KELLYEdward05 Jun 185435
PN17362KELLYElizabeth Bridget
PN17351KELLYEllen01 Dec 18384m
PN14446KELLYFwith Hughes, Law and Miller.
PN05716KELLYFrances25 Jan 182744
PN17354KELLYFrancissee Braine and Callaghan.
PN12698KELLYHenry04 Jul 18562m
PN05717KELLYHonora17 Mar 188150
PN17385KELLYJames21 Nov 18665y8m
PN00028KELLYJames26 Feb 1867
PN01598KELLYJessie29 Dec 187640
PN17346KELLYJohn13 Jan 185340
PN17389KELLYJohn10 Mar 185711m
PN17391KELLYJohn Joseph22 Jul 18602y11m
PN17384KELLYMargaret Mary21 Dec 186512m
PN17339KELLYMary14 Aug 185524
PN17356KELLYMary06 Jun 1862
PN00958KELLYMary21 Mar 187284With Steel NNS4.
PN17332KELLYMary Ann24 Jun 1855
PN17390KELLYMary Ann23 Jul 18601
PN17335KELLYMary E1858
PN01704KELLYPeter James22 May 187826
PN10269KELLYRobert07 Jan 1857
PN17352KELLYSarah03 Dec 18383y3m
PN17331KELLYThomas21 Jun 1853
PN02218KELLYThomas07 Apr 188632
PN01191KELLYThomas M02 Dec 18734
PN00267KELSEYEmily31 Jan 186837
PN17363KELSEYEmily Mary17 Aug 18552y5m
PN00081KELSEYEvangeline Mary28 Apr 186712
PN14468KEMMISAphrasia23 Nov 18384m
PN14467KEMMISWilliam Raymond30 Oct 183817m
PN14453KEMPAnthony Fenn22 Dec 182423With Simpson.
PN05738KEMPJohn10 Dec 182810m
PN14461KEMPJohn21 Mar 183029
PN00533KEMPLucy04 May 186914
PN17341KEMPSTERElizabeth20 Jan 18491y9m
PN17343KEMPSTERJames02 Oct 18523y6m
PN17340KEMPSTERJames19 Feb 185340
PN17342KEMPSTERThomas John24 Jun 18516d
PN14456KEMPTONAnn22 Aug 182968
PN05744KEMPTONMale26 Sep 1823
PN14457KEMPTONWilliam04 Jun 183367
PN12694KENDALLE T1854see Beilby and Smith and Thomas
PN12947KENDALLEdwin T1854With Clara Frances
PN12687KENDALLLawrence02 Feb 186216mWith Murray.
PN00568KENDALLMary26 Jul 186919With Coghlan.
PN14451KENDALLSamuel14 Nov 182711
PN00117KENNAGHPatrick27 May 1867
PN17337KENNAHThomas24 Jan 186338
PN05754KENNALYEllen22 Dec 183211m
PN05756KENNALYJohanna07 Feb 18372
PN17442KENNALYJohn03 Aug 185411
PN17441KENNALYMichael Benedict21 Sep 184811
PN00507KENNEDYAnn20 Feb 186944
PN17348KENNEDYAnne29 Apr 183832With Shannon. Index and headstone say Kenedy.
PN00265KENNEDYAnnie25 Jan 186821m
PN17401KENNEDYCatherine1854infantWith Roberts and Ryan.
PN17399KENNEDYCatherine07 Feb 1864With Roberts and Ryan.
PN17402KENNEDYCatherine E15 Dec 1860With Roberts and Ryan.
PN14471KENNEDYCatherine Yeaman17 May 184048
PN17375KENNEDYClare11 Jan 185220
PN00274KENNEDYEdward18 Feb 186823
PN05753KENNEDYElizabeth Shannon67
PN05755KENNEDYGeorge20 Apr 186431
PN17400KENNEDYJames20 Mar 1864With Roberts and Ryan.
PN05758KENNEDYJohn19 Feb 187321
PN17349KENNEDYJoseph24 May 184614With Shannon. Index and headstone say Kenedy.
PN00604KENNEDYJulia03 Oct 186925
PN17347KENNEDYLawrence21 May 184244With Shannon. Index and headstone say Kenedy.
PN17405KENNEDYMargaret22 Aug 18586m
PN00999KENNEDYMartin02 Aug 187243
PN05763KENNEDYMary12 Dec 183855
PN00463KENNEDYMary07 Dec 186860
PN17404KENNEDYMichael15 Oct 18503m
PN17406KENNEDYMichael07 Aug 186415m
PN17403KENNEDYMichael10 Sep 186450
PN01993KENNEDYMichael27 Oct 1881
PN02224KENNEDYPhilip26 Jun 188663
PN17338KENNEDYRobert20 Mar 183910m
PN17437KENNEDYRose Ann05 Apr 18452y5m
PN17395KENNEDYThomas02 Dec 183867see Dignam and Earle.
PN17438KENNEDYWilliam03 Jan 184630
PN17412KENNERYEllen14 Jan 18493w
PN17410KENNERYJames26 Nov 18466m
PN17411KENNERYMargaret01 Mar 18484m
PN17445KENNYWilliam30 Jul 185728
PN00835KENSETTJuliana30 Jun 187141With Flower. Headstone was restored in 1969
PN12008KENTAgnes Pacific04 Jul 1858with Cracknell and Morris.
PN00350KENTEmily27 May 1868with Cracknell and Morris.
PN00392KENTEmily07 Aug 1868infantwith Cracknell and Morris.
PN00126KENTFlorence Emily07 Jun 186715wwith Cracknell and Morris.
PN12692KENTFrederick Robert25 Jan 18569m
PN12691KENTFrederick Robert16 May 18567d
PN12010KENTThomas Kinney21 Mar 1859with Cracknell and Morris.
PN14449KENTISHSydney Richard Sweeper14 Jan 183810d
PN10299KENWORTHYMary Beswicke16 Jul 18351
PN17443KEOGHChristiana16 Jun 1855
PN17444KEOGHJohn17 Sep 1865
PN14476KERMONDCatherine17 Jan 184154
PN10281KERRHelen10 Jul 1858
PN14448KERRMargaret Elizabeth30 Jul 183729
PN17432KERRIGANCatherineAug 1850see White.
PN00870KERRIGANJohn02 Sep 18718m
PN17430KERRIGANLuke10 Jun 184996see White.
PN17433KERRIGANSusanna02 Mar 1850see White.
PN05785KERRIGANSusannah23 May 18598
PN17431KERRIGANThomas21 Jun 185447
PN01838KERRINSMichael08 Nov 187931
PN12697KERSLEYElizabeth06 Aug 185738
PN17366KERWINWilliam13 Jun 1847
PN14469KETTLEMary Ann1831with Pike
PN14478KEYNEENCatharine08 Feb 182148
PN10300KEYSGeorge and others1840with Quinn.
PN05788KIDDEllen25 May 186064
PN10292KIDDHannah18 Jan 18377w
PN10295KIDDHenrietta24 Dec 18481
PN10291KIDDMary25 Nov 183332
PN10294KIDDPeter Howell22 Dec 18483y2m
PN14472KIDDThomas23 Apr 18264m
PN10293KIDDThomas P H12 Jan 184216m
PN00051KIDDWilliam27 Mar 18672
PN10296KIDDIEMarion11 Aug 183425m
PN12704KIDMANCharles Frederick05 Dec 185419m
PN12706KIDMANFrancis01 Feb 1856
PN12703KIDMANPhoebe13 Aug 186028
PN12705KIDMANWilliam Henry20 Jan 1851
PN10298KILGOUR2 children
PN17426KILLEENMartin16 Apr 185233see Mary West.
PN01499KILPATRICKBernard10 Feb 187649
PN10284KILPATRICKClarissa Jane07 Mar 18541y3m
PN01387KILPATRICKJane Ann28 Apr 187545
PN10285KILPATRICKWilliam Francis12 Mar 18542y9m
PN00641KIMPTONMaria09 Jan 187078With Murphy.
PN10265KINGAdelaide Jane05 Nov 1859
PN17360KINGCatherine20 Apr 18487d
PN14470KINGCharles27 Apr 184263
PN14475KINGCharlotte Sarah20 May 184111m19d
PN10267KINGEmily J1863
PN01972KINGJohn08 Aug 1881
PN14445KINGJoseph18 Aug 182240With Anderson, Robinson and McMurty.
PN05809KINGMary26 Mar 186568
PN10263KINGMary14 Oct 1866
PN12702KINGMary Ann11 Jul 186145With Thompson, Merriman and Dalgarno.
PN14474KINGMoses17 May 184487With Wright
PN17344KINGSarah26 Mar 1865
PN14473KINGThomas05 Oct 183832With Wright
PN17359KINGThomas21 Apr 184835
PN12701KINGBOROUGHEthel16 May 1864with Kellett.
PN12696KINGDOMGeorge H.18437mWith Frances, Smith and Moore.
PN12695KINGDOMSusan184323With Frances, Smith and Moore.
PN10290KINGHORNEJames06 Nov 185964
PN05815KINGSBOROUGHEthel16 May 186417dwith Kellett
PN12693KINGSBOROUGHMary Ann27 May 1852
PN14454KINGSMILLMary16 May 182827No remains. see Note 8 - Rook.CE.
PN14450KINSELAEliza29 May 182213with Cook, Newman, Place and Siverson.
PN12004KINSELALouisa20 Sep 1852
PN17353KINSELAThomas18 Oct 1835
PN05819KINSELAThomas18 Aug 185560
PN05821KINSMANEliza Jope26 May 183918m
PN05822KIPPAXMatthew20 Nov 183818m
PN14462KIPPENAlexander31 Jan 184130y6m
PN01245KIRBYGertrude Estelle22 May 18742m
PN12000KIRBYJohn29 Jun 185947
PN17369KIRKStephen12 Nov 184532With Dunn
PN12699KIRKWilliam Read13 Dec 1865
PN14455KIRKBYEllen07 Sep 183825With Arkell and Hamilton.
PN14479KIRKMANMartha02 Sep 184571With Goldsmith
PN12014KIRKMANSophia A1856With Foss and Russell.
PN14447KIRSOPPJohn07 Mar 183448
PN14452KITCHENHenry08 Apr 182229
PN10278KNAPPMargaret M10 Nov 185332With Malcolm and Moffatt.
PN05832KNATCHBULLJohn13 Feb 184452
PN12005KNIBBSEliza H185524See Bubb
PN12007KNIBBSElliah E1854infantSee Bubb
PN12006KNIBBSHelah1852See Bubb
PN12689KNIGHTAlbert Robert12 Dec 1863
PN17415KNIGHTAnn19 May 1868With Bird and Edwards.
PN05833KNIGHTCandace24 Nov 186145
PN17414KNIGHTCatherine22 Mar 1843With Bird and Edwards.
PN10283KNIGHTMary09 Jan 183344
PN12688KNIGHTRobert12 Jan 185548
PN14463KNIGHTThomas Daniel20 Apr 18474m
PN05837KNIGHTWilliam James11 Jan 188372
PN10260KNOWLESAgnes15 Jun 1866
PN01938KNOWLESWilliam24 Feb 1881
PN12690KNOXCatherine09 Apr 185455
PN10301KNOXJames Gilchrist Alexander18 May 1846infant
PN14480KOSTENFrederick John06 Oct 184117m4dWith Williams and Biggs.
PN13160KOSTERLITZLouis05 Nov 186426
PN14481KOUGHGeorge Edward06 Oct 184030
PN10272KRAUSSAlice Ellen27 Dec 1866With Whelan.
PN10271KRAUSSKate Susan24 Nov 1864With Whelan.
PN10273KRAUSSLouis10 Mar 1877With Whelan.
PN01609KRAUSSLouis12 Mar 187744
PN13161KRONInda02 Jun 18605
PN05844KUNDYWilliam22 Jun 183031
PN01103KYDJessie Elizabeth29 Mar 187315
PN10280KYLEEuphemia21 Jan 1850
PN10270KYLEMary19 Nov 1855With Dean.
PN10279KYLEThomas20 Jan 1855
PN17439K????LYEllen22 Dec 1832
PN17440K????LYJohanna07 Feb 1837
PN01210LACEYJohn James07 Jan 187423
PN17483LACEYJohn JamesWith Smith and Casey.
PN17471LACEYMatthew24 Mar 1863
PN17506LACKERSTEENCharles Hyde20 Jun 186517m
PN17505LACKERSTEENSydney Robert20 Nov 18522m
PN17481LACKEYMary11 Feb 184332with O'Dowd.
PN00403LACYPeter27 Aug 1868
PN00628LAHIFFAgnes10 Dec 18694w
PN01985LAHIFFBartholomew02 Oct 188167
PN01178LAHIFFElizabeth22 Oct 187322
PN00849LAHIFFHelen15 Jul 187121
PN17492LAHIFFMary Helena07 Jan 186342
PN00197LAHIFFTherese07 Oct 186715
PN14504LAIDLEYEliza Jane25 Jul 186071With Mort and Sutcliffe
PN14502LAIDLEYHenry Augustus08 Nov 18359mWith Mort and Sutcliffe
PN14505LAIDLEYHenry George22 Jun 18605With Mort and Sutcliffe
PN14500LAIDLEYJames30 Aug 183549With Mort and Sutcliffe
PN14501LAIDLEYSophia Mary26 Dec 18306mWith Mort and Sutcliffe
PN14503LAIDLEYWilliam Sydney25 May 18552mWith Mort and Sutcliffe
PN01799LAINGCameron01 Apr 187942
PN00355LAINGChristina Margaret06 Jun 186815m
PN01360LAINGIsabella04 Feb 187573
PN01881LAINGIsabella10 Jun 188046
PN10327LAINGJane29 Oct 1865
PN10358LAINGMargaret18 Apr 18643y10m
PN01361LAINGMargaret03 Feb 18751
PN10357LAINGRachel24 Mar 18606y7m
PN00331LAINGRobert14 May 18681
PN14590LAMBJessie29 Jan 183011m
PN01478LAMMONEsther22 Dec 18755
PN17458LAMMONMargaret01 Apr 1843
PN01284LAMMONMargaret21 Aug 187429
PN00612LAMMONWilliam26 Oct 186956
PN17496LAMONTDaniel29 Jun 184338
PN17497LAMONTEllen12 Jan 184912
PN01639LAMONTJames19 Jul 187720
PN17498LAMONTJohn28 Dec 18424y9m
PN17558LAMONTJohn26 May 185212m
PN10320LAMONTMargaret Ann02 Feb 186244
PN00060LAMONTWilliam David08 Apr 186711m
PN14544LANECharlotte15 Dec 182560
PN12724LANEChristina Rennie15 Jul 1857
PN14556LANEEdward Henry06 Feb 184935
PN14534LANEGeorge28 Jun 183663With Wade. see Hand.
PN14523LANEGeorge28 Oct 184830
PN17520LANEGeorge21 Apr 185920
PN01503LANEGeorge Henry16 Feb 18761
PN01165LANEHenry17 Sep 187356
PN14522LANEMary19 Jul 182939
PN05877LANEMatthew12 Nov 185010
PN14521LANERichard20 Sep 1826
PN10391LANERichard23 Jul 185713
PN01354LANEThomas William30 Jan 18551
PN05880LANGGeorge18 Jan 182523
PN01728LANGJohn Dunmore09 Aug 187878
PN00614LANGMargaret29 Oct 186968with Drennen.
PN05883LANGMary13 Dec 18443y
PN17472LANGMatthew15 Oct 1845same plot as Drerinen.
PN17476LANGMatthew05 Jul 1860same plot as Drerinen.
PN01525LANGRichard19 Apr 187671
PN01356LANGRobert Sydney Herbert31 Jan 18751same plot number as Drennen.
PN01541LANGRose Ann02 Jun 187611same plot number as Drennen.
PN01825LANGThomas20 Aug 187951same plot number as Drennen.
PN05886LANGWilhelmina18 Oct 18456w
PN05887LANGWilhelmina16 Oct 185215m
PN19290LANGWilhelmina Dunmore06 Oct 189178
PN02021LANGWilhemina07 Oct 189179
PN17577LANGWilliam21 Apr 185417
PN14513LANGDONJohn13 Dec 183537
PN14514LANGDONThomas Augustus18327m
PN14574LANGLEYJoseph23 May 184738
PN00444LANNENJohn04 Nov 1868With Hayes.
PN19204LANNENWilliam T25 Feb 1875With Hayes.
PN17538LANSLEYGeorge13 May 185437see Conway, Callaghan and Armstrong.
PN02213LANSLEYGeorge19 Jan 1886
PN17539LANSLEYinfantsee Conway, Callaghan and Armstrong.
PN17598LARAMEJohn Francis1861
PN17599LARAMEJosephine Prosper1863
PN14497LARDYD W J30 Jun 183326
PN17501LARICYLizzyWith Worth and Jones and Lynch.
PN17500LARICYMartin01 Apr 1863With Worth and Jones and Lynch.
PN10332LARKHAMMary14 Mar 184287
PN17484LARKINEdward29 Jan 186012y4m
PN17523LARKINEllen14 Feb 1854With Hegarty and Anderson.
PN02174LARKINJames Augustus20 Feb 1885With Hegarty and Anderson.
PN17585LARKINPatrick09 Apr 1859
PN00696LARKINPatrick13 May 187021With Hegarty and Anderson.
PN02108LARKINPhillip29 Jul 188378With Hegarty and Anderson.
PN05896LARRAJames11 Feb 183989
PN17487LASHAMSarah EWith Provest and Riley.
PN10324LAURENCEJohn184728With Chambers
PN14550LAURIELetitia30 Jun 184819With Brigham.
PN05898LAURYWilliam04 Oct 1840
PN05899LAVERTYEdward06 Jun 1833
PN02223LAVETTJane29 May 1886
PN10309LAVETTWilliam08 Oct 1854
PN14496LAWJohnwith Hughes, Kelly and Miller.
PN01563LAWLERAda12 Aug 18763d
PN17470LAWLEREdward14 Aug 185234With Gannon.
PN17563LAWLERFrancis18 Dec 18663
PN02216LAWLERJohanna13 Mar 1886see McGee.
PN17561LAWLERJohn03 Feb 184811
PN10389LAWLERJohn27 Jul 1851
PN17560LAWLERMargaret15 May 185541
PN01275LAWLERMargaret Maud10 Aug 18744d
PN01518LAWLERMary Amelia31 Mar 187610m
PN17562LAWLERPatrick Martin17 Mar 18493w
PN17545LAWLESSMary10 Feb 184950see Harrison.
PN14561LAWRANCEEsther18 Jun 182855
PN02166LAWRENCEEllen Margaret21 Nov 1884
PN10312LAWRENCEHelen Margaret20 Nov 1884With Dredge, Gregory, Rook, Smith and Torning.
PN14545LAWRENCENathaniel15 Jan 1826With Bates.
PN14511LAWRENCEWilliam15 Mar 183514dWith Allman and Mitchell.
PN10367LAWRENCEWilliam Wylly
PN05910LAWRYElizabeth01 Sep 1820Infant
PN05911LAWSJohn24 May 182430
PN05912LAWSONJohn27 Jul 185150
PN00742LAWSONMargaret14 Sep 187065
PN00546LAWSONMargaret Cath.28 May 1869
PN14580LAWSONMartha13 Feb 184838
PN14586LAWSONMary06 Aug 183864
PN05915LAYCOCKHannah05 May 183173y4m
PN14483LAYCOCKIsabella13 May 181730With Bunker. and Clark, Campbell, Fisk and Still.
PN14519LAYCOCKMargaret25 Jan 1824
PN14518LAYCOCKThomas07 Nov 1823
PN14557LAYTONElizabeth25 Jun 183322
PN13188LAZARSydney28 Mar 1838
PN13166LAZARUSBenjamin07 Oct 185738
PN14551LAZARUSEleazar04 Aug 182752
PN05920LAZARUSEleazar05 Jul 18575
PN13177LAZARUSRosetta19 Aug 186336
PN14542LE BURNMary17 Nov 1835With Reynolds.
PN01529LE ROSELouis William29 Apr 18766m
PN17309LEAAllathy Matilda21 Apr 1865
PN17544LEABridget15 Jun 1867
PN00639LEACatherine Ann04 Jan 187019With Stafford and Hill.
PN17576LEACatherine Ann4 Jan 187019With Stafford and Hill.
PN02089LEACharles Arch04 Apr 188340With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN14495LEAEdward Stafford12 Jul 18645With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN17546LEAJohn21 Sep 1859see Jones.
PN14489LEAJoseph F.With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN17542LEAMary Ann15 Oct 1849
PN01665LEAMary Jane19 Nov 187765With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN17541LEAMichael02 Jan 1858
PN17543LEAPatrick31 Oct 1854
PN14492LEAWilliam Arch Brutus08 Dec 185760With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN00890LEAWilliam Frederick21 Oct 187114mWith Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN14485LEAWilliam Henry Arch08 Aug 18375y8mWith Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN05934LEAHYCornelius23 May 186232
PN00152LEAHYMary Elizabeth10 Jul 186722mWith Byrne and Corry.
PN14527LEAHYMichael15 May 182632
PN17503LEAHYMichael Charles01 May 18644
PN14506LEAKMary08 May 183257with Forester.
PN14507LEAKStephen06 Jun 183226with Forester.
PN13174LEARSimeon19 Sep 1847
PN05940LEAREYMyles16 May 183468
PN00739LEARYAlfred Ernest05 Sep 18708m
PN17581LEARYAnnie1869With Farley and Miller
PN17580LEARYBessie1862With Farley and Miller
PN17530LEARYCornelius23 May 186232
PN17582LEARYElizabeth1878With Farley and Miller
PN17578LEARYFrances1845With Farley and Miller
PN17583LEARYJames1868With Farley and Miller
PN05941LEARYJames06 Oct 1873
PN17573LEARYMyles16 May 1864
PN17579LEARYThomas1861With Farley and Miller
PN00158LEARYThomas23 Jul 18672
PN17457LEATHEREllen29 May 1858infant
PN17456LEATHERGeorge21 Jun 186339
PN14512LEAYCOCKHannah05 May 183173
PN17569LEBURNJoseph10 Nov 185050
PN05923LEBURNMary17 Nov 183546
PN01077LECKYMargaret01 Jan 187378
PN14529LECOREEliza Catherine10 Jan 1825infant
PN14528LECOREJohn19 May 182561
PN13196LEEBelinda25 Dec 1832
PN13181LEEBenjamin Woolfe08 Jan 1864
PN17592LEEBridget1859Could be a duplicate of another entry on same Reinter. Reg. page (292)-PN00122
PN00122LEEBridget06 Jun 186760See PN17592
PN13195LEEFrederica Henrya Nicholls10 Nov 18345m11d
PN00191LEEGrace Hannah03 Oct 18672yWith Millar.
PN10369LEEJames01 Mar 184537
PN10321LEEJoahnna15 Apr 1865
PN01078LEEJohanna Catherine06 Jan 187310m
PN17532LEEJohn30 Aug 183529
PN17590LEEMary A1842See PN17595
PN17595LEEMary Ann1850Could be a duplicate of another entry on same Reinter. Reg. page (292)--PN17590
PN17594LEEMichael1851Could be a duplicate of another entry on same Reinter. Reg. page (292)--PN17589
PN17589LEEMichael1857See PN17594
PN17565LEEThomas27 Dec 184416m
PN14565LEEWilliam26 Mar 183323
PN14554LEECHMary A29 Dec 184343
PN12721LEEMINGMargaret22 Jan 184426
PN12722LEEMINGMargaret Eliza20 Mar 184410w
PN12723LEEMINGRichard26 Aug 185144
PN14570LEESAmie26 Sep 184641
PN17566LEESElizabeth09 Dec 1859With Campbell.
PN12709LEESJane13 Jun 186233With Cotton.
PN12728LEESJohn07 Oct 1842
PN17534LEESMaryinfantWith Elliott.
PN12727LEESMary02 Apr 1841
PN12726LEESSamuel29 Mar 1862
PN12730LEESStephen09 Oct 1854
PN17533LEESWilliaminfantWith Elliott.
PN12729LEESWilliam27 Apr 1847
PN10361LEFTWICKMary Elizabeth06 Nov 184736With Griffin.
PN05965LEGGEIsabella Mary09 Apr 186616
PN14533LEIGHTONJohn22 Jun 182657With Slater and Hickey and Grose.
PN17596LEINONJames04 May 1870
PN17537LELLISBridget01 Feb 181712
PN17536LELLISRichard10 Nov 182523
PN17567LEMMONJohn Joseph18 Dec 1862
PN05969LENEHANThomas02 Sep 185344
PN00689LENNONJames04 May 187055
PN17485LENNONMatthew23 Jan 1866
PN12718LENNYJohn21 May 185234
PN13189LEONRebecca18 May 1845
PN14559LEONARDMary Frances1849infantMary Florence Leonard.
PN17556LEONARDRichard13 Apr 183728
PN14560LEONARDThomas Luke1843
PN14520LEPTONSamuel29 May 182527
PN01774LEROSEAlbert George12 Dec 18781
PN05974LESLIEHugh John05 Mar 18543m13d
PN10384LESLIEMary03 May 185640
PN10323LESLIESophia17 Dec 1859
PN10314LESSLIECharles Wallace08 Jun 18607y11m
PN10313LESSLIEWilliam01 Nov 185543
PN05978LETHBRIDGEFrederick William05 Dec 1831infant
PN14577LETHBRIDGELaura Louisa19 Oct 1837
PN17519LETHENWilliam James09 May 186610mWith Tarpy and Ebbs
PN17521LETTLorenzo Thomas08 Jun 1846
PN14537LEVERTONMary13 May 182968with Payne.
PN14536LEVERTONSamuel13 Feb 182259with Payne.
PN14535LEVERTONWilliam15 Mar 182434with Payne.
PN14516LEVEYAnn29 Jan 182419y6mWith Roberts and Hutchinson.
PN13194LEVEYBarnett02 Oct 183739
PN05985LEVEYBarnett20 Sep 184841
PN13173LEVEYBarnett21 Jun 185720m
PN05986LEVEYBlosmer24 Apr 18533m
PN13184LEVEYDinah22 May 186075
PN05988LEVEYEleanor24 Apr 18553m
PN13165LEVEYFanny Abigail23 Nov 185630
PN13185LEVEYIsaac30 May 186062
PN13179LEVEYIsaac27 Jun 18636m
PN14515LEVEYJane19 Jan 18242With Roberts and Hutchinson.
PN05993LEVEYLazarus18 Aug 1838
PN13180LEVEYPhillip Joseph13 May 186263
PN05995LEVEYRosa27 Sep 1843
PN05996LEVEY07 Feb 1844
PN13182LEVIEve20 Aug 185434
PN13178LEVISimeon Mordechai23 Nov 186544
PN05999LEVITheodore12 Dec 186510w
PN14552LEVIWalter Jacob01 Aug 182832
PN13187LEVIENHarriet Phoebe12 Aug 186279
PN13186LEVIENHenrietta Matilda05 Jun 1864same plot number as Salamon.
PN13183LEVIENSolomon09 Nov 185175
PN14526LEVINFrancis Alexander18 Aug 185428With May and Mealmaker. stone to Bunn 2S, 58-9. see Note 1 - 4 Feb. 1901 pro John Abrahams.
PN13175LEVYAbraham13 Mar 185866
PN13176LEVYElizabeth Berimah09 Mar 185826
PN13193LEVYEsther31 Oct 185314m
PN13170LEVYJacob21 Aug 1860
PN13167LEVYJoseph25 Sep 1862
PN06008LEVYJoseph?18 Feb 1849
PN14531LEVYMaria12 Apr 182730y8mWith Barnett and Dean.
PN14532LEVYMaria13 Apr 183830y8mWith Barnett and Dean.
PN12031LEVYMaria16 Jul 185236d
PN13192LEVYNathan15 Feb 18503y4m
PN13190LEVYPhillip01 Jun 18379m
PN13162LEVYTheodore12 Dec 186510w
PN14510LEWINJohn William27 Aug 181949
PN12712LEWISAnn22 Aug 185641
PN14579LEWISHoratio John24 Aug 184513w
PN14569LEWISJohn12 Nov 18293y10m
PN17466LEWISMary18 Oct 184143With Bryce and Horan and Long.
PN06019LEWISMichael28 Jul 18637y
PN10378LEWISRichard Jenkins?27 Nov 1864With McFarlane, Johnston, Rae and Jenkins and Lloyd.
PN14578LEWISSolomon19 Jun 184747
PN10325LEWISWilliam09 Apr 184636
PN12732LIGHTElizabeth08 Oct 1851
PN12733LIGHTEmily29 Mar 1855
PN12734LIGHTSusan21 Nov 1857
PN12735LIGHTThomas01 Feb 1864
PN06022LIGHTBODYThomas24 May 183940
PN14563LILLEYAnn C18 Feb 18356m
PN14562LILLEYElizabeth L12 Jun 183314d
PN10373LILLEYFrederick Augustus11 Dec 1845
PN14564LILLEYGeorge23 May 183530
PN12030LIMBEJohn William22 Sep 1855
PN12029LIMBEMary Elizabeth03 Sep 1857
PN17478LINAMPatrick19 Jun 184745
PN17513LINCOLNMary Agnes24 Jan 1854With Conway, Smith and Moore and Evans.
PN00465LINDASYWilliam10 Dec 186881
PN01282LINDENCharlotte Elizabeth28 Aug 187438with Roberts.
PN15037LINDENCharlotte Elizabeth Linden29 Aug 187436
PN13191LINDOMatilda08 Apr 18372
PN10380LINDSAYCatherine02 May 185237
PN17517LINDSAYEdward Sweeney23 May 1841with Lister.
PN14508LINDSAYEllen15 Jan 1845With Greenhatch.
PN06030LINDSAYHenrietta16 Apr 18499y9m
PN06031LINDSAYIsabella22 Apr 185278
PN14509LINDSAYJoseph27 Jan 1845With Greenhatch.
PN10379LINDSAYM. Isabella25 Apr 1852
PN14546LINDSAYRobert01 Jan 184827
PN06033LINDSAYWilliam09 Dec 186881
PN06034LINDSEYEllen15 Jan 184519
PN14581LINDSEYHenrietta16 Apr 18499
PN06035LINDSEYJoseph27 Jan 184512d
PN17527LINEHANThomas02 Sep 185344With McCarthy and Haigh.
PN17557LINESMary23 Apr 182993
PN12731LINSLEYElizabeth Jane26 Aug 18664y8m
PN10371LINTONCatherine18 Apr 18569m
PN10372LINTONJane24 Dec 18571y3m
PN10370LINTONSarah Adamson11 Sep 185838
PN13172LIPMANAlbert24 Mar 18603
PN13171LIPMANPhillip19 Nov 18557
PN13163LIPMANSarah08 Apr 186540
PN12016LISTEmmeline09 Jan 1855
PN12017LISTFanny21 Dec 1856
PN17518LISTERHugh John Leslie05 Mar 1854with Lindsay.
PN12038LISTERSarah27 Jul 1856
PN14538LITTLEArchibald07 Aug 18476y7mWith Foreman and Cracknell.
PN10381LITTLEEliza08 Jun 1864
PN10350LITTLEElizabeth30 Sep 1840
PN06044LITTLEGeorge29 Aug 183854
PN10351LITTLEJane19 Nov 1862
PN01143LITTLEJanet23 Jul 18737
PN01064LITTLELindsay03 Dec 187244
PN10349LITTLEMargaret14 Mar 1842
PN01153LITTLEMargaret07 Aug 18732
PN10382LITTLEMary Wray27 Jun 1864
PN14539LIVERSTONMary15 Mar 182735
PN14584LIVINGSTONDavid28 Oct 183427
PN14558LIVINGSTONJohn Horrocks30 Apr 183734
PN10335LIVINGSTONEAndrew29 Jul 184154
PN01765LIVINGSTONEJohn18 Nov 187869No remains. with Paterson.
PN06050LIVINGSTONEMargaret Swan20 Feb 186235with Mackay
PN10385LIVINGSTONEWilliam1851With Miller.
PN10326LIVINGSTONEWilliam23 May 186545with Mackay
PN14541LLEWELLINJoseph08 Sep 181448With Wilson, Hott and Bray.
PN14540LLEWELLINMary06 Jul 182761With Wilson, Hott and Bray.
PN10377LLOYDAdah Maria26 Jan 186710mWith McFarlane, Johnston, Rae and Jenkins and Lewis.
PN12037LLOYDAlbert08 Oct 186319
PN01810LLOYDAmelia28 May 18791
PN14587LLOYDCatharine04 May 183152
PN12018LLOYDCharles Edward31 Aug 18543With Browne.
PN10376LLOYDEdward Henry11 Feb 1861With McFarlane, Johnston, Rae and Jenkins and Lewis.
PN12020LLOYDEleanor Sophia24 Jan 1841With Browne.
PN12032LLOYDEleanor Sophia12 Sep 1866With Gravely and Fairfax and Threlkeldj.
PN10338LLOYDEmily Watts26 Dec 1855
PN12022LLOYDFrancis Hereford08 Jul 1851With Browne.
PN10337LLOYDGrace Brown10 Jun 1854
PN10375LLOYDHenry07 Mar 1856infantWith McFarlane, Johnston, Rae and Jenkins and Lewis.
PN12021LLOYDHenry Lyne10 May 1843With Browne.
PN02037LLOYDJane10 Jun 1882
PN12034LLOYDJoel12 Jun 186049
PN12036LLOYDJoseph14 Mar 185617
PN10336LLOYDMargaret24 Dec 1845
PN12033LLOYDMaria08 Mar 1860
PN12019LLOYDMary06 May 1849With Browne.
PN14588LLOYDNathaniel08 Feb 183568
PN00780LLOYDThomas02 Jan 187152
PN01184LLOYDThomas George19 Nov 187321
PN12035LLOYD13 Mar 1856infant
PN17515LOCKCatherine28 Oct 1865
PN10334LOCKHARTHelen31 Dec 184648With Cesar.
PN10333LOCKHARTJohn30 Dec 184644With Cesar.
PN06064LOCKHEADWilliam23 Jan 18562y5m10d
PN17571LOCKWOODEllen19 May 18551y1m
PN06066LOCKWOODJames15 Nov 186056
PN17570LOCKWOODJulia Anne26 Apr 18457d
PN06068LOCKWOODRosanna27 Jan 18581y1m
PN12719LOCKYERClara Australia18 Jan 18585mWith Rowe.
PN00418LOCKYERMilton Sydney01 Oct 186811m
PN12039LOFTUSCaroline Maria11 Aug 18645y2m
PN10363LOGANAnn25 Sep 1853
PN10365LOGANAnn10 Dec 1855
PN10364LOGANGeorge16 Jul 1854
PN17514LOGANJohn25 Oct 1866
PN00211LOGANJohn05 Nov 1867
PN06071LOGANPatrickNov 183039
PN01504LOGUECharles18 Feb 187661
PN10305LOMASAlice01 Mar 185857With Reed.
PN06074LOMBEJohn William23 Sep 18532y2m
PN06075LOMBEMary Elizabeth03 Sep 18534y25d
PN17454LONDERIGANDaniel James
PN17453LONDERIGANMary Theresa
PN17607LONERGANDaniel James20 Aug 1844
PN00185LONERGANJane16 Sep 1867
PN00698LONERGANJohn16 May 187052
PN06077LONERGANMary Theresa10 May 1842
PN17551LONGBridget25 Apr 184665
PN17550LONGDaniel19 Apr 183567
PN17568LONGDenis16 Apr 184837
PN12716LONGEmily ElizabethMar 1831
PN06081LONGEmily ElizabethMar 1854infant
PN17463LONGGeorge21 Dec 184613mWith Bryce and Horan and Lewis.
PN17465LONGJohn30 May 186327With Bryce and Horan and Lewis.
PN00230LONGJohn03 Dec 186756With Bryce and Horan and Lewis.
PN14530LONGMary10 Mar 182946With Walker Moss and Roberts.
PN12717LONGMary05 Jul 185641
PN17464LONGMary Ann18 Jun 184818y6mWith Bryce and Horan and Lewis.
PN17462LONGWilliam10 Sep 18423With Bryce and Horan and Lewis.
PN14583LORDEdward16 Apr 18406m
PN14582LORDEliza Jane24 Nov 183819w
PN12015LORDFrederick Henry31 Mar 18432y8m
PN00008LORDJohn14 Jan 1867
PN01439LORDLucilla19 Sep 187560
PN06093LORDSimeon29 Jan 184069when tomb opened in 1901 it contained 10 leaded coffins
PN14585LORDWilliam Henry01 Sep 18424y3mwith Stephens.
PN18162LOUDCatherine16 Jan 1844With Scully.
PN01643LOUGHRINDaniel10 Aug 187715
PN14488LOUNDHenry Arch Brutus19 Oct 1855infantWith Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN14487LOUNDMary Melina25 Sep 185525With Fairclough, Hancock, and Dewhurst
PN14566LOURIEDavid20 Jan 182710m
PN14567LOURIEGeorge20 Sep 18358
PN14568LOURIEWilliam20 Sep 18354
PN06099LOURNR17 Nov 1836
PN17479LOVATTThomas05 Aug 1852
PN17480LOVATTThomas28 May 1865
PN12714LOVEElizabeth10 Oct 186575
PN12713LOVEWilliam26 Sep 185250
PN12710LOVEWilliam Thomas06 Jul 1853
PN14576LOVEGROVEWilliam15 Aug 182467
PN14553LOVELLEdward02 Jun 18471With Reeves,
PN10374LOVETTCatherine J16 Jul 1847
PN06105LOVETTJane31 May 188688y5m
PN17468LOVETTJohn27 May 1861With Melly.
PN02210LOVETTSarah12 Jan 188681With Melly.
PN17467LOVETTThomas02 Oct 1854With Melly.
PN14517LOWEdward Forster02 Jun 18205With Forster.
PN17528LOWDERBridget31 Jan 185544With Segerson.
PN10352LOWEChristina06 Oct 186348
PN14524LOWEJoseph10 Dec 18263With Harvey and Mordant.
PN14525LOWEJoseph30 Nov 182850With Harvey and Mordant.
PN19210LOWERobertJan 18??With Harvey and Mordant.
PN01221LOWREYRobert Wall30 Jan 187414 m
PN01005LOWRIERobert16 Aug 18722
PN01741LOWRYa male03 Sep 1878
PN17553LOWRYCatherine11 Jan 1863
PN10342LOWRYRobert1873With Alexander, Earle and Wall.
PN17552LOWRYWilliam28 Dec 1855
PN12041LOWTHERCatherine20 Jul 1863
PN12042LOWTHEREdward J18 Nov 1863
PN12043LOWTHEREmily V13 Jun 1866
PN17548LUCASAbigail M1827
PN14549LUCASCharles17 Feb 1837
PN06118LUCASCharles14 Dec 18378
PN00877LUCASEliza16 Sep 187167
PN10315LUCASJohn1856With Mitchell and Firth.
PN14547LUCASJohn16 Feb 1822
PN01117LUCASJohn George29 Apr 18731
PN12024LUCASJohn Samuel01 Jun 185917 m
PN12023LUCASMartha Matilda Sarah31 Dec 185721m9d
PN14548LUCASMary Ann18 Feb 182211m14d
PN06122LUCASThomas10 Mar 1842
PN17564LUCASThomas19 Mar 1845
PN12025LUCOCKSamuel25 Jul 1864
PN00972LUKEGeorge13 May 18722
PN01392LUKEHamilton06 May 18751
PN01686LUKEWilliam15 Mar 187841
PN12720LUMSDENJames17 Jun 186663
PN14555LUNDYWilliam22 Jun 183031
PN14575LUNNWilliam19 Oct 184427
PN01520LUPTONElizabeth Theresa13 Apr 187646
PN12026LUSTYMary24 Nov 1864
PN12028LUSTYMary Jane23 Nov 1848See Collins
PN01813LUSTYThomas08 Jun 187965
PN00410LYALLAlexander07 Sep 186821m
PN10368LYNAMEliza AnnOct 1854infant
PN17508LYNCHDaniel28 Jun 18558y10m
PN02236LYNCHHonorah22 Dec 188673
PN17509LYNCHJames26 Oct 184719
PN17554LYNCHJames13 Oct 186223see Kelly.
PN17502LYNCHMaryWith Worth and Jones and Laricy.
PN00682LYNCHMary13 Apr 187037
PN17486LYNCHMarysee Owens.
PN17455LYNCHMary Ann
PN02134LYNCHPatrick31 Dec 1883
PN17531LYNCHThomas22 Jun 185840
PN10392LYNESSJane21 Sep 1851
PN10393LYNESSRobert15 Mar 1854
PN06132LYNNWilliam20 Feb 183242
PN13168LYONSAbraham06 May 185775
PN01526LYONSDenis Joseph21 Apr 18761
PN00644LYONSEllen Christina21 Jan 187010m
PN17574LYONSJames19 Nov 184067
PN10359LYONSJames17 Sep 185048
PN14498LYONSMary19 Apr 183225
PN01513LYONSMary J15 Mar 18765
PN17559LYONSPatrick04 Oct 184849
PN13169LYONSSamuel03 Aug 185160
PN17499LYONSWilliam1848With Ryder and Grubben.
PN10360LYONSWilliam03 Sep 18526y9m
PN17510LYSATHMargaret02 Dec 184621With Curtin
PN17511LYSATHMichael12 May 18466mWith Curtin
PN17572LYSTERJohn14 Oct 183688
PN17516LYSTERRosalie Durand08 Dec 186633
PN10348LYTTLEEdward Joseph
PN10346LYTTLEElizabethJan 1850
PN17535LYTTLEHelen Eliza21 May 185412msee Rafferty.
PN06148LYTTLEJames A
PN10345LYTTLEJaneOct 1845
PN10347LYTTLEJane Ann1852
PN10344LYTTLEJohnOct 1844
PN10343LYTTLEMary AnnMay 1841
PN19245MCaroline M1849
PN06434MAC DONAWilliam Christian22 Jun 185729
PN00335MACAFEEArthur Lindsay18 May 1868With Allen and Miller, Collicott, and Mansfield.
PN01427MACAFEEGeorge Stanley16 Aug 18751
PN06152MACALISTERJames09 Mar 183352
PN10445MACARTHURAlexander29 Jan 1860With Reid.
PN10446MACARTHURCharles04 Jul 1863With Reid.
PN00288MACARTHURGilbert04 Mar 1868With Reid.
PN01442MACARTHURMargaret25 Sep 187569With Reid.
PN10447MACARTHURMargaret08 Aug 1880With Reid. surname Reid.
PN00651MACARTHYThomas07 Feb 187027
PN10530MACAULEYJane07 Nov 186521
PN10527MACCANNMary03 Apr 1857With Thompson.
PN10528MACCANNWilliamwith Thompson.
PN18064MACDERMOTTMargaret31 Aug 1836
PN17894MACDERMOTTPhilip14 May 1851
PN10575MACDIARMIDCatherine26 Jun 1863
PN10574MACDIARMIDJames22 Nov 1858
PN10576MACDIARMIDMargaret Ann17 May 1853
PN10813MACDONALDCharles Edward S29 Dec 1862with O'Brien
PN18083MACDONALDGeorge James1860
PN06154MACDONALDJohn28 Dec 184538
PN18082MACDONALDMary09 Oct 1859
PN06155MACFARLANEAgnes Grace15 Mar 186231
PN01135MACFARLANEJohn07 Jul 187359
PN06157MACFARLANEJohnstone29 Aug 184913m
PN06158MACFARLANEMary Rae26 Nov 185624d
PN01320MACGREGORWilliam17 Dec 187448
PN06159MACGUIREJ09 Apr 183138?
PN00571MACINTOSHCaroline30 Jul 18695
PN01634MACINTOSHHelen10 Jul 187776
PN10758MACINTOSHJames04 Apr 1839
PN01025MACINTOSHMargaret04 Jul 1872
PN10579MACINTYREDonald02 Jan 1866
PN14606MACKANESSJohn04 Apr 183868
PN10507MACKAYAugustus04 Feb 1865
PN10825MACKAYDaniel24 Feb 184142with Ovens
PN14732MACKAYElizabeth27 Aug 1833
PN10506MACKAYElizabeth06 Jan 1855
PN10593MACKAYEuphemia13 Jun 185045With Livingston.
PN14630MACKAYGeorge02 Dec 182337with Campbell.
PN14733MACKAYHarriet30 Aug 1833
PN10824MACKAYJames01 Aug 1841
PN10822MACKAYJane10 Dec 1845
PN14730MACKAYJohn08 Mar 1842
PN11474MACKAYM Daniel21 Feb 1841with Ovens
PN00906MACKAYMaria Elizabeth21 Nov 187110
PN10505MACKAYMurdoch11 Jul 1859
PN14731MACKAYSarah25 Oct 1849
PN10823MACKAYWilliam Allan06 Apr 1847
PN01313MACKELLARArchibald02 Dec 187419
PN10550MACKENZIEAlice19 Mar 1849
PN00620MACKENZIEAnnie21 Nov 18695m
PN10552MACKENZIECharles Swinson24 Nov 1872
PN06163MACKENZIEDavid18 Mar 184726d
PN02251MACKENZIEDavid22 Apr 1887
PN10549MACKENZIEJane04 Mar 1879
PN14678MACKENZIEMaryWith Jones and Beeson.
PN14677MACKENZIEThomasWith Jones and Beeson.
PN06164MACKEYElizabeth27 Aug 18334m
PN06165MACKEYHarriot30 Aug 183316
PN06166MACKEYJohn08 Mar 184254
PN06167MACKEYSarah25 Oct 184959
PN06168MACKIEJames Alphens30 Jan 183524
PN10807MACKILLIPArchibald26 Oct 1835With Roberts.
PN10806MACKILLIPJean12 Apr 1834With Roberts.
PN10474MACKINTOSHWilliam Eulas11 Aug 185548
PN10742MACLARENJohn20 Oct 184644
PN10547MACLEANAnn08 Feb 1849
PN06171MACMAKINIsabella17 Jan 187258
PN10582MACNABAda Elizabeth30 May 1858
PN10585MACNABAlice Maud12 Nov 1867
PN17850MACNABAngela22 Mar 1858
PN10584MACNABAnnie Elizabeth12 Nov 1863
PN10682MACNABArchibald09 Dec 1846with MacNab.
PN17895MACNABCatherine12 Oct 183821
PN17896MACNABCatherine28 Nov 18388w
PN10684MACNABElizabeth29 Dec 1856with MacNab.
PN10583MACNABEmily May12 May 1863
PN06174MACNABHenry12 Jul 184842y11m
PN17897MACNABHenry18 Jul 1848
PN10586MACNABLouisa Iona16 Jan 1869
PN10683MACNABMargaret17 May 1846with MacNab.
PN10681MACNABMary20 Sep 1862with MacTaggart.
PN14679MACNAMARAHenry03 Jan 18393y4m
PN14680MACNAMARAJames07 Mar 186531
PN06177MACNIEJames16 Nov 1831
PN06178MACPHEEDonald21 Sep 183568
PN06179MACPHEEIsabella30 May 185085
PN10776MACPHERSONAlexander14 Dec 1840
PN01636MACPHERSONAugustus C14 Jul 18774d
PN10778MACPHERSONChristina13 Jul 1862
PN10775MACPHERSONDugald14 Apr 1854
PN10433MACPHERSONJames05 Apr 1865
PN06180MACPHERSONJessy10 Jun 184758
PN12072MACPHERSONJoseph25 May 185651With Hume.
PN10434MACPHERSONMargaret18 May 1865
PN06182MACPHERSONMary01 Jan 187180
PN01206MACPHERSONMary21 Jan 187480
PN06183MACPHERSONMary A07 Feb 1866
PN00954MACPHERSONMary Ann18 Mar 1872
PN10779MACPHERSONRobert Stewart23 Mar 1864With McPherson and McIntyre?
PN06184MACPHERSONWilliam13 Mar 186682
PN02192MACPHERSONWilliam21 Aug 1885
PN10488MACPHERSONWilliam Charles
PN10489MACPHERSONWilliam James
PN10777MACPHERSONWilliam McIntyre12 Mar 1853
PN14741MACQUOIDThomas12 Oct 184162
PN10581MACRAEHector16 Dec 184540
PN10685MACTAGGARTMary Christina21 Aug 1853with MacNab.
PN00673MADDENBridget20 Mar 187070With Fergus not found and Wright 1102.
PN02253MADDENBridget19 May 1887
PN00943MADDENFrederick10 Feb 18721
PN18008MADDENJames10 Apr 1855With Fergus and Wright
PN00826MADDENJane10 May 187170
PN18009MADDENJohn29 Nov 185867With Fergus and Wright
PN00601MADDENJohn02 Oct 186955
PN17613MADDENJohnOct 1850
PN17614MADDENMargaret12 Mar 1851infant
PN14750MADDENMary09 Jun 182634y21d
PN14614MADDENMary Ann10 Nov 182016see Cureton.
PN01989MADDENMichael John Mat.17 Oct 1881
PN14713MADDOCKSRobert Henry14 Nov 184131
PN17702MADDOXJohn George16 Apr 184238
PN17688MADIGANMichael18 Jul 185728
PN14043MAELZEREdmund Herman05 Dec 18442y6mwith Gottfried
PN14609MAELZEREmilie Frances06 Jan 18383with Gottfried
PN10578MAGEECharles21 Oct 184654
PN10810MAGEEEllen29 Apr 1859
PN06200MAGEEHenry07 Nov 1853
PN10811MAGEEJane20 Apr 1864
PN01735MAGEEJane16 Aug 187860
PN17998MAGHERMary13 Nov 1858
PN02136MAGILLSusannah07 Jan 1884
PN17866MAGNERJoseph GowardWith Tucker.
PN01568MAGNERMary24 Aug 18764
PN01481MAGNERThomas30 Dec 187568
PN13229MAGNUSMiriam27 May 185539
PN13233MAGNUSONMaurice Israel05 Aug 1853with Solomon.
PN12753MAGOVNEYThomas18 Dec 187629With Bray
PN01855MAGUIREEllen01 Feb 188065
PN06205MAGUIREFelix30 Jun 185259
PN17742MAGUIREJohn10 Sep 184035With Cleve.
PN17743MAGUIREMary07 Jan 185467With Cleve.
PN01651MAGUIREPatrick20 Sep 187762
PN18085MAGURRENMargaret01 Sep 1868With Pearson.
PN00408MAGURRENMargaret02 Sep 1868
PN18015MAHARMaria1848With Ryan, Goggins and Newman and Morrison.
PN18016MAHARMichael1849With Ryan, Goggins and Newman and Morrison.
PN01593MAHER(stillborn male)11 Dec 1876stillborn
PN17822MAHERCatherine14 Feb 184847
PN00839MAHERCatherine13 Jul 18713w
PN02212MAHERCatherine15 Jan 1886With O'Brien.
PN17709MAHERCatherine Agnes18 Feb 1861
PN01539MAHERDaniel29 May 187665
PN17708MAHERElizabeth Agnes23 Jan 1856
PN17929MAHEREllen07 May 184746
PN02138MAHERFrancis Patnck Norbert20 Jan 1884
PN17704MAHERHonora29 Jul 1840
PN10675MAHERJames16 Dec 1860
PN17707MAHERJames Bartholomew01 Feb 1852
PN10676MAHERJane28 Dec 1864
PN01018MAHERJohanna17 Jun 187230
PN18088MAHERJohn29 Jun 1856With O'Brien,
PN01727MAHERMargaret02 Aug 187856
PN00675MAHERMargaret Blanch23 Mar 187019
PN17705MAHERMary13 Nov 1845
PN01437MAHERMary Ellen11 Sep 187513
PN10674MAHERSamuel16 Aug 1859
PN17824MAHERTeresa05 Oct 185557
PN02167MAHERThomas S.26 Nov 1884
PN17823MAHERTimothy29 Apr 185065
PN00710MAHERWilliam04 Jun 18709d
PN17706MAHERWilliam Bernaldine21 Dec 1845
PN01625MAHONDenis31 May 187720
PN00142MAHONJohn Joseph26 Jun 186713y3m
PN18012MAHONLewis23 Apr 18653y7m
PN17940MAHONEYBartholomew30 Jan 185545with McDonough
PN00457MAHONEYDenis27 Nov 186854With Shannon.
PN17928MAHONEYElizabeth25 Oct 185911With Brennan.
PN17927MAHONEYJohn15 Feb 18587hWith Brennan.
PN06223MAHONEYMary20 Jul 186760?
PN01604MAHONEYMary19 Feb 187780
PN17926MAHONEYMichael15 Dec 18541With Brennan.
PN17934MAHONEYPatrick28 Oct 18377m 5d
PN17933MAHONEYRedmond Francis15 Jan 183824
PN14674MAINWARINGRowland27 Oct 182615
PN06227MAJERW17 Nov 1836
PN12093MAJORJohn28 Dec 186258
PN10659MAKEIGJohn Edman16 Sep 18342m 22d
PN19218MAKEIGMary M1838infant
PN10718MALCOLMJames19 Sep 1859With Cameron and Malcolm and McGarvie.
PN10437MALCOLMJames14 Dec 18633
PN10438MALCOLMJames, Jnr.30 Mar 186429
PN00646MALCOLMJames, Snr.27 Jan 187064
PN10804MALCOLMJean19 Mar 183135With Clelland and Elmsley.
PN01006MALCOLMJean18 Aug 187275
PN10803MALCOLMJohn1867With Clelland and Elmsley.
PN10637MALCOLMJohn08 Nov 18417y7mwith Knapp and Moffatt.
PN10802MALCOLMJohn14 Apr 184273With Clelland and Elmsley.
PN00061MALCOLMJohn Cleland06 Apr 186734
PN10635MALCOLMMargaret05 Sep 18531with Knapp and Moffatt.
PN10436MALCOLMRobert10 Sep 1862see Rogers.
PN10638MALCOLMThomas Walter19 Nov 185221y6mwith Knapp and Moffatt.
PN10636MALCOLMWalter01 Dec 18544with Knapp and Moffatt.
PN10805MALCOLMWilliam20 Nov 1838With Clelland and Elmsley.
PN00123MALLANEYJane06 Jun 186748
PN17936MALLONEsther21 Dec 1872With Flemming. Surname probably Sproules.
PN00925MALLONJames30 Dec 187180With Flemming.
PN17890MALONEMary29 Oct 184921
PN17844MALONEMichael17 Feb 1865With Cherry.
PN17752MALONEYCatherine1860with Mooney.
PN01583MALONEYCatherine06 Nov 187639
PN06243MALONEYJohn28 Feb 185572
PN02226MALONEYJohn05 Aug 1886
PN01942MALONEYMargaret16 Mar 1881
PN02071MALONEYMary19 Dec 1882
PN17791MALONYCatherine28 Feb 1860
PN06244MALONYJohn30 Jul 1873
PN17792MALONYTimothy10 Dec 1862
PN17655MANAGANAnn20 Apr 1865
PN13228MANDELSONPhoebe01 Sep 1856same plot as Solomon.
PN06245MANEGANAnnie20 Apr 186522
PN00411MANGANMichael08 Sep 186819with Bartley.
PN01833MANNClara Collins09 Oct 18795
PN14760MANNJoseph29 Jan ????4
PN14794MANNMary Elizabeth30 Sep 18387m14d
PN14769MANNRobert24 Jun 183628With Brown
PN00108MANNSarah15 May 186713m
PN12086MANNThomas Ferneaux07 Mar 186241
PN06250MANNWilliam26 Oct 183445
PN14799MANNWilliam12 Dec 184041
PN12782MANNERINGJohn Wood22 Aug 186249
PN12781MANNERINGSophia10 Apr 186247
PN06254MANNERSWilliam06 Aug 1820
PN14764MANNERSWilliam Henry06 Jul 182341
PN00633MANNINGAnn23 Dec 18694
PN00217MANNINGBridget13 Nov 1867
PN00635MANNINGCatherine23 Dec 18692y7m
PN01691MANNINGEdward01 Apr 18784
PN17676MANNINGJohn27 Jul 18633
PN17911MANNINGMargaret23 Dec 1842
PN06260MANNINGMargaret10 Oct 18633
PN06259MANNINGMargaret07 Nov 18633
PN06261MANNINGMary15 Jun 1874
PN06262MANNONMargaret22 Jun 184728
PN14657MANSFIELDLydia10 Mar 183133y7mWith Horton.
PN14659MANSFIELDLydia Anne15 Dec 18267mWith Horton.
PN06265MANSFIELDLydia Jane02 Dec 18201d
PN14795MANSFIELDMarianna29 Jan 184232
PN14686MANSFIELDMary Emma Lucy09 May 186130With Allen and Miller, Collicott and Macafee.
PN14658MANSFIELDSelina28 Apr 18283mWith Horton.
PN14660MANSFIELDWilliam Shelley13 Nov 183310mWith Horton.
PN10725MANSONMargaret Wares22 Jun 1847see Wares.
PN01333MANTORAClara01 Jan 187510m
PN00765MARCELINEliza23 Nov 187047
PN18158MARCELINLouis14 May 186574
PN14748MARCHANTSarah Elizabeth12 Aug 18467m
PN14749MARCHANTWilliam11 Oct 184728
PN14702MARCUSJoseph26 Nov 182861
PN13215MARCUSRachel10 Nov 18302
PN06276MARJORAMFrancis10 May 18381y11m
PN06277MARJORAMJohn24 Oct 183751
PN06278MARJORAMMary06 Feb 183846
PN10455MARKMary26 Mar 185832
PN13201MARKSEve Sarah1858
PN13197MARKSHarriet05 Jan 186614m
PN17886MARKSJane20 Jul 186270with Mayhew.
PN13206MARKSJohn08 Dec 18566m
PN13237MARKSSarah M
PN06284MARKSSarah Miriam29 Apr 18502
PN17736MARKSSarah Morton30 Nov 185443with Morton.
PN13235MARKSSolomon18 Oct 1852
PN14633MARLEYEdward S G16 Apr 183947
PN18007MARLOWGeorge1865With Pashley.
PN02117MARONEYMary15 Oct 1883
PN06286MARRAnn29 Sep 184848probably with Robinson and Wood
PN14615MARRHenry31 Aug 183565With Wood and Robinson
PN10673MARRThomas L.07 Jun 186528
PN17858MARRINGTONJohn07 Feb 185554
PN17859MARRINGTONMary05 Sep 187275
PN00708MARRIOTTThomas James02 Jun 18704m
PN14698MARSDENMichael18 Mar 18472
PN14696MARSDENSarah Maria06 May 184216m
PN14697MARSDENThomas19 Jun 184610d
PN14777MARSHIsabella15 Feb 184440
PN17845MARSHALJoseph18 Aug 1844
PN01936MARSHALLAlexander09 Feb 18818
PN10859MARSHALLAlicewith Fisher and Morgan.
PN12051MARSHALLAllan A.1864
PN10857MARSHALLCharleswith Fisher and Morgan.
PN01835MARSHALLEdward James Allan20 Oct 18794with O'Meara.
PN18039MARSHALLGeorge29 Jun 1828With Conyngham.
PN10856MARSHALLHenrywith Fisher and Morgan.
PN10623MARSHALLJ and M1843With Conn and Rowe and McNeil and Thompson.
PN10858MARSHALLJameswith Fisher and Morgan.
PN01827MARSHALLJames Falconer22 Sep 187932
PN06299MARSHALLJohn16 Mar 184127
PN06300MARSHALLJohn23 Oct 184336
PN14788MARSHALLJohnson1841with Jobson.
PN10845MARSHALLMargaret J22 Nov 18444
PN18038MARSHALLMary22 Jul 1838With Conyngham.
PN14726MARSHALLMary29 Apr 184992with Mintz.
PN01991MARSHALLMary27 Oct 188174With Conn and Rowe and McNeil and Thompson.
PN01066MARSHALLRobert J05 Dec 18721
PN10860MARSHALLSarahwith Fisher and Morgan.
PN06305MARSHAMJoseph18 Aug 184439
PN14775MARSSONElizabeth04 Jul 183356
PN14776MARSSONWilliam29 Dec 183468
PN14651MARSTONJanewith Foster and Southcomb.
PN06308MARSTONThomas01 Jan 185547
PN06310MARTINAnn04 Aug 18275w
PN14598MARTINAnn23 Aug 183665With Spears
PN01977MARTINCaroline22 Aug 1881
PN06311MARTINCharles12 Jan 182420
PN14596MARTINCharles22 Apr 183328With Spears
PN14704MARTINCharles14 Mar 184332
PN14597MARTINCharles James1835With Spears
PN02075MARTINEdwin Joseph11 Jan 18837m
PN02092MARTINElizabeth13 Apr 1883
PN17957MARTINEmanuelwith Fretus.
PN14759MARTINEmanuel17 Oct 186570see Troctus.
PN14705MARTINFrederick20 Sep 184629
PN00150MARTINIsaac11 Jul 1867
PN14599MARTINJames14 Jun 184135With Spears
PN14778MARTINMary01 Dec 183955
PN06319MARTINMichael06 Oct 1831
PN18011MARTINPatrick19 Jun 18358m
PN12754MARTINRobert J.
PN17770MARTINRosanna31 Jan 185533
PN10696MARTINSusan06 Feb 183336
PN10410MARTINWilliam C.22 Dec 1862
PN00843MARTIN20 Jul 1871stillborn
PN18062MARTINinfantWith Gold, Doyle and Driscoll and Morley.
PN14607MARTINDALEJames Ward10 Jan 183242
PN18027MARZAGORAElizabethwith Egan.
PN18026MARZAGORAFrancis10 May 18381y11mwith Egan.
PN18024MARZAGORAJohn24 Oct 183751with Egan.
PN18025MARZAGORAMary06 Feb 1838with Egan.
PN14621MASONAnn07 Feb 182837With Williams and Hunt.
PN00307MASONAnn Mary07 Apr 18685
PN00447MASONChas Joseph10 Nov 186816m
PN14690MASONEdward13 Sep 182856With Wood.
PN10688MASONElspet26 May 184557
PN10689MASONJohn18 Jul 186075
PN17999MASONMary Ann11 Jul 1856
PN10876MASONWilliam29 May 1856
PN14770MASSEYJane15 Aug 183641
PN12748MASSEYWilliam06 May 1853
PN00442MASTERTONJames02 Nov 18686
PN06329MATHENIUSEliza Wilhelmina14 Jul 18812
PN10625MATHESONMary Straith19 Jan 184127
PN10626MATHESONThomas23 Jul 186251
PN13859MATHEWCharles James Dobey24 Dec 18423m11d
PN14616MATHEWMary10 Feb 184653With Archer and Aiken.
PN13861MATHEWSusannah Matilda Dobey28 Dec 184228
PN13860MATHEWThomas Henry West04 May 18386m11d
PN06333MATHEWSAnn22 Jul 184152
PN06334MATHEWSJohn05 Mar 18336
PN01423MATHEWSJohn13 Aug 187512
PN06336MATHEWSSamuel27 Feb 183513m
PN19238MATHEWSThomas18 Apr 1829
PN10719MATTHEWJohn14 May 184534
PN06338MATTHEWMANJohanna H18 Mar 185959
PN14742MATTHEWMANJohn03 Jan 183948
PN17618MATTHEWSAlice29 Oct 1853
PN01438MATTHEWSAndrew14 Sep 187527
PN17615MATTHEWSCatherine09 Oct 1853
PN06340MATTHEWSCharles James Dobey24 Dec 18423m11d
PN14757MATTHEWSEliza Ann22 Oct 18297m
PN10521MATTHEWSElizabeth1876with McGregor.
PN17833MATTHEWSEllen11 Jan 186567With Brennan.
PN17619MATTHEWSEsther19 Jul 1854
PN17620MATTHEWSEsther24 Dec 1858
PN01580MATTHEWSEustasia10 Oct 187614d
PN01319MATTHEWSHonora15 Dec 18747m
PN17617MATTHEWSJames26 Oct 1853
PN18097MATTHEWSJohn06 Mar 1850
PN14734MATTHEWSJoseph Palmer30 Oct 1841
PN14595MATTHEWSSamuel27 Feb 183513m
PN12074MATTHEWSSamuel28 Nov 1856
PN06343MATTHEWSSusannah Matilda Dobey28 Dec 184228y11m3d
PN12749MATTHEWSThomas22 Aug 1863With Osborne,
PN06344MATTHEWSThomas Henry West04 May 18386m11d
PN02156MATTHEWSThomas Patrick22 Sep 1884
PN14797MAWBEYSarah Barckley12 Apr 18468m
PN10812MAXWELLJ TWith Aitken.
PN14654MAYAdelaide1855infantWith Levin and Mealmake
PN17692MAYCharles11 Apr 186335With O'Brien.
PN14655MAYElizabeth07 Aug 183831With Levin and Mealmake
PN17741MAYJamessee Goggs.
PN17739MAYJohn15 Sep 1838see Goggs.
PN17738MAYLaurence184041See Goggs
PN06349MAYMary Hannah10m
PN14653MAYRebecca25 Dec 185549With Levin and Mealmake
PN06351MAYSarah Ann11m
PN14652MAYThomas14 Nov 185028With Levin and Mealmake
PN06353MAYWilliam JamesJun 186222m
PN17882MAYHEWCatherine Jane13 Jan 18496mWith Marks.
PN17884MAYHEWGeorge Robert21 Oct 185711with Marks.
PN17883MAYHEWJames11 Jan 18509dwith Marks.
PN17885MAYHEWJulia25 Jan 186642with Marks.
PN00938MAYHEWSusan24 Jan 18728d
PN14688MAYNARDMary Elizabeth1833infantsee White
PN00109MAYNESWilliam15 May 1867
PN10840MCALISTERJames09 Mar 1833
PN06358MCALISTERRobert10 Feb 183271
PN10650MCALLISTEREdward John25 Mar 18492y1m
PN10651MCALLISTERHenry Edward14 Oct 18395w
PN10652MCALLISTERWilliam21 Oct 183930
PN01603MCANALLEYJohn30 Jan 187740With Smith.
PN17769MCANALLYAlfred Sydney22 Jun 1885With Walsh.
PN17765MCANALLYEliza Jane07 Jan 1852With Walsh.
PN17766MCANALLYHenry James03 Mar 1853With Walsh.
PN17768MCANALLYJames31 Jan 1870With Walsh.
PN01459MCANALLYJames19 Oct 187559
PN06363MCANALLYJohn30 Jan 187740With Smith
PN17767MCANALLYMargaret17 Mar 1853With Walsh.
PN00649MCANALLYMary01 Feb 1870
PN10791MCANDREWSMiles09 Nov 185345
PN02186MCANNALLYAlfred24 Jun 1885
PN02261MCANNALLYJane06 Oct 1887
PN17659MCARDELLPeter06 Apr 1859With Hanratty.
PN10512MCARTHURCharles Sydney03 Dec 1866
PN10508MCARTHURJames17 Feb 1855
PN10509MCARTHURMargaret15 Jul 1857
PN10511MCARTHURMary Amelia Christina1864
PN00567MCARTHURThomas Murdoch25 Jul 186949
PN10510MCARTHURThomas Reid19 Jul 1862
PN17952MCAULIFFEEllen Mary05 Dec 1864
PN17953MCAULIFFEFlorence19 Dec 1864
PN14782MCAVOYHugh18 Mar 184171
PN14781MCAVOYMary20 Nov 182652
PN14780MCAVOYPatrick22 Nov 182111
PN09329MCBAINAnn10 Nov 185165
PN10642MCBAINBenjamin18 Apr 184121
PN10643MCBAINDonald27 May 185435
PN01558MCBEATHCatherine22 Jul 187660With Breneke
PN10706MCBEATHJamesJan 18456With Breneke
PN00198MCBEATHJane09 Oct 186722With Breneke
PN00801MCBEATHMary16 Mar 187126With Nesbitt.
PN14724MCBRIDEAnn07 Sep 184743
PN17661MCBRIDEFanny28 Mar 1856
PN17660MCBRIDEJames03 Apr 1853
PN17662MCBRIDEJames17 May 1864
PN01844MCBRIDEOwen04 Dec 187933
PN18074MCBURNIEJohn27 Jun 1858With Carty.
PN00165MCCABEBridget07 Aug 1867
PN17981MCCABECatherine23 Apr 185478With Cahill.
PN17982MCCABEDenis02 Nov 183365With Cahill.
PN18114MCCABEElizabeth26 Aug 186550
PN17995MCCABEMichael J22 Nov 186650
PN18014MCCAFFERYAndrew29 Apr 1859
PN17990MCCAFFERYAnn16 Dec 1865
PN17988MCCAFFERYChristopher Joseph17 Jun 1863
PN17987MCCAFFERYChristopher Michael28 Dec 1860
PN18115MCCAFFERYJames23 Jun 1861
PN00101MCCAFFERYJohn10 May 18676d
PN17991MCCAFFERYJoseph Thomas26 Jul 1866
PN18112MCCAFFERYMaryWith Clare, Corrigan and O'Byrne and Carroll.
PN18113MCCAFFERYMichaelWith Clare, Corrigan and O'Byrne and Carroll.
PN00312MCCAFFERYPatrick14 Apr 186828
PN17989MCCAFFERYThomas30 Dec 1864
PN00619MCCAFFERYThomas15 Nov 186950
PN01453MCCALL(stillborn)14 Oct 1875stillborn
PN10469MCCALLAgnes Elizabeth03 Feb 1858
PN10468MCCALLDavid09 Nov 1854
PN01889MCCALLDavid26 Jul 188061
PN01761MCCALLJane31 Oct 187890
PN01522MCCALLRobert Wm17 Apr 187614d
PN10470MCCALLThomas07 Sep 1863
PN00922MCCALLThomas20 Dec 18711
PN00472MCCAMLEYMartina22 Dec 186811m
PN14736MCCANNCatherine01 Sep 184357
PN17667MCCARTHYCatherine22 Feb 185137
PN17612MCCARTHYDenis01 Apr 1840
PN14722MCCARTHYEmmeline Innes11 Feb 184113m3d
PN01689MCCARTHYFrancis Joseph25 Mar 187812
PN00212MCCARTHYJames John06 Nov 1867
PN06387MCCARTHYJohn30 Jun 1831
PN00898MCCARTHYJohn07 Nov 18713
PN02044MCCARTHYJohn James15 Jul 1882With Linehan and Haigh.
PN17666MCCARTHYMargaret20 Jul 184566
PN19013MCCARTHYMary28 Mar 186032
PN17972MCCARTHYThomas08 Feb 1870With Quinn.
PN06391MCCARTNEYJames18 Sep 185755
PN06392MCCARTNEYWilliamDec 184872
PN17910MCCARTYBridget19 Jan 1837
PN17909MCCARTYElizabeth12 Jan 1840
PN17881MCCAULEYMary28 May 186074
PN17880MCCAULEYPeter23 Dec 184864
PN00170MCCAULEYSarah15 Aug 1867
PN10478MCCLELLANDEllen21 Jun 186620
PN10477MCCLELLANDIsabella20 May 186142
PN10475MCCLELLANDJane06 Aug 18523
PN10476MCCLELLANDRobert20 Aug 185219
PN01074MCCLELLANDWilliam30 Dec 187260
PN00517MCCLENAHANJames Wilson13 Mar 186953
PN14758MCCLEODDonald11 Apr 1838
PN18063MCCLOSKEYMargaret08 Mar 184735
PN06402MCCLUNNMary23 Sep 182964
PN10565MCCLUREAndrew21 Aug 184730With Anderson and Smyth and Wells.
PN01896MCCLUREMary Jane18 Aug 188068
PN10449MCCLUTCHIECharles29 Oct 186043
PN10450MCCLUTCHIEIsabella Ackland20 Jun 186320
PN10448MCCLUTCHIEJane19 Aug 1859
PN10411MCCLYMONTGilbert18 Feb 186261
PN17968MCCOLLIGANThomas08 Jun 182651
PN06407MCCOLLVILLEJames08 Jul 1829
PN14739MCCONNELLElizabeth21 Jun 18271y8m
PN01376MCCONNELLJane31 Mar 18751
PN17943MCCONVILLEChristina Margaret05 Jul 186625
PN17942MCCONVILLEMargaret11 Oct 186249
PN01662MCCORMACKAnn08 Nov 187752
PN17687MCCORMACKJames22 Mar 18628y8d
PN17675MCCORMACKJohn Michael
PN01008MCCORMACKMary24 Aug 187287
PN06413MCCORMACKPatrick12 Jan 185140
PN00396MCCORMACKThomas13 Aug 186894
PN10419MCCORMICKEmily11 Mar 1866
PN17648MCCORMICKPatrick12 Jan 1851
PN18040MCCORMICKThomas13 Aug 1868With Bagnall.
PN17996MCCORTPatrick09 Sep 184970
PN18119MCCOYCharles12 Dec 186220msee Rose.
PN18117MCCOYElizabeth Rose30 Sep 18608y6msee Rose.
PN14774MCCOYGeorge B21 Mar 184846
PN18118MCCOYPeter13 Dec 18625see Rose.
PN01339MCCOYWilliam04 Jan 18752
PN10847MCCRAEElizabeth J T15 Jul 185526
PN19262MCCRAEFarquhar20 Apr 1850
PN00803MCCRAEFrederick James17 Mar 18715m
PN10849MCCRAEOberon09 Aug 185515w 4d
PN06420MCCREAElizabeth Jennings15 Jul 185528
PN01316MCCREAJohn09 Dec 187458
PN10848MCCREAMargaret Hamilton07 Dec 185311w
PN00625MCCREDIEEdmond John05 Dec 18696mWith Watson.
PN10497MCCREDIEJessie06 Jan 1856With Watson.
PN10498MCCREDIEJohn11 Apr 1863With Watson.
PN10499MCCREDIEWilliam Alex05 Dec 1863With Watson.
PN17777MCCROHONJeremiah Joseph15 Jun 18344y5d
PN17776MCCROHONWilliam Denis18 Feb 18344y10m
PN10794MCCRONEAnna Maria16 Mar 18472
PN10793MCCRONEJane27 Feb 18434m
PN06427MCCUEOwen09 Aug 184242
PN01369MCCULLAJane22 Feb 18751With Watson.
PN00425MCCULLAMargaret14 Oct 18683mWith Watson.
PN01597MCCULLAMatthew02 Jan 18771With Watson.
PN01325MCCULLOCHGeorge24 Dec 18742
PN10735MCCULLOCHHannah QuinlanSep 1853
PN17790MCCULLOCHMargaret1871With Breruton.
PN18030MCCULLOCHMary1863With Donnelly, Healy and Brennan.
PN18029MCCULLOCHWilliam1859With Donnelly, Healy and Brennan.
PN00819MCCULLOGHEmilina Ann04 May 187120
PN10697MCCULLOUGHJohn18 Jun 184346
PN10698MCCULLOUGHJohn08 Apr 185015m
PN00388MCDERMOTPatrick John05 Aug 186836
PN06431MCDERMOTTJohn15 Oct 186116
PN01130MCDERMOTTJohn08 Jun 187379
PN14643MCDERMOTTMary05 Mar 185758With Hill.
PN06433MCDERMOTTPatrick01 Jan 1820
PN00270MCDIARMIDWilliam03 Feb 1868
PN00815MCDONAGHJames28 Apr 187143
PN10720MCDONALDAgnes Sarah30 Jan 185239
PN06436MCDONALDAlexander21 Dec 182176
PN10853MCDONALDAlexander14 Sep 1861
PN10633MCDONALDAlexander08 Apr 1862
PN10628MCDONALDCatherine04 Feb 1857
PN10632MCDONALDCatherine03 Jun 1857
PN06437MCDONALDCatherine M09 Oct 18382y
PN14647MCDONALDEdward27 Oct 185863
PN06439MCDONALDEdward Stuart29 Dec 186238
PN10721MCDONALDEdward Thomas Young14 Dec 185511
PN10722MCDONALDEdward Thomas Young12 Jan 186657
PN06442MCDONALDGeorge04 May 1829
PN10782MCDONALDGeorge13 Mar 185746same plot as Dickson.
PN14617MCDONALDHugh09 Sep 181935With Bacon
PN10627MCDONALDIsabella06 Feb 1840
PN01561MCDONALDIsabella31 Jul 187629
PN10630MCDONALDJane09 Feb 1857
PN10629MCDONALDJohn22 Nov 1847
PN10631MCDONALDJohn Hugh28 Jan ????
PN10781MCDONALDJohn Rae26 Aug 18403w3dsame plot as Dic